Dream About Seeing Plato


So this was quite an interesting dream, the meaning of which I don’t understand yet. I think ‘they’ wanted me to do some research on Plato perhaps. Here is the dream as I recalled it this morning;

October 11th, 2018 06:21 AM 

“I remember being in some heavenly realm where there were clouds and structures everywhere. I believe we were next to an ocean as well. I was hanging around some people I think I knew, one of them was about to go on a trip somewhere, I’m not sure where. She was very smart and I think a teacher.

Then the next thing we know a whoosh of light appears and a statue or archetype of Plato appears in its own large cloud/stone stage area. And the words “The P in Ph.D has arrived.” (there appeared to be a few more words but this is all I…

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