Let Us All Unite And Free The World From Slavery


The slavery that has plagued this planet for a great many years is finally weakening to the point where an window of opportunity exists for us to finally rid ourselves of this Darkness once and for all. This has been a long time coming and now it’s more important than ever to work together as one so that we can achieve our freedom.

“The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation – a force for construction and destruction.” – Jonathan Haidt

All of your experiences, everything you’ve learned and all the training you’ve undergone has been meant for this moment. We the People must band together in order to see our fellow brothers and sisters through this turbulent transition. We must be the voice of reason when the fears of others arise. Our task is to comfort and help those who are in desperate need of it.

Our early awakening is a template of what humanity as a collective is about to embark upon. All the fear, sadness, anger and frustration we’ve encountered in our personal journey is what the collective is about to experience. Use your experience to help assist others; relating to others is the key to transforming this darkness. What we’ve all been going through is meant to assist others.

Your story, your individual journey affects much more than you’re own life. The topics in which we speak upon may not be acknowledged by the majority, but none the less the mainstream is getting closer than ever to having to address the elephant in the room. It is unavoidable; the Q Movement has pushed these many topics into mainstream awareness; but before Q, it was you and I that created a space for this movement to be made manifest. This is a divine plan at work here and one that we shall not fail at.


The unity and camaraderie that has been expressed through Qanons is a testament to the will of humanity. It is a clear indication that we will not fade slowly into the night, that we will fight for what we believe in and if need be we will lay down our lives to preserve that which is wholesome and true.

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

So much rides upon our shoulders in this present time; so many look to us from our past, present and future awaiting to see what we as a people choose to do right here, right now. The scope of influence that our words, actions, deeds and thoughts have upon the course of our future is so vast and broad that future generations will study the times we live in with great care, compassion and gratitude. We are the heralders of this future, we are the keepers of our children and our children’s children. Let us leave them a future that is worthy for them. Many have I seen whom have lost the spark of Liberty and refuse to fight for what is right because they believe they are powerless to make a difference.

Nothing could be furthest from the Truth; you house the God Spark within you, there is no limitation to your potential. We the people have the capacity to do anything we set our minds to. Together our combined consciousness is capable of achieving the impossible. We have always had this power; we’ve only come to believe a lie that we didn’t have this power. Yet this lie holds within it the potential for great light because where there is great darkness there is a great light. Our Imagination is the key to our victory.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

It is time that we declare as one that we will not allow our children to be sexually molested, tortured and sacrificed to anyone; especially those whom we elected to represent our best interests. We will not tolerate these tyrants whom believe it is their divine creed to rule over humanity. Their arrogance shall be their downfall because in the end we shall be victorious. We will no longer be silent and accept this darkness as being the norm. It is time rise up my fellow Americans and rekindle that spark of liberty that has laid dormant within us since times long ago. Let us unite to create a more perfect union; one based on goodwill towards others.

“The uncontrolled, ungoverned use of thought and feeling has brought about all kinds of discord, sickness and distress. Few, however, believe this, and keep going on and on continually creating by their ungoverned thought and desire, chaos in their worlds; when they could as easily as a breath face about, using their thought constructively with the motive power of Divine Love, and build for themselves a Perfect Paradise within the period of two years.” 
― St. Germain, The “I am” discourses 

We have reached a point in our evolutionary journey in which life upon earth can be beautiful, free and limitless in so many ways. I know many may feel that this is impossible and that freedom will never manifest, but luckily though we don’t need the many to believe; because the course of history hasn’t been led by the majority, but instead the minority who gathered the courage to stand up for what is right and do what needs to be done in order to preserve our way of life.

Our bodies may fail us; but our spirit remains strong, our past may hold us down but our Will can free us. The darkness upon this planet is at it’s zenith, but so is the Light. It is our job to transmute these forces into one coherent understanding that will assist in our endeavor to transcend our karma. We’ve made many mistakes, we’ve fallen far, but none the less we still have the capacity to be free. These outerly projections of evil are manifestations of our inner landscape. It is because We The People gathered the courage to explore our inner landscape and transmute our traumas that the defeat of the cabal is imminent.

There is a seed of potential within this great darkness; one that hasn’t been seen anywhere else in this galaxy; perhaps even this universe. The circumstances surrounding this life hold so much potential. The story of our lives has the capacity to affect the entire creation. We have it within our power to create a pillar within the infinite reality that will seal the doors to Darkness forever. This is what we’ve been training for, this is why your reading this message and feeling within you the spark of freedom that will guide you upon your journey.

You’ve been endeavoring for this for a great many years. Millions of years have we prepared for this moment; to be rid of an aberration that has spread like a virus across the planes of this reality. It is time to resolve this primary error that has been laid within this reality in order for the potentiality of the individual to be realized.

“If we wish to stay on the heights we have reached, we must struggle all the time to consolidate our consciousness and its attitude. But we soon discover that this praiseworthy and apparently unavoidable battle with the years leads to stagnation and desiccation of soul. Our convictions become platitudes ground out on a barrel-organ, our ideals become starchy habits, enthusiasm stiffens into automatic gestures. The source of the water of life seeps away. We ourselves may not notice it, but everybody else does, and that is even more painful. If we should risk a little introspection, coupled perhaps with an energetic attempt to be honest for once with ourselves, we may get a dim idea of all the wants, longings, and fears that have accumulated down there-a repulsive and sinister sight. The mind shies away, but life wants to flow down into the depths. Fate itself seems to preserve us from this, for each of us has a tendency to become an immovable pillar of the past.”- Carl Jung

More than ever we need those whom have the courage to explore their inner-landscape to rise up and fulfill their destiny by defeating the Darkness within them. Shadow work is the hardest thing to do; I know first hand what kind of struggle can come from it. I know that we sometimes tend to avoid it because it makes us uncomfortable; but that which we avoid will persist.

I’ve noticed my posts about it do not get much attention; but if I post things about UFO’s, Aliens, Suppressed Technology and Political Conspiracies they garner much attention. Yet in reality these are smokescreens to distract you from your own inner-world. These things are used by the Dark Forces to manipulate and deceive the people by keeping them focused on things external of them. Yes the Truth of these type of things is very important to our journey; but they are not the primary thing to focus upon. The Truth is much more deep and complex than one can conceive. Look upon the Mandela Effect and understand that your reality’s truth may not mirror another individual’s version of the Truth.

The perspective and point of view in which you gather experiences is uniquely yours alone; reality is much more malleable than you could imagine. I’ve heard many great stories that have revealed to me the power in which we hold within us. It has the capacity to break down all social norms or previously acquired understandings. For example, there is a guru who showed to the people that enlightenment wasn’t solely dependent upon your diet and eating habits. For a whole year he told people he would drank coke and smoked cigars. They measured his vitals before and after the year. What they found was that he was in perfectly fine health.

“Psychic power is the ability to download information directly from the Universe.” 
― Lada Ray

Than we have an individual who defied understanding by being able to withstand exposure to extremely cold climates. Then there is a man who can perform calculations faster than a calculator. Let’s not forget Nina Kulagina whom possessed telekinetic abilities. These facts give voice to the potential that we all have. These abilities that these people have would seem impossible to a great many people, but yet these people can do these impossible feats. Let us also acknowledge all the other people with gifts and abilities in which we’re not aware of. In this exact moment they could be working their magic and helping assist humanity on their journey of self realization.

Yet this is just the beginning of our journey towards the infinite. When humanity awakens we will all experience a leap in consciousness that will surpass the last 26,000 years by a magnitude we cannot even begin to fathom. This world is our home, this is our life and in this present moment we have the ability to interact with a catalyst that will catapult us beyond our wildest dreams.

Yet before this future can be witnessed we the people must stand together and fight for what is right. We must fight for our very survival because in the end that is what is at stake here. This is the time, this is the moment to rise up and break the conventional norms and challenge what we believe to be possible. Great things have we achieved and greater things shall we accomplish together.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis

Let us all unite and bring forth this future and forever be the ones to bear the mantle of responsibility over the self. United we stand, divided we fall. I ask you this; are you with us or not?

Timothy Frappier