What Is Higher Learning?

Source: Soul Sisters Truth

What Is Higher Learning?

When you get on the second half of your kundalini journey to your Higher Self. You begin to have more consistent and clear communication with your guides. This is because the kundalini energy has removed enough low vibrational fear based energy that your vibration is high enough to tune into that higher vibrational energy. Our guides talk to us through energy. The higher your vibration gets the clearer communication gets. At first you may just hear your name. This is the beginning of communication with your guides. Divination such as a pendulum also is communication with your guides if you are using it for that purpose. The more you communicate the stronger connection you develop with them.

Your guides already know your path and your mission. It is already mapped out in your Akashic Records. They want to teach you what you need to know to accomplish your mission. We each have skills and abilities and the higher our vibration rises the more stronger your gifts get and the more gifts you discover. I didn’t start my journey as clairaudient but the higher my vibration got the more I could hear energy. The stronger my clairaudient became the more I could communicate with my guides.

You have skills and abilities and your guides want to teach you how to use them. This is called Higher Learning. Just like we have a Higher Self, Higher Chakras and a Higher Mind we have Higher Learning. We learn new ways because we are now a higher dimensional human being. Higher anything just means you are operating and using your Higher Self more and more.

What Do They Have To Teach You?

They want to help you hone and use your skills. We were all born gifted and they want to teach you to use those gifts to help yourself and others. It could be a healing method. I learned my energy clearing healing method from my guides, not another person or a book. It could be they want you to start a website or blogsite to reach out to others. Whatever it is they want to teach you it will help you first and then you will use it to help others. You have unique skills and abilities that they want you to use on your journey but you must first get your vibration high enough to tap into that higher level of energy. So most of the first half of your journey will be raising your vibration. You raise your vibration by healing and removing the fear based energy that has accumulated over your lifetime as fear lowers your vibration.The kundalini energy helps you remove that low vibe fear based energy but the more energy you put into it the higher your vibration rises.

When I say the first half of your journey this is not time wise as time is fluid. This is energy wise because the second half of the journey can be much shorter than the first half depending on how much energy and effort you put into it.

The old low vibrational way of learning is classes and books going to college and learning something you know nothing about because you haven’t experienced. Say someone went to college to become a drug or alcohol counselor. They may have learned from  a textbook what to say to their patient but they really have no idea how to quit drugs and alcohol because they haven’t experienced addiction. They also do not have the compassion or understanding of addiction that is needed to really help someone. The high vibrational way of learning is learning by experience and using that experience to help yourself and others. If you haven’t experienced something you don’t have the compassion and experience to help someone else going through exactly what you went through.

The higher learning your guides want to teach you is using your life experiences and how you healed from them into a healing method to help others heal from them. Then when you are ready people that need you and your skills will be drawn to you. Your healing vibration will attract them to you and they will come. The higher or vibration rises the more healing energy we reflect to others. A lightworker carries a light inside them and reflects like a mirror to others around them. At first you reflect out your unhealed issues and people may react negatively to you as your light is showing them their unhealed issues. The more you heal the more your light reflects back healing and people will react more positively to you and your energy.

Higher Learning is available to all the farther you get on your Higher Self Journey. You have unique and valuable gifts to share with the world and they are needed. The world needs you and your life experiences to heal. The time that you are needed is getting nearer and very soon. Your guides are there to guide you through this journey to your Higher Self. The more you heal the higher your vibration rises the more you can tap into this Higher Learning that they want to teach you. They want to teach you to be that badass lightworker you were always meant to become.



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Ukrainian Man Claims to “Eat” Only Sunshine and Lives by the Law of Flowers

Source: Humans Are Free

He feeds only on prana and solar energy. After arriving in a village where he lives, I saw a barefooted man standing on the porch. He was wearing a bright orange dress with the sun embroidered on the chest.

The man’s face looked otherworldly, his eyes glistened, and a smile crossed his face.

He moved about easily and seemed to be barely touching the ground. He did not have no sunken cheeks nor bags under his eyes. His skin was glowing from inside as if he were a happy teenaged girl.

It is obvious that Nikolai has become a qualified interviewee. He fell into the habit of giving interviews on a regular basis. A Japanese TV crew left the village a few days ago. They shot a film about Nikolai.


“The reason why I’ve become a “sun eater” has nothing to do with cutting down on grocery bills,” says Nikolai with a smile.

“This is a spiritual way. Why do all the religions of the world have Lent? It is designed to cleanse the soul and encourage the human being to think more of things lofty and get rid of morally low desires. Saying goodbye to food means a farewell to many carnal dependencies. I consume space energy in place of natural foodstuffs. But I had continually fasting for 14 years before I stopped coarse food altogether.

“I ate only kasha, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Then I switched to liquid foods – vegetable broths, cocoa and hot chocolate. And one day it came as a stunning revelation that I can do without any food. Since then I’ve been living on a strict diet of tea with honey and some boiling water with fish soup spices. I use only charged water that is taken off the stovetop one moment before it boils. I drink about ten cups a day. I get the rest of my food from the Sun and Cosmos. I can even feel my blood getting rejuvenated.

“Do you mean you stop feeling hunger as you stare at the sun?”

“I stopped feeling hunger a long time ago. The sun charges me with energy as if I were a battery. Some day everybody will be capable of running on solar energy. The trees and flower exist because of photosynthesis. And man is part of nature. There is a huge release of energy in the human body once man gets rid of coarse food. It’s the energy that was previously used for digestion. Man reaches a completely different level of mental and physical development.”

It was dawn on August 25th, 2003. On that day Nikolai Dolgoruki began living by the law of flowers. He stepped into his porch and instructed his internal organs three times to feed on space energy only. His body ran riot for two weeks. Nikolai dreamed about eating butter rolls.

Eventually, his hunger vanished in the ozone. He became indifferent to food and found complete peace of mind. Nikolai lost a mere 7 kilos after living for nearly a hundred days of solar diet. He used to suffer from pains in his heart and stomach. Nowadays Nikolai says his pains have been gone along with his excess weight.

“What is your superior goal? Do you intend to live longer or stay healthy? Don’t you think the price is too high?”

“A sun eater is on a mission to bring light, goodness and spiritual cleansing to the people. I help the people stay strong and happy in this cruel world. I direct my thinking to other galaxies.”

“Can you confirm that you’re not pulling some kind of a trick? Maybe you enjoy a quick burger by stealth?

“I’m ready and willing to show my abilities to anybody, be it doctors or scientists. Let them come and examine me. It’s okay with me. The Japanese TV crew that made a film about me had several researchers from the Institute of human body’s hidden abilities studies.

“They asked me to take a full medical examination including tests in our municipal hospital No 5. Besides, they spent a few days in my house monitoring my activities – trivial thins like I getting up in the morning, riding my bicycle, digging in my vegetable garden, doing a few push-ups and chin-ups. They put on record my personal achievement: I stared at the sun for 13 hours.”

“What did the results of the tests show?”

“The results say I’m a healthy person, no anomalies detected.”

You can find more examples of alleged “sun eaters” at this link.

Doctors at a regional center of nontraditional medicine of the Dnepr region comment in a cautious way on Dolgoruky’s experiment. According to them, the sun and space energy have nothing to do with the case. The man drinks a few liters of beverages to sustain his body’s activities.

Doctors say such foodstuffs as milk, tea, honey have everything our body needs to get on a regular basis. Those beverages contain calcium, protein, carbohydrates and microelements. His body got cleansed and overhauled thanks to a slag-free diet and a healthy life style. Not to mention his power of autosuggestion and his strong will – those qualities cemented the positive results.

Reference: Trud – Translated by Guerman Grachev for Pravda.Ru

What Seeing Orbs in Photos Really Means – by Color and Description

If you are looking for spirit validation or paranormal activity in photos finding orbs can be thrilling.

There is a lot of debate among paranormal researchers and psychics about which are spiritual in nature and which are due to dust or natural influence.

Supernatural orbs like to appear in photos because they are often invisible to the naked human eye. At the same time, a lot of dust and other natural particles in the air are also invisible but may show up in photos.

Through numerous factors I have looked at, here is a list of signs that the orb may indeed be a sign of something otherworldly — along with the list of colors and their meanings.

Signs That the Orb in Photos is Supernatural

There are some clues that can tell you the origin of your orb.

Supernatural orbs are:

  • Orbs that leave a trail behind them, which indicates movement
  • Orbs that are unnaturally bright
  • An asymmetrical orb(s)
  • An Orb(s) that looks like mini crop circle in close-up
  • Oddly colored orbs like bright red or green
  • Orbs that appeared without a light source as they are self-illuminating
  • Often appear with a purpose near a particular person or an object especially of metaphysical nature like a healing crystal
  • They often look two-dimensional instead of one-dimensional like dust
  • Do not hold a distinct shape
  • They are more dense than natural “orbs”
  • Finally, if you are intuitive, just looking at a real orb in a photo will give you a sign that it is real. It may just look a little off, or if you are like me, you may feel goose bumps looking at it.

Moreover, the more you study and look at photos comparing supernatural orbs and dust particles, the easier it will be to see slight but meaningful differences between the two.

Natural “orbs” are:

  • Dust particles usually transparent grey in color
  • Colorful lens flare particles
  • Water droplets and moisture from humidity
  • Insects flying fast
  • Often caught using flash photography as it is good at capturing dust

Meanings Of Orb Colors

When you figure out which ones are supernatural in nature, their color can give you hints about their origin. Many of these are energy emitted from a person. Others can be angels, nature spirits, or other spirits.

Red—can be a sign of a big ego when located next to a person, or their anger
Transparent Red—is a sign of creative energy, drive, and passion
Pink—indicate strong feelings of love
Orange—may be a spirit that protects a sacred land or the land that has been taken over by others
Green—can mean a nature spirit is nearby, look for them in forests.
Dirty Green—is a sign of jealousy and other negative emotions
Emerald Green—shows a lot of healing abilities
Blue—is often a sign of archangels or spirit guides
Light blue—means protection or being protected
Indigo—marks high intuition and psychic abilities
Lavender—can show up around someone who is both spiritual and peaceful.
Grey—can indicate a trapped spirit
Silver—comes from the general spiritual realm
Gold—shows a being of very high consciousness, or an enlightened person

By Katalina Aster / Sources: Soulandspiritmagazine.comThehighpriestessstudio.comYouTube.comForeverconscious.com

A sharp two-edged sword (2 – End) — The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site

But on the other hand we must not forget that the “I” is at the same time that which gives man his independence and his inner freedom, which in the truest sense of the word elevates him. His dignity is founded in this “I,” it is the basis of the Divine in man. […] Thus […]

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