International Survey Reveals 85% of the World Lives Under Political Corruption


Source: Waking Times

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer

There is nowhere run from and nowhere to hide from corrupt government. Planet earth is infested with those who abuse the power of government.

A recently released report by Transparency International (TI) measured people’s perceptions of government corruption in 176 nations, confirming what most of us seem to already know: the vast majority of people around the world live with government corruption as a normal feature of everyday life.

Corruption, as defined by TI, is:

“Generally speaking as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”. Corruption can be classified as grand, petty and political, depending on the amounts of money lost and the sector where it occurs.

Grand corruption consists of acts committed at a high level of government that distort policies or the central functioning of the state, enabling leaders to benefit at the expense of the public good. Petty corruption refers to everyday abuse of entrusted power by low- and mid-level public officials in their interactions with ordinary citizens, who often are trying to access basic goods or services in places like hospitals, schools, police departments and other agencies.

Political corruption is a manipulation of policies, institutions and rules of procedure in the allocation of resources and financing by political decision makers, who abuse their position to sustain their power, status and wealth.” [Source]

This kind of official abuse is quite prevalent in our world, and some 85% of the world now suffers from what is perceived as high levels of government corruption.

“Despite the illusion of elected government in half the world’s countries, democracy is losing.” [Source]

The survey is completed each year in order to shed light on the condition of life around the world, and how actions by government seriously impact the lives of individuals. Especially in those nations where masses of people are kept in poverty while those in government live extraordinary lives of material excess.

“In too many countries, people are deprived of their most basic needs and go to bed hungry every night because of corruption, while the powerful and corrupt enjoy lavish lifestyles with impunity.” ~José Ugaz, Chair of Transparency International

The 2016 survey also reveals that the world is trending towards becoming more corrupt, and the list of the highest ranking countries moving towards greater corruption include Canada, France, and other modern democracies.

Noting the effect of government corruption, TI point out that as corruption becomes more rampant, people lose trust in public institutions, leading to populist movements and great instability.

Final Thoughts

The burden of corrupt politicians and government officials is a parasitic invasion of the human race, and is the major factor in our lives that prevents us from reaching our vast human potential and true greatness. Government is force, and many of those who strive to work in and for government know that with the force of law behind them, crime pays.

These numbers span all types of governments, demonstrating that no m tter what form government takes, it attracts the most parasitical members of society and nearly always becomes corrupt. Abuse of power is a built-in feature of government itself.

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Isaac Davis is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. Follow him on Facebook, here.


Source: Sphere Being Alliance

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host,David Wilcock, and I’m here with Corey Goode.

And in this episode, we are continuing our stunning investigation, by popular demand, into the amazing correlations between what is in The Law of One material and Corey’s own direct experience with the Secret Space Program.

There’s a lot of things in here that many people might not catch. I’ve been a Law of One scholar since 1996, and so I’ve ferreted out some very interesting stuff that, even if you’ve read The Law of One, you might have skipped.

So, Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Okay, so Corey, when we last taped the show, you hadn’t seen The Law of One at all. Has that changed since then?

Corey: Yes. Actually, I was able to read the first book of The Law of One. I only read it once.

1 Corey

And there’s a lot to retain, so I’m going to need to read it a few more times, obviously.

David: Yeah. When I first got into it, I would spend 45 minutes without turning the page, just intensely concentrating. The verbiage is very difficult. And what I’m going to do for you guys is make sure that I try to interpolate this as much as possible.

But we are picking up where we left off in a previous episode, so let’s just dive right back in.


So can you name names? This is a question that’s being asked.

11.19 Questioner: Can you name any of the recipients of the crusaders’ – that is, any names that may be known on the planet today?

David: [The crusaders], of course, are the Draco beings.

So now, the questioner, Don Elkins, is basically trying to find out, okay, who has been contacted directly by the Draco? Can you actually give us a name?

And you know Ra is really touchy about that, because of free will. Unless somebody is dead, they can’t. And even then, they’re really worried about free will.

So the answer gets a little complex because of that.

Ra:… I am desirous of being in nonviolation of the free will distortion.

David: So clearly, again, they don’t want to say what’s really going on here. They don’t want to get too far over the edge.

To name those involved in the future of your space/time is to infringe; thus, we withhold this information.

David: But of course, if they did, it would be the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati bloodline families . . .

Corey: Council of 300, all of the think tanks . . .

David: It’s very clear that that’s what they’re kind of alluding to, but they don’t really say. And they do actually mention people running the financial system at some point in here.

We request your contemplation of the fruits of the actions of those entities whom you may observe enjoying the distortion towards power.

David: So there you have it right there. The distortion towards power just means people who have created financial power, worldly power. And these are the people that have had contact with what they’re calling the Crusaders of the Orion, which is the Draco.

In this way you may discern for yourself this information.

David: So have you noticed, Corey, in dealing with these beings yourself, that there are things that you’d like to ask that they balk on, they don’t want to just give you the answer to every question that you ask them, like the Blue Avians?

Corey: Absolutely.

David: Could you give us some examples?

Corey: Not really because it has to do more with personal life kind of things going on.

David: Okay.

Corey: But the response is always, they’ve got to be careful of violating free will. And also, if they’ve given me information and I shared it in an unloving way, or not the right way, with another person, I’ve been talked to about violating the free will of others.

David: Well, you also, in one of our update episodes, described a situation where you injured your knee falling down a ramp coming out of the SSP craft, and that they didn’t actually heal you.

Corey: Right. That was the Mayan group.

David: Yeah. And it was apparently you needed that karma for some reason.

Corey: Right.

David: Okay.

We shall not interfere with the, shall we say, planetary game.

David: So clearly, there is some degree . . . They do talk about that the Guardians are allowed to make sure the harvest goes well. And “harvest” refers to this Ascension event.

But for a large amount of time, they don’t really want to interfere. We have to do this ourselves.

And is that, again, similar to what you hear?

Corey: Yes, and interesting enough, this whole situation is referred to as a “game”, or “the game”, by a lot of the elites.

David: Ah! Right. So there’s a lot of correlations here.

It is not central to the harvest.

David: So this event is going to take place regardless of whether they tell us who these people are or not.

Corey: Right.

David: The real thing is about opening the heart, being more loving, more service-to-others oriented, as you’ve said so many times yourself.

Corey: Absolutely.


David: Yeah. So how does Orion teach? This is a big question.

11.20 Questioner: How do the crusaders pass on their concepts to the incarnate individuals on Earth?

Ra:… There are two main ways, just as there are two main ways of, shall we say, polarizing towards service to others.

There are those mind/body/spirit complexes upon your plane [people] who do exercises and perform disciplines in order to seek contact with sources of information and power leading to the opening of the gate to intelligent infinity.

David: Now, Corey, as you read this, the idea of “doing exercises and performing disciplines to see contact” – what does that remind you of, or what are you thinking would be happening that would relate to that?

Corey: Secret societies and the ancient mystery school teachings that they have taken and corrupted is what pops into my mind.

David: Are some of these people actually practicing meditation and trying to do – even if they’re very negative – they’re doing a meditation practice?

Corey: Oh, yeah. They meditate.

David: Okay. And do you think that all of the blood trauma type of stuff that they do is related to this, as well?

2 Corey And David

Corey: It could very well be related, because blood sacrifice . . . All of these deplorable practices that they do, they have multiple reasons why they do them.

Of course, they want to have the person commit this type of crime to be able to use it over them. But also, they use it to affect the person’s energy and psyche, to start to manipulate their psyche.

David: Well, now, you’ve spoken before about this very bizarre situation that took place between Jack Parsons, allegedly one of the founders – well, not allegedly, we know he’s one of the founders of NASA – and L. Ron Hubbard, where they did this thing called Babalon Working. And they were trying to summon, inside a magic circle, some kind of spiritual creature.

And you said to me in private conversation that those rituals that took place over several days actually had some very destructive effects.

Corey: Yes. And there have been reports that I’ve had of, out in the middle of nowhere – let’s use where we are now as an example, in the Boulder [Colorado] area – off in the mountains away from all prying eyes, these groups will get together, form a circle, and do some sort of a ceremony.

And many times, a Reptilian will appear in the middle.

David: Really?

Corey: Yeah.

David: Now, you mentioned before that there were actual damages in the Earth’s protective field caused by that ceremony that Hubbard and Parsons had done.

Corey: Right. It had opened some sort of a rift.

David: And you had mentioned the idea of somebody going with like a boxcutter knife alongside a sheet . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . and like slashing long holes in the sheet as they walked by.

Corey: Right.

David: So as the Earth rotates and they’re doing this Babalon Working at a particular latitude line, is there some type of tear that they cause in the Earth’s energy field that rotates as they continue doing it?

Corey: Right. It’s just like if you took a globe, spun it, and then took a Sharpie and touched it to the globe as it was spinning. It’s going to leave a streak.

David: And what was the effect of this tear? What happened once they created that tear?

Corey: This tear allowed beings from another dimension to have access to ours.

David: So it’s actually . . . it creates a portal that they could get in through that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Corey: Right. But it ended up being one that they could not close.

David: It seems pretty bizarre that just a couple of people could do this much damage. Why do you think it works that well?

Corey: Well, I mean, you’ve spoken many times about small groups of people getting together causing major effect on the larger population.

David: In the meditation effect for a positive sense, yeah.

Corey: Right. Well, why wouldn’t it work for a negative sense as well?

David: Okay. So this is one of the ways that the Orion, or the Draco, would contact individuals incarnate on Earth. And they said there was two ways. So let’s keep going.

There are others whose vibratory complex is such that this gateway is opened and contact with total service-to-self with its primal distortion of manipulation of others is then afforded with little or no difficulty, no training, and no control.

Corey: So basically, they’re just evil enough to where birds of a feather . . . and they come together kind of thing.

David: Sure.


David: Okay. So then the next question that they ask is:

11.21 Questioner: What type of information is passed on from the [Orion] crusaders to these [incarnate] people?

David: And this is a pretty simple answer.

Ra:… The Orion group passes on information concerning The Law of One with the orientation of service to self.

The information can become technical just as some in the Confederation, in attempts to aid this planet in service to others, have provided what you would call technical information.

The technology provided by this group is in the form of various means of control or manipulation of others to serve the self.

David: So this is interesting, because what they’re basically describing here – first of all, technological information being provided by the crusaders – wouldn’t you say that lines up perfectly with Nazi Germany in the 1930s?

Corey: That the negatives were imparting this information?

David: Yeah.

Corey: Absolutely, yes.

David: So actually giving the Germans the ability to perfect their flying saucer technology. You had said before that the Americans didn’t have as much ease in getting these reverse engineerings to work.

Corey: Well, the main reason was that they were completely scientific minded. They were not using these occult-type practices with science together.

David: Ah.

Corey: That’s what the Germans were doing. They would have test craft. They would put all kinds of runes and glyphs all over them, do ceremonies, and couple that with the technology they were developing.

David: So based on what The Law of One is saying here, it would imply that actually putting those runes on their craft, or the swastika and shapes like this, somehow allowed the negative to give them more information about how to perfect the technology?

Corey: Right. And just like on the positive side, who was that famous mathematician we were talking about in the car yesterday who was getting this type of information, but positive information, about mathematics and physics from . . .

David: Oh, Srinivasa Ramanujan?

Corey: Yes.

David: Yes.

Corey: Yeah. So it happens on the dark side and the light side.

David: Right. As the quote goes on, though, they start to talk about mind control systems. And let’s read a little bit more before we discuss this.

So they’re talking about “various means of controlling and manipulating others to serve the self”. One of those would be, of course, building UFOs allows them to control the planet, to have a weapon that they could fake an alien invasion with, for example.

But it also gets into mind control.


So then he says:

11.23 Questioner: Is this how we learned of nuclear energy?

And the answer is actually pretty interesting.

Was it mixed, both positive and negative orientation?

Ra:… This is correct.

So that’s pretty interesting right there, the idea that this really messy, dangerous power source was partly given to us by negatives because it would cause a lot of damage if it was used.

Corey: Right. And what I’ve heard is a lot of the Reptilian vessels use a dirty type of power plant.

David: Oh, really?

Corey: Yeah. It doesn’t affect them, the radiation, but human beings would not be able to last in those craft very long.

David: Well, and you’re also familiar, I’m sure, with how American power plants use so much of this heavy water, and they leave the waste products stored in these giant tanks.

And there’s been a plan to try to hit the fault line going through the middle of America, and they put all of these power plants along the fault line, and create a big disaster that way, but the positive beings have stopped this from happening.

Corey: Yeah. That was, at the least, very poor planning.

David: Yeah. But it seems intentional.

Corey: Right.

David: These guys are really crazy.

The entities responsible for the gathering of the scientists were of a mixed orientation.

The scientists were overwhelmingly positive in their orientation.

David: This includes Einstein. They talk about that.

The scientists who followed their work were of mixed orientation including one extremely negative entity, as you would term it.

David: And they never really say who that is. And it would be useless to really try to speculate on it.

But it’s interesting here, because look at what they’re telling us. The initial wave of people that make these breakthroughs that are used by the negative, the initial wave is positive. So they’re protected. Their free will is protected. They’re allowed to make these huge breakthroughs.

Corey: That is no different than what occurs in the military-industrial complex today. Many of these engineers and physicists, all the different scientists, feel like they are saving the world. They feel like they’re doing a very good thing.

David: Right.

Corey: And they put in the work. And, of course, above them, there’s no need to know what happens after that, so they have no idea what’s going on.


11.24 Questioner: Is this extremely negative entity still incarnate on Earth?

David: This is 1981.

Ra:… This is correct.

David: So, again, you could speculate about who this is, but we don’t really know.

11.25 Questioner: Then I assume you can’t name him.

David: The answer, of course, is yes.

12.2 Questioner: [You] mentioned that the Orion crusaders came here in chariots.

David: Now, “chariots” is their term for basically flying saucers or what we could call UFOs.

Corey: Chariots of the Gods kind of thing.

David: Yeah. Because it’s a chariot of war.

[Could you] describe a chariot?

David: This gets interesting, because the Dark Fleet stuff you’ve told us? It’s amazing how much correlation there is here. Wait till you see this, dude.

Ra:… The term chariot is a term used in warfare among your peoples.

That is its significance.

The shape of the Orion craft is one of the following:

David: I’ve been waiting for so long to see your live reaction as we do this.

Corey: Triangles?

David: Well, just wait.

Firstly, the elongated, ovoid shape which is of a darker nature than silver but which has a metallic appearance if seen in the light.

David: What do you think of that?

Corey: Sounds very familiar to some of the art and descriptions that I’ve given.

David: When you did the art, when we commissioned the art about the battle that was taking place over Antarctica, tell us a little bit about the shootdowns again. What was happening there?

Corey: Right. And these were actually Dark Fleet vessels, . . .

David: Yep.

Corey: . . . according to the intelligence. And there were six of them that were trying to leave . . . that left from under the ocean close to Antarctica and were trying to leave orbit.

3 Battle Over Antarctica

And we had dozens of what were described as Chevron craft of unknown origin came in and attacked them, and caused enough damage that they retreated back the way they came.

David: So they’re elongated ovals just like it says here.

Corey: Like teardrops. Like teardrops.

David: . . . “a darker nature than silver”.

Corey: Right. Often described as pumpkin seed shaped.

David: Right. And I did not actually see this in The Law of One until originally it was April 2016, after you’d already made that graphic. And then I wanted to do some of these episodes.

And I was shocked because it’s one thing to kind of get loose connections. But when you have The Law of one, as we’ve said in previous episodes, describing our government having bases on the Moon, that they’re in the process of being rebuilt and expanded, bases that move along the surface of the Earth, bases under the sea – there’s so many correlations with the things that you’ve said that nobody was talking about in UFOlogy back in 1981.

And here’s another example. It’s totally amazing.

So this perfectly fits with what you said.

In the absence of light, it appears to be red or fiery in some manner.

David: I’m curious, what are your feelings on that?

Corey: That definitely describes some of the craft. I haven’t heard it mentioned directly in correlation with just the Reptilians, but even the cosmonaut-type spheres that were over Antarctica during that time observing, when they’re inside the atmosphere moving around, they have kind of an orangeish-red corona.

4 Cosmonaut Type Spheres

David: So this perfectly fits once again. Well, there’s another type.

Other craft include disc-shaped objects of a small nature approximately twelve feet in your measurement in diameter,

the box-like shape approximately forty feet to a side in your measurement.

Other craft can take on a desired shape through the use of thought control mechanisms.

David: So we have three things here. We have flying saucers 12-feet wide, a box type of shape, and then they can create anything that looks like what they want.

Corey: Well, and also, they have what look like metallic craft. And there would be rooms inside, and with electric stimulation they would change shape. They’d go into balls, they would flatten out, and then the rooms on the inside would move around . . .

David: Oh, wow!

Corey: . . . to match the shape change. So in flight, they could change from a cigar shape to a flat circle or a disk. They can change actual shapes.

David: Well, yeah. There are also UFO sightings not only of craft changing shape, but of actually splitting and going off and becoming two.

Corey: Hm mm. Yeah. They do that too.

David: Is that also what it can do?

Corey: Yeah.

David: Wow! Yeah, you never said that on the show before.

So as far as like a 12-foot disk, is that one of the sizes that you’ve seen?

Corey: Yes.

David: Maybe more like a drone craft or something?

Corey: Yeah. Those smaller ones are usually drones . . .

David: Okay.

Corey: . . . around that size, like six to 12 feet.

David: And I also know, in some of the same art that you already had commissioned back before I saw this, that you did describe squarish craft that the Dark Fleet have.

5 Square Craft

Corey: Indeed.

David: And it says right here, boxlike shape 40-feet to a side. So again, very, very nice lineup here. It’s amazing.


So now they’re going to talk about that . . .

There are various civilization complexes which work within this group.

David: Meaning it’s not just one type of extraterrestrial race.

Corey: Well, yeah. That matches the conquered race that I’ve told you about that a lot of people confuse with Nordics.

David: Right.

Corey: They’re like eight foot tall. They have the taller foreheads, receding hairline kind of a thing, kind of the same bob haircuts, blonde hair, big blue eyes, six fingers.

David: Right.

Corey: And the intel on them is that they’re a conquered race, just like we supposedly are. And just like we have Dark Fleet going out with the Reptilians on conquests, that’s what these beings are doing.

David: And those are some of the most troublesome ones, right, that particular group?

Corey: They’re the ones that we’ve seen a lot in conflicts. So, yeah, they’ll send those being in as cannon fodder a lot of the time.

David: Wow! Interesting.

Some are more able to use intelligent infinity than others.

David: That means their ability to manipulate consciousness, their kind of magic powers like telekinesis, telepathy. So would you agree with that?

Corey: Absolutely, yes. Yeah, I mean, there have been many accounts of people going to some of these bases where there are Reptilians, or these Nordic-type groups that I’ve told you about that are walking around with these big pelican cases that hold equipment, levitated, floating behind them as they walk along.

David: Right.

The information is very seldom shared; therefore, the chariots vary greatly in shape and appearance.

David: In other words, the Draco, even if they have people working with them, they don’t necessarily want to give them that much technology.

So it’s kind of like, “Come with whatever you’ve got.”

Corey: Yes. And the Dark Fleet have much more advanced technology and weaponry than the other space programs, most of them. And their technology has been enhanced by this Draco group, but not enhanced to a point to where they could become a threat to them.

David: Right. That makes perfect sense.

Now they talk about the Quarantine. This is an interesting discussion we’ve had many discussions about.


12.3 Questioner: Is there any effort by the Confederation to stop the Orion chariots from arriving here?

David: Of course, now with the Spheres and the Outer Barrier, it’s gotten much more.

Ra:… Every effort is made to quarantine this planet.

However, the network of guardians, much like any other pattern of patrols on whatever level, does not hinder each and every entity from penetrating quarantine, for if request is made in light/love, The Law of One will be met with acquiescence.

David: So this is something that I’ve heard from several other insiders, and I definitely wanted to get your take on it in these Law of One episodes.

Is there some kind of energetic barrier around the Earth that at times prevents people from just being able to come in and leave whenever they want?

Corey: Absolutely. They have to, I guess, come in and leave in a certain way, in a certain trajectory, that is monitored. If they come in through any of the other ways, then they can risk damage to their vessels.

David: Right. So this is what The Law of One calls the Quarantine, and they explain that they do not hinder every entity from coming in.

Corey: Which will coincide with some of the beings that I told you that, when the Outer Barrier was erected, there were a lot of beings that ended up getting trapped here that are extremely benevolent.

David: Right.

Corey: And that included the groups that were here that could care less about us, that were just here to study the rainforests or the ocean life.

David: And I also have heard from other insiders that the Quarantine actually does involve, to some degree, physical microsatellites in Earth’s orbit that enforce this protective grid in some way. Have you heard something like that, that there are . . . ?

Corey: I know that WE have put out swarms of very tiny satellites that are out there for monitoring and defending the planet.

David: Okay. That’s the same thing I heard from others.

If the request is not made, due to the slipping through the net, then there is penetration of this net.

David: So some entities can randomly get through.

12.5 Questioner: I didn’t quite understand. How does the Confederation stop the Orion chariot from coming through the quarantine?

Ra:… There is contact at the level of light-form or lightbody-being depending upon the vibratory level of the guardian.

David: So what they’re actually saying here is a light-form might be like a wall of light. It might appear as a craft. Lightbody-being may actually be some sort of apparition.

But what it’s saying is that a lot of these entities would try to get in, and they’re going to run into something that would stop them.

These guardians sweep [the] reaches of your Earth’s energy fields attempting to be aware of any entities approaching.

An entity which is approaching is hailed in the name of the One Creator.

Any entity thus hailed is bathed in love/light and will of free will obey the quarantine due to the power of The Law of One.

David: Now, this is all very nebulous, so we’re going to keep reading because it’ll all make sense in a second.

12.6 Questioner: What would happen to the entity if he did not obey the quarantine after being hailed?

Ra:… To not obey quarantine after being hailed on the level of which we speak would be equivalent to your not stopping upon walking into a solid brick wall.

David: So anyway, it’s describing a solid energetic barrier, something that just you can’t go through it no matter what.

Corey: Right. And science has discovered interesting energetic anomalies around the Earth.

David: Absolutely.

12.7 Questioner: What would happen to the entity then [if] he did this?

What would happen to his chariot?

Ra:… The Creator is one being.

The vibratory level of those able to reach the quarantine boundaries is such that upon seeing the love/light net it is impossible to break this Law.

David: So that . . . I highlighted “love/light net”, because it is apparently some kind of grid-like mesh of light that they just can’t get through if they’re trying to get in other than the normal way to get into the planet.


Therefore, nothing happens.

No attempt is made.

There is no confrontation.

The only beings who are able to penetrate the quarantine are those who discover windows or distortions in the space/time continua surrounding your planet’s energy fields.

David: This opens up a huge discussion, because what they say is that if our free will on Earth gets shaky enough, they have to allow a certain amount of random windows that can, they might only be very brief, but they allow the bad guys to come in for just a short time and then get back out again really fast.

Through these windows they come.

These windows are rare and unpredictable.

David: So this is something that’s allowed to happen by our own free will.


Then it says:

26.34 Questioner: Is it necessary in each case for the entity who is contacted in one of these landings to be calling the Orion group?

Or do some of these entities come in contact with the Orion group even though they are not calling that group?

Ra:… You must plumb the depths of fourth-density negative understanding.

This is difficult for you.

David: So we’re seeing they’re setting us up here for something interesting.


Once having reached third-density space/time continuum through your so-called windows, these crusaders may plunder as they will,

the results completely a function of the polarity of the, shall we say, witness/subject or victim.

David: Dude, this is the Galactic Slave Trade. They are describing exactly what you’ve been telling us right here in The Law of One, that they may plunder as they will. The people who are plundered do not necessarily have to be consciously calling the Orion group.

But then, notice it says the results are a function of their polarity.

So I know that when you’ve talked about the Galactic Slave Trade, it would appear that just anybody could get picked, and that’s going to freak a lot of people out.

Corey: It’s because humans are the ones collecting the specimens that are sent off planet into the slave trade. In the beginning, they were just being taken, and then the secret space programs, once they had more control over our airspace, the powers behind that force decided, “We can use these people as a commodity for trade.”

And that’s how having a large piece of the human trade business came about.

David: So then it says:

This is due to the sincere belief of fourth-density negative that to love self is to love all.

David: So they believe that they are the elite, they are the special, and that they love themselves, and that other people do not love themselves as much as they do. Therefore, they’ve become god where none exists and everybody else should worship them.

Did you encounter that type of belief in the Cabal in the times that you saw this stuff going on?

Corey: I guess they obviously passed that way of thinking down to their human minions.

David: Sure.

Corey: Yeah.


Each other-self which is thus either taught or enslaved thus has a teacher which teaches love of self.

David: That’s just like what you were saying. The elite pass this down to everyone else.

Exposed to this teaching, it is intended that there be brought to fruition a harvest of fourth-density negative or self-serving mind/body/spirit complexes.

David: Now, do these people believe in their own form of Ascension, just like it’s saying here, that they’re going to ascend?

Corey: Yes. Yeah. Some of them believe it will be a technological Ascension. Most of them do.

They are AI prophet-type people. And as it turns out, many of the Draco seem to be as well.

David: Right. But there’s others that would actually believe in a sort of spiritual Ascension, as well?

Corey: Right. There are so many different esoteric and other type of beliefs among these groups. Very few of them agree on their belief systems. They just agree on their overall agenda.

David: All right. Well, since we’ve talked about some pretty disturbing stuff in this episode and we’re out of time, I mean, The Law of One does day – and I want to point this out – they make it very clear in here that the negative is never allowed to do more than what is required to awaken humanity, that by having this great villain in the planetary game, we become . . . our hearts open up and we realize that there is a reason to want to be more loving, there’s a reason to want to be more positive, there’s a reason to want to save the Earth, to protect the animals, to seek truth and justice and freedom and liberty.

What do you think is the big vulnerability of these negative forces? What is their critical weakness that the positive groups will ultimately use against them and are using against them?

Corey: Their complete devotion to self. You know, they’re . . .

David: How does that bring them down?

Corey: These groups are also so interrelated on their hierarchy that, if they can disturb or affect any of the upper hierarchy beings, it trickles down to the rest.

David: So it’s sort of like a computer, where you would have the CPU fighting with the memory fighting with the hard drive. You can’t have a functional system when it’s constantly betraying itself.

Corey: Right. Another thing this topic brings to mind . . . I hear people all the time saying, why won’t the Blue Avians come down here and just squash the Reptilians? Why don’t they just take an active role?

The creation of The Law of One book was to be a guide, and most of all, to stimulate our consciousness. That is pretty much all they’re concerned about, is stimulating and raising our consciousness.

If they can do that, we take care of the problem ourself and they don’t have to get involved.

David: Yeah. And I think that when we look at the meditation effect and how much, as you were talking about the negative can do that, a small group of people focusing on the positive can have such a hugely disproportionate effect on the outcome that, as more of us are enlightened and we realize that such evil exists, we become a lot more dedicated on our path.

And once we do, we have a dramatic effect on how this is all going to turn out. Would you agree with that?

Corey: Absolutely. The one thing that they’ve tried to drill into my head is that we are our own saviors. We are the ones that have to clean up this mess. They will mitigate some of the problems that we have to overcome, but we have to do all the work.

And I think we’re beginning to see a change in society and things occurring in the background to where we might be on the precipice of those changes.

David: Cool. All right, well you’ve seen it here, a lot of really great Law of One connections to what Corey is saying.

As a scientifically-minded person who’s written scientific books, when I look at this type of data, it’s absolutely convincing to me this is not the product of coincidence or chance.

This is two different sources that are talking about the same body of true information. It’s the only logical explanation.

I’m David Wilcock. This is “Cosmic Disclosure” here with Corey Goode, and I thank you for watching.

The Essence Of Gratitude And How It Can Help You Cultivate Happiness


Gratitude is more then an idea; it’s a state of being. Gratitude is the embodiment of unconditional love because with it comes a means to be positive regardless of outside circumstances.

You can be in a very bleak situation and it may seem like things are not going your way, but with gratitude you can change that perspective. By focusing on what your grateful for; you’ll invite more people, things and events into your life that bring feelings of gratitude. We are what we focus on; by focusing on gratefulness you will become more grateful.

Now many of us find it difficulty to be grateful at times but that’s only because we’re blinded by our desires. Many of us have narrowly conceptualized our sense of worth according to our desires. If we’re unable to fulfill our desires we have the tendency to fall into a negative stupor. This state of mind hinders our ability to feel positive emotions; such as gratitude, happiness, joy and love.

Which is why it’s important to carefully evaluate our thoughts, beliefs and desires to better understand ourselves. Many of our beliefs and thoughts are the result of unbridled desires. We live in a world governed by materialism; thus desires rein supreme. Many of these desires though are unfounded and irrelevant. That is something we must all become aware of.

For example, many people in today’s society equate happiness with possessions. People strive to have a house, car, family and wealth thinking these things will increase the amount of happiness in their life. Unfortunately though that’s not how it works, it is not the thing that makes you happy; it is your choice(consent) in believing that things will make you happy that makes you happy. Happiness is a choice; when you choose to believe things will make you happy; they will; but only temporally because this world is temporal; by focusing on that which is temporal; you equate your sense of happiness as being temporal. Thus happiness becomes a fleeting idea to you.

Now by all means don’t believe that I’m bashing the idea of raising a family, accumulating wealth or buying a car or house. These things are neutral upon themselves; what I’m merely attempting to convey is the need to focus on one’s own sense of happiness from within. When we externalize our sense of happiness we give our power away to a external source. All that we need can be found from within; that includes happiness.

Gratitude helps in cultivating happiness, joy and love. By being grateful for what you already have you receive more positivity. Don’t spend so much time focusing on what you don’t have; instead focus on what you do have. You are what you focus on; so if you focus on negativity; you will reap negativity. If you focus on positivity; you will reap positivity. It really is that simple.

So if you find yourself getting into negative thoughts and behaviors; first thing you should do is to accept how you feel. Don’t condemn your thoughts or feelings; that will not help you in anyway. Practice acceptance and let them go; start to think about the things that you’re grateful for.

What I tend to do when I find myself in a negative state of being is start thinking to myself what I have in my life that I am grateful for. At first; this may seem difficult; especially when your feeling very negative. Yet; when you start thinking about it; you’ll have many things come to your awareness that bring feelings of gratitude. Such as “I’m grateful for my health.” or “I’m grateful for my family” and even “I’m grateful my Creator.” By doing this; you’re sending out positive vibes to the universe; which the universe will gladly respond to with more positivity. When you send out positive thoughts and deeds; you shall receive positive thoughts and deeds.

Many times though; we may fall into the pattern of comparing ourselves to others. Which will diminish our sense of gratitude and happiness. This is only because we’ve allowed ourselves to believe in some kind of idea. This idea is based in the realm of desire; we have an idea of what we think we should be like; if we’re not like that we get hard on ourselves. This leads to poor self esteem and negative state of mind.

I’ve come to discover this for myself. I had this idea of how I should be and if I fail to meet those expectations; I become very negative. If I come across anyone who I feel is exhibiting what I desire to be; I become envious and embroiled with jealousy. Most of the time this effects my relationship with this person and I become very combative with them.

This is why it’s of paramount concern for myself and many of you to be careful with desires. You don’t need to desire to be anyone else; except for yourself. Don’t fall into the pattern of comparing yourself to others. It doesn’t matter if someone appears to be more “Intelligent” or “Better Looking” then you. As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Everyone has their own opinion on what beauty and intelligence is. You are perfect as you are right now. Intelligence is determined by your own belief; not by comparison. Be grateful for who you are; be grateful for what you know. Gratitude will help you be your perfect self. Because at the end of the day; you are perfect all the time; even the times when you feel or think you’re not.

So my friends; be grateful all the time. When you feel ungrateful; be grateful that you can feel ungrateful. That is the beauty of life; you yourself can be whatever you want to be. When you explore your own inner landscape; you see that it isn’t one or the other. You can be grateful when your ungrateful. You can be ungrateful when your grateful. You don’t have to pick one of the other; they both can coexist in the same space.

That is perfectly illustrated with the Yin and Yang symbol below. When you look at this ancient Taoist symbol you see the unity of light and darkness, good and bad, positivity and negativity. They coexist as one; because they are a whole. Therefore; in one form of another; ungratefulness is gratefulness; it’s just the opposite side of the coin; yet it’s the same coin at the end of the day.


Remember; gratitude can assist in becoming the happiness you already are. Focus on gratitude and you shall be more grateful and happy. Until next time my friends; take care and many blessings to you all.

Timothy Frappier

Cobra: Mysteries of Isis

Source: Cobra — The Portal

By Cobra

Mysteries of Isis are the remnant of the original Goddess mysteries that were brought to Atlantis by the Central Race many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

These mysteries were practiced uninterrupted for countless millennia on the surface of the planet in sacred temples dedicated to the Goddess. Living contact with the Goddess presence, the clear divine feminine archetype originating directly from the Source, was the basis of stability and harmony of the society.

After the interferences of the dark forces started on the planet, and especially after the Archon invasion 26,000 years ago, that perfect connection with the feminine aspect of the Source got interrupted.

Astara was a being from Sirius star system that took upon herself the task of preserving the Goddesss presence on the surface of the planet in the last 26,000 year cycle.

She was known as Aset to the Egyptians, Isis to the Greek and that is the name that is most widely used now.

Egyptian mystery schools tried to preserve the legacy of Atlantean mystery schools as pure as possible. Isis mysteries, as taught in the Egyptian and later Greco-Roman mystery schools, included the following:

The existence of divine plane of creation of pure Love and Light where no darkness can exist, and techniques to access that plane in your consciousness

The immortality of the Soul and the path to become that Soul

The protocol to avoid Archons and reach the realms of Light after death

The protocol to embody the Goddess presence and to become a living embodiment of that Goddess presence in all daily actions

The mysteries of the underground kingdom

The mysteries of the sacred union (hieros gamos).

Mysteries were taught only to the initiates, whereas the masses worshiped Isis as a personified deity, a protector that can help in times of trouble:

In the ancient world two millennia ago, Isis worship was the most popular and widespread religion across the Mediterranean:

Because of its tremendous impact on dissolving the Veil at that time, the Archons have devised a plan to hijack the evolving Christianity, turn it into a mind programming cult, suppress all Goddess worship and enforce the Nicene creed:

The mysteries of Isis had to go sub rosa (undercover).

Rosicrucian alchemists tried to revive them more that 1000 years later, but their real comeback only came in the 18th century, when Comte de Saint Germain initiated Cagliostro into the mysteries and gave him the task to spread those mysteries across Europe:

Cagliostro initiated many women of the French high society as instructed by Saint Germain, to reform and enlighten the society from within. These women were transmitting coded messages with sign language, as you can see in the following pictures (pay attention to the hand mudras):

Princess de Lamballe was the high priestess of Isis at that time, initiated by Cagliostro and in frequent contact with Saint Germain.

Mozart was a disciple of Cagliostro that spread the mysteries of Isis through his music, especially through his famous opera, the Magic Flute:

Christian Jacq has written a series of books about Mozart and his connection to the mysteries of Isis, that are much closer to the truth than it might appear:

Now it is time to revive the mysteries of Isis again.

You can do so by listening to the music:

By nurturing your sexual energy:

By connecting to the Goddess art from the past:

By connecting to the natural rhythms of time through the 13 moon calendar.

And by preparing for the Event by connecting to the Galactic Goddess:

In French:

Victory of the Light!


Vatican Theologian Says Aliens are Real and Are More Spiritual and Intellectual Than Humans — Paper by Monsignor Corrado Balducci

Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The Vatican and the powers represented by it have long kept socially damaging information hidden from the public. Anything that threatens the status quo is quickly covered up by the Roman Cult, and its numerous intelligence agencies spread across the globe. Monsignor Corrado Balducci was a Catholic theologian who had close ties to Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict XVI. He has written about the occult, demonic possession, and extraterrestrials. The following is a paper recently shared by Dr. Richard Boylen of a talk Balducci gave in 2001, which stands as prima facie evidence that the Vatican and those close to them accept the reality of extraterrestrials.


Dr. Steven Greer is a prominent UFO researcher who allegedly met with Balducci to discuss the extraterrestrial issue.

What the paper reveals is that the Vatican has long known about extraterrestrials and is also aware that various government agencies are trying to keep it quiet. In addition, it suggests that spirituality is not just an artifact of Earth, implying that a brand of universal piousness is practiced by highly advanced races. This assertion corresponds with the volumes of mystically related information coming from various sources within the field of ufology.

It seems as a society advances and discovers more of reality at various levels of comprehension (such as philosophic, scientific, material, energetic, and so on), eventually the truth about the consciousness foundations of existence are recognized. This forms the basis of a spiritual understanding, eventually leading to the concept of a transcendent creator.

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But the religions of antiquity are largely based on myopic views of the Earth and humanity. That is to say, religious dogma tends not to address extraterrestrial life, advanced technology, and what these things mean in relation to existence itself. However, as Balducci asserts, if the cosmos is spiritual at its core, then it is highly likely advanced races have been shaped by the spiritual realities of existence, forming altruistic values as a result.

However, it is also arguable that not every advanced race is spiritual or altruistic. While some researchers, like Greer, contend that only benevolent races can become spacefaring, there is a preponderance of evidence to suggest otherwise.

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As a race of beings continues to evolve, mental abilities develop in proportion to the coherence of consciousness present within the population. The more mentally disciplined a person is the more likely they are to develop psi abilities, one of which includes teleportation. Balducci posits that angels, being highly evolved of mind and spirit, don’t need spaceships to travel about. Instead, they use a kind of pure consciousness technique.

Unfortunately, the bulk of information gathered about extraterrestrials has been hidden in the secret places of this world, kept quiet by intelligence agencies and their predecessors—religious organizations. While we can discuss these topics to explore the meaning of what these ideas mean, we are not able to confirm some of these assertions with direct evidence, like photographs or recovered artifacts.

See Change at the Vatican

But according to several researchers and alleged insiders, a “war for disclosure” has been raging behind the scenes for a least the past four years. And the time frame of 2017 to 2022 has been proffered as a time of transition for the human race and civilization as we know it. Whether or not this is true remains unclear. However, there is a rather obscure prophecy about the Vatican, which might be motivating them to change.

I don’t have access to the raw prophecy—I heard it secondhand from a colleague who is an avid researcher of the Holy See. Apparently, in 1917, a prophecy was given to the Jesuits that they had one hundred years to get their act together, stop acting like parasites, and start doing what they promised the heavens they would do—uplift the people to their full potential and prepare the Earth to receive the spirit. If they did not change, heaven would rain down upon them, ending hundreds of years of tyrannical rule.

In essence, if the prophecy is true, the occult powers behind the Vatican, tracing their origin to Mithraic cults of the pre-Christian era, derive their power from the spiritual realm, via compacts and covenants made with beings on the other side of the veil. Even though they are effectively a ragtag bunch of criminals who got their hands on a few cosmic secrets eons ago, they do—at some level—recognize the power of the spiritual realms and the importance of adhering to the divine law. And apparently there are Jesuits within the Vatican who took the prophecy seriously and have been working to reform the organization from within.

Of course, there is no direct evidence to confirm this assertion, but there is a preponderance of data evidence to suggest some kind of sea change is taking place.

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At the very least, Balducci’s status within the church and views on extraterrestrials can be shared with those of religious leanings so as to open their minds to the reality of our living cosmos.

– Justin

Source – UFO Evidence

Ufology and Theological Clarifications

by Dr. Richard Boylen, January 2017

Summary: Finally I have obtained an English translation of the unprecedented paper Monsignor Balducci gave me at our historic Meeting in Rome in December (2002). In this seminal work, the Monsignor-theologian, (who is the Pope’s choice as Chief Exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome/Vatican itself), not only makes an air-tight case for the reality and acceptability of Star Visitor contacts with humans, but argues that these Visitors are more highly intellectually and spiritually evolved than humans. (Boylan)

[[ Finally I have obtained an English translation of the unprecedented paper Monsignor Balducci gave me at our historic Meeting in Rome in December (2002). In this seminal work, the Monsignor-theologian, (who is the Pope’s choice as Chief Exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome/Vatican itself), not only makes an air-tight case for the reality and acceptability of Star Visitor contacts with humans, but argues that these Visitors are more highly intellectually and spiritually evolved than humans.

The Monsignor gave me a copy of this Paper, and intends to share it with his Vatican colleagues. It must also be the first document by a high-level churchman to mention Area 51, Nevada

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. ]]



(Monsignor Corrado Balducci – Pescara, June 8th. 2001)


Over the last 150 years it have appeared sequentially and with an increasing spreading and frequency rate, two types of manifestations and phenomena, very different between them, but both so interesting, controversial and fascinating to divide public opinion into two different aspects: or everything is real, or well everything is false. These are spiritualism and ufology. It shouldn’t surprise us this approach, because it’s related only to the reactions and behaviour of the public before these two phenomena and not to their contents, obviously quite different between both of them

Regarding spiritualism, this is a practice for which there are testimonies across the centuries; in 1847, with the sisters Fox in Hydesville (New York), it had a special remark and spread rapidly in several countries. Very soon there was an explanation for the phenomena connected to such practices, even by the scientists: the souls of the disincarnated, better said of the dead people, are the cause of this. This was called the spiritualist hypothesis, against which theologians soon opposed to the so called demonic hypothesis.

Only by the end of XIX century there were made the first attempts to look for a natural explanation, and finally in 1922, with the thick book of the French scientist Charles Richet, Traitè de Mètapsychique , it began officially the so called Metapsychics, nowadays better known as Parapsychology.

When I began with my demonic and metapsychic studies back in 1950, I found myself in a period when, since two decades ago, it was denied the existence of spiritualist phenomena (and not only by some scientists, but also by a very wide public opinion), that represented at that time the most abundant cases of Metapsychics.

The same is valid since some decades on regarding Ufology.

After this premise, we reach our subject, for which I have two very brief clarifications to expose.

– The acronym UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), is used here in a wider sense, or even better, including also the existence of living beings in other planets.

– The aim of my intervention is to underline that something real must exist in the phenomena, and how this does not contrast at all with Christian religion, being considered positive even among theologians.

Let’s divide the speech in three points:

1. Something real must exist.

2. Theological considerations on the habitability of other planets.

3. Some testimonies favourable to it.

I – UFO: Something real must exist.

This is a statement coming out from basic considerations based upon common sense, human rationalism and upon a normal and possible course of our lives, considering not only individual and social aspects, but also religious.

In fact, today there is a great amount (still increasing) of testimonies regarding the so called flying saucers or spaceships and the extraterrestrials; and among them there are some coming from reliable persons, with a culture and initially non believers. There are already hundreds of thousands of eye witnesses in the world that state to have seen UFO’s at least once. There are so many, even in a smaller amount, the testimoniescoming from the so called contactees.

If we consider this, it seems impossible to deny at a rational level that something real does exist A totally sceptic behaviour is not justified at all, because a priori seems to be against to the elemental prudence suggested by the good sense.

It is also real that we could think rationally that so large average of testimonies could be due to illusions, hallucinations and to states of intense suggestion. In other cases it could be also due to particular light effects or well to atmospheric phenomena, such as clouds that over the mountains may show a shape similar to the flying saucers; we could use as an example the so called ball rays or well globular flashes of lighting.

Other times UFO’s could be confused with certain types of round-shaped aeroplanes, that were certainly built in USA since the so called Cold War (it is also certain that Russia built some aeroplanes of this type). This promoted in the period after World War II, the spreading of the idea that flying saucers were nothing else but new inventions with warring aim, obviously kept secret.

But these are always inaccurate explanations and considerations to explain the number of testimonies and the wideness of UFO phenomenon. The most severe and hard criticism could reduce largely this number, but never will be able to eliminate all of them.

We also have to remember that in several countries exist places, organisations and associations that collect evidences and testimonies on tape, in order to make them examine and study by experts and scientists as necessary; after that the whole set is catalogued in explainable and non explainable phenomena. It is not any longer a secret the existence of the so called Area 51 inthe United States, within a zone in the hearth of the Nevada desert; an enormous land area that has a larger construction underground than on the surface. In France is famous the SEPRA association; in Italy there is the CUN, Centro Ufologico Nazionale (National Ufological Centre), already on its 36th. year of existence, and with Dr. Roberto Pinotti as President since long ago; also in Italy there is since 4 years until now the CIFAS ( Council of International Federation of Advanced Studies ) dedicated to study the relationships between man and extraterrestrial space, which President is still Gen. Salvatore Marcelletti.

Regarding the existence of something real within UFO phenomenon, I must add another consideration that was left for last to better underline its importance. And this is, that a generalised, systematic and total incredulity finally would weaken and destroy the value of human testimony, with serious and unforeseeable consequences, because that is the base of life not only individual and social, but also religious.

In fact, testimony is a form of communication of our faith in our partner. This is a widely spread way on daily life (when listening news, spending, buying, etc.). Let’s imagine what could happen on individual and social life if the value of human testimony was weaken, with the logical decrease and disappearance of that faith many times is essential for daily life

After this, I have extended such inconveniences to religious life; in fact, also Christian religion is based upon human testimony, being the Divine Revelation an historical fact.

In 1937 Jesuit theologian Herbert Thurston wrote on purpose: From a logical point of view, christians that accept miracles and other episodes related on the Gospel… they cannot reject in an obstinate way the reiterated testimonies of modern and reliable witnesses, that relate what their eyes have seen… All our Apologetic system is based upon the belief in the Truth said in the Gospel ( Church and Spiritualism ; Milan, 1937; p.p. 179). For that: systematic demolition and discredit of humantestimonies regarding simple fact data, seem to me contrary in principle to all belief on the historic seriousness of Gospel, and indirectly, to every belief on Christian Revelation (Op. Cit. p.p. 157).

II. Theological and biblical considerations on the habitability of other planets.

First of all a clarification: we should exclude that angels use spaceships, due to the fact that they are merely spiritual beings, and that they are wherever they want to be, and in the rare cases when they show themselves, they don’t have any difficulty to assume a visible form. The very same we can say about dead people. Holy Virgin, in the very few cases when she could consider to be in contact with human people (very exceptional episodes and to be confirmed in their authenticity), continues to choose other very different ways to transmit us her maternal affection, to manifest us her urgencies, to communicate us her maternal claims or to give us her sweet reproaches. Even keeping their angelic nature, we shouldn’t think about the devils at all, because they are connected in their liberty to God on their extraordinary activity, and in that way they are disabled to express their terrible and malefic hate regarding us. Let’s remember St. August: If the devil by his own initiative could do anything, even a single living being would not stay on Earth (ML 37, 1246); let’s remember also to St. Buenaventura: Is so large the demon’s cruelty, that he would swallow us in every moment, if Divine protection don’t guard us ( Diaeta salutis , tit. 7 c.1, Verona 1748, p. 183).

Therefore, when speaking about extraterrestrials, we must think in beings like us, or well and preferably in other types of living beings, that in their spiritual part they have associated a material one; better said, a body in a better state than the one existing for us as humans.

There is not a scientific certainty yet about this problem, even if this seems to be closer and closer, thanks to the progress of science and study. Regarding the theological and biblical aspect of this matter, we can remark three points, three affirmations in favour from the various considerations:

1. Before all, that exist other inhabited planets is something possible. In the Bible there are not specific allusions to other living beings, but neither is excluded this hypothesis, that for this stays as possible, if we think that God’s omnipotence and wisdom have no limits, being infinite.

2. Furthermore, the existence of other inhabited planets is something credible. In fact, there is a great diversity between angels, merely spiritual beings and us, composed by spirit and matter; better said, soul and flesh, but a soul that cannot act if don’t use the body as an instrument; a body that makes with its passions and capital vices conditional the soul to the point of make human person so fragile, and more devoted to evil than to goodness. Therefore is credible that this enormous distance between us and the angels could be reduced by the presence of beings that, having also a body (even if more perfect), their soul is less conditioned on their intelligent and volitional acting.

If necessary, there is another confirmation upon the very ancient saying of Lucrezio Caro: Natura non facit saltus ; a very famous phrase (that I found on the De rerum natura ) and quoted – regarding that argument – also by some theologians.

Another consideration is taken for the aim of the creation, or well the Glory of God, a concept that you can find several times on the Bible. For instance, Psalm 18 begins by saying precisely: heavens sing the glory of God . But only human person is able to give this glory to God in a conscious way , because it has intelligence and free will.

Precisely for this, several theologians say, is not only possible but credible, that in the spaces that are distant and inaccessible for men and his scientific instruments, do exist other beings able to know God as their Creator, and also they give Him this Glory, that for them and their worlds represent the aim of Creation.

Jesuit Father Domenico Grasso, Professor of Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University wrote on purpose: Why all the perfection God has spread so widely in the universe should be kept hidden without singing the glory of God? Wouldn’t it be a discordance unsuitable for God? Who writes a book knowing that it will never be read by anyone, or well who paints a painting to hide it from anyone’s sight? .

He claims regarding the statements made by German theologian Joseph Pohle in one of his books of 1904 (page 457): It seems to be accordingly with the aim of the world that inhabitable celestial bodies are settled by creatures that recognise the glory of God in the physical beauties of their worlds, in the same way man does with his smaller world ( Die Sternewelt undihre Bewohner – The Stars of Universe and its Inhabitants ; Köln 1904; pp. 457). Finally Father Grasso concludes: we must think in the angels to know where God receives the glory from these worlds from, because them, that are purely spiritual, are not able to know the matter but indirectly, in the same way man does with the spirit (ib.).

3. Beyond to be something possible and credible, I would see desirable the inhabitability of other planets. In a future, even if very remote, these eventual inhabitants, superior to us, could be very helpful to us, specially in our spiritual path. In a non practical way, they could had been protecting and helping us since long time ago.

If it is the case that they do really exist intelligent beings on other planets, it would be easier to understand how to conciliate their existence with the redemption of Christ. As St. Paul says (cfr. Col. 1, 16-17), a real fact is that Christ is the centre and head of the creation of the universe. Therefore there are no worlds without a reference of Him. From the Bible is possible to assure that Christ, as Incarnated Verb, has total influence upon all the possible inhabited planets.

I quote what said by St. Paul to the Colossians: For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on Earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things and in Him all things consist… For it pleased the Father that in Him all the fullness should dwell. And by Him to reconcile all things to Himself, by Him, whether things on earth or things in heaven, having made peace through the blood of His cross (Col. 1, 16-20).

The Church celebrates the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year (before the Advent) as the Feast of Christ, King of the universe, and in its liturgy the universality of His kingdom is remembered, which is also expressed in the daily Mass.

III. Algunos testimonios a favor.

There exist several interesting statements on the inhabitability of other worlds by lay scientists, theologians or servants of God which already qualified for a process of beatification or canonisation. Obviously I’ll limit myself to quote just some of them.

Beginning with the laymen, let me quote the great French scientist Charles Richet (1850 – 1935), that was, among otherthings, a materialist. In 1922, in his Traitè de Mètapsychique , he stated: Do we have any right to claim, just because of our limited senses and our mistaken intelligence, that man is the only intelligent being in this immense cosmos?… That other intellectual forces, different from us, exist, is not only possible but extremely probable. It is even certain… It is absurd to claim that we are the only intelligence in nature… The existence of these beings cannot be proven, but the probability of their existence is evident (loc. cit., Paris 1922, pp. 787-788).

I remember 5 theologians:

1. Cardinal Nicolò Cusano (1401 – 1464), philosopher and scientist that said: We are not authorised to exclude that on another star beings do exist, even if they are completely different from us .

2. The Jesuit Father and astronomer Fr. Angelo Secchi (1818 – 1876) wrote: It is absurd to claim that the worlds surrounding us are large, uninhabited deserts and that the meaning of the universe lies just in our small, inhabited planet. .

3. The famous Dominican preacher Jacques-Marie-Louis Monsabre (1827 – 1907) referred to the principle Natura non facit saltus when he claimed that other intelligent beings besides men and angels exist.

4. The already quoted English Jesuit Father Herbert Thurston wrote: Who can claim that there are no other intelligent beings besides these 3 categories of angels, demons and men in the Universe of God? I do not intend to confirm the possibility I indicated in my question as a fact, but I ask: Who can be sure about it? (Op. Cit., pp. 3).

5. German Theologian Giuseppe Pohle: Hypothesis of the plurality of inhabited worlds is totally favourable to the glory of the Lord. God creates for His glory, and any glory is possible without intelligent beings, able to know the creation of the Lord . I remember two persons for whom there is already going on their process of canonisation:

1. The Salesian Father and Servant of God Don Andrea Beltrami (1870 – 1897) who prayed also for the possible inhabitants of other planets. Of the 16 booklets he wrote, one seems to deal with this topic (and I say seems because unfortunately I was not able to know the titles of his 16 publications).

2. The second (with whom I want to close this paper), is the already sanctified Padre Pio, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II on May 2, 1999 and canonised on June 16, 2002. From St. Fr. Pio, the following dialogue is documented and officially published by the Cappuchin Order: Question: Father, some claim that there are creatures of God on other planets, too . Answer: What else? Do you think they don’t exist and that God’s omnipotence is limited to this small planet Earth? What else? Do you think there are no other beings who love the Lord? .

Another question: Father, I think the Earth is nothing compared to other planets and stars . Answer: Exactly Yes, and we Earthlings are nothing, too. The Lord certainly did not limit His glory to this small Earth. On other planets other beings exist who did not sin and fall as we did . (Don Nello Castello: Così parlò Padre Pio ; Vicenza, 1974).

Lac. Corrado Balducci

Rome, C. 7 / 6 / 2001

Ron Paul: Economic Collapse Imminent — Trump will Get the Blame Instead of the FED

Source: The Free Thought Project

If former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is correct, an Economic Doomsday is here. The second financial bubble is going to soon burst, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. That’s because, as Paul stated, the Federal Reserve has set up the American economy for financial collapse for printing trillions of dollars back in 2008 and 2009.

“The Federal Reserve’s policies of printing trillions of dollars back in ’08-09 have locked into place a serious financial crisis at some point in our future,” Paul stated. Going so far as to intimate the financial collapse will occur at least some time in the next two years Paul wrote, “It’s unavoidable, and even Donald Trump can’t stop it.”

Paul said Trump will be the patsy for the supposed impending financial ruin. Just like everyone blamed Obama for the financial collapse in 2009, this time, “Trump will unfairly get the blame,” the former Texas representative wrote. Paul bases his comments on reports he says he’s read which concludes that within the next 18-24 months, the collapse will happen.

The former congressman further explained he’s still holding out hope for Trump to make changes which can help to protect America’s future, but pointed out some of Trump’s staff has direct connections to Wall Street. He’s also concerned Trump’s war against radical Islam is a war Trump cannot win because it’s a war against an ideology, much like America’s failed attempt at defeating communism.

Paul believes Trump’s moving in the right direction to protect America’s interests by canceling America’s involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement with Asia. Paul also hopes Trump will pull American troops out of the at least 7 countries in which it is currently deployed and engaged in military conflict. “I say just come home,” Paul said when addressing having our military presence overseas. “Just get out of there and let the local people sort (the conflict) this out,” Paul said in response to how America should deal with hot spots like the Ukraine and Syria.

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Paul believes the former administration’s posturing and threatening of China was misguided and stated we’d be better of trading goods with China, and all of Asia, rather than trading threats. However, as te Free Thought Project pointed out, Trump is already carrying on this dangerous posture — and China is responding.

Paul warns there’s going to be an acceleration of black ops operations by the CIA and Special Forces missions such as the joint special operations command (JSOC) which, as The Free Thought Project has reported, answers directly to the President of the United States.

Paul, who has never supported Trump is concerned about Trump’s ego, wondering if he’s going to act on his impulses to go after the ideology of radical Islam. Paul reminded his viewers that the way to create more jihadists is to keep on provoking the moderate Muslims into becoming radicalized by reacting to U.S. military actions overseas — the exact same thing Trump is doing right now.

Paul praised President Obama’s actions to normalize relations with Cuba and he hopes that with all of the policy decisions the Trump administration is making, that Trump will maintain the policy Obama implemented with Cuba and continue to keep the negotiations open with our closest Southern Caribbean neighbor.

Paul noted that he thinks U.S. policy has created a “failed system” in the country. “All empires end and we’re the empire. It’s going to end and it’s going to be for economic reasons…we’re going to fail because we’re working within a failed system…this is a monetary problem…a spending problem…it’s going to be financial,” Paul emphatically claimed, once again stating the collapse of America is imminent. “We have something arriving worse than 2008, 2009, much worse…It was the fault of the Federal Reserve,” Paul said, adding, the Keynesian economic model contributed greatly to the first bubble burst. Paul said the left will blame Trump for it like the right did to Obama, but he says it’s bigger than the office of the president, and blames the federal reserve and the previous 17 years of governmental spending.

READ MORE:  Despite Global Economy Plummeting into Despair, Mega Banks Boast All-Time Record Profits If you think Ron Paul’s comments hold no water, think again. As the Free Thought Project reported last year, even the former chairmen of the Federal Reserve is predicting this crisis.

We are in very early days of a crisis which has got a way to go,” asserted Alan Greenspan to Bloomberg last year. “This is the worst period, I recall since I’ve been in public service. There’s nothing like it, including the crisis — remember October 19th, 1987, when the Dow went down by a record amount 23 percent? That I thought was the bottom of all potential problems. This has a corrosive effect that will not go away. I’d love to find something positive to say…..I don’t know how it’s going to resolve, but there’s going to be a crisis.”