How Did You Come To Be?

When I wrote this poem below my world literally was not what it seemed to be. Everything was constantly shifting back and forth; form had no place within the confines of the so called attribute we call “time” during the writing of this poem.

The roller coaster was in full swing and the shifting and temporal nature of existence was at the forefront. Everything was mixed together to form a living, breathing and sentient form of gray. White became gray, black became gray and all the various varieties of colors in between became the very foundation that my beingness proceeded to explore.

The night of the writing of this poem can be described as a self imposed momentous drama of transformation. The literal crossing of the threshold within the realm of spirit and mind. The words retain a sense of simplicity, but that is merely one facet of the Truth; because with all the other circumstances taken into account it becomes magic to the beholder. 

I will always behold this poem and many others in a sense of regard that can only truly be appreciated by oneself. Others may observe and take what they wish from it, but in the end something can only truly be appreciated by it’s creator. This poem isn’t just words written upon a screen or paper; This poem is a living breathing entity. I do hope this poem can be of a positive influence upon you; for I have charged it with the most positivity that I could muster during it’s writing. 

Be blessed everyone!

Timothy Frappier

How did you come to be?

I came out of the furnace of desire through the tempest of the mire.

Casting forth that which we couldn’t afford.

Toiling and boiling did the mystery be appointing.

Within and without that which cannot be held.

Determined to dig that which was claimed to be fucked.

Allurement to achieve was solidified by the doubt he perceived.


Intermingling given notice, but yet it was far from what was suspected.

For if one were to perceive it that way, it would not be how that thing was to behave.

In mistake(s) did the correct answer be baked.

In order to see that which we all want to be; we must be all that we know ourselves to be.


In the end, Unity is the key.

One cannot lead, because it is destined steer.

The ones meant to act are those waiting for the comeback.

Unaware of that which shifted everywhere.

For in its place did it mimic its stay.

In order to delay and hope the end would be released.

Shifting when needed; knowing the end was nigh.

Seeing the signs written within the halls of records.


That which the Light couldn’t perceive; was revealed by the one destined to be.

For the light was shone upon the plight and given was the sight to those whom refused to fight.

What it revealed was a deception too great to be unreal.

For within the confines of a single moment did so much change.

That it shook the foundations of all beings in existence by making them derange.


Happy to see what it was meant to be.

He proceeded to give best wishes to they who knew something must be done.

The forces of Light become triumphant in their endeavor.

Thanks be to one who brought that which was hidden into being.

So that focus could attend past the finite.

So that no more could be, the forgetting indeed.

All would change and the Light would be made.

Freedom reigns on high and the Truth is set free.

So that all can see the story of love o so supreme.


Timothy Frappier