QAnon Warns Patriots about False Expectations — The Storm Will Happen When It’s the Right Time

Source: Justin Deschamps

 QAnon recently posted a warning about false expectations, highlighting the fact that the storm will happen when the time is right, not when analysts claim or predictors say. This statement is actually quite refreshing, as there have been rumors for years of mass arrests, and as such, a steady stream of disappointment as dates come and go. But the good news is, never before have things looked so good for the reboot of civilization and the final end of the cabal.

by Justin Deschamps, April 10th, 2020

In a post made today, Q addressed the explosion of rumors and predictions being made about when the big move will finally take place.

This is the drop.


Patriots Making Date Predictions Are Harming the Movement and Arming the MSM



10 Apr 2020 – 12:42:54 PM

Patriots: be cautious in your interpretations of info posted. False expectations [& push] based on ‘speculation’ will only weaponize those who attack us [MSM].

Why does [MSM] expend resources [daily] attempting to discredit?

Do you provide the playbook to the enemy w: specific dates?

Logical thinking.

FISA INDICTMENTS = START (public_justice)📁

Future proves past [events unlock].

Think CEO departures.

Think FBI departures.

Think DOJ departures.

Think State departures.

Think WH departures.

Think DIA departures.

Think Pentagon departures.

Think Senate departures.

Think House departures.

Think Amb departures.

Think IG departures.

Think Judge install.

Think SC install.

Think WH install.

Think FBI install.

Think C_A install.

Think DOJ install.

Think US ATT install.


Game theory.

If you look you can see.


Q is spot on.

If you have been watching the MSM, they use a standard playbook. Find the worst and most irrational examples of Q followers, write articles about them, and make the entire movement seem like a bunch of crazy tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists.

I’ve been meaning to speak about this for a few weeks now. As a long time researcher into the idea of an alliance to stop the cabal, I’ve seen my fair share of false starts and bitter disappointment.


Back in 2011, we were hearing about mass arrests from a guy named Drake. And wouldn’t you know it, nothing happened.

Then it was all about 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar. And again, we were left wondering if it was all a hoax.

Well, now there’s Q.

Now there’s the Storm and veterans of the truth movement are a bit less open to yet another promise of change looming on the horizon.

I have regular discussions with other researchers, QAnons, and anti-Q people. And a good portion of them have what we might call hope-trauma. This is when you get your hopes up about something, you really invest your emotions and even reputation in it, and then nothing happens. For a lot of folks, the emotional fall out is so intense, they’ll be very leery to give another shot at hope a chance.

In this way, there are legions of doom-sayers out there that take a very pessimistic attitude toward any sign of good change, because, they don’t want to get disappointed again.

Frankly, who can blame them.

I’m not immune to this problem either. I’ve seen at least a dozen seemingly groundbreaking developments come about that didn’t end up having the big effect that was promised.

But I think the guide for whether or not something is true has to be logical and rational.

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Just because something sounds too good to be true doesn’t mean it’s fake. And in this regard, I see a lot of really smart people rejecting signs of good change using really bad irrational arguments and justifications.

Here’s one you might have heard before.

“Oh, mass arrests will never happen. They were talking about that years ago, and it didn’t happen then. So it won’t happen now.”

Yes, crying wolf, when there is no wolf, is damaging. But that guy who cried wolf might have just got his dates wrong. Maybe there is a wolf and we should be careful not to blow him off.

Here, the fact a prediction didn’t hold true is not proof or evidence that it might not happen in the future. This is not logical thinking, it’s emotional thinking. It’s the sacrifice of intellectual honesty for emotional comfort.

Now on the other end of the pole, we have the reverse. Folks who seem to take the smallest shred of evidence and spin it into a glorified proof that this or that will definitely happen.

The so-called 10 days of darkness is the latest Q prediction. Here, the claim was that on the first of April, the internet will go down for 10 days, the deep state actors will be arrested, and the emergency broadcast system will play 8-hour documentaries showing all the crimes of the cabal.

Book QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening

Well, here we are on the 10th, and no internet shutdown has taken place. And, wouldn’t you know it, swaths of Q followers are all bitter and disappointed.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a local Q’er, who said he and a lot of his Q friends are starting to think they’re being deceived. Why? Because the mass arrests haven’t happened yet.

OK. Let me be perfectly blunt here.

The cabal is a multi-generational global criminal network that has infiltrated almost every sector of society we can imagine.

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They are arguably the most well organized, protected, funded and technologically advanced network of criminals on earth, possibly that has ever existed. Do you really think that the takedown operation is going to be broadcast to the world with specific dates and times?

Do you think that maybe the Q team won’t post dates because it would blow the operation?

Do you think that maybe we’re are missing some of the facts and things are proceeding as fast as they can?

For me, I know for a fact that we have way more signs of change than we’ve ever had before.

The shear number of Q proofs that are solid and have never been debunked shows that there is definitely an alliance against the deep state. The coronavirus pandemic is creating a perfect environment for dismantling this criminal network. The Fed was just taken over by the Trump team. And dozens of other good signs are there to help us stay hopeful.

I think the objective and method of this operation is something we might need to review.

Book Revolution Q [Understanding the QAnon Operation to Takedown the Deep State]

In my understanding, the Q operation has the goal of restoring the rule of law and ending the criminality once and for all. At the same time, the operation has to clearly and unquestionably reveal to the public who the bad guys are and what they’ve been doing. 

If they arrested everyone tomorrow, and Trump told the world in an epic press conference, how many people would believe it?

I think the vast majority of people would assume Trump effected a coup and he was actually the criminal, not the cabal.

Why? Because the media has been polluting the minds of the people for so long, most people wouldn’t know real freedom if it smacked them in the face.

Most people are so hopelessly dependent on the cabal and their celebrity spokesman, most would assume Trump is actually the bad guy, and the Q team is just a military takeover force of its own.

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

Morpheus, The Matrix”

This means, arresting the bad guys isn’t the ultimate goal. It’s just one part of the puzzle. The real goal is to let the deep state reveal themselves in such glaring detail, no one can argue against what the truth is.

Book A User’s Guide to The Great Awakening: How citizens worldwide can help guide their societies to long-term peace and prosperity

Think of it like this.

Your working at a job with a boss who loves to grope women. These women want to get this jerk fired, but management has protected this guy for decades. If they go to H.R. and tell their story, they might be believed. But there’s a good chance they will be disbelieved. What would prove to management that this boss is the abuser the women know he is?

If these women hold an office party and invite the boss, they might be able to get him to grope one of them in front of upper management. And if they did, then it would be inarguable what this boss has been doing.

I propose this is precisely what is happening with the deep state takedown operation. 

I think a lot of the arrests and moves have already been made.

I think what we’re seeing now is theatre.

I think the alliance has cut the supply lines of the deep state, destroyed their best-laid plans, and is now letting them make fools of themselves in a very public way so that, in the end, everyone will see the evil first hand.

If I’m right, it won’t be Trump that tells the world. We’ll get to see it with our own eyes.

And once enough people finally start to accept the truth, then we’ll see the huge epic disclosures and all the evidence they’ve been gathering for years.

We’re in the middle of a huge operation.

We should be skeptical but not irrational.

And we should be careful not to push unproven ideas as proven facts, this way we don’t accidentally disappoint someone by crying wolf.

Much love,

 – Justin

The Great Awakening Just Went into a More Active Phase: Q Army Counter-Culture ACTIVATED | Q Drop: “Best documentary of the year.”


Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Justin Deschamps) QAnon and patriots the world over were just activated in a way that will make the next phase of the operation truly inspiring. How often do movements that are devoid of leaders, askes followers to think for themselves, and seeks to restore the true rule of law happen? In my view, what just happened yesterday signals a new phase of this operation.

by Justin Deschamps, April 12th, 2020

Q posted a series of drops yesterday from Anons across the world. Heretofore, Q only sparsely highlighted the work of citizens and patriots doing the Great Work of participating in the great awakening. But this exposé of the patriotic sentiment of unity from across the globe signals a new phase of the operation.

I believe, as I will argue below, the formation of a counter-culture is a big part of the operation. This needs to take place so that a social support system for awakening will make it easier for individuals to step off the slave plantation culture and value system pushed by the deep state-run mass media.

This is critically important to do as we have hardwired instincts that influence us to maintain social networks. Forming a Q army, so to speak, that is filled with Anons who value the principles of freedom and justice, which can then form social connections around common truths and values will create the very social support system we need to feel fellowship during the challenges ahead.

Q dropped a documentary that exposes the corruption within Hollywood, specifically the various intelligence agencies that were directed to manipulate the public mind via the media, and coverup sex crimes involving children. This is the kind of documentary you can share with friends and family to help them get wise to what’s happening.

I suspect that the current phase of the operation is all about making crimes of corrupt figures, organizations, and government glaringly apparent to the public. As part of this, their trusted celebrities and public figures need to be dethroned (think: the slaughtering of sacred cows).

Without this aspect of the operation, the unaware masses would misunderstand DECLAS and mass arrests once they take place. They would assume Trump is a dictator and took over the country for his own purposes. As such, positive propaganda is necessary.

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In my view, all of this is good and I think it means we’re very close to things going into a more active phase.

I believe that the operation is psychological and tactical. The arrest of the bad guys is only one part of this effort. The bigger aspect, one could argue, is the cleaning of the public mind, the removal of cabal values and slave think that makes a person love their enslavement. In this sense, our world is really enslaved by the masses who were deceived and act as pawns within society for the cabal—all while believing they are free. The way this self-imposed slavery system works is by manipulating a person’s value system through their herd instincts and neurology

Let’s talk about the mass media part of this self-imposed slavery system.

The cabal are ancient psychologists. They understand our nature far better than we do in mainstream psychology. They know we have animalistic instincts that influence the mind via herd circuitry in the brain.

It’s this herd part of us that seeks to keep our truths to ourselves to maintain our social status.

It’s this herd part of us that makes us subservient to a seemingly all-powerful deep state because we don’t want to get cast out of the ingroup.

The way they manipulate these herd instincts is through mass media.

There’s a part of your brain regulated by the dopaminergic and serotonergic system that is constantly assessing your social status and level of acceptance with others in your life. That part of you evaluates your behavior to see if the things you’re doing will maintain and increase your social status. When you feel like you’re risking social status, strong negative emotions are triggered to compel you to stay in the ingroup.

It takes an act of will to go against the group and assert a personal principle, which is a leadership quality of the spiritualizing mind. Underdeveloped minds are dominated by their animalistic herd instincts, making them susceptible to groupthink and mass media. Spiritualizing minds use discernment, logic, and bravery to go against the herd and express a higher value. In this way, I argue the Q operation is also designed to activate the spiritual urge for truth, justice, and prosperity.

Social status is important for humans because 1) we’re mammals and we need physical contact as a basic human need, 2) to thrive in life you need social resources and networks and 3) mental health is literally maintained and enhanced by healthy social attachments and relationships.

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Thus, the neurological systems in your brain that regulate these values are hardwired.

Mass media’s job, within the deep state propaganda system, is to exemplify social values that they want you to accept and internalize for the purpose of furthering the deep state agenda.

For instance, in Disney TV shows targeting young women, the popular girls are often characterized as bratty, dismissive, and unkind. This tells young girls that to be popular they must also act this way (e.g. Mean Girls). The herd part of us is also looking for high-status examples and models for us to follow. And so, the cabal devised a method of hijacking this part of our brain, using it to infuse their slave-values into the collective mind. Once done, we as people express these values in our personal lives, further reinforcing them via use.

The world we live in today is the product of years of mass media influence and manipulation.

And I argue, based on this point, and many others like it, the Q team is now going into a phase of creating a new culture with new values and new models that are in alignment with truth, justice, the rule of law, and true divinity.

Book Lebor Klann Glas: Volume I: 10,830 BCE to 365 CE [Secret History of Earth]

I also think this is why, on April 11th, 2020, Q posted dozens of Anons exclaiming their support of Q and their membership of the “Q army.” This is precisely the kind of move that needs to happen to create a counter-culture to undermine the value system of the slave programming pushed by the cabal.

As time goes on, this counter-culture will be reinforced and enhanced. Q will likely keep reinforcing moral values that are themselves the laws we as people need to understand to respect each other’s rights. In this way, a truth-centric and justice-aligned counter-culture will express superior examples of high social status that act as models for other people to be inspired by. In time, the more specific knowledge of law and justice will emerge. Thankfully, there’s already a wealth of information in this regard for us to learn and align ourselves with.

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Good things are indeed on the horizon. We’re in the middle of a global awakening in a much more tangible way than we’ve ever seen before.

– Justin

Did the Alliance Take Back Social Media? Censored Posts Are being Uncensored | The Storm

Source: Stillness In The Storm

by Justin Deschamps,

Social media censorship has been rampant for years. Since the 2016 election big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have shadowbanned or deleted pro-Trump posts, QAnon content, and natural health treatments. But due to recent developments, censorship is being lifted. In the past 24 hours, four different articles were uncensored that were damaging to the Deep State. In addition, QAnon searches have exploded on Google, and Pizzagate related conspiracy images are now able to be found on google images. What’s happening?

Stillness in the Storm has been sharing information for over 7 years on this site, revealing spiritual teachings, natural health treatments, cabal corruption, occult secrets, and an ocean of other topics that dismantle the false reality of the powers that be.

The control systems use propaganda and mass media to feed you lies that ultimately are designed to control your mind, your will, and your spirit.

I became aware of this insidious agenda after waking up in 2010 when I discovered Dr. Max Gerson’s suppressed cancer cure. Once I realized that the belief that cures do not exist was the conceptual block that was preventing people from grasping the life-saving power of the truth, I knew that the solution was to bravely speak the truth, with integrity and compassion.

Soon after the 2016 election, big tech censorship efforts ramped up considerably. Major altmedia sites and social media pages were taken down, some with over 10 million followers.

But since the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic, clues suggesting a shift has taken place began to surface. We reported on these shifts several days ago, and those articles were swiftly censored on Facebook.

Here are the posts that were censored:

Trump Pushes For The Biggest Emergency Economic Stimulus in History — Mass Arrests, NESARA, Financial Reset Initiated?

The Storm Is Here! On the 7th Birthday of Stillness in the Storm, Let’s Bring the Stillness

Before I say what that is, you need some context.

The content we post on this site has been censored for years. Usually, our posts are removed or censored without any notice at all. About a year ago, social media companies started giving notices that posts were being removed. This new policy allowed for people to contest the decision. And I would take the time to contest every censored post. Facebook never responded or removed censorship on a post.

All this changed earlier today when the five posts listed above were spontaneously uncensored. Here are the screenshots to prove it.

What the hell is going on?

Did you notice the date? March 17th…

Have you seen any of your posts uncensored recently? Let us know in the comments

But wait, the good news isn’t over.

Rachel Chandler is a fashion designer by trade, connected to the Pizzagate conspiracy. Like Ghislaine Maxwell, she’s a female child handler who is allegedly involved in child-sex trafficking.

Conspiracy researchers noticed that Google Images were being censored when searching for Chandler. Recently, it appears Google has lifted the censorship.

Check the search out for yourself. Here’s a screenshot.

All of these Pedogate connections were censored at one point, but now appear to be accessible.

I did a few other searches that I know from memory were censored. They also appear to be uncensored now.

This is Pizzagate.

James Alefantis Instagram was also a heavily censored search term which now appears to be uncensored.

What is happening?

To be clear, it’s hard to make a valid comparison as I can’t access the censored version of Google Images to know what showed up before. But going off memory, and others observing similar changes, there’s a compelling case to be made that some aspect of censorship with respect to Google Images has changed.

But wait, there’s more.

Jordan Sather is a health and conspiracy researcher who has become the punching bag of the deep state-controlled media. He and I have had discussions about the obvious censorship and smear campaigns.

Sather correctly reported that MMS can be used to treat pathogens, like coronavirus. At which point, the media falsely claimed he was telling people to drink bleach, which he never did.

Sather recently noticed that the searches for QAnon have exploded, as reported by Google Trends.

Jordan Sather@Jordan_Sather_

Holy trends Batman, look at that spike in searches right now!

Some sort of major shift has taken place.

View image on Twitter
1,770 people are talking about this

I went to trends myself to check if the results are that striking, and they are.

Look at the results yourself here.

So what’s going on?

Well, as many have been claiming, the coronavirus pandemic might just be an alliance takedown operation.

As we reported above in the article 4 Ways Coronavirus is Helping to Takedown the Deep State, globalist schemes and agendas are being thwarted.

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The fact that the coronavirus has almost shut down the entire planet, but is one of the least deadly pandemics in history leaves many wondering… is this a cover for something else?

In another article recently uncensored—Trump Pushes For The Biggest Emergency Economic Stimulus in History — Mass Arrests, NESARA, Financial Reset Initiated?—we talked about a man who claimed to have a conversation with a JP Morgan employee who said all of this is a cover for a global financial reset and mass arrest of deep state actors.

QAnon John🇺🇸🐸@QStorm1111

Coronavirus…It’s a cover up! Confirmed! Please Share!!

Embedded video

22.3K people are talking about this

And then there’s the recent statement made by the Irish Prime Minister who said: “This is the calm before the storm.”

The storm is a term used by QAnon referring to the time when the deep state takedown operation will go into an active phase. Is this the storm we’re seeing now?


Prepare for the Storm Anons



20 Feb 2020 – 8:59:58 PM


20 Feb 2020 – 8:53:44 PM


They fear an awake public. Each Q Proof proves our strength too. Thank you, Q and Q+!


You have come far, Anons (Patriots).

You are ready.

Prepare for the storm.



Remaining skeptical about all this seemingly positive news isn’t an unreasonable reaction. But denying the reality of what’s happening in favor of paranoid fears isn’t healthy either.

As a long time researcher and proponent of the restoration of the rule of law via calculated and strategic efforts, I’ll share that I have never seen so many evidence-based signs of good change.

Should we sit back and wait for the cavalry to arrive? No. There’s much work to be done.

Now more than ever we need balanced, rational, compassionate truth-sharers to spread this good news to help give hope to those who’ve lost it. And we need those who are willing to carefully discuss these recent developments with the unaware so that they can begin to see what’s happening. Such discussions need to be logical and fact-based, not emotionally charged with a cultish zealotism.

What signs have you seen that a shift is indeed taking place?

Let us know in the comments!

– Justin

The preceding is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely. 

About The Author

Justin Deschamps has been a truth seeker all his life, studying physics, psychology, law, philosophy, and spirituality, and working to weave these seemingly separate bodies of information into a holistic tapestry of ever expanding knowledge. Justin is a student of all and a teacher to some, sharing what he has discovered with those who are ready and willing to take responsibility for making the world a better place. The goal of his work is to help himself and others become better truth-seekers, and in doing so, form a community of holistically minded individuals capable of creating world healing projects for the benefit of all life—what has been called The Great Work. Check out his project Stillness in the Storm to find some of his work. Follow on Twitter @sitsshowFacebook Stillness in the Storm, and

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Stillness in the Storm Editor: Why did we post this?

The preceding information is an update from one of the many alternative media persons driven to help humanity by providing important information. Updates of this sort, as cursory as they are, help individuals feel connected to the greater works taking place at this time as well as providing a personal glimpse into the mind of a content creator. It also serves to humanize such individuals and reveal to the public that alternative media is largely populated by people that work long hours providing information usually for free or for little financial compensation.

– Justin

Ultimate Solutions: Why Psychology, Philosophy, and Law are the Keys to Ending Cabal Rule and a Golden Age

by Justin Deschamps

We live in a world where things are not what they seem. Most food is poison, education is mass indoctrination, politics is a corrupt beyond measure and the justice system breaks more lives than it restores.

You’re a legal slave.

The powers that be literally define the average person as a dead thing, a spiritually empty animal that is insane, incompetent and an enemy of the planet and most importantly, the elite. In this framework, you have no rights, you have no freedoms, you’re considered Chattel, animated dirt. The Vatican codified all this in a series of Papal Bulls beginning in 1302, claiming that all things are subject to the absolute authority of the Roman Pontiff. This lead to the Doctrine of Discovery, a collection of Ecclesiastical and Commercial documents that gave the right to conquest to other nations in the name of saving the souls therein from paganism and “ungodliness.” That insidious doctrine caused the destruction of native peoples all over the world (and continues to be used as a legal justification for modern day imperialism). The doctrine is still used today to deny Native Americans allodial title to their own land. This is just a taste of the corruption legal corruption. But don’t think for a moment that these legal activities are unimportant. Point of fact, if it wasn’t for the lawful/legal aspect of the slavery system, nothing else could take place.

What caused all this? Where did all this begin? What can we do to make things better?

It all starts with choice.

Buy Book Reality Unveiled: The Hidden Keys of Existence That Will Transform Your Life (and the World)

The solution to any problem always has to start with taking some kind of responsibility.

The first responsibility, gain awareness, educate yourself. The second responsibility, ask yourself what you can do, with your new found knowledge to improve the situation.

For myself, I asked a question:

What are the ultimate solutions to ALL these problems? Our world is being destroyed by deplorable business, industrial, and commercial practices. Chemicals are being sprayed from the sky in alarming numbers. Social media technology is destroying interpersonal relationships. Secret projects developed by DARPA and other unnamed organizations drain tax dollars to be used for developing advanced technology the people will never see or use. Again, just a taste of what’s wrong.

What’s the common thread? What umbrella solution can be developed to deal with everything?

Answering this question has been my focus for the past 6 years. I’ve studied the roots of what causes these problems, how programs are implemented at a lawful, legal, governmental and commercial level, and what solutions exist.

The answer comes down to 3 core areas as far as I can tell: Psychology, Law, and Philosophy.

Psychology is important because any solution always requires implementation in some social arena. A person who invents a machine to clean the worlds oceans can’t get it going unless they market or convince others of its value. In order to do that, they need to understand psychology, they need to learn how to persuade others particularly if they don’t already value taking care of the environment.

Buy Book Psychology (Comprehensive Book on Psychology and Science)

Law is important because it provides the rules for honorable conduct. Working within law ensures that you don’t hurt other people by making your solution a reality. But most importantly, with knowledge of law in hand, you can assert your rights to be a custodian of the earth and it’s people—a true sovereign—and if done properly, this will take the government’s right away to stop or enslave us. Ultimately, the entire control system rests on a lawful foundation. When we learn to claim our rights and develop a lawful/legal structure to protect them, we deny the powers that be the spiritual and consciousness energy they need. Law is, in this sense, the ultimate solution, along with being the master blueprint for creating a golden age society. That said, it’s restoring the true rule of law that is the key (we live in a color of law system, false law).

Buy Book The Kybalion [Hermetic Philosophy and Natural Law Principles]

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Philosophy is important because it’s the science of understanding. How do you know for sure your solution works? Because you can interpret the data properly. Interpretation, meaning analysis, is the gateway for all knowledge. Thus, with an active and mastered philosophy in hand, you essentially become lie/disinfo proof. You discern with greater and greater skill, and know reality at an intrinsic personal level, instead of resting on blind faith and belief. Without philosophy you can’t know for sure if something is really beneficial or not, you might resort to feelings alone. But emotions can’t be transmitted to others. Philosophy is needed to work with others, to form honorable contracts, because we need to get on the same page about what we’re working toward. Hence in communication, one must properly interpret what is said by another, a philosophic skill. And it’s the agency of philosophy that allows us to make contact with spiritual realities.

Buy Book How Do We Know?: An Introduction to Epistemology

That was just a very brief overview of what I would argue are the three most important bodies of knowledge to help free the planet and keep it that way.

I gave a talk this year at Contact in the Desert entitled: Blueprint for a Better World Through Understanding ET Contact and Culture, linked below. I strongly suggest you take the time to review it as I go into much greater detail about why these subjects are so important, drawing upon ET cultures in support.

How do we work together? How do we ensure all our unique skill sets and passions can weave a tapestry of real and lasting change toward the light? I’ll give you a hint. Psychology allows to know ourselves, so we can better work with others. Law allows us to ensure we don’t harm others through our actions, while at the same time, providing a guide for perfect social interaction and cooperation. Philosophy is the ultimate tool for meaning interpretation, used constantly in social situations as we interpret what people say.

Social harmony and abundance are a natural byproducts of any group of individuals that is proficient in these three areas.

With love in hand, all obstacles can be overcome. With dedication to truth by our side, all challenges can be met. With wisdom and cooperation as our guide, all things that are possible will be made manifest.

Much love

– Justin

David Wilcock: The Antarctic Atlantis – History of the Illuminati — CLE 2017 Notes: Part 2

Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Part two of the CLE note series covers David Wilcock’s Saturday talk from the Consciousness Life Expo event, entitled: The Antarctic Atlantis – History of the Illuminati.

 This is the the second of a four-part series of notes from the 2017 CLE event. Part one can be found here.

I originally requested that note takers only gather key information in note form. However, in this case, the note taker took it upon themselves to make an almost complete transcript of the talk. 

David Wilcock implied in a comment on Benjamin Fulford’s newsletter that he intends on releasing videos of his talks at some point in the future. 

Notes provided by Dani.

For a more complete overview of the Secret Space Program and Sphere Being Alliance, see the following.

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For recent updates by David Wilcock go to Additionally, much of the information presented during the CLE event is also rendered in two series, Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings.

You can purchase the livestream videos of this event here:

For commentary related to the information presented by Goode and Wilcock, see the Cosmic Disclosure Summary and Analyses series.

– Justin


Conscious Life Expo 2017
David Wilcock, “The Antarctic Atlantis – History of the Illuminati”
Saturday, February 11th, 2017

The Pizzagate stuff is not just something that is on the internet. It’s being talked about by millennials who don’t know any better. It is actually very real.

An FBI insider says we now have absolute confirmation from four different sources on the inside that 47 top-level Washington, D.C. pedophile prosecutions are going on to be filed next week.

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David Seaman who worked for The Huffington Post and published a very popular video from InfoWarson Huffington Post says he was fired from Huffington Post due to his questioning of Hillary Clinton’s health and they deleted every article he had ever written just for publishing this thing on Hillary.

A high level insider says that Smithson, the guy that founded the Smithsonian Institution, was a high level Illuminati Member, 33rd Degree Mason. Smithson and his organization were going around grabbing skeletons and in the beginning they were taking these skeletons and dumping them out into the ocean because they didn’t want anything to ever be found. They were not necessarily storing them. They realized they need to hold on to this stuff because this is their heritage.

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One of the titles I’ve been tossing around for The Endgame Part 3 article is “Illuminati Beginnings and Endings,” because if you have spent any time looking into Pizzagate you know that it’s not just about disgusting sexual practices, it’s about a cult that does this because they have weird occult ceremonies in which they think that Lucifer is the good guy. They think that because the god of the Bible created Noah’s Flood to cleanse the earth of whoever was here before and create what they call, “The Adam,” which is us. We are the Adam. We are a race, genetically created and seeded here and we were given dominion of the earth.

My insider Bruce told me “it doesn’t matter whether you believe it’s true or not. This is what they believe and it is as serious as a heart attack.”

When Corey Goode came into my life in October, 2014, that is when I started to get all these briefings. It was soon followed early in 2015, after he revealed all this stuff about The Secret Space Program to me. The Military Industrial Complex has 100 mining colonies throughout our Solar System and many others, and they are working with over 900 different types of Aliens. We have these beings show up and we don’t really know who they are. They show up only for the first time after they used Corey as their messenger. Corey had just come forward with his real name as a result of circumstances outside of his control. They immediately sound like the Law of One material. They have the birdlike appearance. Ra in the Law of Onesaid that the hawk is their totem; it’s their symbol. The first question that was asked by the Secret Society Space Program Alliance—the people now trying to declassify all this amazing high technology.

William Henry said here in Egypt they have AvianHeaded Humanoids that are blue. Like Horus. Some of them still have paint on it where it is still blue.

These beings are nothing new and we didn’t know this. We put this intel out without realizing that Horus was blue. We put this intel out without realizing that Japan had Tengu Birdmen of the Mountains that are Blue Avian Humanoids. There is a Tengu Birdmen statue in Japan.

Image Source. Tengu Birdmen figure in Japan.
Image Source. Tengu Birdmen figure in Japan.

It appears that these beings, from time to time, will contact groups that are receptive to their message, and will actually get that message across to us in ways that are very provocative because they showed up in these huge Spheres.

Isaac Asimov is a notable science fiction writer and co-author of “Looking into the Future.” There is an article with a picture commissioned by an artist depicting a base inside an asteroid with these weird dark-like stealth crafts going in and out of them.

The book was originally written in 1978. Something led these guys to postulate there might be asteroids with civilizations inside of them. Apparently we have people on the inside who are aware that stuff like this is already in our solar system with habitation inside. You fly through the crust because the ships can dematerialize. There is a whole civilization there with people and water. Most of the moons we now know have liquid water inside of them. Asimov and Arthur C. Clark are getting these little dribs and drabs of information and they leak it through fiction.

The focus of this talk will be Antarctica. We can see how beautiful it would be to travel down there. It’s not as cold as they lead you to believe. You’re not dying when you are down there. If you go during the right time, the right season, you’ll get these gorgeous sunsets. They found a yacht that was found underneath the surface of the ocean in Antarctica, and to me this kind of sets the stage for the ancient architecture and the things that we might see once we get down there.

Image Source.

Why Antarctica? Because Antarctica is where the founding fathers of the people calling themselves the Illuminati supposedly crash landed when they came to earth and became what the Bible calls, “The Fallen Angels.”  That is a very important point.

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They believe that the Fallen Angels are real, but that is because the god of the Bible wiped out their people in Noah’s flood, that that god must be evil because this Adam, which is us, they call us, “The Adam,” they think the Adam is wicked. And they think that they, with all their ancient knowledge and high technology that they crash landed here with, that they are the good guys. So they actually believe that they deserve to rule the earth, and that we are not worthy. When I explained that bit to our Huffington PostJournalist David Seaman, that’s when he got it. That’s why these people are so sadistic that stuff like Pizzagate are actually happening. They see us as an invasion even though they invaded us. They believe that they have a right to the earth, that they belong here and that we are the insufferable fools who shouldn’t be here.

It All Traces Back to Mars

Nasa has now openly announced that – Mars once had an ocean across half of its surface. It was a mile and a half deep. Liquid ocean, that is public record. Nobody is disputing that.

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David says – It becomes really silly to think that you wouldn’t have vegetation and even life because we know that there are microorganisms all over the solar system because we keep finding them in comets.

So, why wouldn’t Mars have had any life? In fact, it appears, as I have said in other talks, biological life is written into the background of quantum physics itself. Quantum physics is not some algebraic gobbledy gook with letters and numbers and slash lines that you don’t understand. It’s actually a matrix that creates consciousness and life. We’ve gotten conditioned to think that science is this imponderable thing that we can’t really understand, but it’s really simple. The universe is alive. The universe is an organism. It’s a live being. It’s a living, conscious being, and biological life is a feature that exists everywhere.

It’s everywhere and one of the statistics that I gave on one of the panels today was from Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, where they studied the dust in a line of site between our planet and the center of the galaxy. They looked at that dust. And that dust had some very strange characteristics; I had said it a little bit wrong on the panel. They can tell this by the way it reflects light; it appears to be made of particles that are 70% hollow on the inside. And these poor guys spend years to figure out what the heck could possibly be creating particles that are always 70% hollow on the inside. And they ran out of ideas. Eventually somebody got the idea, let’s take a look at bacteria and then let’s freeze-dry the bacteria. Sure enough when you freeze bacteria the water leaves its body; it becomes 70% hollow on the inside. Just like the dust we actually see all throughout our galaxy. And that was only one of a series of data points where the actual light reflected off of the dust is freeze-dried bacteria.

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Where is all this bacteria come from? It’s coming off the solar wind, and it’s coming off the surface of stars. It’s their exhaust. That means stars are life factories. That means they are chunking out biological organisms all the time. Remember, 99% of all the dust that we’re ever going to see has the characteristics of bacteria. That is all there is—is life. And so they have proven this. It’s only a matter of time before science accepts this because there is no other explanation. It has to be, and this is the guy that invented the DNA molecule, figured out that it was DNA and how it works. I think he knows what he is talking about.

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So, when you are faced with that kind of evidence, that stars are literally busting out life, and we also know that they are releasing lots of H2O, hydrogen, oxygen, combining to make water, as I said in the new book, all the different moons and planets in our solar system are finding tons of liquid water. It’s everywhere.

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Moons might look like they are dry, but they are actually covered with water ice, and then dust. And you go below the surface and in a lot of cases it actually becomes liquid water inside these moons.

So let’s think for a minute, about that space station that I just showed you. If you’ve got liquid water running around inside a moon, couldn’t you drill down to right before the water table? Hollow out a cavity in there and then tap the water table like a well, and pump it up? And have plenty of water for everybody to drink. And thus, you could have hundreds of millions, if not billions of people living inside a moon, and never have to come to the surface. The water is already there. And we are only being told this stuff by NASA now, which all of a sudden makes sense. You could actually have a lot of people live inside a moon.

If the sun is giving of all this bacteria, and they tell us that Mars was covered with water, then it is almost impossible that Mars wouldn’t have had life on it. Maybe that is also complex life. So the story is, that there was a human civilization on Mars. And we are to some degree or another related to them. Indirectly related to them.

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Richard C. Hoagland, author of “The Monuments of Mars– gave a presentation to the United Nations about that object, this face, which is a mile wide, definitely appears to be a humanoid-looking head, except that the jaw area is punched out in the face a little bit more than in ours. Then you have this weird thing where there is this city of pyramids right next door. Although they are not that obvious, you can see the top one clearly has a right-angle turn in it. The one to the left of that very clearly looks like the Giza Pyramid in Egypt. From a top down view you can see that plain as day. There are some other bumps here that don’t necessarily convince anybody but those two in particular are stunning and then you’ve got the face, and then he’s got this arrow showing in fact that those pyramids are positioned so that the sunrise comes right in front of the face in the morning.

This was a ceremonial site on a planet. This whole area, you notice how flat is around those pyramids, and if you look very carefully, along the banks of where the pyramids are, you see there is a little bit of an island. This was all ocean. The face was out in the ocean then there was all this water there. Now let’s look at it from the side view, you see the face up at the top right, the pyramids down on the left and then on the bottom right you see something else that very much looks like a pyramid, poking up out of the Ocean Front there.

Because this was all ocean – We see something that is so jaw-droppingly artificial. Good luck explaining this away as a trick of light and shadow as the skeptics try to do. We’ve got something here that is totally amazing, and one of the things I didn’t say last night was that I wanted to say, and I forgot, other than the fact that you look at the five sides, it’s not actually a pentagon, it’s in the shape of a human being with his arms and legs out, like the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Image Source. Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci
Image Source. Virtuvian Man overlaid on the five-sided pyramid.

You also can see if you look at the left-hand side, there is a hole. That is apparently where a missile attack went in, then you see how there is this line that goes up from it. That’s all the molten liquid material because the bomb, whatever this thing was, was so intense it melted and flowed out in a run.

Then you look down below the guys two legs, if you want to think of it like legs, and you notice there’s a triangle going down. That triangle is right on the Ocean Front. And that is an area where potentially hundreds of thousands of people could be walking and looking out at the view. It’s a nice big wide deck for observational view that people could walk out on.

Hoagland says – he has estimated that he calls this the “potential archeology,” and says you could have had potentially hundreds of millions of people living just inside [the five-sided pyramid]. And sure enough, the intel that we get says that this “Society” was very strictly hierarchical. A lot of people on this planet were living in dire poverty and real starvation and pain. Then you had the elite. The elite lived in that, and a few other things, and a lot of it was also underground. Only the wealthiest people lived in this. This was apparently originally all crystal and you could see out of it. So obviously the people with the windows were the most sophisticated. The most wealthy. Hoagland was also saying that there are all these strange alignments between the objects on the surface.

Authorized Disclosure from the Government

Insider Bruce gave me what he called an “Authorized Disclosure from the Government” saying that they wanted this information to get out to the public, and now is the time.

The information was that the people who lived on that original planet, which wasn’t just Mars, it was also aSuper Earth that was much bigger than our own earth, that blew up and turned into asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. That was a planet; that’s what all those rocks are. He said these people were originally 70 feet tall; so if you could imagine what would happen if we saw little elves or gnomes or sprites, pixies, that’s what we would be like to these people. If you’re on a big planet and that’s the size of your body, you don’t think it’s anything strange. That’s just who you are.

Insider Bruce ended up telling me in the Authorized Disclosure, that there is junk all over the place. It’s all made out of this very advanced crystalline material that they’ve analyzed and it’s actually aluminum that is transparent. And you’ve got these big rooms that are tumbling end over end in space and the asteroid belt and in Saturn’s rings and in all kinds of places that are rooms built for people 70 feet tall to live in. They are still there right now. As soon as you get into these crafts and you go into the solar system, you find them everywhere! And that is what the Cabal, the Illuminati, call their Progenitor Race. They believe they are the descendants of these people.

Progenitors (right), humans (left).

The rings of Saturn have all of this debris in them. Bruce’s idea was that there was a ring that they were developing around the planet that got blown up and Gonzales, which is Corey’s guy said, “No, it’s not that it was a ring,” and I need to correct that for the record. He said that it was actually the result of other pieces of architecture that got blown up in this big disaster.

Super Earth

The planet was destroyed and the way that it was destroyed according to all the different intel that we have now, is that there were certain moons in our solar system that were very ancient that had enormous weapons capabilities built into them. The people who were here that were called the Ancient Builder Race, that were here a really long time ago, over 2 billion years ago, was what they dated it to be. Those are the people that built all this stuff originally, moons and crystal obelisks and crystal pyramids and then they were emulated by the Progenitors.

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The Progenitors copied that technology and did more of it because they thought these people were their gods. So the original stuff had these moons with huge cities inside of them, all the water you could ever need to drink and a gigantic weapons capability that can literally blow up a planet. That is how powerful it is because some of the invasions of other alien races are literally going to be planet-sized craft that you need to blow out of the sky.

It’s like in every Star Wars movie it has the Death Star including the new Rogue One. Death Star, Planet Killer: “The death of a million souls, I just felt it.”

According to Pete Peterson and other Insiders – the records of these catastrophes have been preserved and they are still in the Vatican Library. They have books that go back to before this planet was destroyed that are here on earth now. These rocks are all over the place between Mars and Jupiter, and one of the things most people don’t know is that there are also two more big areas of asteroids called the Trojans, which just so happened to be in this very curious triangular tetrahedral relationship to Jupiter. That is the result of sacred geometric energetic forces so you see how there is [are] two strips of asteroids in the largest circle there, and that you could put a third one over on the other side. Nobody has been able to explain with conventional physics why these asteroids are gravitationally captured in a triangular relationship.

When this thing blew up, this planet blew up, the debris struck the other planets and caused tremendous damage throughout our entire solar system. This civilization of Progenitors, they had settlements on moons and planets all over our solar system including some stuff on earth. And when this thing blew up, the only real aspect of their civilization that survived was on the Moon—[our Moon].

Earth’s Moon was “Parked”

Originally, Bruce was telling me that the Moon had orbited around the Super Earth, but he has since said there is new intel that has changed that because you have whole teams of scientists working on the inside of the real Space Program.

The new conclusion is that the Moon was parked around the Earth after the destruction of the dinosaurs, and they now believe that the destruction of the dinosaurs was deliberately done because the earth was going to create intelligent reptilian life that would have been very nasty.

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So by putting the Moon around the Earth you take it from being a desert planet that makes reptilian humanoids, to creating seasons and a lot more water and a lot more rainfall, which creates more of a mammalian type of human thing to form. There is going to be oceanic planets where there is hardly any crust and then you get these amphibious life forms. So all of the different types of creatures that we see on earth now in our animal and bird and fish kingdoms, any one of those types of beings could become human depending on the planet. It all kind of starts the same way but then depending on the conditions, and what succeeds, you get a humanoid-looking being of different types, including avian type of humanoids. That’s an important point. But around here in our little neck of the woods, everybody tends to be human so they apparently wipe out the potential or maybe an existing reptilian race on earth that was starting to form, that was some of the intel tells us that they actually did become intelligent, and even though they still look basically like lizards, they were wiped out and the moon was placed around our earth.

Raptor from inner-Earth. Art by Vashta

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Well here’s the weird thing. This is now. We are getting into 62-65 million years ago.

The moon was this incredible piece of technology that has—and I have heard this from more than one insider, including Bill Tomkins—10 thousand floors worth of rooms inside, all the way around. Now it depends on what part of the moon you are looking at. Some areas have more floors than others, and it has to do with how much raw material there is that they can make technology out of—that they can do through mining.

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They have these little intelligent nanites that just build as much as they can whenever they find the material. So [our] Moon was what they called a “used car.” And it’s tongue and cheek, but it’s true. Our Moon was a super-advanced technology cloaked as a regular object that can transport an entire planet worth of beings, of life and plants and bacteria and fish. There is [are] some of these 10 thousand floors that are all ocean water, with all kinds of ocean creatures in them. You got mammals, you got chimpanzees and whatever else like that. It gets dropped off from that moon, it’s like a Noah’s Ark. Then it gets seeded on earth.

The Moon was broken down so this was the last time that it could be used. It was on its last voyage. It probably had been used for hundreds of millions of years and the propulsion system was kind of worn down, it was really on its last legs. So they parked it around the earth and that’s where it now stays, but after it dropped off all the seeds to make us. That’s when apparently we were seeded. That is the conclusion now in the research. So this gets really strange because the people who survived this catastrophe, there was only a very small number of them and they survived by having been living inside the Moon, in these 10 thousand floors. The problem is, as I have said before in my other talks is, that the Moon was so badly battered with debris, even though it’s over by the earth, asteroids hit it so badly that all the people inside where dying and the gases where so bad they couldn’t clean it up; it was a horrible mess.

The only option they had was to use the technology available and retreat to the surface. This is where they start to build, again emulating their Ancient Builder Race gods, they build domes, pyramids, obelisks out of this transparent aluminum crystal. Now they can pressurize it and see the stars, and see the sun and have sunlight, but still have breathable air and mine the water from the Moon; it’s already there, and be able to live on the surface, but they couldn’t go back inside because it was a death trap.

So we now have the scientific proof of this asteroid belt [super-Earth] blowing up, with Dr. Tom Van Flandern, who created the Exploded Planet Hypothesis. He is no longer with us. But Richard C. Hoagland was all big into his research, and he comes out with multiple points proving that in fact the asteroids started as a planet. The comets are actually the frozen oceans that got shot off into space and got frozen in what they now call dirty snow balls that have organic material in them because they were the ocean.

Insider Bruce told me there was a classified program called, “Brilliant Pebbles,” where they analyzed all the asteroids—classified level now—much more advanced than what Von Flandern did, and concluded that it was once a planet. “Here is the mantel, here is the crust, here is the core,” and they traced everything back.

When I spoke to Corey, one of the things that I said was, “do you know anything about “Brilliant Pebbles?” He goes, “Oh my god, how did you know that?” Then he proceeds to tell me what I already knew. I had never put that online. That’s one of so many examples of things that Corey already knew that nobody else had said.

So then as I am putting this talk together, I am thinking about that Arthur C. Clarke film, 2010, what happens at the end of 2010? Jupiter, after this weird alignment, which has to do with a special event, blows up. One of the ships dies but the other one survives and they escape the explosion, to be hurtled back toward earth. Doesn’t this sound familiar? It is the history of the Pre-Adamites. It’s the history of the Illuminati fleeing an explosion around Jupiter—which we see at the end of this movie, where Jupiter gets consumed. This is all shots from the movie; the ship gets sent back to earth, Jupiter explodes and becomes a second sun and it’s got to be a coincidence, that if you read the book 2010, Arthur C. Clarke says, “Oh, we had to name the new star Lucifer.”

February 26th, 2015: Artificial Structure on Ceres

Most of this stuff that I just told you, Corey didn’t tell me. I heard it from Bruce and other insiders. Corey got tortured [in early 2015], because they thought he told me this, and some of this stuff that I was leaking he’d never been on a need-to-know basis about it; he didn’t even know it. But they knew that it was right and that’s why he got tortured.

One of the things that they were so mad about was that I spoiled the surprise of things that they were going to leak to us on their schedule. I was talking about weird ruins out there in the solar system. So we spoiled the surprise, and sure enough, I did this talk, same weekend that we usually do it right before Valentine’s Day.

Corey gets tortured and he said, we spoiled the surprise they were about to come out with stuff that was going to give this same information that you’ve told us but in little dribs and drabs. Less than two weeks later, they announce this very strange artificial glowing structure on Ceres, which is a planet, almost a planet-sized object in the asteroid belt. So there is the Earth on the left, the blue one, and there is Ceres on the right. It’s pretty large. February 26th, less than two weeks after I was on this stage saying stuff that got Corey tortured: “NASA Sees ‘Bright Spots’ on Dwarf Planet in Our Solar System.”

Image Source.
Image Source.

And NASA makes all these leading statements about how no matter which way the moon turns, they are always bright. So what do I think this is? I think you are looking at the rooftop of an underground civilization that has light and that is the ceiling which emits light, probably from some kind of crystal material, that’s why no matter which way it turns it’s always glowing. It’s just that the dust blew off and they didn’t bother to clean it. They didn’t cover it up. That is probably a very thriving active civilization that is still there now, because [there are] all kinds of extra-terrestrial colonies in our solar system, not just human, we have way more population in our solar system than we realize.

Inside these moons, and this is a Hubble space telescope image showing the bright spot before they could really get the sharpness that they just gave us in 2015, and sure enough no matter which way it turns it’s always bright. Just like we would expect with one of those underground bases.

Linda Moulton Howe pointed out: “Isn’t it weird that immediately right to these bright spots is a hexagon?”  That geometry shouldn’t be there. It suggests the presence of an artificial structure. Something that was built.

March 6th, 2016: Mars Once Had Huge Oceans

A week and a half later they announce that Mars was covered with liquid water. Oceans that go a mile and a half deep. And again, Corey got tortured because I spoiled the surprise. This was a huge announcement and yet the media just kind of plops it out there once, and then nobody talks about it.

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Forget that you ever saw this. No, what we are going to do, is we are going to put the pieces together and we make an investigation, “The Lost Ocean of Mars.” This was totally real.

And then they announce that they were going to orbit Ceres the moon (Mar. 6th: Ceres to be Orbited), with a satellite, called “Dawn,” from NASA. If they had needed to, they could have done Ancient Builder Race Disclosure with this probe.

They had it in place, because they always have multiple backup plans. If this one doesn’t work we will do this one; if that one doesn’t work then we will do that one. So this was one of the backup plans if they needed to do Disclosure, which means if something like Pizzagate had happened back in 2015, and they need something right now to throw off everybody and have a distraction bigger than 911, that would do it. You say that that glowing thing is actually the roof of some kind of civilization under the surface of the Ceres moon, you think that would distract people? Absolutely.

The year before Nature’s “Moon’s Largest Plain is not an Impact Crater”, on Oct 1 2014, scientific journals revealed that the moon has a gigantic square on it, which is not at all what you’d expect to see if it was natural; this is very strongly suggesting artificial.

Image Source.

So if you look at the right, you see the shape of the square and that blue line around the moon. And if you look at the left you see that all you have to do is look at the surface of the moon and tilt it a little bit down from where we normally see it, and they’d never done this before. They obviously saw this with Apollo. But they don’t show us that there is a square there until 2014— many years after Apollo. They knew this was there, but what are they doing? They are preparing us for this huge announcement, that the moon is a big giant spaceship, because this doesn’t just happen. It shouldn’t be there.

Strikingly geometric shapes hidden on the Moon’s surface, and here you see red lines outlining where the square is from the angle that we normally see the Moon at. And there it is tilted and you can really see the square. So now what’s happening is, there is this skin on the surface of the Moon. It’s not that thick before all these rooms that are down there, but then there is a geometric wire frame structure if you will, of rebar that is holding the thing together, and it’s a cube. So as asteroids hit the Moon it bounces off the skin on the surface, which is hollow, remember all these astronauts they hit the Moon with things and it rings like a bell because it’s hollow? The surface is hollow and as it moves you get the image of the underlying geometric structure that holds it together becomes visible. They only allowed us to see this, two months after I got my authorized US government disclosure from the Alliance.

Geometric Pattern of the PKT Border Structures, with a Comparison to the Enceladus SPT

The very next day after they announce this [square on the Moon], they are comparing it to another square that is seen around the moon of Saturn on the bottom of the pole called, “Enceladus.”

Image Source. Enceladus “square.”

The south pole of Enceladus has this square on it. These two images that you see on the left are the square on the moon, and then the one on the right is another square geometry. I am saying to you that that is a city on the bottom of Saturn’s moon.

And then here is yet another one, one of the words they used for this they call it the, “Procellarum Rifts,” named for the square formation.

Square Craters

Then we also see this, and I went through this in the book that there is this weird asteroid that’s been orbiting through the asteroid belt and around Jupiter and Mars called, “Eros 433,” has what NASA is openly calling square craters from 2000.

Image Source. Eros 433 square craters.

Now does that look like something that would just naturally have happened? No, it fits exactly with what we are seeing right here on the Moon. Square craters mean that somebody dug out a square room and it gets hit by asteroids and then the roof falls in.

Images from the Moon

When the Russians flew over the Moon back in 1965, it took a series of images and one of the images they took had this little guy down in the bottom right.

On the bottom right there is actually a dome there that is about a mile or a half or maybe more above the surface of the Moon. And you can see that it looks transparent, and it looks like a pyramid, a flat topped pyramid. And then the skeptics say, “Oh it was just a camera mistake.” No, just a few rotations later, a few seconds later, a few minutes, it takes another picture. There is this tower that shows up along the right-hand side. This tower is miles above the surface; it is there right now.

Now that could be some of the stuff the Progenitors built, or it could be something a lot more recent; we don’t really know. But the point is, don’t try to tell me in light of all the other evidence I’ve been giving you that this thing is just a camera mistake right after the other camera mistake that also happens to look like a pyramid where as this one kind of looks like an obelisk.

You are seeing something real, so then we got 4822. This frame where you order it and it’s black. But Hoagland keeps ordering it again and again based on an anonymous tip, probably from the same insider, Bruce. They keep ordering it and ultimately this shows up.

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Now NASA did release this picture but they crop off some of the parts on the right. And so we looked at this area here and we said, isn’t that strange, because it looks like there is some square craters down here. And there is a square crater up there, and it looks kind of like there might be some pyramids there. Then over on the right hand side, in the dark area, if you zoom in on this image and you really get in there you can zoom right in and sure enough here is this thing on the surface of the Moon. Don’t even try to tell me that is natural. Oh that is just a bunch of boulders. No, no, no, this is a base.

That was hidden away in a secret file that NASA kept under this code name “4822,” so that the archivist would know not to give the right picture to anybody who isn’t on the inside. After 20-30 years, it gets forgotten about, the archivist loses their job, the new person wasn`t trained on this. You ask for 4822 enough times and you suddenly get this.

Image Source.

Then we also have this guy Ken Johnston, a NASA Engineer who was ordered to destroy original prints from the Apollo missions, and here he was speaking at Hoagland’s press conference that was filmed by Russian television, that the American Press didn’t do anything with it, even though it was right in the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. What he saw was that the official NASA photo of this particular area was still framed 4822, same area that we were looking at that had that weird square crater and that weird base that you just saw—also has this, the official version here on the left, you don’t see a dome on that little white outcropping; but then on the right where the arrow is pointing, in the real version from Ken Johnston before it was airbrushed, you see this bullet-shaped dome, sitting on the surface, and that is probably one of the ruins from the original Pre-Adamite civilization, where after their planet blew up.

We now know from all the research it happened 500 thousand years ago. Half a million years ago, that is when the cataclysm occurred, that is when the planet blew up. They survived by migrating to the surface of the Moon and building these structures, which is not sci-fi folks, this is data that you can check for yourself—data that has been certified by people with PhDs and scientific backgrounds.

This stuff is real and it’s the ruins of these Pre-Ademites who ended up ultimately crashing to earth. Then we have these gigantic weird glass ruins, now the normal NASA photo up on the top left you don’t really see anything, but then all you got to do is do a little bit of curves in Photoshop, a very simple image adjustment, and look at the bottom right in particular—you can very clearly see the glass and it is just gigantic. We are talking about something that is enormous in size; you can actually even see the reflections off the glass inside on the bottom right. And this was an image on a paper that Hoagland and I co-authored when he did his Russian Press Club thing in 2007.

What appears to be a dome-like structure in the distance can be seen as filters are applied to the image, top left to bottom right.

That is such stunning evidence of glass above the surface, what else could you explain this with? I mean please, somebody try to come up with something because you got to not only look at each one, the skeptics will try to drill in on one and say well it’s just you know, duh, duh, duh, but then when you have like 50 of these things, when the Moon is a big square, when you’ve got a dome sitting on the surface, and then as the Moon rotates you get a pyramid and then you get an obelisk and they are huge. You think all this is a coincidence? Of course not. Then we got this one where the sun was kind of setting over the edge of the Moon and it catches the glint off of these shattered glass ruins, and you can actually see the shards poking up off the surface of the Moon, all you got to do is enhance the image a little bit.

Hoagland found a crashed ship on the surface of AS-15-P-9625 and 9630, and this is very compelling because when you take these two images, as you see there is this hole in there, and that hole is probably made by the ship when it was shot and the ship crashed into the surface of the Moon, because we know there was a terrible war.

Composite Image.

This is very likely an escape ship they were trying to get away from the Moon when they were shot down. You take these two images and you use certain image adjustment software and you create what you call a “composite image.”   When you do that, check out how perfect the ship looks. That is a normal process that you use to enhance something like a picture of the Bahamas if you took it from a high altitude.

You take two images, you composite them, it becomes sharper; this is normal it is nothing bad. People do this all the time. You composite those two images and now you get this really nice sharp thing and that does not at all look natural; that looks like a crashed craft on the surface of the Moon.

This was when they were trying to escape, and a lot of them got shot down because they were in a war. Then another one that showed up in 1968 of Blair Cuspid’s, from some of their early photographs. NASA has distorted the original images. This is the only one that actually survived that censorship, and it was from Ivan T. Sanderson’s, Argosy magazine.

There is a big obelisk up there at the top and it becomes much clearer in this image. Now that, if you look at that shadow, just look at the top right one, look at how long the shadow is and look at the fact that at the bottom it comes up to a triangular tip—exactly like what you would see the shadow from an obelisk looking like.

Then you see other smaller obelisks including three that just so happen to be in a pattern called an “Abaca,” which is the same geometry of the three pyramids of Giza. Maybe the pyramids of Giza were built to emulate this, or maybe they were both built to emulate, as Robert Bovaul stated about the stars of Orion. Then you can see on the left there is another obelisk over there.

This was public knowledge and the Russians actually depicted it as a series of obelisks in this image here, and then a comic book comes out two years later called, “UFO Flying Saucers Issue No.2,” and sure enough they write a little thing about UFOs on the moon and the actual obelisks.

My colleagues and I believe they may be some kind of obelisk completely different from anything else from the Moon’s surface, you can see that they based it off of those Blair Cuspid’s. This was part of what NASA was doing, they seed the knowledge into seemingly entertainment-based things like comic books, movies, television shows. Oh, you just read that comic book. Oh you just love 2001 or 2010, or Star Wars. This is how they do it. And then they are actually showing the obelisk is something that is energized and it has captured all this space junk. There is [sic] all this [sic] broken-out space ships orbiting around this thing in anti-gravity fields.

The Face on Mars, Jack Kirby 1958

All the way back in 1958, they already knew there was a face on Mars. Jack Kirby’s comic book had an article in it called, “The Face on Mars.”  Looks the same as what I showed you earlier.

Image Source.

This is another one of the Ken Johnston images suppressed by NASA, and there are some really strange things where the arrows are pointing where there is some fuzzy stuff that looks like it is probably glass. You see that there is this kind of opacity to the area in the middle, there is some translucence there. It’s not totally black, that could actually be some transparent glass but the really amazing thing is what we see over on the left.

It’s a shard of one of the beams that actually fell over, and you can now see it resting along the side of the mountain. A bent structural support several thousand feet long.

This is another image that appears to have come from the Moon and I haven’t actually been able to track exactly where this was but this is supposedly one of the broken foundations of buildings that was on the Moon before it got all wiped out.

They Survived for 445,000 Years on the Moon

So these Pre-Adamites after they blew up their planet they survived for approximately 445,000 years on the Moon, this is the latest and greatest intel. Approximately 55,000 years ago they got attacked by the reptilians (the Draco). They had a terrible war with the reptilians.

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That is how these ships ended up getting blown up, that’s how the domes, that’s how the glass got broken. Their ships were getting shot down; only a very small number of them actually survived now.

They started out as 70 feet tall but because the Moon was so much smaller, they had actually got a lot shorter over time. But they were still giants compared to us. Anywhere up to 12-14 feet tall. They are badly wounded, they only have a few ships left and they crash landed on earth with those ships which were gigantic in size. The stories of their landing here were told in a book that should have been in the Bible. But the early Roman Empire said there is no way we are putting this in the Bible because this is our story and we are going to be exposed if we put this in there.

The Book of Enoch Told Their Tale

They removed it, but it’s as old as Genesis. And Jesus quotes from it. He clearly took it seriously.

Image Source. Artist depiction of Enoch meeting an angel.

The Book of Enoch was discovered only in 1773 in Ethiopia, translated by Dr. Richard Laurence. We didn’t even get to read it until 1821. Then they find out Jesus is actually quoting chapter and verse out of this book in the New Testament. And then Chapters 1-36 are called “The Book of the Watchers” and that’s where the really interesting stuff says to happen and Enoch is actually Noah’s grandfather. So these people on the inside believe that Enoch is real and Noah is real (Enoch lived for 365 years, precursor to Noah).

These are real people. And these were real events. Noah’s Flood is the Atlantean Flood and it is older than we think. It was twelve thousand five hundred years ago. So in the book of Enoch, Enoch is working with these benevolent extraterrestrials, which were very likely the Blue Avians, same beings. He is working with them, and he asks them, if they will spare the lives of these people called the Watchers.

Now the book says there was 200 of these watchers. I don’t really think that is true. The data suggests that there were a lot more. But there were a small number of these people that survived. They crashed here and according to the new intel, they immediately set up cloning facilities and built lots of bodies for themselves so they could spread across the Earth. They crashed here 55 thousand years ago, that’s when all this started.

So the book of Enoch goes on to say that the fallen angels created “great giants whose height was three thousand ells” [Enoch 7:3]. An ell appears to be the distance between the elbow and the tip of the middle finger—or a cubit it’s also called, and it’s probably not really accurate because three thousand ells based on that (Richard Laurence version says 300 Cubits = 450 feet) would be like 450 feet tall. It’s likely an exaggeration. But they were large. This was probably something that was greatly mythologized by the point this book was written.

It says in Enoch 7:5-6, the giants began eating people on earth, they were cannibals to the humans that were supposed to be here. They begged God for forgiveness (13:4). Enoch was used as their middle man, that’s 13:4, and they got turned down (by God). As a result of this, the biblical Atlantean flood, the Noah’s flood, was created to cleans them from the earth (cleans earth of the Watchers), and they believe this is actual history. In the Ascension Mysteries I try to trace out all the different things that lead to this conclusion.

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Noah, the great grandson of Enoch, became the guy who preserved the animals and plants and people, one of each species, so that we would survive through the flood. This is very likely some kind of extra-terrestrial craft. The Noah’s Ark is kind of an allegory of a much more advanced object and it just becomes a boat in this story because it has been re-written and people kind of missed the original point.

These Pre-Adamites, this is what they looked like based on Corey Goode’s intel, these were the people, the wicked, the giants with elongated skulls where the flood largely wiped them out but not completely.

Surviving remnants of their population lasted through the flood even though they were in much smaller numbers than the humans that were seeded here as the Adam and those humans that had already been here before, but then they were built to inherit the Earth. So the Bible is a little bit off on that too. But the point is, these beings where not completely destroyed, they survived in Europe and Asia. They eventually made their way into the Egyptian Pharos, as I talk about in Ascension Mysteries.

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Time to Tour Antarctica

This is an important point we get from the new briefings. When [the Mars refugees were forced off the Moon by the Draco, they] first landed here before all this crazy stuff happened, they knew that the continent that we now call Antarctica had Ancient Builder Race ruins below the surface. That is a very important point. Ancient stuff, 1.6 billion years old is how old they estimate that it was.

So their ships were badly damaged and they landed where they could then tear apart the ships. They used the parts that were inside of them, the power systems, and set up their own little enclave because they were badly damaged. So then they colonized the underground bases built by the ancient builders. There were other places they could have landed that would have had better land and better water and better game, but they went to Antarctica because at that time it was tropical; the Earth had not shifted on its axis yet. It was a nice place to be because of the underground stuff that they were able to get into. That is where they started up all this cloning and all this crazy stuff. So now here we are.

Why in gods’ name did John Kerry go to Antarctica on election day?! Literally, I am not kidding. This is a picture of him traveling with the military on the day of the election.

Image Source.

Like maybe he is worried that the election isn’t going to turn out in a way that is good for Pizzagate people? Not saying that he is, but its probably going to be. He wants to go see it while he’s still got the chance—in case Hillary loses. Here he is in Antarctica.

Image Source.

Notice that he is not wearing gloves and a hat. It’s warm enough down there that you can sail around and be comfortable. That is him in Antarctica! Why was he there? Because recently as within the last 30 years, according to some of my insiders, they found new ruins under the ice that are very advanced of these original builders that crash landed there.

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Image Source. Buzz Aldrin (middle, in suspenders.)

Here is Buzz Aldrin, and there he is in the middle with his shirt. One of them says “Get your ass to mars,” that’s the one the woman is wearing. She’s got the red bag, her shirt says “Get your ass to Mars,” the other one says something similar, “Destination Mars.” Notice that they are on a Russian plane. You can’t even charter in an American plane to Antarctica. You have to go through Russia.

And here it is right there on ABC breaking news, “Buzz Aldrin had to be evacuated from Antarctica. The 86-year-old fell ill while visiting the South Pole.”  We didn’t know why. And you’re going to find out later, teaser.

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You’re going to find out why he had to be taken out. Wait till you hear that bit. And there he is, it is actually true if you watch the film “Total Recall.” Arnold actually does say at one point “Get your ass to Mars.”  And it’s such a weird, stupid one-liner that it became a shirt.

Image Source.

Buzz Aldrin 33rd degree Mason goes to Antarctica advertising “Get your ass to Mars” on his shirt in all of the pictures. What’s the relationship between Mars and Antarctica? Well they know; this is what I am trying to tell you. This is not accidental, this is on purpose. And notice that Mars is embedded inside what? The NASA Logo! Wow. They know what they are going to tell us over time, and they have to hide it out in the open. They have to tell you what they are doing—this is what they are doing.

Antarctica and Mars are connected. Antarctica is where the survivors from Mars finally ended up before it became what we now call the Illuminati. Those people crash landed here from 55 thousand years ago. For 5,000 years they built civilization now called the Sahara Desert. It became very technological. They spread out across the earth; they set up kingdoms in every continent, every country of the time. They were the leaders, the rulers.

They had much bigger brains, they had much higher IQs, much better technology and they subjugated the planet and there was a catastrophe 50 thousand years ago that wiped them out. And then they bounced back and then another catastrophe happens 25 thousand years ago wipes them out again. Then the third one was the one we associate with Atlantis. So that is how this works and it’s totally described in the Edgar Cayce readings and there are so many things the Edgar Cayce readings has in common with this; it can’t be an accident.

Moving Forward

So, Corey gets this incredible body of information, he wasn’t telling me what it was. He said it was something about Antarctica but he can’t release it. And I mean we knew there were ruins down there, but I didn’t know that these excavations were so active and new. Finally, I get a briefing and he can tell me, and this happens right before we were about to go to a Gaia taping. And so we make it into episodes and then we also integrated into what became Endgame part 1 and part 2. Part 1, I go into Pizzagate, Part 2, I go into Antarctica.

If you’ve read Endgame 2, that would really help. I’m not going to go through all this information again. The point is we start to release this information that we’ve found these ruins in Antarctica. That the ruins were [so] technologically advanced that they found some very cool stuff there. And then we start to hear that there is a plan to release this, and this is actually part of what the Alliance wants to do.

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Now I don’t want to diss the Alliance. I think it’s awesome that they stood up against the Cabal and they are bringing the Cabal down and they want to give us Disclosure. But they are also saying this is the only responsible way to do Disclosure because if you do it too fast people will freak out. That’s the excuse.

The reality is that if we got Full Disclosure with the data dumps, all the data that there is, then the vast majority of everybody in the Alliance has got unspeakable crimes. Hero’s can turn. You could have somebody working for Hitler in Nazi Germany who then becomes a defector and comes to the U.S. The Cabal seems to have been controlling both sides of World War II, and there is some really good data on that.

So lets just go with this nice paradigm of U.S good, Nazi bad. You have a defector. You have a Nazi scientist and he gets compromised; he is part of that regime. And now he is a hero; he is a whistleblower. He comes forward. So please, if you are aware and this stuff starts to happen, and this video ends up going all over the internet, let’s try to give these people some amnesty for God’s sake. If they are in the Alliance, and they are risking their lives to save our butts, then they deserve a second chance, because they are now heroes.

We have to be able to practice the forgiveness that the ancient teachings of all major religions tell us we should be doing. We have to be able to see that these people are not lizards, and they are not monsters, and they are not creatures; they are human beings who might have gotten stuck in something really bad. Some of the stuff that Corey Goode was involved in was really bad. He has admitted it on our show. But he is a hero because he came forward. There are other insiders that have come forward but the Alliance had pushed this thing out because, and this is the real story, they all want to die before the stuff would come out that would cause us to judge them. They want to die a natural death. They want to live out their life and I understand that up to a point. I do understand why they would want to push this thing out 50 years maybe even 100 years and drib and drab it out.

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Here is the thing: Our planet does not have that time. What the hell did we just hear about Fukushima?It’s 560 cVerts per hour which means that the robots would break down in two hours. A human being exposed to it for a flash is instantaneously dead. We have technology that can dial out that radiation as if nothing had happened. It’s already there. That’s known.

The good old insider Henry Deacon told me that people that go into space, they have little pill that you can take and once you’ve taken this pill you are essentially immune to radiation. You can get a massive dose and nothing happens to you. They have these very thin coatings that they can put on the outside of ships even including our own NASA Space Probes. They had them too because otherwise those guys would have been hash browns inside there.

That’s why people say we never went to the Moon (or one of the reasons). Radiation from the sun would cook you if you don’t have the atmosphere. That is true, but what they don’t know is it was coated in this special polymer that totally shields radiation. So we have the technology.

I understand, you don’t want to have embarrassing information and there is going to be a witch-hunt. You probably will have to be, if this does happen with full disclosure, you guys are going to have to end up going somewhere that you are safe from the torches and pitchforks of the masses, I get that.

And I apologize because people will be like that. They are not going to like what they hear. But I will be one of the ones supporting you as heroes and saying that you deserve clemency. And this audience also as you’ve just said, how do you feel about them being heroes if they’re going to save the planet for us?

They need our support. They need to see that we’re not going to see them as creatures and monsters; that we are ready for the truth even though it’s going to hurt. And this truth is something that they know very much to be true.

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We get this briefing from the Secret Space Program Alliance because people at that level where they’ve got all this really advanced technology, they want the whole disclosure to come out. And that is what we are fighting for. I believe that we will heal from this, and that when these people in the Alliance are kept in safety, that they can eventually be forgiven and brought back out and we are not going to try to kill them. The things that we are going to get as we get full disclosure will quickly make us capable of forgiveness. Imagine instead of having to drive home tonight, you’d just portal back home? If you have a little pocket portal, off you go!

Can you imagine being at home, having a portal device in your home and getting to travel out to a base on Pluto and come back in time for dinner? And get to meet all your cool new friends who are ETs? And get to see things that are so spectacular that you are literally shedding tears in amazement at what you are looking at. If we get to that point where we have a materializer in your home, and we think about the best meal you’ve ever had in your life and you hit the button and there it is, perfect, and it digests into pure nutrition in your body, cleans your mouth as you eat it and leaves no waste products behind and you don’t get fat and you don’t lose your teeth; you actually gain dental health. I think we’d start to feel a little more forgiving—if you’ve got anti-gravity and you’ve got your hover board that is a real hover board, not the thing that blows up under your feet.

We have all this intel. We get all this stuff put together and the Alliance people are pushing Corey like crazy which means he is pushing me like crazy We’ve got to get this out. Remember the [Earth]Alliance doesn’t want us to release all this because they wanted to do this over the course of 50 or 100 years. The Earth Alliance doesn’t want us to do this, but the space program Alliance does, and the sphere beings want us to do this. So we have different factions that are trying to help the planet, but some of us want us to do one thing and others vociferously oppose.

We are going with what the SSP people and the Sphere Being Alliance people told us they want. You have to trust that these are benevolent people, especially the higher beings, and that if they are advocating for this, that it is going to work out and we are not going to have all the Alliance people killed in a genocide. It’s not going to happen.

Once you have that technology, once you have anti-gravity, once you have a car that you can fly through the air, point and click, you never have a car accident again and you can go anywhere you want. You can see incredible cosmos. You can see ancient ruins if you want. Archeology is probably going to become one of the most common jobs people take on. We are not going to need money. You’re not going to need to work a job. You are going to do something because you love it— because you are passionate about it.

I would definitely get my ass to Mars. I want to see those pyramids. I want to see that face. I’m going to put on my hat with my little light on it, and a pick, and I am going to be in there looking for stuff. There are entire areas inside the earth of ancient cities that they have barely even explored because they don’t have the staff—with all this technology just sitting around waiting for us to look at. They need the numbers; they need the population of people who are going to be proactive enough to want to investigate this stuff. That’s a good thing.

The way that society will change is so dramatic. We can barely even imagine. How exciting it is for me to be standing on this stage with you tonight disclosing what may be the very last stages before we finally get the truth.

Leaking Antarctica

If this was just a story, just a conspiracy theory, it doesn’t explain why Buzz Aldrin went down there. Why did John Kerry go down there? Why did the Pope go down there? The Black Pope. Some of this is classified; a lot of these people didn’t go on a public basis. But they are all going down there. They are all really excited about this.

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But we are told to hurry, and it freaked me out. I worked my butt off and we got Endgame II out on Dec 11th and literally, I am not kidding, well, this is the video that we made a few days later and it was wildly successful (Endgame: The Antarctic Atlantis). There were a million unique views, so this really got out to the public big time.

Two hours after my article came out is when the first thing showed up. And big plug here, if you go, the actual mixed and mastered mp3 of Endgame is available; you just put your email address. It’s free. You can listen to it in the car.

Two hours after we put this article out, tabloids start saying exactly the same thing and it ended up on the front page of Drudge Report. Now here is the shrinking reindeer from global warming which is a sad story in of itself, but then there it is in italics, “The lost city of Antarctica: Massive Ancient Civilization Lies Frozen Under Ice?”. Two hours after my article comes out? Is that a coincidence? Come on! This says the lost city of Antarctica, shock claims massive civilization exists beneath a mile-long section of ice. Antarctica is hiding a huge city underneath more than a mile of ice according to credible claims, December 11th.

Image Source.

Artists impression of a doorway to Atlantis, which is claimed to be the lost city underneath Antarctica. They are getting you ready! [Corey and I] were told you got to get this out before you get scooped. There it was two hours later, unbelievable. They talk about the Piri Reis Map, and they say it’s got the subglacial topography before they were supposed to know what it was. And they quote from Charles Hapgood, the original guy that had the theory that the Earth shifted on its axis in space and Antarctica was originally not on the pole but it was tropical and it moved.

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What they didn’t get into was this interesting fact that you can look at Antarctica now and if you look at the top of this image it says subglacial lakes. So these blue areas are beneath the surface of the ice. The surface of the ice is all white and you just see ice. If you go in there, they know that there are areas that are lakes that are meeting this warm water. And you can take a look and see where the lakes are, meaning there are, this is where the continental masses are. And where two chunks of Antarctica […] there is a chunk on the right, a littler chunk on the left. We only knew that since 1958. There’s another image of it in gray. But yet here we have from 1754, the Buache Map, from the Vatican! Showing Antarctica! With a channel in between the middle, right where those subglacial lakes are. So what the heck is going on here? They knew. Antarctica wasn’t even discovered until the late 1800s.

Image Source. The Buache Map.

This is all going to be part of the disclosure. It was mapped back when it wasn’t frozen—back with the Pre-Adamites. They copied this over from Pre-Adamite books. That’s how they got it. That’s all part of the disclosure. The next day Dec. 12, 2012, important ritual date, “The ‘Lost City’ of Antarctica Shock Claims Massive Ancient Civilisation Lies Frozen Beneath a Mile of Antarctic Ice— and Could Even Be Atlantis” (The Sun). Isn’t that something?

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Just after one day after we were rushed to publish this thing, and I broke my butt doing it, there it is. Now this is what it says in that article, check this out, there is the link, so you can look it up yourself:

“Conspiracy theorists went wild earlier this year when a video claiming to be from the lost city emerged.” They make this stuff up—they are leaking a fake story; it’s fake news, but it’s actually getting us ready for something very real. This alleged video that nobody ever actually saw, they just said “conspiracy theorists,” don’t know who they are, don’t post a link, they don’t show you the video. They don’t give you any way of seeing where this video is or who wrote about it. They don’t link to one article about anybody who said anything about this. Just take my word for it, the conspiracy theorists went wild. It appeared to show extensive hidden ruins in the ice and was a video supposedly left behind by a California TV crew who have been missing since 2002.

Now this is why it’s so crazy and it’s one of the things we really have kicked ourselves for, is that Corey had told me before they wrote this that there were teams down there that had been embedded since 2002 filming the archeological ruins getting ready for this disclosure. They’ve been getting ready doing it all that time, 14 years. And then this comes out a couple of days later, I was kicking myself that we didn’t leak that part of the intel in our article because it was so amazing. So I put it in as an update after this happened. That crew is still down there now, and they’ve been making documentaries for 14 years and notice it’s the year after 911. They needed this plan in case the botched job of 911 got exposed. And then they need a get-out-of-jail-free card, they need to say “Well, look everybody, we did some bad stuff but hey, now we are going to give you something good. Can’t you be nice? Can’t you all kiss and be friends now?”

That’s the Cabal’s plan, but now it’s the Alliance that want this to be part of a benevolent
disclosure. The only thing we are disagreeing with them on is how fast we get it. But they are setting the stage for that real disclosure with this right here. So then it goes on to say: “Archeologist Johnathan Gray claimed that the US government is trying to block the video from being seen because it reveals there is a massive archeological dig under way two miles beneath the ice.” But that’s not the wildest claim—with several online websites claiming that “there is a city in Antarctica and Hitler knew about it, making it a secret Nazi base.”

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What they are doing is they are setting up the release of this video. They are promising something they intend to deliver. They intend to deliver a video that shows a massive archeological dig two miles beneath the ice. That is going to happen. This is the proof; it happened right after we published our intel. Is this a coincidence? No way. Then in the same article they later show you a Nazi base in the Arctic, not Antarctica.

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But they show you a Nazi base in the Arctic. But then I did some research and I start looking up if anybody else did something on Antarctica as Atlantis. The mainstream scientific journal known as Science, as good as it gets in Academia, published this very strange thing in 1998. There it is; there is the science logo AAAS, and look at the bottom. March 31, 1998, “Ancient Ruins Found in Antarctica”.

Now the first clue that something is wrong here is that you got this little image of a guy dressed up in old fashioned Shakespearean clothing, and he goes “Oh Please!” that’s about the only clue you get at first that something is wrong.

Ancient ruins found in Antarctica in a mainstream scientific journal. And here is the text which I am now going to read to you, check this out, from 1998: “Argentina,” that’s the first clue something is wrong, “Durak, Argentina – Scientists have uncovered the remains of a massive stone structure and other artifacts, estimated to be 4,000 years old in a remote corner of Antarctica.”  It ends up being a spoof, but they are hiding things in this science journal. The find, announced at a press conference here today, is the first evidence of ancient civilization on the icy continent and is being hailed as one of the most important archaeological digs of the century.

[Reading from the bogus article] “Working in dwindling light just before Antarctica’s first sunset of the year in mid-February, a team led by geologist Scott Amundsen of Wyoming State University came across the ruble of a stone building roughly the size of Rome’s ancient amphitheater. One of my students tripped over a squat pentagonal block while we were hiking up near Doubleday Glacier.” (Source)

In fact, the briefings [from my insiders] are saying that the melting of the ice in Antarctica is causing these buildings to poke out now, this is actually real. All the stuff they are telling you here is true. And they are preparing you for the disclosure that they might have done right after 911 if they needed it, which is why they sent those guys down in 2002. This was setting that up back in 1998, three years in advance. They knew what they were going to find.

[Reading from the bogus article] “Doubleday the glacier has been receding at an estimated 3 meters per year for the last century, and the last geologic expeditions visited (that they are going to talk about) the site in the 1920s. “Previous researchers could have easily missed it.” The team worked deep into March, well after the normal end of the field season. “So far the researchers have uncovered the foundations of a massive columned structure that may have stood as high as 30 meters”, says group member Harvey Sampson, who last year had proved by DNA analysis that Piltdown Man was not an elaborate hoax but in fact the skeleton of the murdered St. Nicholas, the last Russian Tsar— Science Now, 1 April 1997″  (April fools).

They loft the big middle finger and it goes on and they say all kinds of stupid crazy stuff then, it’s all joking, that part makes me angry. So I didn’t include it in the talk but the point is they joke about it in a mainstream science journal.

They tell you the truth but then they disguise it. Isn’t that amazing? Then the article that came out one day after we published Endgame 2, links to this— Hitler’s Ghost Island, “Secret Nazi Treasure Hunter base in Arctic found by Russian scientists after being abandoned over 70 years ago when crew was poisoned by polar bear meat.” And it says “A top secret Nazi base in the depths of the Arctic has been found by Russian scientists after more than 70 years.”  It’s located on a remote island in Russian territory – more than 600 miles from the North Pole. Here is a rusted shell among 500 objects found at the deserted outpost. They have all these pictures of what they found there. So that is getting us ready that the same thing could be in the south of the pole.

We have William Tompkins (Book: Selected by Extraterrestrials) now who has come out as our big new whistleblower. Here he was as a young man hired in WW2 to debrief American scientists embedded in Nazi Germany’s space program—including people who where working in Antarctica, and he confirmed that these ruins where known about all the way back in the late 1930s. They’ve had a long time for preparing us for telling the truth.

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Age of the Pre-Adamites

What we are hearing from Corey is that not only is it Antarctica, they are finding that some of the ancient ruins that are found on Earth have very technological things like portal devices actually buried inside the stones including some of the oldest Sumerian stuff, and this is one of those examples. So we are going to probably have to protect this stuff when that comes out, because people are going to want to tear them apart looking for technology.

They’ve been very quietly using this with very advanced equipment to find these things and try to get them out before they tell us about this, but they are finding all kinds of cool stuff in there. And while looking at these ancient ruins I came across this, those are two ordinary humans of two ordinary heights. Two men, holding like slaves an umbrella for a very tall human being—a Pre-Adamite, one of these elongated skull guys—one of the giants. There is more proof.

Image Source.
Image Source. Another image of the same type of stone carving.

One of the things Corey’s intel has told us is that they are going to show us rooms that are just literally lined with gold—floors, walls and ceilings with all this gorgeous inlay. And Corey actually got to see that stuff and so there is this place I believe it’s in Indonesia, called Bao dong that has very similar type of a look to it. Not exactly the same, but close. And people go there to pray and of course all that gold is going to have amazing energy; it’s going to be a very energetic spot.

Corey was picked up by a craft like this and that’s one of the ways that he got taken to Antarctica. This is from the MIC group; the military space complex secret space program.

And when he was down there, you got these triangular craft down there, all kinds of excavations going on.

Image Source.

They are digging holes through the ice, and you see these buildings down there, if you look carefully you can see there is this obelisk at the top and then there is these ruins he said they do look like Pumapunku in Peru and specifically in the briefing was that in Pumapunku a lot of different groups met there and this was very likely another place like that.

These ruins are what we are sort of going to see when they release it; something like this. Notice there is a bulldozer in there and then they got a little tunnel in the back and there is rails going up.

Then when we go down from there we see this little guy a steam blower, generates steam, they use that to melt the ice. Then you see on that wooden cart they are hauling out the body of a mastodon. So they are finding lots of prehistoric animals underneath the ice. And they are also finding all the Pre-Adamite bodies.

Now isn’t it interesting that the Cabal, the largest object in Washington, D.C., is the Washington monument, an obelisk—an Egyptian obelisk, which is an emulation of stuff which is over 2 billion years’ old that is all over our solar system and beyond. They still worship the same gods; they still have the same religion. They keep building the same structures in honor of the very oldest stuff they ever found.

Image Source.

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That’s not an accident just like the statute of liberty is the Goddess Isis, her torch in the mystery schools, they must keep the flame lit. Just like in the Olympics they always have to keep the flame lit.

Image Source.

Torch burning, they never let it go out. And then her book is the book of the sacred mystery teachings. And then the crown, the rays coming off of her head is the fact that she is ascended, that she is a god or goddess. So they hide it out in the open with things like the Statute of Liberty, which is the female version and then the obelisk being the male version because this is their religion, this is their mystery school religion.

These Pre-Adamites bred with regular people on earth and there were different types of hybrids they made. They made some of the human sized hybrids, but retained the elongated skulls, and had less hair, and then this includes Egyptian pharaoh’s, Akhenaten and Nefertiti daughter married Meritaten. Notice she has no hair and a very elongated skull, I have talked about this extensively.

There is the family of Akhenaten and Nefertiti and their kids with all the Pre-Adamite features. They were the survivors of this catastrophe and after Atlantis they didn’t all die. Some of them lived in Europe and Asia some of them lived in the Americas. They didn’t actually come back in contact with each other until approximately the1600s or 1700s based on ships that crossed the Atlantic, but they went into hiding. They were the gods in Mesoamerica as well. And then when the conquers came, they fled into the jungles into underground bases they still had. And they hid out and then they eventually migrated back over to Europe where they all pretty much seem to be living in the Vatican. But they still have warring factions.

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The beings that have been found under the ice are mummified. Pompey is where volcanic gases at very high temperature flash-burned everybody and they immediately died and their images were captured in the ash—real people that were captured that way so they are calling this Pompey under ice.

One of the crazy things is they find all kinds of Chimeras,  half human, half animal hybrids which is exactly what Edgar Cayce’s reading said the Atlanteans were doing and as part of what made them wicked and what caused the flood is, you are not supposed to do this.

They were hybridizing human beings with animals and then they were creating these slaves that they used for work. They were treated very badly so some of them had a bull, the centaur. Why do we have all these records of this stuff? Because people saw them—they were real. They all died out eventually, but for a time these beings did exist; so we still have the record of them.

When you actually go into the real stuff deep under ground, these are the kind of things you see,gorgeous pillars with light all up and down. From Corey’s briefing was that one of the plans that they have for a partial disclosure is that they will tell us about ETs. And the first group they were planning on telling us about was the tall whites.

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Charles Hall is the whistleblower who got all into this. The Cabal groups were hoping that they could introduce us to these guys, force us to learn a brand new language (the tall white language), and force us to learn their religion and then basically worship them as our gods.

Dig Site Under the Ice

Here is brand new art, Corey allowed me to use, these are Anchar gigantic egg shaped crafts, with little stairwells going into them.

These are huge craft that are egg shaped obviously anti-gravity and Corey was taken down there on an expedition and this is what he saw and you have an excavation site. The excavation site has trucks, steam blowers, and then you’ll notice that what we are seeing here is some kind of obelisk or pyramid that is being steamed out of the ice. Notice to point of the pyramid, the white pyramid sticking up.

Then where the snow is at the bottom we have people walking up out of the craft. Corey was one of them.

Then there is the building on the right, it’s the corner of a big stone megalithic building. And they had already been pulling out Pre-Adamite bodies and they had laid them out on the ice because this is a new expedition—a new archeology they are doing here.

What they see there is these bodies of giants wearing these curious outfits, and Corey got to see them up close and he said these bodies were really thrashed because remember, these people died in a flood and if that’s not bad enough, then they freeze and are frozen into ice which becomes Antarctica.

This is what he saw when he was there. And nobody has ever seen this until right now. So all of this was fascinating enough on its own, and then I called up Pete Peterson, and I had a dialogue with him on the phone about what Corey had told me but I didn’t really want to tell him anything. I just said what do you know about anything interesting going on in Antarctica? And boy, oh boy, did that open up the bottle—uncorked the bottle and poured up a nice big drink.

The first thing that he told me when he started the briefing, he dealt with 15,000 human bodies, and this is a morbid but true thing that I am authorized to tell you. He was told that he was called and asked what to do for 15,000 dead bodies, and explained that they were casualties suffered after the Alliance was going after underground bases. What this means is that the Alliance is to trying to save the planet to try to stop these people from trying to kill everybody with nukes or viruses or economic collapse or any of the things they are trying to do. The Alliance has been on an industrial scale getting everybody in these underground bases to either surrender or be wiped out and some of them are getting wiped out. So they call Pete up and say, “Hey Pete, you’re the expert. We got 15,000 dead bodies; what should we do with them to get rid of them?” You got to understand military guys can joke about stuff like this.

Latest Developments from Pete Peterson

So what they’ve told me was that they’ve called in the Canadian Marines for some of these bases and they have run through half a trailer of ammunition, so there is a big shooting war going on. This is the World War III; it’s just all happening in places we are not supposed to know about. It’s going on right now. That’s a great deal of damage. Half a trailer of ammunition is a ton of ammunition. It is set up so that individual soldiers do not know whether they fired real rounds or blanks, and he said this was also done in World War II to reduce psychological impact.

Get an LST boat. You can fit 120 Abrams tanks in one of those LST boats, so it’s very large. Five hundred troops can fit in one of the boats and you can sail the bodies out to sea, fit them with concrete galoshes and feed the sharks. So that was his brilliant idea about how to get rid of 15,000 bodies. This is how the briefing started. You can see we are already really in the ozone layer here. Very strange stuff and again, it’s morbid but this is a real war.

What they are doing is they are cleaning up all this stuff first before we ever hear about it so that there is not going to be a lot of work left to do on the surface, and by the time we actually get disclosure, they’ve already solved most of the problems. And the war has been won. Isn’t that interesting? And that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing because what that means is the rumors that we’ve heard over the years about the destruction of underground bases is true. And that it has now gotten to the point where the Cabal is almost completely gone. There is just a few little remnants left and they are being wiped out as we speak.

This is Corey’s confirmation after I told him what Pete told me. People have been locking themselves inside these protective underground facilities. The Alliance is cutting through doors with blowtorches; they are arresting people and removing them off the premises, but if they resist violently then a shooting war results. And Marine Expeditionary Forces are clearing out the bases. One of the problems that happened, according to Pete and Corey, is that some of these Marines where not vetted out on extraterrestrials and they go into these underground bases and they see eight-foot- or even ten-foot-, 12-foot-tall reptilian, demonic-looking beings fighting against them with guns. And the psychological shock has been huge. So there is a lot of these soldiers who are now in counselling cause they were shocked to see these non-human Dracos.

I had started to ask Pete about the underground cities that he’s talked about before because this is where these people are hiding that they are now going in and invading. He said a normal underground city will house 40 to 45 thousand people. Some bases are there to protect people who aren’t even there yet—meaning the bases are empty and they plan on having people from the surface go down there to be saved from cataclysms.

He said that they’ve got this Mt. Timpanogos underground base where they’ve already set up an apartment. They are trying to get him to go down there, but he stays on the surface. They insisted that he have one eight months ago. This was in January. And what they are planning on doing at some point is saying:

“Hello folks, guess what? The sun is changing. At 32,000 feet you are now getting the equivalent of an chest x-ray in an airplane every 8 minutes.”

And they are not telling us this yet. So flying is becoming a problem. You are allowed two chest x-rays a year. They are hiring flight crews like they are going out of style. So apparently they are trying to keep this covered up, but people in flight crews that are on airplanes all the time are getting cancer a lot faster because they are getting all these x-rays. And this is because the sun is doing its thing. They’re trying to fly at lower altitudes now to prevent this from being worse.

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Now I ask Pete a question. Benjamin Fulford recently reported that all of the US aircraft carriers have been brought back into port at the same time. And he said, yes that is true. This is happening in Portsmouth, Newport News, Savannah North Carolina, Camp Lejeune, small bases in Alaska, San Francisco, Long Beach—which is down near below LA. All the ships are in. A lot of them were out because of what is going on in the Middle East right now, this war with the Alliance vs. the Cabal, and ISIS which is the Cabal’s cut-out army.

It takes 6 months of 24 hours a day work to replenish a full aircraft carrier. You can house 7,000 people on these carriers, and there are two new ones now that can hold/have 12,000 people. You have to fly the planes into these carriers from these military bases and you have to land on the carrier. You don’t roll them in, you fly them in.

The reason that these carriers are all being called in now is to load on weapons we’ve never admitted to. And they weren’t going to tell us about these weapons for the next hundred years but disclosure is moving forward so fast now that they are actually going to tell us about this much sooner. You see now why I wanted to leak all this intel for the first time right here on stage with a security guard? This is very sensitive intel, and you guys are the very first people to ever hear this.

So Pete said this on January 12th, 2017, and he said this last night, Maurice Cotterell was on Coast to Coast AM and admitted that he was aware of three-mile-long flying aircraft carriers, just like the ones we see in the Avengers and in Captain America. And he said they just finished the R&D on these flying aircraft carriers, and in order to service them because they are in the sky, they used F22 and F35 airplanes.

They are flying these airplanes up to these aircraft carriers that are cloaked and they are getting ready to tell us about that stuff too because they’ve built new ones. The F22s and F35s have had so many runs in order to properly do the work that is needed to go up and down from these things that now the planes are already wearing out even though they were brand new when they started. So this is a huge effort that is being made

Now what are they going to have? They are going to announce weapons systems that shoot Laser Solitons. The Laser Soliton will travel forever until it hits something solid and this is part of the technology they need to actually take down Draco ships, which now the Earth Alliance has. The Soliton can go through an 8-foot hull and penetrate directly into nuclear warhead racks. They can get rid of anything, they can shoot it down into the ground take care of anything they need to take care of. They have things that will take aircraft out of the air. Russia has a nasty plane now and he thought it was called the S23. This is all part of the briefing. And it goes on.

Finally, I get to the subject, do you know anything about ancient ruins being discovered in Antarctica? And I didn’t say anything else and Pete doesn’t go online. He didn’t see my website; he didn’t know that I had leaked anything about this. This was totally original. And he says, everybody’s been there. Obama, Trump, wow! He let that one go. Buzz Aldrin.

“How did Buzz get altitude sickness?” Pete asks me. “I heard he said “Holly Shit” seven times before they went to 200,000 feet.”  Yeah, that is way outside the Earth. Because the acceleration is so fast, he’d never seen anything like it, and they had a window for him. So he flipped out. They went around the Moon, saw the back of the Moon, went around the space station and gave him a wing wave. And then he saw all this stuff on the back of the Moon, all these civilizations and it totally tripped him out.

Then they come back towards the Earth and they go around one of these floating space station aircraft carriers I was just telling you about, and then they tipped the wings, the plane goes and shows a hello to the aircraft carrier. Gave him a wing wave. So this is what ended up leading him to have a heart attack.

Obama was told, “You too will go through a leaf grinder if you say a word, even if you breathe it at night while you sleep.” And they talk to Obama like this all the time. It’s really sad. The president does not get a lot of respect—to say the least. And this is where it’s funny and this is what he said, take it for what you will, he said, that is the real Obama and not one of the stand-ins.

“The real Obama has been locked up for almost six months now.” Isn’t that weird? And this gets into the idea of potentially cloning people and that you can have clones that are programmed to be like the original, or look-a-likes; there’s different ways that they can do this. I don’t know if this is true, but I just listen to Pete and I am telling you what he said, so you can take it for what you will.

Pete talks about the craft, he said they have planes, and this is his funny way of talking; it’s not space ships, he says they have planes that fly regularly to Mars and the Moon. He is admitting this now, I said Planes? Not exactly the same kind of planes you are thinking of in the public eye. I said, are you talking about the black planes with the black triangles with the dome on the top? Yes, that is one type. And we go on—and the darts? And I explain what the darts are. That’s what Corey’s been describing; we had images of it last night.

Pete said, “That is another type. I can’t mention anything unless you already know what it is.”  So basically I have to know the answer first, and then he will confirm that it’s true, and that is how he is able to stay alive. He can’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. And this was really cool, this made me feel amazing. He told me, and I am typing as fast as I can what he is saying, “You David, are considered a hero to the Alliance.”

He said the people of the Alliance would love to disclose the things that you, David, are disclosing but when they try, they end up making fat sharks. They get fed to the sharks with concrete galoshes. So they love the fact that I am out there. He said, David, there are so many people who wish they could be on this stage tonight, doing the presentation that you are doing right now.

What exactly are they loading onto these ships? Pete said they have weapons systems that weren’t set to be disclosed for 100 years. That’s what they are loading in carriers and airplanes. Is it stuff that will look like flying drones but full-sized. And I’ve … of course he’s not going to tell me unless I already have the answer. Corey had already told me this; he didn’t know that. He totally confirmed it; he said yes. And then he goes on to say they have dozens of prototypes of three different size/models of drones.

They have been using actual drones, the actual ones in movies for almost four years. This includes the movie Edge of Tomorrow, featuring Tom Cruise. That movie had real technology in it. And it looks very real in the movie.

They built a lot of sets for this movie. And they have that thing, it’s like a metallic robotic suit that he wears. Also in the movie Avatar.

So the movie Avatar is not fiction, it’s disclosing the space program going to other planets and mining and having indigenous populations that they then wipe out in order to get the materials they need. That movie is true. And the technology in it is true. And he said to me, sometimes they run out of money on these film budgets and instead of trying to build the thing they just haul in one of the real ones from an underground base and film it. It’s crazy. Those were real units.

So this is something Corey sent me, its got actually eight propellers on it. Four on the top four on the bottom. It is a powered drone. So one of the things that Corey’s disclosure has said is that they are planning on releasing these craft to the public eye soon. And it’s going to start with propellers and then when they get to the point that they declassify antigravity then they are just going to take off the propellers. They are already built modularly to take off the propellers and stick on the anti gravity cells. So this is something that we are going to see very soon as part of the disclosure.

So again, if this stuff really starts to happen, you heard it here first. Why would all the other stuff I am saying then be wrong? This is how we are going to get full disclosure. This is why we were told tell the people everything. Because we are not going to wait 50 years for this so that these guys are more worried about that they don’t ever want to possibly get in trouble while we have things that need urgent attention on earth right now. So full disclosure.

And the briefing goes on, Pete starts to describe the three different craft and other things. He said we have an airplane, well that’s what he likes to call it. There is an airplane that flies up to 200,000 feet at the speed of Mach 12 or 14. That’s what actually caused Buzz Aldrin to say holy shit seven times. It doesn’t require any fueling. Most of these craft go (behind a bigger craft) and hide behind something. Meaning like a space station. These space stations or platforms as he calls them, are camouflaged from outer space at the bottom. So you can’t see them from the surface of the Earth.

Stars move across these craft at night at random and different brightnesses. It looks like there are clouds in the sky below these craft from virtually every angle. You can see from virtually every angle of the Earth. Let’s say that the space station is a disc that is half a mile in diameter, they make a cloud beneath it that is five miles in diameter and they also back project on it, what it looks like behind the craft. And these technologies work 24 hours a day, seven days a week so there is all this stuff in the sky right now back-projecting holographic images of the stars behind them, and you either see that or you see the cloud. And they are already there. They’re just waiting to take off their cloaking and show us what they got.

Pete Peterson on the Beings in Antarctica

Cloaking is very widely used. Then we get into Antarctica and beings. This is where it gets really interesting. “Have you heard anything about gigantic Pre-Adamite bodies being found in the Antarctic ice complete with elongated skulls?”  This is a very loaded question. But I want to see what he is going to say when I throw this at him.

Yes, not only did [Pete say] they found dead ones but they found living ones that are in stasis chambers. And these are new excavations. They estimate the stasis beings have been there for at least 800,000 years that we know of. Now, he had written all this down and he has diabetic neuropathy and he doesn’t always remember dates very well and his handwriting isn’t necessarily readable to himself.

And this was a briefing Pete was writing things down as fast as he could, and they said to him: We want you to tell David this stuff. So it appears that his five looks like an eight. Because later on I said is it possible that it was 500,000 years, and he said: “Yeah, because you know I wrote it in a funny way and they told me so much stuff I couldn’t remember everything, and they wanted me to get this to you, and I’ve done that.”

So this does appear to be 500,000 years ago. What that means is that some of the people from the original Mars civilization all the way back half a million years ago put themselves in stasis chambers that worked so well that some of the surviving half million-year-old stasis chambers are still there in Antarctica inside these ships that crashed.

And then I tell Corey and he’s like, you weren’t supposed to know that. He was shocked. Pete’s people are telling me that they want me to know that. Your people are telling me don’t tell David. There are two different factions. Not everybody is apparently coordinating on this.

They were hiding from the Annunaki as well as other people. The Annunaki Pete is referring to here are to Draco reptilians of course. Annunaki just means extra-terrestrial but there are different types. Corey had not leaked this to me.

They found a gigantic mothership under the ice with a new satellite that uses a lower than infrared imaging system. They found a manmade object, without any question, that was buried three miles below the surface. It was about 30 miles in diameter and looked like a craft.

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How did they get down to this craft? Now that they find it, and it was fairly recently apparently, he said they made some things that shot large plastic bags of water down that three-mile chute as they dig the chute, and then flash boiled it with microwave and they eliminate the first 40 feet of ice on top of these things of snow. In other words, the bag gets dropped, they have very high powered microwaves, they hit the bag with the waves, suddenly it turns into steam and the steam evaporates the ice and that’s how they dig down to the craft.

I explained this to Corey, and he said: “Wow you weren’t supposed to know that either.” Then they followed it with pictures. They start taking pictures of the craft, obviously we’re not seeing them. They found round ports, rectangular ports, square ports, knobs, antennae bumps, sensor bumps, telescope bumps. This was a huge thing. It was obviously a craft. Craft were taking off from two different directions [from] the front and the back of the mothership. It had little holes in it where a craft would go in and out.

The craft would go in from two directions and they would cross over one on top of the other inside the craft on conveyor belts. So this was a little more complex than what he explained. He said some are on the top half of the craft and others on the bottom. So what this means is the craft has a hole on one side, a hole on the other side. There is a conveyer belt with sockets in the shape of different types of UFOs.

The UFO literally drops into the craft. It sits in the socket nicely and then the conveyer belt moves forward and then another socket shows up and then that one pops in, and it goes on and on like this. Those things, these mother ships, will take craft that we’ve already seen and called UFOs, and they actually can hold them inside.

The motherships are set to hold a craft that would be the shape and size of sliding panels that slide around on this thing (the sliding conveyor belt). The thing on the inside goes in and then rotates 90 degrees and turns into the conveyor belt, so it pops out like little egg holders. Now you’ve got a big hole on the side. They take off out of the front and go in on the back.

And then I say, I have other intel that suggests they found a craft that had crash-landed near Ancient Builder Race ruins in Antarctica and they had to cannibalize their craft in order to build a settlement. Have you heard anything like that? Yes, he confirmed that was true. They saw an active city of 35 to 40,000 living beings. Then he found an active city of 35 to 40,000 living beings/people still alive, inside those crafts all this time still living in there.

That was the big thing everyone went to look at and he wanted to meet some of these new people. We apparently are revered by them. Corey then confirmed this was true but said that they actually are afraid of us because of our warlike nature. They consider us to be the relatives of their great, great 800,000-year-old ancestors (really 500,000). But we are like long distant cousins. They see us as their long-lost family and they are very excited about that. Everything we have, meaning all the classified space stations and stuff, is now hanging over Antarctica and looking to the other side to look for all these artifacts, because now it’s fully active. This wasn’t known about before, it’s fairly new.

I go to Corey and say to him: “Did you hear about a 30-mile-wide mothership?” He said yes, then he tells me that actually there was three of them that have been discovered. The code names for these ships, believe it or not, are the names are the Nina the Pinta and the Santa Maria. It’s the original remnant of the fallen angels. The Luciferian people, the Pre-Adamites, they are tall with elongated skulls that turned into what we now call the Illuminati. They are actually still running the planet; or they were up until this Alliance thing happened.

Corey confirms the three motherships. He confirms the sockets. He didn’t know about them— actually that was new to him. But he confirmed that they held multiple space ships inside. And those spaceships could go outside the Earth’s atmosphere but they didn’t have enough fuel to travel outside the solar system. So they stayed within our solar system and then the Draco where warring with them so they really didn’t leave the Earth.

But he said some of the craft that were found inside the motherships were like the Vimanas. They looked like depictions that we see in Vedic artwork and some of them look like what we see in Tibet, the stupas. So we have these ruins down there and Corey has said, and Pete has said, that the plan is that they wanted to roll this out slowly. They start with a very conventional thing of—it’s just ruins and it’s just humans. They didn’t want us to see the giants right away because that is too much too fast. Then eventually they reveal that they have a secret space program. They reveal the craft that they used to fly Buzz Aldrin around the backside of the Moon causing him to have a heart attack. Then they say, isn’t it interesting we found ruins like this also on Mars and on the Moon. They look very similar.

Then they are opening it up too full disclosure and at some point we start finding out about ETs. And the reason why they are doing this is that this is the cosmic history of the Illuminati. This is what they believe to be their lineage—that they came from the exploded planet and from Mars and from Saturn. That is why it’s called the Cultive Saturn or Kronos. And they use the Saturn logo all over the place. The Rolling Stoneshave that album Their Satanic Majesties Request. Yes, that was the title. And it has Saturn sitting in on the top in the image.

Image Source.

Pete evidently was saying in a summary: Evidently it will change our entire world forever just knowing the information. My problem and your problem for the people in this audience is, for us, this is normal stuff (the military knew they’d be talking to you). We don’t realize what a huge impact this will have on most people. We may also end up adding things to what we hear based on our own personal beliefs, and we need to avoid that.

What we are going to see when we are finally allowed into many of these gorgeous underground cities is like the one that is in Antarctica?  They do have caves, vegetation and running water, and forms of light caused by light emitting bacteria on the surface. We see caves with water, and then they hollow out those areas and they build facilities in them and that’s where they live, these underground beings.

There are millions of people living down there already and there is room for many more in certain areas that they have made for us. Because there is going to be problems with the sun that will require us to relocate. Because if you’re on the surface of the earth it might not be very nice. Might be another Atlantean type of thing, all a part of this ascension idea.

I believe Corey is a harbinger. It is not stuff that is only happening to him. You are not only seeing this on Cosmic Disclosure, this is going to become our reality. We are going to get tours of these places. Maybe not where all the Anshar are, but they have other ones that will look very cool that we’ll be able to go to.

What I am concluding with now is a statement that we are on the threshold of potentially some of the most amazing releases of knowledge in the entire recorded history of humanity. This type of a disclosure is of significant as the advent of someone like Jesus coming on earth if he actually did in fact actually do the things that the Bible says that he did.

It’s as significant as what happened to Mohammed if you believe in the Koran. It’s as significant as what happened to Moses if you believe the Old Testament. It’s as significant as what happened to Krishna if you read the Mahabharata and the Drona Parva, and other books like that. It’s as significant as the Tibetan ascended masters like Pod Sambava reaching rainbow body and ascending at 160,000 documented cases of that happening.

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What is going to occur if this is true is so vast, is so amazing it’s almost hard to imagine. I was lucky enough to get this authorized government disclosure about the truth, and that authorized disclosure was given to me back in August, 2014— right before Corey and I started talking; it led to the writing of Ascension Mysteries. All of this Pre-Adamite history, the whole second half of the book with all these references of how they got from Mars to Earth.

Once this happens, the fact that I already wrote that book, why did the New York Times not let it be a New York Times best seller even though it was the 9th best-selling book in the world? Because they don’t want you to know what is in that book.

My point is this, I have worked very hard to put this information together. Corey and I released this Endgame 2 briefing, and the very same day tabloids start telling us that they’ve had a team down there that is finding ruins in Antarctica. They released the same news in the Science Journal in ‘98 and said April Fools! But they are telling you exactly what they are going to do. Four years before they sent the team in. Then they tell us the day after the article comes out that in 2002 they send a team of these 14 scientists down there [and] got a video that the government doesn’t want you to see.

It appears that they are already moving forward with disclosure plan and if I had a lot more time, there are dozens of articles all on these tabloid websites that keep saying new things about Antarctica ruins over and over again.  Endgame 3 will include some of this. There is a lot more to this story, this is just an overview, I want to point out these events will actually authorize changes in reality.  When they start telling us this stuff, when we start finding out that Atlantis was real, that the Earth shifted, that there is ruins under the ice down there—the way that [it] will affect our consciousness is so incredible that the physics of reality itself will change.

And that consciousness of reality can start now.

For part three in this series, see:

[to be added upon release]

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When Tolerance Becomes Hate — Image Blindness and Cognitive Dissonance | Women’s March, Sharia Law vs Feminism, Soros and Linda Sarsour

Tolerance is the path to peace; intolerance is the path of violence. There is no need to attack the beliefs of others nor use intimidation and violence to spread your message. The Truth is self evident and doesn’t require any type of forceful action for others to accept.

All our various beliefs can coexist with one another. Instead though many of us are stuck in duality; where we believe our belief is opposed to this belief. This creates tension, anger, hatred and violence.

Tolerance shows that everyone can believe what they want to believe and it has no bearing whatsoever on your beliefs. What we see though nowadays is that people believe that another person’s beliefs are a threat to their beliefs. So because of this perceived duality we fall into cycles of violence, hate and intolerance under the delusion that we’re fighting for a “worthy” cause.

Careful contemplation of one’s inner world can resolve this sense of intolerance if we’re brave enough to venture within. There is thought behind every belief; find the thought and you can change the belief. Many of the times people are intolerant because that’s what they’ve learned from the media, parents and peers. This happens though in a unconscious manner; we’re imprinted with impressions, thoughts and beliefs without much thought given to them.

This is designed by the social engineers whom wish to keep humanity in a perpetual state of ignorance and obedience. They’ve created a culture that imprints beliefs and thoughts into our unconscious mind in order to indoctrinate us. This is done without our conscious awareness and most people never discover this reality for themselves.

For example, let’s look at today’s society and what we consider to be “entertainment”. We see many movies and games that exhibit violence, murder and theft. We’ve associated entertainment and fun with acts of violence, hate and murder. Movies nowadays are riddled with so much violence, death and destruction. We call this entertainment, but how many of us have actually asked ourselves why do we consider this to be entertainment? Why is watching others get killed or hurt entertaining?

We consider the Romans in ancient times as barbaric and uncivilized for watching gladiatorial fighting in the Colosseum, but yet we do the same thing with our movies. Many justify movies with the fact that they’re not real and nobody actually gets hurt, but in reality that is far from the Truth.


As you can see with the clip above; the brain is affected when watching movies. These reactions are very similar to the real life counterpart. Our brain doesn’t differentiate stimuli when first perceived, but instead reacts to it as if it is real. Movie makers, directors and producer have known this for quite some time.

“None of this would come as a surprise to Jeff Zacks. He is an experimental neuroscientist, and his book Flicker: Your Brain on Movies dives straight in with an explanation of the two fundamental principles at work here. The mirror rule states that when we observe a behaviour, we tend to mimic it. The pre-frontal cortex stops this process before it turns into a full-blown action, but we get some of the way there. As we watch Bond’s colleagues stiffen with concern we evoke the same concerned expressions. We gear up for flight or fight, becoming more alert, sweating slightly, our heart rate increasing. Then there’s the success rule, which dictates that we perform, in response to stimuli, actions that are likely to work. (Some brain injuries result in an inability to suppress this reflex, which causes so‑called utilization behavior. In one case, a patient couldn’t see a candle without trying to find some matches and lighting it.) Sandy knows what Bond needs to do with the syringe and she can’t help acting it out, jabbing away. Similarly, when an actor throws a punch at an opponent we’ll probably flinch or duck – both strategies for success in the real world.” – Source

It is paramount that we don’t overlook the reality that movies influence us. When we partake in watching movies as a form of entertainment we’re unconsciously supporting the perpetuation of violence on this world. Most of this is unconscious and many aren’t aware that they’re participating. Thus it’s important that we start to understand the nature of consciousness and how it molds our reality. We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat” but most don’t understand that “We are what we watch” as well. Your personality and behaviors are heavily influenced by what you watch. The type of media you consume will influence you one way or another.

If we keep consuming media that depicts violence then we’ll create a world of violence. Look what we have nowadays; there is so much death, destruction and chaos in this world. Many people have come to believe that it’s human nature and something normal. Yet this belief has been imprinted upon us. It is our movies, media, video games and many other sources that have created this prevalent belief. We’ve unconsciously consented to this being our reality; thus we create this reality as a result.

The only reason We Americans haven’t discovered this to be the Truth is because for the most part this violence hasn’t happened in America. Instead it’s been outsourced to other nations and countries and they are the ones suffering from our delusional belief that harming and killing others is a form of entertainment. Yet this is starting to check up to us now and we’re starting to see more violence here in America.

The good news is that we the people are the source of this violence and we can change this reality into one that we prefer. By monitoring what you watch, ear and consume; we can bring change to this world. Be inquisitive and question everything; dive deep into your beliefs and why do do certain things.

If enough people stopped watching these violent movies; then violence would dramatically be reduced. It is our unconscious consent to violence through the ritual of viewing cinemas that breeds the violence in this world. Remove the ritual of watching these movies and you will see violence plummet. It really is that simple. If you don’t want to live in a world that is full of violence, murder and death, then focus on the opposite. By focusing our awareness on what we would prefer we create avenues for it to manifest. 

We must find the courage to confront these unconscious beliefs so that we can heal this world. Exercise your discernment and free thinking; don’t give in to group thinking. Decide for yourself what it is you choose to believe. We the molder of your beliefs; not the receiver of other people’s beliefs.

Timothy Frappier 


Source: Stillness In The Storm

by Justin Deschamps

In a short video, Paul Joseph Watson exposes the illogical and outright wrong fallacies of the emerging radical left. The left has historically been associated with liberalism, social equality, and egalitarianism (the ideal of fairness in society). Leftists should ostensibly be rallying to support the downtrodden and disenfranchised (across all walks of life), those who were the victims of hatred, violence, and oppression. But a new brand of leftism is sweeping the world. Within this movement, respect for others, tolerance and non-violence rhetoric is uttered, but what actually happens during events contradicts these ideals. Thisneo-leftist radical movement has been gathering support and is diametrically opposed to traditional leftism, seemingly unbeknownst to its members. In effect, the left is being deceived into accepting increasingly radical and violent methods for promoting their often irrational and unrealistic views on the world—largely founded on globalist propaganda. Younger generations being swept up into mobs that act with intolerance and violence while in the same breath crying for an end to intolerance and violence.

When Tolerance Becomes Hate

In other words—and I mean this with all due respect to my fellow human beings and spiritual brothers and sisters—the radical left, on the one hand, promote tolerance, fairness, an end to prejudice, racism, and bigotry. But in executing their agenda, they use hate, prejudice, bigotry, and racism—although this isn’t apparent to the vast majority of proponents or the sleeping masses. The hypocrisy pouring out of this emerging movement is palpable for anyone who has the capacity to think critically and discern reality first hand.

The fact of the matter is, only a person incapable of seeing the incongruity of their actions would continue to participate in such a hypocritical venture. Of course, unless the precept of “do as I say, not as I do” is a founding tenet of this movement—which would make a lot of sense.

But seriously, what is more likely the case is that there are swaths of well-intentioned people who, due to their unmastered and immature consciousness, are being used as pawns in a game of global domination and control.

Here’s the video by Watson.

Now to be clear, I am not saying all Democrats, feminists or liberals are contradictory, irrational, and hypocritical—only a portion of self-identified liberals seem to be radicalized into acting with intolerance and hatred.

Anti-Trump Violence, Intolerance, and Hatred

Most of the radicalized liberals assume Trump supporters are racists, bigots, and anti-women. And a rash of anti-Trump violence has spread within this group of perception-distorted anti-Trumpers.

Shortly after the election, a ten-year-old boy was violently beaten by his peers for voting for Trump in a mock election at school.

A California girl named Jade Armenio was attacked by her peers for posting her support for Trump on Instagram.

And in early January of this year, four anti-Trumpers kidnapped a mentally disabled man, torturing him live on Facebook for over a half hour.

Of course, these cases cannot be used to characterize everyone in the growing radical left. But they do provide a source of raw data for deductions about the psychology of such individuals to be made.

And finally, in what could be the most blatant example of hypocrisy on the part of U.S. law enforcement, Madonna spoke at the March saying that she thought “long and hard about blowing up the Whitehouse.”

Madonna, in an indirect way, is effectively rallying the crowd to commit an act of terrorism, although she doesn’t say this explicitly. Through her status of celebrity, she influenced those there, cementing their anti-Trump views.

In this way, Trump has become a poster child for a radicalized leftist who attributes to the newly elected president the status of arch villain, who is somehow responsible for all manner of evils. And yet, the group also supports Sharia law and Islamic traditions that are arguably the most oppressive policies towards women on the planet.

Clearly, there is a serious amount of cognitive dissonance at play, something the social engineers are quick to make use of.

Image Blindness

The common theme of seemingly all radical groups, across all walks of life, is what can be thought of as Image Blindness.

Image blindness is an unofficial term I am coining to refer to a person who cannot see that what they believe is different from reality itself. It can also be described as the condition of self-imposed ignorance that creates a state of severe cognitive dissonance, to the point that a person is incapable of auto-correcting ideological discrepancies—self-correcting erroneous views as a result of perceiving reality directly.

For example, someone who can’t recognize that the war on terror is terrorism itself, has image blindness. Someone who prejudges a person’s ideas based on their physical appearance has image blindness. Someone who says they want to be healthy, yet can’t recognize that their food is poison, has image blindness. Someone who fights for freedom by using oppression and violence is suffering from image blindness.

When a person’s perceptions of reality—their beliefs, worldviews, and biases (images)—prevent them from seeing the truth. I would consider this person person image blind—their image of reality blinds them from the real truth.

Simply put, mentally immature people are generally laboring under some form of image blindness. But this isn’t a statement of elitism or superiority. I am not judging people harshly for their mental status. But I am able to recognize when someone lacks skill in using their innate mental abilities. Just like I can recognize when a child hasn’t learned how to walk yet—doing so doesn’t mean I think they are inferior or that they won’t ever walk.

Symptoms of image blindness are:

  • an inability to directly perceive reality;
  • an inability to differentiate between beliefs and reality;
  • a tendency to obsess over, or fixate on, a belief or perspective that is untrue, even when evidence exists within experience to disprove it;
  • an inability to think logically and use reason to discover the truth;
  • an over-reliance on emotion and “the gut” to determine right and wrong, truth from fiction;
  • a tendency to succumb to groupthink or mob mentality—going along with the crowd;
  • the dogmatic adherence to inaccurate beliefs or ideas in favor of maintaining a belief system that provides emotional support;
  • an inability to gain intrinsic knowledge and understanding—reliance on experts, authorities, and leaders;
  • lastly, and most importantly, the tendency to ignore reality in favor of one’s beliefs.

A person with Image Blindness, literally, at a cognitive level, cannot see reality—they can only see images or their representations of reality.

Arguably most of the population is operating at this level of cognition—a symptom of overstimulation during the formative years and social programming in the human heard of society towards dogmatic adherence to social norms.

In effect, culture completely suppresses the evolving mind, by way of behavioral augmentation techniques—social programming from parents, family, school, the media, and society at large. The innate inquisitiveness, curiosity, and love of learning that all children come into this world with are slowly and surely quashed under the foot of culture’s all encompassing hypnotic din. Between the ages of zero to ten, when the right brain and the subtle aspects of consciousness and identity are forming, the volume of cultural noise is at its peak. These environmental factors ensure that the vast majority of people never discover their inner voice or develop their intrinsic capacities to discern, think logically, and assess reality at a personal level.

Codependency on the State and Destruction of Critical Thought

Image blindness is a symptom of co-dependency on society and others, for one’s understanding of reality—overreliance on the State.

In effect, whole portions of the human population never developed their logic and reason skills—those mental attributes needed to discern and make right choices. They never had to develop these skills because the environment in which they were raised suppressed personal inquisitiveness in favor of authoritative compliance. Modern day educational standards, Common Core, favor mindless memorization over critical thinking and inquisitiveness—ensuring that when one graduates from school, they will probably be incapable of doing anything but blindly believe what others tell them. The use of behavioral modification techniques (punishments and rewards) further compel one to downplay their innate capacities for social acceptance.

The societies we inhabit encourage mental infancy and dependency on the state and authorities of all kinds. Americans pledge allegiance to a flag, supposedly in reference of the ideals of freedom, prosperity, and fairness for all, while the same flag is synonymous with oppression almost everywhere else on Earth. Yet almost no one can see this, and when someone takes a stand, like the NFL player Colin Kaepernick, the image-blind masses spew vitriol against them, failing to see the hypocrisy.

Information is obfuscated, compartmentalized, made overly complex, and hard to understand in almost all fields of study and academia. Experts and scholars use complex language and systems of representation that make it hard for the layman to grasp.

Add an endless array of distractions (bread and circuses), such as social media, television, video games, and so on, and most people see no value in developing their mental faculties.

Who wants to read books, learn critical thinking and discernment, when there are Pokemon to catch, celebrities to ogle over, games to play, and sitcoms to watch.

© Idiocracy

The makers of the film Idiocracy—a comedy depicting a future wherein the vast majority of the population has been dumbed-down to the level of preschoolers—is disturbed by how accurate it is some ten years after its initial release.

The man behind the 2006 cult sci-fi film “Idiocracy” is lamenting that his fictional movie appears to have become reality.

“I never expected #idiocracy to become a documentary,”tweeted screenwriter Etan Cohen in an apparent jab at the 2016 presidential race.

Together with “Beavis & Butt-head” creator Mike Judge, Cohen co-wrote the time-travel comedy. The plot revolves around the misadventures of a man who wakes up in a futuristic America only to discover that everyone around him, including lawmakers and government officials, is an idiot.

“I thought the worst thing that would come true was everyone wearing Crocs,” Cohen told his Twitter followers.

“Idiocracy” star Terry Crews, famous for his role as President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, also used the satirical film to take a shot at the surreal election cycle.

“All y’all need to stop tripping,” Crews tweeted in character. “Chill the F out, ‘Merica.” (Source)

All of this suggests that society as we know it is intentionally being dumbed-down. The globalist controllers, the would-be masters of this world want a world full of people with image blindness because they are easy to manipulate and are incapable of questioning the memes, dogma, and doctrines of culture.

Radicalizing the Image Blind Masses

Of course, the topic of social programming and cultural conditioning is an all-encompassing aspect of human life today—too vast to fully cover in this article. But in regard to the recent Women’s March that took place the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, there are several clear examples of what I would calls mass mind control manipulation of feminists and the radical left.

Simply put, if someone is incapable of discerning the truth, and is prone to groupthink due to image blindness, all that need be done is to tell them something they want to believe and provide an outlet to express it. Promote the idea in the media, use slogans, captivating advertising, and human interest stories to pull in the image blind masses.

Arguably all of the social movements that were state sanctioned over the past one hundred years were made possible by image blindness in the masses. These were made possible via social engineering or mass-mind control operations that exploit a lack of discernment.

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In the case of the Women’s March, there were millions upon millions of people angry and upset over Trump winning the presidency. They were already sold on the idea that Trump is a racist, women-hating, gay-bashing whtle-male who should be hated and reviled.

But the vast majority of such self-identifying Trump-haters are probably suffering from image blindness—they lack a personal comprehension of why Trump allegedly hates all these people. Matter of fact, to question the rhetoric, in most cases, earns one a round of heckling. These image blinded people, who unquestionably believed the leftist propaganda media, are easy pickings for globalist controllers operating from behind the scenes, like George Soros.

An article featured in the New York Times, revealed that Soros was connected to over 50 of the groups that helped organize the Women’s March. And there was a serious ideological contradiction between the pro-Islam rhetoric during the event and the ostensibly feminist overtones of those in attendance.

By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.

On the issues I care about as a Muslim, the “Women’s March,” unfortunately, has taken a stand on the side of partisan politics that has obfuscated the issues of Islamic extremism over the eight years of the Obama administration. “Women’s March” partners include the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has not only deflected on issues of Islamic extremism post-9/11, but opposes Muslim reforms that would allow women to be prayer leaders and pray in the front of mosques, without wearing headscarves as symbols of chastity. Partners also include the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which wrongly designated Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim reformer, an “anti-Muslim extremist” in a biased report released before the election. The SPLC confirmed to me that Soros funded its “anti-Muslim extremists” report targeting Nawaz. (Ironically, CAIR also opposes abortions, but its leader still has a key speaking role.)

Another Soros grantee and march “partner” is the Arab-American Association of New York, whose executive director, Linda Sarsour, is a march co-chair. When I co-wrote a piece, arguing that Muslim women don’t have to wear headscarves as a symbol of “modesty,” she attacked the coauthor and me as “fringe.” (Source)

The fact that Soros has ties to the march—given his past propensity for inciting political change using so-called color revolutions—is prima facie evidence that this radical leftist movement is part of the globalist agenda. And like the Germans that were used in World War II to breathe life into the Nazi’s, the undiscerning masses are being used to foment division of the people.


Now let me be clear in saying I am not a Trump supporter, nor am I anti-liberal, anti-Democrat, or anti-feminist. I support life, liberty, and the honorable pursuit of happiness for all. All people, everywhere, deserve justice, truth, and freedom from oppression.

Genuine altruistic movements are, of course, worthy of support. Striving to realize equal treatment under the law and in society is a worthwhile goal. Seeking to end harm, oppression, prejudice, bigotry, and intolerance is something that will ultimately be of benefit to the human family.

But we can’t fight fire with fire.

What’s troubling about some of those in the radical left is their intolerance, hatefulness, and bigoted behavior towards non-adherents. This, in and of itself, is hypocritical in relation to the stated goals of ending intolerance and oppression.

In an article published last week, we covered the story of a black Trump supporter who was heckled during an interview at the event last week.

The man was simply sharing his opinion, exercising his right to free speech in a non-aggressive way.

Instead of onlookers using this as an opportunity to invoke tolerance, acceptance, and fairness towards their fellow human being—instead of honestly listening to what he had to say and giving his perspectives a fair appraisal, he was cursed, shamed, and scorned by the very people who claim to be protesting against bigotry, intolerance, and hate.

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The hecklers likely felt they were fighting for the cause but were too blinded by their egocentric vitriol to see that they were actually the most intolerant and hateful people during the encounter.

To add another layer of cognitive dissonance to the situation, consider that the ideals of feminism are almost diametrically opposed to Sharia law.

Feminism and Sharia Law — Oil and Water

The radical left seem to think that Trump is anti-Muslim, and as such, appear to have taken on a pro-Islam stance.

The Women’s March had several events that featured pro-Muslim demonstrations. There are glaring ideological differences between Feminism and Sharia law, which make the idea of feminists dawning Hijabs as a gesture of solitary arguably the acme of hypocrisy.

Linda Sarsour is the Palestinian-American activist and pro-Sharia law spokesperson who was one of the key organizers for the Women’s March. She was revered at the March for her remarks, yet actively promotes Sharia law that is oppressive against women.

There are several controversial issues surrounding her involvement. Firstly, the March was ostensibly for all women, yet only pro-choice anti-Trump women were encouraged to attend.

There are dozens of women speaking out against the Women’s March for its myopic stance. Here is one perspective:

Secondly, Sharia law is arguably one of the most anti-feminine patriarchal systems on the planet, actively suppressing women in brutal ways to this day.

Here are some points from Sharia law that underscore it’s anti-feminist nature:

  • Women are worth less than men-their lives; valued as property, and girl babies are often discarded
  • Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses. Women who allege rape, without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men who subsequently develop a conscience, are actually confessing to having sex. If they or the accused happens to be married, then it is considered to be adultery.
  • Women are required to be completely covered, except their eyes. The reason is that it is supposed to curb the sexual appetites of passing men when women travel outside the home. Women are also not allowed to travel by themselves, or be alone with a man who is not a relative. It is not optional as a form of reverence, but rather the law, punishable by beheading.
  • Sharia law permits a husband beating his wife. However, the beating must cease if the woman complies with her husband’s demands. Beating is also intended to be the last resort of coercing submission, behind verbal abuse and abandonment. According to testimony in the Hadith, Muhammad physically struck his favorite wife for leaving the house without his permission. It is not known how he treated his less-favored wives.
  • A Muslim man can divorce his wife by repeating “I divorce you” three times. It’s a controversial practice called the talaq or “triple-talaq.” A husband may say to his wife at anytime she is not menstruating, “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you,” and this effectively throws her out on the street.
  • Adultery, (also rape, see above) is punishable by death
  • A Muslim man can marry as many as four women, and have sexual relations with an unspecified number of slaves as well. Muhammad had eleven wives at one time.
  • Men have a loophole to allow “sex on demand” outside of marriage. This allows men to have sex when he chooses. It is called Nikah Mut’ah, a fixed-time arrangement between a man and a woman that dissolves once the duration expires.
  • Islamic law teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death. Beneath the surface, however, there are implied references to homosexual behavior in paradise, and it has been a part of historical Arab and Muslim culture. In the news recently, a new Fatwa (new decree) has called for sodomy in an effort to widen the anus to allow for the carrying of more explosives for Jihad. (source)

Given these alleged tenets of Sharia law, one would think that any self-respective feminist would never condone the religion, let alone protest for it. And yet this is precisely what has happened.

But the good news is real altruists, who sometimes support feminist agendas, are speaking the truth about the inherent hypocrisy of Linda Sarsour.


While I would like to say that the trappings of image blindness are fading away, it actually seems to be getting worse.

The past one hundred years has been a renaissance of social engineering, mass-mind control, and groupthink-based social movements. The powers that should not be have seemingly perfected their tools of control and enslavement by slowly destroying critical thought and free thinking at an individual level in society. Today, thinking for oneself is a crime punishable by being labeled as a conspiracy theorist.

Amid this climate of social conditioning, the masses are easily swept up into any imaginable social cause—often failing to see any duplicity present.

The fact that so-called feminists and liberals can be led, en masse, to support a movement that is antithetical to feminism is sobering evidence that the human race is almost completely on its knees.

But the more ignorantly and mindlessly our fellows act the more it seems to help others wake up.

In truth, the problem of image blindness is much older than we might think. The people are susceptible to propaganda and mind control because we’ve forgotten how to judge well. It seems easier to rely on the priesthoods of truth than to learn the skills of discernment. But this mental laziness comes at a terrible price.

While I can’t predict the future, I do suspect that as the unthinking masses fall deeper and deeper into mental infancy, those who value personal discernment and truth will become more active.

Perhaps we are witnessing the death throes of the memes of unconsciousness, and a wave of awakening is to follow.

But unless we, as individuals, do that inner work of seeking truth and asking questions, lies will always be accepted as truth.

You, with your consciousness, mind, and ability to think is the biggest weapon we have against intolerance and oppression, whether from despotic elite controllers or misguided sycophants.

– Justin