Dream Journal

I’ve decided to start sharing some of my dreams that I’ve been having and have had. I’ve had a dream journal for the last 3 years and have quite a bit of entries. I think it would be a wonderful way to help you get to know me. Jonathan Carty has done the same thing and I’ve read some of his entries and I feel it helps to get to know the person more intimately. Not only that; we’re evolving to a state of being where there will be no secrets. So I might as well start practicing to be more open with others. I figure this is a good way to work towards that endeavor.

This journal may not be in chronological order; I will be letting the spirit to guide me on what to share. So it will be random.


I had a very interesting dream. I had the ability to manipulate my reality according to my desire. I attained some considerable control over my environment. I was able to life buildings with my mind. I was able to converse with the dead. I saw my Sister’s precious cat Socks and also Booger(Family Cat). Booger kept shifting colors then spiraled into a combination of colors that that no longer resembled a cat. It was as if Booger became formless and all that was left was color and energy. I could also feel an incredible fear. I would describe it as terror, but it had no foothold in my dream, only a feeling.


Last nights dream was quite fascinating. It involved a magician who started to perform a ritual, I remember him speaking in a foreign tongue. There was a couple (man and women) bond to one another. They were in the center of a casting circle. I remember the last part of the ritual was being captioned in English as if it was a movie. The last part of the ritual involved the magician speaking a name and address. Then the couple went through the ground, then out of the ground came a green hulk looking like being. Suddenly they were all being chased through sort of complex. The hulk was smashing through walls. Then it came to a room and smashed through a computer console.

There was a girl following the hulk from behind. Then the magician, but he ran into somebody. I don’t remember who the magician ran into. Afterwards, it showed the unknown person with blood and a piece of debris in his hand, the magician though managed to get away. After this unknown man walks away you see the magician through the windows of a bus in the background.

Then my dream went to another scene were some kind of commander or general was in a military complex. It was being gassed with toxic gas in some sections. Someone called the commander, but it was too late. The commander was able to get to a room that would be sealed off from the gas. He sat in the corner of the room next to a glass wall.

He then noticed a women behind the glass wall. She was breathing air through the small crack next to the commander. The commander watched her and the friend that was with her. They were both dying from the toxic gas. The woman who was breathing through the crack told the commander that she always loved him. The scene ends with the bad guys(they felt bad; probably the ones who gassed the complex, but I’m not sure) wearing suits and going into the poisoned sections.


I had a dream where I was using some kind of technique to achieve a certain state of awareness. I remember the feeling of being in this state; it was a feeling of freedom and contentment. When I finished I was approached by others. I remember them asking “Do you have to leave?” I told them I did. I noticed who was going to be speaking next. It was some kind of great doctor or scientist. One that reminded me of the scientist from Stargate Universe, actually more like the doctor from Battle Galactica; Gaius Baltar.

He was about to speak. I remember wishing I could stay. I felt happy, informed and important. Like I was apart of something. Perhaps the message is I’m receiving training in my dream state? Or maybe perhaps this could be a memory surfacing? Only time will tell.


In last night’s dream I was some kind of super soldier. I was given the impression of Master Chief from Halo. The ship I was on had been severely damaged. I remember arguing with someone about the integrity of the ship being compromised. The ship had a gaping hole that was sealed off only by a forcefield. The person disagreed, but then all of a sudden the ship broke apart; but then I had a replay. I went back into time; before the hole was made I managed to be there and prevent the hole from destroying the entire ship.

Then I had to go into space and infiltrate another vessel. I remember flying through space to get to the ship. When I entered the ship I was spotted by a young kid, but the kid didn’t do anything. I changed my disguise and projected a image of a crew member who’s image I saw on the wall. I walked past the kid, the kid was confused. I was going about the ship when a group of beings confronted me.

I remember grabbing one by the throat and saying ” Do you think you can actually stop me? You mere mortals cannot even begin to understand my existence! You’re maggots compared to me!” Then I awoke from dream.

Well that’s all the dream entries I’m going to share for now. Have a lovely day all and be blessed!

Timothy Frappier


More Dream Entries


I just had a dream that reminded me of the movie: Ground Hog Day. I was talking with some kind of specialist, but I couldn’t see him. I was discovering the fact that I repeat the same thing over and over. The specialist was trying to find out what I remembered. He seemed to be gauging my awareness and trying to determine exactly what I remembered. It felt as if the specialist was attempting to help me.

Then I remember the scene moving to my house. I became fearful and started to be dragged into my sister’s room; but then I woke up.


I had some kind of abilities in my dream. I was able to fly & manipulate energy. I remember talking to a woman about this. This was after she saw me fly across the room and land in a chair. I told her one day I found out I was able to feel and manipulate matter around me. I touched her on the forehead and she became sexual stimulated. She wanted me to come back to her place.

Then there was a scene where I was making clouds move in the sky. I remember worrying that I couldn’t stop making them. Then it seemed as if I had no control over it. Then I saw a Doug(This is not the real name of the person I saw; I choose to pick a random name to protect the individuals anonymity) at a bar. He didn’t say anything at all.


I was some kind of general or other military official who was infiltrating some kind of secret base. I remember everyone thinking there was only 470 levels to this secret base; but I disclosed that there were over 500. I remember I was attempting to cause in-fighting within this multinational alliance. I also was barred from the lower levels in the base; so I devised a way to gain entry to them.

I created a disguise that allowed me to use another officials identity to gain access to the lower realms. I remember talking to Bill Clinton at some kind of underground facility that had meetings going on. I remember walking away from him. I then recall that I was being escorted back to the main surface by a higher ranking official. He asked me if I was divorced, I told him I was never married.

We reached the main floor and it resembled a processing floor. I was waiting until it was my time to be screened. The official that escorted me waited outside the room where I was being screened. That’s all of the dream that I can remember.

Well that’s it for me today; another few entries to add to the collection. Until next time beloveds; be blessed.

Timothy Frappier



Last night’s dream involved myself being chased by some individuals. It didn’t feel like I was in danger; but it seemed more like a friendly competition. I was flying through the air with my arms held to my side; but behind my back. I was flying past a hotel and decided to pass it up and head over to a school.

I then had another dream where I was in some kind of underground sanctum; there was some kind of being in there that I was calling out to. The name I called out to was Asmara. I looked up the meaning of the name Asmara and discovered it means beautiful butterfly. I butterfly is synonymous of transformation. A butterfly larvae creates a cocoon and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Thus this could be interpreted as a dream related to our ascension. We are all in a cocoon stage right now; once we ascend we turn into that beautiful butterfly. So fly on everyone; be yourself and enjoy life.

Timothy Frappier



I was some kind of psionic wielding individual looking for someone. A Korean Empath soldier came after me and we engaged in combat. I kicked his butt by phasing his consciousness out of body and frying his neuro pathways in his brain so that his consciousness would have no place to return. William Riker from Star Trek suggested that I help around those in this facility who are called “them.” I told him that I am under strict orders not to help them. Evidently I tried before and failed.

I remember a scene in my dream where I was hiding behind & a lady came; she didn’t see me. Then there was a scene where I was with a guy in the past; I told him to grab my hand & we flew away.


I remember being in some sort of state of existence that allowed me to experience other experiences from different entities. I remember a certain being organized on some sort of template. I got the impression that there was limited space, It was then revealed to me why these beings were the way they were. They were afraid of being positioned in a place that would most likely end in their removal from the template. They were afraid of non-existence. I felt a powerful sense of empathy and understanding and my heart went out to these beings. I started to cry and understand.

That’s all for today; have a good week everyone

Timothy Frappier



I just had a dream where I was some kind of being that could bi-locate and project myself as many individuals. I remember seeing many individuals who’s forms I have assumed. I could transfer from one being to another effortlessly. As easy as putting on a different shift.

Then there came a scene where I was commanding a army and our enemy was fast approaching us from the rear. I remember turning around to engage them in combat. Next thing I know I see cars coming over the hill; I was semi-lucid during this dream and decided to see if I could manipulate the cars trajectory and lord and behold I was successful. I veered the vehicle into a deep river; it sank. Then I decided to see if I could manifest a pirate ship out of the water and it worked.

Then my mind drifted to thoughts that brought great fear in me. I started to have thoughts about Cosmic Horror. Nothing specific but a fear started to rise in me. As I was having these thoughts I remember flying in the sky and then waking up.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a dreams of this nature. I once had a dream where a Eldritch Abomination; then one that consumes whole planets; reached down to me with it’s tentacles and grabbed me. I was looking up towards the sky; with my hands raised in anticipation of it’s embrace. I wanted it to happen.

Since my awakening I’ve come to believe that these dreams are direct results of my interaction with the Yaldabaoth entity that Cobra describes. He even mentions that the Yaldabaoth entity has tentacles so this is another colloration that reaffirms my belief that this entity is interacting with me in my dream state. Which would make sense since we’re already here in the matrix governed and maintained by this entity.

This was an unusual dream because it felt semi-lucid. I didn’t have full conscious control; but it felt like I had a more control then I ever have had before.