Dream Journal

I’ve decided to start sharing some of my dreams that I’ve been having and have had. I’ve had a dream journal for the last 4 years and have quite a bit of entries. I think it would be a wonderful way to help you get to know me. Jonathan Carty has done the same thing and I’ve read some of his entries and I feel it helps to get to know the person more intimately. Not only that; we’re evolving to a state of being where there will be no secrets. So I might as well start practicing to be more open with others. I figure this is a good way to work towards that endeavor.

This journal may not be in chronological order; I will be letting the spirit to guide me on what to share. So it will be random.


I had a very interesting dream. I had the ability to manipulate my reality according to my desire. I attained some considerable control over my environment. I was able to lift buildings with my mind. I was able to converse with the dead. I saw my Sister’s precious cat Socks and also Booger(Family Cat). Booger kept shifting colors then spiraled into a combination of colors that that no longer resembled a cat. It was as if Booger became formless and all that was left was color and energy. I could also feel an incredible fear. I would describe it as terror, but it had no foothold in my dream, only a feeling.


Last nights dream was quite fascinating. It involved a magician who started to perform a ritual, I remember him speaking in a foreign tongue. There was a couple (man and women) bond to one another. They were in the center of a casting circle. I remember the last part of the ritual was being captioned in English as if it was a movie. The last part of the ritual involved the magician speaking a name and address. Then the couple went through the ground, then out of the ground came a green hulk looking like being. Suddenly they were all being chased through sort of complex. The hulk was smashing through walls. Then it came to a room and smashed through a computer console.

There was a girl following the hulk from behind. Then the magician, but he ran into somebody. I don’t remember who the magician ran into. Afterwards, it showed the unknown person with blood and a piece of debris in his hand, the magician though managed to get away. After this unknown man walks away you see the magician through the windows of a bus in the background.

Then my dream went to another scene were some kind of commander or general was in a military complex. It was being gassed with toxic gas in some sections. Someone called the commander, but it was too late. The commander was able to get to a room that would be sealed off from the gas. He sat in the corner of the room next to a glass wall.

He then noticed a women behind the glass wall. She was breathing air through the small crack next to the commander. The commander watched her and the friend that was with her. They were both dying from the toxic gas. The woman who was breathing through the crack told the commander that she always loved him. The scene ends with the bad guys(they felt bad; probably the ones who gassed the complex, but I’m not sure) wearing suits and going into the poisoned sections.


I had a dream where I was using some kind of technique to achieve a certain state of awareness. I remember the feeling of being in this state; it was a feeling of freedom and contentment. When I finished I was approached by others. I remember them asking “Do you have to leave?” I told them I did. I noticed who was going to be speaking next. It was some kind of great doctor or scientist. One that reminded me of the scientist from Stargate Universe, actually more like the doctor from Battle Galactica; Gaius Baltar.

He was about to speak. I remember wishing I could stay. I felt happy, informed and important. Like I was apart of something. Perhaps the message is I’m receiving training in my dream state? Or maybe perhaps this could be a memory surfacing? Only time will tell.


In last night’s dream I was some kind of super soldier. I was given the impression of Master Chief from Halo. The ship I was on had been severely damaged. I remember arguing with someone about the integrity of the ship being compromised. The ship had a gaping hole that was sealed off only by a forcefield. The person disagreed, but then all of a sudden the ship broke apart; but then I had a replay. I went back into time; before the hole was made I managed to be there and prevent the hole from destroying the entire ship.

Then I had to go into space and infiltrate another vessel. I remember flying through space to get to the ship. When I entered the ship I was spotted by a young kid, but the kid didn’t do anything. I changed my disguise and projected a image of a crew member who’s image I saw on the wall. I walked past the kid, the kid was confused. I was going about the ship when a group of beings confronted me.

I remember grabbing one by the throat and saying ” Do you think you can actually stop me? You mere mortals cannot even begin to understand my existence! You’re maggots compared to me!” Then I awoke from dream.

Well that’s all the dream entries I’m going to share for now. Have a lovely day all and be blessed!

Timothy Frappier



I just had a dream that reminded me of the movie: Ground Hog Day. I was talking with some kind of specialist, but I couldn’t see him. I was discovering the fact that I repeat the same thing over and over. The specialist was trying to find out what I remembered. He seemed to be gauging my awareness and trying to determine exactly what I remembered. It felt as if the specialist was attempting to help me.

Then I remember the scene moving to my house. I became fearful and started to be dragged into my sister’s room; but then I woke up.


I had some kind of abilities in my dream. I was able to fly & manipulate energy. I remember talking to a woman about this. This was after she saw me fly across the room and land in a chair. I told her one day I found out I was able to feel and manipulate matter around me. I touched her on the forehead and she became sexual stimulated. She wanted me to come back to her place.

Then there was a scene where I was making clouds move in the sky. I remember worrying that I couldn’t stop making them. Then it seemed as if I had no control over it. Then I saw a Doug(This is not the real name of the person I saw; I choose to pick a random name to protect the individuals anonymity) at a bar. He didn’t say anything at all.


I was some kind of general or other military official who was infiltrating some kind of secret base. I remember everyone thinking there was only 470 levels to this secret base; but I disclosed that there were over 500. I remember I was attempting to cause in-fighting within this multinational alliance. I also was barred from the lower levels in the base; so I devised a way to gain entry to them.

I created a disguise that allowed me to use another officials identity to gain access to the lower realms. I remember talking to Bill Clinton at some kind of underground facility that had meetings going on. I remember walking away from him. I then recall that I was being escorted back to the main surface by a higher ranking official. He asked me if I was divorced, I told him I was never married.

We reached the main floor and it resembled a processing floor. I was waiting until it was my time to be screened. The official that escorted me waited outside the room where I was being screened. That’s all of the dream that I can remember.

Well that’s it for me today; another few entries to add to the collection. Until next time beloveds; be blessed.

Timothy Frappier



Last night’s dream involved myself being chased by some individuals. It didn’t feel like I was in danger; but it seemed more like a friendly competition. I was flying through the air with my arms held to my side; but behind my back. I was flying past a hotel and decided to pass it up and head over to a school.

I then had another dream where I was in some kind of underground sanctum; there was some kind of being in there that I was calling out to. The name I called out to was Asmara. I looked up the meaning of the name Asmara and discovered it means beautiful butterfly. I butterfly is synonymous of transformation. A butterfly larvae creates a cocoon and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Thus this could be interpreted as a dream related to our ascension. We are all in a cocoon stage right now; once we ascend we turn into that beautiful butterfly. So fly on everyone; be yourself and enjoy life.

Timothy Frappier



I was some kind of psionic wielding individual looking for someone. A Korean Empath soldier came after me and we engaged in combat. I kicked his butt by phasing his consciousness out of body and frying his neuro pathways in his brain so that his consciousness would have no place to return. William Riker from Star Trek suggested that I help around those in this facility who are called “them.” I told him that I am under strict orders not to help them. Evidently I tried before and failed.

I remember a scene in my dream where I was hiding behind & a lady came; she didn’t see me. Then there was a scene where I was with a guy in the past; I told him to grab my hand & we flew away.


I remember being in some sort of state of existence that allowed me to experience other experiences from different entities. I remember a certain being organized on some sort of template. I got the impression that there was limited space, It was then revealed to me why these beings were the way they were. They were afraid of being positioned in a place that would most likely end in their removal from the template. They were afraid of non-existence. I felt a powerful sense of empathy and understanding and my heart went out to these beings. I started to cry and understand.

That’s all for today; have a good week everyone

Timothy Frappier



I just had a dream where I was some kind of being that could bi-locate and project myself as many individuals. I remember seeing many individuals who’s forms I have assumed. I could transfer from one being to another effortlessly. As easy as putting on a different shift.

Then there came a scene where I was commanding a army and our enemy was fast approaching us from the rear. I remember turning around to engage them in combat. Next thing I know I see cars coming over the hill; I was semi-lucid during this dream and decided to see if I could manipulate the cars trajectory and lord and behold I was successful. I veered the vehicle into a deep river; it sank. Then I decided to see if I could manifest a pirate ship out of the water and it worked.

Then my mind drifted to thoughts that brought great fear in me. I started to have thoughts about Cosmic Horror. Nothing specific but a fear started to rise in me. As I was having these thoughts I remember flying in the sky and then waking up.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a dreams of this nature. I once had a dream where a Eldritch Abomination; then one that consumes whole planets; reached down to me with it’s tentacles and grabbed me. I was looking up towards the sky; with my hands raised in anticipation of it’s embrace. I wanted it to happen.

Since my awakening I’ve come to believe that these dreams are direct results of my interaction with the Yaldabaoth entity that Cobra describes. He even mentions that the Yaldabaoth entity has tentacles so this is another colloration that reaffirms my belief that this entity is interacting with me in my dream state. Which would make sense since we’re already here in the matrix governed and maintained by this entity.

This was an unusual dream because it felt semi-lucid. I didn’t have full conscious control; but it felt like I had a more control then I ever have had before.



I was interacting with Kammler. I remember visiting him 3 times. In this dream I had superpowers. The second time I visited him I started to notice the material he was reading was very dark. I warned him of what he was doing. Then I healed his eye because he had something in it. The third time I visited  he had some kind of men with him. They said to me that I couldn’t talk to Kammler without summoning him. I figured out he became non-physical & joined the Archons. I told Kammler “There is a power where you don’t have to know everything in order to utilize it.” I tried empathizing this path, rather then having to know things in order to be something.

Then David Wilcock, Michael Salla were cleaning David’s compound entrance. Which was a hunk of copper. I jokingly said to David “David’s going to live here with the Elite in a compound to show them how it is done.”


In my dream I was helping a third world nation. I specifically remember going back and forth to this country. When I would arrive I had to OK my stay with someone. I was giving a speech to someone. I explained that we should be grateful for our material comfort, but not blinded by it. I was emphasizing the need to remain unselfish & not be consumed with greed.

In my second dream Patrick Stewart was chasing me. I was doing everything I could to escape. I ran, drove and even hid in a boat. One guy tried to refuse Patrick from searching the boat. They both started pulling guns out. Patrick won that stand off & beat the guy up until he started bleeding everywhere.



Today I had a dream with Teresa Yanaros from Divine Frequency. We were being taught how to make wooden wands. I remember seeing two variants of the wands. One was being made by Teresa & the other by someone who utilized sharp angles into the configuration of the wands. I remember there being 6 stages in developing and creating a magical wand.


I was with a group of people and we were all being trained. I remember feeling like I was the new guy. Then I remember someone saying something(don’t remember what) and I commented on how that was familiar with the Orion Empire. Someone disagreed and believed it was the opposite. Then I proceeded to show them my skillmanship with a sword. It seemed like I was now teaching them, I told them I made a decision to change.


Today’s dream I was witnessing someone manifesting their fears and confronting them. One person manifested a huge spider and it attacked him. I remember watching this take place.

Then it was my turn and I could see the outlining of a huge tyrannosaurus starting to come into focus. I remember being extremely afraid and not really excited to experience this. That’s when I woke it.

Well that’s it for today; sorry this latest entry was late; but I’ve been busy with other things. I will make an effort to post more frequently, perhaps once a month. Take care all.

Timothy Frappier



I had a dream where I was a Death Eater in Voldemort’s army. I remember a scene where I was talking to Ron Weasley & having to pretend to be a Death Eater because others were around. We were in some kind of house.

Then there was a scene where I was outside with Voldemort & I was fighting him and one of his followers. I remember them dropping my glass flower of life globe jug, it hit the ground but it did not break. We were all surprised. Then the next scene I was winning my fight against Voldemort because I was drowning his follower in water and managed to be able to cast a spell upon Voldemort.


I had a dream where it was being explained to me the healing power of money. I remember a statement that money has the capacity to save lives. I also saw Elon Musk in my dream. I saw a bunched of stacked up gold coins.


In this dream there were two cops searching my house. I was upset over them doing it. I was making it obvious to them as well that I was upset. They were making it difficult for my dad who was in a wheelchair. Just as they were leaving they say people outside with heroine & found our stash of money & drugs. They were going to pin the charges on my dad. I challenged one cop to a game of boxing & if I won they would leave us alone. He accepted and we had ourselves an intense boxing match. He laid a solid punch on me & I went on my knees, but just as he was going to land the finishing blow I unleashed a powerful uppercut & knocked him out. He wasn’t able to get up in time to prevent his defeat.

Well everyone that’s all for today. Be blessed and have yourself a wonderful Sunday.

Timothy Frappier



Last night’s dream I was some kind of young kid whom was attempting to escape what seemed to be a prison. There was some kind of biological lifeform(not sure if plant or something else) that was growing around the walls that kept me in. I remember discussing this with someone and how I was going to escape. Eventually the biological lifeform grew large enough that I could jump over the walls.

After I was free I was being chased. I remember running and driving through many areas. There was some kind of tracking device that was keeping track of me. I remember seeing that they were getting closer.


I just had a dream that has confirmed many of my suppositions I’ve been struggling with. In this dream I had a wolves charging at me out the window of my childhood window that I grew up in. I remember staring at them in anticipation of their assault. I was EXTREMELY afraid; the fear I felt transcended my awareness and when I woke up I didn’t understand why I kept my focus upon them.

Yet none the less I remember these wolves and also a bear coming straight at me. I was scared beyond belief, but yet I stood my ground. This was another dream I felt semi-lucid, because of the fact I had previous dreams that indicating this was my own creation. I distinctively remember the wolves and what I interpreted as a bear coming straight after me. I was afraid, so much so I could feel within my heart chakra the fear I felt when I woke up…..

I don’t know what this represents, but I believe it means something beyond my comprehension. I know that whenever I feel an intense fear I can originate that feeling from my heart chakra.

What I’m trying to get at here is that I have some kind of block in my Heart Chakra. Whenever I feel fear it always originates from this part in my body. Now this could be an implant or an entity attachment; I believe it’s the later because of my experience with my encounter with the demon Choronzon. I believe some kind of attachment was created that night over 7 years ago. Things have been getting worse for me since that day; I believe it’s because of this entity whom is a part of the Yaldabaoth oversoul.

I don’t know what the truth is, but I do know this and that is we’re all going to overcome this together. There is no force that will prevent our evolution. I am grateful to have served with you all and I look forward to the time when we swap story with one another with what we have experienced.



I just had a dream where I narrowing escaped some kind of trap that was attempting to imprison me. The trap consisted of multiple bars in vertical position closing in on me. Then there was Maggie Q whom had her foot partially caught the trap and it disintegrated a part of it and then it quickly regenerated.

Then there was a scene where someone died and I told others to throw away the body. One guy didn’t like my attitude and attempted to attack me, but he was held back. Then I started to push his buttons and make him even more angry. I then started to operate from a negative state of being and started to intimidate him. It definitely was an embodiment of my shadow self. I was purposing attempting to arouse an negative reaction from another being for some unknown conscious, but I knew it was because of the fact I’ve existed as lifestreams that were very vampiric.

Interesting dream; I think it may represent aspects of my being that are now integrating and receiving healing.


This dream was very interesting because of the fact I had abilities that many would consider impossible. I was able to freeze matter around me; when I used this power my eyes would change color and there would be a difference that was quite noticeable to the observer. I was able to freeze whatever I focused on. I was also able to create fireballs from my hand and throw them at whatever I desired.

Then there came a scene where I was able to manipulate the molecular state of matter and reverse it’s aging process. I remember seeing a door that I was able to change it’s molecular age with my own will. I only needed to focus upon it and change the arrangements of atoms and protons within it and order to create a age that I desired. It was is if I was to bypass the oxidation process and create whatever age these protons and neutrons exhibited by my will. It was a great power, many would consider impossible because by current understanding oxidation and many other factors determines age according to our understanding of this world.

Yet I was able to manipulate such a force with ease and efficiency. This coincides with many of the other dreams I’ve been having lately. Things have been ramping up for me in my dream state. I do believe that these abilities I’ve been dreaming about are a prequel or message that this is what is in store for me. For so very long I’ve also felt ‘different’ from others. I never really did like society and the way it was structured.

When I had my awakening in 2009 I discovered a whole new world and I’ve been attempting to join this world, yet my efforts have so far seemed futile and fruitless. Yet that was until I started reading about the Dark Night Of The Soul around 2012. I instantly knew then that this was what I was going through. so from 2012 – present I’ve been reading many books, articles and watching videos to help better understand this. I was attempting to better myself and help this process take place.

Yet lately though, I’ve lost all motivation to do that anymore; I don’t read as much as I used to, I’ve stopped following many writers on blogs that I used to jump on with great anticipation and excitement. All this effort that I’ve exerted has resulted in no gain. In fact I believe I’ve reached the burnout phase as Lisa Renee has mentioned.

I just feel so burnout and the symptoms that Lisa has described sounds very familiar. So I’ve learned that it’s time for me to just surrender to the process and stop trying to do things. I’ve decided to accept and trust that this process is best for me. This is a very hard thing for me, but I know it must be done. I’ve been experiencing the Dark Night Of The Soul since 2012 and now that I’ve reached the Burnout stage I’ve finally decided to surrender to the process.

So if anyone is reading this and may believe your going through the Dark Night Of The Soul; I want you to know that it’s going to be alright and that you’ll get through this. We must first shed the ego/personality in order to invite the spirit of Christ into our life. My love and thoughts go out to you and I wish you well upon your journey.


I just had a dream that many would consider to be an nightmare. I woke up afraid and the feeling of fear stayed with me for quite some time and it took awhile for me to recover from it. Yet I was guided during the experience and managed to come out of it. Yet I can still feel the fear lingering, but that fear is slowly fading away and for that I am grateful. Now let’s get to this dream

In my dream I was stuck in some kind of space-time anomaly. I remember trying to understand what was going on, but it was confusing and disorientating. I was constantly shifting from one experience to the other. It was all jumbled together and quite a mess. It felt like I was oscillating between many different space-time coordinates. It felt like I was trying to figure out what was going on and resolve some kind of problem I was experiencing. I remember the fear of it, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

I remember a scene where I learned that certain beings would entrap other entities and put them into a void like space where they would siphon their energy from them. I remember the term Black Hole being used, as if beings were kept in a black hole. The details about this are few.

That’s all I really remember, but the feeling of fear stands out. I quite literally woke up afraid and it took probably 10 minutes about for me to recover. I started to realize how grateful I am, things could be much worse. I could be in that type of situation, but luckily since there are beings whom care and love us dearly they’ve made sure that can never happen. We’re bringing remedy and resolution to this beautiful planet.

I do believe this dream is a representation of the Primary Anomaly Cobra has talked about. He’s even stated that millions of years ago a device was created in order to interact with the primary anomaly and when certain beings used the device it actually distorted the space-time around them. That’s what this dream reminded me off, then the certain beings that entrap other entities reminds me of the Archons as Cobra has discussed.

This dream was very uncomfortable and fearful, I remember the fear clearly and how it lingered into my waking world. I do believe these dreams allow me to process and heal myself. For that I am grateful and I wish you all a wonderful day.


Last nights dream I was attempting to join some kind of organization. I cannot remember what type though; all I know is that it felt like I would be staying there long term. I was given a tour by a beautiful blonde girl who was assigned to me. I remember that I was attracted to her and it felt like I had feelings for her. I remember watching her talk to other people and I felt a special connection.

I was questioned by her eventually about what branch of military I served in; I remember answering her correctly and stating that I was under the command of Sgt Wilkins. I also remember being interviewed by a male whom seemed to run the place.

Then the scene went to Donald Trump; I was attempting to get some kind of funding for my stay at the organization; like a grant or something similiar to that. The secretary brought my request to Donald Trump and he said that “I have done this nation a great service and he granted my request.”

This dream felt like a confirmation of service in some kind of branch of the military; yet I’ve never been in the military. It felt like I was being granted the funds for my service in the Secret Space Program; even though I have no memories of being in it; so I cannot confirm whether or not I was in these programs. I’ve heard of Solar Warden as being a military branch that is ran by the Navy; they do the 20 and back programs; where you’re enlisted to work twenty years in there programs. When you finish the program your blank slated and forget the whole ordeal.

They promise a good life afterward the service, like a 6 figure job and other things, but according to Corey Goode they never fulfill their obligations. They use you like cannon fodder, make all these promises but then not fulfill them.

I’m very critical on these Secret Space Programs because the morality they exhibit is questionable. Taking people into these programs and working them for 20 years and then having their memories erased and then reinsert them into society with none of the promises fulfilled is an atrocity. Erasing a person’s memory is horrible and I’m not very impressed with these Secret Space Programs.

We need to reign in control over these programs because they are running amok with chaos. It’s time for Full Disclosure. Those whom have served should have the RIGHT to remember that they served.


Last night’s dream was a bit perplexing. I remember a scene with Voldemort where we shared some kind of mind meld through our fingers touching; like Michelangelo’s painting “The Creation of Adam”. When it was completed he understood that I was an reincarnation of him. He embraced me with a hug. I wasn’t afraid in this dream; it felt more like a brotherly acknowledgment of origin.

I’ve had dreams that have seemed Archontic by nature; I’ve even had an suspicion that I was a part of the Archons that Cobra has described in my past and/or future. This is based upon my dreams I’ve encountered; I’ve had some very very dark dreams that I wish not upon anyone. The fear they bring is unnatural and terrifying; yet lucky for me they are just dreams.

Yet the none the less; I’ve always had an impression that I was once them; I cannot deny that I possess the mindset and understanding to embody their mentality, yet none the less I’ve made a choice to not do so because I understand that the harm I cause to others I cause to myself.

Yet I cannot confirm or deny this idea; I don’t have any memories of being a part of the Archon Hierarchy, only dreams that are very dark. I believe this message to be a example of my acceptance of the darker aspects of myself; whether that applies to actual experience as a dark being or the potential to be a dark being I do not know.

I do know this though; I am a being of infinite possibility and with that mantra and Truth I shall be all that I can be.


This most latest dreams has been an affirmation to my last entry. In it described my life’s journey; in the beginning I was an infinite being; full of light, love and potential. I was one with the source and the source was one with me.

Yet throughout my journey I ended up as being similar to the being known as Pennywise from the IT movie series. This was very startling and it caused me to cry in my dream and suddenly I was awake.

I interpret this as the journey that we as humanity have experienced upon this precious blue globe. Life isn’t what we expect it to be; it is difficult and full of obstacles and problems. Yet they are our own creation; regardless of the events that we experienced, because all is an manifestation of the self. Thus we are both the tyrants and the oppressed.

Yet it isn’t that simple; we as humanity are interacting with a energy force that is equivalent to the Primary Anomaly. Thus I know I exist to resolve this force with whatever means is necessary. It is an by product of my experience and with that fact I feel guided to resolve such a force because I wish to see a reality free from this distortion.

If your reading this I want you to know; we shall be victorious; this force cannot compare to the power of the light and the light will see this universal force brought to a conclusion because of our force of Will. Where there is light darkness flees and when darkness flees humanity becomes free. Through our individual experience we help resolve this anomaly. To all the soldiers I salute you in your effort to resolve such a force, because from a individual experience I know how difficult it can be.

In the end though; there was always be the Victory Of The Light!


I had a dream where I boarded the starship Enterprise and took control of it. Captain Kirk wasn’t too pleased. Eventually though I explained to him that our involvement with the Enterprise was because we were attempting to fix our timeline. We discovered that the many timelines we’ve encountered ended at a certain destination we were attempting to avoid.

It seemed as if by us getting involved with the Enterprise in some way; we were changing or attempting to change our timeline.

There came a scene where I received some kind of video message; then after the message I surrendered to Captain Kirk. I also revealed to Kirk that we had agents that were invisible on the ship and that’s how we were able to take control of the ship.

I got down on the knees and took a surrender’s pose. That’s when I woke up.


I just had a dream where there were certain two beings fighting. One of them had the ability to possess other beings. The other I cannot remember much about it, I don’t know what kind of entity it was. I remember some kind of long drawn out fight taking place in front of the crew of the Enterprise. The being who could take possession of others reminded me of the movie Fallen. In that movie a demon by the name of Azazel could take possession of others simply by touch. I also believe this being was a demon in my dream because I had a feeling it was extremely powerful and dangerous; much more so then the one depicted in the movie Fallen.

Eventually Captain Picard was able to lock onto the being and transport it into a force field containment. Picard explained to the other being that he cannot use his blaster and that there is nowhere for it to go. Then he insisted on having some kind of explanation of what just occurred.

The being explained the origin of species; he/she(not sure if this being had a gender) revealed a template showing many different types of species that were used as a guideline to determine origin. There were a lot on this template; but the one that the being explained to Picard to be the origin of this demon like entity is Halek & Divine Mother.

It seemed to imply that the name Halek applied to something that is or is related somehow to the Divine Mother.

When I looked up the name Halek; there wasn’t many results; many of the name meaning websites I visited didn’t have a definite answer; but there was a user submitted meaning that said this:

“According to a user from South Africa, the name Halek is of German origin and means “Derived from Hanno (Gift of God) + Alek (from Alexander – to defend, assist, help man)”.

Then when I searched the term “The Divine Mother” in Google; I found an interesting explanation of the Divine Mother that stated this:

First of all, we need to understand that Divine Mother is not a separate thing or person, but is the feminine aspect of God. There’s really only one reality — the Infinite Consciousness that has produced all the different manifestations we see. But there can be different expressions of the Divine that appeal to people according to their own natures. – Source

Well, that’s all for now.


I remember it was dark at night. All was quiet and there was some kind of tower. It seemed to be a part of a city. I vaguely remember an reference of islands sinking. I could notice that the wind sounded different, something wasn’t right.

Next thing I know my attention is placed upon a huge tsunami that was coming start towards us.

That’s when I woke up; I started to cry; at first I wasn’t crying very hard; but then suddenly it hit me and I started to cry a lot; then my body became tingled. It’s a hard feeling to describe it’s just that when I was crying I had a physical sensation of tinglingness around my body. It’s not the first time I’ve had this body sensation, it’s happen to me before.

This was a past life memory that I needed to heal. I was in Atlantis or Lemuria when it fell. I’m not sure which one; because my dream didn’t reveal the name of the city. That’s what I know this dream revealed to me.

I’m grateful for this experience because now I can heal from that traumatic event and move on with my life.