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David Wilcock: All right, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host,David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode and our special guest Dr. Michael Salla from Exopolitics Institute.

So Michael, welcome to the show.

Dr. Michael Salla: Thanks for having me on the show, David.

David: Thanks. And Corey, good to have you back, buddy.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: I was talking with you about another book that you wrote, “Kennedy’s Last Stand”, and so I’d like to open with that for this episode.

Michael: Well, the book really goes into what Kennedy knew about this whole topic. And the thing that . . .

1 Kennedy S Last Stand

David: What whole topic?

Michael: The topic of UFOs, flying saucers.

David: Oh.

 Michael Salla

Michael: Kennedy was very interested in that, and so the book looks at his history of trying to find out about it. But one of the things that I did in that book was, I was able to find out that, early in his career, Kennedy was actually a protege of James Forrestal, who at the time was the Secretary of the Navy.

Corey: The Navy, yeah.

Michael: And so Forrestal took Kennedy . . . This was before Kennedy became a congressman or even entered politics. And Forrestal, at the time, wanted to recruit Kennedy to his personal staff.

So Forrestal took Kennedy on a fact-finding trip to Germany in July and August of 1945. So this is after the war.

You had the Navy there, the Army there, basically pouring over everything that the Nazis were developing in terms of secret technologies and trying to find out what it was that they were going to bring back under Operation Paperclip – scientists and technologies.

So Forrestal . . .

David: So even though they fled to Antarctica, it wasn’t like they got everything out.

Michael: Exactly, yeah. The Germans still had a lot of really advanced stuff down there. Certainly, as far as the Air Force and the Navy were concerned, the stuff that the Germans were working on in occupied Europe was just way ahead of anything they had.

So the Navy was there trying to work out what it was that they should ship back to the U.S. to work on in their top secret laboratories.

David: Let me ask you this. Did the U.S. have captured German soldiers and scientists who were telling them what was there? Or were they just going into an abandoned building and then trying to poke around and look for things?

Michael: Oh, they had both. They had a lot of scientists, engineers, that were trying to cut a deal, trying to get a favorable place to live, or maybe even get repatriated to whatever country they were originally from, or even to the U.S., . . .

David: Right.

Michael: . . . people that had documents that wanted to cut a deal. People knew where the secret laboratories were.

So you had all of this happening, and so the Navy and the Army had their top intelligence teams in there trying to sift out exactly what was available.

David: All right. Sorry to interrupt, but I think this is really important, too.

In case people are younger, they don’t understand this, Kennedy is not just an ordinary family. We have a background on the Kennedys in which Joseph Kennedy, the father of all the Kennedy brothers, was well-known as a bootlegger, and had made a significant fortune.

Michael: Well, yeah. He was a very successful businessman. I mean, he did a number of things, and bootlegging during prohibition was one of the things.

David: Right.

Michael: But he’s probably best known for being the ambassador for the U.S. to England just before the Second World War.

David: Okay.

Michael: And he was also, along with James Forrestal, the . . . he became the first, I think, it’s the President of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

David: Oh, really?

Michael: So this was . . . So he was really at the apex of the financial system in the U.S. at the time.

David: Right, because the SEC is what’s regulating the whole stocks and commodities markets, and all that.

Corey: Yeah. And the tie-in to Forrestal is obvious. Forrestal pops up in ufology everywhere.

David: MJ-12, right?

Michael: Right, yeah. He was on the MJ-12 committee. And Forrestal, he was the guy that worked for a major financial company Dillon and Read. And so he was picked by the Navy, by Roosevelt, to actually help the Navy prepare for the war, because he had the expertise, the knowledge of major scale industrial manufacturing, and the Navy needed to really change in order to deal with the pressure of fighting two wars.

Corey: There are some interesting tie-ins between Forrestal and William Tompkins, are there not?

Michael: Very important. According to William Tompkins, Forrestal was the guy that picked the admiral that would run the top secret Navy program that was going to be trying to get as much information as they could on what the Nazis were doing, in terms of secret space technologies.

And Forrestal was also the guy that somehow was influenced by Nordics to pick Rico Botta to actually play this role.

So Forrestal was in communication with these Nordic extraterrestrials. And that’s a part of what I discuss in the new book, “The U.S. Navy’s Secret Space Program”, the way in which Nordics extraterrestrials were helping the U.S. Navy, right across the spectrum in terms of – from the very beginning to the very end – in the Navy’s developing a secret space program.

David: Do you think that at the time that Forrestal is bringing Kennedy over to this very recently defeated Germany, to get into all the good stuff, do you think they already had a plan with Joe Kennedy that his sons were going to run for president?

Michael: Well, that may have been a factor in why John F. Kennedy didn’t accept Forrestal’s offer . . .

David: Oh, he didn’t?

Michael: . . . to join his personal staff, because Forrestal wanted to recruit Kennedy to his personal staff, and because Jack Kennedy died and – you know, his brother, his older brother died – the father, Joe Kennedy, wanted John F. Kennedy to now enter politics.

David: Oh.

Michael: And so that was why Kennedy turned down Forrestal’s offer to be a part of his personal staff, and Kennedy then entered politics instead and became a congressman – elected to Congress in 1946.

David: Well, do you see, in your research in “Kennedy’s Last Stand”, any other evidence that Kennedy was actually given briefings or was made aware of some of what was going on with the extraterrestrial question?

Michael: Well, not so much as far as the extraterrestrial question is concerned, but as far as Nazi Germany’s advanced programs, he was given access to all of it. I mean, he knew what . . .

David: Really?

Michael: . . . was going on, that Forrestal actually was showing Kennedy all of these advanced technologies and Kennedy wrote about it in a book that was published posthumously, called “Prelude to Leadership”.

3 Prelude To Leadership

Not many people know about this book . . .

David: Never head of it.

Michael: . . . but it’s a book, written by John F. Kennedy, about his time in occupied Europe, and in Germany, in particular. But the important thing to keep in mind here is that at that same time as Forrestal was showing Kennedy all of these captured German technologies, that Forrestal was the guy that was ultimately in charge of the Navy’s secret espionage program in Nazi Germany, where they were getting all of this intel about Germany having two secret space programs.

And so Forrestal was looking, on behalf of the Navy, for anything that he could find about Germany’s secret space programs.

And so that meant that Kennedy knew about all of this, as well.

David: Right.

Michael: And so this is an important historical fact that that book really articulates, that because of Kennedy’s exposure to this whole phenomenon of advanced UFOs, flying saucers, extraterrestrial life – the kind of information Forrestal was sharing with him – because of that, when Kennedy became president in January 1961, that Kennedy really made an effort to get to the bottom of this whole phenomenon and really get power back, in terms of the president running these secret projects, rather than the projects becoming autonomous, as happened under Eisenhower.

David: All right. I want to ask you one more question about Eisenhower, and then I want to toss it back to Corey for a clarification.

4 Corey Michael And David

We know that Eisenhower ordered this invasion of Area 51, as we talked about in our last episode. And in his infamous closing remarks as he leaves office, he warns about the acquisition of unwarranted influence, either sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex, and then he hands it over to Kennedy.

5 Eisenhower Statement

Have you researched whether there was a conversation between Eisenhower and Kennedy about what Eisenhower had experienced in that transition of power?

Michael: Well, we know from official records that Kennedy met with President Eisenhower twice while Kennedy was President-elect, that they met in December and in January.

And the January event was just a couple of days, two or three days, before the farewell address. So I think it’s fair to assume that whatever Eisenhower shared publicly is much, much less than what he shared privately with Kennedy.

David: Now, you’ve undoubtedly done research on this idea that some kind of benevolent extraterrestrial group met with Eisenhower.

So for those who are not familiar with that, could you just talk a little bit about your knowledge of the Ike and ETs event?

Michael: Sure. Well, I think that there’s so many different whistleblowers who’ve come forward and witnesses, that we can kind of get an idea of the chronology of these different meetings that Eisenhower was a part of.

That starting in February of 1954, that Eisenhower traveled to Edwards Air Force Base, and he met with a positive group of extraterrestrials – what Bill Tompkins describes as Nordic extraterrestrials – and they kind of really emphasized to him the dangers of developing nuclear weapons – thermal nuclear weapons at that time were being deployed; these were hydrogen bombs – and that the Eisenhower administration should follow a more peaceful policy and be open to receiving more spiritual, more ethical information.

Eisenhower, I think, personally, was very impressed by the Nordics, but his national security team said, “No, we’re not going to give up nuclear weapons, and we’re not going to listen to this kind of spiritual, ethical upliftment talk at all.”

So then Eisenhower met with another group of extraterrestrials in February of 1955, this time at Holloman Air Force Base, and this was a group of Grey extraterrestrials, tall Greys, that basically reached agreements with Eisenhower in terms of sharing their technologies.

The Greys weren’t too perturbed that the U.S. was developing thermal nuclear weapons, and so that’s where the agreements began with the Greys.

David: The alleged Tau IX Treaty that led to the formalizing of abductions and all that.

Michael: Right, exactly. And this, of course, all happened after the flyovers in 1952, the Washington flyovers, where you had those craft flying over.

6 1952 UFO Washington DC Flyover

And, of course, the big debate is, were they extraterrestrial or were they Nazi? And, of course, we’ve had different stories on that, but what Bill Tompkins and what Corey have said, as well as Clark McClelland, is that these were Nazi craft.

And so that suggests that the subsequent meetings that happened, these were . . . The agreement that happened after the Holloman Air Force Base was with a group that was allied with the Nazis.

And interestingly, one of the witnesses that was at Holloman Air Force Base in 1955, he actually referred to that Nazi element.

David: All right. So Corey, what was your personal knowledge of extraterrestrial contacts with presidents? When did that first start? Did anything happen with Truman? Did anything happen with Eisenhower, in terms of what you were told, yourself, on the inside?

Corey: There were meetings with Truman and Eisenhower. Eisenhower was meeting with groups that he mentioned, non-terrestrial groups, as well as one called the Blues.

He had a number of meetings where Nazis flew in in these flying saucers, landed it on bases, and came out and had meetings with, I mean, actual Nazis, as well.

David: And we’ve briefly touched on the Blues before, but this is a fascinating area for me because I was able to independently confirm what you said with Pete Peterson.

So could you describe for us, why were they called the Blues? What did they say and how was it taken?

Corey: They were called the Blues because they had blue skin, and their agenda was peaceful.

Much like the Nordics, they were advising us not to dabble in nuclear energy or weaponry. They also were giving us spiritually uplifting information, information about consciousness, stuff that the military really had no use for.

And much later on, they were referred to, and the Nordics, they refer to them, jokingly, as ‘space hippies’. Although there were no hippies in the 1940s, later on they were called that.

David: What was the deal that the Blues were offering? What would we have to do to get their cooperation?

Corey: Give up nuclear weapons. Give up the pursuit of nuclear weapons.

David: But what would be the payoff for us if we did? What were they offering as the carrot?

Corey: To begin to help us spiritually, to integrate with other civilizations.

David: Now, you had mentioned very briefly Clark McClelland, and that’s just popped up on the radar screen recently in a new insider correlation with Tompkins.

And I’m sure you’re familiar with that, so could you share with us how McClelland has suddenly popped into the story?

7 Clark McClelland

Michael: Well, with Clark McClelland, he was a spacecraft operator for NASA at the end of his career. Prior to that, he worked for about three decades for various NASA contractors.

So he had a bird’s-eye view of what was happening at NASA, and so he was able to confirm what Bill Tompkins had to say, that NASA had been infiltrated by Nazis.

Clark McClelland, for example, said that when he went to the office of Kurt Debus, who was the first Director of the Kennedy Space Center, that McClelland met Hans Kammler.

8 Kurt Debus

9 Hans Kammler

And Kammler was the Nazi SS General that ran their Secret Space Program in occupied Europe, trying to weaponize the technologies – the Die Glocke or the Nazi Bell – that Kammler was in charge of all of this.

So here you have Kammler, in the 1960s, at the Kennedy Space Center meeting with the director.

And so McClelland was able to confirm that that was actually happening, and so that was confirmation, or really strong corroboration, for what Bill Tompkins was saying about the way in which the Nazis continued to have this undue influence over the entire NASA space program, and had actually infiltrated the military-industrial complex.

And that’s one of the things that Tompkins says, that the military-industrial complex – various companies and various military organizations – found themselves almost in a kind of proxy war between these different extraterrestrial factions: the Nazi Reptilian group that were trying to infiltrate and take over the U.S. military-industrial complex, and then another group, the Nordic extraterrestrials, who identified the Navy as really being the one U.S. institution that was kind of much more aligned, or supportive, of U.S. constitutional values.

David: For those who are watching this show who are not familiar with Clark McClelland, I know what his background is, but I’d like for you to share in your words.

What was the big sizzle – his testimony about the Space Shuttle going back years ago – that we’ve all encountered?

Michael: Well, what he did was, he actually said that he saw on the NASA live feed, an incident involving the Space Shuttle, where there was another craft parked near the Space Shuttle – another spacecraft – and there was at least two different types of astronauts accompanying the NASA astronauts, or the Space Shuttle astronauts, who were out there doing a space walk.

He compared the size of these astronauts from this foreign spacecraft. They were around 10-foot tall compared to the NASA astronauts.

So he had a diagram illustrating what he had seen, and so he spoke at length about this as being evidence that there was a Secret Space Program program with alien astronauts that were somehow collaborating with the NASA space program.

David: So one of the things that you’ve gotten into, in some of your more recent work, is this idea of how the fictional tales that are told in movies, and comic books, and now video games, of course, regular books by science fiction authors, like Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, how were they being influenced by what was going on from the things you’ve learned firsthand talking to Tompkins and other insiders?

Michael: Well, one of the people that Bill Tompkins identified as being a key player in the Navy’s development of a secret space program was Admiral Leslie Stevens.

10 Admiral Leslie Clark Stevens

Now, Admiral Stevens, he was actually a contemporary of Admiral Botta, who was running the Navy program out of San Diego, learning all about the Nazi space program.

And what I’ve been able to determine is that, through Freedom of Information Act [FOIA], that Stevens and Botta actually served together on at least one committee.

So this was something that really supported what Bill Tompkins was saying, that Stevens was involved in this and was very familiar with the Navy’s Secret Space Program.

Well, the important thing about Admiral Stevens is that he had a son who had the same name, Leslie Stevens, so Leslie Stevens IV. He was the producer of the famous show, “The Outer Limits”.

11 Leslie Stevens IV

12 The Outer Limits

And at that time, around 1964, ’65, Gene Roddenberry sat in on the set of “The Outer Limits”, to kind of learn from Leslie Stevens how to put together a science fiction show.

13 Gene Roddenberry

David: Wow! Let me interrupt you just really briefly because this is amazing. So I’m sitting with one of my insiders, who we call Daniel, and he’s the guy that allegedly worked at Montauk, where they back-engineered a seat from a UFO, got it working, and you could sit in the chair, meditate and create a portal that could actually send people through space and time.

And one day he was talking about what happens when you use some of these technologies, and it creates a little orb that can look where you want to have it look.

And he said that the name of this thing was an “outer band individuated teletracer” or OBIT.

And we go online, and I just said, “Hey man, let’s just look this up right now, and see if . . . has anybody ever leaked this information?”

“The Outer Limits” . . .

Michael: Exactly.

David: . . . had an episode called “Outer Band Individuated Teletracer” – exactly the same. And then, the actual description of it was that it was a device that could do all surveillance in all places at all times.

So that showed me right away, okay, “The Outer Limits” has got to have some kind of insider connection.

Michael: And one of the things about Leslie Stevens’ father, the Admiral, he actually ran the psychological warfare operations for the National Security Council.

David: Wow!

Michael: So he was in charge of that. And Leslie Stevens IV, the producer of “The Outer Limits”, his background was military intelligence. So he actually served for military intelligence, and because of his expertise, I believe that what he did during the Second World War was psychological warfare operations.

So then what I’ve been able to deduce from my research – and it’s in the new book – is that Leslie Stevens IV was basically working with his father, up until his father’s death, in psychological warfare operations, in trying to introduce some of these breakthrough ideas as a form of soft disclosure in the media and entertainment industry.

So when we have “The Outer Limits” being created, you have Gene Roddenberry sitting in on it after the failure of a series that he had earlier put together, which was called “The Lieutenant”.

14 The Lieutenant

So it was all about a Navy lieutenant. So that flopped. It only lasted, I think, one year, possibly two years.

And so Roddenberry was advised by his agent to come up with a science fiction show.

So he sat in on “The Outer Limits”, and according to people that were there, Roddenberry and Stevens had reached an information agreement, in terms of Roddenberry would get all the information from Stevens about developing his science fiction series, and he would get all the credit – that he wouldn’t mention Stevens.

David: Wow!

Michael: And that’s exactly what happened. And so then we have, of course, the creation of “Star Trek”.

And if you look at “Star Trek”, some of the main forces, there’s an uncanny parallel with the main groups that Bill Tompkins was talking about.

So in “Star Trek” you have the Confederation of Planets. You have the Vulcans. The Vulcans, we can compare them to say the Nordic extraterrestrials, trying to help humanity.

You also have the Klingons, who would be represented by the Reptilians today.

David: Wow! Okay.

Michael: And then you have the genetically enhanced humans, which were the Nazis.

So if you look at the development of “Star Trek” as a series, the main protagonist in that series, there’s an uncanny resemblance to the major extraterrestrial groups and factions, Earth factions, that were involved in these secret space programs right throughout the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s.

David: So another show that really pops up in my mind, Michael, is “Battlestar Galactica”.

15 Battleship Galactica

Did your research turn up anything about “Battlestar Gallactica”?

Michael: Well, what was really significant about “Battlestar Gallactica” was that the creator of “Battlestar Galactica” was Glen Larson.


And Glen Larson actually worked under Leslie Stevens.

David: Oh, really?

Michael: He worked with him. They shared a lot of talent. Leslie Stevens was the senior, and so Larson had reached a similar kind of agreement with Leslie Stevens where Stevens would come up with ideas and help Larson in developing a science fiction show.

And what’s interesting – and this we’ve learned from people who have later on interviewed key people that were involved in the creation of “Battlestar Galactica” – was that the pilot episode of “Battlestar Galactica” was actually written by Leslie Stevens IV.

David: Really?

Michael: So you actually have the son of a Navy Admiral that was involved in the Navy’s Secret Space Program, writing the pilot episode for a new sci-fi series that he would not get any credit for, but would actually go under the control and be all credited to Glenn Larson.

David: Wow!

Michael: And so, again, this kind of shows that the Navy, through Leslie Stevens, was wanting to have these ideas, the truth of a Navy Secret Space Program and different forms of extraterrestrial life, including artificial intelligence, because that’s what “Battlestar Galactica” really focuses on, is the danger of artificial intelligence.

And so Glen Larson, in that series, just developed the whole idea of extraterrestrials that are having to deal with this conflict with different AI life forms who are intent on eradicating the human creators of that life form throughout the galaxy.

And this is something that kind of dovetails with what Corey has revealed. I remember Corey talking to great length about the danger posed by artificial intelligence, and how AI was screened by the different secret space programs because of the threat.

So this, again, is just confirmation that this was very real material that was being seeded into the public domain through these movies.

David: Do you think . . .

Corey: The truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

David: Do you think that this Leslie Stevens connection is why you hear Naval whistles when people walk into the room on “Star Trek”?

Michael: Oh, definitely. Yeah, I mean, you look at “Star Trek” itself, I mean, it’s all based on this, kind of like, . . . they use Navy procedures and the rankings are Navy.

David: Right.

Michael: The Star Fleet – they talk about Star Fleet Command and all of that. So, yeah, they use a lot of Navy terminology in “Star Trek”, and I believe that’s because the Navy was getting Stevens to leak this stuff out into the public arena through soft disclosure.

Because I think what the Navy really thought, through the 1960s, that eventually, by the time that they had finished building their battle groups that were deployed in the early 1980s, that disclosure would have happened by then.

David: Oh.

Michael: So I think that “Star Trek” was part of an effort by the Navy to kind of seed these ideas into the public consciousness, so that at some time in the future, when the truth was revealed that the Navy had the know-how to build these space battle groups, that the public would come on board and support it, and so the Navy could continue to develop this and expand it.

David: So Michael, I have some documents here that show some really amazing work that you’ve done in terms of taking the Tompkins’ story that we’ve all been dealing with now, and bringing it into this Freedom of Information Act academic research arena that ufology is known for.

So the first one that you have here . . . it’s from U.S. Naval Air Station San Diego signed by Rico Botta.

17 12 24 1943 Doc

18 Rico Botta S Signature

So what’s going on here with this particular document?

Michael: Well, with this document, this was something that William Tompkins put into his book, “Selected by Extraterrestrials”, and basically these were exit slips that he could use to be able to leave Naval Air Station San Diego with documents, with briefing packets, which is a key part of his story.

David: Right.

Michael: But in terms of verifying, well, is this real? Are these exit passes real? Do they have information on them that can be independently corroborated?

So that’s what I tried to do, and I used the FOIA Information Act documents that I received to corroborate that these exit passes were actually signed by a person who actually was in charge of Naval Air Station San Diego at the time that Tompkins said that he received the permission to take these packages out. And then that, of course, concerns Rico Botta.

19 Tompkins Exit Pass 1

20 Tompkins Exit Pass 2

David: It says here that it was for “issue of non-combat airplane.” Ha, ha.

21 Tompkins Exit Pass 3

Michael: Well, that’s right.

David: So what the heck is that?

Michael: Yeah, well, what that document shows is that Tompkins not only was given permission to take these briefing packets out of Naval Air Station San Diego, but he was also given permission to use a plane – to take an actual non-combat plane that was owned by the Admiral – to deliver these packages.

So this is corroborating a key part of Tompkins’ story that he took these different briefing packets to various aerospace companies throughout the U.S., especially the west coast of the U.S. at the time, the different military departments and so forth.

So it’s really . . . Corroborating this document helps determine some key elements of his testimony.

 Rico Botta

David: Okay, now here we have a photograph of Rico Botta, Lieutenant Commander of the U.S. Navy, August 27, 1934, and then his signature.

23 Comparison Of Signatures

And what’s so interesting about this, Michael, is that in this next document you showed us, you have compared that signature on that photograph to the signature that was on the release for the packages, and they’re basically identical. I mean, it’s the same signature.

So how did you get this picture of Rico Botta? Where did that come from? Let’s talk about that first.

Michael: Well, that picture of Rico Botta, that came from his Freedom of Information Act files, the 1,500 pages of documents that I received.

David: So you filed for them, and you actually got them in the mail?

Michael: I filed with the aid of an attorney.

David: Okay.

Michael: His name is Duke Brookhouse and he has been helping with these FOIA requests.

And so, when we got the documents, I went through them and identified the ones that helped corroborate key elements of Tompkins’ story.

So this particular document, with his signature and his photo – even though it’s dated from the early 1930s – clearly shows that the signature is identical with what was on those exit passes that Tompkins gave.

So that is independent corroboration that Tompkins’ document is genuine. And that’s very important that you actually . . . Tompkins’ exit passes . . . those two exit passes showing that he had permission to take these briefing packets out of San Diego Naval Air Station, that that’s a genuine document.

So that’s a very important part of corroborating his story that he was able to take these to different facilities, and that he was given permission to actually use an airplane to fly these to the different locations.

24 Navy Dept 1942 Doc

David: Okay. Now, the next one here, it says Navy Department, Bureau of Navigation, Washington, D.C., dated September 30, 1942, from the Chief of Naval Personnel to Captain Rico Botta.

And the thing that really jumps out at me here, it says, “Proceed to the place (or places – in the order given) indicated below, for temporary duty.”

25 Navy Dept 1942 Doc 2

And then you look down here, it says that this is “in connection with inspecting experimental aircraft and for conferences in connection with [David clears his throat to emphasize this part] aircraft matters:”

Then you get this list of “U.S. Army Air Force Experimental Station, Muroc, which we’ve all heard about the Muroc base, Douglas Aircraft, Northrop, Naval Air Station, San Diego, Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, San Diego.”

This is crazy. What is he talking about with “experimental aircraft and conferences in connection with aircraft matters?”

Michael: Well, this is, again, another document that independently corroborates various aspects of Tompkins’ testimony, that Tompkins says that he was taking these briefing packets to those facilities, as well as many others.

So this document confirms that Botta, prior to this operation that Botta oversaw in Naval Air San Diego, Botta had traveled to some of these same facilities, and that these facilities were conducting experimental aircraft research. And that Botta was the Navy’s guy when it came to understanding experimental aircraft research, and that Botta was being prepped for this new assignment, because visiting those facilities happened less than two months before he was transferred over to Naval Air Station San Diego.

So he was being prepped for that new assignment coming up, where he would be receiving intelligence from Navy spies in Germany about the Germans’ secret space programs. And that once he received the intelligence from the Navy spies, that he would then instruct Tompkins to carry briefing packets to those facilities that you just mentioned, as well as many others that Tompkins said.

So, you know, again, this is another important document that independently verifies that Bill Tompkins’ story is credible. And, of course, . . .

David: How did we get this document?

Michael: That came through the Freedom of Information Act.

26 Navy Dept 1942 Doc 3

David: Okay, so another document we have here is dated February 25, 1942, which, for the real UFO freaks, you’re going to know that, because that is immediately after the infamous Battle of Los Angeles.

And what we’re having here is Navy Department, Bureau of Aeronautics, from Washington, and it is orders for Rico Botta to have additional temporary duty. And it says for him to proceed, on about March 2, 1942, to Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, i.e. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

27 Navy Dept 1942 3b

Michael: Exactly.

David: Holy crap! This is amazing!

Corey: Smoking document!

David: Ha, ha. I just want to throw it across the room, it’s so crazy. It’s like, wow! So talk . . . I know what I’m seeing here, but talk us through, in case people aren’t as excited as I am right now, as to why this is so significant.

Michael: Well, February 24 and 25, 1942, is when you had the famous L.A. Air Raid incident. And according to documents that have been released, The Majestic Documents, and according to what Bill Tompkins has said, there were two flying saucers that were retrieved after that crash – one by the Navy, one by the Army Air Force.

David: So some of them did get shot down.

Michael: That’s what we’re told by The Majestic Documents and what Bill Tompkins said.

Now, the one that the Army Air Force got their hands on was taken to Wright Field, which was, at the time, the Army Air Force’s premier research facility for foreign aviation technologies.

David: “Foreign.” Yeah, ha, ha.

Michael: So this was taken, . . . or this craft was retrieved, on February 25, and it was being taken to Wright Field at that time.

Now, on this very same day, Admiral Botta, who is the head of the Navy’s Powerplant Division at the Bureau of Aeronautics, gets orders to travel to Wright Field in early March, to basically do some work over there.

David: Right.

Michael: And the timing . . .

28 Navy Dept 1942 Doc 3c

David: It says, “In connection with engine development.” on the same document. What kinds of engines are they trying to develop here?

Michael: Right, so . . .

David: Probably anti-gravity. So, yeah.

Michael: So that’s a smoking gun document . . .

David: That’s incredible.

Michael: . . . that really shows that Botta was the guy that the Navy had tapped as their expert in understanding these foreign technologies – anything to do with extraterrestrial craft or Nazi craft – that Botta was the man.

And so he was nominated to go to Wright Field to really look over what it was that the Army Air Force had gotten their hands on from the L.A. Raid.

Corey: And did you say that, in an earlier conversation we had, that Rico Botta was an engineer?

Michael: That’s correct. Yes, he was an engineer. He was an expert on engine development, on power plants.

Corey: Power plants.

Michael: He was, actually at the time, the Chief of the Power Plant Division for the Bureau of Aeronautics. So he was the guy that really understood what it was that needed to be done in terms of developing high-capacity engines for high-performance aviation maneuvers.

And so if you’re talking about craft that were capable of spaceflight, he was the guy that would be able to give you insights into that.

29 Navy Doc 4

David: Right, and you have this document right here from March 15, 1946, where it says that, “his outstanding technical knowledge and skill, Rear Admiral Botta enabled his department , , , “ blah, blah, blah “. . . for combat aircraft . . . with the latest combat-improved changes . . .”

30 Navy Doc 4b

So it’s clearly . . . You have documents here saying that he’s involved in upgrading the quality of technology of combat aircraft engines and energy technologies.

Michael: Right. Exactly. That was his duty while he was working at Naval Air Station San Diego from 1942 to 1946, that he was the assembly and repair officer.

And so his job was to basically upgrade the performance of all the Navy jet fighter craft.

And in addition to that, he was also learning about what it was that the Nazis were doing in developing jet engines and also trying to weaponize flying saucers, because you had to consider that the Navy had to be prepared that the Nazis were going to succeed in developing weaponized flying saucers.

So the Navy was looking to Botta to provide the expertise and the leadership for how to deal with that contingency. But it didn’t happen, fortunately, but Botta was the guy that the Navy had tapped to lead that effort.

David: You also have actually interviewed people associated with Rico Botta, and so could you tell us a little about that and what, in just a few minutes, is the most interesting takeaway of your research, up until now, in that department?

Michael: Well, I’ve been able to have conversations with the grandson of Rico Botta, who was able to confirm some really interesting things about Botta’s contacts with the leaders of the aviation industry at the time, that he was personal friends with Jack Northrup and William Boeing, that Botta was also someone that continued to meet with senior Navy officials.

31 Mark Hill

One official that was named was Admiral Mark Hill, who was Botta’s military aide while Botta was the head of the Navy’s Armaments Section at Philadelphia Naval Shipyards, that Mark Hill was helping Botta there as his military aide, and that after Botta retired, that Mark Hill, as an active officer and he became a Rear Admiral himself, continued to visit with Botta and have conversations.

And so, to me, that’s pretty strong evidence that Botta’s insights and knowledge about these very advanced technologies was something that was being shared, even up until the time of his retirement and subsequent death, with very senior Navy officials.

David: What do you think is going to happen with this forensic reconstruction of history in time? Will we be able to eventually get new insiders, and new whistleblowers, and really get a reconstructed view of 20th century history? Do you think that will happen?

Michael: Oh, definitely. Yeah. I think that’s what’s happening now, is we’re starting to get the chronology of how the Navy developed its Secret Space Program, involving these enormous space battle groups, and that as these names are identified, and we start to track down relatives or others that worked with them, we’re probably going to find others that are willing to talk about what it was that they experienced.

So we’re trying to do that now, and I’m hoping that in this investigation of Admiral Mark Hill and Admiral Botta and his relatives, that we’re going to have more names popping up.

David: Corey, do you have any last thoughts before we close the episode?

Corey: It’s been amazing to me, the entire process of Tompkins coming out. He’s literally providing the information, or a lot of the information, I observed in the glass pad. And to see someone come out that was giving that intel, or delivering that intel, it’s a very strange synchronicity.

And the fact that he had no idea I was coming forward – all of it seems orchestrated.

David: And we’re now getting this actual nuts and bolts documentation – connecting dots, interviewing survivors – to actually show forensic reconstruction of the whole history of what led up to you eventually being in something that most people think is just completely outrageous and beyond belief.

Corey: Absolutely. And Dr. Salla’s latest research is just bolstering it more and more.

David: Well, I want to thank you, Michael, for coming in. I think these are really groundbreaking episodes that will be of extreme historical importance as we get into Full Disclosure.

And I want to honor you for your contributions in really bringing the academic spectrum in on this whole question of our “Cosmic Disclosure” show.

Michael: Thank you, David. It’s been a pleasure. And thanks, Corey.

Corey: Thank you.

David: Thank you. And I want to thank you out there for watching. You are a very important part of “Cosmic Disclosure”. With your support, telling your friends about it, we are lifting the laughter curtain. We are bringing real academic interest into something that was so far outside the norm of what UFO researchers used to talk about, and yet, as you’re seeing, it all adds up beautifully.

This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, here with Corey Goode, and our special guest, from Exopolitics Institute, Dr. Michael Salla. Thank you for watching.


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Timothy Frappier

Source: Sphere Being Alliance

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host,David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode. And in this episode, we are going to get into the social and global implications of this virtually civilization-defining disclosure that apparently is coming our way after all this time.

It finally looks like we’re going to get at least some of the truth, and the effect is almost unimaginable.

So, Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: What the heck is going on with Senator John Kerry going to Antarctica on Election Day? What the heck was going on there? Why was he down there?

Corey: A lot of big names are going down there. Apparently, these people are being given tours of a city that was discovered under the ice a couple of miles, as well as technology, including spacecraft.

(Pete Petersen has stated that Obama and Trump have also went to see the ruins. Obama was evidently told “You too will go through a leaf grinder if you say a word, even if you breathe it at night while you sleep”. According to Pete the President doesn’t get much respect, so this is contrary to what many believe. Most Americans believe the President is in charge, unfortunately that may not be the case)

David: I heard from [Pete] Peterson independently that there are a bunch of names that have gone down there that are not public, and I’m wondering if you also heard that.

Corey: Yes.

David: So this is basically like the big tour that everybody’s getting – everybody who’s on a sufficient level of “need to know” or importance to this group is going down there.

Corey: Yes.

David: What kind of stuff is happening when they go down there? What are they seeing?

1 Corey Goode

Corey: I don’t know exactly what each individual is being shown, but I know that some of them have been shown these cities that they’ve excavated under the ice.

They’ve also been given a ride in spacecraft that have been recovered under the ice.

David: Actual recovered spacecraft?

Corey: Right.

David: Well, that’s very interesting because that ties in with something that I heard from Pete Peterson regarding Buzz Aldrin.

2 Buzz Aldrin With T Shirt

(According to Pete Petersen, when Buzz Aldrin was given a tour he was amazed. When they took him on a trip in a recovered spacecraft Pete said he heard that he said “holy shit” like 7 times. He had a window to look out of and was amazed at how fast the spacecraft moved. Evidently this is what contributed to his little illness episode. Buzz told the media “I started to feel a bit short of breath so the staff decided to check my vitals,” Aldrin said on the website. “After some examination they noticed congestion in my lungs and that my oxygen levels were low which indicated symptoms of altitude sickness. This prompted them to get me out on the next flight to McMurdo and once I was at sea level I began to feel much better.” Perhaps the spacecraft moved so quickly that it induced altitude sickness in him. Some speculate he had an heart attack, but who really knows; we do know he went to the hospital though.)

So why do you think he might wear that shirt, where it’s describing traveling to Mars as an astronaut, while he’s going down to Antarctica?

Corey: Well, maybe he’s looking for a climate change on Mars. You now, that is a strange thing, especially now that we know that the ruins under the ice originate from beings that came from Mars.

(Corey and David have elaborated in previous episodes that Mars underwent some kind of catastrophe. They were forced to relocate because their planet couldn’t sustain life anymore. David and Corey have shared that the asteroid belt in our solar system used to be a planet called Maldek. This planet was destroyed in some kind of cataclysmic event. David has shared that his insider Bruce told him that a Civilization on Maldek was creating a weapon around Saturn. It was a Ring capable of sending some kind of Earthquake like attack to other planets to destroy them. When they got 2/3 done with the weapon, their enemies came and destroyed this weapon and their planet too, Maldek. This catastrophe had a devastating effect on the moon Mars and it destroyed their atmospheres. Which is why Mars is the way it is now) 

David: And you said before that we can trace that all the way back. These people have a full unbroken historical lineage to Mars.

Corey: Right. They trace their lineage back extremely far and off of this planet.

David: So the interesting thing here is, based on what you just said, Pete’s independent testimony to me when I called him and talked to him about what you were saying corroborated so many things, but then there was other stuff that you hadn’t said.

And one of them was Buzz Aldrin reached a 200,000-mile altitude and said the impolite equivalent of “holy crap” seven times as he accelerated to that altitude because it was so fast.

Then he said that Buzz was taken around the back side of the Moon, got to see all of the Manhattan-type of lights that are there, all the structures, and then passed by a base that was over Antarctica as they came back in, and they gave it what he called a wing wave.

3 Aldrin In Hospital

And that this apparently was what . . . The whole experience was so shocking to him that this is what caused him to have a heart attack.

I’m wondering if – since Pete said that so many of the assets of the space program that he’s aware of are now over Antarctica – does this whole situation sound plausible to you that this could have happened?

Corey: It does sound plausible. I don’t know the positions of the different MIC-SSP assets.

David: But this idea that the acceleration is so quick that somebody who is used to rocket-based travel might be really shocked. Does that make sense?

Corey: Oh, yes. And they most likely were on their lowest setting because normally it’s so quick you don’t . . . It’s just kind of a blur.

David: So we’re also hearing from Pete that there is a steam excavation method. You had mentioned steam excavation. But then Pete specifically said that they take large bags of water into these existing holes that are dug down in the ice. They drop the bag, and as the bag is about to hit where the ice is, they then hit it with these very high-powered microwave beams, and it all turns to steam and then, whoosh, it melts more of the ice.

Corey: That’s how they open up a tunnel down . . . or open up a corridor down to an area. The rest, they do by hand with hoses with pressurized steam. They couldn’t do that around the artifacts or it would destroy it.

A lot of what is being discovered under the ice are . . . They are finding palm trees still in the ground. They’re finding all sorts of prehistoric animals under the ice still preserved.

David: Wow!

Corey: And they’ve been bringing those back to the United States and Europe for study.

David: So you also mentioned to me in briefings that you got that this is a disclosure that is planned for a specific purpose at a specific time.

(Corey Goode has shared that some of the Antarctica ruins are going to be used in a partial disclosure narrative. According to what he’s heard they’re going to reveal these ruins to the public and also some ancient human bodies. They wont be revealing the Pre-Adamites bodies though. The Pre-Adamites are the beings that came from Mars after the catastrophe. They created a settlement in Antarctica around 500,000 years ago. After the catastrophe of Mars and Maldek. They also plan on revealing some spacecraft to the public as well; specifically the one Buzz Aldrin took a tour on.)

And that’s a very important subject. And I think it’s going to become the meat of this episode.

So we’ve been talking about the idea that this is going to come out, but we haven’t gotten really into why or when or what is the agenda. So could you give us the overview?

I know some of what you got were no-questions briefings and things like this. What is the overview of – why is all this being done, and how is it going to be used?

Corey: Well, the plan that the Cabal, and I guess the Earth Alliance, have agreed to is that they are going to release bits and pieces of the Antarctic information once there is a catalyzing event – that being they start arresting the Cabal or they start setting up tribunals.

David: ‘They’ meaning the Alliance?

Corey: The Alliance.

David: Because people might think it’s extraterrestrials if they don’t know any better.

Corey: No, the Alliance.

David: Okay.

Corey: But the Alliance is also kind of working with members of the Cabal. They’re trying to come together to find a way to ‘responsibly’ disclose information.

READ: A Message To The Earth Alliance

David: So what we have is a situation in which the Alliance does want disclosure to occur, but they feel that if we were to get all of this at once, it would overwhelm us? And so they’re picking something maybe more local, more associated with less of a leap in belief systems than UFOs and aliens?

Corey: Right. What they plan on disclosing first is that maybe, “We found a bunch of prehistoric animals. It’s amazing.” Then, “Oh, we found remnants of a civilization,” and then only report that it was a human civilization that was very ancient.

That alone is going to blow the minds of most people.

They’re going to unroll over decades . . . is what they plan.

Then they plan on announcing that we have a secret space program, and that, “By the way, the secret space program have found similar ruins around the Solar System.”

Once that occurs, then they’re going to start getting into the nonterrestrial aspect of the discoveries in Antarctica.

David: So only after they’ve done the SSP and other ruins like this in the solar system will they then talk about what you said they are calling the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria – these three 30-mile-wide motherships they found under 3½ miles of ice?

Corey: Correct.

David: So that’s pretty late in the game.

Corey: Yes. And the SSP Alliance does not want it to unfold this slowly. They want to rip the Band-Aid off and have a Full Disclosure immediately to everyone.

(The SSP Alliance is a group of individuals mainly from the Solar Warden program that want full disclosure of all secret space programs. The solar warden was a creation of the Navy. William Tompkins has shared much information on the history of the Solar Warden and how they came to be) 

David: What do you personally think is the right move?

Corey: I think that we need to just get it over with and have a Full Disclosure. I understand that it’s going to cost lives. It’s going to cost people their sanity in some cases, but we’ve got to get on with it.

If you do it in a controlled way, the key word is ‘control’. There’s always a way for someone to come in and corrupt the process.

David: In order to keep going on this thread, I want to just really clarify something else, which is part of what you just described – the tribunals. We only really briefly touched on that, but I think that’s really important.

Is there a plan for the Cabal to be brought up on public charges? And will there be some sort of remediation of our financial system and the damages they’ve done to us in that process?

Corey: What I was told is that they were going to attempt to do tribunals in secret, but that was not going to be allowed to happen. It would be leaked immediately.

(The problem I have with this Earth Alliance is there willingness to keep playing the game of lies and deception. They want to continue to keep secrets from the public and withhold vital information. We cannot heal as a race if we continue to distort the Truth to our own desires. It is time for the Truth to take the center stage. This Alliance may think they’re doing what is best for humanity, but in reality they fail to understand the great healing power of the Truth. By blocking the Truth, you block evolution. We as a people cannot fully move on until the Truth is revealed)

David: So if it’s going to be something that can’t be done in secret, that’s going to be leaked, what have you been told? Or what do you think this is going to end up turning into?

Are we going to see this on all the major cable news channels?

Corey: Yes. Yes.

David: There will be big broadcasts, which we did have with Nuremberg after World War II.

Corey: Right. They want it to be televised, even though very disturbing things are going to be covered.

But the plan is to do tribunals in secret, because the tribunals are not only going to be on the Cabal, they’re going to be on certain members of the Earth Alliance as well.

David: So do you think that there are going to be some people who – perhaps major politicians – will be having public tribunals and others who are so deeply involved in the off-the-books side of this stuff that they will not be televised?

Corey: It just depends on how things break after the tribunals are leaked. It’s going to be very dynamic.

David: Okay. Now, we’re also dealing with crimes against humanity that are staggering in scope. And it seems rather hard to believe that we could have tribunals in which such staggering and multiplicitous crimes are being pinned on to multiple individuals.

It seems like even the minimum of due process that someone would be owed, in terms of the right to a fair trial, and then the number of people who might be implicated, that we could be looking at something that could take years to unfold.

Corey: Oh, yeah.

David: Do you have any sense of who they might try to do first in this kind of a process? Who would they go after first?

Would they go after major political figures, people that are the most recognizable, people who are the highest level criminals?

Corey: You can’t go after a piece at a time. You have to decapitate them, and you have to bring them all shoulder to shoulder in front of the magistrate at once. You can’t do it in bits and pieces, or it’ll just fall apart.

David: Do you think that there might be some sort of mass arrest that precedes this in which all of the people who will be on trial are then brought into some sort of holding facility where they’re kept under guard and could not easily escape, if at all?

Corey: It’s possible. A good number of them are already under house arrest.

David: But what does house arrest mean for those who don’t already know that term?

Corey: They get to sit in their mansions, sipping tea, with armed guards outside not allowing them to leave.

David: Now, you’ve also said before that there’s been a lot of these Cabal folks that if they feel the heat is on, they’re going to try to flee to maybe Argentina, South America or Antarctica, and that there may be a sudden number of people who all want to resign at the same time or something like that.

Will they be able to evade justice?

Corey: I’ve received reports of bases that were controlled by FEMA . . . that they were supposed to turn the bases over after this election. They were ordered to turn them over, and they refused.

So they sent in Marines. The Marines cut through the concrete, the rebar, the reinforced steel, and gave everyone in the complex one chance to surrender.

If they don’t, they’re ordered to wipe them out. I heard this from one source, and another source told me that it wasn’t true, but it seems that you’ve independently . . .

David: [Pete] Peterson confirmed the same thing. And it was another one of these very shocking correspondences that led me to understand that the MIC-SSP we’ve been talking about – the Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program – is actually working with Pete and with you at the same time.

Corey: Right.

David: There were way too many things that Pete knew that you told me off the record.

Corey: The Marines that breached this one base I was told about and were in the middle of wiping out all of the inhabitants, they were shocked. They were not briefed that nonterrestrials exist or that they may run into them.

And these were like Special Forces Marines guys. All of a sudden they’re in front of Reptilians, and they’re doing battle with Reptilians.

And their psyches couldn’t handle it. They had a huge problem.

David: This is also something that was exactly confirmed by Pete. And about the only difference is that you just mentioned Marines, and he said that some of the people that were used were Canadian Marines as well – Marines who were trained and based in Canada that were then tasked with this.

So we’re talking about something that we’ve thought was going on for a long time. We see these strange earthquakes underneath Italy, strange earthquakes off the coast of Argentina, strange earthquakes off the coast of Malibu right actually directly around where people think there is a base off the coast of California.

So are these strange earthquakes, like in Italy, in South America, and so forth, all a part of this massive purging of underground bases?

In other words, what’s the scope of this that’s being done?

Corey: There has been quite an underground battle going on. Both sides are fighting as hard as they can right now.

David: It kind of shocks me to have heard from Pete that he got a call about how to dispose of 15,000 bodies, and they didn’t really know how to do it.

It kind of shocks me that actions are being taken where the Cabal is either being given the choice to surrender, they have one chance, or everyone in the base is eradicated.

It’s going to lead to people in the Comments Section saying, “If this is the Alliance, then what the heck is the Alliance?”

I will just tell you – before you answer the question – that as I’ve wrestled with this in my own mind and heart over the course of days – because I don’t want to support killing innocent people at all – the only rationale that I can come up with maybe for why the Alliance is doing this is that they feel as if this is an absolutely necessary thing to save the planet from total destruction, and that therefore these are casualties that are necessary in a very serious World War III that’s just a shadow World War III that we’re not aware of.

Corey: Well, if people out there are under the impression that angelic humans are going to come down and save us, they’re wrong. These are very damaged human beings that are a part of the Alliance.

Most of the time they were forced to work for the Cabal, and they resent it. They know that the Cabal would give them zero quarter if the tables were turned.

David: Right.

Corey: They’re not giving them quarter as well.

David: So would you say that there is some kind of decision that has been made that these people are so dangerous if they’re not neutralized that they would try to, for example, nuke the planet or give everyone a virus or give everyone a catastrophe, like a volcano or a tidal wave or something like this?

Would they try to destroy all human life if they weren’t wiped out like this?

Corey: Well, these are military-minded people, and the point is to complete an objective with as few casualties as possible. So that is the way they head in to all of these situations.

They are not going in looking to take prisoners or to ferret out who is innocent or not innocent in a base.

They’re ordered to go in and clean out the nest, and that’s what they do.

David: So let’s also just briefly touch on this idea that you can confirm that this is a multi-year operation that just happens to be coming to a head around the time of a presidential election, but it is not determined by the outcome of the election itself. It was already underway. It just happens to have converged.

Corey: Right. No matter who would have won the presidency, there would have been . . . things were already occurring underground.

David: And it would have led to tribunals on the surface.

Corey: Right.

David: Which gets into things that we saw in WikiLeaks and all this kind of stuff, all paving the way for that.

Corey: Correct.

David: Another one of the things that you said to me, or kind of said to me, that also was in Benjamin Fulford’s intel that I then got even more specifics from with Pete Peterson, was this idea of all of the – or at least the great majority – of the aircraft carriers from the US defense community have been brought back to port.

(Interestingly enough Benjamin Fulford also was one who was sharing information about these underground bases being attacked, cleared out and destroyed as well. The link above also has Benjamin’s statement of all aircraft carriers being returned to port.)

So I want to hear what you had to say on that, and then we’ll compare what Pete told me and try to make some sense out of what’s going on here.

Why would all of the aircraft carriers have been brought back to port? Fulford reported this. I asked Pete, and he confirmed it.

Corey: Well, there’s a number of reasons. You’re going to bring back all of your craft when there’s going to be a reshuffling of the DOD [Department of Defense].

David: Right.

Corey: So there are things going on in multiple levels.

David: So you’re going to have different people in command?

Corey: Right.

David: Okay.

Corey: So there are probably captains being swapped out, all kinds of stuff. I haven’t heard a whole lot of details about why they were back, except that they were back.

David: What Pete said to me was that these ships take six months of people working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to be restocked.

And he said that they were being restocked with technology that we were not “supposed to” find out about for 100 years.

You had mentioned drones, and you had mentioned that there are certain drones that we might see.

So before I say what Pete said, could you talk to us about the information you were given in these briefings regarding drone aircraft?

4 Quadcopter

Corey: Sure. That we are going to start seeing more and more quadcopter-type vehicles around. They look like passenger cars with four propellers on them – four sets of propellers – that give them lift.

And they use a type of artificial intelligence – believe it or not – in the craft to allow it to have automatic air traffic control, landing. The people don’t fly them.

They get in, put in a destination, and it will fly itself.

And what I was told was that this technology would be very prolific. You will see it everywhere. They will be flying all over the place.

And they were planning on a number of years after this was commonplace – this technology was commonplace – they were going to replace the rotors on the drones with this technology that is antigravity.

And what I was told is that the antigravity craft fly in much the same way as drones with yaw, pitch. They’re controlled in very similar ways.

David: Isn’t it interesting that the sequel to the movie “Independence Day” has what looks sort of like conventional military aircraft, but with these disc-like gravity generators on them?

5 Aircraft In Sequel To Independence Day

Corey: Uh-hm.

David: Do you think that is a premonition of what this is actually going to look like once they do it?

Corey: Yep. They’re going to be flat, disc-shaped.

David: Okay. Interesting.

So Pete had said that we’re going to see some of the same military hardware that we’re already familiar with in there, but that there’s so much of a redesign with all this new stuff that they weren’t going to show us for 100 years. It’s all being put in.

It’s not like we might see it all immediately after they go back out from port, but the point is they’re now going to be on the ships and that it includes these three different sizes of drones that we see in these Hollywood films.

So what do you think is going to be the purpose of having three different sizes? I’m wondering if you actually heard about the three sizes?

Corey: Well, they’ve got all different types of these – what we’re calling drones. And they have different purposes like you have different sized aircraft for different purposes – delivering weapons, delivering personnel. Some of them are very large and deliver large numbers of personnel.

What I’ve also been told is that they’re retrofitting certain types of helicopters, certain types of aircraft, with this technology that we’re talking about, and that we’re going to be seeing a lot of retrofitted already conventional craft that we’re used to.

David: I want to say this because people are going to say in the comments – and I want to give voice to that because it will obviously happen; we can anticipate this – you look at movies like “The Terminator”. You look at movies like “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, in which drone aircraft are under control of malevolent AI, and the drones become a critical element of humanity being completely subjugated by nasty AI.

You’ve mentioned an AI problem. If these are computer-controlled drones, how do we stop this AI menace from actually taking control of all of these drones if they are deployed and trying to subjugate humanity?

Corey: I don’t know the answer to that. That’s a danger. It’s a current danger.

I still get screened for AI when I go certain places. So it is still a concern.

David: So there’s a couple of things that happened around the time of the presidential inauguration that were very anomalous, and they both happened almost simultaneously.

6 El Chapo

One was that we have the Mexican drug lord of the Sinaloa Cartel – this guy who they call El Chapo – actually being extradited to the U.S.

So let’s talk about that one first. And the reason why I bring it up is that multiple Benjamin Fulford updates said that if he could be brought to the U.S., which the Cabal was staunchly resisting, that he would sing like a songbird.

So what do you think is the reason why El Chapo was brought to the U.S. at that time?

Corey: I believe he’s here to talk about all of the intelligence operations that involve the drug trade and name names.

David: And I want to point out in one of the episodes of my show “Wisdom Teachings”, we have a news story of guys being caught smuggling cocaine into the U.S. with the Sinaloa scorpion logo on them. And it was a massive amount.

And then when they were asked to produce ID, they had CIA identification. And they were caught by this group of 1,500 minutemen who are working . . . they’re like former military, but they’re not really part of a regular government operation.

(It’s of my opinion that El Chapo wasn’t in charge of the drug trade. There is much speculation that certain aspects of our government, more specifically the CIA are running the drugs trades to pay for their black projects or USAPs(Unacknowledged Special Access Programs). There was a article published on April 24th 2015 where a group of 7 militiamen were patrolling the US-Mexico border when they witnessed a black suv shoot across into US territory. They proceeded to chase the vehicle for 15 miles until they were able to stop it. There was two people inside the car with CIA badges and 1363 pounds of cocaine. So it is entirely possible that certain aspects of our governments are the ones in responsible for most of the drug trade.)

So what do you think is the relationship between that story and this El Chapo story?

Corey: I believe that they’re ramping up for tribunals. I believe that – as I’ve reported – they’ve had Cabal people that have turned state’s evidence, that have been singing like birds for a long time.

They’ve been sitting them in front of cameras, asking them all the questions, and they’ve been spitting out ALL the deep dark secrets.

David: Another thing that happened right before the inauguration is that both George Bush, Sr. and his wife, become hospitalized in critical condition with what appears to have been either heart attacks or stroke-type of stuff, which, of course, would be due to high stress.

Corey: I think the election was more than most of us could bear.

David: Ha, ha. Do you think that they are fearing some sort of tribunal, and that once they saw this result that that caused their health to collapse?

Corey: All of these people are in great disarray and have a lot of anxiety right now – the people that were involved in these Cabal operations.

There is a lot of movement going on in the background to close bases, to clean up their active operations – the active operations of the Cabal.

So they see all of their assets disappearing around them, and that’s what made them feel so secure in the past.

David: As you were giving me these stunning briefings, and as I was getting confirmation independently from Pete, I was living through what’s now being called the biggest amount of rainfall and flooding to hit California since 1986.

We go from no rain at all – hardly – for six years, absolutely devastating drought that they say is never going to go away, and at the time of this taping already, the drought has been completely eliminated in Northern California. It’s gone. It’s totally over.

And they were saying, “Well, there’s still kind of an extreme condition in Southern California,” but then more storms are coming in that have totally saturated Southern California. So we’re probably going to see Southern California drought-free as well.

And there’s so much water that they’re calling it “an atmospheric river”. So what do you think is going on here?

Corey And David

Corey: The information I was given is that while the Alliance has been going and taking over a lot of these bases, they have taken over these HAARP facilities [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ].

And what I was told was that when they shut off all of the HAARP facilities, there was an elastic snapback reaction of the atmosphere.

David: That would dovetail very interestingly with this weird arctic vortex that popped over the entire North America.

Corey: Right.

David: So do you think that’s part of what they’re talking about – the snapback?

Corey: Yes.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah, that it’s the Earth naturally snapping back after the weather patterns had been augmented for so long.

David: Now, that’s similar to what Pete said except that his intel was that the actual HAARP is being used benevolently now to directly steer this atmospheric river to California.

What would be the reason for why the Cabal might have been trying to eliminate water to California?

People think, “Oh, those hippies just don’t get to flush the toilet as much.” But there’s something going on here. What do you think was the objective for this drought?

Corey: The Cabal had been using HAARP and other technologies to control weather all over the planet. And when they control the weather or cause droughts or cause deluges, they are also, at the same time, sending their people in to talk to the people that control politically that region and have them manage policy based on getting the weather that they want to be able to grow crops.

David: So do you think that California being thrown into a drought is an attack against all of America and its food security?

(California is a major provider for much of the food around America. They were attempting to make life difficult for us all. This is obviously a plan that was hatched because their afraid of the people. Thus they view us as the enemy and used everything they could to destroy us.)

Corey: Yes. Yeah, that’s the breadbasket.

David: Right. So this is not just something about people not being able to water their lawns in California, it’s an attack against America itself.

Corey: Right.

David: To me, this rain – because I live in Los Angeles – I have been saying for years, we will know when the Cabal is defeated when it starts pouring rain for days and days at a time.

And right in my little hometown, we’ve had so much rain that Topanga Canyon Boulevard has been shut down for like a week.

Corey: Yeah, I saw a giant boulder blocking the road.

David: That’s right.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So the last thing that was in these briefings that I want to get to before we run out of time here, is you mentioned two other things that were very interesting that might come out along with Antarctica.

You mentioned rooms filled with gold, and you mentioned other ruins that might be seen on the seafloor.

Corey: Some unusual intel that was given to me, and it was somewhat out of place in the rest of the briefing, was that there was going to be a “discovery” of caches of ancient Mayan gold.

David: Wow!

Corey: And that this was going to be discovered and given back to the indigenous people.

David: Really?

Corey: Yeah.

David: And it was fascinating on that front, because I brought this up to Pete that you had mentioned that to me, and then he had a huge story about rooms filled with gold that were actually found by Bush, Sr., and, in that case, plundered. And so there’s a lot of corroboration.

Hopefully, we can get him back to talk more about that.

The other thing you’d mentioned was undersea anomalies or bases or ancient ruins of some kind that would be announced maybe at the same time as Antarctica. Could you say more about that?

Corey: Or maybe just before.

David: Oh, just before?

Corey: The various navies of different countries for many decades have been discovering all types of ruins at a certain level below the ocean, . . .

David: Okay.

Corey: . . . certain depth, that depth and above. [Corey separates his hands about one foot.] And they have been doing sonar sweeps of them, getting all types of information, sending vessels down there that can properly excavate. And they’ve been bringing out artifacts.

And this is . . . I’m told that this is also going to be a part of some announcement about a lost civilization.

David: So one last thing I want to close with here is, do you think that the Cabal had originally intended this Antarctic disclosure to be some sort of massive distraction, maybe more benevolent, but on the level of like a 9/11 level of distraction to throw people off if these war crimes tribunals were to ever begin?

Corey: No. Originally, they had planned to slowly release this information so that we would see these royal bloodlines the way they do and treat them like gods.

David: Wow! But now you’re saying the Alliance wants to use this as part of the beginning of the healing of how long people have been lied to as the Cabal is brought to justice.

Corey: Right, right. And the Cabal still wants to manage the release of the information, as do many of the Alliance.

David: So do you think that it’s possible that some of the things that we’ve said, or the order in which it’s done, could be changed around by the fact that we’ve already disclosed it now?

Corey: Yes. This is all very dynamic. Decisions are being made. They’re having all types of meetings to come to a consensus between the Cabal and the Alliance.

And they’re doing this to prevent open warfare. If they don’t come to a consensus and find a way to work together to disclose this information and to bring the worst of the worst to trial, then we’ll end up with a world war.

David: And can you confirm, lastly, what Pete has also said, which is that certain websites, like – new story, new story, ruins in Antarctica, lost civilization in Antarctica, professors down in Antarctica, Buzz Aldrin goes to Antarctica.

All of a sudden, it’s like there’s some crazy amount of correlation between what little old you and me said and all of this stuff coming out in the media. What do you think is going on there?

Corey: They’re trying to pepper the consciousness with seeds of information so they’re not so shocked when they hear it.

And they’re also trying to control the narrative.

David: All right. Well, you heard it here first. I really hope that this stuff comes true. Thank you, Corey. It’s very brave for you to be stepping out there and giving us this information. The war is getting hot.

Corey: Yeah.

David: It’s very contentious right now.

And I want to thank you out there for watching us, supporting us here at Gaia, and making sure that we are on a path towards Full Disclosure. Thanks for watching.

David Wilcock: The Antarctic Atlantis – History of the Illuminati — CLE 2017 Notes: Part 2

Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Part two of the CLE note series covers David Wilcock’s Saturday talk from the Consciousness Life Expo event, entitled: The Antarctic Atlantis – History of the Illuminati.

 This is the the second of a four-part series of notes from the 2017 CLE event. Part one can be found here.

I originally requested that note takers only gather key information in note form. However, in this case, the note taker took it upon themselves to make an almost complete transcript of the talk. 

David Wilcock implied in a comment on Benjamin Fulford’s newsletter that he intends on releasing videos of his talks at some point in the future. 

Notes provided by Dani.

For a more complete overview of the Secret Space Program and Sphere Being Alliance, see the following.

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For recent updates by David Wilcock go to Additionally, much of the information presented during the CLE event is also rendered in two series, Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings.

You can purchase the livestream videos of this event here:

For commentary related to the information presented by Goode and Wilcock, see the Cosmic Disclosure Summary and Analyses series.

– Justin


Conscious Life Expo 2017
David Wilcock, “The Antarctic Atlantis – History of the Illuminati”
Saturday, February 11th, 2017

The Pizzagate stuff is not just something that is on the internet. It’s being talked about by millennials who don’t know any better. It is actually very real.

An FBI insider says we now have absolute confirmation from four different sources on the inside that 47 top-level Washington, D.C. pedophile prosecutions are going on to be filed next week.

Related FBI Insider Answers Questions About Next Weeks Arrests Of Washington D.C. Politicians Involved With Pedophile Networks

David Seaman who worked for The Huffington Post and published a very popular video from InfoWarson Huffington Post says he was fired from Huffington Post due to his questioning of Hillary Clinton’s health and they deleted every article he had ever written just for publishing this thing on Hillary.

A high level insider says that Smithson, the guy that founded the Smithsonian Institution, was a high level Illuminati Member, 33rd Degree Mason. Smithson and his organization were going around grabbing skeletons and in the beginning they were taking these skeletons and dumping them out into the ocean because they didn’t want anything to ever be found. They were not necessarily storing them. They realized they need to hold on to this stuff because this is their heritage.

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One of the titles I’ve been tossing around for The Endgame Part 3 article is “Illuminati Beginnings and Endings,” because if you have spent any time looking into Pizzagate you know that it’s not just about disgusting sexual practices, it’s about a cult that does this because they have weird occult ceremonies in which they think that Lucifer is the good guy. They think that because the god of the Bible created Noah’s Flood to cleanse the earth of whoever was here before and create what they call, “The Adam,” which is us. We are the Adam. We are a race, genetically created and seeded here and we were given dominion of the earth.

My insider Bruce told me “it doesn’t matter whether you believe it’s true or not. This is what they believe and it is as serious as a heart attack.”

When Corey Goode came into my life in October, 2014, that is when I started to get all these briefings. It was soon followed early in 2015, after he revealed all this stuff about The Secret Space Program to me. The Military Industrial Complex has 100 mining colonies throughout our Solar System and many others, and they are working with over 900 different types of Aliens. We have these beings show up and we don’t really know who they are. They show up only for the first time after they used Corey as their messenger. Corey had just come forward with his real name as a result of circumstances outside of his control. They immediately sound like the Law of One material. They have the birdlike appearance. Ra in the Law of Onesaid that the hawk is their totem; it’s their symbol. The first question that was asked by the Secret Society Space Program Alliance—the people now trying to declassify all this amazing high technology.

William Henry said here in Egypt they have AvianHeaded Humanoids that are blue. Like Horus. Some of them still have paint on it where it is still blue.

These beings are nothing new and we didn’t know this. We put this intel out without realizing that Horus was blue. We put this intel out without realizing that Japan had Tengu Birdmen of the Mountains that are Blue Avian Humanoids. There is a Tengu Birdmen statue in Japan.

Image Source. Tengu Birdmen figure in Japan.
Image Source. Tengu Birdmen figure in Japan.

It appears that these beings, from time to time, will contact groups that are receptive to their message, and will actually get that message across to us in ways that are very provocative because they showed up in these huge Spheres.

Isaac Asimov is a notable science fiction writer and co-author of “Looking into the Future.” There is an article with a picture commissioned by an artist depicting a base inside an asteroid with these weird dark-like stealth crafts going in and out of them.

The book was originally written in 1978. Something led these guys to postulate there might be asteroids with civilizations inside of them. Apparently we have people on the inside who are aware that stuff like this is already in our solar system with habitation inside. You fly through the crust because the ships can dematerialize. There is a whole civilization there with people and water. Most of the moons we now know have liquid water inside of them. Asimov and Arthur C. Clark are getting these little dribs and drabs of information and they leak it through fiction.

The focus of this talk will be Antarctica. We can see how beautiful it would be to travel down there. It’s not as cold as they lead you to believe. You’re not dying when you are down there. If you go during the right time, the right season, you’ll get these gorgeous sunsets. They found a yacht that was found underneath the surface of the ocean in Antarctica, and to me this kind of sets the stage for the ancient architecture and the things that we might see once we get down there.

Image Source.

Why Antarctica? Because Antarctica is where the founding fathers of the people calling themselves the Illuminati supposedly crash landed when they came to earth and became what the Bible calls, “The Fallen Angels.”  That is a very important point.

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They believe that the Fallen Angels are real, but that is because the god of the Bible wiped out their people in Noah’s flood, that that god must be evil because this Adam, which is us, they call us, “The Adam,” they think the Adam is wicked. And they think that they, with all their ancient knowledge and high technology that they crash landed here with, that they are the good guys. So they actually believe that they deserve to rule the earth, and that we are not worthy. When I explained that bit to our Huffington PostJournalist David Seaman, that’s when he got it. That’s why these people are so sadistic that stuff like Pizzagate are actually happening. They see us as an invasion even though they invaded us. They believe that they have a right to the earth, that they belong here and that we are the insufferable fools who shouldn’t be here.

It All Traces Back to Mars

Nasa has now openly announced that – Mars once had an ocean across half of its surface. It was a mile and a half deep. Liquid ocean, that is public record. Nobody is disputing that.

Related Ice Deposits on Mars Holds as Much Water as Lake Superior

David says – It becomes really silly to think that you wouldn’t have vegetation and even life because we know that there are microorganisms all over the solar system because we keep finding them in comets.

So, why wouldn’t Mars have had any life? In fact, it appears, as I have said in other talks, biological life is written into the background of quantum physics itself. Quantum physics is not some algebraic gobbledy gook with letters and numbers and slash lines that you don’t understand. It’s actually a matrix that creates consciousness and life. We’ve gotten conditioned to think that science is this imponderable thing that we can’t really understand, but it’s really simple. The universe is alive. The universe is an organism. It’s a live being. It’s a living, conscious being, and biological life is a feature that exists everywhere.

It’s everywhere and one of the statistics that I gave on one of the panels today was from Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, where they studied the dust in a line of site between our planet and the center of the galaxy. They looked at that dust. And that dust had some very strange characteristics; I had said it a little bit wrong on the panel. They can tell this by the way it reflects light; it appears to be made of particles that are 70% hollow on the inside. And these poor guys spend years to figure out what the heck could possibly be creating particles that are always 70% hollow on the inside. And they ran out of ideas. Eventually somebody got the idea, let’s take a look at bacteria and then let’s freeze-dry the bacteria. Sure enough when you freeze bacteria the water leaves its body; it becomes 70% hollow on the inside. Just like the dust we actually see all throughout our galaxy. And that was only one of a series of data points where the actual light reflected off of the dust is freeze-dried bacteria.

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Where is all this bacteria come from? It’s coming off the solar wind, and it’s coming off the surface of stars. It’s their exhaust. That means stars are life factories. That means they are chunking out biological organisms all the time. Remember, 99% of all the dust that we’re ever going to see has the characteristics of bacteria. That is all there is—is life. And so they have proven this. It’s only a matter of time before science accepts this because there is no other explanation. It has to be, and this is the guy that invented the DNA molecule, figured out that it was DNA and how it works. I think he knows what he is talking about.

Related Nobel Prize Winning Co-discoverer of DNA Says Our Genes Were Brought Here by Extraterrestrials

So, when you are faced with that kind of evidence, that stars are literally busting out life, and we also know that they are releasing lots of H2O, hydrogen, oxygen, combining to make water, as I said in the new book, all the different moons and planets in our solar system are finding tons of liquid water. It’s everywhere.

Related Stars Are ‘Water Factories’ – ET Life More Likely | Recent Breakthroughs Reveal Startling Possibility: Water is Everywhere

Moons might look like they are dry, but they are actually covered with water ice, and then dust. And you go below the surface and in a lot of cases it actually becomes liquid water inside these moons.

So let’s think for a minute, about that space station that I just showed you. If you’ve got liquid water running around inside a moon, couldn’t you drill down to right before the water table? Hollow out a cavity in there and then tap the water table like a well, and pump it up? And have plenty of water for everybody to drink. And thus, you could have hundreds of millions, if not billions of people living inside a moon, and never have to come to the surface. The water is already there. And we are only being told this stuff by NASA now, which all of a sudden makes sense. You could actually have a lot of people live inside a moon.

If the sun is giving of all this bacteria, and they tell us that Mars was covered with water, then it is almost impossible that Mars wouldn’t have had life on it. Maybe that is also complex life. So the story is, that there was a human civilization on Mars. And we are to some degree or another related to them. Indirectly related to them.

Related David Wilcock’s: Wisdom Teachings – The Mars Transfer with David Wilcock | Short Summary

Richard C. Hoagland, author of “The Monuments of Mars– gave a presentation to the United Nations about that object, this face, which is a mile wide, definitely appears to be a humanoid-looking head, except that the jaw area is punched out in the face a little bit more than in ours. Then you have this weird thing where there is this city of pyramids right next door. Although they are not that obvious, you can see the top one clearly has a right-angle turn in it. The one to the left of that very clearly looks like the Giza Pyramid in Egypt. From a top down view you can see that plain as day. There are some other bumps here that don’t necessarily convince anybody but those two in particular are stunning and then you’ve got the face, and then he’s got this arrow showing in fact that those pyramids are positioned so that the sunrise comes right in front of the face in the morning.

This was a ceremonial site on a planet. This whole area, you notice how flat is around those pyramids, and if you look very carefully, along the banks of where the pyramids are, you see there is a little bit of an island. This was all ocean. The face was out in the ocean then there was all this water there. Now let’s look at it from the side view, you see the face up at the top right, the pyramids down on the left and then on the bottom right you see something else that very much looks like a pyramid, poking up out of the Ocean Front there.

Because this was all ocean – We see something that is so jaw-droppingly artificial. Good luck explaining this away as a trick of light and shadow as the skeptics try to do. We’ve got something here that is totally amazing, and one of the things I didn’t say last night was that I wanted to say, and I forgot, other than the fact that you look at the five sides, it’s not actually a pentagon, it’s in the shape of a human being with his arms and legs out, like the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Image Source. Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci
Image Source. Virtuvian Man overlaid on the five-sided pyramid.

You also can see if you look at the left-hand side, there is a hole. That is apparently where a missile attack went in, then you see how there is this line that goes up from it. That’s all the molten liquid material because the bomb, whatever this thing was, was so intense it melted and flowed out in a run.

Then you look down below the guys two legs, if you want to think of it like legs, and you notice there’s a triangle going down. That triangle is right on the Ocean Front. And that is an area where potentially hundreds of thousands of people could be walking and looking out at the view. It’s a nice big wide deck for observational view that people could walk out on.

Hoagland says – he has estimated that he calls this the “potential archeology,” and says you could have had potentially hundreds of millions of people living just inside [the five-sided pyramid]. And sure enough, the intel that we get says that this “Society” was very strictly hierarchical. A lot of people on this planet were living in dire poverty and real starvation and pain. Then you had the elite. The elite lived in that, and a few other things, and a lot of it was also underground. Only the wealthiest people lived in this. This was apparently originally all crystal and you could see out of it. So obviously the people with the windows were the most sophisticated. The most wealthy. Hoagland was also saying that there are all these strange alignments between the objects on the surface.

Authorized Disclosure from the Government

Insider Bruce gave me what he called an “Authorized Disclosure from the Government” saying that they wanted this information to get out to the public, and now is the time.

The information was that the people who lived on that original planet, which wasn’t just Mars, it was also aSuper Earth that was much bigger than our own earth, that blew up and turned into asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. That was a planet; that’s what all those rocks are. He said these people were originally 70 feet tall; so if you could imagine what would happen if we saw little elves or gnomes or sprites, pixies, that’s what we would be like to these people. If you’re on a big planet and that’s the size of your body, you don’t think it’s anything strange. That’s just who you are.

Insider Bruce ended up telling me in the Authorized Disclosure, that there is junk all over the place. It’s all made out of this very advanced crystalline material that they’ve analyzed and it’s actually aluminum that is transparent. And you’ve got these big rooms that are tumbling end over end in space and the asteroid belt and in Saturn’s rings and in all kinds of places that are rooms built for people 70 feet tall to live in. They are still there right now. As soon as you get into these crafts and you go into the solar system, you find them everywhere! And that is what the Cabal, the Illuminati, call their Progenitor Race. They believe they are the descendants of these people.

Progenitors (right), humans (left).

The rings of Saturn have all of this debris in them. Bruce’s idea was that there was a ring that they were developing around the planet that got blown up and Gonzales, which is Corey’s guy said, “No, it’s not that it was a ring,” and I need to correct that for the record. He said that it was actually the result of other pieces of architecture that got blown up in this big disaster.

Super Earth

The planet was destroyed and the way that it was destroyed according to all the different intel that we have now, is that there were certain moons in our solar system that were very ancient that had enormous weapons capabilities built into them. The people who were here that were called the Ancient Builder Race, that were here a really long time ago, over 2 billion years ago, was what they dated it to be. Those are the people that built all this stuff originally, moons and crystal obelisks and crystal pyramids and then they were emulated by the Progenitors.

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The Progenitors copied that technology and did more of it because they thought these people were their gods. So the original stuff had these moons with huge cities inside of them, all the water you could ever need to drink and a gigantic weapons capability that can literally blow up a planet. That is how powerful it is because some of the invasions of other alien races are literally going to be planet-sized craft that you need to blow out of the sky.

It’s like in every Star Wars movie it has the Death Star including the new Rogue One. Death Star, Planet Killer: “The death of a million souls, I just felt it.”

According to Pete Peterson and other Insiders – the records of these catastrophes have been preserved and they are still in the Vatican Library. They have books that go back to before this planet was destroyed that are here on earth now. These rocks are all over the place between Mars and Jupiter, and one of the things most people don’t know is that there are also two more big areas of asteroids called the Trojans, which just so happened to be in this very curious triangular tetrahedral relationship to Jupiter. That is the result of sacred geometric energetic forces so you see how there is [are] two strips of asteroids in the largest circle there, and that you could put a third one over on the other side. Nobody has been able to explain with conventional physics why these asteroids are gravitationally captured in a triangular relationship.

When this thing blew up, this planet blew up, the debris struck the other planets and caused tremendous damage throughout our entire solar system. This civilization of Progenitors, they had settlements on moons and planets all over our solar system including some stuff on earth. And when this thing blew up, the only real aspect of their civilization that survived was on the Moon—[our Moon].

Earth’s Moon was “Parked”

Originally, Bruce was telling me that the Moon had orbited around the Super Earth, but he has since said there is new intel that has changed that because you have whole teams of scientists working on the inside of the real Space Program.

The new conclusion is that the Moon was parked around the Earth after the destruction of the dinosaurs, and they now believe that the destruction of the dinosaurs was deliberately done because the earth was going to create intelligent reptilian life that would have been very nasty.

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So by putting the Moon around the Earth you take it from being a desert planet that makes reptilian humanoids, to creating seasons and a lot more water and a lot more rainfall, which creates more of a mammalian type of human thing to form. There is going to be oceanic planets where there is hardly any crust and then you get these amphibious life forms. So all of the different types of creatures that we see on earth now in our animal and bird and fish kingdoms, any one of those types of beings could become human depending on the planet. It all kind of starts the same way but then depending on the conditions, and what succeeds, you get a humanoid-looking being of different types, including avian type of humanoids. That’s an important point. But around here in our little neck of the woods, everybody tends to be human so they apparently wipe out the potential or maybe an existing reptilian race on earth that was starting to form, that was some of the intel tells us that they actually did become intelligent, and even though they still look basically like lizards, they were wiped out and the moon was placed around our earth.

Raptor from inner-Earth. Art by Vashta

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Well here’s the weird thing. This is now. We are getting into 62-65 million years ago.

The moon was this incredible piece of technology that has—and I have heard this from more than one insider, including Bill Tomkins—10 thousand floors worth of rooms inside, all the way around. Now it depends on what part of the moon you are looking at. Some areas have more floors than others, and it has to do with how much raw material there is that they can make technology out of—that they can do through mining.

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They have these little intelligent nanites that just build as much as they can whenever they find the material. So [our] Moon was what they called a “used car.” And it’s tongue and cheek, but it’s true. Our Moon was a super-advanced technology cloaked as a regular object that can transport an entire planet worth of beings, of life and plants and bacteria and fish. There is [are] some of these 10 thousand floors that are all ocean water, with all kinds of ocean creatures in them. You got mammals, you got chimpanzees and whatever else like that. It gets dropped off from that moon, it’s like a Noah’s Ark. Then it gets seeded on earth.

The Moon was broken down so this was the last time that it could be used. It was on its last voyage. It probably had been used for hundreds of millions of years and the propulsion system was kind of worn down, it was really on its last legs. So they parked it around the earth and that’s where it now stays, but after it dropped off all the seeds to make us. That’s when apparently we were seeded. That is the conclusion now in the research. So this gets really strange because the people who survived this catastrophe, there was only a very small number of them and they survived by having been living inside the Moon, in these 10 thousand floors. The problem is, as I have said before in my other talks is, that the Moon was so badly battered with debris, even though it’s over by the earth, asteroids hit it so badly that all the people inside where dying and the gases where so bad they couldn’t clean it up; it was a horrible mess.

The only option they had was to use the technology available and retreat to the surface. This is where they start to build, again emulating their Ancient Builder Race gods, they build domes, pyramids, obelisks out of this transparent aluminum crystal. Now they can pressurize it and see the stars, and see the sun and have sunlight, but still have breathable air and mine the water from the Moon; it’s already there, and be able to live on the surface, but they couldn’t go back inside because it was a death trap.

So we now have the scientific proof of this asteroid belt [super-Earth] blowing up, with Dr. Tom Van Flandern, who created the Exploded Planet Hypothesis. He is no longer with us. But Richard C. Hoagland was all big into his research, and he comes out with multiple points proving that in fact the asteroids started as a planet. The comets are actually the frozen oceans that got shot off into space and got frozen in what they now call dirty snow balls that have organic material in them because they were the ocean.

Insider Bruce told me there was a classified program called, “Brilliant Pebbles,” where they analyzed all the asteroids—classified level now—much more advanced than what Von Flandern did, and concluded that it was once a planet. “Here is the mantel, here is the crust, here is the core,” and they traced everything back.

When I spoke to Corey, one of the things that I said was, “do you know anything about “Brilliant Pebbles?” He goes, “Oh my god, how did you know that?” Then he proceeds to tell me what I already knew. I had never put that online. That’s one of so many examples of things that Corey already knew that nobody else had said.

So then as I am putting this talk together, I am thinking about that Arthur C. Clarke film, 2010, what happens at the end of 2010? Jupiter, after this weird alignment, which has to do with a special event, blows up. One of the ships dies but the other one survives and they escape the explosion, to be hurtled back toward earth. Doesn’t this sound familiar? It is the history of the Pre-Adamites. It’s the history of the Illuminati fleeing an explosion around Jupiter—which we see at the end of this movie, where Jupiter gets consumed. This is all shots from the movie; the ship gets sent back to earth, Jupiter explodes and becomes a second sun and it’s got to be a coincidence, that if you read the book 2010, Arthur C. Clarke says, “Oh, we had to name the new star Lucifer.”

February 26th, 2015: Artificial Structure on Ceres

Most of this stuff that I just told you, Corey didn’t tell me. I heard it from Bruce and other insiders. Corey got tortured [in early 2015], because they thought he told me this, and some of this stuff that I was leaking he’d never been on a need-to-know basis about it; he didn’t even know it. But they knew that it was right and that’s why he got tortured.

One of the things that they were so mad about was that I spoiled the surprise of things that they were going to leak to us on their schedule. I was talking about weird ruins out there in the solar system. So we spoiled the surprise, and sure enough, I did this talk, same weekend that we usually do it right before Valentine’s Day.

Corey gets tortured and he said, we spoiled the surprise they were about to come out with stuff that was going to give this same information that you’ve told us but in little dribs and drabs. Less than two weeks later, they announce this very strange artificial glowing structure on Ceres, which is a planet, almost a planet-sized object in the asteroid belt. So there is the Earth on the left, the blue one, and there is Ceres on the right. It’s pretty large. February 26th, less than two weeks after I was on this stage saying stuff that got Corey tortured: “NASA Sees ‘Bright Spots’ on Dwarf Planet in Our Solar System.”

Image Source.
Image Source.

And NASA makes all these leading statements about how no matter which way the moon turns, they are always bright. So what do I think this is? I think you are looking at the rooftop of an underground civilization that has light and that is the ceiling which emits light, probably from some kind of crystal material, that’s why no matter which way it turns it’s always glowing. It’s just that the dust blew off and they didn’t bother to clean it. They didn’t cover it up. That is probably a very thriving active civilization that is still there now, because [there are] all kinds of extra-terrestrial colonies in our solar system, not just human, we have way more population in our solar system than we realize.

Inside these moons, and this is a Hubble space telescope image showing the bright spot before they could really get the sharpness that they just gave us in 2015, and sure enough no matter which way it turns it’s always bright. Just like we would expect with one of those underground bases.

Linda Moulton Howe pointed out: “Isn’t it weird that immediately right to these bright spots is a hexagon?”  That geometry shouldn’t be there. It suggests the presence of an artificial structure. Something that was built.

March 6th, 2016: Mars Once Had Huge Oceans

A week and a half later they announce that Mars was covered with liquid water. Oceans that go a mile and a half deep. And again, Corey got tortured because I spoiled the surprise. This was a huge announcement and yet the media just kind of plops it out there once, and then nobody talks about it.

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Forget that you ever saw this. No, what we are going to do, is we are going to put the pieces together and we make an investigation, “The Lost Ocean of Mars.” This was totally real.

And then they announce that they were going to orbit Ceres the moon (Mar. 6th: Ceres to be Orbited), with a satellite, called “Dawn,” from NASA. If they had needed to, they could have done Ancient Builder Race Disclosure with this probe.

They had it in place, because they always have multiple backup plans. If this one doesn’t work we will do this one; if that one doesn’t work then we will do that one. So this was one of the backup plans if they needed to do Disclosure, which means if something like Pizzagate had happened back in 2015, and they need something right now to throw off everybody and have a distraction bigger than 911, that would do it. You say that that glowing thing is actually the roof of some kind of civilization under the surface of the Ceres moon, you think that would distract people? Absolutely.

The year before Nature’s “Moon’s Largest Plain is not an Impact Crater”, on Oct 1 2014, scientific journals revealed that the moon has a gigantic square on it, which is not at all what you’d expect to see if it was natural; this is very strongly suggesting artificial.

Image Source.

So if you look at the right, you see the shape of the square and that blue line around the moon. And if you look at the left you see that all you have to do is look at the surface of the moon and tilt it a little bit down from where we normally see it, and they’d never done this before. They obviously saw this with Apollo. But they don’t show us that there is a square there until 2014— many years after Apollo. They knew this was there, but what are they doing? They are preparing us for this huge announcement, that the moon is a big giant spaceship, because this doesn’t just happen. It shouldn’t be there.

Strikingly geometric shapes hidden on the Moon’s surface, and here you see red lines outlining where the square is from the angle that we normally see the Moon at. And there it is tilted and you can really see the square. So now what’s happening is, there is this skin on the surface of the Moon. It’s not that thick before all these rooms that are down there, but then there is a geometric wire frame structure if you will, of rebar that is holding the thing together, and it’s a cube. So as asteroids hit the Moon it bounces off the skin on the surface, which is hollow, remember all these astronauts they hit the Moon with things and it rings like a bell because it’s hollow? The surface is hollow and as it moves you get the image of the underlying geometric structure that holds it together becomes visible. They only allowed us to see this, two months after I got my authorized US government disclosure from the Alliance.

Geometric Pattern of the PKT Border Structures, with a Comparison to the Enceladus SPT

The very next day after they announce this [square on the Moon], they are comparing it to another square that is seen around the moon of Saturn on the bottom of the pole called, “Enceladus.”

Image Source. Enceladus “square.”

The south pole of Enceladus has this square on it. These two images that you see on the left are the square on the moon, and then the one on the right is another square geometry. I am saying to you that that is a city on the bottom of Saturn’s moon.

And then here is yet another one, one of the words they used for this they call it the, “Procellarum Rifts,” named for the square formation.

Square Craters

Then we also see this, and I went through this in the book that there is this weird asteroid that’s been orbiting through the asteroid belt and around Jupiter and Mars called, “Eros 433,” has what NASA is openly calling square craters from 2000.

Image Source. Eros 433 square craters.

Now does that look like something that would just naturally have happened? No, it fits exactly with what we are seeing right here on the Moon. Square craters mean that somebody dug out a square room and it gets hit by asteroids and then the roof falls in.

Images from the Moon

When the Russians flew over the Moon back in 1965, it took a series of images and one of the images they took had this little guy down in the bottom right.

On the bottom right there is actually a dome there that is about a mile or a half or maybe more above the surface of the Moon. And you can see that it looks transparent, and it looks like a pyramid, a flat topped pyramid. And then the skeptics say, “Oh it was just a camera mistake.” No, just a few rotations later, a few seconds later, a few minutes, it takes another picture. There is this tower that shows up along the right-hand side. This tower is miles above the surface; it is there right now.

Now that could be some of the stuff the Progenitors built, or it could be something a lot more recent; we don’t really know. But the point is, don’t try to tell me in light of all the other evidence I’ve been giving you that this thing is just a camera mistake right after the other camera mistake that also happens to look like a pyramid where as this one kind of looks like an obelisk.

You are seeing something real, so then we got 4822. This frame where you order it and it’s black. But Hoagland keeps ordering it again and again based on an anonymous tip, probably from the same insider, Bruce. They keep ordering it and ultimately this shows up.

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Now NASA did release this picture but they crop off some of the parts on the right. And so we looked at this area here and we said, isn’t that strange, because it looks like there is some square craters down here. And there is a square crater up there, and it looks kind of like there might be some pyramids there. Then over on the right hand side, in the dark area, if you zoom in on this image and you really get in there you can zoom right in and sure enough here is this thing on the surface of the Moon. Don’t even try to tell me that is natural. Oh that is just a bunch of boulders. No, no, no, this is a base.

That was hidden away in a secret file that NASA kept under this code name “4822,” so that the archivist would know not to give the right picture to anybody who isn’t on the inside. After 20-30 years, it gets forgotten about, the archivist loses their job, the new person wasn`t trained on this. You ask for 4822 enough times and you suddenly get this.

Image Source.

Then we also have this guy Ken Johnston, a NASA Engineer who was ordered to destroy original prints from the Apollo missions, and here he was speaking at Hoagland’s press conference that was filmed by Russian television, that the American Press didn’t do anything with it, even though it was right in the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. What he saw was that the official NASA photo of this particular area was still framed 4822, same area that we were looking at that had that weird square crater and that weird base that you just saw—also has this, the official version here on the left, you don’t see a dome on that little white outcropping; but then on the right where the arrow is pointing, in the real version from Ken Johnston before it was airbrushed, you see this bullet-shaped dome, sitting on the surface, and that is probably one of the ruins from the original Pre-Adamite civilization, where after their planet blew up.

We now know from all the research it happened 500 thousand years ago. Half a million years ago, that is when the cataclysm occurred, that is when the planet blew up. They survived by migrating to the surface of the Moon and building these structures, which is not sci-fi folks, this is data that you can check for yourself—data that has been certified by people with PhDs and scientific backgrounds.

This stuff is real and it’s the ruins of these Pre-Ademites who ended up ultimately crashing to earth. Then we have these gigantic weird glass ruins, now the normal NASA photo up on the top left you don’t really see anything, but then all you got to do is do a little bit of curves in Photoshop, a very simple image adjustment, and look at the bottom right in particular—you can very clearly see the glass and it is just gigantic. We are talking about something that is enormous in size; you can actually even see the reflections off the glass inside on the bottom right. And this was an image on a paper that Hoagland and I co-authored when he did his Russian Press Club thing in 2007.

What appears to be a dome-like structure in the distance can be seen as filters are applied to the image, top left to bottom right.

That is such stunning evidence of glass above the surface, what else could you explain this with? I mean please, somebody try to come up with something because you got to not only look at each one, the skeptics will try to drill in on one and say well it’s just you know, duh, duh, duh, but then when you have like 50 of these things, when the Moon is a big square, when you’ve got a dome sitting on the surface, and then as the Moon rotates you get a pyramid and then you get an obelisk and they are huge. You think all this is a coincidence? Of course not. Then we got this one where the sun was kind of setting over the edge of the Moon and it catches the glint off of these shattered glass ruins, and you can actually see the shards poking up off the surface of the Moon, all you got to do is enhance the image a little bit.

Hoagland found a crashed ship on the surface of AS-15-P-9625 and 9630, and this is very compelling because when you take these two images, as you see there is this hole in there, and that hole is probably made by the ship when it was shot and the ship crashed into the surface of the Moon, because we know there was a terrible war.

Composite Image.

This is very likely an escape ship they were trying to get away from the Moon when they were shot down. You take these two images and you use certain image adjustment software and you create what you call a “composite image.”   When you do that, check out how perfect the ship looks. That is a normal process that you use to enhance something like a picture of the Bahamas if you took it from a high altitude.

You take two images, you composite them, it becomes sharper; this is normal it is nothing bad. People do this all the time. You composite those two images and now you get this really nice sharp thing and that does not at all look natural; that looks like a crashed craft on the surface of the Moon.

This was when they were trying to escape, and a lot of them got shot down because they were in a war. Then another one that showed up in 1968 of Blair Cuspid’s, from some of their early photographs. NASA has distorted the original images. This is the only one that actually survived that censorship, and it was from Ivan T. Sanderson’s, Argosy magazine.

There is a big obelisk up there at the top and it becomes much clearer in this image. Now that, if you look at that shadow, just look at the top right one, look at how long the shadow is and look at the fact that at the bottom it comes up to a triangular tip—exactly like what you would see the shadow from an obelisk looking like.

Then you see other smaller obelisks including three that just so happen to be in a pattern called an “Abaca,” which is the same geometry of the three pyramids of Giza. Maybe the pyramids of Giza were built to emulate this, or maybe they were both built to emulate, as Robert Bovaul stated about the stars of Orion. Then you can see on the left there is another obelisk over there.

This was public knowledge and the Russians actually depicted it as a series of obelisks in this image here, and then a comic book comes out two years later called, “UFO Flying Saucers Issue No.2,” and sure enough they write a little thing about UFOs on the moon and the actual obelisks.

My colleagues and I believe they may be some kind of obelisk completely different from anything else from the Moon’s surface, you can see that they based it off of those Blair Cuspid’s. This was part of what NASA was doing, they seed the knowledge into seemingly entertainment-based things like comic books, movies, television shows. Oh, you just read that comic book. Oh you just love 2001 or 2010, or Star Wars. This is how they do it. And then they are actually showing the obelisk is something that is energized and it has captured all this space junk. There is [sic] all this [sic] broken-out space ships orbiting around this thing in anti-gravity fields.

The Face on Mars, Jack Kirby 1958

All the way back in 1958, they already knew there was a face on Mars. Jack Kirby’s comic book had an article in it called, “The Face on Mars.”  Looks the same as what I showed you earlier.

Image Source.

This is another one of the Ken Johnston images suppressed by NASA, and there are some really strange things where the arrows are pointing where there is some fuzzy stuff that looks like it is probably glass. You see that there is this kind of opacity to the area in the middle, there is some translucence there. It’s not totally black, that could actually be some transparent glass but the really amazing thing is what we see over on the left.

It’s a shard of one of the beams that actually fell over, and you can now see it resting along the side of the mountain. A bent structural support several thousand feet long.

This is another image that appears to have come from the Moon and I haven’t actually been able to track exactly where this was but this is supposedly one of the broken foundations of buildings that was on the Moon before it got all wiped out.

They Survived for 445,000 Years on the Moon

So these Pre-Adamites after they blew up their planet they survived for approximately 445,000 years on the Moon, this is the latest and greatest intel. Approximately 55,000 years ago they got attacked by the reptilians (the Draco). They had a terrible war with the reptilians.

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That is how these ships ended up getting blown up, that’s how the domes, that’s how the glass got broken. Their ships were getting shot down; only a very small number of them actually survived now.

They started out as 70 feet tall but because the Moon was so much smaller, they had actually got a lot shorter over time. But they were still giants compared to us. Anywhere up to 12-14 feet tall. They are badly wounded, they only have a few ships left and they crash landed on earth with those ships which were gigantic in size. The stories of their landing here were told in a book that should have been in the Bible. But the early Roman Empire said there is no way we are putting this in the Bible because this is our story and we are going to be exposed if we put this in there.

The Book of Enoch Told Their Tale

They removed it, but it’s as old as Genesis. And Jesus quotes from it. He clearly took it seriously.

Image Source. Artist depiction of Enoch meeting an angel.

The Book of Enoch was discovered only in 1773 in Ethiopia, translated by Dr. Richard Laurence. We didn’t even get to read it until 1821. Then they find out Jesus is actually quoting chapter and verse out of this book in the New Testament. And then Chapters 1-36 are called “The Book of the Watchers” and that’s where the really interesting stuff says to happen and Enoch is actually Noah’s grandfather. So these people on the inside believe that Enoch is real and Noah is real (Enoch lived for 365 years, precursor to Noah).

These are real people. And these were real events. Noah’s Flood is the Atlantean Flood and it is older than we think. It was twelve thousand five hundred years ago. So in the book of Enoch, Enoch is working with these benevolent extraterrestrials, which were very likely the Blue Avians, same beings. He is working with them, and he asks them, if they will spare the lives of these people called the Watchers.

Now the book says there was 200 of these watchers. I don’t really think that is true. The data suggests that there were a lot more. But there were a small number of these people that survived. They crashed here and according to the new intel, they immediately set up cloning facilities and built lots of bodies for themselves so they could spread across the Earth. They crashed here 55 thousand years ago, that’s when all this started.

So the book of Enoch goes on to say that the fallen angels created “great giants whose height was three thousand ells” [Enoch 7:3]. An ell appears to be the distance between the elbow and the tip of the middle finger—or a cubit it’s also called, and it’s probably not really accurate because three thousand ells based on that (Richard Laurence version says 300 Cubits = 450 feet) would be like 450 feet tall. It’s likely an exaggeration. But they were large. This was probably something that was greatly mythologized by the point this book was written.

It says in Enoch 7:5-6, the giants began eating people on earth, they were cannibals to the humans that were supposed to be here. They begged God for forgiveness (13:4). Enoch was used as their middle man, that’s 13:4, and they got turned down (by God). As a result of this, the biblical Atlantean flood, the Noah’s flood, was created to cleans them from the earth (cleans earth of the Watchers), and they believe this is actual history. In the Ascension Mysteries I try to trace out all the different things that lead to this conclusion.

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Noah, the great grandson of Enoch, became the guy who preserved the animals and plants and people, one of each species, so that we would survive through the flood. This is very likely some kind of extra-terrestrial craft. The Noah’s Ark is kind of an allegory of a much more advanced object and it just becomes a boat in this story because it has been re-written and people kind of missed the original point.

These Pre-Adamites, this is what they looked like based on Corey Goode’s intel, these were the people, the wicked, the giants with elongated skulls where the flood largely wiped them out but not completely.

Surviving remnants of their population lasted through the flood even though they were in much smaller numbers than the humans that were seeded here as the Adam and those humans that had already been here before, but then they were built to inherit the Earth. So the Bible is a little bit off on that too. But the point is, these beings where not completely destroyed, they survived in Europe and Asia. They eventually made their way into the Egyptian Pharos, as I talk about in Ascension Mysteries.

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Time to Tour Antarctica

This is an important point we get from the new briefings. When [the Mars refugees were forced off the Moon by the Draco, they] first landed here before all this crazy stuff happened, they knew that the continent that we now call Antarctica had Ancient Builder Race ruins below the surface. That is a very important point. Ancient stuff, 1.6 billion years old is how old they estimate that it was.

So their ships were badly damaged and they landed where they could then tear apart the ships. They used the parts that were inside of them, the power systems, and set up their own little enclave because they were badly damaged. So then they colonized the underground bases built by the ancient builders. There were other places they could have landed that would have had better land and better water and better game, but they went to Antarctica because at that time it was tropical; the Earth had not shifted on its axis yet. It was a nice place to be because of the underground stuff that they were able to get into. That is where they started up all this cloning and all this crazy stuff. So now here we are.

Why in gods’ name did John Kerry go to Antarctica on election day?! Literally, I am not kidding. This is a picture of him traveling with the military on the day of the election.

Image Source.

Like maybe he is worried that the election isn’t going to turn out in a way that is good for Pizzagate people? Not saying that he is, but its probably going to be. He wants to go see it while he’s still got the chance—in case Hillary loses. Here he is in Antarctica.

Image Source.

Notice that he is not wearing gloves and a hat. It’s warm enough down there that you can sail around and be comfortable. That is him in Antarctica! Why was he there? Because recently as within the last 30 years, according to some of my insiders, they found new ruins under the ice that are very advanced of these original builders that crash landed there.

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Image Source. Buzz Aldrin (middle, in suspenders.)

Here is Buzz Aldrin, and there he is in the middle with his shirt. One of them says “Get your ass to mars,” that’s the one the woman is wearing. She’s got the red bag, her shirt says “Get your ass to Mars,” the other one says something similar, “Destination Mars.” Notice that they are on a Russian plane. You can’t even charter in an American plane to Antarctica. You have to go through Russia.

And here it is right there on ABC breaking news, “Buzz Aldrin had to be evacuated from Antarctica. The 86-year-old fell ill while visiting the South Pole.”  We didn’t know why. And you’re going to find out later, teaser.

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You’re going to find out why he had to be taken out. Wait till you hear that bit. And there he is, it is actually true if you watch the film “Total Recall.” Arnold actually does say at one point “Get your ass to Mars.”  And it’s such a weird, stupid one-liner that it became a shirt.

Image Source.

Buzz Aldrin 33rd degree Mason goes to Antarctica advertising “Get your ass to Mars” on his shirt in all of the pictures. What’s the relationship between Mars and Antarctica? Well they know; this is what I am trying to tell you. This is not accidental, this is on purpose. And notice that Mars is embedded inside what? The NASA Logo! Wow. They know what they are going to tell us over time, and they have to hide it out in the open. They have to tell you what they are doing—this is what they are doing.

Antarctica and Mars are connected. Antarctica is where the survivors from Mars finally ended up before it became what we now call the Illuminati. Those people crash landed here from 55 thousand years ago. For 5,000 years they built civilization now called the Sahara Desert. It became very technological. They spread out across the earth; they set up kingdoms in every continent, every country of the time. They were the leaders, the rulers.

They had much bigger brains, they had much higher IQs, much better technology and they subjugated the planet and there was a catastrophe 50 thousand years ago that wiped them out. And then they bounced back and then another catastrophe happens 25 thousand years ago wipes them out again. Then the third one was the one we associate with Atlantis. So that is how this works and it’s totally described in the Edgar Cayce readings and there are so many things the Edgar Cayce readings has in common with this; it can’t be an accident.

Moving Forward

So, Corey gets this incredible body of information, he wasn’t telling me what it was. He said it was something about Antarctica but he can’t release it. And I mean we knew there were ruins down there, but I didn’t know that these excavations were so active and new. Finally, I get a briefing and he can tell me, and this happens right before we were about to go to a Gaia taping. And so we make it into episodes and then we also integrated into what became Endgame part 1 and part 2. Part 1, I go into Pizzagate, Part 2, I go into Antarctica.

If you’ve read Endgame 2, that would really help. I’m not going to go through all this information again. The point is we start to release this information that we’ve found these ruins in Antarctica. That the ruins were [so] technologically advanced that they found some very cool stuff there. And then we start to hear that there is a plan to release this, and this is actually part of what the Alliance wants to do.

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Now I don’t want to diss the Alliance. I think it’s awesome that they stood up against the Cabal and they are bringing the Cabal down and they want to give us Disclosure. But they are also saying this is the only responsible way to do Disclosure because if you do it too fast people will freak out. That’s the excuse.

The reality is that if we got Full Disclosure with the data dumps, all the data that there is, then the vast majority of everybody in the Alliance has got unspeakable crimes. Hero’s can turn. You could have somebody working for Hitler in Nazi Germany who then becomes a defector and comes to the U.S. The Cabal seems to have been controlling both sides of World War II, and there is some really good data on that.

So lets just go with this nice paradigm of U.S good, Nazi bad. You have a defector. You have a Nazi scientist and he gets compromised; he is part of that regime. And now he is a hero; he is a whistleblower. He comes forward. So please, if you are aware and this stuff starts to happen, and this video ends up going all over the internet, let’s try to give these people some amnesty for God’s sake. If they are in the Alliance, and they are risking their lives to save our butts, then they deserve a second chance, because they are now heroes.

We have to be able to practice the forgiveness that the ancient teachings of all major religions tell us we should be doing. We have to be able to see that these people are not lizards, and they are not monsters, and they are not creatures; they are human beings who might have gotten stuck in something really bad. Some of the stuff that Corey Goode was involved in was really bad. He has admitted it on our show. But he is a hero because he came forward. There are other insiders that have come forward but the Alliance had pushed this thing out because, and this is the real story, they all want to die before the stuff would come out that would cause us to judge them. They want to die a natural death. They want to live out their life and I understand that up to a point. I do understand why they would want to push this thing out 50 years maybe even 100 years and drib and drab it out.

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Here is the thing: Our planet does not have that time. What the hell did we just hear about Fukushima?It’s 560 cVerts per hour which means that the robots would break down in two hours. A human being exposed to it for a flash is instantaneously dead. We have technology that can dial out that radiation as if nothing had happened. It’s already there. That’s known.

The good old insider Henry Deacon told me that people that go into space, they have little pill that you can take and once you’ve taken this pill you are essentially immune to radiation. You can get a massive dose and nothing happens to you. They have these very thin coatings that they can put on the outside of ships even including our own NASA Space Probes. They had them too because otherwise those guys would have been hash browns inside there.

That’s why people say we never went to the Moon (or one of the reasons). Radiation from the sun would cook you if you don’t have the atmosphere. That is true, but what they don’t know is it was coated in this special polymer that totally shields radiation. So we have the technology.

I understand, you don’t want to have embarrassing information and there is going to be a witch-hunt. You probably will have to be, if this does happen with full disclosure, you guys are going to have to end up going somewhere that you are safe from the torches and pitchforks of the masses, I get that.

And I apologize because people will be like that. They are not going to like what they hear. But I will be one of the ones supporting you as heroes and saying that you deserve clemency. And this audience also as you’ve just said, how do you feel about them being heroes if they’re going to save the planet for us?

They need our support. They need to see that we’re not going to see them as creatures and monsters; that we are ready for the truth even though it’s going to hurt. And this truth is something that they know very much to be true.

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We get this briefing from the Secret Space Program Alliance because people at that level where they’ve got all this really advanced technology, they want the whole disclosure to come out. And that is what we are fighting for. I believe that we will heal from this, and that when these people in the Alliance are kept in safety, that they can eventually be forgiven and brought back out and we are not going to try to kill them. The things that we are going to get as we get full disclosure will quickly make us capable of forgiveness. Imagine instead of having to drive home tonight, you’d just portal back home? If you have a little pocket portal, off you go!

Can you imagine being at home, having a portal device in your home and getting to travel out to a base on Pluto and come back in time for dinner? And get to meet all your cool new friends who are ETs? And get to see things that are so spectacular that you are literally shedding tears in amazement at what you are looking at. If we get to that point where we have a materializer in your home, and we think about the best meal you’ve ever had in your life and you hit the button and there it is, perfect, and it digests into pure nutrition in your body, cleans your mouth as you eat it and leaves no waste products behind and you don’t get fat and you don’t lose your teeth; you actually gain dental health. I think we’d start to feel a little more forgiving—if you’ve got anti-gravity and you’ve got your hover board that is a real hover board, not the thing that blows up under your feet.

We have all this intel. We get all this stuff put together and the Alliance people are pushing Corey like crazy which means he is pushing me like crazy We’ve got to get this out. Remember the [Earth]Alliance doesn’t want us to release all this because they wanted to do this over the course of 50 or 100 years. The Earth Alliance doesn’t want us to do this, but the space program Alliance does, and the sphere beings want us to do this. So we have different factions that are trying to help the planet, but some of us want us to do one thing and others vociferously oppose.

We are going with what the SSP people and the Sphere Being Alliance people told us they want. You have to trust that these are benevolent people, especially the higher beings, and that if they are advocating for this, that it is going to work out and we are not going to have all the Alliance people killed in a genocide. It’s not going to happen.

Once you have that technology, once you have anti-gravity, once you have a car that you can fly through the air, point and click, you never have a car accident again and you can go anywhere you want. You can see incredible cosmos. You can see ancient ruins if you want. Archeology is probably going to become one of the most common jobs people take on. We are not going to need money. You’re not going to need to work a job. You are going to do something because you love it— because you are passionate about it.

I would definitely get my ass to Mars. I want to see those pyramids. I want to see that face. I’m going to put on my hat with my little light on it, and a pick, and I am going to be in there looking for stuff. There are entire areas inside the earth of ancient cities that they have barely even explored because they don’t have the staff—with all this technology just sitting around waiting for us to look at. They need the numbers; they need the population of people who are going to be proactive enough to want to investigate this stuff. That’s a good thing.

The way that society will change is so dramatic. We can barely even imagine. How exciting it is for me to be standing on this stage with you tonight disclosing what may be the very last stages before we finally get the truth.

Leaking Antarctica

If this was just a story, just a conspiracy theory, it doesn’t explain why Buzz Aldrin went down there. Why did John Kerry go down there? Why did the Pope go down there? The Black Pope. Some of this is classified; a lot of these people didn’t go on a public basis. But they are all going down there. They are all really excited about this.

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But we are told to hurry, and it freaked me out. I worked my butt off and we got Endgame II out on Dec 11th and literally, I am not kidding, well, this is the video that we made a few days later and it was wildly successful (Endgame: The Antarctic Atlantis). There were a million unique views, so this really got out to the public big time.

Two hours after my article came out is when the first thing showed up. And big plug here, if you go, the actual mixed and mastered mp3 of Endgame is available; you just put your email address. It’s free. You can listen to it in the car.

Two hours after we put this article out, tabloids start saying exactly the same thing and it ended up on the front page of Drudge Report. Now here is the shrinking reindeer from global warming which is a sad story in of itself, but then there it is in italics, “The lost city of Antarctica: Massive Ancient Civilization Lies Frozen Under Ice?”. Two hours after my article comes out? Is that a coincidence? Come on! This says the lost city of Antarctica, shock claims massive civilization exists beneath a mile-long section of ice. Antarctica is hiding a huge city underneath more than a mile of ice according to credible claims, December 11th.

Image Source.

Artists impression of a doorway to Atlantis, which is claimed to be the lost city underneath Antarctica. They are getting you ready! [Corey and I] were told you got to get this out before you get scooped. There it was two hours later, unbelievable. They talk about the Piri Reis Map, and they say it’s got the subglacial topography before they were supposed to know what it was. And they quote from Charles Hapgood, the original guy that had the theory that the Earth shifted on its axis in space and Antarctica was originally not on the pole but it was tropical and it moved.

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What they didn’t get into was this interesting fact that you can look at Antarctica now and if you look at the top of this image it says subglacial lakes. So these blue areas are beneath the surface of the ice. The surface of the ice is all white and you just see ice. If you go in there, they know that there are areas that are lakes that are meeting this warm water. And you can take a look and see where the lakes are, meaning there are, this is where the continental masses are. And where two chunks of Antarctica […] there is a chunk on the right, a littler chunk on the left. We only knew that since 1958. There’s another image of it in gray. But yet here we have from 1754, the Buache Map, from the Vatican! Showing Antarctica! With a channel in between the middle, right where those subglacial lakes are. So what the heck is going on here? They knew. Antarctica wasn’t even discovered until the late 1800s.

Image Source. The Buache Map.

This is all going to be part of the disclosure. It was mapped back when it wasn’t frozen—back with the Pre-Adamites. They copied this over from Pre-Adamite books. That’s how they got it. That’s all part of the disclosure. The next day Dec. 12, 2012, important ritual date, “The ‘Lost City’ of Antarctica Shock Claims Massive Ancient Civilisation Lies Frozen Beneath a Mile of Antarctic Ice— and Could Even Be Atlantis” (The Sun). Isn’t that something?

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Just after one day after we were rushed to publish this thing, and I broke my butt doing it, there it is. Now this is what it says in that article, check this out, there is the link, so you can look it up yourself:

“Conspiracy theorists went wild earlier this year when a video claiming to be from the lost city emerged.” They make this stuff up—they are leaking a fake story; it’s fake news, but it’s actually getting us ready for something very real. This alleged video that nobody ever actually saw, they just said “conspiracy theorists,” don’t know who they are, don’t post a link, they don’t show you the video. They don’t give you any way of seeing where this video is or who wrote about it. They don’t link to one article about anybody who said anything about this. Just take my word for it, the conspiracy theorists went wild. It appeared to show extensive hidden ruins in the ice and was a video supposedly left behind by a California TV crew who have been missing since 2002.

Now this is why it’s so crazy and it’s one of the things we really have kicked ourselves for, is that Corey had told me before they wrote this that there were teams down there that had been embedded since 2002 filming the archeological ruins getting ready for this disclosure. They’ve been getting ready doing it all that time, 14 years. And then this comes out a couple of days later, I was kicking myself that we didn’t leak that part of the intel in our article because it was so amazing. So I put it in as an update after this happened. That crew is still down there now, and they’ve been making documentaries for 14 years and notice it’s the year after 911. They needed this plan in case the botched job of 911 got exposed. And then they need a get-out-of-jail-free card, they need to say “Well, look everybody, we did some bad stuff but hey, now we are going to give you something good. Can’t you be nice? Can’t you all kiss and be friends now?”

That’s the Cabal’s plan, but now it’s the Alliance that want this to be part of a benevolent
disclosure. The only thing we are disagreeing with them on is how fast we get it. But they are setting the stage for that real disclosure with this right here. So then it goes on to say: “Archeologist Johnathan Gray claimed that the US government is trying to block the video from being seen because it reveals there is a massive archeological dig under way two miles beneath the ice.” But that’s not the wildest claim—with several online websites claiming that “there is a city in Antarctica and Hitler knew about it, making it a secret Nazi base.”

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What they are doing is they are setting up the release of this video. They are promising something they intend to deliver. They intend to deliver a video that shows a massive archeological dig two miles beneath the ice. That is going to happen. This is the proof; it happened right after we published our intel. Is this a coincidence? No way. Then in the same article they later show you a Nazi base in the Arctic, not Antarctica.

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But they show you a Nazi base in the Arctic. But then I did some research and I start looking up if anybody else did something on Antarctica as Atlantis. The mainstream scientific journal known as Science, as good as it gets in Academia, published this very strange thing in 1998. There it is; there is the science logo AAAS, and look at the bottom. March 31, 1998, “Ancient Ruins Found in Antarctica”.

Now the first clue that something is wrong here is that you got this little image of a guy dressed up in old fashioned Shakespearean clothing, and he goes “Oh Please!” that’s about the only clue you get at first that something is wrong.

Ancient ruins found in Antarctica in a mainstream scientific journal. And here is the text which I am now going to read to you, check this out, from 1998: “Argentina,” that’s the first clue something is wrong, “Durak, Argentina – Scientists have uncovered the remains of a massive stone structure and other artifacts, estimated to be 4,000 years old in a remote corner of Antarctica.”  It ends up being a spoof, but they are hiding things in this science journal. The find, announced at a press conference here today, is the first evidence of ancient civilization on the icy continent and is being hailed as one of the most important archaeological digs of the century.

[Reading from the bogus article] “Working in dwindling light just before Antarctica’s first sunset of the year in mid-February, a team led by geologist Scott Amundsen of Wyoming State University came across the ruble of a stone building roughly the size of Rome’s ancient amphitheater. One of my students tripped over a squat pentagonal block while we were hiking up near Doubleday Glacier.” (Source)

In fact, the briefings [from my insiders] are saying that the melting of the ice in Antarctica is causing these buildings to poke out now, this is actually real. All the stuff they are telling you here is true. And they are preparing you for the disclosure that they might have done right after 911 if they needed it, which is why they sent those guys down in 2002. This was setting that up back in 1998, three years in advance. They knew what they were going to find.

[Reading from the bogus article] “Doubleday the glacier has been receding at an estimated 3 meters per year for the last century, and the last geologic expeditions visited (that they are going to talk about) the site in the 1920s. “Previous researchers could have easily missed it.” The team worked deep into March, well after the normal end of the field season. “So far the researchers have uncovered the foundations of a massive columned structure that may have stood as high as 30 meters”, says group member Harvey Sampson, who last year had proved by DNA analysis that Piltdown Man was not an elaborate hoax but in fact the skeleton of the murdered St. Nicholas, the last Russian Tsar— Science Now, 1 April 1997″  (April fools).

They loft the big middle finger and it goes on and they say all kinds of stupid crazy stuff then, it’s all joking, that part makes me angry. So I didn’t include it in the talk but the point is they joke about it in a mainstream science journal.

They tell you the truth but then they disguise it. Isn’t that amazing? Then the article that came out one day after we published Endgame 2, links to this— Hitler’s Ghost Island, “Secret Nazi Treasure Hunter base in Arctic found by Russian scientists after being abandoned over 70 years ago when crew was poisoned by polar bear meat.” And it says “A top secret Nazi base in the depths of the Arctic has been found by Russian scientists after more than 70 years.”  It’s located on a remote island in Russian territory – more than 600 miles from the North Pole. Here is a rusted shell among 500 objects found at the deserted outpost. They have all these pictures of what they found there. So that is getting us ready that the same thing could be in the south of the pole.

We have William Tompkins (Book: Selected by Extraterrestrials) now who has come out as our big new whistleblower. Here he was as a young man hired in WW2 to debrief American scientists embedded in Nazi Germany’s space program—including people who where working in Antarctica, and he confirmed that these ruins where known about all the way back in the late 1930s. They’ve had a long time for preparing us for telling the truth.

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Age of the Pre-Adamites

What we are hearing from Corey is that not only is it Antarctica, they are finding that some of the ancient ruins that are found on Earth have very technological things like portal devices actually buried inside the stones including some of the oldest Sumerian stuff, and this is one of those examples. So we are going to probably have to protect this stuff when that comes out, because people are going to want to tear them apart looking for technology.

They’ve been very quietly using this with very advanced equipment to find these things and try to get them out before they tell us about this, but they are finding all kinds of cool stuff in there. And while looking at these ancient ruins I came across this, those are two ordinary humans of two ordinary heights. Two men, holding like slaves an umbrella for a very tall human being—a Pre-Adamite, one of these elongated skull guys—one of the giants. There is more proof.

Image Source.
Image Source. Another image of the same type of stone carving.

One of the things Corey’s intel has told us is that they are going to show us rooms that are just literally lined with gold—floors, walls and ceilings with all this gorgeous inlay. And Corey actually got to see that stuff and so there is this place I believe it’s in Indonesia, called Bao dong that has very similar type of a look to it. Not exactly the same, but close. And people go there to pray and of course all that gold is going to have amazing energy; it’s going to be a very energetic spot.

Corey was picked up by a craft like this and that’s one of the ways that he got taken to Antarctica. This is from the MIC group; the military space complex secret space program.

And when he was down there, you got these triangular craft down there, all kinds of excavations going on.

Image Source.

They are digging holes through the ice, and you see these buildings down there, if you look carefully you can see there is this obelisk at the top and then there is these ruins he said they do look like Pumapunku in Peru and specifically in the briefing was that in Pumapunku a lot of different groups met there and this was very likely another place like that.

These ruins are what we are sort of going to see when they release it; something like this. Notice there is a bulldozer in there and then they got a little tunnel in the back and there is rails going up.

Then when we go down from there we see this little guy a steam blower, generates steam, they use that to melt the ice. Then you see on that wooden cart they are hauling out the body of a mastodon. So they are finding lots of prehistoric animals underneath the ice. And they are also finding all the Pre-Adamite bodies.

Now isn’t it interesting that the Cabal, the largest object in Washington, D.C., is the Washington monument, an obelisk—an Egyptian obelisk, which is an emulation of stuff which is over 2 billion years’ old that is all over our solar system and beyond. They still worship the same gods; they still have the same religion. They keep building the same structures in honor of the very oldest stuff they ever found.

Image Source.

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That’s not an accident just like the statute of liberty is the Goddess Isis, her torch in the mystery schools, they must keep the flame lit. Just like in the Olympics they always have to keep the flame lit.

Image Source.

Torch burning, they never let it go out. And then her book is the book of the sacred mystery teachings. And then the crown, the rays coming off of her head is the fact that she is ascended, that she is a god or goddess. So they hide it out in the open with things like the Statute of Liberty, which is the female version and then the obelisk being the male version because this is their religion, this is their mystery school religion.

These Pre-Adamites bred with regular people on earth and there were different types of hybrids they made. They made some of the human sized hybrids, but retained the elongated skulls, and had less hair, and then this includes Egyptian pharaoh’s, Akhenaten and Nefertiti daughter married Meritaten. Notice she has no hair and a very elongated skull, I have talked about this extensively.

There is the family of Akhenaten and Nefertiti and their kids with all the Pre-Adamite features. They were the survivors of this catastrophe and after Atlantis they didn’t all die. Some of them lived in Europe and Asia some of them lived in the Americas. They didn’t actually come back in contact with each other until approximately the1600s or 1700s based on ships that crossed the Atlantic, but they went into hiding. They were the gods in Mesoamerica as well. And then when the conquers came, they fled into the jungles into underground bases they still had. And they hid out and then they eventually migrated back over to Europe where they all pretty much seem to be living in the Vatican. But they still have warring factions.

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The beings that have been found under the ice are mummified. Pompey is where volcanic gases at very high temperature flash-burned everybody and they immediately died and their images were captured in the ash—real people that were captured that way so they are calling this Pompey under ice.

One of the crazy things is they find all kinds of Chimeras,  half human, half animal hybrids which is exactly what Edgar Cayce’s reading said the Atlanteans were doing and as part of what made them wicked and what caused the flood is, you are not supposed to do this.

They were hybridizing human beings with animals and then they were creating these slaves that they used for work. They were treated very badly so some of them had a bull, the centaur. Why do we have all these records of this stuff? Because people saw them—they were real. They all died out eventually, but for a time these beings did exist; so we still have the record of them.

When you actually go into the real stuff deep under ground, these are the kind of things you see,gorgeous pillars with light all up and down. From Corey’s briefing was that one of the plans that they have for a partial disclosure is that they will tell us about ETs. And the first group they were planning on telling us about was the tall whites.

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Charles Hall is the whistleblower who got all into this. The Cabal groups were hoping that they could introduce us to these guys, force us to learn a brand new language (the tall white language), and force us to learn their religion and then basically worship them as our gods.

Dig Site Under the Ice

Here is brand new art, Corey allowed me to use, these are Anchar gigantic egg shaped crafts, with little stairwells going into them.

These are huge craft that are egg shaped obviously anti-gravity and Corey was taken down there on an expedition and this is what he saw and you have an excavation site. The excavation site has trucks, steam blowers, and then you’ll notice that what we are seeing here is some kind of obelisk or pyramid that is being steamed out of the ice. Notice to point of the pyramid, the white pyramid sticking up.

Then where the snow is at the bottom we have people walking up out of the craft. Corey was one of them.

Then there is the building on the right, it’s the corner of a big stone megalithic building. And they had already been pulling out Pre-Adamite bodies and they had laid them out on the ice because this is a new expedition—a new archeology they are doing here.

What they see there is these bodies of giants wearing these curious outfits, and Corey got to see them up close and he said these bodies were really thrashed because remember, these people died in a flood and if that’s not bad enough, then they freeze and are frozen into ice which becomes Antarctica.

This is what he saw when he was there. And nobody has ever seen this until right now. So all of this was fascinating enough on its own, and then I called up Pete Peterson, and I had a dialogue with him on the phone about what Corey had told me but I didn’t really want to tell him anything. I just said what do you know about anything interesting going on in Antarctica? And boy, oh boy, did that open up the bottle—uncorked the bottle and poured up a nice big drink.

The first thing that he told me when he started the briefing, he dealt with 15,000 human bodies, and this is a morbid but true thing that I am authorized to tell you. He was told that he was called and asked what to do for 15,000 dead bodies, and explained that they were casualties suffered after the Alliance was going after underground bases. What this means is that the Alliance is to trying to save the planet to try to stop these people from trying to kill everybody with nukes or viruses or economic collapse or any of the things they are trying to do. The Alliance has been on an industrial scale getting everybody in these underground bases to either surrender or be wiped out and some of them are getting wiped out. So they call Pete up and say, “Hey Pete, you’re the expert. We got 15,000 dead bodies; what should we do with them to get rid of them?” You got to understand military guys can joke about stuff like this.

Latest Developments from Pete Peterson

So what they’ve told me was that they’ve called in the Canadian Marines for some of these bases and they have run through half a trailer of ammunition, so there is a big shooting war going on. This is the World War III; it’s just all happening in places we are not supposed to know about. It’s going on right now. That’s a great deal of damage. Half a trailer of ammunition is a ton of ammunition. It is set up so that individual soldiers do not know whether they fired real rounds or blanks, and he said this was also done in World War II to reduce psychological impact.

Get an LST boat. You can fit 120 Abrams tanks in one of those LST boats, so it’s very large. Five hundred troops can fit in one of the boats and you can sail the bodies out to sea, fit them with concrete galoshes and feed the sharks. So that was his brilliant idea about how to get rid of 15,000 bodies. This is how the briefing started. You can see we are already really in the ozone layer here. Very strange stuff and again, it’s morbid but this is a real war.

What they are doing is they are cleaning up all this stuff first before we ever hear about it so that there is not going to be a lot of work left to do on the surface, and by the time we actually get disclosure, they’ve already solved most of the problems. And the war has been won. Isn’t that interesting? And that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing because what that means is the rumors that we’ve heard over the years about the destruction of underground bases is true. And that it has now gotten to the point where the Cabal is almost completely gone. There is just a few little remnants left and they are being wiped out as we speak.

This is Corey’s confirmation after I told him what Pete told me. People have been locking themselves inside these protective underground facilities. The Alliance is cutting through doors with blowtorches; they are arresting people and removing them off the premises, but if they resist violently then a shooting war results. And Marine Expeditionary Forces are clearing out the bases. One of the problems that happened, according to Pete and Corey, is that some of these Marines where not vetted out on extraterrestrials and they go into these underground bases and they see eight-foot- or even ten-foot-, 12-foot-tall reptilian, demonic-looking beings fighting against them with guns. And the psychological shock has been huge. So there is a lot of these soldiers who are now in counselling cause they were shocked to see these non-human Dracos.

I had started to ask Pete about the underground cities that he’s talked about before because this is where these people are hiding that they are now going in and invading. He said a normal underground city will house 40 to 45 thousand people. Some bases are there to protect people who aren’t even there yet—meaning the bases are empty and they plan on having people from the surface go down there to be saved from cataclysms.

He said that they’ve got this Mt. Timpanogos underground base where they’ve already set up an apartment. They are trying to get him to go down there, but he stays on the surface. They insisted that he have one eight months ago. This was in January. And what they are planning on doing at some point is saying:

“Hello folks, guess what? The sun is changing. At 32,000 feet you are now getting the equivalent of an chest x-ray in an airplane every 8 minutes.”

And they are not telling us this yet. So flying is becoming a problem. You are allowed two chest x-rays a year. They are hiring flight crews like they are going out of style. So apparently they are trying to keep this covered up, but people in flight crews that are on airplanes all the time are getting cancer a lot faster because they are getting all these x-rays. And this is because the sun is doing its thing. They’re trying to fly at lower altitudes now to prevent this from being worse.

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Now I ask Pete a question. Benjamin Fulford recently reported that all of the US aircraft carriers have been brought back into port at the same time. And he said, yes that is true. This is happening in Portsmouth, Newport News, Savannah North Carolina, Camp Lejeune, small bases in Alaska, San Francisco, Long Beach—which is down near below LA. All the ships are in. A lot of them were out because of what is going on in the Middle East right now, this war with the Alliance vs. the Cabal, and ISIS which is the Cabal’s cut-out army.

It takes 6 months of 24 hours a day work to replenish a full aircraft carrier. You can house 7,000 people on these carriers, and there are two new ones now that can hold/have 12,000 people. You have to fly the planes into these carriers from these military bases and you have to land on the carrier. You don’t roll them in, you fly them in.

The reason that these carriers are all being called in now is to load on weapons we’ve never admitted to. And they weren’t going to tell us about these weapons for the next hundred years but disclosure is moving forward so fast now that they are actually going to tell us about this much sooner. You see now why I wanted to leak all this intel for the first time right here on stage with a security guard? This is very sensitive intel, and you guys are the very first people to ever hear this.

So Pete said this on January 12th, 2017, and he said this last night, Maurice Cotterell was on Coast to Coast AM and admitted that he was aware of three-mile-long flying aircraft carriers, just like the ones we see in the Avengers and in Captain America. And he said they just finished the R&D on these flying aircraft carriers, and in order to service them because they are in the sky, they used F22 and F35 airplanes.

They are flying these airplanes up to these aircraft carriers that are cloaked and they are getting ready to tell us about that stuff too because they’ve built new ones. The F22s and F35s have had so many runs in order to properly do the work that is needed to go up and down from these things that now the planes are already wearing out even though they were brand new when they started. So this is a huge effort that is being made

Now what are they going to have? They are going to announce weapons systems that shoot Laser Solitons. The Laser Soliton will travel forever until it hits something solid and this is part of the technology they need to actually take down Draco ships, which now the Earth Alliance has. The Soliton can go through an 8-foot hull and penetrate directly into nuclear warhead racks. They can get rid of anything, they can shoot it down into the ground take care of anything they need to take care of. They have things that will take aircraft out of the air. Russia has a nasty plane now and he thought it was called the S23. This is all part of the briefing. And it goes on.

Finally, I get to the subject, do you know anything about ancient ruins being discovered in Antarctica? And I didn’t say anything else and Pete doesn’t go online. He didn’t see my website; he didn’t know that I had leaked anything about this. This was totally original. And he says, everybody’s been there. Obama, Trump, wow! He let that one go. Buzz Aldrin.

“How did Buzz get altitude sickness?” Pete asks me. “I heard he said “Holly Shit” seven times before they went to 200,000 feet.”  Yeah, that is way outside the Earth. Because the acceleration is so fast, he’d never seen anything like it, and they had a window for him. So he flipped out. They went around the Moon, saw the back of the Moon, went around the space station and gave him a wing wave. And then he saw all this stuff on the back of the Moon, all these civilizations and it totally tripped him out.

Then they come back towards the Earth and they go around one of these floating space station aircraft carriers I was just telling you about, and then they tipped the wings, the plane goes and shows a hello to the aircraft carrier. Gave him a wing wave. So this is what ended up leading him to have a heart attack.

Obama was told, “You too will go through a leaf grinder if you say a word, even if you breathe it at night while you sleep.” And they talk to Obama like this all the time. It’s really sad. The president does not get a lot of respect—to say the least. And this is where it’s funny and this is what he said, take it for what you will, he said, that is the real Obama and not one of the stand-ins.

“The real Obama has been locked up for almost six months now.” Isn’t that weird? And this gets into the idea of potentially cloning people and that you can have clones that are programmed to be like the original, or look-a-likes; there’s different ways that they can do this. I don’t know if this is true, but I just listen to Pete and I am telling you what he said, so you can take it for what you will.

Pete talks about the craft, he said they have planes, and this is his funny way of talking; it’s not space ships, he says they have planes that fly regularly to Mars and the Moon. He is admitting this now, I said Planes? Not exactly the same kind of planes you are thinking of in the public eye. I said, are you talking about the black planes with the black triangles with the dome on the top? Yes, that is one type. And we go on—and the darts? And I explain what the darts are. That’s what Corey’s been describing; we had images of it last night.

Pete said, “That is another type. I can’t mention anything unless you already know what it is.”  So basically I have to know the answer first, and then he will confirm that it’s true, and that is how he is able to stay alive. He can’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. And this was really cool, this made me feel amazing. He told me, and I am typing as fast as I can what he is saying, “You David, are considered a hero to the Alliance.”

He said the people of the Alliance would love to disclose the things that you, David, are disclosing but when they try, they end up making fat sharks. They get fed to the sharks with concrete galoshes. So they love the fact that I am out there. He said, David, there are so many people who wish they could be on this stage tonight, doing the presentation that you are doing right now.

What exactly are they loading onto these ships? Pete said they have weapons systems that weren’t set to be disclosed for 100 years. That’s what they are loading in carriers and airplanes. Is it stuff that will look like flying drones but full-sized. And I’ve … of course he’s not going to tell me unless I already have the answer. Corey had already told me this; he didn’t know that. He totally confirmed it; he said yes. And then he goes on to say they have dozens of prototypes of three different size/models of drones.

They have been using actual drones, the actual ones in movies for almost four years. This includes the movie Edge of Tomorrow, featuring Tom Cruise. That movie had real technology in it. And it looks very real in the movie.

They built a lot of sets for this movie. And they have that thing, it’s like a metallic robotic suit that he wears. Also in the movie Avatar.

So the movie Avatar is not fiction, it’s disclosing the space program going to other planets and mining and having indigenous populations that they then wipe out in order to get the materials they need. That movie is true. And the technology in it is true. And he said to me, sometimes they run out of money on these film budgets and instead of trying to build the thing they just haul in one of the real ones from an underground base and film it. It’s crazy. Those were real units.

So this is something Corey sent me, its got actually eight propellers on it. Four on the top four on the bottom. It is a powered drone. So one of the things that Corey’s disclosure has said is that they are planning on releasing these craft to the public eye soon. And it’s going to start with propellers and then when they get to the point that they declassify antigravity then they are just going to take off the propellers. They are already built modularly to take off the propellers and stick on the anti gravity cells. So this is something that we are going to see very soon as part of the disclosure.

So again, if this stuff really starts to happen, you heard it here first. Why would all the other stuff I am saying then be wrong? This is how we are going to get full disclosure. This is why we were told tell the people everything. Because we are not going to wait 50 years for this so that these guys are more worried about that they don’t ever want to possibly get in trouble while we have things that need urgent attention on earth right now. So full disclosure.

And the briefing goes on, Pete starts to describe the three different craft and other things. He said we have an airplane, well that’s what he likes to call it. There is an airplane that flies up to 200,000 feet at the speed of Mach 12 or 14. That’s what actually caused Buzz Aldrin to say holy shit seven times. It doesn’t require any fueling. Most of these craft go (behind a bigger craft) and hide behind something. Meaning like a space station. These space stations or platforms as he calls them, are camouflaged from outer space at the bottom. So you can’t see them from the surface of the Earth.

Stars move across these craft at night at random and different brightnesses. It looks like there are clouds in the sky below these craft from virtually every angle. You can see from virtually every angle of the Earth. Let’s say that the space station is a disc that is half a mile in diameter, they make a cloud beneath it that is five miles in diameter and they also back project on it, what it looks like behind the craft. And these technologies work 24 hours a day, seven days a week so there is all this stuff in the sky right now back-projecting holographic images of the stars behind them, and you either see that or you see the cloud. And they are already there. They’re just waiting to take off their cloaking and show us what they got.

Pete Peterson on the Beings in Antarctica

Cloaking is very widely used. Then we get into Antarctica and beings. This is where it gets really interesting. “Have you heard anything about gigantic Pre-Adamite bodies being found in the Antarctic ice complete with elongated skulls?”  This is a very loaded question. But I want to see what he is going to say when I throw this at him.

Yes, not only did [Pete say] they found dead ones but they found living ones that are in stasis chambers. And these are new excavations. They estimate the stasis beings have been there for at least 800,000 years that we know of. Now, he had written all this down and he has diabetic neuropathy and he doesn’t always remember dates very well and his handwriting isn’t necessarily readable to himself.

And this was a briefing Pete was writing things down as fast as he could, and they said to him: We want you to tell David this stuff. So it appears that his five looks like an eight. Because later on I said is it possible that it was 500,000 years, and he said: “Yeah, because you know I wrote it in a funny way and they told me so much stuff I couldn’t remember everything, and they wanted me to get this to you, and I’ve done that.”

So this does appear to be 500,000 years ago. What that means is that some of the people from the original Mars civilization all the way back half a million years ago put themselves in stasis chambers that worked so well that some of the surviving half million-year-old stasis chambers are still there in Antarctica inside these ships that crashed.

And then I tell Corey and he’s like, you weren’t supposed to know that. He was shocked. Pete’s people are telling me that they want me to know that. Your people are telling me don’t tell David. There are two different factions. Not everybody is apparently coordinating on this.

They were hiding from the Annunaki as well as other people. The Annunaki Pete is referring to here are to Draco reptilians of course. Annunaki just means extra-terrestrial but there are different types. Corey had not leaked this to me.

They found a gigantic mothership under the ice with a new satellite that uses a lower than infrared imaging system. They found a manmade object, without any question, that was buried three miles below the surface. It was about 30 miles in diameter and looked like a craft.

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How did they get down to this craft? Now that they find it, and it was fairly recently apparently, he said they made some things that shot large plastic bags of water down that three-mile chute as they dig the chute, and then flash boiled it with microwave and they eliminate the first 40 feet of ice on top of these things of snow. In other words, the bag gets dropped, they have very high powered microwaves, they hit the bag with the waves, suddenly it turns into steam and the steam evaporates the ice and that’s how they dig down to the craft.

I explained this to Corey, and he said: “Wow you weren’t supposed to know that either.” Then they followed it with pictures. They start taking pictures of the craft, obviously we’re not seeing them. They found round ports, rectangular ports, square ports, knobs, antennae bumps, sensor bumps, telescope bumps. This was a huge thing. It was obviously a craft. Craft were taking off from two different directions [from] the front and the back of the mothership. It had little holes in it where a craft would go in and out.

The craft would go in from two directions and they would cross over one on top of the other inside the craft on conveyor belts. So this was a little more complex than what he explained. He said some are on the top half of the craft and others on the bottom. So what this means is the craft has a hole on one side, a hole on the other side. There is a conveyer belt with sockets in the shape of different types of UFOs.

The UFO literally drops into the craft. It sits in the socket nicely and then the conveyer belt moves forward and then another socket shows up and then that one pops in, and it goes on and on like this. Those things, these mother ships, will take craft that we’ve already seen and called UFOs, and they actually can hold them inside.

The motherships are set to hold a craft that would be the shape and size of sliding panels that slide around on this thing (the sliding conveyor belt). The thing on the inside goes in and then rotates 90 degrees and turns into the conveyor belt, so it pops out like little egg holders. Now you’ve got a big hole on the side. They take off out of the front and go in on the back.

And then I say, I have other intel that suggests they found a craft that had crash-landed near Ancient Builder Race ruins in Antarctica and they had to cannibalize their craft in order to build a settlement. Have you heard anything like that? Yes, he confirmed that was true. They saw an active city of 35 to 40,000 living beings. Then he found an active city of 35 to 40,000 living beings/people still alive, inside those crafts all this time still living in there.

That was the big thing everyone went to look at and he wanted to meet some of these new people. We apparently are revered by them. Corey then confirmed this was true but said that they actually are afraid of us because of our warlike nature. They consider us to be the relatives of their great, great 800,000-year-old ancestors (really 500,000). But we are like long distant cousins. They see us as their long-lost family and they are very excited about that. Everything we have, meaning all the classified space stations and stuff, is now hanging over Antarctica and looking to the other side to look for all these artifacts, because now it’s fully active. This wasn’t known about before, it’s fairly new.

I go to Corey and say to him: “Did you hear about a 30-mile-wide mothership?” He said yes, then he tells me that actually there was three of them that have been discovered. The code names for these ships, believe it or not, are the names are the Nina the Pinta and the Santa Maria. It’s the original remnant of the fallen angels. The Luciferian people, the Pre-Adamites, they are tall with elongated skulls that turned into what we now call the Illuminati. They are actually still running the planet; or they were up until this Alliance thing happened.

Corey confirms the three motherships. He confirms the sockets. He didn’t know about them— actually that was new to him. But he confirmed that they held multiple space ships inside. And those spaceships could go outside the Earth’s atmosphere but they didn’t have enough fuel to travel outside the solar system. So they stayed within our solar system and then the Draco where warring with them so they really didn’t leave the Earth.

But he said some of the craft that were found inside the motherships were like the Vimanas. They looked like depictions that we see in Vedic artwork and some of them look like what we see in Tibet, the stupas. So we have these ruins down there and Corey has said, and Pete has said, that the plan is that they wanted to roll this out slowly. They start with a very conventional thing of—it’s just ruins and it’s just humans. They didn’t want us to see the giants right away because that is too much too fast. Then eventually they reveal that they have a secret space program. They reveal the craft that they used to fly Buzz Aldrin around the backside of the Moon causing him to have a heart attack. Then they say, isn’t it interesting we found ruins like this also on Mars and on the Moon. They look very similar.

Then they are opening it up too full disclosure and at some point we start finding out about ETs. And the reason why they are doing this is that this is the cosmic history of the Illuminati. This is what they believe to be their lineage—that they came from the exploded planet and from Mars and from Saturn. That is why it’s called the Cultive Saturn or Kronos. And they use the Saturn logo all over the place. The Rolling Stoneshave that album Their Satanic Majesties Request. Yes, that was the title. And it has Saturn sitting in on the top in the image.

Image Source.

Pete evidently was saying in a summary: Evidently it will change our entire world forever just knowing the information. My problem and your problem for the people in this audience is, for us, this is normal stuff (the military knew they’d be talking to you). We don’t realize what a huge impact this will have on most people. We may also end up adding things to what we hear based on our own personal beliefs, and we need to avoid that.

What we are going to see when we are finally allowed into many of these gorgeous underground cities is like the one that is in Antarctica?  They do have caves, vegetation and running water, and forms of light caused by light emitting bacteria on the surface. We see caves with water, and then they hollow out those areas and they build facilities in them and that’s where they live, these underground beings.

There are millions of people living down there already and there is room for many more in certain areas that they have made for us. Because there is going to be problems with the sun that will require us to relocate. Because if you’re on the surface of the earth it might not be very nice. Might be another Atlantean type of thing, all a part of this ascension idea.

I believe Corey is a harbinger. It is not stuff that is only happening to him. You are not only seeing this on Cosmic Disclosure, this is going to become our reality. We are going to get tours of these places. Maybe not where all the Anshar are, but they have other ones that will look very cool that we’ll be able to go to.

What I am concluding with now is a statement that we are on the threshold of potentially some of the most amazing releases of knowledge in the entire recorded history of humanity. This type of a disclosure is of significant as the advent of someone like Jesus coming on earth if he actually did in fact actually do the things that the Bible says that he did.

It’s as significant as what happened to Mohammed if you believe in the Koran. It’s as significant as what happened to Moses if you believe the Old Testament. It’s as significant as what happened to Krishna if you read the Mahabharata and the Drona Parva, and other books like that. It’s as significant as the Tibetan ascended masters like Pod Sambava reaching rainbow body and ascending at 160,000 documented cases of that happening.

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What is going to occur if this is true is so vast, is so amazing it’s almost hard to imagine. I was lucky enough to get this authorized government disclosure about the truth, and that authorized disclosure was given to me back in August, 2014— right before Corey and I started talking; it led to the writing of Ascension Mysteries. All of this Pre-Adamite history, the whole second half of the book with all these references of how they got from Mars to Earth.

Once this happens, the fact that I already wrote that book, why did the New York Times not let it be a New York Times best seller even though it was the 9th best-selling book in the world? Because they don’t want you to know what is in that book.

My point is this, I have worked very hard to put this information together. Corey and I released this Endgame 2 briefing, and the very same day tabloids start telling us that they’ve had a team down there that is finding ruins in Antarctica. They released the same news in the Science Journal in ‘98 and said April Fools! But they are telling you exactly what they are going to do. Four years before they sent the team in. Then they tell us the day after the article comes out that in 2002 they send a team of these 14 scientists down there [and] got a video that the government doesn’t want you to see.

It appears that they are already moving forward with disclosure plan and if I had a lot more time, there are dozens of articles all on these tabloid websites that keep saying new things about Antarctica ruins over and over again.  Endgame 3 will include some of this. There is a lot more to this story, this is just an overview, I want to point out these events will actually authorize changes in reality.  When they start telling us this stuff, when we start finding out that Atlantis was real, that the Earth shifted, that there is ruins under the ice down there—the way that [it] will affect our consciousness is so incredible that the physics of reality itself will change.

And that consciousness of reality can start now.

For part three in this series, see:

[to be added upon release]

For the complete list of CLE 2017 Notes, see:

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Source: Sphere Being Alliance

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host,David Wilcock, and we’re here with Corey Goode. Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So in our last update we had just gotten up to the point where the dark priestess of the underworld, Marra, had materialized in your room, was acting very sarcastic, as if she had complete control of the situation, and was then portaled back by the Anshar and put in stasis, but they did give you a warning, right?

They said that others like her could show up.

Corey: They stated that there would be some of her kind coming to look for her.

1 Banished Marra

2 Closeup Of Marra

David: Okay. Meaning that they might also visit you as well and you’d have to defend against them.

Corey: Right.

David: Let’s go from what happens next.

Corey: Sure. And for the record, none of Marra’s people have approached me since then.

David: Okay.

Corey: It’s been fairly quiet.

3 Corey Goode

Most of my experiences have now been with this MIC SSP.

4 MIC Craft

I’ve been picked up a number of times, and in the meetings I’ve been giving [given] no-questions briefings by the two airmen that had assisted me up and down the stairs of the craft.

David: And that means you’re not allowed to ask questions?

Corey: No questions. You just sit there and listen. They were filling me in on more information about Antarctica, what has been discovered down there, how it’s being processed, how they plan on presenting it to humanity in stages . . .

David: Okay.

Corey: . . . as well as I was having meetings with who we call Sigmund – the commanding officer. And he has also been sharing interesting information with me, some of which I can’t even discuss because it has to do with upcoming meetings that I’m going to have – more of a terrestrial nature.

David: Okay. So, then we’ve covered the thumbnail of that. Have you also been having Anshar meetings? And if so, what’s the jest of those?

Corey: I have had a number of Anshar meetings. A lot of them, Ka ‘Aree also preparing me for upcoming terrestrial meetings I’m going to have, letting me know that she’s going to . . . for me to not be so nervous. I’m pretty nervous.

She’s letting me know that she’s going to help me in the process. She’s going to be giving me information to communicate.

I’ve also been picked up one time by the Anshar and taken down to Antarctica.

David: Okay, so when we last spoke on this show, we had discussed the idea that there was interesting stuff going on down in Antarctica, but we hadn’t really gotten into this big thing that you were withholding from me. You couldn’t even tell me, and we couldn’t talk about it on the show.

And that’s where our “Endgame II” update begins. So what was the information that you were getting for months that you couldn’t tell me and you couldn’t talk about on this show that we’re now cleared to talk about? What’s going on down in Antarctica?

Corey: Well, according to Sigmund’s men and Sigmund, they have made major discoveries. In 1939, the German expedition to Antarctica had discovered big slabs of rock with ancient writing on them, and they had taken a bunch of photos with them. After that they started a lot of secret expeditions.

David: So these are things that would remind us of stuff like Stonehenge or the pyramids or something like that?

Corey: A little more like Pumapunku or something, you know, that’s really torn up and scattered.

David: Okay.

Corey: So after the Germans had discovered this, they started to, not really excavate for archaeological reasons, they started to clear out areas and begin to use them that they found. They found in cave areas ancient civilization artifacts, and they just moved them out and moved their military groups in and created bases.

5 Antarctic City

So they weren’t real interested in the archaeology in the beginning, which sounds not very much like the Nazis since they had archaeologists combing, you know, . . . combing Asia looking for certain . . .

David: Especially groups like Black Sun and Vril where it seems like they are very interested in this ancient history.

Corey: Right. It seemed mission was to hurry up and build this base. That was the primary ob . . .

David: Well, the clock was ticking and they knew that they were not going to be able to pull through on World War II.

Corey: Right. So they had been looking into it, doing some digs here and there, over the decades leading up to where they ended up working with the Americans, the industrial complex, military-industrial complex.

They were doing excavations all throughout the decades going all the way back, you know, from the ’50s and ’60s.

Now, since then, in around 2002, they started bringing in actual professors and archaeologists from universities. And these are some people that we would know if you’re into academics. These are people that we will know that have been going and doing digs and research in Antarctica.

And these people have been told that . . . you know, that’s 14 years of research they can’t tell anyone about.

And they’ve been promised that they are going to be brought out in front of the press and allowed to give a briefing and present the documentaries they’ve made and all of the information they’ve collected to the people.

David: And one of the stunning things was that you were being told we had to write “Endgame II” as fast as possible.

Corey: Yeah.

David: And two hours after it comes up, tabloids like the Mirror and the Sun, start repeating this same data that we were getting.

And then the next day after we put the update up, one of those same tabloids, I believe it was the Mirror, actually said that there was a team of scientists that had been in Antarctica since 2002, which you had already told me on the phone.

I hadn’t remembered to put it in the article, but you had already briefed me on that.

Corey: Right.

David: And then there it is in this frickin’ tabloid. And that to me was just so amazing the level of public confirmation of this stuff.

Corey: Right. I was being told that we were going to get scooped, that we had to get the information out immediately.

David: And so you were being told before that came out that, in fact, they had been there since 2002.

Corey: Yes, and what they were finding there is what blew my mind even. They were finding ancient technology that . . . They were finding spacecraft that had been cannibalized to create a new civilization, cities, and so forth.

They found areas that were laboratories for genetic experiments, which apparently genetic experiences had run amok among these Pre-Adamites.

We were finding all types of different humans around, even humans with tails, short humans, tall humans, all different types of humans, along with this original Pre-Adamite being that crash-landed here somewhere between 55~60,000 years ago.

David: What is a Pre-Adamite?

Corey: The alien group, non-terrestrial group, that once inhabited Mars and Maldek, after there were catastrophes mostly from their own doing, and war . . .

David: This was half a million years ago.

Corey: Right. Half a million years ago. Then they end up on the Moon for a period of time.

And then somehow they ended up getting chased off the Moon. There were some attacks that occurred, and after that they fled, but their craft were too damaged leave our solar system or make it to another planetary sphere.

So since they had to crash-land on Earth, they decided that they would go to this one continent that still had working Ancient Builder Race technology that was . . .

David: How old are we talking now?

Corey: The information that was given to me was 1.8 billion years old.

David: What do you mean by technology?

Corey: Well, they only had the technology that they had on these three craft with them. That’s all the technology they had.

So they had to cannibalize and repurpose that technology from the spacecraft once they had crash-landed. And there were three that were extremely large. They were motherships.

And they were referred to as the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

David: So just to be clear, it’s not that there’s any actual name connection, it’s just that Columbus’s three ships were called the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. So it’s kind of like a tongue-in-cheek joke. You have three motherships that crashed on this continent.

Corey: Right. And they have several of those tongue-in-cheek references in this report.

David: And I want to point out, that this was one of the absolutely stunning details in which I start to ask Pete [Peterson] on the phone, “Do you know anything about Antarctica?”

And he independently says, “They’re going to announce that they found a mothership.” He only knew about one – a mothership that was 30 miles wide, mostly circular in shape – that’s been found under the ice.

Corey: Right. And so far they’ve only exposed the area about the size of an ocean liner. But in doing so, they’ve gained access to one of these ships.

And they’ve been going in, flying the craft around that were inside it, checking out . . .

David: Wo, wo, wo. They went inside this 30 mile-wide mothership, and they found craft inside the mothership?

Corey: Yes.

David: And they’ve been able to fly those craft?

Corey: Yes.

David: In the mothership or also outside?

Corey: No, outside. Out of our atmosphere even. They found a number of different types of craft that had different uses, one of which was a very ornate craft that was sort of stupa-shaped.

7 Stupa

David: Like the Tibetan shine that we see so often.

Corey: Right. And they were referring to them as vimanas.

David: Really?

Corey: Inside the program, they were calling them vimanas. Whether they are or not, I don’t know.

But these were only for transporting around the royals. They were different than the other craft. They were decorated and had gold on them and were very ornate.

David: And you said that the beings that were inside these craft were Pre-Adamites, but could you just give us a description of what that means?

Corey: Yes. They range 12~14-foot tall. They have elongated skulls. They were very spindly, thin.

8 Egyptian Carving

David: Like Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their children, such as Meretaten.

9 Pre Adamite Male

Corey: Right. And the men had a flabby pocket on their chests – kind of a flabby chest.

And these beings, they’ve . . .

David: What about skin color?

Corey: The skin color was hard to tell because they had been in a huge cataclysm where they had . . . Some of the bodies, their arms were wrapped around them a couple times. There were big black spots on the skin. They had been under the ice.

They weren’t preserved like you see in the movies like an iceman that you can re-animate.

And the biologists that have studied these bodies, done postmortems on them, have said that these are obviously beings that had developed in a much different environment than ours – a lower barometric pressure and gravitational field.

David: Who do you think, or who were you told, shot them down when they made it to Antarctica?

Corey: Apparently these Pre-Adamites have been in conflicts with the Reptilians for awhile. These Pre-Adamites they stated were not good guys at all, but were in some sort of a conflict with the Reptilians, and had actually kept the Reptilians in check here on the Earth during that time that they had crash-landed here.

There had been a couple other smaller catastrophes that happened where they had lost their power and the Reptilians always find an opportunity to come back in in a moment of weakness.

David: So does it appear then that wars between Pre-Adamites and Reptilians occurs almost from the beginning of when they got here?

Corey: Exactly.

David: Okay.

Corey: But after these cataclysms that occurred on Earth, the Pre-Adamites and the Reptilians sort of had a truce or a treaty. And after that point, the Reptilians pretty much controlled all of Antarctica and the Pre-Adamites had zero ability to get access to their ancient technology, their libraries. Everything was down there.

David: Right.

Corey: The people that survived the cataclysm were mostly the genetic experiments. They had created hybrids because they could not operate in our environment very well. And they created hybrids of them and the humans that were here on Earth.

So after the cataclysm, all of the main Pre-Adamites that were pure blood were down in Antarctica when it occurred.

There was a group of these Pre-Adamites, of this Pre-Adamite bloodline, that was in the Central America, South America region, and there was another completely different bloodline group – both royals – in Asia and Europe.

David: Now, when we’re looking at the descendants of this original civilization, you said that they came here in three motherships. So I just want to be clear that these are the 30-foot wide motherships that we’re talking about.

Corey: Thirty-mile.

David: 30-mile wide. Is that the largest type of mothership that they had?

Corey: No, they found other ships down there as well that are fairly large, but would be like sort of another . . . just a smaller vessel in a fleet.

David: So it’s just that there’s three big ones but there are other craft as well that were found.

Corey: Exactly.

David: I want to get into the connection to biblical scripture because one of the scriptures that’s from the same time as the Book of Genesis, the Book of Enoch, was removed from the Bible but it’s referred to by Jesus. It’s referred to by a variety of people from that era as a very, highly revered text.

And it describes 200 fallen angels crashing to Earth, being giants, and then becoming cannibals who are actually hostile to Earth’s population and were ultimately judged that they had to be wiped out in a big flood.

It sounds like we’re talking about the same thing here.

So what’s the connect with the Book of Enoch?

6 Corey And David

Corey: It is and the information that I received was that these Pre-Adamites had come down in a . . . they were in the grand experiment.

They shouldn’t have been down here living openly amongst us, one. And two, they were now . . . You know, the other 22 genetic experiments that these genetic farmer races were conducting down here . . . this Pre-Adamite group started co-opting it and interfering with it. So they had to be dealt with.

David: And just in case somebody’s jumped in and they didn’t see those episodes, you described that when the protective grid [built by the Ancient Builder Race] went down 500,000 years ago after the planet [Maldek] blew up and became the Asteroid Belt, that we then have right away these so-called genetic farmer ET races that are then able to get in immediately and begin taking DNA from all over the galaxy and tinkering with Earth DNA.

Corey: Yes. And as we have been exploring more and more of the ruins down there, we’ve run across rooms that were . . . There were a series of corridors that were sort of arranged the same way you would see a circuit board.

And they were made out of a gold-copper alloy that had weird kind of circular carvings in them that they said were not for people to walk through. It was obviously for channeling large amounts of electricity.

Not far from there, they found the genetic labs where they found all these different types of beings in different stages of being developed.

And I did confirm that it was partially technological, partially biological, how they did these genetic experiments. They would create a zygote, or whatever, and then implant it in another . . . in a human or an animal, have it grow, and then that’s how they incubated them.

They didn’t have all of their technology. They were in survival mode from the moment they crash-landed.

They had to cannibalize all of their technology from inside of these craft, these big motherships. There’s huge areas where stuff has just been ripped out.

David: If they’re trapped on Earth, because they crash-landed, but then you say that there are craft that were found inside that can be flown around, doesn’t that mean that they could have left Earth and gone anywhere else they wanted?

Corey: Well, yes, they could in the craft, but everything that they . . . all of what they had left of their society was now down here on Earth. And these craft are not long-haul vessels.

The little craft that they have are for, you know, scooting around the solar system. They were stuck here in the solar system.

And of the 22 different genetic farmer races, we have the Reptilians, and it’s a hostile place for them to try to fly around. There numbers were small. They were not in a good tactical position.

David: So they could theoretically visit moons of Jupiter, moons of Saturn, places like this, but they didn’t have enough duration of fuel, let’s say, or whatever travel capability, to actually leave our solar system.

Corey: Correct. Right. And it was pretty hostile out in space during that time. They didn’t want to risk an asset like flying it, you know, to Jupiter or whatever. They could lose that asset and they had very few assets left.

But this civilization controlled the entire planet. What little resources they had, they were able to control the planet.

After this last cataclysm occurred, none of the survivors, Pre-Adamite survivors, had access to their technology.

So we mentioned the group that was in Asia, Pre-Adamite group, and there was another one in South America, Central America, they could no longer visit or communicate with each other. They were separated.

David: After the conventional Atlantean catastrophe we’re usually thinking of.

Corey: Right. And they had always had some sort of a competition between these two bloodline groups even before the cataclysm.

This whole bloodline of these Cabal or Illuminati-type people, they trace their bloodlines through these Pre-Adamites.

David: So in the Book of Enoch, they’re describing this group as the fallen angels.

Corey: Uh-huh.

David: So you’re saying these Pre-Adamites with the elongated skulls, that that is the fallen angel storyline.

Corey: It is the fallen angel storyline, yes.

David: But we do have this Cabal, and this is one of the things that our insider Bruce has been saying, whether or not you believe this or not, the only thing that matters is that they do.

Corey: Exactly. Their religion is what . . . I mean that’s . . . Their religion is everything. It’s behind everything they do.

David: Where do we see this Pre-Adamite culture developing? Where did they hide out in the Americas after this catastrophe?

Corey: In South and Central America is where they had set up most of their enclaves. And they had been set up around other Pre-Adamite structures that were now destroyed because of the cataclysm.

There were huge earthquakes that basically liquified the ground and a lot of the buildings, massive buildings, they had just fell apart and fell and sunk into the ground.

They were running the hemisphere. They were mixing their genetics with some of the indigenous people of South and Central America. That’s why we have elongated skulls beings that have a different colored skin but different genetic mix.

They were mixing their genetics with whatever group they happened to be around after the cataclysm.

And going back to the Illuminati religion being based on a lot of what this group did, the Pre-Adamites, you can now see why all of these interesting people have been making trips down to Antarctica recently, including Kerry on election day.

10 Article On John Kerry

David: Right.

Corey: And even some of the royals have gone down there.

11 Prince Harry In Antarctica

David: And now I’m speaking about the idea of some very interesting cargo that was found in those motherships. So could you describe what this precious cargo was that they still had on those ships?

Corey: Well, they had a number of beings that were in stasis. The information I received was that the surviving Pre-Adamites, the bloodline that originally came from another planet, had put theirselves in stasis before this cataclysm occurred about 12,800 years ago.

They have not awoken them yet. They’re trying to decide what they’re going to do.

Now, another interesting note, we do have these archaeologists and employees of various universities that are down there excavating and documenting all of this, but what they have done, they being the Cabal, I guess you’ll say, they have used these large electromagnetic submariines that I discussed earlier to take a lot of archaeological items that they had found in other digs that they were keeping suppressed from humanity, they had them in huge warehouses.

They were taking some of these artifacts down to Antarctica and seeding them. And this one large dig that these archaeologists are going to make public.

They are also removing any body that does not look human. And a lot of the human bodies, they don’t look like they were slaves. They have tunics that have gold thread weaved in the tunics. They look royal.

So they’re planning on giving us a sanitized disclosure, and then over time they will disclose the Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program.

And after they do that, they’ll say, “Oh, by the way, yeah, we’ve got this fairly advanced Secret Space Program, and while we’ve been out to other planets, we’ve found very similar ruins as we’ve found in Antarctica.

So they’re going to try to trickle the information down over decades, and not immediately tell us about the ships they found and the high technology and non-humans.

David: You’re not talking about necessarily something that you pick it up and it projects a holographic . . .

Corey: Out of place archaeology.

David: Okay.

Corey: They hide certain artifacts to keep the narrative alive of, you know, the Earth . . . we only have 6,000 years of civilization . . .

David: And you say that they’re actually finding those genetic remains down there now.

Corey: Right. And a lot of the human, I mean like us, humans, that they found under the ice . . . and this was a . . . they’d obviously been hit by a huge wave that then somehow flash froze . . .

David: An ocean wave.

Corey: An ocean wave, yes. And all of the bodies were referred . . . They jokingly, tongue-in-cheek, referred to it as the “Pompeii on Ice” because of the way all of the bodies were found, some of them huddled together. It was very similar.

David: Could you describe for us what you have personally seen? Obviously, you’re getting no-question briefings, but what have you personally seen of what you’re talking about?

Corey: I was taken by the Anshar, in one of their egg-shaped craft, down to Antarctica. And Gonzales was with us.

12 Anshar Egg Shaped Craft In Antarctica

When we were taken down there, Gonzales had this like a rucksack that looked like it was military, human military.

David: Okay.

Corey: And when we went down there, he was taking out this like a core sample thing that had a handle on it and a little camera on the end with a long . . . with these long needles . . . looking things . . . that twisted on.

13 Gonzales Taking Photos And Getting Genetic Samples

And he was walking up to each of these bodies, taking either a picture or video, I don’t know, and then sticking the core, the needle, in the body, twisting it, pulling it out, and then dropping the core sample in these little plastic test tubes, and then putting them in the bag as he went on.

David: And you say “these bodies” do you mean Pre-Adamite giants?

Corey: Pre-Adamite bodies. There were these hybrids I personally saw in a fetal position, a very short human that had a tail [Corey spreads his hands about ten-inches apart] – you could see the folds of the skin going down on the back and then the tail kind of twisted out and it was frozen. So he was taking genetic samples.

And in the meantime, just before this, the Inner Earth groups were . . . they took us through a wall that hadn’t been excavated yet. You could just see just a piece of stone sticking up out of the ice and snow.

14 Portion Of Building Seen Through Ice

It wasn’t far at all . . . there was an excavation going on. There were tall lights on tripods pointed down into pits, and they were excavating.

15 Excavation With High Spotlights

They walked us right through the snow and the wall, and this room lit up.

16 Room With Scrolls Books Records

And the room was full of scrolls, books. I mean, it was obviously a library.

The two Inner Earth beings walked up to one particular area like they knew exactly where they were going, opened up this collapsible box basically, and then started grabbing these metallic scrolls and putting them in the box. They were taking them. And these metallic scrolls were like laser etched with symbols.

The stone was . . .

David: Are you saying that the scroll was metallic or that it was a metallic container for a paper-type scroll?

Corey: They were metallic sheets of metal rolled up.

David: Oh, sheets of metal rolled up.

Corey: And it crinkled as they were picking it up. It sounded similar to tin.

David: Uh.

Corey: And on them, you could see there were like laser-etched symbols, and they were removing those before they were located by the people doing the excavation.

I still don’t know what was on the scrolls or the significance of them. But when we left, they took them with them onto the craft.

David: Thank you, Corey, and I want to thank you out there for watching us, supporting us here at Gaia and making sure that we are on a path towards Full Disclosure. Thanks for watching.


Source: Sphere Being Alliance

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host,David Wilcock. And we’re going into part two of our examination into the great solar flash with our special guest, Jay Weidner, who has been researching this exact subject and how it relates to alchemy and how it relates to Stanley Kubrick and the movies “2001”, etc., for many, many years now.

He’s one of the only people out there who’s been doing this longer than I have. So, Jay, welcome back to the show.

Jay Weidner: Hey, thanks.

David: Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So we’re going to get right back to where we were with the Brown Notebook, which is amazing information given to someone who was actually contacted in person – just like what’s been happening to you, Corey – brought on board a ship by benevolent beings, brought up there, given a tour, and then they get telepathic information, which comes in the form of this channeling.

And what we’re seeing here is one of the earliest verified channelings from the 1950s. This guy W. B. Smith gave people a list of 200 questions, and everybody who answered in the same way, he was able to verify, because it was based on classified intel.

So people all over the country who have never spoken to each other, they all could answer these questions properly.

This is a verified channeling. It’s one of the only ones we have. And when you read what W. B. Smith said about those channelings, he said it contained religious-sounding information about the end of the age. But he never went into detail.

Now, look at this. This is mind-blowing.

1 Brown Notebook 1

“I’m happy to be with you this morning. The things we will talk about this morning are very serious. Humans in their present state on your planet must change in order to survive. Many things will take place on this planet. Therefore, you will have to change with the planet.”

Now check this out.

“This solar system is moving into an area of space where the vibrations are much higher. This will cause changes in your planet’s features. It will also cause changes in your peoples. The vibrations on the planet will become higher. Therefore, you will have to raise your vibrations in order to exist on your planet. These vibrations can only be raised by the peoples’ thinking.”

Jay: Well, there you go.

David: I mean . . .

Jay: Wow!

David: That’s the money shot right there.

Jay: That really is.

David: Now, Corey, do you think, based on this, that if the Sphere Alliance is putting up an outer barrier around the Solar System, and these ETs, these Draco, Orion-types can’t get out, do you think that, based on this kind of information, that they’re just not even going to be able to exist if they stay in here once this happens?

2 Corey Goode

Corey: That’s exactly what the Sphere Being Alliance communicated to me.

David: Oh, they did?

Corey: Yeah. And not only the Draco, but other non-terrestrials that are here intervening. They will not be compatible with the new vibration, or energy.

David: Let me just play devil’s advocate for just a moment. Don’t you think it’s possible that, for people in the Cabal, that if they’re looking at these benevolent ETs, or allegedly benevolent ETs, as actually facilitating things like the fall of Atlantis, which we talked about last time, things like this, in which there actually is a mass death of negative beings, don’t you think that the negative beings could see these benevolent beings as terrorists?

Corey: Oh, yeah. Yeah. They’re going to see them as the enemy, of course.

David: Because they just want to be able to go on doing what they’re doing forever and not be interrupted.

Corey: And according to their theologies and philosophies, they’re doing what is ‘good’. So they see these, what we call benevolent beings, they see them as evil.

David: Now, Jay, why do you think it’s necessary for these negative entities to physically expire?

3 Jay Weidner

Jay: Well, because they’re dictators of the whole Solar System, and this is a good thing.

Fulcanelli tells us in his chapter on the Cross of Hendaye that many beings will die when this event comes, all right, but not all. And I think he was really talking about this cleansing, a cleansing of the whole area and getting rid of a lot of negative entities.

So I think that they are going to die, and I think that they’re really worried – very worried. And I’ve heard this from other sources, not just Corey.

David: I mean, how bizarre is it that we got this guy – I think it’s Nebraska or something like that, in the middle of Nebraska – [who] doesn’t know anything about ancient prophecy? He’s just an ordinary dude, gets brought up there, and they start giving this information through him.

Jay: Definitely my sources have told me that in the 1950s aliens began telepathically talking to very good humans, giving them information in order to facilitate the evolutionary shift of the human race to bring us into a larger manifold. That’s what I’ve been told.

And the Sun is a central part of this thing. And the change that the Sun is going through is a central part of this thing.

David: Now, Corey, in The Law of One – we discussed this already – there was a statement about the idea that the illusion of space-time is granted for us to have the experiencer of seeing the results of our actions.

Do these . . . Is death part of the illusion of space-time?

Corey: Well, I guess it would be, since we’re having our experience within that medium. But death is a part of also the learning experience.

David: So these beings aren’t really dying per se. They’re just being removed from one level of the planetary or interplanetary game.

Corey: They’re being, I guess, recycled.

David: Right. And because space-time is ultimately an illusion, it does appear that these potential . . . that these periodic mass catastrophes, although there is the appearance of physical death within the illusion, that it’s more like gardening, right?

Jay: Hm mm.

David: It’s like plowing the field to harvest.

Jay: Yes.

David: What is the harvest? What happens, Jay?

Jay: Yeah.

David: It’s the tilling of the soil, right?

Jay: That’s right, yeah.

David: So what do the alchemists think about this idea of the metaphor of rebirth? They’ve used the ‘new dawn’ language in this.

Jay: Yep. They are not . . . They don’t believe that death is the end. They believe that you want to extend human life to give each human enough time to figure things out. And they think we’ve been somehow messed with, so we have a short lifespan. And so we can never figure things out.

We die at like 70, 80, and that’s it, right? And it’s really not enough time to actually figure things out.

So alchemists try to do things to extend their life so they have more time here to figure it out. And the alchemists lore is that the average human can live to be 300 to 800 years old.

And just imagine if we lived to be 800 years old, how the world would be changed. There would be no wars, because nobody’s going to fight war if you’ve got 780 years left to live, right?

David: Sure.

Jay: You’re not going to have children until you’re 200 years old. You’re going to be very wise when you have children. Your children are going to be very wise.

You go to college until you’re 150. You know what I mean? I mean, it’s just a completely different world, and they’ve denied this to us.

The patriarchs in the Bible lived to be 900 years old, so . . .

David: Right.

Corey: Well, even the oldest and wisest among us right now are still spiritual children.

Jay: They are. And it’s a very important part of our future to have us live longer lives. I think that’s part of the vibratory change that’s going to happen. And we’re going to start living longer.

We already are actually living longer lives. When my grandparents were in their 60s, they looked like they were in their 90s, right? Nowadays, people in their 90s looked like people who used to be in their 60s.

Corey: And it’s not because of all the pharmaceuticals we’re pumping through them?

Jay: Ha, ha.

Corey: Ha, ha.

Jay: I hope not. Again, the pharmaceuticals could be a way to mitigate the shift that they don’t want, right?

Corey: Yes.

Jay: Right? The fluoride in the water – when did it happen? The 1950s, right? And what does fluoride do? It calcifies your pineal gland.

Corey: Well, on that point, they do put things in the food and water that have metals and things that bring down our density, that keep our density lower.

Jay: That’s right. We know that.

David: Well, the first Project Camelot whistleblower, alias, Mr. X, said that he was going through documents at a military defense contractor, and documents from the 1950s described that meeting with what you were calling the Blues and Eisenhower, in which the government denied them their request to bring us into a peaceful age as long as we had nuclear disarmament.

But then they said, “If you cover this up, you can get away with it up until 2012, and at that point we’re coming back whether you like it or not. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

So, Corey, since so many of these prophecies have revolved around the year 2012, the Mayan Calendar end date – there were crop circles that said it – does it appear, since you’re got this date range of 2018 to 2023, that maybe we got an extension to have a little more time from what the original intention of the end date was?

Corey: You know, I don’t know, but it’s become very obvious from the panic and how quickly things are changing in the programs that the 2018 beginning date has obviously moved up.

Things are happening very quickly. So I think things are happening before these different Cabal groups had planned out. They were using these different techniques to view the probable future, getting information from non-terrestrials, and they were basing their plans on that – on that date.

David: Well, we’re actually not done with The Brown Notebook. And if this hasn’t already blown you away, there’s more to come. So let’s check that out.

4 Brown Notebook 2

“Thinking better thoughts of everything in the creation, more spiritual thoughts, thoughts that will lift the people of Earth out of the darkness and mud they have lived in for so long. The principal of free will still exists. You may change and live on this planet in a true divine kingdom, or you may choose not to and destroy yourself and then be reincarnated back in another third-density, materialistic world, where you continue to try to learn your lessons. You should change so you can see the revealing of this divine kingdom. This has been a rather long message, so I will leave you now.”

David: So what they’re saying there is the idea of planetary recycling, people being transported.

So, Corey, when we have these giant Spheres coming into the Solar System and then The Law of One source says that their job is the management and transfer of planetary populations, how do the Spheres . . . do you think . . . is it possible that those Spheres will be transporting people to other worlds once this transition is complete based on what we’re seeing here?

Corey: It’s absolutely possible because that’s how they’ve transported me.

David: Ah, right. So why wouldn’t they have the technology to portal out people by the hundreds of millions or billions?

Corey: Oh, yeah, easily.

David: The same way that they just did with you.

Corey: Yeah. And if they can use these Spheres to contain the entire Solar System, that’s child’s play to them.

Jay: And I’ve heard from high sources that they can just – “pfshht” – pick you right up and take you away. It just happens in a flash. And a lot of these missing people disappear this way, I think.

David: Absolutely.

Jay: Yeah.

David: Now, this is another quote from a later session. It’s the same kind of thing – totally amazing.

5 Brown Notebook 3

“This planet and solar system are moving into a new area of vibrations in which the conditions as they are now on this planet will not survive. That is why the people of this planet must learn the truth concerning the divine creation. Love, peace and harmony is all that will exist in the true creation. Many will not believe our story, but if they do not they are not punished . . . They are simply [David clears his throat] removed to another planet, in a just manner . . . where they will try to learn their lessons of love, peace and harmony all over again. . . .”

Jay: Interesting.

“People of all planets must live in love, peace and harmony if they are to receive the full blessings of the divine kingdom.”

Jay: Nice.

David: So once again, they’re reiterating that everybody has to learn this, and if you don’t get it, you continue your education on another planet somewhere else. And again, this seems totally to be what’s happening with these Spheres.

We’re actually seeing the technological or more measurable physical aspect of how they all kind of come in at the last minute right before this thing’s going to happen.

Corey: Right.

David: Do you think . . . I mean, the Spheres have to be here to do something, don’t you think, Jay?

Jay: I do.

David: They’re not just there for show.

Jay: I do. This is very interesting, because, I mean, you know, that’s . . . it’s almost like the New Age Rapture. It makes you wonder if this is where the Rapture and all of that came from.

David: Absolutely. Let’s go on [and] have another one, because this is actually talking about the Cabal now and then why that change is necessary.

6 Brown Notebook 4

“Others try to rule by force. This should not be. Free will was created, but why should the wrong thinking of a few be forced upon many? All of these things are making an unbalanced condition on and around your planet. At times, the [father-mother-god] has to rebalance some of the planets and solar systems. That is what is about to take place on your planet. Conditions on your planet can cause unbalance in the whole Solar System, so it must be balanced back into the harmony of the creation.”

Jay: There you go.

David: So doesn’t it sound like here, if they’re saying . . . and they’re using a patriarchal term, but as people are reading, “the Father has to rebalance the planets and solar systems.”

Doesn’t that sound like the idea of these Spheres, like the Outer Barrier and all this kind of stuff?

Corey: Well, yes, because one of the things that was explained and shown to me was that these Spheres were spaced out throughout our Solar System and acting as a buffer, like a harmonic buffer, for these energies that were coming into our Solar System to give us more time to acclimate and adjust.

David: And it says here that the “rule by force” is creating an “unbalanced condition” and that they will, or whoever this Father is that they’re talking about, has to rebalance what the Cabal has done.

So the defeat of the Cabal is obviously of key importance in this solar-system-wide rebalancing, which they’re saying is some kind of flash of energy from the Sun.

I mean, to me this stuff pays off everything we’ve been talking about. It’s just amazing.

Jay: It certainly is. Now it goes back to what I’ve heard was happening in the ’50s. And again, everything happened in the ’50s. Everything started there.

Corey: Oh, yeah.

David: Tompkins’ data was that 1,500 different people were getting . . .

Jay: 1,442 people. The intelligence agencies had discovered 1,400 people who were in telepathic communication, just normal people, not physicists or anything. There were physicists, but others were guys like this guy from Nebraska and uncovering amazing amounts of knowledge, including Tompkins himself, who was receiving one of the 1,400, and he was receiving information about how to build space vehicles and things like that.

Corey: Now, is this “the 1,442 contactees”?

Jay: Yeah.

Corey: They call them “the 1,442”?

Jay: Yeah, “the 1,442”.

Corey: Huh.

David: Tompkins, in his book, describes that the people he’s working with are throwing him these impossible questions and saying, design us a transport vehicle to get from cavern A to cavern B, and we need it by Saturday.

And he has no idea what he’s going to do, and then he just channels it. And then they don’t tell him what they’re doing with it.

Jay: No. And he’s unsure of where he’s getting the information from. At the same time, he doesn’t know how he could possibly build a ship that can house 300 people in a weekend. Ha, ha.

David: And then he concludes that they must be getting it telepathically from extraterrestrials.

Jay: Yes. Right – good extraterrestrials. And you think about if what Corey is saying is true, there’s bad ETs here. You don’t want to really face them. So how would you defeat them? You would do it this way. This is the most intelligent way to do it.

David: Balance the Solar System.

Jay: Yeah, balance the Solar System by taking good people, like this guy is, and feeding them information and getting him to release it. This stuff should have probably been released in the ’50s.

7 Brown Notebook 5

David: Yeah. So now this little quote, I’m not going to go into too much detail except just to say that it says, “I am your teacher and friend Hatton” at the end of the top one, and then “I am Latue” at the bottom one.

Hatonn and Latue are the two beings that were talking to Carla that she was channeling before she starts to channel The Law of One.

So these same beings found their way to Carla. Here’s the beings – they’re naming themselves – that are giving us these prophecies.

So they’re still out there. Nebraska guy is not online anymore, but they jump over to Carla, and they start giving her the information. And that’s what tuned her up to be able to receive The Law of One.

Jay: Right.


8 Publication Date Of The Space Story

David: So now what we have here is this book by Baird Wallace that summarizes all of what these different contactees were saying in the 1950s and ’60s. He puts it all together in one unified message.

9 The Space Story And The Inner Light

And I’m going to show you the publication date, June 1972. [i] scanned it right out of the book. You could probably still find this if you really look for it. It’s called “The Space Story and The Inner Light”, and I’m going to read you some quotes from this. We’re not going to read it from the typewritten form here. You can pause it on your TV if you want to see that.

I’m just going to read it in a nice, favorable way like this.

10 The Space Story 1

“The contact information states that our Solar System is at this time in transit. . .” – remember this is 1972 – “. . . from the Third to the Fourth Density . . . ” [David: There it is. That’s all the way back before The Law of One. They’re already using the word ‘density’.] “. . . of the System of Vela . . . “ [David: That comes from George Van Tassel’s information.] “. . . and that this change which literally is a transition into a new area of space is happening now. This movement changes the vibratory rate of the magnetic energies in the nucleus of the atoms of our world now.”

David: So, Jay, this sounds a lot like alchemical.

Jay: It is. It is. Fulcanelli intimates several times in his book, “Mysteries of the Cathedrals”, that the entire human race is an alchemical experiment.

Corey says that 22 different races have come here to experiment on us. Other people have told me the same thing. And I think that, if I may, the experiment, I think, is, can we take a guttural creature, like in “2001”, and transform them into a very advanced spiritual being?

That, I think, is the main experiment. There’s other experiments, like Corey says.

Corey: But you’re right. It’s genetic and spiritual. They say it’s genetic and spiritual in context.

Jay: Genetic and spiritual. And as things like Gaia come out into the world, we’re raising the vibe of everything and changing the game. And I think that Gaia is a big part of this whole change in consciousness.

David: Let’s hear more of what he had to say about this meta analysis of all the different contact information.

“[This event] will have great impacts on the form and expression of plant and animal life on our planet and it will have great impact on the consciousness of [humanity]. This has already started and is being amplified because [Earth humans have] fallen behind the evolution of [their] planet in [their] spiritual evolution and [are] not prepared for this change.”

David: Now, Corey, this is from 1972. Did you hear anything that sounded like that?

Corey: Well, what I said earlier, the Spheres are here to buffer the energy so we can acclimate at a slower rate because the Earth is changing faster than we are. And that’s why . . . If they didn’t do that, there were going to be more catastrophe . . . Earth changes happening and catastrophes because of it, and there would be fear and all that kind of stuff that would make it harder for us to raise our vibration.

David: So they really have needed this sort of intercession of the Sphere technology because we’re not ready, just like it said here in ’72.

Corey: Right.

David: Pretty amazing, huh?

Jay: Pretty amazing.

David: 40 years before 2012.

Corey: And them talking about the Solar System moving . . . because I hear people talking about the Solar System as being hit by all these energies . . .

David: Or the photon belt.

Corey: Right. It’s shocking to hear that they’re saying the same thing the Secret Space Program was saying, is that our Solar System is moving into a part of the galaxy that has like a nebula of clouds, high-energy particle clouds, that are causing changes to our Sun and our Solar System.

David: And you said they were sending guys into those clouds in spaceships to see what happened to them, right?

Corey: Right. Well, they were sending them out there to investigate. And people . . . weird things were happening to them. They were having breakdowns, psychological breakdowns.

David: Well, could you go through that? Like, different . . . Not everybody responds to the cloud the same way, right?

Corey: Exactly. And they were artificially recreating this energy in closed environments and having unsuspecting people go in thinking that they’re doing unrelated work and seeing what it did to them. And they were doing it to our own people.

David: What are some of the things that happened?

Corey: Well, people that went in that were like sociopaths, they went nuts. They lost it.

Jay: That’s actually what I’ve heard is about to happen.

Corey: Yeah. And the people that were positively oriented started getting all blissful and just happy and whistling, that kind of thing. And people that had, you know, people that had psychological issues, those became enhanced.

David: Wow! So this is really lining up very beautifully with what he’s saying.

Jay: So the good get better and the bad get worse.

David: Ha, ha.

Corey: And the crazy get crazier.

David: All right, so now we’re going to go on with this quote from this amazingly vetted-out material and just see how much more it lines up with everything we’ve been discussing.

“The quality of life in the Fourth Vela Density, which we are now moving into, is the quality of emergence, the recognition from childhood of the Inner Presence of our Creator. [Earth humans] in this cycle, will undergo many changes and refinements in the sensitivity of [their] own [bodies].”

Now, Jay, you said before that there was a really interesting Masonic ritual where they keep you in the dark for a long time . . .

Jay: Right.

David: . . . and then bring you out. Could you just kind of go over that again here?

Jay: Well, again, this goes back to the pineal gland. It’s kind of like tricking the pineal gland, you might say. This is a poor man’s way of getting the Elixir of Life.

So we know that serotonin is emitted from the pineal gland when light strikes it in the morning. And we know that melatonin comes out of the pineal gland when you’re in the dark.

We know that melatonin reverses the aging process, okay? And so what they would do, in my opinion, was they would put you in a dark room for three days, complete darkness, and then your brothers, the Freemasonic brothers, would come, and they would put you into a dark coffin, light-free coffin, and then they would take you to either the top of a mountain or the top of a building, somewhere where you could see the rising Sun. And you’re blindfolded.

And if anybody knows the Masonic rituals, this is starting to make a lot of sense.

David: Oh, yeah.

Jay: And so then you’re taken out of the coffin, and your brothers face you towards the Sun. They take off your blindfold, and the Sun hits your eyes. And for three minutes, you have to stare into the Sun.

Then you put your blind . . . By the way, it’s like a psychedelic experience when this happens.

David: Well, your brain has generated tons of melatonin.

Jay: Absolutely. We know that DMT is very close anatomically to serotonin, okay? And so what you’re doing is you’re getting almost like an endogenous DMT rush. It’s your own DMT, though. It’s homeopathic.

David: So it’s like the melatonin is methylated. It gets suddenly transformed.

Jay: Into a super-serotonin.

David: Right.

Jay: And then they put you back in the casket, and they take you back into the dark room. You have to stay for 40 days.

David: Total darkness.

Jay: Total darkness. No light. And then what happens is that the super-serotonin turns into super-melatonin, all right?

So first it was melatonin. Then the light activates. It turns into a higher vibratory super-serotonin. And then once you get in the dark, that’s transferred to super high vibratory super-melatonin, which begins to almost immediately reverse the aging process.

And supposedly you will lose 15, 20 years in this 40 days that you’re in there.

And it’s not a pleasant experience, from what I’ve heard.

David: Do they hit you with light again at the end of the 40 days?

Jay: No, they let you out.

David: Oh.

Jay: That’s supposed to be . . . They let you out at night because it’s very, very difficult to get back into the light after you’ve been in this experience. Your eyes are very sensitive. So usually, they let you out at night, and you usually become a night person for a little while.

David: Corey, have you heard of maybe some more advanced, perhaps chemical or energetic, means where some process, like what he’s describing, might be able to advance people’s psychic ability?

Corey: Well, yes. They chemically enhanced intuitive empaths with shots. Intuitive empaths that I run into are extremely advanced, but if they were to go for like six weeks or eight weeks without these shots, their abilities begin to diminish.

Jay: Right.

David: All right, well let’s go on with this because we got a little more of this to get through.

“The whole new vista and scope of the nature of life will open up before them, and they will live with the knowledge of their purpose and a deep, in-dwelling allegiance to the Spirit of the Creator.”

David: That sounds great. Now, we’re going to talk about this quote here, about what happens. And, again, we’re not going to read it off the paper. We’re going to do these nice slides.

11 The Space Story 2

“Summarizing various sources dealing with these events . . . “ [the solar flash] “. . . major rearrangements in the orientation of the planets and the satellites within the Solar System will occur.”

David: Now, before we go on any further here, Corey, have you heard about planetary orbits changing, like maybe the Earth’s orbit extending in the number of days it takes, things like that, once this happens?

Corey: Yeah. And also about the orbits of the planets, that unlike some other solar systems, the planets are all askew. They’re not in harmony at all. That’s . . . Yeah, that’s very interesting.

David: Isn’t this crazy? 1972.

Corey: Yeah.

“Vulcan, the closest planet to the Sun, will be absorbed into the Sun; . . . “

David: And in The Law of One, they say it’s a first-density planet, so it’s not visible to us. It’s like an energy ball.

Jay: Right.

David: It’s not actually visible, but it gets reabsorbed.

“. . . Pluto will be [kicked out of our Solar System]; . . .”

David: It kind of already has been by NASA. Ha, ha.

Jay: It already has. Ha, ha.

“. . . our Moon is expected to leave [the] orbit of [the] Earth and become [its own] planet; . . .”

David: That’s interesting. I don’t know if I’d agree with that, but it probably will get kicked out, at least jettisoned from the Earth’s orbit.

Jay: It is slowly moving away from the Earth.

“. . . and there will be major changes in the orbital paths of the remaining planets.”

David: So I mean, there again is exactly what we’re anticipating based on insider data. Now, let’s go on and read the rest of this.

12 The Space Story 3

“A new balance will come about, which will result in many advantages to the expression of a more spiritualized life within the Solar System.”

David: That is Ascension, obviously.

“I believe . . . “ [This is the author speaking.] “. . . that this event is literally the cosmic manifestation of the fulfillment of the words which Jesus the Christ spoke in describing these times, the event of the coming of the bridegroom.”

David: And that is in the same book of Matthew right after they talk about the harvest metaphor. The bridegroom is just another symbol – the wedding, the alchemical wedding – . . .

Jay: It’s the alchemical wedding.

David: . . . the wedding of flesh to spirit.

Jay: That’s right.

David: Like the eclipse.

Jay: That’s exactly right. That’s what they’re saying there. They’re talking alchemy there.

David: And Jay, Kubrick is using eclipses and stuff all the time in “2001”, isn’t he?

Jay: All through “2001” there’s at least five eclipses in the movie.

David: So do you think Kubrick was aware of this biblical analogy to the wedding of flesh and spirit?

Jay: Oh, I do. Absolutely, I do. I believe that he was . . . I don’t know if he was a practicing alchemist, but he definitely understood alchemy . . . and the Cabal.

David: Now, why do you think Kubrick at the last minute dissed the guy that wrote the score and then picks “Thus Spake Zarathustra”?

Jay: What do you think? Ha, ha, ha.

David: Well, I already know the answer. I’m just kind of throwing him a bone here.

Jay: I know the answer, too, because Zarathustra was the Persian alchemist. And from the very beginning, he’s saying, “This is alchemy. Thus spoke the alchemist.”

And the opening trumpet from “Thus Spake Zarathustra” is over the eclipse at the beginning of “2001”. So there you go.

David: Zarathurstra is Zoroaster, . . .

Jay: That’s right.

David: . . . who is the author of the prophecy of Frashokereti, . . .

Jay: That’s right.

David: . . . where the Sun gives off this flash and transforms humanity.

Jay: Yep.

David: All right. So we’re just going to finish this out really quickly, because we’re almost done there. I just want you guys to hear this last little bit.

“The contact sources tell us that the solar emanations from the new Sun will have a direct impact in the refining and spiritualizing of [our] nervous systems as we pass into the new condition of life which celestial events are bringing to this world.”

Jay: Okay. So the “refining and spiritualizing of the nervous system” . . . The nervous system carries electrical currents through your body.

David: Yeah.

Jay: The Sun is essentially an electric Sun, as Corey has pointed out.

Corey: It is.

Jay: And so when the new Sun comes, it again goes through your eyes, hits your endocrine system, changes the nervous system, makes us more electric, advanced. So we can live longer.

David: Right.

Jay: We’re light bodies.

David: And the eclipse is like a metaphorical example of a conjunction that’s much greater, an alignment that leads to this solar emanation.

Jay: That’s right. That is exactly right.

David: All right. Well, Corey, I mean, what do you think about all this from 1972?

Corey: It’s unbelievable. I mean, I was two years old. Ha, ha. And this information, I didn’t hear until fairly recently from, of course, a much different nonterrestrial source.

David: Do you think there’s any possibility that somebody could have faked all this – the guy in Nebraska in 1958 – Baird Spalding [David means Baird Wallace.], 1972, reading all these different vetted-out channelers and how well it lines up with what you know?

Is there any way this could have been faked or somebody could have made this as a big hoax?

Corey: This is way before the time of the Internet, and your average library, I don’t know if they would have all this information. And if it did, you would have to hunt and peck for years. That just doesn’t seem practical.

David: Well, knowledge was kept secret, too, right, Jay?

Jay: Yeah, of course it was kept secret. This is clearly absolute proof, as proof as you can get, that what they’re saying about this extraterrestrial telepathic contact was really truly going on.

David: Absolutely.

Jay: Yeah. I mean, I was around back then. I wasn’t very old, but we were not very sophisticated in 1972. This is pretty sophisticated stuff.

David: Yeah, it’s stunning. And this is stuff that was classified in secret societies, and yet, these guys in Nebraska are pulling it in.

Jay: And probably driving the Cabal crazy.

David: Oh, yeah.

Jay: Yeah.

David: Oh, yeah. They’re trying to stop this.

Jay: Yeah.

David: Well, that’s all the time we have for this episode. I hope you’re as amazed as I am.

I wanted to present this information to you properly. I’ve been holding onto this stuff for a long time. I used to always close my conferences with this.

This to me is some of the crown jewels of my whole collection. And now with the three of us together, it’s really the right way to present it to you. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

This is “Cosmic Disclosure:”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, with our special guest, Jay Weidner, and I thank you for watching.



David Wilcock: There has never been a greater need from the “Deep State” to use any and all possible means to win

David Wilcock stopped by Fulford’s blog this morning to comment on Ben’s latest report.

David Wilcock says:

Ben passes along the intel that he receives, and leaves it up to us to decide what is truth. Let’s remember this and not consider his intel as gospel. He is stunningly right in many cases but there have also been many inaccurate statements as well, which I am sure he would acknowledge.

Up until now I have not heard these allegations of Trump having sex with an underage teenage girl. It is possible that they are true, and also possible that they are deliberately contrived disinformation to further the attacks against him.

This might be exactly the kind of thing the Clintons would cook up to create a perfect “do not go there” trap to ensure Trump never discusses this incriminating issue. On Alex Jones’ show, Trump acknowledged visiting Epstein but said he was offered an underage girl and flatly turned him down, leaving immediately thereafter.

RELATED: Why the recently Filed Child Rape Case Against Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Given how hard the Cabal fought to destroy his candidacy, it seems that any and all ‘real’ dirt they had on him has already been weaponized to its greatest possible extent before the actual voting took place. They know how hard it is to unseat someone who won an election once in office.

There are at least three other insiders who have come forward with their own versions of why Flynn was let go when he was: Steve Pieczenik, “FBI Insider” and the “CIA Insider.” This is a complex subject to say the least and will take time to cover properly.

RELATED: Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list

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Given that Ben’s intel is different than these other three, that’s only a 25 percent correlation ranking. Then I also have heard nothing about this from any of my own guys, making it currently a one-out-of-seven-insider opinion, or 14.2 percent likely to be true.

Again, it is possible that this is true. However, again, there has never been a greater need from the “Deep State” to use any and all possible means to win this very obvious, public war that is being staged against them. It is quite surreal and very useful in how it is causing a mass awakening to the deeper truths.

Another strange example of this is that never before have we heard the name Lewis Eisenberg in Ben’s reports, but now as soon as Trump makes him ambassador to Italy, we hear that he is “the head of the Satan-worshipping faction in the US.”

Notice that Ben was also careful to say that this intel came from “certain royal family members.” Wait a minute… isn’t the whole point that certain, if not many royal families have been practicing Luciferianism for centuries?

When I hear a name I’ve never heard before and now he is “the head of the Satan worshipping faction in the US,” not someone like George Soros, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, George HW Bush, et cetera, it raises an eyebrow, if not both of them.

I am very grateful that Ben has continued doing this week after week. It is also important to remember that he is passing along intel that he receives from a wide variety of sources, some of whom have obviously been incorrect.

Therefore I use this as an investigative tool, not as a source of irrefutable truth.

Some people are very upset about Trump being in office and I saw that at the Conscious Life Expo recently. In trying to clear this up, I compared him to a “battering ram” that smashes down the front gate of the castle. Let’s make it Balmoral just for fun, “the most evil building on earth.”

Even if Ben’s intel was true, this will not stop the Alliance from moving forward. There is indeed a holding pattern going on at the moment as this battle continues.

One piece of intel I do feel is very solid is that the Cabal has a much stronger hold on power than the Alliance expected. Many people in the CIA were claiming to have joined the Alliance but then had enough lethal pressure put on them that they flipped back to Cabal, at least for now. So that is one thing that appears to be reliable.

The cat is out of the bag. The movie Vaxxed is now out on video and my God, once you see it you have no doubt that such a Cabal exists. They have been shoving forward population-destroying vaccines through the CDC like their life depended on it since 2001, and only now can people see the “horror movie in real life” based on it.

This film revealed the vaccines are ethno-specific, 264 percent more effective at attacking blacks, and gender-specific, significantly more effective at attacking boys. By 2032, if the curve continues, 80 percent of boys will be vaccine-damaged to the point of autism.

So even if Trump is guilty of these accusations, the avalanche of disclosure and Cabal defeat will continue. The gate has already smashed open and now everyone who wants to can run in and see it for themselves.

I have a new 2.5-hour video in the final stages of production, a distilled summary of 9 hours of appearances at Conscious Life Expo. I hope to get it out very soon, so be on the lookout for that.

David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on February 20, 2017 @ 11:15 pm