Discernment and Awareness

Source: Cobra

Although drastic action was taken, the situation with directed energy weapon attacks upon Lightworkers and Lightwarriors is far from being resolved and the following article still needs to go viral, translated in as many languages as possible and posted on blogs worldwide:


Here I need to repeat again that the main reason the Light forces do not intervene more directly are plasma toplet bombs:


As plasma strangelet bombs have already been removed successfully, so will be plasma toplet bombs and that will lead to the Event. As soon as the presence of plasma toplet bombs falls below a certain threshold, the Light forces will address the directed energy weapons situation very drastically if it does not get resolved more peacefully until then.

On top of those weaponized attacks, a massive disinformation campaign against the key Lightwarriors on the planet has been engineered by the etheric and plasma Archons, manipulatingpersonality weaknesses of certain people, “suggesting” them to attack. It started immediately after I published this article about directed energy weapons:


A certain individual that „has no idea of what he is talking about“, has released a public attack against me, and there was enough awareness to quickly put that into perspective:




To put it again very simply: I have released the directed energy weapons article to bring awareness, NOT to spread fear. Only awareness can transmute such situations. Denial will not make them go away. In fact denial which led to passive allowance is the main reason why concentration camps in World War 2 were even possible.

A few days later, a similar attack targeted Corey Goode and that was quickly put into perspective too:



It is true that Corey Goode and David Wilcock were not very open to cooperation, but they still did a huge contribution towards the planetary liberation. Although together with my network I am powerful enough to positively influence the planetary situation, imagine what we could do all together if we would cooperate!

To help clarifying the issues, the Resistance has asked me to briefly provide my perspective on Corey Goode’s intel.

Through my sources I can confirm: existence of secret space programs, spheres in the Solar System, extensive ancient ruins throughout the Solar System, ruins in Antarctica (and also in Amazon delta, gulf of Aden, bay of Bengal, north of Long Island…), giants in stasis.

Through my sources I can NOT confirm: existence of Anshar, Corey Goode’s recent experiences beyond the surface of this planet.

I also know beyond any shadow of doubt that main Atlantis civilization was in the middle of Atlantic ocean, with precise location revealed in this post:


All this is a lesson for many people in the Lightwarrior and Lightworker community to start using discernment. True discernment is not possible on mental level, it can only appear when you make contact with your Soul, your higher self. Then you simply KNOW.

Until then, the following two articles can help:



If we focus again on the planetary situation, the North Korean conflict node still needs to be dissolved:


I would also like to bring massive abuse of basic human rights in North Korea to public awareness:


There is now a strong worldwide campaign to expose the Cabal. The following genuine testimony has reached over 1 million people:


Evidence about a child abuse ring extending all way up to UK royal family has been recently released:


Also, Russian mainstream media now talk openly about Trump being controlled by the deep state:


Jared Kushner is identified as being his handler:


Probably you already know that Kushner owns this building:


But most likely you did not know that 666 Fifth Avenue is the home address of Rockefeller Grand Lodge, the main masonic lodge of the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal (link in Spanish, you can google translate):


The Eastern Alliance is now speeding up their preparations for the Reset:




Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwean Dollar are NOT the key currencies in the coming financial Reset.

People are becoming more and more aware that taxation is theft:


The idea of universal basic income is getting more and more support, and now even Cabal is considering using it in their own version of the partial, fake Reset:


Needless to say, only full Reset with abundance to all humanity is an option.

Victory of the Light!

Discernment – Navigating The Spiritual Minefield

Source: Wake Up World
Via: How to Exit the Matrix

By Christina Lavers

There is so much spiritual information floating around of varying quality, and for people who are just starting to awaken and connect with the spiritual aspects of life, it can be a challenge to discern the true gems from the trash.

I decided to compile some tips I have pieced together in relation to seeking external information and mentoring along my journey, and share it here today in hopes it helps others on their path to navigate the ‘spiritual minefield’.

Of course there are many fantastic teachers and teachings out there… finding them is all about discernment.

The Proponent of  Light

This is someone who focuses on love and light. Their words of love ring true and make us feel warm and fuzzy. Their messages are filled with hope and positivity. They encourage the seeker to repel negativity, and become love and light. Their doctrines, however, dispense a neutered version of spirituality. Their practices can make the seeker feel good, feel like we are participating in something profound, without actually enabling true deep transformation.

 The problem is that while some of what they say may be true, they are actually missing half of the picture. Balance is crucial in healthy spiritual development. And while it is great to celebrate the beautiful, light-filled aspects of being, it is also crucial to explore and integrate the dark aspects of ourselves. When the darkness is ignored or pushed away, it remains unresolved and continues to burden us at an unconscious level.  Only through integration of our own darkness can we truly become realized beings, reflections of the whole.

You Are Special

There is no doubt that we are all special in our own unique way, and with so much negative programming in our world, making this realization is an essential step on our journey. However, there are different ways this awareness can develop. When information pertaining to our specialness is designed to appeal to the ego it can be problematic. Some teachings on offer make seekers feel as though we are part of a special elite spiritual club. “You are the brave ones; you are special…” The information appeals to the wounded, misunderstood aspect of the personality. When this aspect feels ‘seen’ and celebrated, an inflation occurs… and it feels good.

Instead of feeling like a weird misfit, we begin to feel like a chosen one; rather than the strange one, we become the exceptional one. However, this ‘inflation’ is not real growth because the information allows us to distance our self from the feeling of inferiority by stepping into a feeling of superiority, which is just the other side of the same coin.

True healing and humility occur when there is an acknowledgement and integration of both sides. By owning both our strengths and weaknesses we gain the ability to operate from a solid space of integrity and authenticity.

The Arrogant Teacher

This is a person who makes the seeker feel as though spiritual wisdom is only for the few with the intelligence to grasp the concepts that they espouse. The spirituality they promote is convoluted and has an elitist flavour. These people are masters at defending their position, not because they are right, but because they have highly developed the art of manipulating information for their own benefit. Often these types of teachers lord their knowledge over their followers in an attempt to make us feel inadequate. When we are grappling with our own sense of worth we might be inclined to believe that this teacher holds the secret we require, and strict adherence to their doctrines will eventually reveal it to us.

In reality spirituality is simple, and is accessible to everyone: the answers are all within. A big aspect of the spiritual journey is the process of recognizing where we have given away our power, and taking back our own authority.

One of the common aspects of a spiritually advanced person is that their sense of empathy and compassion is highly developed. This does not mean that they buy into ‘victim scripts’, or try and save anyone. Rather they recognize that everyone is divine and capable of finding their own way, but they also understand the difficulties of the journey, and their hearts are touched by the plight of others. The more advanced they are, the more they can feel their deep connection to everyone and everything.

The Hero

This is someone who presents themselves as perfect and infallible. These people tend to have a strong focus on self-promotion and relish being in the limelight. They love to showcase their amazing qualities and abilities. When these people make mistakes they do not ‘own’ them; they try to deflect blame, or have some ‘story’ to explain away the error.

Generally these people are not worth listening to because they are coming from an ego perspective. The ego loves to be on a pedestal, at the centre of attention, and despises having weaknesses exposed. The problem is that the messages presented by the person are usually framed in a way where the truth becomes secondary to promoting and maintaining a hero persona.

Our society teaches us to hide our vulnerability. But being able to step into vulnerability is one of the most difficult and important qualities for a seeker to develop. Being able to be vulnerable is a crucial key to being authentic. If one is not able to be vulnerable when appropriate, it becomes a necessity to manipulate the truth to avoid showing any cracks. Someone who is not able to be vulnerable cannot be in their integrity at all times.

The Messianic Guru

This is one of the most dangerous teachers and is probably more common than one might suspect. Along the path of spiritual development there is a point when the seeker becomes aware of their own Godliness, and the fact that the whole universe revolves around them. When this profound truth is integrated in a holistic way, the seeker understands that all is about perspective, and appreciates the deep beauty and magic in the fact that we are all expressions of the divine and thus each have the ability to touch that deep point within where we all meet. We are each literally the centre of the universe, from our own unique perspective.

The messianic guru however recognizes his/her divinity but has not yet understood it from the bigger picture perspective. This person believes that they are ‘the one’ and that they have a ‘special’ relationship with God/ the universe. Sometimes this comes through in their teachings in a blatant way, other times it can be more discreet.   However, even when a person is secretive about their beliefs, they usually drop enough hints that can be recognized by the discerning observer.

The danger is the underlying agenda is often subtly about supporting the ‘teacher’s’ distorted beliefs, and thus offers little to assist the seeker to uncover their own divinity.

The “They’re Coming To Save Us… Soon” Spokesman

This is someone who claims to be ‘speaking on behalf of’/channelling ‘higher beings’ who are coming to save us. While I have read a lot of excellent channelled material that claims to come from non-human entities, there is also a mountain of dodgy material. A common feature of some of the dodgy material is that it appeals to the victim mentality. “You poor things, life has been so hard, there are horrible beings that are so powerful that you have no hope of removing yourself from their grasp….but don’t worry because we are coming to save you…..soon. Very soon we will swoop down and fix everything so that you will live in a new paradise. Just keep reading our words…just keep believing and trusting in US, we assure you salvation is right around the corner.”

This kind of material is dangerous because it wraps the seeker in a sense of false hope, and does nothing to encourage self-exploration and deep growth. It promotes a sense of helplessness in the seeker, and supports the victim mentality by persuading the seeker to hand their power over to an external force. The focus on the ‘soon’ also functions to keep the seeker focused on the future and not in the NOW moment where our true power lies.

The Gloom and Doom Merchant

This is the teacher who appeals to the inner intensity junkie. These guys are the ones all over the net yelling dire prediction after dire prediction. This kind of information is often called fear-porn because it is a bit like watching a horror movie. It is dangerous and exciting, can be addictive, and most importantly, it is frightening. Too much immersion in this information will see us running for the hills (which might not be a bad thing in itself), wanting to learn a martial art (which might not be a bad thing in itself), and eyeing our neighbours suspiciously (I don’t think this is a good thing).

Fear is the great inhibitor of spiritual development. The more we fear, the more we close ourselves up to growth and transformation. When we focus too much on the fearful aspects of life we become tense and unbalanced, and can forget to nourish the beautiful, magical areas of our life. As more and more of our energy is dedicated to fear, the larger its presence becomes in our reality, and the beauty shrivels up. The seeker can be left with an overwhelming sense of disillusionment and despair. One of the reasons this path is so crippling is that a lot of the fearful situations we are faced with exist beyond our sphere of influence; there is little we can actually do to change the circumstances that are occurring on the global stage.

When we learn to acknowledge the reality occurring in our midst, but make a conscious decision to place our focus away from fear, onto that which we have the ability to affect positively, we encourage real transformation that benefits the whole. While the size of peoples’ sphere of influence varies, we all have access to one of the most potent points of change””ourselves. As we are all connected, healing ourselves has a potent effect on the collective unconscious, and the more light we can bring to this long neglected arena, the more light we will see reflected in our external reality.

Beyond ourselves we all have the ability to positively affect our surroundings. Be it our family, a plant, or our community, there is so much around us that we can nourish with love, and affect with our own unique endowments.

My Way IS The High Way

These are the teachers who believe that they have found, or been shown ‘the true path’. These teachers try to convince the seeker that they, and they alone, hold the key to their salvation. These people’s teachings often include a lot of judgement because of course, if theirs is the right way, then everyone else must be wrong.

In order to follow a teacher like this the seeker is required to sacrifice something.   The first thing is usually money for a book or workshop which will reveal ‘part of’ their secret true path. The second and most troubling thing that must be sacrificed is the seekers own power of self-direction.

Usually it is the wounded aspect of a seeker that becomes attracted this kind of teacher, the aspect that doesn’t trust in our ability to find our ‘own’ way. But one of the most important aspects of the spiritual journey is discovering and celebrating our own uniqueness and allowing others to do the same. The further the seeker goes down the path the more we are able to shake off the false, socially constructed aspects of our personality and connect with our true, unique, inner-self.

There is no right or wrong on the spiritual path. Different people learn different things at different times in different ways.   What works for one person might have no effect on another.

The Keys to Remember:

  • Anything that tells us that we need to read a certain book, listen to certain music or subscribe to a particular philosophy etc. should probably be discarded. Of course there is great stuff ‘out there’ to help along one’s journey… but while it may help, there is no ‘required’ learning on the spiritual path.
  • Anything that tells us that the answer is outside our self is a huge red flag!
  • Anything that leaves us with an overwhelming sense of despair is probably best avoided.
  • Anything that makes us feel good, but doesn’t encourage deep work is probably a waste of time.
  • Anything that encourages idolization of a leader is potentially dangerous to one’s development.

Let’s listen to our hearts.

Christina Lavers is a writer, an artist, a creative enthusiast, and an inner world explorer. Born in Montreal Quebec Canada, she now lives with her life partner and son in a rainforest pocket in the hills behind Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia. She spends her time playing, creating, growing and sharing. As well as teaching and running private classes and workshops, Christina has developed and implemented many projects for local organizations.

“My journey has been about personal alchemy… exploring the mysteries of my soul and my environment, and learning to bring all aspects, the light and the dark, together with the transcending ingredient… love. The more I uncover and nurture the wounded aspects of my being, the more whole and grounded I feel and the more my outer world reflects the wild, passionate divinity I have discovered inside”.

Christina has recently published her first full length book, a memoir about her wild awakening journey entitled Jump Into the Blue, and she is currently working on the next one. You can connect with Christina at www.mysticalchemyarts.com and www.jumpintotheblue.com



Source: Collective Evolution


Current ads for IBM’s Watson supercomputer suggest that the machine can “outthink” competition.

It seems to me that this a very dangerous, yet subtle misunderstanding of humanity’s true relationship with nature and attributing even marginal human capabilities to software/hardware is a huge mistake.

While the software that runs Watson is obviously the product of an immense intelligence – the work of a huge team of computer scientists and programmers – the machine itself is inanimate.

The insidious suggestion that there is no obvious, clear and deep differentiation between what is animate and inanimate is leading our species into a very dark area.

We must never lose sight of the most significant fact that Watson mimics human (Life’s organic) intelligence with electronic precision but it is not actually aware or sentient.

Even if Watson could pass the Turing test and fool a human into thinking she is speaking to another person, the reality beneath its hood is so far from what nature has created within us, that to ignore it is to surrender our humanity.

Watson is basically an incredibly powerful search engine, which is able to cross reference and algorithmically assess millions of snippets of information with lightening speed.

How Watson answers a question:

  • Watson searches millions of documents to find thousands of possible answers
  • Collects evidence and uses a scoring algorithm to rate the quality of this evidence
  • Ranks all possible answers based on the score of its supporting evidence

Consider how you answer a question or “think.”  Your responses come out of silence; while you may search your memory for information many things that come out of your mouth are even unexpected.

Moreover, as a human you have a wide range of options. Frequently you may respond reactively – “without thinking”– which may seem to give Watson an advantage.

But how often do you recognize that the answer came “unbidden” – you don’t know what made you say that – which suggests a reservoir of connection that has little to do with “searching” a database and a great deal more to suggest that you are connecting to a mysterious but massive source of actual intelligence.

Watson analyzes data but its approach to “meaning” is an algorithm that “ranks” possible responses.

In a job interview, for example, we may do something similar and decide against a flip answer or an exaggeration, and we may also come up with the “perfect” response based on an intuitive connection with the questioner or a subliminal awareness of our surroundings.

Watson may “notice” something — like a photograph of Reagan on the wall and the algorithm may even allow it to come up with a quote or even frame an answer conservatively as a result of registering Reagan’s image — but a computer will never, ever, understand the context.

IBM disagrees. And of course as part of its promotional campaign its software defeated three champions on Jeopardy. But if you read how it was done you will see that it was analogous to programmed trading on the stock exchange — it was a matter of rapidly plumbing databases with no comprehension.

According to IBM Watson DOES understand context – but based on what?

It seems that by recognizing patterns, as the video suggests, Watson mimics the left brain through logic and analysis, and it is a remarkable achievement.

But humans know that there are other dimensions to “learning” beyond gathering information and recognizing patterns. Growth often happens through inspiration or human intervention, aspects of the right brain that Watson is completely unable to simulate or comprehend.

IBM Watson Creates First Movie Trailer

From Polygon.com about how the trailer was created:

“In order to program Watson to understand what fear is, the research team at IBM got Watson to analyze 100 classic horror movies, examining each scene for consistencies and triggers that lead to the scarier aspects of the films. This included a visual analysis of what was happening on screen, an audio analysis of what was being said or how people were reacting, and a composition analysis that examined how the two facets worked in tandem together.”

This is all wonderful stuff but it begs the difference between information and understanding.

Information requires calculation and storage.

Understanding requires a mind.

Until science stops trying to narrow the focus of inquiry to avoid the inconvenient truth of consciousness (mental awareness and actual thought) the efforts of scientists to control nature will be doomed to failure.

Consciousness is an undeniable fact along with sentience. Watson and artificial intelligence, no matter what their achievements or how prodigious, can never be a real substitute for the Life force that created them.

Applying Objectivity and Discernment to our Understanding of the SSP

Greetings Beloveds,

This message is mostly for purposes of making sure we as individuals do not invest too much of our emotional energy and faith into the Secret Space Programs and other organizations. I’m not implying that we should not trust them or belittle them. On the contrary all I ask is for us to not invest absolute faith into them. The one thing I’ve noticed with myself and others is that many are starting to equate the Solar Wardens, White Hats and Cobra’s Resistance movement as ‘saviors’. We’re putting them on a pedestal.

This has been a problem for humanity for a great many years. We’re so used to having others tell what is right. We’ve given our power away to these groups and individuals. We ourselves are the ones who will save ourselves. We can only take responsibility for our-self. Have faith in yourself and your ability to bring about disclosure and make this world a better place. Do not invest all your faith and trust into any type of organization or group.

It is crucial for us as human beings to take responsibility over our lives. Granted, this doesn’t imply that we don’t trust the Solar Warden, Whites or Cobra’s Resistance movement. I merely speaking of the importance of remaining objective and utilizing discernment. Don’t invest too much emotional energy into them. This is the pattern that many of us fall into, we invest so much emotional energy into these organizations that when we’re confronted with claims that paint a different picture of these organizations; we respond with anger or frustration.

This prevents many from being objective and they instead operate from a toxic emotional state of being. We become blinded by our emotions and close ourselves to any possible information that could be of assistance to our journey towards the Truth. Take all that is said by anyone, including Corey Goode, Randy Cramer and Tony Rodrigues with a grain of salt. Be as objective as possible, but utilize your emotions to discern all information being shared. This isn’t a matter of only using the brain, because emotions can help you decide if what is being shared is true or false. That’s the power they hold, they have the capacity to determine what is a lie and isn’t, but only if you remain as clear minded as possible. That requires you not to form attachments to these people and organizations.

I’ve recently been analyzing a lot of my thoughts and beliefs in regards to the Secret Space Programs, White Hats and Cobra’s Resistance Movement. I’ve been attempting to understand what type of people work in these organizations. I’ve found a lot of instances that has revealed a different aspect of the SSP. Take for instance Corey Goode’s experience with the SSP. One specifically that I would like to point out is about this Wrangler guy who was assigned to Corey to help increase productivity for ‘underperforming assets’. Corey didn’t like the situation whatsoever and felt very stressed out from meeting with him. He basically would torture Corey, not physically, but emotionally and mentally. He caused a lot of problems for him. The Sphere Alliance Beings basically got him out of that, that’s how bad it became. Corey also has revealed that he acts as a messenger for the Sphere Being Alliances because of the fact these are hurt individuals in the SSP.

Another example I would like everyone to be aware of is that fact many of these organizations were formerly Cabal aligned. Thus the morality of these people based upon this fact alone should be considered in-depth. Granted, they’ve decided that the world needs to head on a new path and have defected, but none the less these individuals are damaged, just as much as us.

I’ve heard Aug Tellez share that these people in the SSP and underground breakaway civilizations don’t have as much mental illnesses as us. I personally would disagree with this assessment. I believe we’re all equally affected in regards to these mental illnesses. They just have different types of forms of these mental illnesses.

For example, we have Tony Rodrigues who recently revealed some information in an interview performed by Dr. Michael Salla. He shared that he was used as a sex slave and suicide soldier. He revealed that when he went to a Lunar Base on the moon he was given a grenade and sent into a auditorium like room where a insectoid was in. He was told to blow up the Insectoid. He and a few other individuals went into this room, there was people cheering and telling them not to be “a pussy” and kill it. It seemed like they were enjoying it. Eventually someone grab the grenade, ran towards the insectoid and blew it up.

As you can see these individuals are just as damaged as you and I, if not more in some cases. I’m not implying that the Solar Warden are the ones responsible for the Sex Trade or this event that Tony experienced. I do know that Tony said he believes he went to The Dark Fleet base, but that wasn’t where he fought the insect. They went to a different lunar base after visiting the Dark Fleet base; Michael Salla asked him if it was the Lunar Operation Command(LOC) and he believed it was.

From what I’ve heard, the LOC is basically the headquarters of the Interplanetary Corporation Conglomerate(ICC) and the Solar Warden. The Dark Fleet is separate and operates in total darkness.

In defense of the SSP, White Hats and Resistance Movement they are working for Full Disclosure. They believe doing some of these things that are questionable is necessary in order to achieve that goal. This comment applies to Corey Goode’s situation with the Wrangler, not Tony’s experience. The Solar Warden, White Hats and Resistance Movement want to put an end to the Sex Trade and slavery. They’re aiming for these goals, but the methods used to achieve them are what many would consider to be extreme.

My point is that we should invest faith in ourselves and the virtues that make humanity great. Love is the key, invest your emotional energy into love, not some outside organizations. Invest love into yourself and remember you are your own savior. Send love and compassion to the individuals in the SSP and other organizations. They’re hurting just as much as us on the surface. We’re all in this together, but we on the surface need to take responsibility of our own lives. That is how we will bring about disclosure and healing. So my friends be the change you wish to see in this world!

Timothy Frappier

The Importance Of Discernment and Being Open Minded

It is very important to be open minded in this day and age. With so much information available to us all with a few strokes of the keyboard we need to be open minded to all data we come across. Discovery is a important aspect in our culture and the more we cultivate this virtue the better society will be.

Open-Mindedness plays a important role in discovery. We need to allow ideas and beliefs to come to our awareness without any sort of attachment or judgment. The focus should be placed upon the information and whether or not it has any significance in our life. All data that comes to our awareness should be carefully analyzed by both our mind and heart.

The state of being open-minded allows information to grace our awareness without placing any judgment or belief upon it. Many times we have the habit of forming opinions or judgments about certain information even before we discover whether or not it is valid or could improve our lives. This form of skepticism blocks wisdom from coming into our awareness. Our attachments to certain ideas prevent our consciousness from realizing potentially useful and life changing knowledge.

Attachments are what prevent us from seeing things as they are. Our attachments to various ideas form a rigid structure with very little malleability. Our preferences dictate what we deem acceptable or worthy of our attention. When we encounter information that contrasts our current belief or idea about something, we vehemently reject it because it causes feelings of discomfort. This sense of discomfort is a form of cognitive dissonance, it’s when two ideas conflict. We as humans strive for internal consistency and dread anything that breaks this desire.

This is a dualistic way in perceiving our reality, because it forms a black and white paradigm. In reality though, existence isn’t black or white. It’s a seamless unity that displays the illusion of duality. Everything is of singular origin, because all is one. We as a people have created the duality in our life. There is no right or wrong, there only exists what is. There is no Darkness and Light, only Light.

Image result for there is no darkness just absence of light

Scientific Studies have shown that Darkness is only the absence of visible light. Just as there is no cold, just the absence of heat. When we analyze this, you see the Darkness and Light paradigm is an illusion. The same with the Cold and Heat paradigm. They both have a singular unit that determine it’s state.

When you look at life with this mentality it’s revealed life is singular as well. There is no good or bad, just what is. ‘What is’ is the singular unit in our life. There doesn’t exist good or bad, per se, only what is. Everything that exists simply is what it is. We’re the ones who place judgments upon life. Which are a result of our ideas. Many of these ideas we have formed are a result of the culture we were raised in. All of life is neutral until the moment we form a idea about it.

For instance, here in America we believe that being skinny is beautiful. Many people go on diets, exercise and take medications to maintain their slender figure. While in some cultures they prefer the chubby quality. They actually encourage their women to eat in order to gain weight. To them the chubby quality is beautiful. Thus we can see much of the things we believe are subjective to our individual perspective.

Image result for beauty is in the eye of the beholder

This is important to understand because it can allow true open-mindedness to come to the forefront of our life. We discover that all things are acceptable, because of the fact they exist. Something doesn’t exists unless it has a specific purpose. Something cannot exist without purpose, even if this thing exists to point out things can exist without purpose, because that is self-contradictory and can be equated as existing for the purpose of showing purposefulness is found within the individual.

Open-mindedness allows the information presented to our awareness to be fully understood and considered. When we see whatever comes into our field of awareness as an idea we properly assess the full scope of it’s potential. We can take the substance of that idea to improve our lives. Everything that we encounter in life can be used to benefit us. When we remain open-minded and avoid making judgments we open ourselves to the stream of infinite wisdom.

Which comes to our next idea we’re going to be discussing. That being Discernment. Discernment is misunderstood by many of us today. Most believe discernment is the idea of determining what is true or false; we use discernment to form judgments. In reality though, this is not what discernment is. Discernment is simply the ability to determine what information or data will improve your life. The only judgment we need to consider is whether something can make our life easier. That’s the purpose of discernment. Discernment is not to determine what is right or wrong in the world. Discernment is meant to determine what is right and wrong for oneself. We are responsible for our life alone, not others. Free-Will must be respected in this Universe, when we form judgments on anything outside of us, we infringe upon other’s free-will.

Discernment can be used to help discover what it is that will improve one’s life. The improvement of one’s life should be the goal when utilizing discernment. To know worldly truth is secondary, because sometimes the truth isn’t the best thing for you. This doesn’t imply that deception is right or wrong, it simply means that since it is present in life it exists for a purpose. Living life in the land of polarity we ourselves created the idea of lies/deception in order to learn something from them. Thus the deception and lies we’re currently immersed in are meant to benefit us.

To believe we need worldly truth is to believe the outside is more important than the inside. This begs us to consider what kind of Truth we should deem necessary in our life. If you mean Truth as knowing thyself, than yes, discernment should be utilized to discover the truth. If truth is equated as knowing what is right or wrong in this world, than it should be considered secondary to improving one’s life by knowing thyself.

Thus you can see the importance of discerning information for the purpose of improving one’s life. Because with that you will be led to worldly truth; improving one’s life will increase your worldly understanding.

We humans exists upon this planet for the purpose of displaying the power of mental alchemy. When we turn our negative beliefs into a positive belief we have a powerful effect upon the universe. The fact we’ve been bombarded with so much negativity shouldn’t be perceived as something bad, but instead looked upon as an opportunity to master the art of synthesis & alchemy.

Discerning information for the purposes of finding that golden nugget or that diamond in the rough has a powerful energetic effect upon us. It is the synthesizing of opposites into unity, the mending of paradoxes. We on this planet have the opportunity to turn the negative and positive into a unified understanding. We have the opportunity to show to the universe that no matter how much negativity you experience, no matter the amount of darkness in life, there is always light. Because there is only light at the end of the day.

Image result for Let there be light


Discernment takes what is presented to you, looks for what can improve one’s life and uses it to benefit oneself; which benefits the collective because what is good for you is good for all. Since we’re open-minded about the information that’s being presented to our awareness we can now use discernment to find the ideas that we can incorporate into our consciousness. The point of discernment is to find what works to help you improve your life. Everything that comes to our awareness can be utilized to benefit oneself. The external world is a reflection of the internal world, thus it exists to show you what can be utilized to improve your own life.

Be open-minded to everything and discern what can be used to improve your life. These ways of perceiving reality can be very helpful. Use these virtues to build yourself up, learn what you need to learn in this present moment. Improve your own life and you shall improve the collective as a result.

Timothy Frappier