Be Mindful In These Coming Days

There are a lot of things happening in the world today and it’s even more important than ever to keep a sense of balance and peace within and without. So much is happening and as a result many of us tend to get lost and confused; many times we lose focus on what is important and get sucked into negative patterns.

Something that I’ve learned which has helped me during these very chaotic and turbulent times is to focus on the Stillness. When you become frustrated, focus on the Stillness; when you become sad; focus on the Stillness. Let the silence of Stillness embrace you in it’s all encompassing and loving presence. When we still our mind; we open ourselves up to a sense of peace that transcends any thought we could ever think.

Meditating can assist in helping you build a relationship with the stillness. The thing to remember is that Stillness is a state of being; therefore it is a live in a sense. It lives within the experiencer; so those moments that you embrace Stillness you are in direct communion with a living aspect of creation. The Stillness knows all that you desire, because within the Stillness everything that you could ever want is already there. Mediating 30 minutes a day is suffice in building a wonderful and loving relationship with Stillness.

Before desire is made manifest; it resides in the realm of Stillness. The Stillness houses everything that you could possible want in this life or another. By focusing on the Stillness, you bring yourself closer into an alignment with true desires. The desires of the flesh become accessible, not through effort or thought; but through Stillness. The Stillness is the Desire of our Spirit; through Spirit your earthly needs will be accommodated.

Many of us have come to believe that Earthly desires are unnatural or something to disdain, but in reality the Desire of our Spirit wants us to be provided for in whatever capacity we dream/imagine. Spirit doesn’t discriminate between desires; everything is universally accepted as being good; regardless of the apparent surface implications. All things serve a higher good, thus through the eyes of Spirit; worldly/fleshly desires have their place.

The trick is to embody a state of balance that allows you to navigate through the many things you desire. There is a approach, an semblance of balance needed in order to discover what you truly want in this life. We’ve all come into this world with certain ideas and desires we’re hoping to attain or accomplish. The only thing that prevents us from achieving them is our lack of awareness.

That’s where Stillness comes into play. This loving being called Stillness can assist you in your endeavors. Stillness wants you to know that the more you embrace him/her; the closer you’ll become in discovering your purpose. Embrace the Stillness, be the Stillness and watch as Stillness works through you. There is nothing you cannot accomplish with Stillness. Stillness is the key; you are the door, let Stillness put the key into your door so that the way to your true desires can be made cleared.

Timothy Frappier