Extraterrestrial Shot Dead in New Jersey (Case Review by JP)

Source: JP-Robinson


[Please note: image above is for illustrative purposes only and has no relation to the incident in question.]

In 1978, an incredible incident allegedly took place in New Jersey, USA, which has somehow evaded both the attention of many UFO researchers and the mainstream community alike.

Two adjacent military bases Fort Dix and Fort McGuire played host to an incredible extraterrestrial and UFO encounter. UFOs were sighted flying over the bases during the early morning hours of January 18, and shortly afterwards Air Force security patrol were ordered to the back gate of McGuire AFB to allow entry to New Jersey State Police who were searching for something, but what?

State trooper Sgt. Jeff Morse (pseudonym) was one of the airmen on duty and was told that a Fort Dix MP was pursuing a low-flying object that had hovered so close that it was actually just above  his car. Then according to the MP a small being with a large head and slender body appeared in front of his car, causing him to panic and shoot the alien several times with a .45 automatic. The being then fled over the fence which separates the two bases, before collapsing on the deserted runway and dying.

The body was found lying on the runway by Morse and his colleagues before other “blue beret” forces unfamiliar to Morse and his companion took over once Morse had followed the routine procedure of cordoning off the area of the “crime scene”.

Later that day a C-141 cargo aircraft arrived from Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, where a team crated up the body, loaded it on board, before taking off. Morse and other participants were taken to Wright- Patterson AFB two days later where they interrogated and warned not to talk about the incident to anyone. (Morse supplied the names of the interrogation team taken from their name badges, and their identities have been verified.)

The information that follows is taken from the MUFON Symposium Proceedings, “THE FATAL ENCOUNTER AT FT. DIX-McGUIRE: A CASE STUDY; Status Report IV.” by Leonard H. Stringfield.

The setting at Wright-Patterson was like that of a court martial, a table and chairs in an unadorned room which Morse describes as follows: “While there we were all together except for actual interrogations. Mine had two men, one apparently a civilian with pipe and beard who never spoke. At one point there were three men. One played nice guy, one mean guy, and, of course, the silent civilian. All they wanted to know was the nature of the incident, what I knew and then told me about my duty to keep my mouth shut… I signed a form and it is supposed to bind me for life.”

Never once, as Morse recalls, did any of the interrogators offer information or an explanation of the incident. Nor did anyone ever refer to the retrieved dead body or suggest that it may have been of extraterrestrial origin. Said Morse, “they beat around the bush, all references to it were indirect.” The day after the interrogation, Morse returned to McGuire, was debriefed by his Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. FM, and released for normal duty. The incident, he said, was not discussed again by anyone as though it never happened. Morse was debriefed by his commanding officer, a lieutenant colonel shortly after returning to McGuire AFB and heard no more about the incident. But it wasn’t long before each of the airmen who had been involved was transferred to a separate overseas base. Morse was shipped to Okinawa, Japan.

Morse was within 40 to 70 feet from the dead body on the abandoned runway #5 at various times during his patrol duty but was never close enough to observe details such as facial features, or its hands and feet. However, under the glare of truck headlights, Morse did recall seeing the skin of the naked hairless body which he described as being wet, shiny, and snake-like. As reported in his initial letter, the entity was about 4 feet in height with a large head, slender torso, thin arms and legs, and overall, of greyish-brown colouration. The humanoid which was not human, seems to fit the anatomical description so often heard from military sources who have made claim to having seen entities at crash sites in the past and most likely fits the Zeta-Reticulan model commonly referred to as the Greys.

UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield wrote to the man using the pseudonym Sgt. Morse, to hear his version of events. Below is a copy of the letter Stringfield received as a reply to his correspondence: 


REPLY TO:   (deleted) 
ATTN OF:    (deleted) 

          Response for Request of Information in Palation to U~ Contact 
          and other Related information

            TO:       Len Stringfield 

1.   In January of 1978, I was station at McGuire AFB, N.J.. One evening , during the time frame of 0300 hrs. and O500 hrs., there were a number of UFO sightings in the area over the air field and Ft. DIX Army camp. I am a security policeman and was on routine patrol at the time. N.J. State Police, and Ft. Dix MP’s were running code in the direction of Brownsville, N.J.. A state trooper then entered Gate #5 at the rear of the base requesting assistance and permission to enter. I was dispatched and the trooper wanted access to the runway area which led to the very back of the air field and connected with a heavily wooded area which is part of the Dix training area. He informed me that a Ft. Dix MP was pursuing a low flying object which then hovered over his car. He described it as oval shaped, with no details, and glowing with a blueish green color. His radio transmission was cut off. At that time in front of his police car, appeared a thing, about 4 ft. tall, greyish, brown, fat head, long arms, and slender body. The MP panicked and fired five rounds from his .45 Cal into the thing, and one round into the object above. The object then fled straight up and joined with eleven others high in the sky. This we all saw but didn’t know the details at the time. Anyway, The thing ran into the woods towards our fence line and they wanted to look for it. By this time several patrols were involved. 

2. We found the body of the thing near the runway. It had apparently climbed the fence and died while running. It was all of a sudden hush-hush and no one was allowed near the area. We roped off the area and AF OSI came out and took over. That was the last I saw of it. There was a bad stench coming from it too. Like ammonia smelling but it wasn’t constant in the air. That day, a team from Wright-Patterson AFB came in a C-141 and went to the area. They crated it in a wooden box, sprayed something over it, and then put it into a bigger metal container. They loaded it in the plane and took off. That was it, nothing more said, no report made and we were all told not to have anything to say about it or we would be court-martialed. 

3. I will be getting out of the air force in about two months. Do Not disclose my name as I could get into trouble. I am interested in pursuing this and other matters if you need help. Forgive me for not signing this but I can’t take any chances. Please reply to the above address and my parents will forward it to me or I will be home already. Don’t send it here because they monitor all mail closely and I again don’t want to take any chances.

Another military figure has come forward in connection  to the remarkable incident in New Jersey, but he has been brave enough to use his actual name. Major George Filer now retired (see image above), who was also stationed at McGuire AFB in 1978 was serving as an intelligence officer at the time of the incident and although he was not on duty that morning, he was witness to a lot of unusual activity and he heard talk about the “alien body” the following morning.  

Discussing the case with Dr. Steven Greer for The Disclosure Project, Filer said “This particular morning, when I went into the command post, I was met by the head of the command post, and he said that it [had] been a very exciting evening – that [we’d] had UFOs over McGuire all night, that one had apparently landed or crashed at Fort Dix, and that when a military policeman came upon the alien, that he had pulled out a gun and shot him.”He told researcher Richard Hall “Our security police went out there and found him at the end of the runway dead. They asked me to brief the general staff,” but was later told not to. 

In Greer’s book Disclosure, Major Filer continued, “The security police were out there and had captured the body, so to speak, and were guarding it. He said that a C-141 from Wright-Patterson was coming in to pick up the body. That made me stand up, because I didn’t realize that Wright-Patterson had C-141s.” Filer was then told by his superiors that “We want you to brief us at the standup general briefing this morning and explain what happened to everybody”.

“And, I said you want me to tell General Tom Sandler and everybody in the command post that we captured an alien?! They said, “Yes, we want you to brief them this morning.” Well, I did some checking around, and I called the 38th Military Airlift Wing Command Post to check with them to see if the story was the same I was given. They said, yes, that they had heard the same information; they said that this actually did happen – that an alien was found on the base.”

Filer is not new to UFO sightings either. He also chased a UFO over England when flying for the U.S. Air Force. “I didn’t believe in UFOs until London Control called us in the winter of 1962 and asked us would we chase one? So we said sure.”  Since that day he has maintained an interest in the subject, claiming that “I personally have observed a UFO both visually and on radar. I’ve been chasing them ever since,”.

Despite the apparent lack of physical evidence to legitimise this particular case, it is certainly consistent with other stories of a similar kind. The secrecy, the threats, the involvement of Wright-Patterson AFB once again as the site to house and conceal extraterrestrial bodies and craft. To delve deeper into this case click HERE to read Leo Stringfield’s investigation in more depth.

Secret Space Programs: Full or Partial Disclosure?

Source: Humans Are Free

There are numerous ‘Secret Space Programs’ going on around the world today, all run by different factions and in different countries. These groups are made up of both humans and aliens.

These numerous factions are keeping secrets from mankind, as well as each other. Alien technology has been reverse engineered and they have technological advances that have been kept from us all.

Most of the people who work within these groups are mostly unaware themselves of the other groups, so not only is the majority of mankind unaware of what is really going on, but even the insiders are in the dark about what is going on in the other factions.

Not all of these secret groups are being controlled by the powers that shouldn’t be, which is encouraging news for us all.


According to multiple whistleblowers, these factions have established bases on the moon and Mars and are also apparently visiting other planets.

A lot of the UFO’s flying around are not alien in origin, but have been designed and built here on Earth, basically with our tax money (and masterfully channeled into black budgets) or from the profits made from large corporations. We have paid for all of this one way or another and have reaped none of the rewards.

Advances have been made in technology and medicine, way beyond what we can imagine. And it’s all being kept from us.

Some of these secret factions are now pushing for ‘Full Disclosure’, some want ‘Partial Disclosure’, whilst others would rather everything is kept secret forever so they can carry on with their dastardly plans.

According to whistleblower Corey Goode, this is a cigar-shaped space carrier, 
part of the ‘Solar Warden Space Fleet‘. There are 8 of these carriers 
in the fleet and have been built for interplanetary missions.


‘Full Disclosure’ would involve all the information and hideous crimes that have been inflicted on mankind being released worldwide in one massive data dump.

Although this sounds like a great idea for those of us who are already aware about what is really going on in the world, and are desperate to move forward and end the suffering of humanity today, the people who are still asleep could be traumatized and it could cause absolute chaos and anarchy.

It has taken me a few years to come to terms with all this, going through various stages, so it could be the same for others.

‘Partial Disclosure’ would involve a slower release of information, letting everyone come to terms with the latest information before more is released.

‘Partial Disclosure’ would need a fixed time scale though, as otherwise it could carry on indefinitely and while this is happening the powers that shouldn’t be could still be creating havoc behind the scenes.

‘Partial Disclosure’ may stop some of the chaos and anarchy from happening but if our health and well being is still being damaged daily with vaccines, GMO’s, Fluoride, Chemtrails and numerous other means of ill treatment, I would then go for ‘Full Disclosure’ as people are suffering each and every day either way; it’s just a different type of suffering.

Whistleblower Spills Beans:I Spent Three Years Serving on Deep Space Fleet

‘Full or Partial Disclosure’ would involve worldwide TV programs dedicated to enlightening the human population about what has been going on in the world today and would also reveal our true history.

The bottom line is that humanity needs to know about all these secret programs. We need to learn about our true history, we need to know about free energy and major breakthroughs in health care, plus numerous technological advances. We need to know what is really going on.

A British hacker has found evidence of a US Navy space fleet. He’s now facing a ten-year legal battle for breaking into NASA and US Navy computers.

No More Suffering!

We have been in the dark and enslaved for far too long! We have suffered immeasurably and it still goes on.

Some of these secret groups are also running human trafficking operations and paedophile rings. How many children and adults are suffering as I am writing this article?

These groups are not just dealing with humanity they are also dealing with extra-terrestrials, selling our children to aliens for slavery. Hundreds of thousands of children go missing each year around the world. They just vanish off the face of the earth and now we know why.

How much more can humanity take? How much more misery and sadness must we bear?

How many more starving people will there be, and how many more wars will be fought causing untold grief and sadness? How many more autistic and brain damaged children must we see?

Our food is full of toxic pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics and steroids and we then ingest all this. Our water is full of fluoride, which is a toxic chemical. Our vaccines are full of toxic chemicals such as mercury.

We are being sprayed constantly from above — this is happening all around the world. We are then breathing in the air which is full of toxic chemicals caused by this geo-engineering madness.

Rain water after chemtrail spraying has been found to contain aluminium, barium and strontium plus many other chemicals — this is damaging to the earth, the plants, the animals and, ultimately, mankind as it will find its way into our food sources.

Every day I look up at the sky and see that we are still being sprayed. I am really looking forward to the day when the sun can shine on us all once again without being blocked out by all this chemical spraying.


None of this is right, we have free will and we have been manipulated and brainwashed until we don’t know what is going on around us anymore.

It is all so outrageous, that many choose to dismiss it, because they cannot bring themselves to believe any of it, which perpetuates all this suffering.

We have to face the truth and deal with it now. No more lies and deception! We must not tolerate any more of this, we must stand up for ourselves and let our voices be heard!

We are not slaves, we are not here to be abused and mistreated.

We need ‘Disclosure Now’ whether it is ‘Full Disclosure’ or ‘Partial Disclosure’. Let’s end mankind’s suffering and move forward into a new era. Now, not in a thousand years or so.

I am ready, are you?

By Julie Alexander, HumansAreFree.com

Antarctica and Imprisoned Fallen Angels from the Book of Enoch

Source: Exopolitics

On March 14, Israeli News Live published a provocative story titled “The Fallen Angels Imprisoned in Antarctica and are still Alive.” The commentator, Steven Ben-Nun, analyzed the apocryphal Book of Enoch, which describes the experiences of Enoch, a pre-deluvian biblical figure, who was taken into the heavens to witness and play a key role in a major celestial conflict.

Enoch became the principal intermediary between two sides of the conflict between the “Fallen Angels”, and the “Righteous Angels” serving an all knowing deity referred to as “the Lord”. There were multiple issues in the conflict such as Fallen Angels interbreeding and/or performing genetic experiments with humanity, and passing on forbidden knowledge and technologies to the still developing human civilization.

The Book of Enoch begins with the arrival of 200 Fallen Angels in the area of Mount Hermon, which borders modern-day Lebanon and Syria. The Fallen Angels began interbreeding and/or genetically modifying the local inhabitants.

6.1 And it came to pass, when the sons of men had increased, that in those days there were born to them fair and beautiful daughters.

6.2 And the Angels, the sons of Heaven, saw them and desired them. And they said to one another: “Come, let us choose for ourselves wives, from the children of men, and let us beget, for ourselves, children.” …

6.6 And they were, in all, two hundred and they came down on Ardis, which is the summit of Mount Hermon. And they called the mountain Hermon because on it they swore and bound one another with curses. [Source]

While the Fallen Angels had established an outpost on Mt Hermon, it was Antarctica that they would be removed to ultimately after losing the heavenly battle with the righteous angels, according to Ben-Nun’s analysis of the Book of Enoch.

Ben-Nun cites passages from the Book of Enoch which are very suggestive of Antarctica as indeed the location where Enoch was taken to witness celestial events:

18.5 And I saw the winds on the Earth which support the clouds and I saw the paths of the Angels. I saw at the end of the Earth; the firmament of Heaven above.

18.6 And I went towards the south, and it was burning day and night, where there were seven mountains of precious stones, three towards the east and three towards the south.

18.7 And those towards the east were of coloured stone, and one was of pearl, and one of healing stone; and those towards the south, of red stone.

18.8 And the middle one reached to Heaven, like the throne of the Lord, of stibium, and the top of the throne was of sapphire.

What’s interesting in the above passage is that Enoch refers to a location that “was burning day and night”. Ben-Nun believes that this fits the description of Antarctica during the Southern Hemisphere summer season when there is 24 hour sunlight.

Regarding the seven mountains, this appears to refer to Mt Vinson in the Sentinel Range of Antarctica, according to Ben-Nun. He also refers to six nearby mountains in the range that might qualify as the mountains described in the Book of Enoch.

Mt Vinson is the highest mountain in Antarctica, and is located towards the middle of the Sentinel Range. It would have stood out just as spectacularly with its snowcapped peaks in ancient times, as it does today.

Regarding the southern and eastern alignment of the six adjacent mountains to Mt Vinson described in the Book of Enoch, Ben-Nun speculates that this was their alignment prior to the catastrophic flood event, which coincided with a shifting of the Earth’s axis of rotation.

This corresponds to the research conducted by Sir Charles Hapgood who asserts that pole shiftshave been a regular occurrence in Earth’s history. In his 1958 book, Earth’s Shifting Crust, Hapgood proposes that a pole shift had happened at the end of the last ice age, about 11,000 BC.

Ben-Nun’s conjecture is interesting, but as one can see from the map showing the Sentinel Range where Mt Vinson is situated, there are far more than seven mountains in the range. Ben-Nun’s conjecture is not conclusive as he himself points out. Nevertheless, he gives us a possible location of the imprisoned Fallen Angels, Mt Vinson and/or six other mountains in the Sentinel Range.

Ben-Nun goes on to discuss the Book of Enoch and its reference to imprisoned Fallen Angels that were removed from Mt Hermon to Antarctica (Mt Vinson/Sentinel Range):

18.14  And  like  a  spirit  questioning  me,  the Angel said:  “This is the place of the end  of  Heaven  and  Earth;  this  is  the  prison  for  the  Stars  of  Heaven  and  the  Host of Heaven.

18.15  And  the  stars  which  roll  over  the  fire,     these     are     the     ones     which transgressed  the  command  of  the  Lord,  from   the   beginning   of   their   rising, because  they  did  not  come  out  at  their  proper times.

18.16 And He was angry with them, and bound   them   until   the   time   of   the  consummation  of  their  sin,  in  the  Year  of Mystery.”

Ben-Nun’s reference to the Fallen Angels still being alive in their Antarctica prison raises an intriguing possibility. The Book of Enoch describes a future “Year of Mystery” when they are liberated. Is this an event we will shortly witness?

For an answer, we can begin by analyzing some intriguing parallels between Ben-Nun’s analysis of the Book of Enoch, and the recent disclosures of secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode concerning Antarctica.

Like the pre-deluvian biblical figure Enoch, Goode says he has also been taken to witness celestial events by a recently arrived group of highly evolved extraterrestrials called the “Sphere Being Alliance”. Like Enoch, Goode has also been asked to act as an intermediary for both sides in a “heavenly” or solar system-wide conflict.

Goode said this began in March 2015 when he accepted the role as the delegate for the Sphere Being Alliance in on-going negotiations between different factions and groups from both Earth and off-world civilizations.

Goode said that he has been taken to Antarctica twice to witness events. The most recent in January 2017 involved him viewing the remains of a Pre-Adamite civilization that had flourished until a major global catastrophe corresponding with the great flood that destroyed coastal cities and low-lying land all over the world around 12-13 thousand years ago.

Goode said that the Pre-Adamites survived by entering stasis chambers in the largest of three miles long motherships that crash landed on Earth around 60,000 years ago, after the pre-Adamites were expelled from the Moon due to a conflict with the dominant extraterrestrial factions there.

The Pre-Adamites set up their major base of operations in Antarctica, and established outposts in Asia, Europe and the Americas, according to Goode. Conflict soon emerged between the Pre-Adamites and other human-looking extraterrestrial groups, who had been conducting 22 genetic experiments with surface humanity for nearly 500,000 years.

Read the rest of the article here

Cobra March 2017 Questions – Current Event Questions

Source: Prepare For Change

Lynn – Hi Cobra (http://2012portal.blogspot.com) Welcome to our March update. This is Lynn from http://www.prepareforchange.net and Aaron on sound and he’ll be doing half of the questions. So we will start with current event questions and then migrate on to other things. As always, we have more than enough questions. We’re going to get a little extra time with Cobra today so hopefully we’ll be able to get through more questions. Cobra, the first question I have is:

Will you please explain in detail to us the meaning of the Success of the February 26th, (2017) Etheric Liberation that we did for the Congo. It was a meditation and you told us that it was quite successful. We reached critical mass. Are there any comments you can give me on this?

COBRA – Actually I have released a detailed report about this. Basically what we have achieved is we reached a critical mass that was needed to actually penetrate the veil and create a lasting change in the structure of the plasma plane around this planet. We have basically sealed the Congo anomaly which is now in the process of extremely fast healing and this has triggered a strong chain reaction with other vortexes around the planet, especially the Syrian vortex and there were immediate effects 4 days after that Palmyra was liberated. There were many other effects. One of the most important effect was the strength of the negative forces have diminished greatly on the plasma plane around the planet since that time. They’re losing that territory very fast. (fantastic)

Lynn – I hope things improve significantly especially for Africa.

COBRA – They will. But of course on the physical plane this will take time and especially after The Event there will be more lasting changes on the physical plane. (wonderful, that’s really good news)

Aaron – Hi Cobra, this is Aaron and we’ll start out with the first question: Corey Goode says that he was told by the Sphere Being Alliance that their Job is the management and transfer of planetary populations. Is it possible that these beings are going to be in charge of the transfer & transportation of Earth’s population at the time of the planetary reset expected sometime after The Event?

COBRA – OK. I cannot comment on Corey Goode’s intel so you need to formulate this question a little bit differently.

Aaron – He goes on to say: I Believe that this the same event mentioned in the Bible as the rapture? Can you tell me a little about this Cobra?

COBRA – Actually, Bible has many hints on The Event and the Compression Breakthrough and the Rapture is actually one of the later phases of the Ascension process. (ok, thank you)

Lynn – So the Ascension process is not an immediate event. It goes on for a period of time?

COBRA – Yes, of course The Event, I have explained this so many times. The Event is actually when the breakthrough happens. This means disclosure, it means arrest of the Cabal and it means financial re-set. The actually Ascension process actually really starts at that time. (great, thank you)

Lynn – Is part of the Dark Fleet that Corey Goode mentioned that was left trapped inside our solar system when the so called outer barrier (that protects this solar system from anyone coming in or getting out) still roaming in Antarctica, their bases on our moon and orbiting our solar system?

COBRA – Basically what Corey terms “Dark Fleet” is still active to a certain degree in Antarctica and this will be changed very soon. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – On a Facebook post by Corey Goode dated March 12, 2017 (https://www.facebook.com/BlueAvians/posts/1716167242014398)
Corey says the following:

“It is obvious that the Data Dumps have begun. We will not get the full data dump as the SSP Alliance was pushing for. It is turning out to be more of a strategic cluster of data dumps. We expect it to be a “tit for tat” document release war in the beginning. The Cabal will most likely release a batch of data against certain member groups of the Earth Alliance next. Both sides will attempt to discredit the sources that present data against them which will further confuse the public.” Is this true Cobra?

COBRA – This is true now to a certain degree but will not be true after The Event. The Event actually means full disclosure without any compromise or any hidden agendas.

Aaron – Are we going to get a partial disclosure?

COBRA – We are NOT going to get a partial disclosure. We are going to get a full disclosure. That’s not an option It is not a subject of discussion. I will repeat again; we will get full disclosure. (OK, thank you, thank you)

Lynn – It is said that there is a planet called Vulcan which is currently not visible to us. This first density planet seems to be closer than Mercury to the Sun. What do you know about this planet and if it exists, why has this been kept secret from us and for what purpose?

COBRA – It is a theoretical planet that some astronomers proposed it exists but actually does not exist.

Aaron – Some scientist said that the Montauk project foundation was derived from a deep & occult hard core Satanic practices and rituals. Is this true?

COBRA – To a certain degree, yes.

Lynn – Will you describe what is the Montauk Project’s main purpose, the damage caused by it in our society, the consequences of it and the plans of the light forces to heal its millions of victims?

COBRA – Ok, basically the purpose of this project was to play with the timelines. They wanted to get control of the various timelines. They were not successful, but as a result of their experimentation there was certain amount of primary anomaly which was then, I would say more prominent on the surface of the planet and this is already taken care of. So that’s not a problem anymore. The only problem remaining is the victims of that program which are still in need of healing and that will happen after The Event. (thank you Cobra.)

Aaron – Next question. I found the following statement and I’d like you to tell me what you know about this: The statement starts by saying: Do you really think that you are getting pure marijuana, or clean marijuana? Think again! This is the marijuana especially the legal medical grade which is cataloged in Quantico Virginia at the FBI; implanted and chipped…. nano tech., it’s all GMO nanite compatible, very tiny computer systems. Same as with all smokes, vape, junk foods, etc. He’s asking Is this true?

COBRA – Yes it’s true. (hmmm, wow)

Lynn – Cobra, the next question is from the same author as the previous question: It is all a show! The US Government collects over $3 trillion in electric bills in the big cities every month! There’s no such thing as a deficit. They make 100x’s of times the amount of money that is needed just by taxing the people. They come up with ways to waste & produce a deficient mindset. They make the money to begin with and then they print it out of thin air. There is zero-point energy and replicator devices so that if they can manufacture (and they do) all the materials, tools, craft, etc. that they need, while people are basically stuck down-here. It’s all a show. All the bills are prepaid. We need to take back our straw-man. This is what I was told by members of the Elite. They said it’s all “on account”. The rest is a deception a joke, and they are getting away with it and plan to end this civilization and flee to another environment. Can you comment on this Cobra?

COBRA – This is quite a nice description of what is happening right now on the planet and it’s good that people are awaking to this reality. And of course we are going to change that. It is not going to happen. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – Next question. We were told on Monday, March 20, 2017 that David Rockefeller died earlier that day at his estate in New York City.   If this is true, his death would have coincided with the March Equinox.   Can you tell us if he truly died at this time?   Or was this a fake death, delivered to the public to accomplish something?

COBRA – It was a true death. He really died and he is not in a cloned body, so he is truly and really dead. (OK)
Aaron – Do you know if this was a natural death and he wasn’t taken out by the Light Forces right?

COBRA – I would say he died as a consequence of his fear after being exposed to certain operations of the light forces. (OK)

Aaron – Can you tell us any more about the departure of David Rockefeller and how it effects the plans of the Cabal?

COBRA – OK, I think I will speak about this in my next blog update. (OK, thank you, great)

Lynn – It is Also reported that in June, 2014, David’s son, Dr. Richard Rockefeller, died in a plane crash near his father’s estate.  But Ben Fulford wrote a while back that Richard Rockefeller faked his death and in truth, he fled to an underground base in South America. Can you fill us in on what you know about Rockefeller?

COBRA – So you’re now speaking about the son, (Yes). Yes, he actually went to that base but he’s no longer there. He has been captured. (OK, great, thank you)

Aaron – A number of stunning investigative reports about past and ongoing covert activity in Antarctica has been presented to date. The questioner asks you to sum up any of the intelligence information you can confirm or deny about the validity of these remarkable reports? Please include anything else important to know about this activity in your answer and review.

COBRA – I would say that too much focus is now put upon Antarctica. It is not the main exo-political issue right now on this planet. But simply one of the places where things are happening and Antarctica is NOT Atlantis. I need to say that. Antarctica does have many ancient ruins that have been discovered as well as in some other places around the planet and all those places will be revealed after The Event. The Cabal will not be able to use those discoveries to divert attention from their crimes. That’s not going to happen.

Aaron – Lastly, is the RM (Resistance Movement) working in some manner with Antarctica?

COBRA – Yes, they are having very intense operations there right now. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – There was a claim at the end of February that there was radiation contaminating Antarctica as well as some parts of Europe & North America due to a Submarine explosion. There was news floating around about Special Forces evacuating civilians from Antarctica for this reason. Can you tell us about his Cobra?

COBRA – There was limited radioactivity as a result of this nuclear submarine incident but it was not something that was overly…… it was contained. It was not very dangerous and the evacuation of civilian personnel was not related to that. It was related to, I would say the proxy war that is happening down in Antarctica between the Draco forces and the Galactic Confederation.

Lynn – So possibly there wasn’t an evacuation for this reason?

COBRA – There was an evacuation not because of the radioactivity but because of that war.

Lynn – Is it true that lighting is the best way to get rid of excess radiation in the environment?

COBRA – No. (OK)

Aaron – Do you know the REAL reason why Gen. Michael Flynn resigned from his US National Security Adviser position?

COBRA – I would say there is a very strong in-fighting between various factions right now. The, I would call that Clinton/Rockefeller faction and the Trump/Jesuit faction and this in-fighting resulting in many resignations and changes in that administration and it is not something that is so important as many people think. Because those people who are really pulling those strings behind the scenes are not visible. They are not in the media. They are not exposing themselves. They are just putting certain people as front men to carry out their agenda. (thank you Cobra)

Lynn – An article came out recently claiming that Norman Brokaw, the chief executive of the William Morris Agency and Mr. Bill Cosby’s personal agent for 30 years, confirmed that he had discussed with Mr. Cosby his intention of making an offer for NBC with Robert C. Wright. But the network’s president, Illuminati leader, who controls NBC would lose power of the television company if Bill Cosby purchased it. The only way to stop the purchase was to ruin Bill Cosby. They started with fake rape allegations. Do you know about this claim Cobra, is this true or is it only a diversion from the truth?

COBRA – Actually, Yes, there were allegations and it was not based on truth. There are certain things that have not yet been revealed about his situation that are based on reality. I would say that the reality was twisted but there is still some truth behind it. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – Since Bitcoin is a digital currency then like anything digital, it can be hacked & tampered with. Is bitcoin as safe & fool proof as it is being advertised or is it just another Trojan horse attempt of the Dark Force to get rid of physical currencies so they have total and absolute control of our money?

COBRA – OK. Bitcoin will not become the globalist currency of the future. It is safe to a certain degree and if you want to play with it, it’s quite OK. I would not put most of your savings into Bitcoin. (thank you)

Lynn – Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin. You have stated that Bitcoin is a step into the new system. Is Nakamoto working with the light forces?

COBRA – Not directly but indirectly, yes.

Lynn – Is the Bitcoin system from another planet?


Lynn – How can Bitcoin not be compromised simply by artificial intelligence (A.I.) or computer hacking?
COBRA – A.I. is not as powerful as people are afraid of because human mind is always stronger because human mind coupled with connection with the source can out maneuver all actions of artificial intelligence (A.I.) (Ok, thank you)

Aaron – Isn’t silver or gold a better and safer & more secure type of investment than Bitcoin?

COBRA – Safer than what. (Bitcoin)

COBRA – Yes.

Aaron – Who is behind Bitcoin? Jesuits with their cashless society or the positive Alliance?

COBRA – The Positive alliance, indirectly. (thank you)

Lynn – If the Cabal has underground highly technological advanced bases and their space ships have advanced technology such as replicators. What is stopping them from just pressing a button and just creating all the gold and precious metals they need to keep their current failing financial system going indefinitely?

COBRA – OK. The vast majority of the Cabal does not have access to those advanced technologies. There is a very small limited group that has access to this and they are not giving this to the rest of the Cabal. (that’s good)

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Aaron – Next question is: How near complete destruction is the Yaldabaoth?

COBRA – I would say much near there than any time in the past. I would say that the tentacles or the plasma filaments of that entity have been removed completely and the head is in the beginning stages of its dissolution.

Aaron – Are there any bombs of any kind impeding our progress towards The Event currently?

COBRA – Yes, of course there are still toplet bombs and they will be here until The Event. That is the main reason The Event does not happen. When the toplet bombs are gone The Event will be triggered.

Aaron – Can you comment on what if anything we expect in the way of obstacles yet to overcome?

COBRA – As I have said, the plan is to remove the remaining plasma anomaly and toplet bombs that are associated with this and then trigger The Event. So this is basically the plan and it is being carried out. (ok, thank you)

Lynn – Now that Yaldabaoth and the toplet bombs are limited to the Earth’s surface since the successful Etheric Liberation Meditation, what is our best strategy for continuing to dissolve the head of Yaldabaoth?

COBRA – The best strategy is to put Cintamani stones in strategic positions. Not only on the land masses but also in the oceans far away from, far away from the coast.

Lynn – Does that have any effect on the radiation in the ocean?

COBRA – There is not as much radiation in the ocean as most people are informed . . . or
mis-informed. (ok)

Aaron – How can we create an Ascension Column to work with the Galactic Confederation around us to clear the primary anomaly and help with the dissolving of the head of Yaldabaoth?

COBRA – OK. I will also be speaking about this in detail in one of my future posts. I cannot answer this question in a minute because it is a little bit more complex. I need to explain this in detail in writing.

Lynn – In the Russian interview you recently answered that there are no longer any remaining Deep Underground Military Bases in Russia (DUMBS). Can that be said for the rest of the world and if not what countries still have bases yet to clear?

COBRA – OK, most bases that belong to the Cabal are in the countries that are associated with The Cabal traditionally, so that’s U.S. that’s Israel, that’s Saudi Arabia and to a certain degree United Kingdom, Turkey, Japan. But most other countries are quite free of this at this moment. (OK, thank you Cobra.)

Aaron – In your recent Russian interview you said that the “Earth is a maximum security prison with Archons and Chimera as prison wardens and definitely not a school.” We have always been told that Earth is a school and that we can progress to a higher level of existence or go to heaven if we do what we need to do here. Can you comment on this and is there any truth to progressing to a higher level as in ascension?

COBRA – It is true that you can progress to a higher level by working on your spiritual evolvement but it does not mean that earth is a school that teaches you how to evolve to a higher level. The purpose of Archons was not to assist us in spiritual evolution. They wanted to block us from spiritual evolution and when you progress you progress despite the programming that exists here. When you raise your perspective and consciousness beyond the scope and limitations of the quarantine then you are really progressing spiritually. (alright, thank you)

Lynn – I have a question on Syria. Is there anything that you want to comment on that’s in addition to what you’ve already said about the post-liberation meditation that was successful?

COBRA – I can only say that operations are progressing and Syria vortex will be liberated in, I would say, relatively near future. (great)

Aaron – Several reports from reliable sources in both Japan and the West Coast of the U.S. claim that high rates of radiation from the still unchecked multiple Fukushima reactor meltdowns have been detected, with some readings exceeding levels considered lethal.
This information is in direct conflict with Cobra’s answer to someone who raised concerns about this reactor radiation in the last PFC question session. In essence, Cobra’s answers indicated that Fukushima’s radiation is not a significant problem. This individual is asking Cobra if he has any additional information or comments that would help alleviate his concern about these high levels of radiation being detected? Keep in mind that there are limits to technology. Do exotic, quantum-based technologies exist which can neutralize serious radiation problems?

COBRA – As I’ve said many times, there is no excessive radiation coming from Fukushima that goes beyond a very limited area beyond the reactor itself. So I would say if you are living more than 10 or 20 miles away from the reactor you are safe and everything else is just dis-information. I have contact with people who are making exact measurements with Geiger counters and they were not detecting excessive radiation quite close to Fukushima.

Aaron – Do the Galactics have anything to do with lessening the radiation?

COBRA – They are doing that in many cases, not just in Fukushima case. There were many more serious nuclear disasters in the past and they were localized because the Galactic forces have prevented radiation from spilling too far. (thank you Cobra)

Lynn – In your blogpost from November 28th, 2013 you mentioned the following:

“Currently the Jesuits are the main operational task force for the Archons to maintain the quarantine status for planet Earth. Their previous superior general Hans Peter Kolvenbach is instrumental in keeping the fear vibration among humanity on the surface of the planet.”
It has been reported in the news that Kolvenbach died on November 26th, 2016 in Beirut. According to your sources is he actually dead? If he is dead, what does that mean for disclosures and justice in regards to 9/11 and 3/11 attacks?

COBRA – It means that one of the major perpetrators of this have died or shall I say have been removed from the planet but he was not the only one and he is not the only one who was preventing the truth about this to come out. There was actually a whole group and this group has not been removed yet. But each of them that has been removed does make the situation easier and this is one of the reasons why we have so many releases about various topics that were not happening before. (great, thank you Cobra)

Aaron – Cobra what are your thoughts on NESARA? Can you give us an update about NESARA?

COBRA – There is no update. It is simply related to global financial re-set and this will happen at the time of The Event.
Aaron – Is there a connection between ENKI and St. Germain?

COBRA – No. (thank you)

Lynn – Obama recently departed for Tahiti without Michelle and his daughters. What is he doing there?

COBRA – He is having his personal time there, so nothing of a planetary importance I would say. (Ok, thank you)

Aaron –  Are you aware of people who are involved in the pedophile network being arrested around the world?

COBRA – Yes, I would say that many of those people are being arrested but not the top people yet. I would say the mid-level management of that network is being arrested in many countries right now and is being exposed through alternative media and also to a certain extent through the main-stream mass media.

Aaron – Do you anticipate the child trafficking and pedophilia will emerge soon into the public consciousness?

COBRA – Yes it’s part of the disclosure process and this is already emerging in certain locations around the world and it will continue to emerge until it becomes undeniable, so people will not be able to deny this any longer, very soon. I will say quite soon. (ok, thank you)
Lynn – David Wilcock and Corey Goode have recently revealed information about the discoveries in the Antarctic of people they are calling “Pre-Adamites.”   These are people, originally from Mars, who came here over 50,000 years ago.  They are saying there are still some Pre-Adamites living in the Vatican, who hide their elongated skulls under the tall Vatican hats.  Corey and David Wilcock have been revealing astounding information about what is in Antarctica, including three very large crashed ancient space ships, a community of people living in one of them, very tall humans who have been “in stasis” for thousands of years who may wake up soon.  Can you confirm if all of this is true?

COBRA – Parts of this are true especially the part about the Vatican, but I would say for other claims there needs to be more evidence, not just stories. I would expect to have more solid evidence about the deeper aspect of this Antarctic story. It is true that ruins have been found there but there are details I was not able to confirm from my sources that the rest of the story they are talking about is true.

Lynn – Does that include the giants in stasis?

COBRA – It is true that there are giants in stasis in many locations around the world, so I can confirm that. (OK, thank you).

Aaron – It appears that the recent Dutch election, where Geert Willers lost, perhaps was manipulated. Can you tell us if he actually won the popular vote? What is the significance of the loss of Geert Willers?

COBRA – Not much because as I have said many times before, the political structure before The Event will not be able to trigger drastic changes because no matter who gets elected the network behind is still pulling the strings.

Aaron – And do you know if he won by popular vote?

COBRA – I do not have that information. (ok, thank you Cobra)

Lynn – In reference to Benjamin Fulford’s recent weekly message on Monday, March 20th, we have a few Questions as follows: Actually they are statements and then there are questions.

  • The United States Corporation of 1861 has been replaced by the Republic of the United States of America founded in 1776.
  • The Government did not shut down on March 15th, when US $20 trillion debt limit was reached, because the debt belongs to the corporation, not the republic.
  • The corporation has been declared bankrupt, and the debt is null and void.

Cobra, is this true, and do you see anything happening in the near future financially for the United States Republic and the Presidency?

COBRA – OK. I cannot confirm that the Republic has been re-instated. When the Republic will be reinstated there will be drastic and immediate changes visible to everybody living in the U.S. It will not be just a theoretical concept. It will be a practical, very solid and very drastic announcement that will go through the mass media, not just through some obscure alternative web-sites. So I would say that this part is not true. With regards to the National debt there is always some manipulations behind the scene that always miraculously solve the situation until the next crisis comes simply because the Cabal is still controlling the financial system and they can do whatever they want with those numbers. (very true)

Aaron – Was it a coincidence that the announcement of the death of David Rockefeller happened during this time?

COBRA – It is definitely and absolutely not a coincidence and I will be speaking more about this in my next blog post.

Lynn – Ben goes on to say that Trump also refused to take a bribe offered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week, not to go after Rothschild flunkies like John McCain and Hillary Clinton. His sources say; that’s what was behind Trump’s public refusal to shake Merkel’s hand. Based on this, is Merkel just following orders from her Rothschild Cabal handlers?

COBRA – Yes.

Aaron – Also, South American drug barons have been using their dollars to buy Iraqi Dinars as a way to launder their money. However, since the Clinton/Bush faction lost the US election, these Dinar will never likely become a usable currency?

Aaron – Cobra, do you for-see the Dinar as ever being a usable currency?

COBRA – OK, it is not as drastic as Ben has said but I would not speculate in a drastic increase in value of that currency so I would stay away from any transactions, including the Iraqi Dinar.

Aaron – And how about the African Zim?

COBRA – The same. (OK, great, thank you)

Aaron – Next question. And Finally, Asian Secret Society and WDS sources agree though that since years of “the drug war” failed to do anything to eradicate the 2-3 trillion-dollar illegal drug business, the long term solution is still going to be to legalize and regulate narcotic substances so as to minimize the damage they cause and keep the money out of the hands of crime gangs. Cobra, based on the above statement, do you for see the legalization of drugs in the near or distant future?

COBRA – It is already happening with marijuana in certain states and in certain countries around the world so it is the beginning of that trend. And as the Cabal is losing power they will not be able to stop this. War against drugs was just a ruse that the Cabal used to actually fuel more money and channel more money through the drug business. (alright, thank you)

[The CobraQuestions area of the website is under tab: “Cobra/RM” (http://prepareforchange.net/cobra-questions/). Please submit your questions there as this is the site where I gather the questions for our interviews. Relevant questions include current events, subjects not previously discussed and topics that can serve as a learning experience for all. Please refrain from asking personal questions of Cobra, opinions regarding other people or their work, videos or books as Cobra cannot review everything on the internet and they will not be included. (http://prepareforchange.net/cobra-interview-faq/)%5D

Lynn – We’re going to start this section with some spiritually related questions. When moving from 3D to 5D, is it similar in concept to how we change the stations of our radio’s from AM to FM or changing the channels of the television. Can you clarify, is it significantly different?

COBRA – That’s a good analogy that you can use to understand the shifting of vibrational frequency. (Ok, thank you)

Aaron – Asked another way, is it true that angelic humans were created in the angelic realms and then descended into lower realms such as 3rd dimensional earth. While true earth Humans began their soul evolution in the densest vibration of the earth and are in the process of ascending upwards?

COBRA – It is very true, yes. (ok, thank you)

Aaron – Can twin flames incarnate into the same sex?

COBRA – It is possible. (OK)

Lynn – In a recent transcribed interview you mentioned a meditation that you do during which you connect with your core star higher self and use it to rejuvenate and regenerate your body. Is there any more you can share with us about this meditation?

COBRA – Not at this point. (ok, thank you)

Aaron – Can you talk about the big bang and how the universe was created. Was the initial God source/Prime source a perfect being of light that manifested the expansion of the thought “what if I expand myself” and can you correct any of the misunderstandings of this idea?

COBRA – Basically what happened was the universe was created as a result of interaction of the source to the primary anomaly so both, both aspects were involved, were involved in the creation of the universe in the big bang. (OK)

Aaron – What is the difference between Ascension and enlightenment. Can enlightenment be also called self-realization?

COBRA – Enlightenment is just a moment when your personality gets into contact with the truth. While Ascension is the completion of the complete transformation of your personality into that truth. (alright, thank you)

Lynn – I have a question about meditation. When I randomly choose to meditate I can reach a very still point with no thoughts or very few thoughts in a 2 to 3-hour period. When I try to meditate regularly I cannot reach any point of stillness in my mind. In other words, I try to be regular about it but I feel perhaps I am being sabotaged. In regular practice, is regular practice harder to do than random occasional practice?

COBRA – OK, if you are doing things regular you cannot expect the same results all the time. If you do it just when you’re inspired you can get more results in the short term but less results in the long term, so it’s up to you.

Lynn – Can you recommend anything to make this process easier?

COBRA – Basically your focus needs to be in connecting your higher self and then it will be easier for you to go through the whole process. (ok, thank you)

Aaron – Are you aware the Russian geologist who is in the Krasnoyarsk region near Samara, where after a 5-hour meditation he contacted 3 civilizations. One was the Vish-nu civilization. There he saw Shiva who told him secret information regarding the history of the planet. Do you know anything about this Russian Geologist or this Krasnoyarsk region and what information might have been given to this scientist?

COBRA – Krasnoyarsk area is a very powerful vortex where a lot of contact has happened in the past to many people not just to that particular individual, so this is just one of the contactees that had experiences in that area.

Aaron – Is it anywhere near Shambhala?

COBRA – It is not near the main entrances to that particular location.

Lynn – Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. So if I focus on my inner journey and do my best to evolve in love, peace and harmony, do I need to stay aware of the dark sides, such as the Chimera group and the Draco’s. To what extent does it help us to focus on what we can, on what we want to create in our lives for the planet?

COBRA – OK, basically the best thing to do is to have your vision, to hold that vision, to be aware of what’s going on but not to be overly obsessed about it. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – Do you have any specific meditation techniques that may help us create the financial abundance, prosperity and well-being we need while dealing with our daily challenges?

COBRA – Yes, there are many techniques but they are not . . .it is not possible to explain in a few minutes or an interview. You have to come to a conference where those things are explained in details over the course of a day. (OK)

Aaron – And he would like to know if you have any specific meditations techniques that may help us defend ourselves from current attacks on light workers?

COBRA – I have released some of those techniques already in my blog. (OK, that you)

Lynn – What is the silver cord and is it anchored within the pineal gland?

COBRA – It is simply a connection between the physical body and higher dimensional bodies and it is anchored in the electromagnetic field between the pineal and pituitary gland. (thank you)

Aaron – This is probably a repetition here. Why is it important to activate the pineal gland and how can we activate our pineal gland?

COBRA – It is important to activate it because it is our multidimensional bridge to the higher dimensions and there are techniques to activate it but again it is not within the scope of a short interview to explain them. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – What are the steps of the manifestation process for light workers?

COBRA – The steps for manifestation process are the same for everybody. There are 3 steps. Step number one is decision. Step number two is invocation and step number three is action. Of course I cannot explain this in detail in a few short minutes. It is a scope of this is too huge it would take a few hours to explain that in details. (thank you Cobra)

Aaron – What is the reason some of the things we try to manifest don’t actually happen?

COBRA – It is because we are not insisting long enough for them to happen. In current reality it takes a certain amount of time to manifest anything and for certain things it can take quite much of the time because we are working against the current. (OK)

Lynn – How can we call upon our “I AM presence” to strengthen our manifestations?

COBRA – Just invoke your “I AM Presence” and connect with it in any way that works for you.

Aaron – Why are so many light workers getting attacked lately and what can we do about this?

COBRA – There was a huge wave of attacks in the last month because the dark forces are beginning to lose the control on the plasma plane around the surface of this planet and they are simply freaking out completely as a result of this. This situation is now slowly; I would say very slowly being resolved. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – How do imprints in the plasma body form our thoughts and emotions manifest into our physical situation?

COBRA – Those imprints do not form our thoughts and emotions but our emotions and thoughts generate certain response within the plasma plane and then the scalar technology of the Chimera group manipulates that and then all of this gets manifested. (OK, thank you)

As a first in the history of Prepare for Change, we will have a presence at an event characterized by being called the “Woodstock of UFOs”. Contact in the Desert (http://contactinthedesert.com/) will have all the great speakers whose books, videos and televisions shows are widely viewed and read by many in our community. This will be held in Joshua Tree, California, May 19th to 22nd. As part of our membership drive to familiarize more people with the conceptual goals of Prepare for Change we will have a presence there to tell attendees about our work, articles and activities on our website. This is an expense for us, remember to support Prepare for Change by check or PayPal. Thank you.

Lynn – Our next questions involve consciousness.

Aaron – Cobra previously mentioned the Cabal cannot read high frequency thoughts. Cobra could you define high frequency thoughts and provide an example of one?

COBRA – It is simply thoughts that are not based on 3rd dimension reality but are illuminated with the mind with the light of the higher dimensions. Any kind of thought that inspires you is an example of this. (OK)

Lynn – Cobra, are you familiar with Feng Shui? (Yes) Can you elaborate on how Feng Shui effects our lives and if there are specific arrangements with objects that can be established, relative to the stars, that will have a positive effect?

COBRA – Basically this relates to sacred geometry and connection with various star systems and there’s a whole science to this, part of which has been released and revealed through traditional Chinese sources but there is a much deeper science behind this that is much older and it’s part of the galactic science of sacred geometry. (thank you)

Lynn – Can you also clarify the importance of the various rooms in the house in Feng Shui?

COBRA – Again this is also related to a very ancient science which was brought to earth in times of Atlantis and it’s distantly related to astrology and astrological houses. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – Can you talk a little bit about star seeds especially about the rare and new star seeds here on earth who have been recycling on earth in and out for 25,000 years. Which planets are they from. Do they have special abilities, that is how is the new star seed identified, which planets are they from?

COBRA – From many star systems the vast majority from Pleiadian, Sirius, certain star systems from the Andromeda galaxy, some of them are Arcturians and many other star systems as well.

Aaron – Does one location on the earth have more of them than other locations?

COBRA – Yes, some locations have a higher concentration because they tend to incarnate in soul groups.

Aaron – Are more incarnating now in 2017 with our recent progress in clearing the Yaldabaoth entity and cleaning up the plasma plane?

COBRA – I would say a little bit more, but not significantly more. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, do any of these star seeds incarnate into bodies like as a walk-in?

COBRA – Very rarely. (OK)

Lynn – The next question is: What is the choice you made Cobra, that enabled you to maintain your memory of past lives?

COBRA – I simply made a choice not to forget no matter what.
Lynn – This person goes on to say: You have said that in the past you were given choices to make, was there any particular choices or this just was the choice?

COBRA – There were many choices involved and I cannot speak about many of them. (OK)

Lynn – Is it possible for us to make choices now in our lives that would enable us to remember our past lives?

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Lynn – So we can just ask and the appropriate information will be given to us?

COBRA – If you search long enough you will find it. (OK)

Lynn – How many others on the planet are remembering their past lives. Do you have any idea?

COBRA – There are many people who are remembering fragments but very few people that are remembering their whole story, I would say. (thank you)

Aaron – Cobra, are you aware of planning your current incarnation. Can you talk about this?

COBRA – Yes, I remember that. Actually I was planning my current incarnation with my soul group but things did not work out as they had been planned because simply most people from that soul group did not honor their agreements and the plans were not carried out. (OK)

Aaron – If you planned your current incarnation were you able to remember your past lives after the 1996 Archon invasion?

COBRA – Yes, of course. Yes, of course

Aaron – And did that Archon invasion make things more difficult for you to remember?

COBRA – Not more difficult to remember but more difficult to maintain a certain level of vibrational frequency. (I see, thank you)

Lynn – Where are souls now going after death who have completed their incarnations and all their lifetimes on earth?

COBRA – Those souls who are really having extremely higher vibrational frequency can exit now the quarantine and go through their Ascension process in some other locations.

Lynn – And this person goes on to ask: How many lifetimes are people having in general?

COBRA – Most people have hundreds upon hundreds of lifetimes. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – What does a soul look like and can we see it in our mind’s eye or is there a way of looking at it?

COBRA – I would describe the soul as a point of light, as a being of light.

Aaron – And is it visible?

COBRA – It is visible with your inner eye with your higher dimensional organ of perception. (OK and thank you)

Lynn – OK, we have a few questions on technology. Cobra, would you recommend placing a Cintamani stone inside of orgonite?


Lynn – OK. He goes on to ask would this increase or decrease its effectiveness?

COBRA – It would decrease it. (OK)

Aaron – You mentioned the Chimera secret use of Infra and Ultra sound technologies to control humanity. Is there any effort underway to defeat this?

COBRA – Yes, the number one is to spread awareness of this because if enough people are aware of this they will not be able to do this any longer. (OK)

Lynn – Is gravity derived from the mass of an object or does it come from the magnetic property of the sun?

COBRA – I would say indirectly it arrives from the mass of the object but more precisely it is the intensity of the etheric flow which creates physical atoms that then cause the mass of the object.

Lynn – How does SSP (Secret Space Program) and Extra Terrestrials create Artificial Gravity in their ships?

COBRA – Simply by disengaging the atoms from the physical plane and keeping them in the, I would say, suspension in a certain way that allows them to be disengaged from the gravitational force.

Aaron – Cobra, you told Patrick from PFC Taiwan that there were submerged underwater bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Can you tell us who built the bridge and why was the bridge built?

COBRA – It was part of the land mass before it was submerged. It was submerged at the end of the ice age but before it was just a natural land bridge which was part of the civilization that was existing there at that time.

Lynn – Cobra, can I trust Apple more than Google, or are all big tech companies compromised to the same degree?

COBRA – They are both quite much compromised so I would not trust Apple or Google. (OK)

Lynn – Are there any tech companies that are better than others as far as privacy?

COBRA – Yes, there are.

Lynn – Any you can name?

COBRA – Not at this point. (OK)

Aaron – Cobra you have spoken about the introduction of the technology called replicators, which can be programmed to materialize many different things, including food. What does the Resistance see as responsible use of this technology?

COBRA – The irresponsible use of that technology is not possible because all the replicators have a safety mechanism which prevents irresponsible use.

Aaron – So, if someone is hungry they can manifest food and no problem?

COBRA – Exactly.

Lynn – Some sources say that by the end of September, Poland will have free energy and anti-gravitation for masses. Also full independence from matrix owners and this is the decision of higher beings. Can you tell us more about this Cobra?

COBRA – This is just a speculation of just a certain group and I was not able to confirm this. (OK)

Aaron – Ok, this about The Event. Is the Schumann resonance a useful indicator of our progress and readiness for The Event?

COBRA – No. (OK)

Lynn – Is there an increase or decrease in the Schumann resonance within the last 100 years?

COBRA – The basic Schumann resonance stays the same but there, I would say quite drastic oscillations happening lately.

Lynn – Is the fluctuation a positive thing or a negative thing?

COBRA – It is simply an indication that something quite intense is happening in the plasma and it can be both. What is happening very lately is a positive thing because the light forces are clearing the negative plasma. (OK)

Lynn – Cobra can you tell us if your post from Jan 31, 2014 Eostres gift is referencing the wave of energy we are currently getting?

COBRA – Not to the energy way we are currently getting but to the energy wave, energy waves which are already in progress and will continue to come in the future.

Lynn – Can you talk about the waves of energy we have received in the middle of December or since the middle of December?

COBRA – There have been waves of energy not just in that time period but in many time periods so it is not those particular time frame. That particular time frame is not extremely significant. I am still awaiting for the really significant energy waves coming in the near future. (Ok, thank you)

Aaron – For those of us who feel we have not met our soulmates. Will we meet our soulmates after The Event?

COBRA – In most cases, Yes. (alright)

Lynn – Can you expect to see an increase in life span to 120 years and more after The Event?

COBRA – Yes.

Aaron – There are lots of separate groups and individuals trying to create positive change with meditation but these are separate efforts and happen at different times. Since it has been demonstrated that combined group meditation does create larger effects, is there a way of linking or combining the efforts of each group even though they are meditating at different times to increase the field effect or the Maharishi effect?

COBRA – It is very important that all groups meditate at the same time with the same purpose, to create a powerful Maharishi effect. So if there is a way to unite all those groups, I would be very interested. (OK)

Lynn – Will people heavily controlled by the Matrix and living in the lower spiritual level want changes for the better after The Event?

COBRA – Most people, yes.

Aaron – You said that in an interview that after The Event humanity will have to put as much effort and energy into maintaining our physical body. Does this imply that we will be eating less? If not what does this exactly imply?

COBRA – Yes, we will also be eating less.

Lynn – Is a black hole simply one opening of a torus?

COBRA – Yes, that’s a very good description.

Aaron – This one involves the Solar System. Were any of the souls placed in earth human bodies from catastrophes that made Mars uninhabitable?

COBRA – Yes, but I would say a very small fraction.

Aaron – And can you tell about this. Where did the souls from Mars catastrophe go if they didn’t’ come to earth?

COBRA – Most of them were evacuated to other star systems and are now far advanced in their evolvement and are not related to this planetary situation. (OK)

Lynn – What are the protocols for reversing the entropy of the mitochondria?

COBRA – Those protocols are quite complex and again, it’s not possible to explain this in a few short minutes.

Aaron – What are the protocols to raising your vibration high enough to perform telekinesis and bio kinesis?

COBRA – This is only possible after The Ascension itself.

Lynn – Can you clarify the importance of specific western astrological variables such as Chiron, the North Node and how they should be considered in making important decisions in our life path?

COBRA – You have just named two of the many points in a horoscope. There are many points that need. . . they are not the only ones that needs to be considered. We have the sun, the moon, the main planets. We have Chiron. We have other asteroids. We have the fixed stars, we have the lunar nodes and many other points that need to be considered to have the whole picture. I would not just focus on Chiron or the nodes to any particular situation. I would actually take into account all of those, their aspects, their progressions, transits, their interaction with houses and other approaches in western astrology, so it needs to be seen as a complex picture and not taken out of context. (OK)

Aaron – What is the significance of the astrological birth chart or zodiac?

COBRA – Actually that’s a blue-print which determines to a certain degree what are the stellar influences influencing your life and of course you can always with your free will raise above that.

Aaron – Is the astrological birth chart different for each life time and if so, why?

COBRA – Yes, of course because you are living in a different body and with different circumstances.

Lynn – Can you clarify/elaborate on why astrological birth charts differ and how significant those birth charts are?

COBRA – They are different because people are born in different moments and the moment you were born there is a certain energy flash that goes through the physical body and the birth chart is, I would say a map of that particular moment. (very good)
Aaron – Is there a relationship between the sign Scorpio and the higher heart in that sense, what does Scorpio signify?

COBRA – No, no, no.

Aaron – Transformation, creation, Goddess energy?

COBRA – That is a possible description but it is not a very good one. (OK, thank you Cobra)

Aaron – That’s it for the astrology. (OK)

Lynn – Cobra, can you tell us a little about the Taiwan conference that you had last weekend?

COBRA – Ok, so what is the question about the Conference?

Lynn – Is there anything you can tell us about it? Was it successful?

COBRA – Yes, yes, of course it was very successful. We had a very strong group. We have initialized certain projects and all this will be. . . we have actually started a cycle of manifestation for those certain projects. We were also speaking a lot about manifestation process itself. We went quite deep into this because when people understand this many things are possible. This was one of the focuses that we had for people to be able to understand how to manifest and we were then using this practically in manifesting certain very specific things.

Lynn – Do you have any closing comments for us Cobra?

COBRA – I would say that we are living in a very key time in human history right now and we just need to keep pushing, keep manifesting the Victory of the Light for the planet.

Lynn – Well I sincerely appreciate you meeting with us. We’re going to be trying to do every 4 weeks now, instead of every 5 or 6, so we look forward to more information coming forth from you and we certainly have lots more questions and lots more areas to cover. So thank you very much Cobra.

COBRA – OK. Thank you very much. Victory of the Light.

Unacknowledged Official Release Trailer

Source: YouTube

“Unacknowledged” focuses on the historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced – and why. The best evidence for Extraterrestrial contact, dating back decades, is presented with direct top-secret witness testimony, documents and UFO footage, 80% of which has never been revealed anywhere else. The behind-the-scenes research and high level meetings convened by Dr. Steven Greer will expose the degree of illegal, covert operations at the core of UFO secrecy. From briefings with the CIA Director, top Pentagon Generals and Admirals, to the briefing of President Obama via senior advisor John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign – we take the viewer behind the veil of secrecy and into the corridors of real power where the UFO secrets reside. The viewer will learn that a silent coup d’état has occurred dating back to the 1950s and that the Congress, the President and other world leaders have been sidelined by criminal elements within the Military-Industrial-Financial complex.

Director: Michael Mazzola

Producers: Dr. Steven M. Greer, DG760, Jim Martin, Stephen Peek, Grant Ibrahim, Chris Crescitelli

Cast: Steven M. Greer, Giancarlo Esposito, Richard Doty, Daniel Sheehan, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Michael Schratt, Mark McCandlish, Dr Carol Rosin, Paul Hellyer, Dr. Hal Putoff, George Filer, Maj. Gordon Cooper, Col. Thomas Bearden, Dr. Eugene Mallove, Merle Shane McDow, John Callahan, Karl Wolfe, Glenn Dennis, Steven Lovekin, Col. Philip J. Corso, Mark Bean, Dr. Robert Wood, Bill Uhouse, Lord Hill-Norton, Robert Jacobs, Col. Ross Dedrickson, Robert Salas, Gordon Creighton, Jonathan Weygandt, Franklin Carter, Clifford Stone

Available worldwide on May 9, 2017!

Pre-Order: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/unacknowle…

UPDATE – The Final Defeat of the Cabal, Tangible Evidence, Energetic Changes toward Planetary Breakthrough, Plus a Word on Discernment and Plausible Deniability

Source: Discerning The Mystery

This update on world events is a bit different than those of the past. Many of us may know that Gary Larrabee has had a number of issues with his health and living situation, and that these have kept him from reporting with his typical consistency. Consequently, there has been a break in the frequency of his reports.

Despite the postponement of the usual reports from Gary Larrabee, we find that there are numerous sources which have reported some amazing developments in recent weeks on the acceleration of progress toward world liberation. Along with the discussion on these reports, we will cover a number of issues from past reports of Larrabee and Kent Dunn.

UPDATE – Giants, Final Battles for Planetary Freedom, and the Deaths of David Rockefeller and Nathaniel Rothschild

There are many opinions out there about Kent Dunn with regard to his legitimacy and the reliability of his reports. We may note the level of strangeness of many of Kent’s reports as well as a number of predictions that he made which did not come true. There is a reason for this, I believe, but before getting to that, let’s get to the verifiable developments of recent days.

News from Cobra
Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of reports coming forward about massive progress toward global liberation. These reports come to us from sources that are highly respected, consistently followed, and constantly trolled by paid online trouble-makers.

COBRA – Full Etheric Liberation Report – March 1, 2017

These are sources that seem to have such a high level of credibility that the waning Cabal establishment perceives them as clear threats, and attempts to smear and defame them in every possible way. One of these sources is Cobra which is a pseudonym that refers to the Compression Breakthrough event. Not long ago, Cobra published a report which detailed the energetic developments that have brought our planet very close to this breakthrough. Here is an excerpt from that article.

In the final weeks before the conference and reaching their crescendo on Saturday, there were brutal Archon attacks on certain key Lightworkers on the planet and the Light forces finally had enough of this.

Drastic action was taken by the Light forces on Saturday at around 11:30 pm Taipei time as the operation code-named “Justice of Maat” was initialized. This operation lasted for about 21 hours and as a consequence, no negative non-physical entity is now safe from removal and departure to the Galactic Central Sun. As a result of all this, clearing of the head of Yaldabaoth entity has been significantly accelerated.

This has created extreme changes in Schumann resonances, starting at around 10:50 pm Tomsk time ( 11:50 pm Taipei time) on Saturday and lasting for 21 1/2 hours:


Also, the Resistance has communicated that many key physical members of the Cabal “have finally tasted their own medicine.” Nothing more can be said about this. To summarize, all negative factions except the Chimera group are now greatly weakened.


There are quite few details behind this report. For further information on the Resistance Movement, the Light Forces, the negative Yaldabaoth entity and more, click these links.

These developments may seem a bit perplexing with regard to their significance, but we cannot mistake the clearly positive tone of the update. Many of Cobra’s reports prior to this one discussed the challenges of the Resistance Movement, the obstacles that remained and various aspects of gradual progress toward liberation. However, the subjects in this excerpt seem to reveal that the final straw has been pulled with regard to the battle against the dark forces.

UPDATE – Intel from Retired Sergeant Clifford Stone, CIA-Based Fake News on YouTube, Siberian Cooperation with ET Disclosure Efforts, and More

In the past, it has been stated that the positive and negative forces were at somewhat of a stalemate. Due to the agreement that both groups would refrain from attacking one another to some extent as long as no offensive moves were made against certain parties. According to the report, the dark made such an enormous move against certain key Lightworkers that the stalemate ended entirely. It appears that it is now open season on all dark forces.

These occurrences seem to directly correlate with our own collective choice to focus upon positive global change, energetic revolution, and planetary rebirth (the collective effects of the Ascension Event). We know from the Maharishi effect that a core group of people in a state of unified, peaceful meditation can actually change weather, matter, and consciousness on a global scale. According to reports, a recent global mediation initiated by Cobra and the 2012 Portal website was able to achieve the critical number of participants necessary to manifest massive positive effects on the planet.

COBRA – Critical Mass Achieved Exactly Three Years After it was Explained – February 26, 2017

This mediation seemed to be followed by numerous monumental reports from a number of independent sources detailing the tangibly positive developments which took place almost immediately after the mediation occurred (February 26, 2017). Let’s look at a few.

The James Gilliland Report

A number of weeks after the mass mediation took place, the well-known author and counselor, James Gilliland, published an article on his website, Eceti.org, about tangible developments in world events. These pertain particularly to American politics and the advancement of numerous plans to liberate American society from the remaining Cabal control. Below is a short excerpt from this article.

The white hats and generals who are honoring their oaths and maintaining their integrity are no longer playing games. Guns are being drawn. There is a grand house cleaning occurring between those loyal to the cabal: the Satanic, blood sacrificing pedophiles, and those who are loyal to God and Country. Be very clear and do not be misled as to which side of the fence you are on. Many have been part of a global psyops program and are unwittingly doing the bidding of the cabal. Do not forget they own the mainstream media. Many within that media will soon find themselves in very serious trouble.

Be very clear and do not be misled as to which side of the fence you are on.

The law, including Universal Law, is on the side of the White Hats regardless of those misusing their position and power to the contrary. The days of those loyal to the cabal are shortly numbered. There are 5th, 6th, 7th and now 8th dimensional Pleiadians here now – along with other beings up to the 13th dimension – all here to see the birthing process, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth through to the end.

Portals are opening around the world and others being closed to lower dimensions. The underground bases and Malevolent ET strongholds are being removed. No more interference will be allowed in the awakening and healing process.


Gilliland’s article has been extremely encouraging to many people even within the first few days of its publishing. Though we must keep our eyes open to the tangible signs of these developments, the independent corroboration to other reports is noteworthy.

Secret Presidential Memorandum Issued to Declassify Anti-Aging and Free Energy Technologies – Exopolitics

Along with this report, there have been a number of disclosures regarding the recent briefing between Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, and author and head of the Exopoliticsorganization, Dr. Michael Salla. During this briefing, Goode revealed a number of positive developments within American society.

These developments included plans to release technology to the public—technology which will likely resemble that of science fiction movies. The technologies of free energy and advantaged anti-aging methods have reportedly been declassified for possible distribution. Though it is important to seek verification for these developments, it appears that it is only a matter of time before this world changes in some fairly amazing ways.

Rain for Weary

Another positive change we may note is that the state of California has seen record high levels of precipitation since 2011. This extended wet season follows one of the worst droughts which California has seen in history. This was a drought that defied nature and was theorized by many to have been artificially created.

Sphere-Being Alliance – ENDGAME PART II – The Atlantis and Ancient Alien Ruins

As meteorologists commented, there was no known reason why precipitation would not fall in the state of California for such a long duration. It was as though a wall of deadlocked air prevented any oceanic moisture from the Pacific from falling on California at all. This drought lasted for roughly six years and showed every sign of being more than natural misfortune.

Watch How Fast a Five Year Drought Can Disappear

We have been aware that the Cabal has desired to destroy America in any way they could. We have also heard of the theory that the Californian drought was created and maintained in an attempt to destroy the American food supply, as the  majority of U.S. food production comes from Californian farms. Fortunately this plan seems to have been thwarted entirely (though some areas are still experiencing their own dry-spell). It may have even been the Cabal that caused the malfunctioning of the Oroville spillway in frustration for their utter defeat on this front.

UPDATE – Successes of the Alliance, Details on Obama, the Russian Plane Crash, and Chimera Bases under Brazil and Africa

According to numerous reports, the Cabal is through. They are out of time, out of money, and their influence is all but dead. They have little resources to cause any more trouble than they have at this point, and the secrecy that has long-since protected them is about to end as well.

Discernment and Unfulfilled Predictions

A number of people have expressed doubt about past reports of Kent Dunn, and in many cases, this is understandable. The reports of Kent have ranged from information which seems grounded in provable fact to that which seems far-fetched even for the open-minded.

Know Your Propaganda – ‘Arguing from Ignorance’ – What is it and where have we seen it?

We may remember various reports from Kent about giants waking up and bringing some type of war ofArmageddon to the planet. Though ancient stasis beings that are excessively tall have been reported by multiple sources to be presently awakening from their sleep cycles, it has not been reported by anyone of which I am aware that they would ever be allowed to cause any amount of trouble. In fact, these beings have reportedly been imprisoned for some time now. These beings seem to have come to Earth for some unknown purpose and have been the key interest of many secret societies.

There were also the reports from Kent which described several days of darkness caused by the mythical planet Nibiru. Fortunately, these events never took place. I have a few thoughts on this subject which I would like to cover briefly.

There are a number of reasons why I have never subscribed to the idea of Nibiru as believed by some of those within the alternative community. One of these reasons is because we have never seen any evidence that any such planet exists. Though I realize that some have chosen to believe that Planet X is somehow Nibiru, none of these people have bothered to explain how Planet X could jump out of its orbit and swing through a solar system as though it were a foreign body or comet. In other words, a rogue planet and an orbiting planet are two different things.

And Someone’s BONES Blog – Main Site Promoting the Idea of Nibiru

The only attributes which tend to make the story of Nibiru attractive to some people is the fact that this story is popular and is proposed to be ancient. There is also one obscure website which exclusively promotes stories focused on Nibiru and nothing else (though no personal disrespect to those who keep that particular site). This one site seems to be the main sources for this type of information, yet there are no references or corroborating sources presented on the website at all.

In place of substantial scientific explanation and evidence, there only seems to be the assertion not only of the existence of Nibiru, but that this supposed planet is the next boogieman we should all fear. Though the subject can be entertaining to read for some, virtually none of the material seems to be grounded in provable reality. (This does not discount the strong possibility of cyclic cataclysmic events on Earth. However, these cataclysms still do not require a mythical planet in order to occur. Instead, the evidence seems to point toward the sun itself as the cause of these destructive occurrences on Earth, and not a rogue planet, though no fear of such an occurrence is necessary, in my view.)

The fact is that neither popularity nor age alone legitimizes a story at all. If I were to start one rumor in high school that was based upon nothing but gossip and nonsense, no amount of time would make that particular rumor true. No matter how hard I worked to spread the rumor, that rumor would never be anything more. It does not matter what the topic of a story is. Neither time nor popularity alone has the ability to make a false story factual.

Space.com – Entire Solar System Is Heating Up! Scientists Blame Solar Warming

The fact that we have heard Kent Dunn reporting on Nibiru “coming through” the solar system and causing three days of darkness (which never occurred) may leave many people skeptical about the legitimacy of the rest of his reports, and again, this is understandable. However, along with this doubt, we might consider the concept of plausible deniability.

Plausible Deniability

When intelligence is disclosed by official and knowledgeable sources, it can be hazardous to attempt to distribute that intel to the public. Those who deliver this type of information tend to become compromised, silenced, or could even be killed by those who are still loyal to the Cabal establishment. This is typically why certain sources are chosen to distribute this sensitive data to the public.

These sources are not the people you might expect to hear such information from. They typically do not come from affluent or professional backgrounds. Quite often, these individuals are the last people you might expect to distribute sensitive intelligence, but believe it or not, that is often the point. If a source is largely inaccurate, but is still able to introduce true concepts to the people, this is the ideal source for distributing sensitive information.

UPDATE – Intel from Retired Sergeant Clifford Stone, CIA-Based Fake News on YouTube, Siberian Cooperation with ET Disclosure Efforts, and More

This is not at all to say that every inaccurate and unprofessional source is reliable. For instance, we are aware of the notion that disclosure is often accomplished through fiction and that sensitive information can be found in the world of entertainment. However, this does not mean that everything we see within entertainment or from questionable sources is factual.

There seem to be a number of less-than-accurate sources that are chosen to distribute sensitive information, if only for short periods of time. This may be a reason as to why Kent Dunn was given the initial intelligence on the take-down of the underground bases, the large-scale busts on California pedophilia rings, and other stories which were proven to be significantly accurate.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock – The Law of One and the Secret Space Program – Exploring the Striking Correlations between the Law of One and Past Testimonies of the SSP

Now we see yet another of Kent’s predictions was more than just sensationalist filler. It appears that the report about many of the negative beings leaving the planet may be taking place as we speak.

From Darkness to Light

Upon hearing the recent developments from Cobra on March 13, we may be interested to hear the developments which followed. According to other sources independent from those of Cobra, there has been a massive amount of negative groups surrendering and actually requesting to be either rehabilitated to serve the light or to be recycled in the Galactic Central Sun, as Cobra terms the center of the Milky Way. These negative forces have consisted of Draco Reptilians, Archons, and possibly other groups with numbers totaling in the hundreds of thousands.

COBRA – Taiwan Ascension Conference Report – Update for March 13, 2017

To add, we hear from James Gilliand that certain healing ships which Kent Dunn referred to in past articles do actually exist. Though Dunn stated that these ships were in Antarctica, it does appear that other credible sources believe that some variety of ships will be arriving to assist humanity after the negative ET groups are cleared. These sources believe that from these ships, Earth humanity will actually receive the much-needed healing technology to heal and revitalize our bodies as well as our planet.

I do not expect anyone to take such reports for face value, and advise everyone to discern for themselves as to what may occur. Also, it is always a good idea to wait to see what other proven sources might report on these developments. Either way, I would advise the audience to be prepared for many pleasant surprises.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode – The Great Solar Flash – With Special Guest, Jay Weidner

Aside from the off-world events said to be taking place at present, there is plenty of tangible progress for us to take note of, as noted in past updates. We have a number of demonstrations presently taking place and planned for the near future which are focused upon demanding the open disclosure of thePedogate/Pizzagate investigations. Up until this point, we have been expected to believe that freedom can be responsibly maintained under ridiculously excessive secrecy. Yet history has shown us that this has never been the case.

No free society can remain free unless the people are aware of the issues around them which may jeopardize that freedom. These potential issues are and have always been corporate in nature. Those obsessed with money and corporate greed have, for centuries, attempted to deny humanity our unalienable right to life and freedom, and the secrecy of the Pedogate investigations is a prime example of this.

The existence of elitist, satanic pedophilia rings is said to be the Achilles heel of the entire Cabal power structure. When this news breaks into the mainstream arena, the Cabal and their entire Illuminati cult will be finished. This is the reason why these protests and demonstration are a key step toward freedom.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

Much is changing for the positive, and it is up to us to ensure that all of these efforts don’t simply drop to the floor. If we simply sit back and wait for great things to happen, and then wonder why they don’t, we’ve missed the entire (overstated, yet seldom acknowledged) point. Naturally, it is only those who actively create positive progress who will tangibly see it take place. In other words, if we choose to sit in anger and depressed hopelessness, change will never happen. If we get off of the couch and make change happen, we will be the first to see it.

It is time for each of us to take a long look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we are doing to make the world a better place. That’s where the change starts, and if we are active and diligent, and if we do our personal best to make this positive change happen, there will be no end to the tremendous renewal this planet will see.