Oumuamua May Be a Messenger From a Dead Star

Source: Mysterious Universe

During its brief trip through our solar system, the interstellar space object named ’Oumuamua was at one time or another speculated to be an asteroid, a comet or a spaceship that may or may not be occupied by living beings. It has since left the solar system for destinations unknown, but the arguments about what it is continue. The latest theory replaces “none of the above” with “an ejected protoplanetary disk object.” A what?

Its rare cigar shape made ’Oumuamua a puzzle from the start, as did its rotation, which American football-loving astronomers described as not a tight quarterback spiral but a botched end-over-end field goal kick. (Female astronomers assumed their best Captain Picard facepalm poses.) This caused speculation that the object may have been involved in a violent interstellar collision. While its seemingly dry surface said ‘asteroid’, the erratic spin said ‘comet’. This theory was strengthened with other observations that the object seemed to accelerate on its way out, implying it was getting some sort of boost from gases released when the icy surface melted on its close turn around the Sun.