CIA Agent Jackie Killed JFK

Source: John Kimber

The night before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy made her only domestic speech whilst JFK was president. During the speech she struggled to speak in Spanish to Latino voters, at the Rice Hotel in Houston:-


When played backwards a sinister message emerges. Here is a reverse speech transcript of what JFK and Jackie said:-

JFK – “Before we seal this with farewell, err, tie a knot in it. Help me bid farewell, err, set veil on it. Here’s the lady I fear most”. He then hands over to Jackie.

Jackie – “Deep. I’ve helped the Illuminati with murdering, and I say it, I threaten I’ll kill you” – she shoots JFK in Dealey Plaza the next day.

Jackie – “That’s not all…hear me. Make them listen to us. Let them celebrate (applauding audience). The Illuminati never hard sell it. That’s good. Let’s have some more reasons. I love you Satan. I love you Satan. I change not. Tsunami does nay look nice. Now that’s it. I say it now, these things are of the Illuminati, and all of them, they obviously must be important. My lips speak not. I know this, that’s in the sky. I say it, I threaten you, and I say it out here”. Jackie then closes with:-

Jackie – “I love you Satan, I do. I mean, move to heart. Yes I love you, in my head. Open my heart out. That’s it, seal it”.  She then hands over Lyndon Johnson.

In the reversed audio, Jackie’s last statement appears first –  “I love you Satan, I do. I mean, move to heart” etc.  You can listen here.

More shocking discoveries follow below. These include, Jackie pleading with family friendCIA kingpin Allen Dulles to join the CIA, Dulles orchestrating the JFK assassination and cover-up, the faked death of Oswald, the use of a JFK body double at Parkland Hospital, and Jackie’s role in the death of Robert Kennedy.

Twelve key points, as an initial summary of my other findings:-

1) In a letter to Vogue Magazine dated May 7th 1951, Jackie mentioned her “special job on a certain project for the CIA” in late 1951 . The key pages of this letter are available hereand here.

Several authors state that she was directly recruited into the CIA by family friend Allen Dulles in early 1951. The biography “Dreaming In French” has most detailed account of this, see pages 48-54 here.

2) During the “special job” period (late 1951) CIA Operation Mockingbird journalist/agentCharles Bartlett determinedly introduced Jackie to JFK, and the Kennedy family. Jackie then seduced, married, and spied on JFK, who the CIA knew was a likely future president, and a threat to their corrupt activities.


3) Psychopaths often crave excitement, are cool under pressure, and do not mind killing people. These traits are common amongst spies. According to her letter to Vogue, Jackie “pleaded” to join the CIA and become a spy. She was determined to avoid becoming a bored housewife.

4) Oswald was another CIA agent/spy – part of the CIA’s fake defector program, and handled by CIA agent George De Mohrenschildt in Dallas. The Oswald family’s landlady,Ruth Paine was a friend of Allen Dulles (via his mistress Mary Bancroft). Paine helped Oswald get a job in the Book Depository.

5) Dulles hated JFK and RFK because they blamed him for the Bay Of Pigs fiasco, and forced his retirement as CIA Director – but not until November 1961 – Dulles had seven months in office to initiate the conspiracy to assassinate the President.

6) Dulles was a “regime change specialist”, and controlled the assassin (Jackie), the patsy (Oswald), the star witness (Ruth Paine), the U.S. national media (via Operation Mockingbird), and the Warren Commission cover-up. Forget “Limited Hangout Lyndon” Johnson, who merely assisted.


7) According to his sister Eleanor, Dulles was impulsive, reckless, and vengeful – psychopathic traits. In 1965, when discussing the “highlights” of his murderous career,
Allen Dulles said of JFK, “that little Kennedy, thought he was God”.

8) Dulles even claimed/hallmarked the assassination – the original spelling of the surname Dulles is Dallas.

9) A giant pyramid now looms over the spot where JFK was murdered, in highly masonic Dealey Plaza. Masons dominated all of the groups involved in the assassination (CIA, FBI, Dallas police etc), and they like to hide their crimes, symbols, and power, in plain sight. Leading Masons have admitted worshiping/serving Lucifer.


Conspiracy expert and broadcaster Bill Cooper explains the masonic assassination of JFKhere. Bill Cooper was murdered in November 2001, and replaced with controlled opposition Masons Alex Jones and David Icke. Cooper was described as “the most dangerous radio host in America”, by notorious Mason Bill Clinton.

10) Many eyewitnesses reported gun fire/“firecrackers” inside the presidential limo on
11/22/1963. For countless reasons, I am convinced that this came from a gun held by Jackie, which she fired upwards, with the barrel behind JFK’s left ear. Seconds earlier, she had pulled JFK’s head down and towards her, to hide her right/gun hand during this fatal shot. Gun smoke rises above Jackie in the Zapruder footage (reflected on the trunk also):- Zapruder frames 310-320 enhanced slow motion.

No one ducks in the car until immediately before the final/fatal shot, despite numerous previous shots – which were to distract from Jackie. Everyone in the car, apart from JFK, were probably part of the plot.


Most of the close witnesses reported a right temple bullet exit wound on JFK’s head, which corresponds with an upwards shot from behind his left ear, fired by Jackie. This is what the three main home movies of the assassination also show. Yet, staff at Parkland Hospital reported a large right rear head exit wound:-


I suggest that the corpse of JFK lookalike policeman J.D. Tippit was substituted for JFK, on the way to the hospital. This would explain why Jackie covered “JFK’s head” at Parkland, and the corpse was wearing a different shirt. The shirt change:-



11) The assassination of Oswald appears staged and fake – no gun smoke or blood was visible. Also, Ruby was told when Oswald arrived in the basement, and precisely when
to jump out, by two blasts on a car horn. And, the scene was strangely quiet – the “journalists” and Oswald largely ignored each other, for the first time.

Oswald was a very similar agent to Timothy McVeigh, whose death was clearly faked with “special CIA drugs” (sedatives). Killing your best agents tends to hinder recruitment.

12) Jackie went on to have an affair with/spy on Robert F. Kennedy until he was also assassinated by the CIA, shortly after vowing to investigate the murder of his brother. On the night of the assassination, Jackie flew into L.A., and persuaded the family to switch off RFK’s life-support machine. RFK breathed unaided for several minutes before dying – Jackie had guaranteed that he would not investigate her crimes.

A few concluding thoughts. Whilst in office JFK, and his advisors, had introduced policies to solve most of the problems which still face America, and many other nations.

These include, Executive Order 11110 – debt/interest free government money, tax cuts to stimulate the economy and thus increase tax revenues, an end to unnecessary foreign wars starting with Vietnam, the restraint of anti-democratic lobby groups, reducing organized crime, etc.

How could these, and other beneficial policies, be introduced today? Satanist Freemasons murdered JFK to block such policies, and have ruled ever since. Therefore, the members of all secret societies need to be banned from public office, before democracy and prosperity can be restored.

This was also part of JFK’s agenda, because he warned against secret societies, and secret oaths, in his “Secret Societies Speech”. Freemasonry would soon collapse, if membership hindered rather than boosted careers.

It is hard to find a current political leader who does not make masonic hand-signs and/or exchange masonic handshakes – this includes “freedom fighters” like Ron Paul and Nigel Farage.

The charity work of Masons is merely a disguise to shield their genocidal New World Order plan. We are long over due for another Anti-Masonic Party.

Ending the Nazis & the Federal Reserve

Source: Humans Are Free

By Jim Kirwan via

A slight revision to the back of The Great Seal, in order to conform to reality. The Seal; both sides of which can be found on the back of every U.S. One Dollar bill was created in 1913 by USI, to mark their takeover of the printing and control of the U.S. money supply.

The symbol they used here featured an all-seeing-eye suspended atop this pyramid. What we have recently learned, just yesterday, was that in 1923 The Global Zionists formed a partnership with the Nazi’s to facilitate both the extermination of the religious Jews in Germany, by using Zionist-Jews in the German Army, while creating a military-arm for global- Zionism via the Nazi War Machine in WWII.

The word “NAZI” was created by combining the National Socialist Party of Hitler (NA) with the Zionist International (ZI) to form the word NAZI. (1)

With the executions of the German Generals created in the Nuremberg trials after the war; the “secret-pact with Hitler” was supposedly saved from ever becoming public knowledge.

However thanks to Eustace Mullins that “fact” has now resurfaced and is discussed in detail in the first footnote below.

Along with that ‘new’ information comes the fact that only 2 million Jews died in the work camps of Germany. (2)

With the death of Hitler and the surrender of the official Nazi regime, the world believed that Nazi’s as a political force had been ended.

(Actually, Hitler was helped to escape to Argentina in 1945 where he lived out his remaining life together with his wife, Eva Brown — and the FBI knew it. Read more here and here).

However, since the other half of that secret agreement was alive and growing (the Zionists in Israel) this was only the beginning of the global problem that survived the death of the Third Reich, only tobring the world to the edge of WWIII.

This attack upon the world is being led by the reinvigorated Nazi’s that now call themselves Zionists, and who just happen to own and control the US Federal Reserve ­ which ought to be AUDITED, immediately according to the legislation that has passed the US House and is waiting for the US Senate to approve it.

The Grand Nazi (global) Scheme is defined here, which was begun in 1828 by the Rothschilds (3)

“On June 4, 1963 John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, to dissolve the Federal Reserve Bank. He authorized the US Treasury to begin printing U.S. Notes (Silver-Certificates), to replace the fraudulent money printed by the Fed. Four Billion dollars worth of this money was issued, Free of Debt, free of INTEREST, and it was enough money to allow the nation to conduct its business without needing to involve the Private Federal Reserve Bank.”

The law is still on the books but no US President has since-chosen to use it. Five month later JFK was murdered. (4)

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The planet at the moment is headed into a massively major-tailspin on dozens of fronts, simultaneously.

But as the image above spells out the real condition of the International Pirates is much closer to defining the real forces that have stolen this nation, and who are making War-Upon-the World: Hence the skull & crossbones on the Pyramid.

However this skull and bones is also symbolic of those that are currently being radiated by planned attacks on the seismic and nuclear structures around the earth.

We are past the point where people can simply wait to see what the Zionists (USI & Israel) are going to do the world next. We need to begin to deal with the realities that are surfacing everywhere and end these practices for all time.

The corpse of the old United States is still out there: It is alive in the hearts and minds of millions of people.

We need to resurrect that very simple and direct Constitution and flush everything done to it lately down the nearest toilet; because none of what has been done to or by this country since the Death of JFK has been legal or Constitutional.

The corpse was largely created by the largest and most sinister of the Alphabet Agencies, which has always been the FED. (5)

We don’t need ‘new-laws’ we just need to revert back to those laws that worked because they did not strip us all of our freedoms, our responsibilities or our natural human rights, that each of us was born with.

But to do this we must begin to arrest and charge the criminals that have taken over every aspect of this country under the guise of United States Incorporated-whose edicts are only valid within the confines of the District of Columbia — and do NOT apply to the rest of the USA.

The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschilds, the Vatican and the British Crown Rule World

They have succeeded in doing what they’re doing to us because too many of us have just refused to say NO to them and to their created Fear and Terror campaigns which were all manufactured to silence any and all opposition. (6)

This takeover is NOT written in stone; it’s not even written in sand: It’s being written in the blood of the innocent public throughout the world, and if we do not interfere with USI & Israel then we shall bear most of the continuing responsibility for having funded and perpetuated these global crimes, at least since the end of the Second World War.

How much more can you continue to take, now that it is clear that we are living under a new NAZI regime whose current target is every man woman and child in this country, as well as billions of others in the wider-world?

If you’re still not convinced here’s a full length film called “Taking Liberties” which shows the direct connections between the War on the World and the Brits when Blair joined his efforts with those of America’s “DECIDER for the world,” George W. Bush. (6)

1) Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews
2) FBI Files ­ Top Zionist says only 2 million Jews in WWII Europe
3) Eustace Mullins: Hitler, Nazi Party, International Zionism and the Holocaust

4) JFK, Executive Order 11110 and the Warren Commission — Read more here: Case Closed: JFK Killed After Shutting Down Rothschild’s Federal Reserve
4) Deconstructing Congress
5) United States Incorporated
6) Taking Liberties

How John Fitzgerald Kennedy, UFOs, Mainstream Media, Federal Reserve and Majestic 12 Fit in with American History

By: Timothy Frappier

In 1952 we had the famous Washington Flap or the Washington National Airport UFO Sightings occur. Which was lost to history, stuffed in the archives and conveniently never really spoken of since then. It is because of these sightings that the American people started investigating these incidents. This was the beginning of the UFO fascination that to this day has grown into a credible field of study. We now have shows such as Ancient Aliens, Unsealed Alien Files, UFO Hunters and many others looking into the phenomena of UFOs. Let’s not forget my favorite show though, which is Cosmic Disclosure on GAIA. If you really want to get deep into the Secret Space Program world, then I recommend watching it, you wont be disappointed.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy particularly developed a interest in UFOs during his presidency. Ten days before JFK’s assassination he sent a letter to the director of the CIA demanding all files pertaining to UFOs. Unfortunately the document itself has black taped the name to who the memo is addressed to. It could have been sent to John A. McCone or someone else within the CIA. The main part to consider is the subject header which states: Classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting National Security.


Shortly after requesting the UFO files he sent a memo to the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) asking him to take the responsibility to cooperate with the Soviet Union in regards to matters of outer space. JFK was worried that the Soviet Union would blame them for much of the UFO sightings that were going on back then. Thus, in spirit of cooperation and to avoid further escalation which could result in a open conflict he wanted to set up a line of communication between the Soviet Union and the United States of America.

JFK UFO files Request

Since the above two documents have been released through the Freedom Of Information Act this next one shouldn’t be that far fetched to contemplate as being authentic. Below is the leaked memo from the MJ-12 informing the members of MJ-12 that LANCER(Which is JFK’s codename) had inquired about their activities, which to them was unacceptable and could not be allowed. The FBI claims these documents are bogus, but we all know the level of honesty our government has displayed, so I’ll leave the authenticity judgement to you the individual.


Many believe some wild stories about JFK, but the Truth is he intended to systemically dismantle the Military Industrial Complex(The cabal aspect), the financial oligarchs and reveal the presence of UFOs to the public. The intelligence community, which was heavily infiltrated and regulated by the cabal was upset with Kennedy over the Bay of Pig incident. They couldn’t control Kennedy and that was unacceptable to them. The schism between the CIA and JFK was enormous. JFK was quoted as saying “I’m going to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” because he blamed the CIAfor the Bay of Pigs incident.

He passed Executive Order 11110, which essentially would strip the Central Bank’s(Federal Reserve, which is a PRIVATE CORPORATION, not a government agency of any kind!) ability to loan the USA money at interest. In fact, the federal reserve creates money out of thin air. Since Nixon removed us from the Gold Standard our money’s value has been maintained by faith. The USD has no intrinsic value or gold backing it up. Which gave the powers that were the ability to create as much money as they desire.

He also made the infamous secret society speech which many skeptics stated was in reference to the Soviet Union, but he didn’t refer to the Soviet Union, he specifically addressed Secret societies. There isn’t a single reference to the Soviet Union in the Transcripts.

This is the reason he was assassinated and the mainstream media wont tell you this. Those who want this to be a secret own the media outlets. We must research these things ourselves instead of taking what the TV says as being the Absolute Truth.

Many smart people are deceived because they rely upon the TV for all their information. When our perception of reality is molded by a single source, trouble will arise. We must broaden our sources of information, else we become easily manipulated. Many people rely upon the TV for local & world news, but fail to realized the media has been infiltrated by the cabal. Don’t believe me, look up Operation Mockingbird which was carried out by the CIA to infiltrate US media. If you think they just stopped doing it, think again, they merely refined their methods and told everyone they no longer do this.

READ: Subverting The Media

We as Americans must remain vigilant in our fight against the forces of the cabal. Independent investigation is a very important aspect in maintaining the safety of the world. We as individuals must understand the importance of making our own assessments, conclusions and opinions about everything. Do not rely upon others to tell you the Truth, do the research yourself. Trust in yourself and what you find. The older generations(baby boomers) will find this information very difficult to accept since they’ve been indoctrinated by the TV for many years. Which is why we must be patient, compassionate and kind when sharing this information when the Event occurs. Because they will struggle the most.

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The good guys have the advantage now, but the cabal still poses a risk. When the mass arrests happen the Truth will be set free and all will know what has happened behind the scenes. Then we shall all enjoy a golden age filled with love, prosperity, happiness and abundance.