What The Golden Age Could Resemble

Greetings and Salutations,

I found it necessary to deviate from the theme in which I’ve been writing about for some time. My last few articles have been pertaining to shadow work and facing your own darkness from within. Granted such work is beneficial to the individual, but yet at times it can give off wrong impressions. Discovering the amount of Evil and Darkness upon this planet can actually be very inhibiting and some will become so intimidated and afraid that they will be shell-shocked and unable to process the information.

Which why in this article I’m going to give you a healthy dose of the Truth. Which can be summarized in this one simple statement: “We have already won the war against the negativity upon this planet and we will be experiencing a Golden Age very soon” Now I’ve heard the argument that you cannot state emphatically that this Golden Age will come into manifestation because of the fact it would violate the Free Will of others.

Which is both false & true, neither false & true, and both true and false. Allow me to explain this. You whom are reading this article have the Free Will choice to believe that this Golden Age is automatic and guaranteed; but then you have the Free Will choice reject it as well. What you choose to believe and invest your energy into is what forms your reality. There are a infinite amount of parallel realities simultaneously existing within our shared reality that are accessible for any individual to traverse upon. It is your thoughts, beliefs and emotions that determine which reality you shall experience.

“Our thoughts generate feelings and attract life experiences into our field of awareness according to the vibration of our consciousness.” – Timothy Frappier

The choice is yours, but yet there are some upon this planet where it is neither false or true because they’re already living in this Golden Age; such as the Ascended Masters. Thus the need to believe it is guaranteed is irrelevant because they already live in this reality.

Then there are those upon this planet where this Golden Age will be both false and true. False in the sense that the reality they are currently experiencing is not a reflection of this Golden Age, but True in the sense that through the exercising of their free will they shall eventually manifest the reality of this Golden Age.

As you can see; our reality is not black and white; there exists a plethora of circumstances and variables that can lead any individual upon an infinite number of possibilities. Yet the most respected and powerful force known in this existence is Free Will. When Free-Will is coupled with Love your intention to manifest this Golden Age cannot be stopped by any force. You have the Divine Right to live in this Golden Age regardless of any belief, thought, system or power known to man. Your Free-Will is the key to your victory.

With the proper application and use of your Free-Will it can be used to guarantee this Golden Age for yourself. Yet this guarantee hinges upon the individual’s choice, no amount of words I can write can truly create or change your reality. It is your belief in these ideas that create your reality. My words merely act as a proxy for you to give permission to yourself to believe in this Golden Age. Yet it all comes from within you, these words are an manifestation of you, I merely represent an aspect of your consciousness that is presently creating this experience. We are all one; so these words in which I write are your words. You cannot become aware of these words unless there is some kind of shared affinity. Thus it is our experience together as writer and reader that connects us in the non-local field. What you choose to do with these words is your decision.

Now before you make a decision to believe in this Golden Age; allow me the opportunity to share with you what life could resemble during the Golden Age:

The end of Poverty and Starvation.

Many years now we’ve had the capacity to replicate everything that we could need or desire. The Secret Space Program as described by Corey Goode has disclosed that the Secret Space Program has developed and implemented replicators in their various factions and programs. Thus when this technology comes available to the general population it will end poverty and starvation.

Free Energy For Everyone

When free energy devices are coupled with replicators there is no electrical limitation that could hinder the goal of ending hunger. We’ve had this capacity for a very long time, but unfortunately these secret black projects and secret space programs have kept this technology and knowledge from the public. Many of these leaders believe it would destroy our economy, which is partially true; but it would only destroy aspects of our economy that no longer serve us.

The justification of propping up this old system is more detrimental to humanity than to release these free energy devices. The more they delay this transition, the more problems we’ll create here on Earth. We’re destroying our world for resources that we could create with replicators and free energy. There is no need to mine coal or pull petroleum from the ground. Yet those whom have power don’t want this transition to occur because than they would lose their stranglehold upon the masses. Yet in the end they cannot prevent this change, it’s going to happen and regardless of their desire to suppress the Truth they shall fail.

The End Of Jobs and Careers As We Understand It

Right now the majority of people dislike their job. Which is obvious indicator that this economic system that we’ve created doesn’t create confidence. Most people are stuck in a false survival of the fittest pardigm, a distorted version of Darwin’s evolutionary model has been implemented into our economic system. We’ve determined that the fittest are those whom are wealthy, highly intelligent and industrial.

Yet our society doesn’t recognize the value of art, creativity, cooperation, compassion and spirituality(religion is not spirituality). These fields are shunned and looked down upon. A lot of people find it very difficult to make a living through these methods, thus they are discouraged to express their creativity. Because at the end of the day we live in a system where if you cannot make money; it will be very difficult to survive.

Our economic system is heavily engineered to value competition rather than cooperation. Businesses discuss more ways to be competitive versus cooperative because they’re always following the bottom line. The monetary system places our economic system into a frantic state of survival. Always having to produce more in order for businesses to flourish and prosper. Thus we’re always consuming at a rate that is unsustainable because businesses and corporations constantly need more in order to stay viable in today’s economy. Which is extremely detrimental to our world; look at what we’re doing to our planet through corporations.

Businesses practice planned obsolescence for products that shouldn’t break down so soon; they do this in order to encourage us to buy it again. We have the capacity to build cars that would last over 100 years with barely any maintenance; yet if vehicle companies focused on providing that level of quality they wouldn’t sell many vehicles. Instead they spend a superficial amount of resources & time on vehicle engineering and more on cosmetic designs. Always trying to make their product visually appealing, but lacking in engineering so that it breaks down eventually. Plus if they focus a lot of time and resources on the design of cars; they can eventually phase one design out with another therefore trying to convince others to buy this new design because it more ‘modern’ than the previous one… Waste of resources, time and money.

Which is why Free-Energy and Replicators will help free humanity. They will be able to choose what they want to do with their lives, instead of working in order to survive. Studies have shown that employees are more productive when they are happy. Corporations and businesses will be able to be built around the idea of providing quality products and services to humanity, instead of ‘making money.’ Passionate individuals whom believe in their work will benefit humanity more than individuals forced into wage slavery under the pretense of survival of the fittest.

Imagine if you will, if you had everything you ever needed, that you didn’t have to worry about money for anything. What would you do? What are you passionate about? What brings you happiness? If your current job doesn’t make you happy or create any type of joy, why tolerate it? Is survival really a good motivator? Of course not, that’s why 70% hate their jobs. This is the key at the end of the day, because when we the people are happy, our world around us will reflect this truth.


Now that you have a basic understanding of the Golden Age you have the capacity to explore these ideas more in-depth yourself. This is just a quick overview of what it could resemble, I leave all the fine details for you to discover. I will however leave you with two invaluable resources that many have contributed research and study to that resemble a potential possibility of what this Golden Age will Resemble.

1. The Venus Project


2. Ubuntu


Timothy Frappier



Universal Basic Income for the World?

Source: Golden Age Of Gaia

Kathleen has shared with me that experiments are underway in various parts of the world around what India is calling a universal basic income (UBI).

Finland, Kenya, India, and Hawaii are either considering it or running programs.  Canada is conducting a trial run in an eastern city.  (1)

Why not one UBI for every man, woman, and child in the world?

Have I never heard of “NESARA,” you say? Or the TDAs? (2)

Universal prosperity was what was envisaged in the Fifties when Life or Time Magazine talked about automation. The robots would relieve us of household chores and we’d all be enjoying our newfound leisure.

Instead many of us have been put out of jobs and have not shared in the financial benefits of automation. A smaller and smaller elite has.

Now we’re to share in the benefits of technology and progress. The idea is one whose time has come and organized groups and governments are already looking into it.

If they are, that means that the vehicle for conveying a basic allowance to everyone is either already being looked at or is already available. All we need to do is to provide the wherewithal, which it’s our chosen mission, as stewards of the Mother’s wealth, to do.

So let’s see.  7.5 B people x … let’s pick a number from thin air … $100,000 a year (just for the sake of discussion) in monthly payments, putting enough for ten years aside. (3)

I wouldn’t trust my math past this point, but I’ll bet you the figure is manageable.

Planning need not wait for the Reval. Remember that the last act in the creation formula, if I remember rightly, is taking steps appropriate to your creation. And planning is appropriate to our creations.

So I’m looking at the idea and planning, even though I also know that there’s probably no way to plan overly much for what’s about to happen. The numbers are way beyond our present ability even to imagine dealing with.


When we look at the idea of a universal basic income, we have to factor into the discussion the impending abundant flow of our spiritual currency. The Mother has said that a massive heart opening is already underway and, yes, the solar eclipse was a symbol of it but not the cause. She’s the cause. (4)

It’ll bring an internal Tsunami of Love. This will be an awakening of the fourth chakra, the first of a number of stages of enlightenment leading to Ascension.

So we have abundance making its approach at the same time as we’re in the middle of a heart opening. Doesn’t it seem odd that the two should coincide? Abundance flows and love flows as well.  For everyone in the world. (5)  When you think about it, it makes very good sense to stage both at once. Amazingly good sense.

And the conjunction multiplies joy. The joy of feeling relieved of indebtedness and insecurity is added to the joy of one’s heart opening to a torrent of love.

I can’t imagine the joy I’ll feel meeting up with everyone in the space of transformative and divine love.

What a monumental day that will be, a day that we as a world will never forget.

Even as it just keeps getting eclipsed by what comes after.


(1) Finland and Kenya: “Finland’s guaranteed basic income is working to tackle poverty,” May 15, 2017, at https://www.pri.org/stories/2017-05-06/finlands-guaranteed-basic-income-working-tackle-poverty;  “Indian politicians consider universal basic income following successful trials,” Juky 28, 2017, at http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/politics/ndia-politician-universal-basic-income-trials-discuss-poverty-employment-a7865541.html; “Hawaii considers introducing universal basic income,” Sept. 5, 2017, athttp://www.independent.co.uk/topic/Hawaii; and “Ontario launches basic income pilot for 4,000 in Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Lindsay,” April 24, 2017, at https://www.thestar.com/news/ontario/2017/04/24/ontario-launches-basic-income-pilot-for-4000-in-hamilton-thunder-bay-and-lindsay.html

(2) Treasury Direct Accounts. Perhaps Google. Long story.

(3) Once we put forward an initial figure, the discussion can begin about more or less, things to watch out for, reasons why it isn’t a good idea, etc.

(4) “The Mother Promises a Massive Heart Opening – Part 1/2,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=289518; “The Mother Promises a Massive Heart Opening – Part 2/2,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=289519

Mary Magdalene referred to the Mother’s comments later: “Your heart opening has been given to you, yes, and I see some of you who shake your head and say, ‘Well, I don’t feel anything.’” (“Transcript ~ Mary Magdalene: Birthing The New, Heavenly Blessings, August 24, 2017,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/09/01/transcript-mary-magdalene-birthing-the-new-heavenly-blessings-august-24-2017/.)

(5) Universal love because all true love is already universal. Unconditional because all real love must be unconditional. Inclusive, wanting-to-be-shared, happy, alive, swept-clean and ever-flowing love.


What I find particularly perplexing is the prevalent state of ignorance when it comes to the possibility of ending many of the problems we have in today’s world; including this wealth divide. Many believe that there simply isn’t enough to go around; which by in part is true to a certain degree; but what many are unaware of is that this only the case because we have blatantly ignored the solutions.

We face these epidemics because of our inability to wisely manage our resources. There are many ways that we could all recycle resources and be less wasteful. Many electronics, computers and other components are thrown away after they’ve become “useless”. Millions of cell phones and computers are left in junkyards.

Essentially these electronics still have materials and resources that could be used in newer technology. The excuse we use is that it would “Cost” too much to recycle them; but in reality this is far from the Truth. There are many incentive programs we as a people could promote to encourage that these electronics are recycled and reused. Governments could grant subsidies and rewards for companies who recycle certain amount of electronics. This is one of many ways we could promote the wise management of the world’s resources.

The major contributor to the problems we face on this world is because of the suppression of technology. There are corporations, organizations, people and militarizes that are actively preventing the release of technology that could improve the quality of life. There is free energy inventions that could remove our dependency on oil. Healing modalities that would eliminate cancer, obesity and many other health related issues. Replicators that could stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals.

When these technologies are released it will revolutionize the world. No longer will the lack of energy, food, health or shelter be a issue. Ocean desalination could provide water to regions where fresh water is unavailable. Imagine having a free-energy reactor dedicated to desalinating water and pumping it to desert regions so that they can become vibrant flourishing gardens for many to live in. Egypt could be green once again; filled with life everlasting. Deserts all around the world could also be transformed into beautiful gardens.

Free Energy would make the oil industry obsolete. Our vehicles wouldn’t have to run on a finite resource anymore; we could have vehicles that never run out of gas; that don’t need to be filled with petro. Transportation would become easier for all people of the world; cheap transportation would allow people to go places they wouldn’t have been able to before because of the lack of money. Imagine; flying on a plane that uses Free-energy; the only cost would be overhead; such as wages and amenities.

This whole transportation example is just one idea with free energy. If we combine it with the suppressed teleportation technology that many programs within the USAP community have utilized; we can virtually create a minimal energy impact transportation system. Communities could be designed intelligently to reduce the amount of energy. Instead of having a vehicle for each individual in the community we could design a transportation system that relies more on efficient modes of transportation such as trains, monorails, large aircraft and buses.

City to city transportation could rely on monorails, trains, aircraft and even teleportation. Inner city transportation could involve a variety of methods as well; monorails again could be used; buses, subways short range aircraft vehicles and even conveyor lines could be utilized. 

Redesigning our communities will play a important role in future communities. It would be much easier to create a more ideal society if we factor in the layout of the communities. Cities right now embody the ideals of chaos. Cities have very chaotic layouts and designs; there is very little symmetry in the way cities are built or designed. This tends to make it harder for people to navigate in them because of the lack of symmetry. Jacque Fresco with The Venus Project has put forth a societal model that is both elegant, efficient and beautifully conceived. Here below is a image of one of his designs.


As you can see here the design of the community is very symmetric, the uniformity is undeniable. Thinking of it from a logical point of view; we can see that the circular design is the most efficient. Getting to point A to point B would be easy because of symmetric layout of the community. Whenever you live in the above example; all you would need to do is find a train or monorail that arrives at the center of the community. Let’s not forget that Atlantis utilized the circular community design as well in ancient times.

The center of the community could be used as the main transportation hub. There everyone would get onto another monorail and start outwards to where they need to go. This would reduce the amount of vehicles needed to get people from point A to point B. Plus it would make the transportation system more efficient by transporting a large number of people in single trips; rather than multiple smaller ones. The key is mass transportation; to move as many people possible on these monorails.

When we think of free-energy; we shouldn’t give in to the idea of “Well now that we have free energy we can afford to be wasteful”. On the contrary free energy will still need to be managed appropriately. If we continue to be wasteful with energy we’ll have to build more reactors; possibly build larger ones. Exactly how much wattage free energy reactors can produce I do not know; but I do know the less wasteful we are the easier it will be to provide to the needs of the people.

This is where Africa becomes a main component in this new type of community with the Ubuntu philosophy. Wikipedia describes Ubuntu as:

“Ubuntu (/ʊˈbntʊ/ uu-boon-tuu; Zulu pronunciation: [ùɓúntʼù])[1][2] is a Nguni Bantu term roughly translating to “human kindness”.[dubious ] It is an idea from the Southern African region which means literally “human-ness”, and is often translated as “humanity towards others”, but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.[3]

Michael Tellinger with Ubuntu Planet has used the Ubuntu philosophy to create Contributionism. This is philosophy of prioritizing the needs of the community. Michael Tellinger describes it as “If it’s not good for everyone; it’s not good at all.” Thus the needs of the community become the number one factor in determining where we go as a society.

With Contributionism the needs of the people would be provided for; everyone would be able to follow their own aspirations and dreams for what they wish to contribute to society. People are given the freedom to pursue what they love to do. Contributionism shares that everyone has something that they can provide; whether it is something simple like a farmer or complex like a inventor; we all have something that can enrich the community.

Contributionism would lead others to the conclusion and understanding that money is not needed. Everything that a person needs in order to survive and flourish will be provided. You won’t need money to get anything; because you’ll already have what you need. If you happen to need something else; others will be more then happy to assist you. Money will become obsolete; because communities will band together as one to help each other.

So remember; this wealth gap we are currently experiencing is artificial; we have the means to make it a thing of the past. The only thing required is awareness of the solutions. Yes the gap may seem large and wide; but soon we’ll be living in a society that embodies the true virtues that make humanity great. That being Love, Compassion, Liberty, Joy and Wisdom. Fear not the reality of the Wealth gap; but instead see it as an opportunity to promote real change. The people are ready for this Truth; all that is needed is for we the people to give it voice.

Timothy Frappier 

Source: The Daily Sheeple

In what Forbes is ingratiatingly referring to as “the most glorious economic event of our lifetimes,” we’re now to a point that just eight men own as much wealth as 3.6 billion other people on the planet do.

Just eight men.

The eight include Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. (Of course, they never mention the Rothschilds in these surveys, or the Queen of England as the world’s largest land owner, now do they. That question what rhetorical.)

Executive director Winnie Byanyima of Oxfam International, the outlet that released the report, said,

“It is obscene for so much wealth to be held in the hands of so few when 1 in 10 people survive on less than $2 a day. Inequality is trapping hundreds of millions in poverty; it is fracturing our societies and undermining democracy.”

And with all that money, what are these super wealthy people doing with it?

Let’s look at Bill Gates for example, a man who has enough wealth aloneto end world hunger. Not fight it. End it.

It has been pointed out that, for the billions Gates has shelled out through his tax-exempt foundations creating “minority-specific” vaccines for the children of third world countries to supposedly eradicate diseases like meningitis and polio (which, instead, his organizations have been caughtcausing in countries like India where tens of thousands of cases of vaccine-induced non-polio paralysis have cropped up), Gates could’ve spent a fraction — just a fraction — and provided clean water wells for around $3,000 each to, well, basically the whole continent of Africa and not even really caused a dent in his piggy bank.

Warren Buffett, who made an astounding $12 billion just last year alone, owns Berkshire Hathaway and has been accused of buying up houses (especially foreclosures) all across the country and pushing up housing costs so less and less people can afford a roof over their heads. Meanwhile, America is now seeing the lowest homeownership rates in half a century.

You could probably make these points for everyone on the list. And, not that taxation isn’t bullshit altogether, but it’s truly insane that many of these insanely wealthy men are likely paying a lower tax rate than the person they’ve hired to clean their house or tend to their landscaping.

This wealth gap and all of the inequality it entails regarding who is in control and who is disenfranchised from having a say in how the world works is continuing to accelerate at a faster and faster rate to beyond obscene levels.

Eventually, as the economically disadvantaged masses get more and more pissed at their situation, this will reach a tipping point. Why?

Because once a person has that much money, so much the meaning of money is probably lost to them and they become disconnected from the usury-based reality the majority of everyone else must face on a daily basis, the rest of the world who are getting by on somewhere between paycheck-to-paycheck to $2 a day are going to start to wonder why we are all living like serfs under forced austerity and can never seem to get ahead no matter what we do… Which ultimately leads to people wondering  why the super wealthy elite with the gigantic obscene amounts of so much wealth they could never spend it all in ten lifetimes aren’t actually using any of it to make the world a better place.

If there’s one solid silver lining takeaway from all this, it’s that the masses are waking up to their serfdom.

Edelman, one of the world’s biggest marketing firms, came out with a survey that found trust in the global power structure including governments, major corporations and the mainstream media is at an all-time low across the board:

The firm’s 2017 Trust Barometer found that 53 percent of respondents believe the current system has failed them in that it is unfair and offers few hopes for the future, with only 15 percent believing it is working. That belief was evident for both the general population and those with college education.

So, pretty much everybody. Continuing —

“The implications of the global trust crisis are deep and wide-ranging,” said Richard Edelman, the firm’s president and CEO. “It began with the Great Recession of 2008, but like the second and third waves of a tsunami, globalization and technological change have further weakened people’s trust in global institutions. The consequence is virulent populism and nationalism as the mass population has taken control away from the elites.”

There may be an almost unfathomable wealth gap in this world, but there are still a whole lot more poor and working class people than there are super rich elite 0.00001%-ers.

So who really has the power?

The masses are waking up and starting to realize that means the world actually looks like this:


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Everything You Need is Within You

Everything that you could ever need is within you. The worries of life that we constantly bog ourselves down with are nothing but ideas of separation. It is our lack of knowing the interconnectedness that keeps us in Maya.

When you come to believe that your beingness houses everything that you could ever need in life; you start to understand that you truly do have everything you need. The universe will provide for you and there isn’t anything that can stop you from attaining your desires, except for yourself.

We’ve been bombarded with messages of being unworthy, stupid and incapable of manifesting our desires that it has become our reality. We feel trapped and alone; thoughts of being a failure is frequent and the torment seems never ending. Yet this is far from the Truth and the fact that we can actually believe ourselves as being a failure or unworthy is a testament to the power we have.


It is only because we are powerful that we’re able to convince ourselves that we’re not. Even our powerlessness is an testament of us being powerful. You cannot be powerless unless you’re already powerful. One starts as being powerful and has to work to get themselves powerless. Do you actually believe we’re born powerless? We come from the Infinite Source; the very moment of our creation, when the Prime Creator gifted us with life we were created in the image of being powerful.

From nothing we become what is; through the process of life we start(ed) to see ourselves as the infinite in a finite form. We originate from the realm where all is one and held within a single moment. We are that single moment; we’re a expression of the Eternal Now that holds everything into place. There isn’t anything we don’t already know or haven’t done. You don’t live within the universe; you are the universe!


You may be wondering how everything is within you. Some questions/situations seem to express the opposite; that being we don’t have all that we need within us. For example, let’s say your car gets scratched; you don’t know how it happened or who did it. Thus in your mind this stands as a testament to why we don’t have everything within us.

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Granted at one moment it may seem like the details as to what happened to your vehicle evade you; but that doesn’t mean you cannot discover the cause. If you believe you don’t have the answer within you it’s very unlikely you’ll come to the awareness of who did it. This is because your using the Law of Attraction to experience a reality that is separate from you; thus being out of your control. You could try and try, but since you’ve come to believe that you don’t already have the answer you’re most likely not going to come to that awareness of who did it.

If you on the other hand believe that you hold all the answers within yourself; your consciousness opens up opportunities for you to discover the cause. Let’s say your son/daughter confesses that they accidentally scratched your car when they parked next to yours. You see, the most important part in discovering the answers is to understand you have them within you; it’s not in contextual form; but instead in the form of a process. This process is a internal technique that is capable of answering all your questions.

That is what it means to have all everything within you. It is the process of bringing that knowingness into manifestation that is meant by the term “Everything you need is within you.

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Literally everything you could ever experience or possess isn’t achieved from a external point of view; you don’t get rich by creating some great idea that will bank you big mega bucks. You don’t become happy by achieving some kind of worldly goal or mission. You become rich through a process; you become happy through a process. It is our focus and attention to things that bring it into manifestation. When you fine tune your mental processes you make it easier to manifest whatever it is you need. Everything is a result of our internal world; by refining your internal world; you improve your chances of manifesting your desires.


The Law of Attraction is very important when it comes to understanding all is within you; it teaches that reality is a manifestation of your own internal world. What is out is in and what is in is out. Everything that surrounds you, your life circumstances, how much money you have and the type of things that happen in your life is a result of the law of attraction working in your life. It is of your own doing, plain and simple. Take responsibility over your life and start the journey towards empowerment.

So remember that everything you need is within you. Discover the process that works best for you and open up the channel to easy breezy manifestation. Be one with the process, see not contextual objects in life; but instead identify the patterns and processes that make up their form. Everything is a result of a process; learn this process and you shall know that everything you need is within you.

Timothy Frappier

Is the Joy of Giving Our Way to a Moneyless Society and Golden Age?

Source: Stillness In The Storm

by Justin Deschamps

The Abundance of Giving

This is an article from 2014 that I think is pertinent to bring forth at this time.

Often without being able to envision a new way forward, we get trapped in old habits and belief systems. As such, taking the time to imagine what a positive future looks like is an excellent way to begin making it a reality. Once this image is clear within our minds, especially if infused with pragmatic insights, we can start to change our behavior to align with it, literally bringing this new world into being.

A golden age is within our grasp, we need only set our minds to the task of manifesting it with everything we do.

Original Text (January 12th, 2014):

A moneyless society is something I think that is totally attainable within a short term period because we already are doing so much for free in our lives already simply for the reward of giving.

Do you charge someone on the street for directions? Do you charge a friend for your time to listen to them? Do you charge your family for all the things you do? Probably not. While it has almost disappeared from modern life, the joy of giving is still alive and well. If only we could nurture and expand this innate human drive to give.

Compersion is the act of being filled with joy simply by observing the joy in another. The official definition “is the positive feelings one gets when a lover is enjoying another relationship.” Sometimes called the opposite or flip side of jealousy. Granted this meaning is focused on our significant other but I think if we expand the concept to include other people in general, and a powerful concept for collective healing is revealed.

I couldn’t help but notice the word Compersion also looks like the word Compassion. And Compassion has the word compass in it. Maybe the people who developed the English language were trying to tell us something? Maybe compassion and empathy are the compass or guide to higher consciousness and global peace, a way to create abundance for all.

When giving to another and seeing their joy in receiving something unselfishly, we empathize with them, feeling compassion and gratitude in a way that is not dependent on anything but the joy of observing the moment. I would argue this is a kind of metaphysical energy that fuels our consciousness, the same energy we feel when inspired about something in life. When inspiration fills the soul, we want for nothing, drawing our life force energy from experience itself.

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I had a thought recently that Compersion could be the thing that helps us to enter a moneyless society, one of abundance, joy, and growth for all. Imagine what a world based on the joy of giving would look like?

Instead of people being forced to earn a living—a kind of mandatory giving—we can discover what our passion is and give that to anyone willing to receive it. If everyone did this, all our needs would probably be met in time. That may sound crazy at first but when you consider the diversity of people on earth and how many different ways each individual creates happiness via their passions in the world, it is easy to imagine society switching over to doing their highest joy as a method for providing abundance. Instead of being forced to work for survival. Challenges will still be present but we’ll meet them with joy in our hearts as our unique passions can finally be expressed. At the very least, we’ll be much happier from moment to moment. And a positive atmosphere—in and of itself—is healing and uplifting for all involved. Simply smiling at another person can transform their day.

As an example of how this philosophy can work, consider Amanda Palmer. She enjoys making music as well as performing, and through her outpouring of giving she has gathered a following of individuals who want to co-create with her—giving their energy back to her forming a complete cycle. This energy return comes in many forms, money being one of them.

The key difference is that both Palmer and her fans feel gratitude on the outset as there is no debt, obligation, or expectation hindering the situation. Conversely, in a debt based system where we pay for things upfront people tend to expect things that may not be realistic, ensuring they feel dissatisfied some of the time. The difference is subtle, but incredibly powerful, something we should try to explore in our own lives to gain personal understanding.


Money is simply a tool, despite its effects in the world being arguably negative. Money in the case of Palmer and her fans is a symbol or token of their appreciation. It represents a way for those who have been positively affected by her work to show their love—a complete and honorable exchange of value. Imagine if everyone on the planet contributed to society in this way? Imagine if we could support our fellows through our creative nature, much like a parent provides for their child for the love of doing so.

The joy of giving freely comes with its own reward.

Imagine if everyone gave of themselves freely? Everyone would be abundant in nearly every respect as the creative powers hidden away within each of us blossomed into life. It is this false idea of scarcity (survival of the fittest) that cripples us with fear, preventing our creative powers from coming to the fore. Fear causes us to hold back from giving, as we try to keep what we have.

In a world of fear, no on gives, everyone lacks, and all suffer. In a world of love, everyone gives, no one lacks, and all can grow in abundance.

If we can make that first step of living in the moment and giving to others in a pay-it-forward capacity, we can help lay the foundation for a new society, one based on love, compassion, and the common bond we all share living on the same blue planet.

But someone has to make the first move. Someone has to pay-it-for-ward first, to show others that love is better than fear. Why wait for tomorrow, what you can do today.

– Justin

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Published on Jul 9, 2012

Charles Eisenstein is the author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics as well as numerous articles in print and online. A faculty member of Goddard College, he speaks and teaches worldwide on themes of transition, community, money, consciousness, and the evolution of culture. Charles has also been featured on the viral video by filmmaker Ian MacKenzie, “The Revolution is Love.”

Before becoming a writer, he was a Chinese-English translator living in Taiwan. He graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a degree in mathematics and philosophy.