3 Shocking Interdimensional Adventures at ECETI Ranch

Source: Sterling Nicole Bennett


This feeling could only be described as being smeared from one reality to the next. I could hear my screams slow down as if they were being pulled out of me. There was a weight on my chest like I was under water. I heard a voice in my head that I did not fully recognize as my own. “Relax, go with the flow. Ride this out.”

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by Sterling Nicole Bennett, September 12th, 2018

The week of August 8th – 13th I had the privilege of attending the first ever SoulTech Gathering at ECETI Ranch. The following is my account of the overflowing spirit guide communication, portals, and life-changing realizations that provided me with long-awaited pieces of my story that will follow me throughout my life.

The aim of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) is to help with public awareness of the E.T reality and to assist people with connecting to positive otherworldly beings.” – ECETI


Black Helicopters and.. PORTALS?


The following experience happened the night of August 8th, 2018 in my dream state.

“The Lion’s Gate (Portal) is opened as an alignment between the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt, planet Earth and even the Great Pyramid of Giza generates a universal enlightened perspective.” – AstroStyle

A group of around 10 people, including Teresa Yanaros and myself, were outside watching the night sky. Teresa and I began gathering our blankets to go back inside when we felt the instinct to look to our right. We saw a low hovering black helicopter. Teresa pointed and yelled, “WHAT IS THAT?”

I looked up to the apex of the sky where earlier that night I had watched Vega, the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra. Instead of finding Vega in its expected position, there was a bright glowing square directly above my head. It looked as if someone had taken a square cookie cutter and cut a hole in the sky. I pointed at the square and started to scream, afraid at first. Then, the feeling of fear was taken away by the sense of excitement and release as I ascended into the square portal above my head.

This feeling could only be described as being smeared from one reality to the next. I could hear my screams slow down as if they were being pulled out of me. There was a weight on my chest like I was under water. I heard a voice in my head that I did not fully recognize as my own. “Relax, go with the flow. Ride this out.”

The next thing I know, I’m navigating my way through what appear to be endless colorful tubes, and that’s the last thing I remember from that experience.

Receiving My Guide’s Name

I spent time on August 12th talking to my spirit guide. Those of you who have been following my blog know that I’ve been pressing him for more information for over a year now. I am happy to report that he finally gave me the answers I was looking for. That’s right folks! I finally got the Green Man’s name!

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When walking through the medicine wheel at ECETI Ranch, I set the intention to be open to receiving messages from the Green Man. I focused on the strange occurrence in my dream a few nights prior involving the square portal in the sky right where Vega is located.

I looked to my right and saw the green man squatting down next to the Orion shrine in the medicine wheel. (This is only the third time I’ve seen him, so I was pleasantly surprised.) I smiled at him and asked him to please tell me his name. After a few moments, he finally revealed that his name is Laurel.

Multi-Dimensional Time Travel

That night, I was woken up at 3 am to the sound of some sort of large craft flying overhead.  I got some water and began meditating on Laurel in an attempt to establish a psychic connection before falling asleep.

The following events happened in my dream state on the night of August 12th, 2018.

I was on the field of dreams at ECETI Ranch asking a few people about the repetitive Déjà vu I’ve been experiencing lately, hoping they might have advice or insights for me. At that moment, I had intense Déjà vu and watched as reality split into two. I was rapidly shifting between two separate realities without control.

The first reality, we will refer to as R1, was where I stood on the field of dreams when the realities split. The second, referred to as R2,  was on a bayou with a picnic table to my right. At the table sat members of my biological father’s family whom I’ve never met. Time began overlapping as I rapidly shifted between realities.

In a different location inside of R1, I found myself observing a young man and woman talking a few feet away from the ECETI sky watch area. The woman was tall and had an archery bow in her hand. I began to uncontrollably jump POV between the young man and a third-party observer. The woman said it was time for her to go as she crouched over, placing the bow on the ground. She then proceeded to bring the bow up and over her body as if she was pulling a blanket over herself. I could see through the portal she was creating and into the new location she was traveling. She was using the bow to open a portal to another place. It was communicated to me that in the future, this would be normal, and this is where technology on this planet is heading.

After a few dozen rounds of jumping between R1 and R2, I found myself back in R1 at ECETI Ranch talking to James Gilliland. I sat crouched over on the floor of a hallway, repeating “but I’m ACTUALLY portal jumping.” I told him what was happening, and he laughed it off the way an experienced, wise man would. He informed me that this type of thing happened all the time and welcomed me to the club. James believed me and wasn’t surprised.  This advice comforted and encouraged me to calmly ride it out.

It was then when I found myself jumping to yet another reality, R3. I was standing in a nice living room that appeared to be my own. The room overflowed with family and friends celebrating what at the time I thought was my birthday, but now upon reflection, I suspect it might have been a party celebrating my new found ability. It felt more like a bat mitzvah, celebrating my graduation into who I really am. It came to no surprise to the dozens of family members who joined in the celebration.

To my surprise, I saw my dad standing in the corner of the room. My dad passed away in 2007 and ever since has been an incredibly powerful guide in my dream state. He was staring at the ground in front of him, seemingly out of it. I said aloud, “Dad?” I looked around. “Can no one see him? He’s right there!” I pointed and was surprised that no one was able to see what I could see. Even more surprising to me was that everyone seemed unmoved by the fact that I could see a being in another reality. Almost as if they were expecting this to happen.

The Future of Channeling

I ran towards him and saw a definite line on the ground that I carefully stepped over. It was clear to me that this was the line between dimensions, and I was able to see it. My dad was whispering, and I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I turned around and yelled for everyone to be silent so that I could hear what he had to say.

He carefully spoke sentences one by one, giving me just enough time to write the previous one down before he continued. I was amazed at what was happening and overtaken with gratitude for the experience. I jumped back to the celebration and reported my findings. A tall woman walked up to me and took the paper from my hands as a crowd of my family members gathered around to hear the message from the other side.

It was then that I fell back into R1 from R3 and found myself back at ECETI Ranch on the field of dreams.

It was at that moment that it all became incredibly clear to me. Someday, those of us who are psychically inclined will be able to see beings as clearly and tangibly as I saw my father. Some of us will be able to see and jump between realities with our physical body.


It was confirmed to me that my guide Laurel is in fact who I suspected him to be: a multidimensional time-traveling portal jumper. My suspicions of being trained throughout the years on the astral plane were confirmed. Laurel showed me that portal jumping amplifies channeling and mediumship. After all, the realm in which transitioned souls occupy is just another reality waiting to be explored.

What messages have your guides given you recently? Do you feel the energies shifting?

Disclaimer: I do not condone the careless exploration of any other realities whatsoever. This article’s intent is to report on my findings, hoping to encourage others who are experiencing similar events.

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The Eight Step Guide To Astral Travel

Source: Humans Are Free

Astral travel, also known as astral projection, is another term for what is commonly referred to as an out of body experience.

It can take place whilst awake and whilst lucid dreaming. An astral projection is where the conscious mind leaves the physical earthly body and enters into a parallel dimension.

It is an entering of the consciousness. People are able to experience their true being. If you are a beginner, follow these simple steps to learn how to astral project.

The Eight Step Guide To Astral Travel

1. Health

Ensure that you are in good health and feeling full of energy before you begin to try; the amount of energy you have will determine your ability to project out of your body, how long you can stay outside of your physical body and which frequency you can reach during your projection.

2. Relaxation

You must be able to enter a complete state of relaxation. Work your way up, or down, your body, consciously relaxing each group of muscles. Release all tension and feel your body becoming looser and lighter.

Relax your mind.

Feel calm and peaceful and let any distracting thoughts just fade in and out. Focus on your breathing, feeling the breath enter your body, then slowly leave your body.

Meditation is a fantastic way to fully relax your body, calm your mind, and prepare you physically and mentally for a projection.

3. Try Different Methods

Everybody has the ability to be able to astral project, but most people do not have the awareness, belief or understanding to actually do so. There are different ways to project.

Some people imagine pulling on, and climbing up, a rope; your “inner body” is tugged out of your “physical body” as you climb further and further up the rope.

Ignore all other feelings and focus solely on moving higher and higher up the rope. You must be relaxed when you do this.

As you climb higher you will feel yourself start to vibrate. Continue and you will leave your body below, finding yourself hovering above.

Other people use visualization techniques in the beginning to help them learn how to astral project. Having relaxed your body fully, visualize yourself floating out of your body.

Believe this will happen, intensely invoke the feelings of this happening. Vibrations will start. Continue imagining yourself floating free from your physical body until you do in fact float out of it.

Another method is to imagine a fixed and immoveable object. See this in your mind and imagine reaching out and holding onto this object, using it to pull yourself free from your body.

As your pull becomes stronger you should feel yourself moving nearer and nearer to the object, until eventually you reach it and are outside of your body.

4. Sounds

Binaural beats can help even the most obstinate minds to astral project. These sounds affect the frequency of brain waves and can assist with astral travel.

They must be listened to using headphones, as different sounds are sent through each ear to target the different sides of the brain.

5. Have no Fear

Fear of leaving your body can be a major reason why you find that you cannot. You must let go of all fear.

Whilst in projection, the astral body and the flesh and blood body are linked by an energy flow, often referred to as the silver cord. You are completely safe and cannot lose your way.

Also, during the projection process, a partial paralysis happens. Beginners should not be afraid of this.

6. Try Different Times

There is no set time of day that is better to astral project, although most people prefer to project last thing at night or first thing in the morning.

As a beginner, be aware that putting yourself into a deep state of relaxation last thing at night could possibly send you to sleep, and thus make you incapable of performing a projection that time.

7. Project

It is possible that an astral travel may happen spontaneously. For the majority of people though, they must intentionally try to project themselves. Vibration levels are increased to allow people to consciously explore different realms.

8. Return

Projection can last anything from a few seconds to a couple of hours. Eventually though, the consciousness must return to the body it left behind. To re-enter your body, focus on your core and imagine yourself being pulled back inside.

When your two selves merge again, you will probably feel a bit dizzy. This is completely normal, and after a few moments you will return to normal.

You can read more inspirational articles by visiting the Operation Meditation website. Source:DreamcatcherReality.com