The Importance Of Discernment and Being Open Minded

It is very important to be open minded in this day and age. With so much information available to us all with a few strokes of the keyboard we need to be open minded to all data we come across. Discovery is a important aspect in our culture and the more we cultivate this virtue the better society will be.

Open-Mindedness plays a important role in discovery. We need to allow ideas and beliefs to come to our awareness without any sort of attachment or judgment. The focus should be placed upon the information and whether or not it has any significance in our life. All data that comes to our awareness should be carefully analyzed by both our mind and heart.

The state of being open-minded allows information to grace our awareness without placing any judgment or belief upon it. Many times we have the habit of forming opinions or judgments about certain information even before we discover whether or not it is valid or could improve our lives. This form of skepticism blocks wisdom from coming into our awareness. Our attachments to certain ideas prevent our consciousness from realizing potentially useful and life changing knowledge.

Attachments are what prevent us from seeing things as they are. Our attachments to various ideas form a rigid structure with very little malleability. Our preferences dictate what we deem acceptable or worthy of our attention. When we encounter information that contrasts our current belief or idea about something, we vehemently reject it because it causes feelings of discomfort. This sense of discomfort is a form of cognitive dissonance, it’s when two ideas conflict. We as humans strive for internal consistency and dread anything that breaks this desire.

This is a dualistic way in perceiving our reality, because it forms a black and white paradigm. In reality though, existence isn’t black or white. It’s a seamless unity that displays the illusion of duality. Everything is of singular origin, because all is one. We as a people have created the duality in our life. There is no right or wrong, there only exists what is. There is no Darkness and Light, only Light.

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Scientific Studies have shown that Darkness is only the absence of visible light. Just as there is no cold, just the absence of heat. When we analyze this, you see the Darkness and Light paradigm is an illusion. The same with the Cold and Heat paradigm. They both have a singular unit that determine it’s state.

When you look at life with this mentality it’s revealed life is singular as well. There is no good or bad, just what is. ‘What is’ is the singular unit in our life. There doesn’t exist good or bad, per se, only what is. Everything that exists simply is what it is. We’re the ones who place judgments upon life. Which are a result of our ideas. Many of these ideas we have formed are a result of the culture we were raised in. All of life is neutral until the moment we form a idea about it.

For instance, here in America we believe that being skinny is beautiful. Many people go on diets, exercise and take medications to maintain their slender figure. While in some cultures they prefer the chubby quality. They actually encourage their women to eat in order to gain weight. To them the chubby quality is beautiful. Thus we can see much of the things we believe are subjective to our individual perspective.

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This is important to understand because it can allow true open-mindedness to come to the forefront of our life. We discover that all things are acceptable, because of the fact they exist. Something doesn’t exists unless it has a specific purpose. Something cannot exist without purpose, even if this thing exists to point out things can exist without purpose, because that is self-contradictory and can be equated as existing for the purpose of showing purposefulness is found within the individual.

Open-mindedness allows the information presented to our awareness to be fully understood and considered. When we see whatever comes into our field of awareness as an idea we properly assess the full scope of it’s potential. We can take the substance of that idea to improve our lives. Everything that we encounter in life can be used to benefit us. When we remain open-minded and avoid making judgments we open ourselves to the stream of infinite wisdom.

Which comes to our next idea we’re going to be discussing. That being Discernment. Discernment is misunderstood by many of us today. Most believe discernment is the idea of determining what is true or false; we use discernment to form judgments. In reality though, this is not what discernment is. Discernment is simply the ability to determine what information or data will improve your life. The only judgment we need to consider is whether something can make our life easier. That’s the purpose of discernment. Discernment is not to determine what is right or wrong in the world. Discernment is meant to determine what is right and wrong for oneself. We are responsible for our life alone, not others. Free-Will must be respected in this Universe, when we form judgments on anything outside of us, we infringe upon other’s free-will.

Discernment can be used to help discover what it is that will improve one’s life. The improvement of one’s life should be the goal when utilizing discernment. To know worldly truth is secondary, because sometimes the truth isn’t the best thing for you. This doesn’t imply that deception is right or wrong, it simply means that since it is present in life it exists for a purpose. Living life in the land of polarity we ourselves created the idea of lies/deception in order to learn something from them. Thus the deception and lies we’re currently immersed in are meant to benefit us.

To believe we need worldly truth is to believe the outside is more important than the inside. This begs us to consider what kind of Truth we should deem necessary in our life. If you mean Truth as knowing thyself, than yes, discernment should be utilized to discover the truth. If truth is equated as knowing what is right or wrong in this world, than it should be considered secondary to improving one’s life by knowing thyself.

Thus you can see the importance of discerning information for the purpose of improving one’s life. Because with that you will be led to worldly truth; improving one’s life will increase your worldly understanding.

We humans exists upon this planet for the purpose of displaying the power of mental alchemy. When we turn our negative beliefs into a positive belief we have a powerful effect upon the universe. The fact we’ve been bombarded with so much negativity shouldn’t be perceived as something bad, but instead looked upon as an opportunity to master the art of synthesis & alchemy.

Discerning information for the purposes of finding that golden nugget or that diamond in the rough has a powerful energetic effect upon us. It is the synthesizing of opposites into unity, the mending of paradoxes. We on this planet have the opportunity to turn the negative and positive into a unified understanding. We have the opportunity to show to the universe that no matter how much negativity you experience, no matter the amount of darkness in life, there is always light. Because there is only light at the end of the day.

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Discernment takes what is presented to you, looks for what can improve one’s life and uses it to benefit oneself; which benefits the collective because what is good for you is good for all. Since we’re open-minded about the information that’s being presented to our awareness we can now use discernment to find the ideas that we can incorporate into our consciousness. The point of discernment is to find what works to help you improve your life. Everything that comes to our awareness can be utilized to benefit oneself. The external world is a reflection of the internal world, thus it exists to show you what can be utilized to improve your own life.

Be open-minded to everything and discern what can be used to improve your life. These ways of perceiving reality can be very helpful. Use these virtues to build yourself up, learn what you need to learn in this present moment. Improve your own life and you shall improve the collective as a result.

Timothy Frappier