How Inflation Is Manipulated By The Federal Reserve (Video)

Those who own the Federal Reserve are the banking families. The most well know families on the list are Warburgs, Rockefellers and Rothschilds. These individuals have been manipulating the markets for quite some time. They’ve consolidated their power in order to being forth their New World Order.

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These various families in this Banking cartel all had their own ideas on what to do with the population. The Rockefeller and Bush faction wanted to kill off 90% of the people. I do believe the Rothschilds wanted to keep us alive, but place a carbon tax on every individual so that they could profit from it.

Things have changed recently though and there is a changing of the guard in progress. Those who used to have all the power and wealth are losing much of it. The Federal Reserve system, along with the international banking system consisting of the IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements(BIS) is going belly up. They’re broke and have no money anymore. Eventually there will be a financial reset and a new system that has been in the works will assume control. This new financial system will be fair to all people. no more crony capitalism.

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With this new financial system we will do away with poverty and the stigma of lack. There are plenty of resources to go around, we’ve only been manipulated to believe there isn’t enough. The Cabal spends a lot of effort and money to just keep the illusion of scarcity maintained. Abundance is natural state of the universe. Creation isn’t birthed through the ideals of scarcity or lack, but instead abundance. We wouldn’t be alive if there wasn’t enough to go around. It is our free will that allows us to have the choice to believe there isn’t enough resources. That’s why we experience lack, it’s a result of our own beliefs and thoughts about our reality, not because there isn’t enough.

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Timothy Frappier

Source: EconMatters
Via: Zero Hedge

We show the underlying costs of QE by the Federal Reserve in terms of much higher inflation that counters the benefits of lower interest rates on the Home Ownership Rate by lowering disposable income for consumers. The Fed giveth on one hand and taketh away with the other hand.

When the all in costs of QE and ZIRP are fully analyzed these policies are detrimental to long term growth fulfillment, healthy functioning financial markets, and capitalism in general. They should only be used as short term emergency measures by Central Banks. The evidence is quite clear at this point staying at the Zero Bound is detrimental to healthy functioning societies.