People Are Waking Up: Patriots and Normies EXPOSE The NWO’s “One World Together at Home” Concert in Inspiring Comments

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(Mystic Magpie) Last night the world’s “top” musicians gathered together in partnership with the World Health Organization in a heartwarming display of New World Order antics for the One World Together at Home concert. They’re not even trying to hide it…it’s in the name! This extravagant propaganda piece is the brainchild of Lady Gaga and the W.H.O.’s director Dr. Tedros Adhanom, among others; two people with upstanding backgrounds and absolutely nothing shady in their past… Thankfully, patriots and normies alike gathered in the comment section of the ABC’s Youtube channel live stream to expose the agenda and let others know that we are not down with the globalist propaganda.

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by Mystic Magpie, April 19th, 2020

Have you ever heard of the Deep State?

What about the Illuminati?

How about the New World Order?

If you haven’t, I’ll give you a crash course.

The Deep State, Illuminati or Cabal, are a global network of criminals with the most sickening tastes you can think of, that have secretly infiltrated every aspect of government and society that you can imagine.

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As one piece of proof, in this article, the New York Post discusses FBI evidence of the Hillary Clinton DNC emails wherein employees are exchanging classification status changes on government emails via quid-pro-quo—these officials actually refer to themselves as the “Shadow Government.”

Very inconspicuous. They clearly never intended for those emails to be leaked.

This Cabal has a dark and twisted agenda know as the New World Order, famously laid out on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones

On the guidestones is a message for a post-apocalyptic world calling for a global government, eugenics and population control. They, have slowly leaked this plan to the public over generations in back-handed, manipulative ways, over time convincing the public that their agenda is the only realistic and humane way to protect the Earth and the human race. But in reality, as many researchers believe, they despise humanity and want us to forever be under their thumb as the cattle they believe us to be.

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This agenda is always being pushed, but lately it’s become even more blatant and the people are not having it.

In last night’s airing of the One World Together at Home concertthe agenda could not have been more obvious.

Let’s look at two of the main people behind this event, W.H.O.’s Dr. Tedros Adhanom and Lady Gaga.

Interesting to note the W.H.O. was recently defunded by the U.S. under the direction of President Trump after investigations into their use of American tax payer money and transparency regarding the coronavirus among many things. According to growing body of investigators, Dr. Tedros Ahanom played a primary role in the W.H.O.s miss-handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Tedros seems to have intentionally misinformed the U.S. and other countries about the nature of the virus, protecting Chinese interest in the process.

Here is an amazing article laying out why it was defunded by the Washington Examiner.

While the Coronavirus Taskforce was protecting Americans and looking into effective medicines, Dr. Tedros was tweeting at celebrities, calling upon them to fight the pandemic.

What good are celebrities during a pandemic anyways?

Well, they’re great at promoting the vaccine agenda to the public.

They do this by engendering a social environment that promotes big Pharma to hordes of followers that will respond with disturbing aggression and irrationality if opposed. Fans of celebrities and main stream media alike have been known to bully others in to submission online—making you feel like an awful, baby-hating, selfish human if you don’t agree with them.

These celebrities, who’s beliefs they want us so readily adopt, should themselves be questioned.

Lady Gaga is an interesting one for sure. Look into her disturbing music, videos and performances.

But it’s not just Lady Gaga’s art that’s disturbing; it’s also her social circle.

Let me introduce you to Marina Abramović, if you aren’t yet familiar.

Abramović is the Serbian performance artist known for her Spirit Cooking dinners, famously mentioned in the Wikileaks John Podesta emails.

These spirit cooking dinners are only the beginning of her twisted “art.”

If you want to learn more about their relationship, here is a Lady Gaga fan page detailing their work together.

Truly disturbing stuff, huh?

For those of you who are familiar with this information, this will come as no surprise.

But for those who don’t, I recommend you watch the documentary Out of Shadows.

It is a great red pill made by a Hollywood insider, exposing the dark satanic forces and government manipulation of our media and film industry.

The original link had over 8 million views in less than a week. But it was removed sometime last night during or after this One World concert where many people in the comments link to the movie.

If the link above is removed here’s a version on Bitchute.

The NWO agenda can’t have people waking up to go on and expose the truth. As a result, they need to censor videos like Out of Shadows.

On Sale NOWWhite Hats, Swamp Creatures and QAnon: A Who’s Who of Spygate

Recently Microsoft published an ad on Youtube showcasing Marina Abramović as a regular person, someone to be inspired by. But the people got the better of them. The video was so uproariously disliked in both the comments and the actual likes on the video that it had to be taken down in only a matter of days! And here we can see a similar trend with ABC’s Youtube channel live stream of the New World Order in your Home Concert; the comments showcase patriots and seemingly normal non-woke people exposing the agenda.

The comments featured below are from only an hour after the live stream.

Some commenters seem to note that the amount of disapproving comments didn’t reflect in the likes of the video. As in, the video was liked more than disliked in a disproportionate ratio to the comments.

Maybe after the Abramović ad fiasco YouTube rigged the numbers?

Even weirder the video had 3.5 million views in an hour after the stream but only 367 comments… that seems rather odd too.

Maybe the view count was manipulated as well? Either way the comments seem to be untouched; and man, are they glorious!


The people are waking up in droves and the comments are a clear reflection of that.

The main stream agenda is being systematically dismantled and its seems that finally, we the people, are becoming the main stream once again!

Where we go one, we go all!

P.S. if you would like to learn more about the Deep State and the alliance to expose them here are a few books to get you started:

Book QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening

Book A User’s Guide to The Great Awakening: How citizens worldwide can help guide their societies to long-term peace and prosperity

Book Calm before the Storm (Q Chronicles)

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Mystic Magpie is a researcher of astrology, inner-child healing, homeopathic health, music and the occult in pop culture. She was raised in a homeopathic household, where she was encouraged to study what inspired even if it was considered fringe including astrology and Wicca.  In her childhood she was instilled with a philosophy of being compassionate and taking responsibility for her actions, doing no harm to others. In late 2012 she had a re-awakening leading her to discover spirituality, the occult forces in our world and her innate psychic abilities. 

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The Great Awakening Just Went into a More Active Phase: Q Army Counter-Culture ACTIVATED | Q Drop: “Best documentary of the year.”


Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Justin Deschamps) QAnon and patriots the world over were just activated in a way that will make the next phase of the operation truly inspiring. How often do movements that are devoid of leaders, askes followers to think for themselves, and seeks to restore the true rule of law happen? In my view, what just happened yesterday signals a new phase of this operation.

by Justin Deschamps, April 12th, 2020

Q posted a series of drops yesterday from Anons across the world. Heretofore, Q only sparsely highlighted the work of citizens and patriots doing the Great Work of participating in the great awakening. But this exposé of the patriotic sentiment of unity from across the globe signals a new phase of the operation.

I believe, as I will argue below, the formation of a counter-culture is a big part of the operation. This needs to take place so that a social support system for awakening will make it easier for individuals to step off the slave plantation culture and value system pushed by the deep state-run mass media.

This is critically important to do as we have hardwired instincts that influence us to maintain social networks. Forming a Q army, so to speak, that is filled with Anons who value the principles of freedom and justice, which can then form social connections around common truths and values will create the very social support system we need to feel fellowship during the challenges ahead.

Q dropped a documentary that exposes the corruption within Hollywood, specifically the various intelligence agencies that were directed to manipulate the public mind via the media, and coverup sex crimes involving children. This is the kind of documentary you can share with friends and family to help them get wise to what’s happening.

I suspect that the current phase of the operation is all about making crimes of corrupt figures, organizations, and government glaringly apparent to the public. As part of this, their trusted celebrities and public figures need to be dethroned (think: the slaughtering of sacred cows).

Without this aspect of the operation, the unaware masses would misunderstand DECLAS and mass arrests once they take place. They would assume Trump is a dictator and took over the country for his own purposes. As such, positive propaganda is necessary.

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In my view, all of this is good and I think it means we’re very close to things going into a more active phase.

I believe that the operation is psychological and tactical. The arrest of the bad guys is only one part of this effort. The bigger aspect, one could argue, is the cleaning of the public mind, the removal of cabal values and slave think that makes a person love their enslavement. In this sense, our world is really enslaved by the masses who were deceived and act as pawns within society for the cabal—all while believing they are free. The way this self-imposed slavery system works is by manipulating a person’s value system through their herd instincts and neurology

Let’s talk about the mass media part of this self-imposed slavery system.

The cabal are ancient psychologists. They understand our nature far better than we do in mainstream psychology. They know we have animalistic instincts that influence the mind via herd circuitry in the brain.

It’s this herd part of us that seeks to keep our truths to ourselves to maintain our social status.

It’s this herd part of us that makes us subservient to a seemingly all-powerful deep state because we don’t want to get cast out of the ingroup.

The way they manipulate these herd instincts is through mass media.

There’s a part of your brain regulated by the dopaminergic and serotonergic system that is constantly assessing your social status and level of acceptance with others in your life. That part of you evaluates your behavior to see if the things you’re doing will maintain and increase your social status. When you feel like you’re risking social status, strong negative emotions are triggered to compel you to stay in the ingroup.

It takes an act of will to go against the group and assert a personal principle, which is a leadership quality of the spiritualizing mind. Underdeveloped minds are dominated by their animalistic herd instincts, making them susceptible to groupthink and mass media. Spiritualizing minds use discernment, logic, and bravery to go against the herd and express a higher value. In this way, I argue the Q operation is also designed to activate the spiritual urge for truth, justice, and prosperity.

Social status is important for humans because 1) we’re mammals and we need physical contact as a basic human need, 2) to thrive in life you need social resources and networks and 3) mental health is literally maintained and enhanced by healthy social attachments and relationships.

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Thus, the neurological systems in your brain that regulate these values are hardwired.

Mass media’s job, within the deep state propaganda system, is to exemplify social values that they want you to accept and internalize for the purpose of furthering the deep state agenda.

For instance, in Disney TV shows targeting young women, the popular girls are often characterized as bratty, dismissive, and unkind. This tells young girls that to be popular they must also act this way (e.g. Mean Girls). The herd part of us is also looking for high-status examples and models for us to follow. And so, the cabal devised a method of hijacking this part of our brain, using it to infuse their slave-values into the collective mind. Once done, we as people express these values in our personal lives, further reinforcing them via use.

The world we live in today is the product of years of mass media influence and manipulation.

And I argue, based on this point, and many others like it, the Q team is now going into a phase of creating a new culture with new values and new models that are in alignment with truth, justice, the rule of law, and true divinity.

Book Lebor Klann Glas: Volume I: 10,830 BCE to 365 CE [Secret History of Earth]

I also think this is why, on April 11th, 2020, Q posted dozens of Anons exclaiming their support of Q and their membership of the “Q army.” This is precisely the kind of move that needs to happen to create a counter-culture to undermine the value system of the slave programming pushed by the cabal.

As time goes on, this counter-culture will be reinforced and enhanced. Q will likely keep reinforcing moral values that are themselves the laws we as people need to understand to respect each other’s rights. In this way, a truth-centric and justice-aligned counter-culture will express superior examples of high social status that act as models for other people to be inspired by. In time, the more specific knowledge of law and justice will emerge. Thankfully, there’s already a wealth of information in this regard for us to learn and align ourselves with.

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Good things are indeed on the horizon. We’re in the middle of a global awakening in a much more tangible way than we’ve ever seen before.

– Justin