Antarctic Ice Shelf Destabilized as Race for Ancient Alien Artifacts & New Weapons Heats Up

Source: Exopolitics

By Dr Michael Salla and Corey Goode

A multinational effort to excavate key regions of Antarctica in search of artifacts from a flash frozen alien civilization created by refugees is destabilizing the continent’s massive ice shelves, according to secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode. He furthermore reveals that secret military bases in Antarctica are using some of the artifacts for weapons development in violation of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty, which stipulates that the continent’s resources will be only used for scientific purposes.

This article is the third in a series [click for Part One and Part Two]. Corey’s written contribution to this final installment has led to it being our first collaborative writing venture. To identify who is writing for the reader, I [Michael Salla] will take the role of the narrator and distinguish when Corey is directly contributing in his own words, as opposed to me paraphrasing his briefing material.

Disclosure of the Antarctica ruins is still imminent, Corey reports, as a number of key variables impact on when and how much is to be revealed to the world about the discoveries while maintaining secrecy about the ongoing military programs to weaponize alien artifacts.

In a detailed briefing given to me on March 16, 2017, Corey shared additional details about the “Pre-Adamite” civilization supplementing the data he previously put out. This new information was originally slated for release in an article, “Endgame III”, as the sequel to the popular Endgame II article and video which focused on secret Antarctica excavations.

Corey said earlier that the extraterrestrial civilization, identified by him as Pre-Adamites, first arrived 55,000 to 60,000 years ago and established outposts all over Antarctica which notably has a land mass almost twice the size of the contiguous United States. He described them as standing approximately 12-14 feet in height and possessing elongated skulls.

Corey also described how they created a hybrid species, Homo Capensis according to anthropological classification, which became ruling elites, or demigods, in ancient South American, Asian and European societies.

In the March 16 briefing, Corey began by explaining that the Pre-Adamites had established their main base right over “Ancient Builder Race” technology, which included a “stargate” or “wormhole” device very similar to that depicted in the popular Science Fiction show, Stargate SG-1.

Corey said that this show was an example of a soft disclosure in which the U.S. Air Force took the lead in revealing key elements of the technologies developed by the Ancient Builder Race, who had established a travel grid throughout the galaxy using traversable wormholes hundreds of millions, if not billions, of years ago.

When the Pre-Adamites first arrived in Antarctica, they quickly asserted control through their advanced technologies over this area populated by human settlements at the time.

With their advanced medical technologies, the Pre-Adamites then began many genetic experiments, and created hybrids that became a servant class. Corey previously released his description of the flash frozen bodies of the bioengineered hybrids (Homo Capensis) during his latest visit to Antarctica in early January of this year.

Corey explained that the Pre-Adamite programs interrupted 22 genetic experiments being run by human-looking extraterrestrials first established 500 thousand years ago. In a prior report, Corey elaborated that a “Super Federation” comprising 40-60 of these races had established competing genetic engineering programs with surface humanity.

Corey also described how the Pre-Adamites engaged in conflict with the human-looking ETs running their 22 genetic experiments, as well as Reptilians doing likewise, for global influence.

Given that the Pre-Adamites had established a physical presence on Earth, this gave them an advantage in establishing ruling bloodlines over the Americas, Asia and Europe, as explained in a previous article.

At the same time, humans who had escaped into the Earth’s interior to avoid multiple surface catastrophes monitored how the different extraterrestrial races competed against each other for influence and power over surface humanity who was still recovering from global catastrophes.

One of the Inner Earth races that pride themselves on their pure human bloodlines, the Anshar, had a historic connection to the human settlements in Antarctica. However, the Anshar did not cooperate with the Pre-Adamites because they considered them to be sociopaths in terms of their treatment of the native Antarctica population and other regions of surface humanity where they had established colonies.

Corey said that the Pre-Adamites treated humans in antiquity in a similar manner to how modern humans treat dogs in terms of cross-breeding for multiple purposes. The Pre-Adamites, along with the Reptilians, were a big problem for all humanity.

The Anshar were part of a confederation of worlds that sought to make things better on the planet by providing knowledge and technological assistance as described in Sumerian cuneiform texts.

In a previous article, I discussed how the Anunnaki (as described by Zecharia Sitchin in his Earth Chronicles series) involved the Anshar and other off world groups, according to Corey’s sources. To help clarify this point, Corey adds:

Anunnaki was a generic term that meant ET or those that come from heaven. This definition will upset some people, so be aware… The Reptilians, the Nordics, The Ebens and the Anshar were interacting with the ancient Sumerians to assist them in the recovery of their civilization after the great catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis. The Anunnaki were indeed the Reptilians, but the other groups that interacted with them were also referred to by this same name (according to my info in the programs).

Corey said that a small number of Pre-Adamites survived the catastrophe that flash froze Antarctic regions by going inside stasis chambers located in the largest of their three motherships. These ships are miles long, and not 30 miles long as reported earlier.

The additional information released by Corey suggests there are many risks in waking up the Pre-Adamites who would likely attempt to reassert their authority by utilizing their advanced technologies, including the little understood “Builder race technology”. Here, Corey adds:

The groups in charge of these excavated locations are taking precautions, i.e. Mini-Nukes with “deadman’s Triggers”, in case these beings become hostile (for reference, see the movie Prometheus).

This leads us directly to the secret excavations currently underway of the Pre-Adamites’ bases and ships.

Secret Antarctica Excavations

Corey disclosed that excavations are occurring in multiple places in Antarctica by different nations, which in some cases are in direct competition to get the most advanced technologies. The goal is to eventually disclose some of these, but many technologies, especially those that are clearly extraterrestrial in origin will be not be released, at least to begin with.

Corey said that all the nations involved in the Antarctica excavations are capable of making a disclosure announcement on their own, but they are all participating in negotiations to do so in a coordinated manner.

Corey thinks the Antarctica disclosures will begin in tandem with prosecutions of the elites involved in pedophilia, human trafficking and other crimes, which includes the blackmailing of leading politicians, academics, industrialists and military officials. He says that the recent Trump administration action to sack 46 District Attorneys was due to their inaction in moving forward with such prosecutions.

Alternatively, the Russians, the Chinese, or smaller nations could begin the Antarctica announcements, if negotiations drag out and the U.S. fails to move forward. The former nations are part of what Corey describes as the Earth Alliance. This group has rapidly grown in prominence with economic power mounting in Asia as global Cabal/Illuminati’s power centers in Europe and North America continue to gradually wane.

This is best illustrated by a battle that took place over Antarctica skies in early 2016. It began when Teardrop-shaped ships came out of the sea in the Ross Ice Shelf area and sought to escape into deep space. These ships flew out of bases belonging to a corporate run space program called the “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate”.

The ships in turn belonged to the Cabal/Illuminati, who are allied to another program called the “Dark Fleet”. They were filled with global elites seeking to escape anticipated global chaos caused by upcoming Solar events.

Dozens of delta-shaped craft suddenly appeared as the Cabal/Illuminati’s Dark Fleet vessels reached the upper atmosphere. The teardrop-shaped ships were badly damaged in the battle and had to turn back and return to their Antarctic bases. Corey said the delta-shaped craft inflicted far more damage than thought possible by such small craft.

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US Air Force Officials Investigate Claims of Secret Navy Space Program

Source: Exopolitics

Officials from a highly classified U.S. Air Force space program that operates a space surveillance system around the Earth, are seriously investigating whistleblower claims, especially those stating that the U.S. Navy has secretly developed a parallel space program with kilometers-long craft belonging to eight battle groups capable of deep space operations.

According to secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, a senior official from the Air Force program who he calls “Sigmund”, has been conducting “information exchanges” with Goode to learn about the alleged Navy space program and rumors of it cooperating with Nordic and other extraterrestrial groups,

Previously, Goode reported that he first encountered Sigmund in a series of military abductions that began in January 2016, when a triangular shaped antigravity spacecraft landed near his Texas home, and two Air Force personnel from the vehicle forcibly took him into the craft. Goode was subsequently interrogated and chemicals were injected into him to force him to reveal the source of his information.

After publicly emerging in March 2015, Goode’s claims had come to the attention of a highly classified Air Force Space Program, which closely cooperates with other U.S. military entities such as the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Goode calls this interagency collaboration the Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC SSP).

The MIC SSP is entirely separate to a more advanced Navy Space Program known as “Solar Warden”, which Goode says he served in during a “twenty year and back” tour of duty from 1987 to 2007. In previous reports, Goode has discussed at length the activities of Solar Warden and its interactions with visiting extraterrestrial civilizations.

During the initial abductions, Sigmund was trying to ascertain the source of Goode’s information which had revealed highly classified information about the MIC SSP. In earlier reports, Goode also described how Sigmund and his subordinates chemically forced Goode to out several operatives working for the Solar Warden program.


The nature of Sigmund’s interrogations of Goode began to significantly change when Sigmund determined that Goode’s information was, at least in part, accurate, and that he was not part of a disinformation program belonging to a rogue element of the MIC SSP.

Sigmund subsequently began an “information exchange” with Goode that first occurred in “meetings” during the latter part of 2016. Goode was given information about Antarctica and the intense power struggle within the U.S. national security system involving the 2016 Presidential election. Goode wrote a report about one of these information exchanges that was published on December 11, 2016.

On March 16, Goode gave me a detailed four hour briefing about his ongoing meetings with Sigmund and/or his two subordinates from the MIC SSP, which occur on a regular basis to the present day. The information provided by Goode was originally going to be released in “Endgame 3”, and was passed on to me in order to get the information out.

The scope of the information revealed by Goode is breathtaking in its national security implications for the U.S. and the rest of the planet. Consequently, this summary will be the first in a series of articles describing the information Goode has acquired through his “information exchanges” with Sigmund and/or his subordinates, and the latest activities participated in by Goode.

The overall context for the “information exchanges”, according to Goode….

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It Appears Partial Disclosure is Rolling Out

Source: TruthEarth

It has become obvious that the PizzaGate scandal isn’t going to die down as popular voices with large audiences like David Seaman continue to charge on with the might of Thor’s Hammer.

I am finding that there are more technologies, that were described by David Wilcockrecently, being released and there is more attention being diverted to Antarctica lately. We already know what the Cabal’s plans are and we have the power of the alternative media to push back against this flagrant attempt to thwart justice and delay Full Disclosure/The Event.

This is a good sign that the Cabal is out of time and the possibility of disclosure happening as per Cobra’s intel a few months back is becoming more of a reality. It is inevitable regardless though because of the Cabal’s plans being outed and full disclosure just being part of the whole plan to liberate this planet…

“Many groups are working behind the scenes to ensure complete success of Full Disclosure. Dragon sources have communicated that „they and other groups are working on bringing about disclosure officially in the first quarter of 2017.“ When asked an opinion about this date, the Resistance has said „we can not comment on this“, the Pleiaidans have said „it is possible“ and the Sirians have said „it will most likely take longer than that“.

Therefore, be aware that this time frame is NOT my estimate when the Breakthrough occurs, but an educated guess from one of the groups I am working with. Although generally the protocol of the Resistance is not to publish any dates and time estimates in this blog, they have made an exception this time for reasons they can not yet disclose to the public.”

We don’t know everything that is going on behind-the-scenes but if we follow the headlines like I do we can see many developments in this direction.

As I mentioned there were some pretty cool technologies being released and debuted on various mainstream websites which I will include below:

Aerospace manufacturer Bell Helicopter unveiled their rotorcraft concept at Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas this week

Bell’s Helicopter via Daily Mail

The aircraft has an anti-torque system in the tail boom designed to improve safety, reduce noise and improve its performance

A ‘New’ High-Tech Luxury Helicopter by Aerospace Company ‘Bell’

(Daily Mail) “Aerospace manufacturer Bell Helicopter unveiled their rotorcraft concept at Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas this week.

The FCX-001 aircraft’s frame is made from advanced sustainable materials, a hybrid power system, with a piloting system that can be controlled through augmented reality and an artificial intelligence computer assistant.

The passenger cabin has individualized entertainment systems, allowing passengers to watch TV, hold video conference calls and share documents with other passengers.”

And then from the same website we have a self-driving car that is basically a small living room with ample seating and arrangements for several guests:

(Dail Mail) “A ‘global startup’ which makes electric racing vehicles unveiled plans Friday to sell a fully autonomous electric car in the US market by 2020.

The company called Nio, founded by Chinese entrepreneur William Li and with offices in Silicon Valley, Europe and China, unveiled a prototype of the vehicle called Eve at the South by Southwest tech conference in Austin, Texas.

According to a Nio statement, the car will be ‘a digital companion, a robot on wheels’ equipped with ‘an artificial intelligence engine with an intuitive human interface, providing verbal and visual connections both within the vehicle and with the outside world.’

It will use its glass panels as ‘an augmented vision for occupants and for new kinds of entertainment,’ according to the company statement.”

I already included the quad-copter in a previous article which you can check out. The pictures and show room is similar.

Corey just posted an update on Facebook in regards to the Vault 7 information being released by Wikileaks, which I would remind everyone is less than 1% and only part 1 of what they have ready to throw at us. We can be certain that there is some real damaging things in there. As I mentioned in a previous post I was calling this the beginning of the data dumps and Corey confirmed this today:

“It is obvious that the Data Dumps have began. We will not get the full data dump as the SSP Alliance was pushing for. It is turning out to be more of a strategic cluster of data dumps. We expect it to be a “tit for tat” document release war in the beginning. The Cabal will most likely release a batch of data against certain member groups of the Earth Alliance next. Both sides will attempt to discredit the sources that present data against them which will further confuse the public. There are plenty more “Vaults” to come as this covert hot war moves to being an overt hot war. CG.”


Russia Today has compiled the key revelations that have come from these dumps so far which I will post below:

  • A treasure trove of spy material 

The details provided so far by WikiLeaks read like a program hell-bent on gathering information that could be used to exploit security vulnerabilities in tech made by some of the world’s biggest manufacturers.

  • CIA ‘hacking arsenal’

Labelled a “hacking arsenal”by WikiLeaks, the documents offer information about a CIA Engineering Development Group (EDG) tasked with developing a “global covert hacking program.” The program includes ways to gather “geolocation, audio and text communications” from phones without people’s knowledge.

  • Assange offers to coach companies on CIA tactics

In a livestream Thursday, Assange said WikiLeaks is prepared to offer its technical expertise to companies that have suffered “billions of dollars of damage” as a result of nation-state hacking.

“We have decided to work with them, to give them some exclusive access to some of the technical details we have, so that fixes can be pushed out,” he said.

  • Digital Geneva Convention 

Outside of a scramble to secure products and maintain consumer trust, the WikiLeaks revelations have led to more broad suggestions on how to stem seemingly runaway government surveillance.

One such idea has been a so-called “Digital Geneva Convention,” mooted by Microsoft president Brad Smith in February and then promoted by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during a Vault 7 video stream.

More evidence that a house cleaning is taking place is the recent move by Trump to order all remaining Obama-appointed prosecutors to be fired immediately:

(New York Times) – “The Trump administration moved on Friday to sweep away most of the remaining vestiges of Obama administration prosecutors at the Justice Department, ordering 46 holdover United States attorneys to tender their resignations immediately — including Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan.”

The consequences of just this leak alone have reverberated throughout all corners of the world; economically, socially and so on. We should mentally prepare ourselves for much more, with no fear of course. This is what we have been waiting for! I would encourage everyone to keep their eye on the prize and keep doing what you’re doing. A balance of love and understanding of our fellow beings here will be very important in these coming times.

One more thing I’d like to add is a headline from one of my favorite disclosure websites DailyMail in regards to the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system released by NASA recently. Apparently they have a picture, or a cluster of pixels I should say, of one of TRAPPIST-1’s planets or its star. My favorite part of this article is the headline:

Humanity’s first look at TRAPPIST-1: Kepler images revealed as NASA sets its sights on seven alien worlds that could contain life 

So let’s get ready to cancel out any attempt by the Cabal to steer us into a partial disclosure with the power of our voices, blogs, YouTube channels and every other type of Neo-Gutenberg Press we can get our hands on.

Update: Here is an interesting comedy skit from SNL this morning 3/12 that I found titled ‘Alien Attack Cold Open’. They discuss telepathy and they depict the ETs as green-skinned reptilian-looking which I thought was an interesting choice. President Trump along with the military are battling these green-skinned ETs for control of the planet and humanity. I highly recommend this:

Thank you for reading everyone and much love! Victory of the light!


Source: Sphere Being Alliance

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host,David Wilcock. We’re here with Corey Goode, and in this episode, we’re going to kind of go into dessert instead of always just eating dinner, the dessert being what happens when we have life after Disclosure.

Here to talk more about it is Corey Goode. Corey, welcome to the program .

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: We spent a lot of time talking about aspects of your testimony that are going to be very hard for people to swallow given the learning curve, the amount of novelty of what you’re describing, how unusual this is.

Are you seeing a positive future coming out of all this stuff that we’re doing on this show? I guess that’s where we should start.

1 Corey

Corey: Well, whether our future is positive or not is still in play. That is fully up to us. But I think that what we’re doing on this show, and what others are doing in this field, are definitely bringing us closer to some sort of a Disclosure.

David: You mentioned that we may not have a positive outcome, and that depends on us. Could you be a little bit more specific, because that’s a little provocative?

Corey: Well, people that heard my update, heard me speak in my update, when Tear-Eir said that there is an optimal timeline that we are trying to achieve, but us as human beings, our co-creative consciousness, are directing us on this path.

So if we don’t get out there as a community and help raise the awareness and consciousness of others, then we’re not necessarily going to find ourselves on that optimal timeline.

David: Well, I guess then before we get to dessert, what would the suboptimal timeline potentially look like? Are we dealing with a catastrophic type of reality at some point?

Corey: It’s speculation. We don’t know. There are so many different realities that we could create for ourselves. As a group consciousness being, we haven’t decided where we want to go yet, and we’re in the middle of making that decision right now.

David: So let’s say that that consciousness starts to make better choices. What would be some of those steps that would be maybe a more predictable through-line of Disclosure?

So what might people start to see that you could say now that they can go back and say, “Corey said that and boom!”

Corey: Well, we’re definitely going to start having more reports, photos, video, of these triangular-shaped craft and some of these oval-shaped craft that they use. They are planning on doing a Partial Disclosure event to where they’re going to just tell us about a program that they have in low-Earth orbit – a couple of satellites and these triangular locus craft that take off that the Air Force controls.

David: But wait a minute. You’ve never mentioned on this show, at least, triangular locus craft. What do you mean by that?

Corey: Well, these triangular craft that people see that everyone labels TR-3B.

2 TR 3B

David: Okay. So you mentioned two satellites?

Corey: Yes.

David: Let’s talk about that for a second. This is part of what you’re calling the lower-levels Secret Space Program?

Corey: Right. And the technology of these satellites, which they’re stations. They’re space stations. The last I heard, there were two. And they’re being serviced on a daily basis by these triangular craft.

David: Obviously cloaked or something.

Corey: No, not necessarily. They have perspective in their favor. If you have a triangular craft, it’s at 90,000 feet, flying fast. You’re not going to be able to discern what it is.

David: It’s almost just like one pixel in human vision.

Corey: Right.

David: Right.

Corey: Right. So we’re on the verge of this DIA, NSA program being revealed, and the technology will be maybe 50 years ahead of what we have right now. It’s barely more advanced than the International Space Station.

David: What are we looking at? You say a satellite. People could think of a rolling tin can with some solar panels on it. That doesn’t seem to be what you’re talking about.

Corey: No, no. They have manned satellites where they’ll switch out crews. Two, three people will be on some of these satellites, but they also have larger space stations, circular space stations.

David: Circular.

Corey: Yeah. But that’s a part of what I’ve been calling the Lower Level Military-Intelligence Program.

David: So what would be the next step? Let’s say that you are proven correct, and they announce that there are International Space Station-type things but bigger and a little more advanced, and they announced that flying triangles exist.

Where does that get us? I mean . . .

Corey: Well, that would get us just a little bit into the Partial Disclosure timeline.

David: Okay.

Corey: That is what these groups are working for. They want a Partial Disclosure, that this type of information to come out, no information about aliens in the beginning, and then slowly give us chunks.

If you remember back . . . Was it around 1980 when we first found out about the Stealth Bomber?

David: Right.

Corey: Everybody’s, “Oh, that’s real cool.” And then it became old news very quickly.

David: Right.

Corey: They’re expecting the same thing to happen with this Lower-Level Secret Space Program.

David: Do you have any idea of what some of the increments might be after we become comfortable with the idea of these circular satellites and triangular craft servicing them and visiting them?

Corey: I really don’t. I know there are a lot of different plans that are being negotiated. Pretty much the Earth Alliance and these secret Earth syndicates have come together and agreed on something, and that something being humanity cannot take a Full Disclosure event.

It would be chaos, and they’re right. It will be.

A Full Disclosure event is not going to be a “Kumbaya moment” where everyone holds hands and we’re all excited. It’s going to be very disturbing, upsetting, and it’s going to be a process that us as humanity, we’re going to have to work through.

David: If we had the data dumps that you had mentioned before that had been prepared, would those data dumps involve a Full Disclosure if they did happen?

Corey: Yes. Yes. The data dumps are the full data.

And they’ve now decided, because of the different kill switch for the Internet, ways to bring down electrical grids to keep the information from getting out until they remove it from the system, they have decided that they’re not going to do an all-in-one data dump, document dump.

They’re going to do it in spurts, and most likely, it’s going to be a tit-for-tat kind of data dump release – the Alliance releasing information about the Cabal and theirselves, but mostly looking negative about the Cabal.

And the Cabal’s going to say, “Hey, wait a minute. We weren’t the only ones with dirty hands. Look what this so-called Alliance has been doing the whole time.”

David: So in a life after Disclosure, one of the things that probably will happen based on what you just said is some sort of understanding on a mass level that there was an organized cult running world politics. Do you think that’s in the cards as part of the Partial Disclosure?

Corey: No.

David: No?

Corey: No, not as I’ve heard it described. They’re going to try to keep all of the worst stuff hidden, you know, the crimes against humanity, all of the things that they’ve done here on Earth to people to keep the secret.

That kind of stuff, they’re not going to want in public for a while.

David: When we get to the point that extraterrestrials start to become involved in this, how do you see that changing our society?

Like for example, you’ve talked about Ambassador Mica in some of our earlier updates, and he’s describing what happened to his planet. And I know that you’ve met with him more than since the last time we had updates.

So could you get a little bit more into what the really big picture perspective is like, not just this drip, drip, drip disclosure, but once we really truly have gotten through that horrible, breaking-through experience, and we get the full knowledge of what’s going on.

Corey: I think that is going to take a generation or two. I mean, we’re so programmed in our different belief systems, the way we’ve lived and the way we’re programmed to worship.

It’s going to be very difficult to bring in beings that we would consider higher than us, spiritually, technologically, without us feeling this compunction to give away our sovereignty or to worship them.

David: Right.

Corey: We’re going to have to overcome that as well, and that’s going to take a while.

David: Or to want to destroy them.

Corey: Or . . . yeah. And Ambassador Mica said that in the beginning, they don’t expect us to have open arms towards non-terrestrials.

They expect us to be very leery of any being not from this planet.

David: Now, the Blue Avians, at one point, had told you that the Alliance was not to be attacking any ICC or other faction facilities in our solar system because it was going to be handed over to humanity.

Corey: Right. The entire infrastructure is going to be handed over to humanity once we’re gotten through this process, and we’ll be a “Star Trek” civilization overnight, because all the infrastructure is already up there.

David: Is there any type of standard boundary around the experiences that people have when they’re brought into secret programs and they first come into contact with an extraterrestrial being?

Is there a sort of subset of predictable reactions that they take when they’re actually brought into that for the first time?

Corey: Some of the people, they will just drop them into the situation with non-terrestrials, but they usually acclimate them first. You’re told, “Yes, it exists.” You’re shown a picture. You see video. You read more information about them.

And then you’ll see one far away, and then you’ll see one closer. You know, they acclimate you to the situation if they want you to be an asset.

If you go through this process, you’re going to be laying on the floor sucking your thumb for a little while, and you’re no use to them.

David: If they just throw you in?

Corey: Right.

David: Are there people that have had psychotic breaks if they get thrown right in?

Corey: Absolutely, yes. That’s a fairly common thing to happen when people especially meet some of these very upsetting-looking non-terrestrials.

David: Are there unfamiliar smells that they experience when they meet those beings?

Corey: Very strong ones, yes. Yes, especially the reptilians. Ah, they’re horrible! They’re horrible. They smell like this musky urine smell, and it is just horrible.

So, yeah, I mean, your eyes, your brain’s going to have to deal with what you’re seeing, what you’re smelling, what you’re hearing from them.

David: I remember Pete Peterson describing that there’s sort of an involuntary vomiting reflex that you have to really fight not to have when you meet an unfamiliar looking, intelligent being.

Corey: Even if they’re nicer, benevolent beings, for a while, until you get used to them, you’ve got this very sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. It’s just . . . Something just doesn’t . . . It just feels wrong. It doesn’t feel right.

You know, they’re not supposed to exist, and here you are working beside them. So it takes a while for you to get used to being in their presence.

David: So the other day, I was here, and I watched you taping “Open Minds” with Regina Meredith. But you said something really interesting I’d never heard you say before about the money system.

And you said any planet that has a money system is basically what?

Corey: A controlled planet.

David: Ha, ha.

Corey: Yeah, it’s going to be a prison planet. On these planets to where they’ve had freedom, they’ve gotten completely away from a Babylonian money magic, because it’s only there for control. And if you don’t need control, it’s useless.

David: Wouldn’t you say that a lot of people who might be on the more winning side of the money system would have very strong resistance to the idea that people they think of as lowly or lesser than themselves would now have equal power and equal opportunity as they do?

Corey: Well, I believe, before we get to that point, we’re going to have some sort of an economic shift, that we’re going to go to a new economic system first that’s going to be controlled in the East, that we will have a time where we’ll have a jubilee – there will be debt forgiveness.

People will get a certain amount of money depending on how much damage they had suffered from the control system that was set up.

So a lot of people now that enjoy sitting back, calling theirselves millionaires or billionaires, when that happens, they may find that ‘poosht’, all of that has been erased, and they may be on a more equal playing field with everyone else.

David: Wow! Are you saying . . . I think you’re saying it, but I want to try to pin you down a little more that this jubilee is part of the plan?

Corey: Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. That’s been a part of the negotiation from the very beginning, and we’ve been hearing about it for years.

You know, “Next month there’s going to be a crash and a new system’s going to be set up.” We’ve been hearing about it forever. That’s been going through negotiations all this time.

David: How would they calculate what your level of damage is from the Cabal? I’m not sure I understand that.

Corey: Well, if you’re in a country that has suffered more than other countries, you’re going to get more of a boost to try to bring you up to an equal level.

David: Ah.

Corey: One of the things they are describing right now, as a part of this Partial Disclosure and change in the financial system, is to also level the playing field in the monetary system to where every country’s money system is going to be valued the same.

That’s still in negotiations because a lot of them want it to be based on some sort of a GDP-type situation.

David: Right. So this financial system change . . . Now I’ve heard about what’s called SDR, or Special Drawing Rights, and the idea that currencies get thrown into a “basket”, quote, unquote. And the basket represents, like you said, the level of assets that a given country has, and then that weighs in its percentage of how much equity their currency has as part of this global system of trade.

Is that seeming to be the direction that this is going?

Corey: Yes, that’s definitely in the negotiations. They basically have come up with an overall, “Okay, this is what we’re agreeing to do.” And they’re starting the process.

But all the fine details, they’re still negotiating, you know, deciding exactly what information, when. And that will be negotiated all the way throughout the process, because if they give us a little bit of information and react in this way, they wanted us to react in another way, then they’re going to change the way they’re seeding the information to us.

The information is going to be delivered in a mind-control kind of a way. That’s what they plan on, anyway.

David: And you believe that this is a widespread consensus that’s now been reached amongst the Alliance.

Corey: Yes. A lot of them honestly believe that it would be irresponsible to do a Full Disclosure event because humanity just wouldn’t be able to handle it. And that is the reason behind why some of these Alliance groups are agreeing with these syndicate groups.

They honestly believe that it would destroy society.

David: How much extraterrestrial involvement is there in this discussion? In other words, are these Alliance groups meeting with certain benevolent or negative ET factions and involving them in the discussion?

Corey: No. What’s really happening is like these syndicate groups, they’re meeting with non-terrestrial groups.

David: Okay.

Corey: And the Alliance, they’re meeting with non-terrestrial groups. But when they come together to do their negotiations, they’re all basically proxies of these non-terrestrial groups.

They’re there with those groups’ agendas in mind in the negotiations.

David: Hm. Now, you’ve mentioned the possibility of debt forgiveness, but then you’ve also said that they don’t want to disclose any of the occult involvements of this Cabal.

So how would we get to a point that we are acknowledged that we’ve been screwed and we’re given reparations?

Corey: Right now, the majority of humans on this planet are so mind-controlled that they don’t even listen to conspiracy theory. So this is something that they see they could do in a feasible way.

David: I don’t see how they could tell us that we’ve been screwed by the Cabal and give us reparation payments without the occult aspects also . . .

Corey: Well, some of the occult stuff will come out.

David: Oh, okay.

Corey: Some of it will, but not all of it. They’re going to control what comes out. So it will be nice, bite-sized pieces for the masses.


David: When we’re looking at the things that you said to us, I am consistently amazed at how many other insiders were telling me this stuff, totally off the record, before you ever came onto the scene.

What are some of the oppositional elements that are starting to come out against you now as a result of the work that we’ve done on this show? What is being attempted?

Corey: Well, I was informed that there is a campaign going on that is going to discredit as many SSP whistleblowers as possible so that they will have a better chance of success in doing this Partial Disclosure.

David: Why are they trying to knock down SSP whistleblowers right now?

Corey: What’s about to occur is that there is going to be a revelation of a Secret Space Program, and they’re going to say it’s “THE” Secret Space Program.

And this is the one that’s ran by the military-industrial complex. It’s controlled by the NSA, DIA and the Air Force.

David: Now, let’s say that we actually achieved Full Disclosure at some point. What does the world look like after Full Disclosure? Let’s just start talking about that.

Corey: After we’ve dealt with all the consequences of Full Disclosure?

David: Well, yeah, I guess it’s a complex discussion, then, because it’s not just what happens after it’s over. It’s what happens as we start to get it.

Corey: Exactly. Yeah, if we get a Full Disclosure, as I’ve said before, it’s going to affect the psychological and emotional state of everyone on the planet.

It’s going to be a rough time, because everyone that has their personal belief systems, they’re all going to be challenged immediately.

And then we’re going to find out we were lied to, and we’re going to wonder, “Are we being lied to now?”

We’re going to have a whole process to go through.

David: Now, you yourself have said that you were told you would be shocked by some of the things that would come out, that they’d even surprise you in a Full Disclosure scenario.

Corey: Yeah. If it’s going to be something that will surprise me after I’ve heard about all the slave trade and all these other dark programs, then that’s not something I’m looking forward to hearing.

David: Let’s just say that we are going to use Mica’s people, who you’ve discussed in previous episodes, as a statement for how we are going to proceed through this.

I guess one question, first of all, is, what does it mean to defeat the Draco exactly? It seems that the MIC has the technology to do that now. We’ve talked about that. They can shoot down ships and so forth.

Corey: That’s not enough.

David: What is really involved in it?

Corey: What you have to defeat is the control mechanism of the Draco or what is controlling the Draco, and that is the artificial intelligence. And when we’re able to wipe out artificial intelligence and it can’t back itself back up and reinfect people and other beings, then that’s the only time that we’re really going to be able to say that we have a chance to defeat the Draco.

3 Corey And David

David: Well, I know that Mica’s people seemed to have said there will be training given to certain individuals for the defeat of the Draco. So that doesn’t seem to just involve doing an EMP strike on AI.

Corey: In conventional military terms, if you go in and knock out the technology, you still got to go in and physically take the infrastructure. So if we knock out . . . the AI is knocked out, we still have a group of beings that have been serving the AI.

And that’s probably going to be a good time to hit them, because they’re going to be confused once they’ve lost the group that they report to.

David: Do you think that these beings can live if the nanites in their bodies short circuit? Are they still biologically functional?

Corey: I believe that, yes, they are still viable –

David: Really?

Corey: – a separate biological entity, yeah.

David: Okay. So what is that going to look like? In terms of whatever Mica’s people ended up doing, did you ever get anything specific from him about whether they took out the AI first and then went after the Draco, just like you said?

Corey: Yes. The AI was taken out by solar activity.

David: Really?

Corey: And then the military, which they had a military at that time, rose up and took out the Draco when they were in a confused state.

David: Hm. What could that world look like where we’ve had an EMP that takes off the AI influence? Are we now seeing Draco flying around in the sky? We know where they are? Are they now trying to overrun the Earth?

Are we seeing them instead of them always hiding like they were before? Is that part of what’s going to happen?

Corey: Yes, they would be revealed and also exposed and on the run.

David: Wow! Now, Mica looks like a man of African descent based on the art that you commissioned, more or less . . .

4 Close Up Of Mica

Corey: Sort of, yes.

David: . . . with some maybe Asian features also. Do they have more of a homogeneous look to them on their planet than we do here, because it seems like we have very sharp differences in racial phenotypes?

Corey: They have other races and looks as well . . .

David: Oh, they do?

Corey: . . . to their group. Yes. He mentioned that there was genetic diversity, and they had different species.

David: Different looks, different races.

Corey: Right. Yeah.

David: Interesting. So at this point, we’re saying that there is a solar flash that knocks down AI, but you’ve also described before that the solar flash should have really remarkable effects on human consciousness.

Corey: Yes.

David: So how do those two things fit together? What is the effect on human consciousness that will start at the same time that we begin trying to extricate ourselves from the Draco problem?

Corey: Well, if we didn’t have these energetic influences, just getting this Disclosure . . . and after the solar flash alone, would send our consciousness into overdrive, because our consciousness has been suppressed technologically by these negative groups for so long.

But pairing that with these energetic changes that are occurring, we’re going to start becoming much . . . it will be much more difficult to pull the wool over our eyes to begin with.

And deception is how they’ve ruled us all this time. And if they can’t deceive us anymore, we are empowered by the truth.

David: You also have said, when we’ve talked about this consciousness shift, that there is a very upsetting, jarring aspect to it – the sort of “if you throw up, you’ll feel better” side of the story.

Let’s go back to Mica’s people now. Did Mica’s people have that experience?

Corey: Yes, it was very rough.

David: Really?

Corey: It was. And they had these other guardians that came in to help them. They called them guardians, but some of them were beings from nearby planets that came in and helped them in the way that they want to help us.

David: Really?

Corey: Yeah. So they received assistance, but they were given a time to process the information before these beings came in and started working amongst them and helping them.

David: So I still am having a little trouble understanding. If the solar flash goes off and people are thrown into some sort of disconcerted state as they adapt to this new consciousness, what does that look like as a planet?

And what does that look like in terms of . . . if the AI has already been taken out when that happens and now everybody’s disconcerted, everybody’s having a dark night of the soul, how does that transition into defeating the Draco? I’m not sure I get that.

Corey: The way it was described to me, they are left in complete confusion, complete disarray. They don’t have the natural pecking order to contact and find out what they’re suppose to be doing because who they report to is going through the same thing they are.

David: So in a consciousness sense, this is almost like them being knocked back to caveman level.

Corey: Well, let’s put it this way. If a solar event happened and there were no aliens here, we’re so dependent on technology that just imagine the disarray we would be going through.

They’re even more dependent on technology. They are controlled by technology. So it’s going to be many times worse when that technology is removed.

David: Some people who are watching this show are going to be saying, “Hey, what about amnesty? What about clemency?”

Aren’t some of these beings, if they’ve been totally stripped of everything they had, we find out that they really disliked what they were in and they don’t want to be part of it, are we going to have amnesty for those beings or is there going to be like a rehab possibility for them, some sort of imprisonment where they can’t do harm but they’re able to rehabilitate?

Or is it more like a genocidal cleanout?

Corey: You know, how we handle things is going to put us, as a species and a planet, on one path or another. If we handle things, you know, scorched-Earth, kill everybody that was involved, then that . . . you can’t get a positive out of a negative.

If we start off on the wrong foot, then we’re probably going to end up on the wrong path. So I’m not an advocate . . .

David: I would strongly disagree, yeah . . .

Corey: I’m not an advocate of clemency at all, but at the same time, we’re going to have to find some sort of middle ground. I mean, we’re just going to have to.

And that’s something we’re going to have to do as a people together.

David: I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s a big, big mistake, in light of everything we know from The Law of One and how the Blue Avians appeared to be the embodiment of that source, it would be a huge mistake for us to act like everyone is equally guilty and everyone should just be murdered.

Corey: It’ll be very difficult for us not to react that way, though. As a species, when this information comes out, people are going to be beyond angry.

David: That’s very understandable. So the context for our discussion also includes that I just wrote this book, “The Ascension Mysteries”, which for people who are out there saying that you are the only guy saying this, I put an incredible amount of stuff together of other insiders that are all saying the same things that you’ve been saying.

There’s a lot of unknowns about this solar event, and I go into a lot of detail about ancient teachings, which in some cases seem to imply – and this would include the Bible – that whatever this solar flash is, our bodies are changed into something more energetic.

It’s a very discontinuous event in which maybe one part of the Earth goes through a cataclysm, but then people on this other layer of time or something do not experience it.

Corey: Well, the way it’s been put to me several times is that this shift is a consciousness shift that occurs. And because we have a co-creative consciousness that interacts with matter, the matter, our bodies, will change in a progress afterwards or during.

David: Well, we have statements in the Bible, for example – and I’m going to go to other texts as well – but the Bible says, “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God”.

And the Kingdom of God, of course, turns out that it means outer space when you correct the translation of “Elohim” and the translation of “heaven”. Okay? So flesh and blood cannot inherit this new reality that we’re going to change into.

You have the Zoroastrians, and they talk about phoscorite, this solar flash. And they say, the wicked are consumed in it as if they’re burned in fire, but that the just go through some sort of transmutation.

In the Bible, book of Matthew, it says that people are burned as if . . . you know, that the negative are burned as if they were wheat or weeds tied up into bundles and burned in the barn.

So you say a consciousness shift. Based on those Bible quotes and some other things that I’ve just been alluding to, how far of a shift are you hearing that this is going to be?

Corey: There are going to be immediate changes, but it’s going to be a gradual shift. Mica’s people did not all of a sudden start levitating and flying around after this occurred. They had to go through a process, and it occurred just like evolution, but it happened extremely quickly.

David: Well, what I’m also interested in is The Law of One speaks extensively about that there is a separate and habitable fourth-density sphere of Earth that is activated on when this happens, and that we now live on that sphere, and that the third-density sphere becomes no longer habitable for human life.

So it does appear that we’re hearing about a very major splitting in which one level of Earth is catastrophic but another level of Earth is activated and can now be lived on. And it’s like a hologram of the previous one, but at a higher vibration.

Corey: It could be. I know that with Mica’s people, things did not unfold as their ancient teachings had expected exactly, so we may be reading too much into it. It may not mean exactly what we think it does or what we want it to mean.

So there are a lot of unknowns, like you said, about this solar flash and exactly what is going to occur immediately.

His people, they’re still flesh and blood. They’ve been gaining all of these abilities – able to telepathically connect with each other. Their life has extended a little bit, and they expect it to keep progressively extending.

They’ve gone through this process and are still going through this process, according to what Mica said.

David: Do they have telekinetic abilities starting to form?

Corey: No, no. They can’t fly around or move objects with their minds yet, but they have the ability to communicate telepathically, and they have a much deeper understanding of the universe than they had before.

They see concepts from a totally different perspective now.

David: One of the things that we’ve heard about Ascension is this idea that the veil is dropped, and we now have awareness of our other lifetimes as well as the one that we’re in.

I’ve had it explained to me from the beings themselves that it’s as if you have an unbroken continuity in the astral plane in your spiritual form that goes from lifetime to lifetime, and that once you go through this, it’s as if you re-access that greater part of yourself.

The limited human mind is now unlimited. You have access to this other part, and you remember being that person.

Corey: Mica stated that they became in closer communion with their higher selves, that right now, we have a hard time connecting with our higher selves, most of us.

David: Sure.

Corey: After this event, they had full access to their higher selves or what they would consider full access after what they had before. So . . .

David: Do you know what that looks like? What does that mean?

Corey: I think it means that there is a veil also between yourself and your higher self.

David: Sure.

Corey: When that is removed and you are able to commune with your higher self, then you’re going to have access to all these past life memories and future life memories.

David: Did he ever explicitly tell you that they now have access to parallel lifetimes or other lifetimes?

Corey: No.

David: Okay. But you strongly assume that they do?

Corey: Yeah, I surmised that your higher self is going to have a recollection of who you were in the past. And if you have direct communion with your higher self, it stands to reason to me.

David: How quickly do angelic beings come on the scene, beings that are obviously non-physical, energetic beings that are of a significantly higher level?

Corey: Immediately after the flash occurred, they had guardians come in that were associated with the Sphere Being Alliance, . . .

David: Really?

Corey: . . . that didn’t physically interact with them as much as they were there to make sure everything stayed status quo in their star system, to make sure that no other beings came in and took advantage of them going through this process and taking advantage of them in any way.

David: When we have talked about the Super Federation before, you mentioned that as these solar flashes happen, there is sort of an interstellar rescue operation that takes place from these Super Federation groups that are doing their genetic, long-term projects.

Is that part of what you’re describing now or is that something different?

Corey: He did not describe anything like that. What he described was these two guardian races basically coming in and I guess being like police that don’t interfere.

These groups wanted Mica’s people to solve their own problems and fix things on their planet just like they want us to.

David: So what did the tyranny of the Draco look like for them on their planet?

Corey: They were controlled by sort of like a new world order. They didn’t have different countries that might war with each other. Everything was controlled by one government on their planet already at that point.

David: And it was similar to what we have here where the government is people like them, but they’re controlled by the Draco, . . .

Corey: Yes.

David: . . . which is in turn controlled by AI?

Corey: Yes. And he said, towards the end, it became more overt that the Draco were controlling everything. But I guess it’s kind of like people waking up here. We’re becoming more awake. That’s what occurred on his planet as well.

David: So once we see this flash occur, you’re saying that positive beings of some kind come in and make sure that nobody can mess with the process.

Corey: Right.

David: What does that actually look like for the people? How do they trust what’s going on? How do they know what this is?

Corey: For the most part, they don’t know that there’s a guardian race that’s come in to oversee their process.

David: Oh.

Corey: Yeah, they’re oblivious to it. There will be people in their society that will know about it, kind of like Mica knew what was going on. But for the most part, they don’t know.

They’re focused on their planet, on their healing and making it through this process.

David: Did Mica’s solar system also have these sphere assets come in to help transition it?

Corey: Uh huh. They went through the exact same thing that we’re going through.

David: To what degree do they have access to technology compared to where we are now? How much has that changed for them?

Corey: That changed almost overnight. Because like what’s expected to occur here, all of the technology they had was basically made inoperable during these solar pulses that occurred.

And they had to start over again. And when they started over again, their technology started becoming more of a consciousness-based technology – much more advanced.

David: Hm. And you’re saying that’s also expected to happen here?

Corey: Yes. Yes, once all of this technology that we think is modern is removed – we have these different Secret Space Programs that have built out an infrastructure that . . . What’s going to happen to this infrastructure during this solar pulse?

So we’re going to go from using electronics only to using different types of technology that is consciousness-based. And KaAree’s people are doing that with . . . they use crystals and different types of stones that somehow they’re able to interface with, and with their consciousness effect change on another object or being.

David: There was a whistleblower associated with the original Disclosure Project where he was tasked with remote viewing, and the job of his group was to create a communications system that was telepathic because there was an anticipation of a great solar event that would make electrical equipment inoperable.

So my point being that we’ve had other insiders come forward who are also anticipating here that this is going to happen.

Corey: If you noticed, President Obama signed a very interesting executive order.

David: Yeah.

Corey: In this executive order, Obama stated that all of these federal agencies needed to prepare for solar flares or geomagnetic disturbance that would bring down not only the electrical infrastructure, but would affect technology long-term.

So they’re building EMP devices to test it in probably a city near you at some point.

David: And most people who watch this show are probably savvy enough to know that there was this thing in the 1800s called the Carrington Event. At the time, we only had telegraph lines, and it melted everything, just from a solar flare.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So this is a very serious concern. What do we do without technology? I mean, do these beings that show up help us once we lose all our toys so that we don’t just become totally bereft of the basic necessities for life?

Corey: If we put out a calling, then we’ll have beings help us. But during this time period, they fully expect us to be untrusting of other beings coming in bearing gifts after we had just broken the control system of another non-terrestrial group.

David: Did that kind of thing happen with Mica’s people as well?

Corey: Uh-huh. Yes.

David: So they went through a period in which much of their entire technological infrastructure was stripped from them?

Corey: Yes. And then everyone was in a bad psychological state. They had to overcome the technical issues and the psychological issues. That’s saying a lot. That’s a lot to overcome.

And they were able to overcome it and flourish.

David: What are the most likely time windows of when we would expect this solar flash to happen here, because it obviously is going to happen?

Corey: Yes, it’s going to happen. When I was in the programs, they had a window of between 2018 and 2023. And most recently, I heard that they had stretched it to 2024.

David: Meaning that that’s not when it’s going to happen, . . .

Corey: The window.

David: . . . but that’s the last of when it could happen.

Corey: That’s the window they expect it.

David: 2018 to 2024.

Corey: Right.

David: It does appear, from what you’re saying, that this would create some losses of life, especially perhaps in countries that are really, really dependent on the immediate usefulness of their technology to provide basic goods and services.

Corey: Well, think about all the different health technologies that are used to keep people alive. When that technology is gone, yeah, I expect that there’s going to be loss of life.

And these new technologies aren’t just going to appear. It’s not going to be like, “Oh, we lost all of our technology. Oh, here’s a zero-point energy device.”

That’s going to take a while to roll out as well. And that is something that Mica did talk about was that the new technology . . . there was a period of time where they were developing this new technology from . . . they had kind of secret programs as well . . . that there was a lot of physics that their general population didn’t know about, just like we don’t know about.

David: Did Mica’s planet have something akin to a military-industrial complex with a space program?

Corey: Yes.

David: That was secret?

Corey: Yes. They were very militaristic. And within a generation, they were able to get rid of their military altogether.

David: Did the Draco also weaponize that military and try to use it for interstellar combat?

Corey: Yes.

David: Interesting.

Corey: It was mentioned that there was a karmic tie-in. Right now, we have people, human beings, flying alongside the Draco in other star systems or in between star systems, causing problems.

We’re going to have to pay for that in some way.

David: Well, I wouldn’t necessarily think that people who have never contributed to that would be equally karmically liable as the people who did participate in it.

Corey: No, but as a society, the whole society is receiving the karmic backlash at the same time.

David: Right.

Corey: It’s going to affect everyone.

David: Mica’s people obviously went through a pretty difficult transition based on how you’re describing it. What is the feeling you get when you meet one of them now?

What do they look like? What’s their energy?

Corey: Completely beaming with love, and the vibration is completely different than ours. And also, their mind . . . They don’t have 10% of their processor dealing with all of this negative stuff, or more of their processor.

Their processor is fully focused on continuing this transition. They are able to focus like this now after these AI and other control mechanisms were removed from their planet.

David: And yet, despite them having this sort of benevolent, beatific, meditative consciousness, you say that they actually like us.

Corey: Oh, yes. They’re very excited and look very forward to interacting with us and helping us make this transition.

They do want us to not be fearful of the transition, but they would like us to understand that it’s not going to be what many of us think it is going to be – just a flash of light, angels everywhere, and then it’s over.

David: And then we suddenly act like Jesus and have all his abilities.

Corey: Right. It’s going to be a process.

David: Interesting. All right. Well, this is some of the stuff that I love to hear the most. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and we’ll see you next time.

ENDGAME II: The Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins

Source: Divine Cosmos

The Establishment is threatened like never before. Are they about to disclose advanced, hi-tech ruins under the ice in Antarctica, and a limited secret space program, to try to save the New World Order agenda?

This is some of the most surprising, fascinating and relevant inside intel we have ever posted. Multiple groups have urged us to get this out as fast as possible, and here we are.

The story is so incredible that you may need to just treat it like a sci-fi movie… but even if that’s the only level you can accept it at, you should still find this to be a most fascinating read!

[UPDATED 12/12: Fixed animated GIF for “Sun Cruisers” and added new images of “The Banished.” New Antarctica disclosure article linked at end!]


By Corey Goode and David Wilcock




The truth is exploding across the internet. Millions are learning for the first time that there really is a “negative elite” running the planet, engaging in child trafficking among other heinous crimes.

The Cabal’s brazen efforts to completely destroy this information are quite surprising to the millions who are only now discovering the scope of the problem.

Although this information is extremely disturbing, it is also true. The only way we can heal as a planet is to face it and deal with it, individually and collectively.



Part One of ENDGAME has spread more quickly than anything we’ve ever written before, getting its first 100,000 views in less than 31 hours, hitting 180,000 in five days, and topping 10,000 Facebook Likes.

Perhaps not surprisingly, my (David Wilcock’s) page was completely deleted off of Wikipedia after publishing this expose’. It was always heavily compromised but now it doesn’t exist.

Our goal in Part One was to create a unified resource of information to show how rapidly the Cabal / NWO / Illuminati’s whole agenda is plummeting.

Even if you have read and understood the data in Part One, you still have only identified one small (and very negative) aspect of the “Big Picture.”

The full story is much deeper than most people could even imagine – and reads like an epic series of sci-fi novels with great surprises in each new volume.



If you are a viewer of our weekly Gaia show Cosmic Disclosure, or have been following previous updates on Corey Goode’s intel, then you are already familiar with this new reality.

Corey’s experiences are so highly bizarre that most people identifying as skeptics couldn’t even follow us more than 10 percent of the way – if that.

Nonetheless, Corey’s intel has checked out with what many, many other high-level sources have leaked to me over 20 years of time. The truth is extremely surprising and complex.

The intel also dovetails beautifully with the material in the Law of One series, which I have scientifically validated in three different published books with over 2200 total references.

The Cabal has now taken the incredibly brazen step of black-listing 200 highly popular sites, including Gaia, our main portal for disclosure TV episodes.



They are using Google, Facebook, Apple, Snapchat and other assets to prevent you from ever being able to find these sites—even if your friends wanted you to see them.

YouTube has begun aggressively taking down every person posting videos on this scandal, including all three we mentioned in Part OneDavid Seaman, “Reality Calls” and the Alex Jones video.

This is the work of a third-world fascist dictatorship—hardly what we would expect in a democracy. If this was truly all just a big misunderstanding, why are they being so aggressive?




Why would Gaia have made it onto the “short list” of 200 Cabal-banned sites if Cosmic Disclosure was just a big joke?

How did we end up threatening the media elite enough that they literally do not want you to have any chance of finding it – even if your friends sent you the link on Facebook or Gmail?

From the world we are working within, the answer is simple. Child trafficking and “spirit cooking” at the highest political levels is still just the very beginning.

The whole subject of UFOs, ancient civilizations, advanced technology and ETs has been strictly controlled by this very negative Cabal.

Much of this classified information is incredibly positive and uplifting – including the idea of an imminent, mass human evolution that many refer to as Ascension.



The Cabal is the proverbial dragon guarding the huge pile of gold and treasure, and the gorgeous virgin being held prisoner.

If this group wasn’t restricting our access to information, we would be living in a vastly more interesting world right now – with much greater technology.



By working around Corey for an average of one out of every six weeks over the last two years, I have seen ample evidence that he is telling the truth — as he has seen and experienced it.

We have endured death threats, betrayal, financial hardship and incredibly toxic abuse. This journey has not at all been fun or easy for him, nor for me.

This is a spiritual war, not just a physical one. The Cabal is messing around with very real forces that are extremely negative and can influence those around us.



It is all too easy to make mistakes and “authorize” attacks to come your way from these same forces.

In my case it comes mainly through the interference of others. This has been extremely difficult and exhausting, but it all reads as fairly mundane stuff in the worldly sense.

In Corey’s case he has had very horrible physical experiences that most would consider paranormal, including being abducted by various human or ET groups.

The only way we can protect ourselves is to try to have as positive and loving of an attitude as possible. Nothing else is sufficient. It is a moment-by-moment discipline.



We also have five different major categories of groups that are now feeding us intel and requesting our assistance. We will learn more about each of them as this update goes on.

Each of these groups is fighting as hard as they can to transform our planet, and have suffered horrible casualties along the way:


1. The Earth Alliance. This is the group Dr. Pieczenik spoke on behalf of in Part One. It is comprised of brave fighters in all 15 of the US intelligence agencies, and many international factions.

2. The MIC SSP (military-industrial complex secret space program). This is a series of factions that believed they were the “only game in town,” up until recently. They are about to be publicly revealed.

3. The SSP Alliance. This is a breakaway group within an SSP that is much more advanced than the MIC version. The SSP is controlled by the Cabal, but the SSP Alliance is definitely not.

4. The Inner-Earth Alliance. There are several different human ET civilizations living in huge caverns beneath the Earth’s surface. Each racial type we see on earth appears in these groups.

5. The Sphere Being Alliance. This is a group of super-advanced ETs that have been called “The Guardians,” and manage the spiritual and physical affairs of entire solar systems.


It is not easy to have requests consistently coming at us from all five of these different groups, with the message always being that each new piece of intel is extremely urgent to disclose.

We keep getting pounded with obstacles and challenges while trying to navigate and meet these expectations.

Despite periodic lapses in both of our productivity levels, Cosmic Disclosure has continued to come out with a new episode every week, uninterrupted.

We are now under direct attack by the Cabal, as they are trying to wipe us out of existence with a total internet blacklist.



Gaia has several weekly shows, with more on the way, as well as over 7000 unique pieces of inspirational and truth-telling media to watch.

The speed and function of the Gaia site has improved considerably and if you have ever thought about signing up for ten bucks a month, we need you now. Thanks!

With AirPlay, an inexpensive Roku box, a Google Play, a Playstation or an Xbox, you can watch it on your big-screen TV in crisp, clean HD and hardly any delays.



What we are hearing from various insiders now is that the Cabal is on the verge of total defeat – for the first time in our entire global history.

The Alliance has become ever-increasingly powerful as more and more people defect to it.

The Cabal knows they are out of time and as of right now, they have largely completed their negotiations on how they will surrender.

At the same time, the Cabal has dirt on the Earth Alliance that they do not want to see go public. Therefore it has turned into more of a truce, where we will get part, but not all of the truth.



This is what we have been calling Partial Disclosure. We are against this happening and will continue fighting for Full Disclosure, which will be much better for everyone.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are aware of what we’ve disclosed, and no one has freaked out about any of it. The excuse that “you can’t handle the truth” is nonsense.

The SSP Alliance, Inner Earth Alliance and Sphere-Being Alliance are all pushing for Full Disclosure as well, which they call the “Optimal Temporal Reality” for our future.



The Partial Disclosure plan includes some admission of wrong-doing, an outing and punishing of mid-level people, and a beneficial global financial reset.

The cosmic aspect of the plan appears to involve three key revelations, perhaps in different stages:

1. A formal, public disclosure of the MIC SSP. They have two large, cloaked orbital platforms, flying black triangle craft, and the ability to travel throughout our solar system.

2. The unveiling of ancient, high-tech ruins in Antarctica that have been newly excavated. This will prove that “Atlantis” was very real, and far more advanced than we thought.

3. The revealing of extremely ancient ruins – over 1.8 billion years old – within the Earth and throughout our solar system, often made of a crystalline transparent aluminum alloy.


Although this sounds pretty awesome, and would be a great leap forward, this is still only a “Partial Disclosure” that leaves gaping holes in our understanding.

Another potential plan that is in the “optional” category involves the possible disclosure of a single ET group known as the “Tall Whites.” This is the group that Charles Hall and others have met up with.



The Cabal might try to introduce us to this group, explain they have been around for a really long time, and hope that they can get us to follow a mystical new religion offered by these beings.

This would definitely not be in humanity’s best interest.

The rapidly-escalating downfall of high-level elite human trafficking rings is bringing these issues to the immediate forefront. The Cabal has run out of time – and they know it.

For many years they have planned on using a partial disclosure to distract and inspire the public if the full nature of their crimes were to become known.



Much of the history and scientific research to support this data, as well as the Full Disclosure version, was written into my new book The Ascension Mysteries in an effort to help the Alliance groups.

The partial disclosure scenario may not include any active ET life operating around us today.

The MIC SSP’s party line will be that apart from ancient visitors, or perhaps an occasional “Gray” or “Tall White,” we are alone.



The first two episodes of the recently re-booted X-Files TV show were a veritable blueprint for the “partial disclosure” of the MIC SSP and its entire belief system.



The MIC SSP does not have the technology to travel outside our solar system, so we would still be kept in a box – just a slightly larger version.

The SSP has much greater technology that could heal our planet. The Cabal could still secretly pursue their depopulation agenda as the partial disclosure unfolded over a 50 to 100-year period.

The Cabal is hoping to re-brand itself as the “good guys” as this partial disclosure scenario rolls out. It is their last and only chance to save their agenda.

Without further ado, I will hand the microphone over to Corey, who will continue our story from here with my co-authored input. It is well worth your time to learn about what is going on.



By now you probably are aware that I, Corey Goode, am a 20-year veteran of a Secret Space Program (SSP) that has technology vastly superior to anything we see in the open world.

David Wilcock had been gathering a variety of insider testimonies for nearly 20 years when I began disclosing everything I knew to him in October 2014.

He was able to validate my testimony by having heard many of the same things from other high-level insiders, at Cosmic Top Secret level and above.

The majority of this insider testimony was completely off the public record and did not appear anywhere online, nor in any alleged fiction in the public domain.



There were so many points of correlation that we stopped counting somewhere after identifying about 60 different highly specific examples.

David’s knowledge of hyper-classified intel similarly convinced me that he was in contact with people who had experienced the same world that I had.

He gained these contacts through being a highly public scholar in UFOs and alternative science who had proven, over many years, that he could be entrusted with confidentiality.



The level of secrecy involved is so high that it is hard for most people to even begin to imagine the world of the SSP.

An experience inside a true SSP base, on Earth or elsewhere in our solar system, would appear very similar to a scene from the movie “Men in Black” or “Guardians of the Galaxy.”



An ever-increasing number of seemingly fictional movies, television shows and video games are preparing us for an eventual disclosure.

Some groups on Earth have been aware that we are not alone, and have remained in active contact with extraterrestrials, for thousands of years.

Many more became involved when the Germans developed flying saucer technology, with ET assistance, in the 1930s.

A vastly interconnected “breakaway civilization” has since developed, almost completely without any public awareness.



William Tompkins was unaware of me or any of my testimony when he wrote Selected By Extraterrestrials.

Ours has strictly been an Internet-based story, and Tompkins is a 94-year-old veteran who is not online.



During WWII, he debriefed 29 different US spies embedded in the German SSP at the time.

There are many astonishing points of correlation between what the two of us are saying – again, far beyond any likelihood of chance.

Interviews with Tompkins were conducted for Gaia before he knew anything about my testimony, but it all lines up beautifully.

There are several episodes where we compare these knowledge bases, and the results are very surprising.



I had basically been “out of the loop” in the SSP since the late 1980s, except for a number of encounters with them in the 1990’s and early 2000’s that were all very brief missions.

Much to my surprise, I was brought back into this world approximately four months after David and I began comparing notes.

I was taken to a base on the Moon that I was already familiar with, entitled the Lunar Operations Command or LOC.

By this point, David had gathered the bulk of my testimony together and had thoroughly briefed the senior management of Gaia on the story.

I was quite surprised to discover that an Alliance had formed within the SSP that wanted to share their remarkable technology with the general population of Earth.



This Alliance partially arose out of the SSP faction I worked within, known as Solar Warden.

There are a total of five different SSP factions, and Solar Warden is made up of members from all five of them.

The “Solar Warden” code name was also discovered by the hacker Gary McKinnon and was independently verified by William Tompkins.



The SSP is already engaged with a diverse community of over 900 different humanlike civilizations that they have regular, ongoing trade with, as well as less frequent contact with many others.

I became a conduit for the SSP Alliance to speak with a group of highly powerful positive ETs that had remained mysterious up until then.



These beings arrived in hundreds of gigantic spheres parked throughout our solar system. The spheres have been coming in since the late 1990s, and have remained cloaked ever since.

David was aware of the spheres ever since they first arrived, as they were often being seen on NASA’s own SOHO satellite and were referred to as “Sun Cruisers.”



No other ET group had anything that was anywhere near this large in size, so it naturally was quite a source of interest.



The “man on the inside” who ended up bringing me into this world again has been given the pseudonym Lt. Col. Gonzales for security reasons.

He had experienced in-person contact with the Sphere Beings while in the SSP at about the same time I had experienced similar contacts while living here in America.

Gonzales did not report these encounters up the chain of command for some time. Nor did I tell anyone about what I had experienced.

In late February 2015, the Sphere Beings asked for me by name through Gonzales. He did not know who I was, and his superiors had to look me up and figure it out.

Up until I was requested by name, the “Sphere Beings” had completely refused to interact with the SSP Alliance – even though the Alliance felt they were trying to do something positive for humanity.

The negative ETs will seek out contact with the most wealthy, powerful elites on earth to promote their tyrannical, dictatorial, service-to-self message.

The positive ETs seek contact with those who can help share their message of love, peace and service to others.




I effectively got thrown into the middle of a debate between the SSP Alliance and the Sphere Beings.

Furthermore, the Sphere Beings wanted me to serve as their ambassador, sharing their perspective not just with the SSP Alliance, but with the general public on earth.

They are here to help guide us through an epic human evolutionary event that many call Ascension.

I have been told this will involve a massive release of energy from the Sun that triggers advancements in DNA and consciousness.

Wilcock’s new book The Ascension Mysteries has references to ancient prophecies of such an event from many different cultures.

The giant spheres are a form of living technology that is used to help smooth out this transition as much as possible.

Without the help of the spheres, such a transition would likely be catastrophic and largely unpredictable.



The main ET group I have interacted with has been the Blue Avians – a race of humanoids with large eyes and birdlike blue feathers on their bodies.

We have since discovered that this is the same group that presented itself to the Egyptians, through avian-looking humanoid ‘gods’ such as Ra and possibly also Thoth.



Their originally positive teachings were greatly distorted into the negative, as was described in the Law of One series.

William Henry found ancient depictions of Blue Avians in Egyptian and other cultures, as reported in Cosmic Disclosure.



Bird-headed humanoids are seen in Babylonian and South American inscriptions as well as those of Egypt.



Certain Bible passages describe Archangel Gabriel as having a bird-like appearance.

Native American cultures also reported contact with “The Bird Tribes,” and the Japanese had the “Tengu bird-men of the mountains.”  



The Blue Avians are one of five mysterious, highly advanced ET races that are associated with the giant spheres.



Additionally, the Blue Avians have now absolutely confirmed that they were responsible for the creation of the Law of One series from 1981-1984.

This was a series of 106 question-and-answer sessions between a Ph.D. physicist and UFOlogist and an extraterrestrial intelligence communicating telepathically through Carla Rueckert.



David had been studying the Law of One material heavily since 1996 and had already written two New York Times best-selling books on its complex science before we ever started speaking.

With that being said, the main Blue Avian I am in contact with, Raw-Tear-Eir, has given us a warning about quoting from the Law of One as if it were a religion.

He said many people are starting to “quote chapter and verse” from it, and use it as a belief system that all new information has to meld with or be questioned and possibly rejected.

They made it clear that there are certain distortions in the Law of One material that came from the people at L/L Research who presented it.

If we make it into a bedrock belief system, it can create a personal religion that can be damaging for the individual in their emotional/ spiritual evolution.

Ultimately we must all exercise our own discernment and choose for ourselves what the truth is, without ever worshipping any particular document or source.



It is also important to note that David has had telepathic contact with these same beings, such as through nightly dream analysis, ever since November 10th, 1996.

Due to cosmic laws of free will, David has still never experienced the type of in-person contacts that are now happening to me.

He has been given a roadmap of stages to go through that could lead to these contacts, and writing his new bookAwakening in the Dream appears to be one key part of that process.

Since I had already been a part of the SSP in the 1980s, it did not violate my free will to be brought back into it later in life.

This almost obsessive focus with preserving free will is a regular element in every session of the Law of One series.



This story is complex and multifaceted, far beyond anything I would ever dream of trying to invent.

This has also not been a profitable move for me to make.

I would have had a significantly higher income if I was able to go back into the IT field instead of continuing to fight for full disclosure, as I am now doing.

In the course of this work as an ambassador, I have come face-to-face with the highest levels of both the positive and the negative sides of this battle.



Some of these experiences have been so profoundly unpleasant that I can only laugh when people say they wish they could be in my shoes.

The full narrative arc has been traced out in Cosmic Disclosure, our show on Gaia, as well as in these updates and at David’s website,



I have also met up with an alliance of human-looking beings living in huge, habitable caverns inside the earth. My main contact therein is a priestess named Ka’ Aree.

As described in previous updates, I also recently was introduced to an ambassador from a planet in a nearby star system that recently overthrew their own negative-ET-driven tyranny.

His name is Ambassador Micca. They are now working, predominantly through dream contacts, to help educate us on how to achieve our own freedom from these malevolent beings.



Lt. Commander Gonzales was my original contact with the SSP Alliance and he continues to pass along intel at this time, as seen below.

He originally presented himself as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. This was his cover ID, and I recently found out he was actually a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy.

Lastly, I have been interacting with a more earth-based SSP that is run by the military-industrial complex (MIC).

The MIC SSP is unaware of the greater space program I was a part of, as we will discuss.

So now, without further ado, we will pick up where we left off in the previous update at and inprior episodes of Cosmic Disclosure.



Once again in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 26th, I awoke to find that I was walking in the parking lot behind my house.

This type of sleepwalking technology is standard fare for the military-industrial complex (MIC) space program group that has been contacting me in the recent past.

I immediately noticed the same stealth-looking MIC wingless craft that I was taken in last time. It was parked in the same place it had been in the last time I was taken.



The same two airmen greeted me and asked me if I was physically able to walk up the stairs.

Since I had almost fallen after my knee buckled the last time they contacted me, they seemed as though they were being overly cautious.

I went up the stairs, entered the craft and was brought to the familiar room where I had been chemically interrogated before.

This naturally caused me to feel extreme anxiety, since the original interrogations I went through were not pleasant to say the least.

I was asked to sit in the same seat and was buckled in. Once again I was helpless, shackled into the same chair where I had suffered greatly in the past.

I soon heard the craft power up and we lifted off fairly quickly.




A few minutes later the older military man who was in charge came into the room. Since he has white hair and a white goatee, we have decided to call him Sigmund in an homage to Freud.

Sigmund stated that he was a bit perplexed at the information he had received from our last encounter.

In addition to “enhanced interrogation” through chemicals and technology, he had previously taken blood, hair and skin samples and tested them for trace elements, using very advanced methods.

The lab results once again confirmed that I had been in the approximate off-planet locations I had claimed.

The MIC space program people do not have any intelligence suggesting I had ever actually visited these locations. I was never a part of their program.

For this same reason, Sigmund clearly could not believe what he was seeing. My tests proved, beyond any shadow of doubt, that there was much more to the secret space program than he knew.

As a high-ranking superior officer, this naturally came as quite a shock to him. He was led to believe that he had access to all relevant compartments of the classified world.



The people in the MIC space program have been taught that theirs is the only one that exists. They believe they are the top of the crop, the best of the best, the be-all and end-all.

Since there is a plan in place to disclose their existence, we will now reveal as much about them as possible – so you can get a sense of what they do and don’t know.

They are aware of the existence of Luciferian cabal groups, practicing very advanced black magic on a global scale.

This includes exacting protocols of performing specific ceremonies at specific times. It also involves “hiding out in the open” and telling us what they are doing in symbolic form.



Events like the Grammy Awards, the Super Bowl half-time show or the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies are used to broadcast occult images to millions of people.






This, in turn, ‘authorizes’ the negative forces they are working with to exact greater control over the earth, and enhance their worldly power – as long as no widespread resistance develops.

They do this through seeding our co-creative consciousness with their agenda. Our collective focus is the root power of their magic.

The MIC people often believe that they are literally engaged in a Biblical war against an ancient evil that has taken control of much of the Earth.



The MIC SSP has at least two large space stations in earth’s orbit as well as a number of manned satellites.

They are roughly circular in shape and are large space stations with enough facilities for many people to work in various labs and so forth.

They are also reported to possess floating aircraft carriers that look exactly the same as what we saw in The Avengersand Captain America: The Winter Soldier.



They have black triangular craft that can travel around our solar system, as well as other stealth-looking varieties.

This technology makes them feel that if anything else was going on in our solar system, they would be able to see it.

When they see the crafts from other programs, or of any of a number of ET races, they are simply told that these craft are ours.

They are told that they are not on a need-to-know basis about that particular program and not to speak about their sighting with anyone.



The Cabal is a very, very intelligent group. They built the MIC SSP from the very beginning to be disclosed at some point, as a protective deception to hide the deeper-level SSP.

If anyone in the MIC SSP ranks made unwanted technological or informational breakthroughs, they would be quietly plucked out – just as occurs here in our own level of the cover-up.

Therefore, no one in the MIC SSP will successfully discover portals that take them outside our solar system – as one of many examples.

Certain areas are cordoned off to them as no-fly zones – so they do not see the advanced ET civilizations that already exist in our solar system.



If someone sees something they shouldn’t have, and the idea that it is “one of ours” doesn’t stick, they very likely would disappear – or be re-assigned.

The Cabal knew that if the people in the MIC SSP truly believed what they were being told was the whole and complete truth, none of them could ever threaten the Partial Disclosure scenario.

They could come forward and fight vigorously against any alternative view of reality, because they believed in their heart and soul that they had been given the whole and complete truth.

This is precisely what was happening with Sigmund, the commanding MIC officer who interrogated me, as we will review in a minute.



The MIC SSP are told that we cannot travel outside our solar system.

This is due to gravitational and energetic conditions at the boundary of our heliosphere that make any escape impossible with their current technology.

NASA has already revealed gravitational anomalies with our Pioneer deep space probes as they travel closer to the boundary of our solar system, setting the stage for this announcement.



The MIC folks are also told that there is no need for us to go anywhere else, as we are already surrounded by an “embarrassment of riches” beyond our wildest dreams.

There are many impressive prehistoric intelligent ruins to explore here – from what they call the Ancient Builder Race. The oldest of these ruins date back more than 1.8 billion years.



Most of their members believe that any ETs have long since come and gone from our solar system. The only exception is time travelers from Earth’s own future who have come back and visited us.



The MIC SSP is made up of different military and intelligence groups that have varying levels of knowledge of ET’s.

Some think there are only four or five groups visiting us. Some don’t think any have been here for thousands of years.

The top brass of each branch have basic knowledge of 50+ other ET groups that have visited us.

This knowledge goes back to the 60’s and was standard info in the briefings then for NATO and the DOD, et cetera. It is much more complicated than can be summarized in a paragraph or two.



The mid-level personnel have been told that some humans who have time-traveled here from our own future now look like Grays.

This is due to evolutionary changes from having lived underground for thousands of years.

One of the partial disclosure narratives was designed to focus on this idea – namely that all the human-looking and grey-looking ETs come from competing time lines in our future.



The higher-ups usually know about a handful of ETs that are here now, but they are ordered to keep silent about it.

Some MIC SSP groups believe that we are all the blood descendants, to varying degrees, of pre-Atlantean human ET refugees that they call the “Pre-Adamites,” as we will discuss.

This is also a key feature of the belief systems of the various Cabal groups, at the higher levels.

The Cabal groups believe they have significantly more Pre-Adamite blood than the rest of us, and formed “royal bloodlines” and elite ruling castes as a result.



As Wilcock revealed in The Ascension Mysteries, one of his insiders has worked with the MIC SSP and has been thoroughly educated in their views, as we are explaining them here.

The MIC SSP people are also aware that an energetic change is occurring in our solar system. They expect that this will lead to a massive release from the sun in our near future.



The classic movie 2001 was intended to pave the way for the MIC program’s eventual disclosure.



If a sufficiently massive sighting or a well-publicized data dump from a whistleblower got traction in the mainstream media, the MIC SSP could have been revealed many years earlier.

2001 and 2010 installed all the key pieces of information we would be told, over time, in the aftermath of that eventual disclosure.



If you try to explain to the MIC SSP that a much more advanced space program is operating around them, it is akin to blaspheming a major religion in front of its devoted followers.



Now let’s return to our scene where I am now on the MIC SSP craft, hearing what Sigmund was telling me.

Sigmund revealed that he had been stationed at several classified military installations in Antarctica.

He had spent time in the very area where the Anshar (inner earth group) had taken me on a reconnaissance flight.

He stated that an extremely ancient series of cities had been discovered flash-frozen deep under the ice-shelf.

He confirmed that there were also many animals and “Pre-Adamites” preserved in the ice.



He described the Pre-Adamites as beings with elongated skulls, with strangely proportioned bodies that were obviously not designed for Earth’s gravity and atmospheric pressure.

When we combine this with what Gonzales told me earlier, and the academic research David compiled in The Ascension Mysteries, it does appear that some of these groups were giants by our standards.

Other hybrid groups may have been bred to have more conventional heights, and/ or adapted to Earth’s gravity over time by becoming shorter.



According to Sigmund, this Pre-Adamite group had apparently arrived here from another planet in our solar system that was no longer hospitable.

They arrived here approximately 55,000 to 65,000 years ago, and began to create hybrids of their species and the developing human population.

This fit beautifully with what Gonzales and others had already disclosed, which in turn became the central narrative of the second half of David’s The Ascension Mysteries.

What we now see as Antarctica was the seemingly mythical “lost island” of Atlantis.


The Buache map from 1754 depicts accurate sub-glacial topography of Antarctica.

No one in modern times even saw the continent itself until 1820.


Insiders tell us the Buache, Orontaeus Finaeus and other maps were copied over from ancient scrolls in the Vatican Library.


The earth shifted on its rotational axis, perhaps due to a nuclear war, and the water that inundated the continent quickly flash-froze into a gigantic ice shelf.

Sigmund stated that the hybrid survivors of this catastrophe — who were living on other continents at the time of the great flood – completely lost access to their ancient cities for over 10,000 years.

These beings then began to breed with the human populations in the regions they were stationed in at the time of the disaster.

One major faction of Pre-Adamites was constrained to the Americas, while the other survived in Europe, Africa and Asia.



The 29 embedded German spies Tompkins interviewed during WWII confirmed the Nazis were working with a violent, aggressive reptilian race.

This group is humanoid, but with reptilian features. They have been called the Saurians or the Draco, and pose the biggest problem for everyone in our region of the galaxy.

Surprisingly, the Draco have a central base of operations in our solar system – including huge under-ice facilities in Antarctica.



Hypothetical examples only. No one we know has seen the inside of these bases.


This makes Buzz Aldrin’s latest alleged tweet extremely interesting. We do now know that this tweet was disinformation, but the contents are still important to analyze.

We can prove that he had just visited Antarctica while wearing a shirt encouraging us to get to Mars ASAP.



We did hear that he was there to tour the Pre-Adamite ruins that are now on the verge of being disclosed to us, as part of this transition plan.

Aldrin fell ill and had to be returned home.



The disinfo begins with him allegedly tweeting a pic of an alleged Antarctic pyramid, with the words, “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”

If this had actually been real and not another internet hoax, it strongly suggested that he was briefed on the existence of the Draco, perhaps “off the record,” and it nearly gave him a heart attack.



My contacts in the SSP Alliance revealed that the Draco have finally allowed the US to excavate new Pre-Adamite archeological sites under the Antarctic ice.



They have also granted permission for the small number of surviving Pre-Adamites to access these areas once again.

These Pre-Adamite people look and sound just like us, except that they have elongated skulls that they must keep hidden if they are ever seen in public.

David asked me how many of these people still live on earth. As of now I do not have any clear intel on their numbers, but it is likely in the thousands, if not more.

The amount of ancient technology and information that has been found preserved in huge libraries under the Antarctic ice is staggering.



I was listening to Sigmund telling me his version of the story and watching his face as he shared the information.

He noticed me looking at him and wondering why he was sharing this with me. This caused him to break off from the current topic.

He then stated that the data they collected from me the last time we met had the telemetry that I had retained subconsciously from the reconnaissance flight under the ice.

This finally convinced him that at least some of what I was saying was true.

David asked me for clarification when I first wrote this. Specifically, I had witnessed information on the heads-up displays in the Anshar “Bus” craft I was riding in.

Under Interrogation, I was able to recall specific telemetry from those displays that proved to be extremely accurate – enough to meet Sigmund’s quality standards.



Sigmund then stated that he was going to alter my state of consciousness again to be able to dig deeper into my experiences and see what else he could glean.

I told him I would prefer it if he didn’t. I would be happy to answer any questions he had.

He ignored me and walked over to pick up a small device that had a metallic-looking cone at the end that looked like some sort of antennae.

He then put in some sort of ear-plugs and turned the device on. I heard the same high pitched noise that I had the last time.

At this point I lost consciousness, as has become the norm when this technology is used.

Whatever conversation I have with Sigmund under the influence of this technology is not available to me after it is over.



The next thing I am able to remember was walking back down the stairs of the craft, with both airmen assisting me down the narrow stairs to the parking lot.

I walked back home and went into my living room. A blue orb was zig-zagging around as if it was waiting for me.



This is a phenomenon that has been ongoing since this all started in February 2015. It is the transportation system used by the Blue Avians.

Many people are starting to see blue or purple orbs, just as I had been told would occur. This is a key part of our mass awakening process.

I indicated that I was ready to be transported and was taken back to the same Mayan Break-Away mothership I had been on before.



The Mayan Break-Away group started out in Mesoamerica, and thanks to a successful ET contact, they were able to migrate off-planet.

They have since become advanced enough to develop a unique technology that appears to be based on the use of stone and consciousness.



They act as a healing group that have provided treatment to Gonzales and many other survivors of SSP enslavement and torture.

There were now six of the Mayans in the room. Three of them were females. I had only seen a female on one occasion before with any degree of closeness.

Gonzales was standing over by the floating stone console looking at it, while a Mayan was working the controls.

He directed his attention to me and greeted me. He walked up and scanned me with the same black stone sphere that he held in his palm the last time.

He smiled and as he lifted it up, he said “Please focus your intention on the magic 8 ball”. He then scanned my head again while I tried to focus on the black stone sphere as he requested.

Once he finished his scan, he turned and walked over to the floating console and somehow placed the stone sphere into the side of it.

He then looked over at the Mayans. They then went into the next room where another stone console was floating, and gave us some privacy.




Gonzales stated that he was sorry he couldn’t share some of the details about why I was being abducted and interrogated up until now.

He stated that this was part of an operation that was seeding information into the ranks of this MIC SSP.

Apparently many of them are disillusioned and questioning whether or not they were indeed at the top of the intelligence totem pole, as they had been led to believe.

He stated that if this information gets to the right people within the MIC SSP, it could hinder the wider plans of doing a partial disclosure of their program.

These individuals now felt there was much more going on in “the programs” than they had been told.

Gonzales further communicated that I had to be unaware of this operation so the interrogators would not figure out this info was being given to them on purpose.

I had assumed that a similar scenario was behind why I had been kept so completely in the dark about what was happening to me — and why all of this had been allowed to occur by the SSP Alliance and the SBA.



Gonzales and I then talked about the conversation I had onboard the MIC SSP craft regarding the Pre-Adamites.

Gonzales confirmed that he had received the same intelligence from some of his SSP Alliance contacts.

The same data also appeared in the reconnaissance flight telemetry that the Anshar had shared with him.



Gonzales soon moved to another topic.

He stated that Cabal proxies had discovered pieces of ancient technologies hidden in time-capsules in many of the ancient Sumerian ruins.

These proxy agents completely razed these ancient ruins to the ground looking for these time capsules.


Sumerian ruin for illustrative purposes only. Notice height of giant man.


These groups not only found several pieces of technology inside the walls of these ruins, they also located some new sites buried below them that were much more ancient.

He stated that these artifacts were being stored in Mosul, Iraq at the moment.


Sumerian ruin in Ur. For illustrative purposes only.


He stated that one of the reasons such a vigorous battle is occurring in Mosul at this time is because various groups are fighting to recover these artifacts.

After these historical sites were destroyed, the Alliance sent operatives to other similar sites across the planet to do sonar scans and try to locate more of these time-capsules.

He stated that they were doing so in the dead of the night, and were using very advanced technologies to try to detect other anomalies around these ancient sites.



According to Gonzales, the ancient technologies that were discovered in Iraq had belonged to this Pre-Adamite group.

This group wants the return of these technical artifacts immediately, considering them to be their private and personal property.

However, certain factions who are now in possession of them will not turn them over.

These are earth human proxy groups that the Cabal had sent on the behalf of the surviving Pre-Adamites. They got the cosmic equivalent of “gold lust” when they saw the treasure.

What further complicates matters is that there are two different royal blood lines among these Pre-Adamites.

These two groups are in a type of competition over the control of the financial and political systems of various countries.

As I have said before, the people we are now calling Pre-Adamites all have psychopathic characteristics by our normal definition of the term.

The elongated “miter” hats everyone wears in the Vatican are one of the ways they have been able to conceal themselves while still operating amongst us.


The surviving Pre-Adamites apparently have blue eyes. For illustrative purposes only.



Gonzales stated that this argument over the Pre-Adamite ruins meant there was an obvious weakening of the Cabal’s “coalition”.

This split in the ranks of these global syndicates was being exploited by the Alliance.

It seems that many of these Cabal groups now see that their organization is about to be fully exposed and brought to justice.

The disclosures David mentioned in Part One did not happen by chance. They are the direct result of the hard work of the Alliance through outlets like Wikileaks.

It appears that many of these people are positioning themselves to cooperate with the Alliance during the prosecution phase.

This, of course, is a very helpful thing.

David and I have both consistently stressed that whistleblowers should be seen as heroes. It is very important that we not devolve into a witch-hunt mentality.



At this point the stone console behind him started flashing symbols in various colors of light. He turned his attention to the control panel as I noticed two of the Mayans entering the room.

All three of them walked to the floating stone console and observed the symbols appearing in an obvious sequence.

He glanced over at me and asked me if I was still having issues with my memory. I stated that indeed I had noticed difficulty in remembering things such as my children’s birthdates, et cetera.

His forehead wrinkled up a bit. He said he wanted to consult the Mayans to see what type of help they could offer.

He then smiled at me as a blue orb entered the room and zipped directly in front of my chest. He continued to smile as he waved good-bye.



I was taken to my living room where I again laid on the couch and fell asleep.



Over the next two days, I was trying to make sense of what occurred. I attempted to meditate on the experiences to see if I could remember what had happened while I was being interrogated.

On the following Saturday, however, I was completely distracted by another encounter with the “Banished” female that had implanted entity attachments in me months earlier.

This had been a highly unpleasant experience where I awoke to her being in a hotel room I was staying in with my family. Everyone else was fast asleep when this happened.

She was completely uninvited. As soon as she noticed that I was aware of what was going on, she was able to make me again go unconscious.

I had still been recovering from the removal of the entity attachment by Ka’ Aree a few weeks prior.

During this recovery time Ka’ Aree had contacted me a few times to let me know my vibration was out of alignment and they were having difficulty getting through to me.



Much of it had to do with the removal of entity attachments, but some of it had to do with some anger issues I had towards an individual who I was working with.

I was still carrying around a bit of trauma and resentment from my previous encounter with the Banished, and the number of weeks it took for Ka’ Aree to let me know I had these entity attachments.

Now, I found myself face to face with this same woman from the “Banished” group. I had gotten up extremely early to do some work while my family was still asleep.



I was once again sitting on my couch with my laptop on the coffee table.

Suddenly I felt static electricity in the air and looked over at the wall where my fireplace was. The wall was starting to warp and bend.

I stood up and backed away to the other side of the coffee table from the wall.

Right where the wall was warping and bowing inward, the same tall blonde female came walking through.



She was taller than I thought I remembered. She was a good 3 or 4 inches taller than me and was wearing a very revealing outfit.

She said “Don’t be afraid, I am Marra and I mean you no harm.” I just stood there slack-jawed in disbelief.

I was both intrigued and a bit afraid after our last encounter. She sensed how I was feeling and smiled as if she was pleased by it.



She narrowed her eyes and smiled even bigger and began to walk towards me. I had part of the L-shaped couch behind me and the coffee table in front of me.

I was thinking of an escape route when all of a sudden there was a brilliant white flash.



When my eyes had adjusted, I immediately saw Ka’ Aree and two men from the Anshar group approaching Marra, who now had a frightened and shocked look on her face.

I looked around and noticed that I was in a smaller domed room that had one door that was covered by the “hard light” force field. I had been portaled into an Anshar inner-earth city.

The two Anshar men escorted Marra out of the room and down a corridor. I was still feeling some of the after-effects of fear and anxiety from the moments in my living room with Marra.

Ka’ Aree walked briskly up to me, placed her hand on the side of my face and looked into my eyes.

I immediately began to calm down and my rapid breathing and heartbeat subsided. I asked her why the Banished was back, and what was her intent.

Ka’ Aree stated that her intentions were not honorable, and that they intervened for good reason.



Ka’ Aree then stated that I would not be bothered by Marra again, but that I needed to keep an eye out for more of her kind who will come looking for her eventually.

I asked what would happen to Marra. Ka’ Aree stated that she will be placed in stasis until upcoming events had fully played out.

She then gave me a hug and put both of her hands on my shoulders.

She looked me in the eyes and told me that I needed to let go of my anger with certain individuals that I am working with, and to focus on getting my vibration back in balance.

She gave me that huge infectious smile of hers, and then patted my shoulders and told me she was sending me back now.

I was still a little bit shocked and confused from the encounter with Marra, and I’m sure my eyes showed it.



After another brilliant flash of light, I was now standing in the same place I had been in prior to the transport.

In the time period since my last update, and up until this point of reporting, I have been brought before Raw-Tear-Eir on three occasions.

Each of them had to do with the re-balancing of my vibratory state, and the frustrating behavior and actions of some people from my inner circle.

During these visits I was able to observe the cosmic scene and noticed that the giant blue spheres were becoming notably more translucent.

The nine metallic spheres were in about the same positions as they had been weeks earlier.



By this point we were getting fairly close to the time of the US Presidential election, which was indeed extremely contentious – as David had opened up with in Part One.

I had already been told many months ago that the SSP Alliance was in support of either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump winning the election.

Both of these men are aware of the Cabal, are not a part of it, and want to see it taken down for the betterment of humanity.

Just days before the election, certain allies I had in the FBI, DHS and FEMA reconnected with me.

They were very excited, because their data showed that Trump was likely to win.



This next phase of insider contact started a few days after I published my last update. It began with a series of hacking attempts on my home computers.

Three of the computers that I use for work began to pop up intrusion alerts. I disconnected from the Internet and ran a few security scans on them out of an abundance of caution.

I found out these Cabal groups have apparently been in a state of panic for weeks, as more and more has been leaked about their involvement in pedophilia and sex slave rings.

They are also organ-harvesting their young victims to sell on the black market. These are just a few of the crimes being committed.



The FBI has been quietly investigating these deplorable crimes for decades. David’s own insiders independently confirmed this to him, and it has now gone public, as we saw in Part One.

The FBI investigators had brought this evidence to several Attorney Generals in the past, only to have them tell the FBI to close their investigations.

The FBI soon realized that major changes would have to occur before they would ever be allowed to bring these people to justice.

The more they investigated, the more prominent and powerful names began to pop up.

It appears that these sex slave and pedophile rings have been associated with close to a third of everyone working in government organizations within the USA and the EU.

It was determined that any attempt to prosecute them would be met by roadblocks.



This appears to be one of the main reasons most of the FBI was behind Donald Trump in the election process.

They knew the Alliance was in favor of Trump becoming the next president. The FBI have been aware of the Alliance for some time.

The FBI believed that if Trump won the election, they would finally have their opportunity to bring this evidence to an Attorney General who would actually prosecute.

This was such a contentious election process that it caused a huge amount of anxiety for people on both sides of the political parties.




Since I had gone public, a few of my sources in the FBI, DHS and FEMA had broken off contact with me because of the crackdown on whistleblowers in the Obama administration.

The day before the election, all three of these people contacted me and told me that Trump would win.

They then began to share quite a lot of inside information with me about the above-mentioned investigations.



I have to admit that I was skeptical of Trump winning, and completely sickened by the details that were given about these pedophilia rings.

I was also a bit suspicious that all three of these individuals contacted me to share intelligence so soon after I was warned that a disinformation campaign against all SSP whistleblowers would occur.

It was clear that I would have to vet these sources all over again.



The following night I was as shocked as everyone else to see Trump actually win the election.

I was able to confirm through other sources that these three individuals were not attempting to discredit me. I then contacted them for a full download.

I found out that Soros is under investigation by the FBI for all he did prior to the election years before, and his involvement in the current riots.

Obama appears to be willing to agree to not pardon Hillary if some of his legacy is preserved somehow.

It appears Trump and Obama are keeping that option open, but I doubt it will occur after hearing all of the POTUS ties to the Clinton investigation that keep popping up.

There is a very unsettled mood among the Establishment types. This was not supposed to happen.

They tried to rig the voting, but underestimated the voter turnout for Trump.

David captured a photograph of the front page of Huffington Post, now controlled by Verizon, on Election Day. It showed a 98% chance of Hillary winning and a 1.7% chance for Trump.




It turned out that there were so many voters for Trump that it outpaced the Soros-owned voting machine “glitches” that they hoped would steal the election.

They had calculated that changing approximately one out of 100 votes for Hillary in the key “swing states” would be sufficient – and they were wrong.



I was clearly told that Soros was financing most of the riots right now, as I just said. There are also lots of revenge attacks occurring against Russia from Cabal-type groups.

I found out that things are very bumpy right now between the Alliance and Cabal. They were NOT supposed to lose the POTUS position.



As David shared in Part One, Dr. Steve Pieczenik revealed that the Alliance was behind the Pizzagate emails. They knew exactly what we were going to find when they leaked them.

The general population is being prepared for some very sickening information about all levels of influence in the US Government.

We are going to find out how many influential people (from BOTH political parties) in the US and the EU have been a part of this massive pedophile ring.



This sex-slave ring has also been used as a device to blackmail powerful people into paying large sums of money, as well as to influence how they make policy decisions.

Once these uncomfortable truths are disclosed, society will not only be ready for more of the truth, they will take to the streets to demand it.

Once we see how much is hiding below the surface and that this is just “the tip of the iceberg,” it will no longer be so easy for any power group to control the people.



Shortly after I renewed these contacts, my wife came in the back door at about 1PM CST and told me a drone was flying all around the back of our house.

I ran outside to see a white drone flying around getting a good look at our house and the parking lot behind us.


For illustrative purposes only. Not exactly how drone actually looked.


It then suddenly flew off quickly to its apparent take-off zone, which had to be pretty far away.

I had recently learned that there are similarities to electro-gravitic craft in the way drones operate and are controlled.

It was further communicated that some of these exotic craft have flight control systems that mimic game controllers or radio remote controls.



I was told that in our near future, we will see our skies fill with three and four-rotor aircraft that look very similar to the drones that are so popular right now.

I was also told these Tri and Quad-Copters would be almost completely automated, with advanced collision avoidance and auto-pilot features.

This scenario would be part of a limited and partial disclosure program. The Cabal had hoped this would result in humanity not being told about anti-gravity technology until some time later.

I was told that the rotors and motors on these drones could be replaced by anti-gravity technologies as they are declassified and become available.

These craft will be used quite a lot by the military and police as well as by various civilian industries.




My interest was peaked to the point to where I decided to purchase a drone of my own to learn how to fly them for myself.

Since I purchased a cheap drone that doesn’t have GPS, all I have done is crash it repeatedly.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that a drone was performing an open reconnaissance of my house so soon after I bought my own.

This visitation happened in the same week where I had purchased a cheap drone at a local electronic toy store, and only twelve hours after I had published my most recent report.



If you have read my last report, then you heard that a shadow revolution is occurring in the USA and is being supported by the Earth Alliance.

So much of this battle is occurring in the background and over the Internet that we are only now beginning to see it bubbling up into the open.



I think we should all be meditating on a smooth transition and a full disclosure for humanity.

Never before have the masses been so fed up with the corruption that is blatantly occurring right in front of our eyes, with no accountability.

We are witnessing the beginning of a grand transition. There will be growing pains for sure, but the end result should make it all worth it.

If we can navigate through this time period honorably, we will have set ourselves up for the Consciousness Renaissance that we have been robbed of for millennia.



Various world political and religious leaders have been brought down to Antarctica in the last year.

The new archeological finds are a major reason for this. They are excitedly taking tours of the findings.

According to sources, the Cabal plans on fleeing to an island in New Zealand, certain areas of South America, and Antarctica.

If so, these meetings may very well be a signal to the Alliance that key members of these Secret Earth Syndicates are preparing to escape justice from an angry American populace.

The Cabal had believed they could steal the election and once again escape their fates. They were wrong.



Perhaps the strangest development of all was when US top diplomat John Kerry flew down to Antarctica right on Election Day:…/28098262.html

Buzz Aldrin visited the ruins as well, and something caused him to fall ill and need to leave the area before he was scheduled to.

In this section of our fascinating new intel update, we go into even more detail about the Pre-Adamite ruins that have been discovered in Antarctica.

As it turns out, these “fallen angels” — the survivors of an epic off-planet war — deliberately landed in what is now Antarctica to take advantage of high-tech ruins that were much, much older.

The idea of all of this intel being exposed now is extremely exciting. The Cabal is already offering tours to their own people of the ruins, and for them it is like going to a cosmic adult Disneyland.



Corey had put together everything you just read in the first section before our latest Gaia taping. In fact, the write-up was an essential element of organizing his thoughts for our interviews.

Not long after we returned home from the taping, additional surprising experiences happened to both Corey and me.

I ended up with a planned power outage that was only supposed to last a few hours, but stretched on well past the time I had to go to bed.

Without electricity, the house became cold and dark, and I had to rely on my “prepper” supplies to live comfortably – which I basically did.



I saw that this could be a synchronistic warning of a mass power outage that would occur as we head into the final phase of the Cabal’s takedown.

There have been long-standing rumors of an approximately two-week power outage, perhaps a bit longer, as the Alliance goes through the final stages of arresting key Cabal operatives.



This is primarily intended to prevent them from fleeing and to minimize panic and civilian casualties during the arrest process.

Shortly after my power outage, Corey and I got talking via Skype text, and the results were Goode enough that we will close out our article with the notes of our conversations.

By this point, Corey had new experiences that added even more to our story – but he hadn’t had time to write them up yet.

We have slightly edited and improved our conversation in order to make it more readable and add greater context in certain areas.



[12/3/16, 2:14:11 AM] D: We just had a day-long power outage. Everything was pitch black and they didn’t turn it back on until after midnight, well after everyone had to sleep in dire cold.

What are your thoughts on the two-week power outage scenario? This seemed like a five-alarm fire-level warning telling me to get ready for it being a lot longer than one night.

C: That is why I delivered the message to have a minimum of two weeks of supplies. I am definitely ready.




D: It does also appear that the Cabal will create a financial collapse to further try to ruin Trump if nothing else works.

Pizzagate was the number-one story on the internet yesterday, as evinced by it being the top of Digg, which is a content aggregator. I photographed that.

This whole thing is unraveling very quickly.



The more the mainstream media keeps saying there is “no evidence and no victims whatsoever,” the more the kids doing this are waking up and fighting even harder. it’s very interesting.

So I am seriously wondering if the stuff could hit the fan BEFORE the inauguration.

They may not be able to hold it off that long and the Cabal may force things to come to a head sooner than that.



C: Things are actually moving at a snail’s pace in the background right now.

Just about all of the things we talked about that were being negotiated between the Alliance and the Cabal have now been agreed upon… mostly.

In the meantime, prepare to see tons of elite-connected people resigning from their jobs.

They will not flee the country, of course, but will “immigrate” to a safe zone out of protest of Trump being president and ruining all of their hard work, et cetera.



D: Wow. How recently since the election did they come to a full agreement?

C: Most of these agreements were final just before the election, once the likely outcome had become apparent, but many have occurred after the election.

D: Both of these data points can and should work their way into the update so it is current. I will see to that. Losing power for this long was like a massive cosmic reset point for me.

It does make sense that the Cabal would make an agreement once they see what is happening.

However, their core teaching is “betrayal is the first rule of the order,” so it is unlikely that they will ever accept any deal and actually do it.



C: I have now had well over a dozen confirmations that indeed a HUGE F-ING discovery was made down in Antarctica.

Indeed there are many, many types of ruins and artifacts strewn out across the continent/ group of islands and in underground facilities beneath the glacier-covered land.

D: Very cool.



C: The update is going to need an update to get current. But I can take care of that.

D: Did this Antarctica discovery get facilitated by icecap melting allowing new areas to be accessed, then coupled with digging, or was it just the result of excavation?

C: There was some melting but mostly years and years of excavating.

They use “Steam Blowers” to do most of their excavation of artifacts and to create new areas when they need to build, I was told.

D: They must have hit the mother lode recently if it took them years to get there.

C: Mother-f-ing lode!



D: That makes sense about the steam blowers. Are we talking about a Manhattan-sized area of buildings and working technological artifacts? That good?

C: Many square miles of ruins have been detected, with only a small percentage that has actually been excavated thus far.

D: So it’s not like the ruins were protected in some sort of dome under the ice and left undamaged.

They are all trashed up, I assume, but there are still things in there that can be pulled out. Are any of the buildings in a fairly undamaged condition?

C: They were all flattened/ crushed or knocked over by the event that flash-froze the area.

They have tons of trees/ plants and wildlife frozen in place, like they were put on pause. They are also finding many Pre-Adamite bodies.

D: Interesting. I expected that everything would have been thoroughly smashed unless there were some very unique conditions.



There will be a whole lot of giant animals — sloths, mastodons, toxodons, turtles and what so on. The biosphere was very different then.

C: That is absolutely true. They are already pulling out a variety of bodies of flash-frozen prehistoric animals.



C: I just remembered that Ka’ Aree told me many people are having dreams of me teaching them in small classes in underground bases and in spaceships.

This is because several different “groups” are using me as an avatar in dream contact now as well as the people putting me in that place subconsciously.

That is just freaky stuff and I don’t like it. An avatar could be used of me to do anything in most dream states.

D: I know the feeling. We’ve both had thousands of people write in after images of us appear in their dreams.

We have to remind them that we are not literally traveling there, nor are we aware of what they experienced.

Dreams are symbolic and metaphorical in nature, and based on the work we are doing, these symbols usually represent people’s “transcendent aspect,” in Jungian terms.

C: There is quite a lot of dream-scape communication going on from the Inner Earth groups as well as from the ETs and black-ops Government types.

People should definitely be paying close attention to whatever they remember right now.



C: Most of my recent intel has been about ancient technologies and ruins that are causing a major buzz in the “elite” communities.

It is interesting that we circle back to our pre-history during this time of times, as we decide how we as a collective will finish.

D: Maybe it’s nice that the elite finally have something to feel positive about. It may make them feel better about signing a deal with the Alliance and actually NOT lying for once.



C: These groups are sort of in a lull between battles right now, and are all sort of focused on some of the recent discoveries.

D: They already have access to really cool stuff, but perhaps this is something that more of the earth-based groups get to enjoy. Those groups haven’t necessarily been able to see the stuff off-planet.

So it makes sense that there would be excitement even though there has already been lots of cool stuff to see.

C: This is stuff they knew or heard in myth that existed under the ice, and inside other ruins around the globe.

This is the first time anyone has had access to it in roughly ten to eighteen thousand years. So yes… they are pumped.



D: Buzz appears to have been able to see it as well, only to then have some health issues.

C: His old heart probably about pounded out of his Mars Mission shirt.



D: Are any of the buildings intact and upright enough to walk around inside of them? Any power systems still functional?

C: It sounded like there are some that are not totally flattened above ground.

Most of the stuff is below ground in caverns. There are even more ancient sites from these Pre-Adamites that are below the ground, just like we would find a site if we did a “dig”.

So they have been doing excavations on the surface, digging below the surface as well as in cavern cities/ military complexes that belonged to this ancient group.



C: Ancient Aliens will go nuts over this stuff.

D: “Will” as in they intend to make this part of the partial disclosure fairly early along?

C: I presume so, as they are not keeping a very tight lid on these discoveries very well and it’s during a time of an agreed-upon agenda for partial disclosure.

D: Wow. That will be extremely exciting.

They probably would prefer to start with something new and earth-based before opening it up to anything off-planet. That makes a lot of sense.



D: They are probably scrambling to remove all the “good stuff” before opening it up any further. That way, they only allow us to “discover” the things they want discovered.

So the best tech probably won’t be there.



C: Yes, in fact they have been moving major artifacts already in the giant electro-mag subs under the rift system I had mentioned before.

D: See, I just know too much of how this group works. Cynical from years of study, I guess.

C: Yup, their tactics have not changed for many hundreds of years. It is hard to be positive knowing all of the stuff going on in the background, but I do the best I can.



D: Are a majority of the top Cabal people touring there at various times? And when did the discovery actually get excavated to an appreciable degree?

C: The first discoveries occurred some time back, not sure. They had an idea of what was below the ice after doing very high-tech scans from space.

They had been excavating one site and discovered many, many others spread out across what used to be dry ground. This happened over time.

They have been studying what they are finding, and moving some of it out before bringing in various bigwigs from various secret societies.

Then they do tours like the “Cabal Disneyland” they have in the stasis chamber in Ohio.

They are continuing to excavate, but know what is around in the areas where they have cleared away the ice.

They are worried that all of the steam excavation could cause the surface of the ice shelf to collapse down on the sites they have uncovered.

I think they would have to go public in some sort of a way to go bigger on this excavation and widen it.




D: Very interesting. Why was there a feeling of you not being able to discuss this before now?

You had about three months where you were alluding to this but couldn’t go into details. I don’t understand what the sensitivity factor was all about.

C: Preservation of Public Perception.

D: I don’t get it. They didn’t want you to be first to break the story? They want to maintain the narrative and do it their own way instead of having it leaked?

C: The SSP had operatives in place on our end. That kept some of the info from coming out sooner. The Elite want to maintain the narrative.



D: So the SSP Alliance folks are the reason why this discovery is coming out sooner, as in now, through your leaks?

C: Yes, and all SSP and Alliance assets have been removed from the theater.

D: Right… they had to clean it all up first.

C: Yes, they had assets in place in key labs and installations etc. All of that intel is being gathered right now.

There are tons of freaking labs down there studying all kinds of stuff.

D: I am sure there are… or at least there were.

C: Carcasses of pre-historic animals are being packed up and sent on these subs as well.

D: That makes sense.



D: Is there a reason why you were ordered not to reveal this any sooner, considering these folks are the Alliance? I am not sure I understand the structure of the timing.

C: The structure was that we couldn’t talk about it without letting the cabal know who was giving the info. Then they would find out assets were in place, identify who they were and kill them.

So after the assets were removed, the info could come out… most of it.

D: Wow. That makes perfect sense.



D: I guess the next question is why are they telling you anything and then asking you not to leak it, considering you could be abducted and have it extracted from you by electro-chemical means?

I still don’t understand why you are getting told things you can’t share.

C: They apparently wanted all this to get to the Air Force guy that questioned me for some reason during the time of extracting the assets.

D: Wow. Very interesting about “Sigmund.” Now it is actually all making sense.




D: I guess the only other thing that concerns me is if we “leak” this, couldn’t the elite turn around and change plans, and ensure that no one ever sees it?

Or are they so close to defeat that it is going to see the light of day either way?

C: They may try to cover it up again, but things are so far gone for them it doesn’t matter much.



C: Sigmund was causing a LOT of problems for the SSP Alliance. He was hunting them down as traitors, pretty much.

Once he got this recent info from me, he then turned and has been asking a lot of angry questions from his superiors.

So that mission seems to be accomplished for now.

D: Unbelievable.

C: These missions are usually not clear for me as I move through them. It is a hard way to work for sure.



D: I don’t know why he couldn’t have just pulled phone records from my calls with “Jacob” and Henry Deacon and compared it to what you were saying.

There are far, far, far too many specifics to be fake.

C: He thinks they are all full of it and are gaming you as well.

D: It’s not possible to telepathically download so many specifics from each other at that level of complexity.

It would be much easier for them to be telling the truth than for it to be some vastly coordinated deception.

I just could never buy it, and that is why I have always been behind you 100 percent.

C: Yea, they were trying to figure out if I was just one hell of a psychic pulling this stuff out of the ether.



C: Whatever the truth really was, ole Sigmund was going to get to the bottom of it and find all security leaks for sure. He does not screw around.

D: I am very glad to hear he is no longer destroying the SSP Alliance.

C: It was causing the SSP Alliance members that are a part of these programs in the military to be so shy that they were not coming out of cover to report and do command and control work.

So, yes this is a big deal.

D: And this was the guy at the center of the whole problem. This is very interesting. It is quite a relief that things have turned around.

You were used, definitely, but you may have saved the entire Full Disclosure scene in the process.

Has the SSPA’s attitude towards us improved any since the Wrangler days? I would imagine this was a major win.

C: I don’t think they have had a lot of time to talk bad about us for a while now. They are very happy Sigmund was leaving them alone right now.



[David’s note: This was where we had left off, and were ready to go. Right after Part One went up, the MIC SSP seemed very happy. We were then given the following intel.]

[12/7/16, 9:28:52 AM] C: Wow to the frickin’ WOW!

I got a nice chunk of info about the Pre-Adamite ruins and other things discovered in Antarctica during a “No-Questions Briefing” this morning.

It was from MIC SSP personnel sent by Sigmund.



It appears that there was already some ice on Antarctica w/the Pre-Adamites arrived. It was, of course, in a different position than it is today – much closer to the equator.

They went to this semi-tropical region even though it was not as hospitable as other places on the planet for a reason.



They were coming here with little technology from a dire situation, and wanted to take advantage of Ancient Builder Race ruins and technology in Antarctica.

There is at least one Ancient Builder Race ruin complex there that is over 1.8 billion years old.



The researchers found pretty amazing ancient tech remnants.

One discovery was a complex of rooms with a gold/ copper alloy mix that were in plates covering the ceilings, walls and floors of this complex.


Image of Botataung Temple in Yangon, Burma. Just for a general vision, not exact.


They had weird spirals and grooves in the plates. They were obviously for channeling large amounts of electricity.

There were other rooms that had a different atmosphere than we breathe, where the gravity is only about 36 percent of one actual Earth “G”.



It looks like the Pre-Adamites cannibalized the ancient builder race ruins and technology along with the technology they had brought with them from their original world.

It was “obvious” that they had also cannibalized the craft they arrived in to build the oldest parts of this Pre-Adamite main city.

Dude… there are so many things they have found/ are finding. They have excavated little of what they have detected.

I hope to hear more soon. I was told to keep this under wraps until more info has come in. Sharing w/you though.

[D: Two days later we got authorized to include this material, which I was very happy about. Additional intel came in as well:]



C: Amazing ancient ruins were found in large areas of Antarctica, along with flash frozen pre-historic animals and the inhabitants of the cities at the time — who were all killed in a major catastrophe.

They have found these people looked much the same as the bodies that were discovered while excavating the Pompeii Italy eruption.

The Adamites that were not mixed/ hybrid breeds were indeed in the 12-foot-tall range.

The bodies were all dehydrated and looked like rubber or dried leather.


For illustrative purposes only. Not actual example.


Many had slight pot bellies w/fat pockets on them as they did on their chests – like the dreaded “man boobs.”



They were wiry with very little muscle definition. They were in dress that was very similar to Egyptian, except it was more lavish, colorful and pretty, with fine linens, et cetera.

Their style was similar to Ancient Egypt, but with a slightly different look on the headdresses and garments as well.



[12/9/16, 6:39:39 AM] C: One clarification needs to be made for the article. The highest-ranking officers in the MIC SSP know there are a few other ETs here in the solar system.

They know of four or five that frequent the Earth, and over fifty that are known to have visited Earth or our solar system.

Only the bigwigs like Sigmund know about the larger number of ETs.

They plan on reporting to the masses that either no ETs are here now, or they may introduce us to a human-looking ET that has been here for a long time.



D: It is very interesting to hear that the MIC SSP guys do know about some ETs and are not necessarily kept in the dark. That was new.

C: Yes, many of the higher-ups know of a handful, like the info in the books that NATO had in the 60’s.

There are various factions of military and intel groups that make up the MIC SSP with different narratives.

D: We can clarify all of that.

C: Most of lower ppl don’t know of aliens and all of them have wanted to push the ancient aliens info and the story that current ET’s are time travelers.

That is what they wanted to do to the public in partial disclosure.

D: This is very interesting and useful and we will definitely work it in there, as I did not know that.



[12/10/16, 5:28:01 AM] C: I am getting more and more… in chunks so to speak.

There have been finds of complexes of genetics labs that were creating all sorts of mixes and matches of humanoid species on Earth.

They were mixing the DNA of each of the Earth humanoids that were meant to be separate “experiments” of the Genetic Farmer Races.

This created all sorts of human hybrids.

They also bred certain traits into small test populations to create different types of humans (Giants, etc).



They seemed to also be working on bringing back certain HUMANOID “Dinosaur” type races that had perished on Earth long ago.

This was a major problem for the Genetic Farmer Races (GFR’s) whose current experiments were being contaminated and hijacked.


For illustrative purposes only. Not based on exact intel.


Then this “global incident” occurred that purged most of the Pre-Adamite genetic experiments.

The PA’s were breeding these humans as beasts of burden, and to protect and serve them. Working mines, etc…

This sort of thing had been done to humans on multiple occasions over the last few hundred thousand years.



D: Fascinating. Are you aware that the Cayce Readings said that one of the two main reasons the Atlanteans were destroyed by the Elohim were that they were playing around with genetics?

They were apparently making hybrids between humans and different types of non-human creatures.



C: No, I haven’t looked at the Cayce stuff much at all.

D: This is just another example of where you hear things that so thoroughly validate stuff I’ve been talking about for 20 years. It’s amazing.



D: Did they succeed on getting reptilian species made?

C: There were different iterations of humanoid types of these species but I don’t know how far along they were. Far enough for them to get in trouble, I guess.

D: So they literally found these labs with bodies of different types of hybrids growing in the incubators?

C: Oh, the bodies are in very rubbery/leathery condition… The tests after excavation showed that the ice had quite a lot of signs of salty sea water in it.

They found a lot of animals and humanoids in the process of being created in these labs.



D: Just for specifics, are the humanoids seen inside cylindrical tubes or something along those lines as they are being grown?

C: Nothing that specific, only that they were found in the process of being created in complexes of genetic labs.

D: It would have to be something like that. They would need protection as they were in the growth phase and they probably make them to order in at least a semi-adult form.

C: Or grow them inside another beast of burden. The word “breed” was used.

D: That could be but I think it is more technological. Breeding could still be technological.



C: The Pre-Adamites were doing things lower tech than they would like. They were here with very little of their tech or comforts from home.

They were in survival mode up until the global event.

D: Right. That makes sense.

C: Not sure if I told you but I did in my tweet… many Pre-Adamite bodies were found similar to the way bodies were found in Pompeii.

It has actually been nicknamed by some as the “Pompeii on Ice.”




C: Right now all of these SSP people and these beings are wanting people like us to focus outside of our choirs that we preach to.

Books, speaking events and TV shows that mainly market to people that are already awake is not going to really get us anywhere overall, in a larger sense.

What we do helps the group consciousness a lot for sure, but is not doing enough to reach a larger group of monkeys to kick that 100th monkey effect into super-high gear.

This is what is needed for us to achieve the optimal temporal reality.



This now brings you up to date with our latest intel. Exciting changes are in store for humanity.

It may seem hard to believe any of these things are true. We understand that.

Bear in mind that one of the most important reasons why we are doing this is so that the Establishment cannot control the narrative.

We do not want Partial Disclosure. With “Sigmund” now aware that he has been lied to, that whole plan may no longer work.

If you start hearing any of the things we have been saying here as mainstream news, then you can remember where you heard it first.

We can also expect that many more people will come back to this write-up after such an announcement, or some variant of it, is made.




Both David and I are working on releasing as much quality intel as possible in the time window that we still have.

If the Establishment were to release this intel first, then we would appear to be riding on their coat-tails.

The future is sure to be very interesting and the telltale signs of an Endgame are already visible.

This is the greatest football game in our recorded history and the outcome is not yet defined.

You can help steer this towards a positive result by maintaining a loving, positive attitude in your thoughts and actions towards yourself and others.




This is indeed a cosmic battle between good and evil, and the good guys are winning.

The key to success is in not allowing any negative information you encounter to affect your overall positive attitude and co-creation of a better future.

You are already seeing major elements of what we have been telling you now appearing as widespread realizations, with plenty of provable evidence.

The Cabal’s only real chance to stave off defeat and appease the Alliance is Disclosure. So we have some very interesting experiences to look forward to in the near future.



Your support of our grassroots efforts is vital to our success. You can find out much more about this insider world bysubscribing to Gaia and watching our shows.

Corey also has had continuing financial distress, so if you feel guided to, please visit and make a donation.

David’s new book The Ascension Mysteries gives far more context to what we have discussed here, and both of us are eagerly awaiting the announcement of new projects as well.

Thanks – and stay tuned!



We were urged to get this article out, in the strongest possible terms, as fast as possible. Corey’s article went up Sunday morning, December 11th, after we had worked on it all week as fast as we could.

Almost immediately after posting, the planned intel roll-out we were warned about started to happen. It was an incredible “coincidence” that was obviously a very deliberate event:



Let’s read a part of this for ourselves, as this was quite astonishing:

US Air Force Lt. Colonel Harold Z Ohlmeyer sent a letter in 1960 to Professor Hapgood saying his theory on the Piri Reis map was correct.

He wrote: “The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.

“This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap. This part of Antarctica [is] ice free.

“The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick.”



Conspiracists now think Hapgood was right and he discovered that much of the south pole was ice free – and also the location of The Lost City of Atlantis.

The existence of this mythical utopia was first mentioned in the writings by ancient Greek philosopher Plato in 360 BC.

The Atlantis that Plato described was founded by people who were half god and half human around 9,000 years before his own time.

If it did exist, this would be at a similar time that Professor Hapgood said shifts had occurred in the Earth’s crust.



And just a month ago further proof of an Antarctica Atlantis emerged in the form of pictures what appears to be huge pyramids jutting out of its ice.

The astounding photos showed structures that bear an uncanny resemblance to the pyramids of Giza, which were built thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians.

Could all of this mean one of the world’s greatest mysteries is about to be unlocked?



I have barely even gotten enough sleep since we were told it was so urgent that we get this out as fast as possible.

Now, almost instantaneously after Corey posted the first version, without most of the images above, we get an article that teases EXACTLY what we were telling you about.

What are the odds of this being a mere coincidence? As astonishing and over-the-top as this intel sounds, it all lines up beautifully.

There is no way we could have “invented” a story like this simultaneously with the release of such a teaser in the mainstream media. We were already talking about it in Part One!

Thank you for your support of our work. This is really starting to get exciting!



ENDGAME Part II is taking off just as fast as Part One. The views are flying in after just a few minutes.

I just added the Solar Warden image and the hit counter was at a nice even number — 1600.

This is another example of the synchronicity phenomenon I reported in Part I happening again:



Then, after breaking this into two sections and adding some graphics, Part One was at 181855:



A few seconds later, after checking on this update, it got even better. Now the first and the second articles both had repeating digits in their hit counters – 181888 and 4399:



This phenomenon requires no effort and it bodes well for an emergence of the truth. Thank you for walking this path of discovery with us!



This article has taken off so fast that we’ve now topped 20,000 unique views in just over five and a half hours!

I hit Refresh as it was getting close and landed on the quad — 19999.



Thank you for sharing and liking this article. You are helping us fight for Full Disclosure and we do sincerely appreciate it.



As of 10:51 pm, seven and a half hours after this article went up, we’re already approaching 25,000 hits.

I hadn’t looked at it at all since the above, and took some time off. Before going to bed I randomly decided to refresh it, and got a bunch of 24s.

There were 2.4K Facebook Likes, and the hit counter was at 24246:



As soon as I published this and closed out of the page, the hit counter had a triple in it — 24447:



Some people may not believe that this is happening spontaneously, but once you “authorize” synchronicity by opening your mind, you will be amazed at what starts to happen.

These repeating digits catch your attention and tell you that whatever you were just thinking or doing is a sign that you are on the right track, spiritually speaking. No effort is required. It just ‘works.’

These continue to be very positive signs that we are indeed right on the threshold of some very major breakthroughs.



Much to our surprise, an upgraded version of the Antarctic Atlantis story — this time on another MSM tabloid, the Sun — made it onto the front page of Drudge Report today:


Full UFO Disclosure Is Inevitable

Source: The Mind Unleashed

What is coming can’t be stopped. The truth is out there and we know it. While some believe that a partial disclosure of the truth on the UFO/E.T. phenomena will be pulled off, the reality is that any attempts to subvert or spin the truth of this monumental truth will ultimately backfire.

According to whistle-blower Corey Goode, the banking and political cabal (some call it the NWO) is bent on releasing the truth about the UFO and extraterrestrial existence, but have that truth spun in a way where this cabal continues to maintain it’s power. In the end, the would not serve the greater interests of humanity, as this cabal would still try to keep several of it’s methods of enslavement over humanity going.

However, this scenario is extremely unlikely due to the amount of people who know the truth. It is also unlikely due to the kind of information that is continuing to come out regarding the existence of other beings in our universe.

Credible Insiders

Going back to late 2013, former Canadian Prime Minister and Defense Minister Paul Hellyer said in a TV interview with RT, that he knows for a fact that UFOs are real and that they’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years. He also said that there are at least 4 different species that he knows of and that they want to help us create a peaceful world. He also said they have the technology to completely transform our world for the better. If there would be one interview to send to someone skeptical of this subject, this would be it.

Paul Hellyer gave an eye-opening interview.

In another interview that opened even more eyes was in early 2013 when former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor Dr. Brian O’ Leary told the world:

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted and that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time…”

In the interview he also discusses free energy technology that these beings use. Another famous quote from Dr. O’Leary regarding free energy technology is:

“These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. If the new energy technologies were set free world wide the change would be profound. It would affect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world.”


Another prominent figure who has openly spoken about the UFO and free energy reality is former NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Mitchell was brought back into focus a little over a month ago when Wikileaks revealed emails that Mitchell sent to John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign.

It is urgent that we agree on a date and time to meet to discuss Disclosure and Zero Point Energy, at your earliest available after your departure. My Catholic colleague Terri Mansfield will be there too, to bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence). 

Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.

Though these are just three cases of well-known, credible insiders revealing the truth, there are literally thousands more that have come forward over the years. For further insider testimony, take a look at The Disclosure Project video where in 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific insiders came forward and testified what they know about the UFO and E.T. subject.

It Won’t Stop There

As truths like this continue to come out, much of what we’ve been taught on this planet will need to be addressed and revised. Almost every area of our world has been compromised by this secret cabal. JFK put it best when he openly stated opposition to “secret societies, secret oaths and to secret proceedings.” As well as opposition to “a ruthless conspiracy…a highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

Indeed, almost everything we see around us has been built on secrecy and lies. Full disclosure is more than just the truth about UFOs and other beings visiting our world. It is also more than the free energy technologies that have been intentionally suppressed. Full disclosure will also include learning about these “secret societies” that JFK talked about. It will include learning about how a group of “elites” controlled the media, the schools, the religions, the miltaries, the financial systems as well as controlling the weather (HAARP technology), controlling the food supply and attempting a mass eugenics projectthrough genetically modified foods.

It will also include learning about the subversion of the scientific method to push their destructive agenda into the health and medical fields. It will include revealing how pharmaceuticals have been used to numb and slowly degrade biological activity within the human body.

Full disclosure will include learning about the use of chemical weapons on it’s own people through what is known as chemtrails. Even the CIA Chief has admitted they are engaging in such geoengineering practices. We could also call this stratospheric aerosol injection.

Full disclosure will also reveal how the elite’s have stolen and have been abusing the global collateral accounts. These accounts were intentionally created to fund massive humanitarian projects and are the real reason JFK was murdered. Full disclosure will reveal the true history behind these accounts and all of the banks, governments (registered corporations) and other corporations (like the United Nations) that have been illegally using these accounts. We will also learn about how the 9/11 false flag is connected to these accounts.

We will also learn about how our birth certificates have been turned into securities that are being traded on the New York Stock Exchange. We will also learn about how almost every “government” in this world is actually a registered corporation. We do not have governments running our country. We have masquerading corporations.

We’ll also learn about mind control operations that have been used both on the public, as well as on certain politicians, bankers and celebrities. This is most commonly known as MK Ultra.

We will also learn about the massive child-trafficking, pedophile ring that the elites have been involved in. 

Even so, there will still be much more that will be revealed.

Full Disclosure Now

While some want to create a partial disclosure, such a scenario is nearly impossible. The reason this is so is that there are many, many scientific, military, political and intelligence related people who know an incredible amount of information, but stay silent to either preserve their life or preserve their job. Once the door cracks open, we will see a few major figures come forth and reveal what they know. Once that happens, we will see the floodgates open. Dozens and then hundreds of people who know the truth on a wide range of topics, such as those listed above, will no longer have the threat of death held against them. They will be free to speak about what they know.

The world is becoming more ready each day thanks to the internet and information like that contained in this article reaching even more people. The world is awakening to the truth and we know that we already have the technology to turn this planet into a paradise. We know that there are peaceful beings living on other planets and in other dimensions. This is reality.

You can join the growing Facebook group who is pushing for full disclosure here.

Lastly, take a look at the words from David Wilcock, NYT Best-Selling author, researcher, lecturer and UFO expert from just a couple days ago:

“I will say that the fight for Disclosure and the defeat of the Cabal is now at a “Red Hot” level, based on multiple insider testimonies. The scope, power and speed of changes we might see are anyone’s guess, but it definitely appears that things are going to get a lot more interesting.”

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