The Power of Truth

The Light of Truth has the capacity to extinguish all obstacles and barriers holding one down. When we firmly plant our feet upon the soil of Truth; life streams forth with everlasting grace into every fiber of our being.

The Truth is the greatest tool for healing humanity. If the Truth were to be fully embraced; life would change overnight. For example; if the Truth of Free-Energy were to be revealed; it would make life easier for everyone on Earth. If the Truth of Replicators was to be revealed; it would end world hunger.

When humanity discovers the Truth of our ancient history and role in this universe; it will create a Renaissance of which has never been seen before. True progress will be made both technologically and spiritually.

The Truth is a fundamental cornerstone in maintaining the sanctity and integrity of life. When one condemns the Truth; one destroys themselves. We cannot live without the Truth; a lie will always lead to our destruction.

This modern age we currently inhabit is the collective embodiment of lies. To the point where the Truth is considered anti-thesis to life. It is easier to lie then it is to tell the Truth. Yet it is this very thinking that is the cause of much pain and suffering.

Throughout history we’ve gone to war for reasons that were not as they seemed. Many wars were started with lies. Accusations were thrown; false flags were setup and the media was utilized to broadcast the lie. All for the sake of power and greed.

War will only end when we admit to the Truth. Lies will continue to perpetuate the violence on this world. In fact it will increase the violence and suffering as well. Only when we come grips with the world and the amazing power of the Truth can we truly end violence in all it’s forms.

We must be bold enough to acknowledge the fact we’ve lived a life full of lies. When we’re brave enough to admit this; then we open the door to the Truth. The Truth will flood in and reveal all that was hidden.

Be the Truth and you shall transform the world.

Much Love,

Timothy Frappier