The Secret To Everlasting Peace

Everlasting Peace is found within the present moment. When the constant chattering of the mind ceases and we embrace the stillness from within we exist where peace is all there is. This peace transcends all understanding and it is the place of our origin; it is where we still exist.

Life is but a dream and we’ve all agreed to play a certain role. In the good words of Francis Bacon; “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances.” When we truly understand this, not just merely play around with the idea; the seriousness of this life dissolves away.

Another key aspect in embodying peace is to dispense with the notion that this life is all we have. The concept of death holds us bondage to the negativity in this world. This is why there is so much suffering; because we actually believe this life is all that there is, thus we try so hard in preserving life. Remove the fear of death and you’ll be able to make more informed choices and decisions for your life.

Do you honestly believe this is all there is? Do you designate your sense of identity to this single name you were given when you gifted this sphere with your life? Do you believe that you are the sum of your experiences in this single life? This life is but a fleeting moment in a vast ocean of infinite possibilities. You are so much more than that; we are all so much more then that. We are eternal beings and NOTHING will ever change this Truth. The fact that you are reading these words means you ALREADY KNOW this is the case and that you just needed to be re-minded of this obvious truth.

We being eternals beings have allowed ourselves to be deceived by many various agendas in order to better understand ourselves and this existence, but now it’s time for us to re-member who we are; to once again embody our true eternal selves. With this knowingness peace will be provided in ample supply.

Acceptance and patience is crucial in maintaining this state of peace and we’ve been heavily programmed to resist these at all costs. We’ve lost the knowledge and wisdom that is accompanied with patience and acceptance. We’re constantly trying to do and get something because we’re afraid to accept life on life’s terms.

We want exert control upon the external world; but we fail to realize that control is an illusion and there only exists acceptance. Accept life on life’s terms and you’ll see that the universe wants what you want, but we the individuals have disempowered ourselves by believing this duality we see in life is real. Everything we do, everything we think is an expression of likes or dislikes, good or bad, true or false.

I’ve come to the realization that I must not do what is good nor bad; but instead listen to my heart and trust in this present moment. I don’t need to form judgements in order to have or feel good. All is well in all of creation right here and right NOW. By being content with the present moment; we become more in tune with the higher aspects of ourselves and doors will open for new opportunities. When we fixate our attention upon the things we don’t desire; we manifest more of the things we don’t desire.

Where you set your attention is what you will experience; so if you focus on what you don’t desire; you will get that. If you focus on what you do desire; you will get that. That is basic law of manifestation in action; but the real creme of la crème is to see neither good nor bad; but instead see all as one and trust in your impulses.

For example the writing of this article wasn’t something I planned nor expected to undertake during this day; but then the impulse to write came to me and I recognized, accepted and trusted it.

Don’t place judgments; we don’t need to judge what is good or bad for us; because the universe is in a constant state of expansion; so naturally we can conclude from this fact that the universe or prime creator wants the same for us. Love is an expression of expansion and thus to be love is all we need to do. Judgments are a form of disassociation; when we create a judgment we attempt to separate ourselves from what we fear. Accept the present moment; don’t try to control it.

This separation is artificial and unsustainable; we cannot avoid everything we fear. In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt; “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” With these words it becomes obvious that fear is an illusion ; it only exists within our mind; thus what we fear is not something external of us; but instead an idea within us. We must be bold enough to confront fear; allow fear a space in your awareness. When we do this we disempower the illusions control over us. Acceptance is the key; accept it and it will have no dominion over thee.

Peace is boundless, unparalleled and impulsive. It rises within the present moment; because there is only peace within the Eternal Now. When we deny patience; we steer away from peace, when we lack acceptance; we reap misery and when we avoid fear we become what we fear.

Timothy Frappier



Why Patience Is A Virtue

Source: In5D

by Martijn de Zee,
Guest writer,

Sometimes the extreme is expected of your ability to trust in the universe. If we do, we pass the test as in an exam. Although some periods of difficulties can be karmic, then we must endure the time without be able to escape it. Whatever you try to get out of the situation, it won’t get better and sometimes even get worse. Patience is needed and faith that all is going according to a divine plan.

As a child, we celebrated Sinterklaas, a Dutch version of Santa Claus, where family members take turns picking a present out of a big bag. For some time I didn’t receive anything and I saw how others did get their gifts. Photos of that particular evening, show a very unhappy expression on my face. I felt like I did not matter, and was jealous of other family members who were provided with presents. But at the end of the evening, almost all presents were for me and I had already gotten a lot in the beginning. Why do I tell this anecdote? Well, many years later, I was in a situation that was very difficult for me. I tried to believe every situation is neutral and that we are the ones that give a meaning to it.

Over time, however, I became angry and frustrated because I did not get what I wanted. One day, suddenly, I saw the image appear in my mind, of me as the young kid, being unthankful and impatience.I immediately realized the intention of this memory that was projected in my mind. I had to have patience and confidence, because after all, everything would be fine.I was put to a hold by my higher self, because I was wandering on paths where I had no business. Namely, those of low vibrations. So, I immediately became aware of my own responsibility and realized that the situations could not affect me as long as I kept my vibrations high. Now, I like to go fast forward in time and show what happens if you stay in higher vibes and trust in a positive outcome.

Many gifts were given at the end of this process, of course, in a different form. For example, I met people who brought me further to my goal. I received an offer from an unexpected source, where I gained experience and it worked out good financially. I could give many other examples.

The frustrations are the result of the fact that your plan is not the same plan as that of the universe. But the universe knows better than you and knows how to get the most out of yourself. These are often situations you have not requested yourself. Ultimately, this is a maturation process for the future, so we are better equipped to face new challenges that will come your way. In other words, frustrations arise from the fact that you do not know the infinite possibilities that are there to make you feel better. The universe has this knowledge and opposing to this only makes you feel more frustrated. Surrender and trust are the best options, if you do not have the answers in that particular moment.

About the author: My  name is Martijn de Zee and I was born in The Netherlands on January 31st 1975. During my lifetime I have had several experiences that challenged my belief systems. There were always synchronicities on my way that brought me to newer levels of understanding. I am currently residing in Mexico where  I met my mentor who gave me a new perspective about the universe. She also told that I was chosen to write a book, which I am working on right now. Everything came to me in he right moment. ( the student is ready, when the teacher arrives ) Nowadays, I am helping people to find answers and guide them through difficult processes, so I consid

Shut Up, Mind! The Cycle of Bad Feelings and How to Come Out of It

Source: The Miracle Forest

Shut Up, Mind! The Cycle of Bad Feelings and How to Come Out of It

Have you ever screamed at yourself in your head? Have you ever yelled at your mind to just shut up? I know I have.

Sometimes it feels like there is a really annoying person living in our heads, who just won’t stop talking.

So what can we do with this voice? First of all, we can ask the following question: Who is that voice?

There is one person that does the thinking–us. And there the unbearable person in our minds. That seems like two selves. But we can’t have two selves now, can we? One of those has to be fake.

We might want to call the annoying voice the illusory self. The very first step is to recognize it.

You are not the illusory self.

The name already suggests that this self, this voice, is not real. It is a delusion, so to speak. When we recognize that, it can give us an enormous sense of peace.

It’s a great realization–to know that we don’t have to listen to it, because it’s lying. We can be at peace despite of its ramblings.

Peace is every step.

When it comes to everyday life and making this peaceful realization permanent, we have to put in a little more effort. Walking in peace is a lifestyle.

With thoughts, feelings also arise. And those feelings are not so easy to shake off or ignore. If we notice the thought that causes them, we can stop the process before it even begins, but sometimes, we are not successful, and that’s okay.

What makes feelings worse is that we keep feeding them with more thoughts. The feeling validates the thoughts and vice versa. The feeling makes us believe that the thoughts must be real.

If we knew for sure that the voice was lying, we would be at peace.

That is the hardest part and needs practice. Because the illusory self can be damn persuasive. We need to practice not believing it. Recognizing its cycle and stepping out of it.

A lot of people say that they know they shouldn’t be angry or anxious or jealous, because it makes no sense, but they still are. And that means that they still believe the thought that causes them to feel that way. If they didn’t, the feeling would subside.

When I’m anxious, the feelings slowly goes away when I understand that the thought in my head is not reality. But if I don’t, the feeling stays. Because what we believe will remain our reality.

The now is full of wonder.

So, practice not believing the voice. What is in the mind is not real. What’s around you is. The air you breath in and out. The sunshine or the rain on your skin. The embrace of your loved one.

The now is filled with so many beautiful and wondrous things. Do we really want to worry in an imaginary land rather that notice all the magic around us?

You don’t need to prepare, you don’t need to worry, you don’t need to keep thinking and thinking. You need to be here, now. With open eyes and a clear mind. That is what’s real. That is what’s true.

Right now, I encourage you to smile. You can, right? It was not that hard. I encourage you look at the light seeping in through the window. To feel the love you have for someone deep in that secret place inside you. These are always there, around you, waiting for you to leave that yapping voice behind. Unlike the voice, they will always be true.

“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” – Eckhart Tolle