How Star Wars Is Discrediting Women’s Empowerment And What We Need To Know To Prevent The Damage From It

This article deviates from the type that I normally speak upon; yet none the less I feel it’s relevancy has grounds for discussion. As with all things please use discernment.

I honestly have to say that this upcoming Star War’s movie is going to be an abomination to the Star Wars Canon. Not only that this new trilogy has been counterproductive for Women’s Empowerment. Now many people will disagree with my assessment; but they’re also completely unaware of what made Star Wars successful.

The Hero’s Journey as talked about By George Lucas in the above video is a representation of the cycle that hero’s undergo in order to develop into what makes a hero appealing, realistic, admirable and effective.

Heros Journey

Rey in the Disney Star Wars trilogy is a Mary Sue. She hardly experiences any type of challenge that she can’t overcome. She’s perfect from the get go and there isn’t any type of character development for her. Her backstory is lacking and many of the skill sets she possesses doesn’t fit in with her backstory; unlike Luke who experiences many problems and temptations; his flaws are openly noticeable and he frequently needs help from others. Rey doesn’t closely experience the same amount of difficulties as Luke did.

Yet the new series is an example of the imbalance that accompanies what many have termed as the Women’s Empowerment which seeks to empower women after a long period of them being suppressed, invalidated and demeaned.

I’m not insinuating that women have been treated fairly and this whole movement is unjustified; on the contrary they have reasons that justify the formation of this movement; but the means in which they seek to empower themselves completely hijacks the reality of how empowerment occurs. Plus many of the promoters of the WE are so extremely polarized towards men that they deliberately demonize men and make them look weak.

Look what Disney did to Han Solo…. He left his wife, went back to a life of crime and was killed by his own son….  On top of that when they were attempting to fix the Millennium Falcon’s hyper drive Rey who has no experience working on a hyper drive magically was not only able to fix it; but do it “better” then Han Solo who’s spent a lot of time fixing and living on the ship…

Rey is Mary Sue

Her backstory is one of a scavenger; someone who takes things apart and sells them; not fixing complex machinery. Not only that she knows how to speak Wookiee…. She’s never had interactions with Wookiees on Jakku; furry creatures don’t live in desert, they also don’t buy much technology; they use very little technology; for God’s sake they live in trees!

Wookiees Home


Let’s not forget what they did to Luke Skywalker, they made him a disgruntled old man who didn’t care about helping anyone at all. He abandoned his family, left the republic, almost killed Kylo Ren in his sleep; which a Jedi Master would never consider doing, so of course they want to make him look very weak and negative while Rey is just Perfect. Not only that; Rey beats Luke in a Lightsaber duel; even though Luke is the most POWERFUL jedi… Someone with very little training with a Lightsaber is able to beat a Jedi Master who defeated Darth Vader…..

Now these type of movies that clearly exhibit unhealthy attitudes towards men are completely counterproductive in helping women become empowered. In fact movies like these create more conflict; the idea of women being empowered isn’t something new and men aren’t opposed at viewing and believing women as equals(Because they are equal to men); but empowerment that originates from the demonization of men isn’t how women are going to become empowered. Most will not consciously notice this in the movie; yet it’s influence will be imprinted into their subconscious and unconscious mind. They’ll become prejudice through social programming and mind control.

Unfortunately though; those with political agendas want to divide and conquer the people of this world; thus they promote these unhealthy attitudes and depictions in order to create chaos. If we fight amongst ourselves it’s easier for the Cabal to rule over us. It doesn’t matter if it’s black vs white, good vs evil, women vs men, gays vs straights; it’s all meant to keep you fighting your fellow countrymen so that you cannot see that your being enslaved.

We need to stop the vicious cycle of judgments; revenge and inequality. Women are not better then men and men are not better then women. We are equals; we are all one. If you truly want to become empowered then don’t fall into the dualistic mental pattern of creating a division where there should be unity. We should work with one another, help one another and be kind to one another regardless of gender, race, nationality or appearance.

Accept everyone for who they are; in fact if you practice the act of imagining yourself as being that person(Which from a metaphysical and energetic reality you are) you naturally increase your ability to emphasize with them. Seeking to understand others more intimately is how we will heal one another. I’ve been an empath my whole life and I’m quite good at picking up emotions from others; which can be overwhelming at times, but I’m grateful for this ability because it allows me to feel the emotions of others and thus helps me understand them better. With this understanding I try to help others and bring them joy, love and happiness into their lives.

The Golden Rule is the single most potent tool we have at our disposal that can remedy all the prejudices we encounter in everyday life. When we ask ourselves if we would appreciate being demeaned, marginalized, mistreated and even suppressed because of our gender, race or appearance it opens a door for fairness to reign supreme. Most people wouldn’t want to be mistreated because of these things; yet many times people don’t realize how they treat others is how they treat themselves.

So remember that how you treat others is how you treat yourself. If you judge another; you judge yourself. If you suppress another; you suppress yourself. If you demean another, you demean yourself because in the end we’re all one.

Timothy Frappier








Q-Anon Just Made The Truth About Time Travel Technology Mainstream

Q’s mention of Project Looking Glass on his November 11th 2019 is a huge victory for humanity. Q has made the existence of this technology mainstream and this will help hasten Full Disclosure. Especially since Q has a huge number of followers and many of them may not be aware of this technology or may be skeptical of it; yet with this revelation many will start to question what is True and False and begin to see beyond the control system thus helping free humanity.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9b601a No.7352963
Project Looking Glass?
Going Forward in Order to Look Back.

Now what I particularly love about this was Q revealed this technology on 11/11; which is a powerful energetic portal. In fact he reinforced that energy and made it more potent when he posted that twitter link about the revealing a IP address that had 11.11 in it. So basically Q managed to use the energies of the 11/11 portal to reveal the existence of exotic technology that many people believe doesn’t exist.

Not only that but when I looked up the number 1111 on the I discovered 57 instances of that number. When you look up all other numbers in sequences of 4 such as 2222 and so on you find much less matches. When I looked up 11:11 on the page I found exactly 11 instances of it being used… These are very particular results when searching for 1111 in many forms. Which only reaffirms my belief that the military has access to this technology.

Then on top of that Q posted this at 19:49:10 when you take the numbers 194910 and fully reduce them you’re left with the value of 24. Which we all know is how many hours is in a day; which is ironic since Q is posting about Time Travel technology.

According to numerology the number 24 is symbolic for the return. It represents a turning point in which a semblance of balance and harmony is to be returned and established. Thus I believe we’re witnessing a transformation of our military forces, one where open transparency and goodwill towards others will reign supreme. Which is much overdue especially in regards to the militaries of this world. It’s time for us to look at what we’re doing to one another and ask ourselves if this is how we would want to be treated.

Jesus otherwise known as Sananda Kumara tried to emphasize the wisdom of the Golden Rule with Matthew 7:12: “Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them; for this is the law and the prophets.” It’s time to transition from a military force to a peace force.

Now I’m going to make a case that this technology really does exist and the Deep State have been throwing it in our faces for many years. Because of certain agreements within the galactic community the Cabal is required to reveal what they are doing to us; they just never do it by means in which we can easily recognize; thus the use of symbolism and many other methods are implemented.

Now many of us have seen the movie Contact; that is one example of Project Looking Glass being revealed. Here’s a good video with David Wilcock talking about Project Looking Glass in 2012.


Now many may dismiss this movie as hogwash and that it wasn’t anything, but yet there is a music video called “Breaking The Habit” and it was sung by Linkin Park. I found this video fascinating because not only are they showing something very similar to the device on the movie contact; but in the music video they explain it’s purpose; which is time travel.

When you watch the video in the very last milliseconds of the 11th second you see Project Looking Glass first appearance. Then if you fast forward to 1:11 you start to see everything go in reverse. As if your traveling BACK in time. Then at 2:11 you see the band playing on top of a building with Project Looking Glass once again in the background. Now only that the lyrics that accompany the second revelation of Project Looking Glass goes as follow; “I’ll paint it on the walls, because I’m the one at fault.” As if the Cabal is implying they’ll reveal it to us and admit they’re the ones doing it. Which is ironic because they’re required to tell us; yet they make it very cryptic.

If this isn’t some type of concealed attempt to convey to the public of what is really going on I don’t know what is. Skeptics will doubt, but yet those with eyes will see the Truth.

Let’s not forget Andrew Basiago; between 1962 – 1972 Andrew claims that DARPA was running a secret Time Travel program by the name of Project Pegasus. In an article I found on it’s explained to work like this:

Documents, allegedly retrieved from Tesla’s New York City apartment after his death in January 1943, revealed the schematic for a teleportation machine. Using something Basiago calls “radiant energy,” the machine would form a “shimmering curtain” between two elliptical booms.

“Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago

Passing through this curtain of energy, Basiago would enter a “vortal tunnel” that would send him to his destination. The other teleportation devices included a “plasma confinement chamber” in New Jersey and a “jump room” in El Segundo, California. There was also some kind of “holographic technology,” which allowed them to travel “both physically and virtually.”


One piece of evidence that Andrew offers is a photo. Here it is:

Andrew Basiago Gettysburg Address

Basiago claims to be the boy in the photo. He claims to have taken the disguise of a Union bugle boy; but that his shoes were so over-sized that he left the crowd to avoid attention. He said in 1972 he stepped into a plasma confinement chamber and traveled back to 1863 Gettysburg. There he witness the dedication of the soldiers’ National Cemetery.

The above photo is authentic and can be found on the Library Of Congress website.

If you want more information on Andrew’s story watch this video below:


Now I can assure you with 100% a certainty that Time Travel technology does exist and it’s been used by many black projects and military organizations for many years. It’s time that we shed the shackles that have been imposed upon us with social programming and mind control. We need more people who are willing to confront the Truth regardless of how gruesome it may appear.

Think outside the box; so many times do I see people dismiss things that are true because of some programmed emotional or mental response. Yet from time to time you encounter an individual who becomes curios about this stuff and remains open-minded.

Those are the people who are going to save the world, because just as Jesus has shared “The Truth will set you Free!”

God Bless you All!

Timothy Frappier