Human EM Field Interference and How to Stay Balanched

We live in a time where there is much interference with our human electromagnetic fields than ever before. This interference comes in various ways many of which are through archetypes, thought-forms, Etheric/physical implants and electricity and sound-waves.

Many of the devices that we use nowadays such as WiFi, cell-phones, computers, certain sound devices and etc… Have the capacity to interfere with our Electromagnetic Field.

Link for more info regarding EM Pollution:…

Electromagnetic disturbances in our human EM field can make us more receptacle to lower vibrations. This is part reason we feel negative emotions, have negative thoughts, become ill and act out negative behaviors. Some negativity is from outside sources, while some is from our inner-world(thoughts, beliefs, habits, attachments, etc…). When your vibration drops you attract these energies into your field of experience.

Remember, illnesses or any kind of dis-ease is a result of a imbalance that hasn’t been addressed. These imbalances occur on a energetic level before they become physical. By being conscious of your inner-world(emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) you open up opportunities to prevent various illnesses and imbalances from manifesting into your physical experience. Plus, you open up channels of information that were previous unavailable to you.

Remember, our field of experience is characterized by that which we attract. If you are extremely imbalanced, then your experience will be one of imbalance. If we are balanced, then our experience will be one of balance. Truth comes easier to those who are balanced. Remember, a person on a tight rope must be balanced in order to get to the other-side, else he/she would plummet to the ground below. We must be balanced if our desire is to know the Truth, else we be led down rabbits holes that are embodiments of un-truths.

These un-truths are not our reality because of the fact that they simply ARE, but because of our attention and energy placed on them, we manifest them, giving them the illusion of simply being.  The universe, since it adores us, will manifest whatever reality a soul decides to partake in. This is done consciously and unconsciously, but know this, ALL OF HUMANITY will be granted the right to choose. If you’re reading this, than most likely your in the process of deciding what you wish to experience in the near future. I was in this process for a long time until I decided to embark upon the Lightworker journey. You can embark upon any journey you wish, no matter what. Even if it “seems” to infringe upon others and cause them harm, because the Truth is your reality is solely yours. You can experience and do whatever you wish to do without infringing upon others, it can be done.

Many cannot discover the Truth of what is occurring on the world scene. I learned this by examining my own behavior. Many of the theories that I’ve found to be true(presently), I dismissed long ago because they didn’t agree with me. This was because of the fact I was very imbalanced, therefore what I believed was very imbalanced. The imbalanced hindered my ability to see the Truth.

The funny thing is, now that I’ve made some progress on being more centered and aligned from within. I came to the awareness that the Truth was given to me the whole time before I discovered it. I was just so sick and unbalanced that I couldn’t see what was right in front of me, Literally!

I’ve learned like attracts like; negative thoughts are very slow moving vibrations and when your vibration drops it opens up a channel for them to influence your thoughts and behaviors. You may even attract discarnate entities.

More information on Law of Attraction and Discarnate entities here:…/

Meditation is a wonderful tool when wishing to raise one’s vibration. The higher the vibration the better you will feel and you will be untouchable in regards to negative influences.

Realize though, that just because you experience a negative episode, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s from a external source. You must remain diligent in your efforts to find the negative influences outside and INSIDE. This is something I cannot emphasize enough, because I know many of you may be like me. I was very good at finding the external sources, but horrible at find the internal sources.

I played the blame game to perfection and it’s been a rough journey to be rid of that nasty habit! Victimization is a enemy of enlightenment. It’s a deceptive practice that takes our power away from us. We must claim this power back, by taking responsibility for our lives. Not just the stuff we like or agree with, but EVERY-THING. Because the Truth is, we are everything.

Cameron Day has excellent meditations that he helps guide people with. I highly recommend trying a couple of them out. I can vouch for their effectiveness.

Here’s one of his meditations:

If you like this meditation check out more at his website:

I send my Love and Light upon you all,


Timothy Frappier

Awakening The Heart From Within


Love of awakened heart

When you allow the heart’s compassion to flow naturally its presence permeates everything that you interact with. Your field of experience endows matter with the living essence of Creation. This illuminating energy allows healing to take place on many subtle dimensions. This energy has the capacity to remove mental blockages, past traumas and self-destructive tendencies.

Opening our hearts allows us to naturally understand our self and the world. It bridges the connection between the logical aspect of the brain(left part) and the creative aspect(right part) transforming them into a single modality of perceiving reality.

Opening the heart is as simple as being more grateful for life and everything that it entails. Being more emphatic and understanding to all that comes into your awareness. Confronting one’s shadow-self clears layer upon layer of hardened energetic blocks that have dimmed the light of your heart for many years. The act of transmutation transforms these base energies into a violet light that brings healing, love, clarity and understanding to consciousness. Only ignorance can stop one from doing this work.

Separation gives voice to the archetype called ignorance, ignorance exists as a lack of awareness, lack of awareness is lack of light. No matter the amount of information you posses, without awareness, it cannot be utilized. Awareness provides the application of transforming knowledge from one base form to more pristine state of being.

This foundation is the basic building blocks for enlightenment, but enlightenment isn’t something attainable, because it is a ongoing process that never ceases. Just as the circle of life keeps going around and around, the circle of enlightenment, does the same, until you reach the point where it is understood as never going around in circles, but instead moves in a vortex like manner ascending through the higher levels of consciousness.


Which then at one point you reach a state of being that has been termed ascension and thus become a ascended being.

This point of perception allows the world to be brought into alignment with the natural order of the universe. Everything that flows from the being who operates with this mentality gives homage to the Truth that is the living embodiment within every human being that has existed , is existing and will exist. This eternal Truth cannot be stamped out by the forces of time or this world.

The awakened heart allows the sense of knowingness to permeate within the individuals field of influence and experience. This state of consciousness has been termed claircognizance, but it’s much more then that. This sense of knowingness is the realization of the totality of human existence and understanding of what it is to be human.

This knowingness gives life to the possibility of being. By knowing you’ve been given the tools to be what you were meant to be. Francis Bacon’s famous line of, “To be or not to be. That is the question” becomes the ultimate analogy to the individual who has reached this threshold.

The problem that we face nowadays is that we get stuck in the left part of our brain. We tend to habitually drive ourselves into compulsive thinking believing that if we understand and know things we can manipulate them for our benefit.

This results in the obsessive compulsion of endless chatter in the mind that leads to only misery, suffering and anger. No matter what you know or attain, eventually the satisfaction from it fades away into nothingness.

The mind despises a void and the prospect of the unknowable is the greatest void known. Therefore, it traps the individual in a cycle of thinking that never ends or satisfies. Albert Einstein has said:Thinking and Problems

When the heart awakens, one realizes that the problem is not the lack of thought, but instead over-congestion of thought. Then it becomes obvious that the stillness that one has been avoiding for innumerable cycles is revealed as being the means to freedom.

Open your heart, embrace the stillness and be simply who you are. You are that I am. I AM that I AM. End the obsessive chattering within the mind and then the clarity you’ve been seeking will present itself to you. It doesn’t matter how much stillness you embrace, it can be for a few moments, minutes or hours. The point is to make a effort and go along the pace that works and feels best for you. Peace of mind will come, because where ever our focus is directed that is what we shall reap. If you sow stillness, you shall reap stillness, stillness is peace of mind. Embrace the stillness and know thyself as God.

This peace will transform your life for the better. It will allow the True-Self to govern over your life. New doors will open for you, opportunities will present themselves to you and Bliss shall be actualized.

Blessings and Love upon you all.