Terms of Surrender Update

Terms of Surrender Update

There are some clarifications that need to be made about the terms of surrender.First, the mass arrest plan is still valid and in full force. The Light forces will not wait for any dark individual or Cabal faction to surrender, they will arrest them as soon as they can do that in a way that is safe for humanity to go through the transition. Those members of the Cabal that surrender before the mass arrests will have more favorable conditions. It is very unlikely that many individual members of the Cabal will surrender before the Event because they fear the revenge from other Cabal members, as they will be perceived as „traitors“.

There is a certain possibility that the Rothschild faction as a whole will surrender and start cooperating before the Event. The Rothschilds are fallen angels from the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation. In the past, many members of the Cabal originating from Rigel have surrendered to the Light when they were shown that Light is stronger than darkness. The Rigelians have a tendency to side with the one that is stronger and many of them, when arrested or faced with strong enough opposition, will actually show signs of relief that finally someone was powerful enough to stop their negative actions. This will be a proof to them that Light is stronger that darkness and will begin to cooperate. The Rigelian race descended from spirit into mater by implantation process, their connection with spirit is still there to a certain extent and many of them will be able to ascend when this duality nightmare is over.

The Jesuits, the Archons and the Chimera all come from negative races from Andromeda Galaxy. They are all fallen angels, meaning that they have descended from spirit into matter by implantation process, and quite many will be able to ascend when the duality is over.

The Chimera group is not involved in the surrender negotiations because no surface positive faction is strong enough to be able to deal with them. The Resistance is dealing with them directly.

The Rockefeller faction is Draconian by its origin and will never surrender, they will fight back with their false flags until they are removed into the Galactic Central Sun. The Draconian race has evolved from dense matter and the more negative members of that race do not have sufficient contact with the spirit to be redeemed.

Second, the Cabal members that surrender willingly will go through a psychological transition to become part of the Light forces and will be treated fairly. They will all be stardusted so if any of them tries something funny before they fully accept the Light, they will be paralyzed immediately and then removed from the planet. During the reconciliation process they will need to fully disclose their past actions and come face to face with people’s anger, but will not be allowed to be treated violently and will not be punished. The biggest punishment for them will be their conscience after they wake up and fully realize what they have done. They will go through a psychological healing process and will live the rest of their lives in service to humanity and Light.

Third, the bounty for the capture of the Cabal members will most likely not work because the other side has put even bigger bounty on some Lightwarriors on the surface of the planet. This reflects a centuries old treaty with the Chimera that says „we will not touch your leaders and you will not touch ours.“ It is expected that this deadlock will continue until the Event when finally the breakthrough will happen and the Chimera will be check-mated.

Victory of the Light!

Cosmic Disclosure: SSP Testimonials with William Tompkins

[My Comments and Commentary will be in Teal – Timothy Frappier]

Source: Sphere Alliance Beings

William Tompkins: So I went to work, then, at Douglas, and I’m a draftsman for two weeks, and my Section Chief started through my background.

And, of course, it says all of this stuff that I had done in the Navy. So he puts me in this think tank, and there is where we get to the first think tank, okay, – was inside of Douglas in a walled-off area.

And there’s 200 guys in it.

54 Douglas Airplane Drawings

57 Office Of Research And Inventions

And we investigate every aspect of extraterrestrial – military, commercial, whatever. And I was assigned to design for the Navy about 16, 18 different classes of US Navy battle group ships,which didn’t exist.

59 Proposed Ship Drawing 2

And these were . . . The larger ones were from 1 kilometer to 6 kilometers.

61 Drawing Of Heavy Transport

These ships fly in space. They’re spacecraft carriers. I designed US Navy Spacecraft Carriers, which finally got built back in the late ’70s up in Utah, underneath the ground.

And you’ve seen the pictures of US Navy spaceships – Solar Warden. So Solar Warden came out of a think tank inside of Engineering at Douglas.

And a whole lot of other stuff came out.

* * * * * *

David Wilcock: All right, this is David Wilcock, and you are watching Cosmic Disclosure. I’m here with Corey Goode, and in today’s presentation we have a bombshell for you. We’re going to be interviewing the veteran insider of the Secret Space Program, William Tompkins.

I’ve had numerous conversations with him. He’s actually 94 years old, he’s still with us, and his testimony is unbelievable. It validates so many aspects of what Corey and other insiders I’ve spoken to have been saying.

People tell us, “Oh, you have no proof. You have no evidence.”

Well, here’s a guy who comes out of the World War II era, and his testimony is just going to rock your world.

I want to give you a little background, biographical information on him to set this up. So check this out.

William was first noticed by the United States Navy when he was just a young boy. He was living near Long Beach, California at the time, and his father would take William and his brother down every weekend to see many Naval ships that were parked in the harbor there at Long Beach.

6 Naval Harbor

William Tompkins was a good artist and he was really good at building models.

10 Sketch Of Ship

And soon, he started creating scale models of the ships he was visiting.

1 Young Bill Holding Model

The Navy began taking notice of this brilliant young boy and his models because they were so close to the real thing.

29 Tompkins Showing Admiral

But it was when young Bill Tompkins began adding top secret parts to these model ships that the higher brass took real notice of him.

25 Detailed Drawing

30 News Article On Tompkins With Modles

He was then taken into the Navy and was brought into a think tank during World War II.

After the war, he went to work for Douglas Aircraft, which is now the defense contractor McDonnell Douglas.

If you want more information on William Tompkins’s fascinating background, I encourage you to go to the biographical introduction on William Tompkins that we have here on Gaia.

William Tompkins became part of a secret think tank that began to design the ships, the craft, the buildings, and everything they would need for the Secret Space Program.

But we want this to start out with a bang, so we’re going to begin by joining William Tompkins as he tells us of his many decades-long journey through the Secret Space Program.

He’s going to start out our conversation by telling us how the US Navy began discovering some of the things that the Germans had been inventing since the early 20th century.


Tompkins: It’s ’42 – 1942. The war’s on. Rico Botta, his hobby is sending these Navy operatives into Germany. They’ve been going all over Germany, and they’re staggered at what they’ve found.

17 Admiral Rico Botta

They found that Hitler and the SS made an agreement with reptilian extraterrestrials.

22 Reptilian ET

They found hundreds of different types of advanced weapons being built.

These included 60-foot and 250-foot, 500-foot UFOs – round vehicles, okay? UFOs.

26 Drawings Of German ARVs

They built some of these out of chromoly steel that would weigh tons and tons and tons.

27 German ARV On Ground

They had developed, or they had been given, electromagnetic anti-gravitational propulsion by the reptilians.

28 German ARV Hovering

The agreement turned out that they were to develop a parallel space Navy that the reptilians had and operate out through the galaxy, with the reptilians taking over planets, enslaving the people on the planets.

29 Diagram Of Antigravity Flow Time Space

But what they had already accomplished was really strange.

32 German Document Of ARV Top

They have all these UFOs, different types of propulsion that were unbelievable, laser weapons systems – unbelievable stuff – all over the country – Germany and the occupied areas.

They had massive underground production facilities that they were using – they had developed – for regular arms waste, like tanks and places to build Navy ships and all this kind of stuff.

38 Underground Facility 2 Planes Tanks

Most of it was underground. So they started expanding those facilities, and they put 11 of these UFO-shaped vehicles in production.

40 Antrieb Drawing

So the operatives are trying to explain to us, and the admiral would back off and say, “Slow down. I don’t believe you.” And that went on, and then the captains would say the same thing.

The operatives were nice guys, and they knew they were going to get the questions when they got back into the admiral’s office, and they knew that nobody was going to believe what they said.

So fortunately, the admiral had a typist in there, and the admiral’s aide was NOT in there – he wasn’t even cleared to be in there.

And one or two of the captains, the admiral, and myself. And we were the ones – the only people that this information was given to by the operatives.

I want to step back to my job in the Navy there working for Admiral Rico Botta.

44 Statement Of Mission

We talked about my mission – not my job, my mission. It’s documented, okay? It’s written by the Secretary of Navy Forrestal, who became the number one guy in the military.

43 Secretary Of Navy James Forrestal

Then he, like several other people, including our president at that time, were talking to a lot of other people.

And so he was supposed to have had a mental breakdown, so they took him to the hospital there in Washington at the top floor and pushed him out the window.

And so that’s the guy that wrote Admiral Rico Botta’s mission, which my mission came from his.

That was the level of this information in the United States.

Now, no other country but Germany knew about the extraterrestrials. Nobody did.

Now, as this starts to unveil the reality of what Germany was doing, it was like, the war is going to be over, period. They’re going to take the whole planet, and they could do it in five minutes.

They even had trained a group of soldiers – an entire battalion of them – who were cloned.

They had cloned a whole battle group of soldiers.

They sent them out front, and they were killing the Russians unbelievably.

So it’s not just the material, but the – and advanced medical systems, longer lives.

The size and the magnitude of what was taking place was unbelievable to everybody that got involved in the program.

The SS found out that people could live longer, so there was another big massive program in pieces brought back by the Navy operatives [and] plopped it on the table in front of Admiral Rico Botta.

And, of course, that ended up with about 24 packages because of the different magnitudes of living longer.

And I guess if you asked the question for the Nordics, their comparable lifespans are 1,400 to 2,200 years.

59 Nordic Girl 1

But they look exactly like us.

61 TRW

There is a study that we did later on at TRW on advanced life systems – extended life.

And that program is down now to, within less than two years, it’s going to be available to some people on this planet.

The way it works – I’m very involved with it – essentially you take four aspirin over six months, pop them.

Or you get four shots.

You immediately change – everything is nicer. Everything is nicer. Okay?

What you do is you revert back to – the girl is 21 and the guy is 29.

Now, it takes a while for you to do this. You then stay at that time for essentially a couple of thousand years.

Your brain then . . . which collectively we’re only using 2.2% of our brain. I don’t care what they’re telling us. We’re only using 2.2%.

You get a minimum of 400% capability over what you normally had.

Now, what this does is this allows you to contribute. It allows you to contribute.

You go to work for the company here, 20 years they give you the watch, and you’ve got a couple three years later on, and you’re out of the picture. Okay?

So you didn’t contribute very long, all right?

Now, you’re living two thousand years, and you can contribute and you also can have fun for 2,000 years.

And you don’t change age. You stay there. Five of the top medical research groups – just like Scripps right here in San Diego – are involved in this.

And there’s hundreds of companies involved in this.

There’s a whole lot out there that is being removed from our part of our life. And we are in this position where everything that we’ve been taught – whether it’s in the university or in medical or in any technical field, even mathematics – is baloney.

Yet, because we have allowed reptilians to put the stuff in our minds, it removes our capability to operate, learn. Our entire history – all the way back thousands of years – has been being controlled. We now know this.

This is not something that we think could happen. We now KNOW this.

So if you look at countries – you looked at the Roman times and you see . . . If you take in parallel these events back with that, the Romans were being mind-controlled.

They had the elite group, and they had all of the army, and then they had the slaves.

And that’s where we are now. We’re just finding out about this and we need to fix it.

READ: William Tompkins Secret Space Program

* * * * * *

David: All right. Well, as you just saw, that’s a very dense amount of information that we’ve just gotten. It’s unbelievable.

If you’ve been paying close attention to the show before, you’ve seen other episodes, then you’re already aware of how much validation we’ve been getting there.

So here to discuss more about these details with me is Corey Goode. Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So, first of all, we have Tompkins starting out, working from 1942 to 1946, actually debriefing these 29 spies that were embedded in Nazi Germany a total of 1,200 times. And he said that they had experienced this German Secret Space Program firsthand, and that the Germans had cut a deal with reptilians.

READ: Navy Oversaw 29 Spies in Nazi Germany and Started US Secret Space Program

So just to start with that, how did you feel when someone comes forward and validates such a key part of your testimony on this show?

Corey: Well, I have to say it’s gratifying, especially after knowing that he – I was told – has no idea who I am, couldn’t pick me out of a crowd. So you know, this is leading me to believe that his program is what fed the data into – or some of the data – into these smart glass pads.

David: Right.

Corey: So I was most likely reading the results of his briefings.

David: Now, when we are talking about somebody like Secretary James Forrestal being pushed out the top floor of a building in the course of setting up this work, is that a common thing? Is there a short life expectancy for people that get into these programs?

[Secretary of Defense James Forrestal objected to the secrecy. He was a very idealistic and religious man. He believed that the public should be told. James Forrestal was also one of the first known abductees. When he began to talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the Congress about the alien problem he was asked to resign by Truman. He expressed his fears to many people. Rightfully, he believed that he was being watched. This was interpreted by those who were ignorant of the facts as paranoia. Forrestal later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown. He was ordered to the mental ward of Bethesda Naval Hospital. In spite of the fact that THE ADMINISTRATION HAD NO AUTHORITY TO HAVE HIM COMMITTED, the order was carried out. In fact, it was feared that Forrestal would begin to talk again. He had to be isolated and discredited. His family and friends were denied permission to visit. – Source]

Corey: Well, yes, and a lot of it depends on whether you toe the line or not. If you don’t toe the line, then things – I mean, they’re not afraid to take out a president, let alone a former – was he head of the Navy?

David: Yeah, he was Secretary of Defense.

Corey: Oh, Secretary of Defense?

David: Yeah.

Corey: Wow! So, I mean, since to them this secret is higher than the nuclear bomb, any other secret, then they think any of this type of retaliation on people that open their mouths or don’t toe the line is justified.

David: Now, he said that Admiral Rico Botta’s aide wasn’t even cleared to have access to this information. That might strike some people a little strangely. Do you think that there are other precedents for that, in your own experience?

Corey: I saw that kind of thing happen all the time. You’d be in a briefing and they’d give a pre-briefing, and then they would have 5, 10 people have to get up and leave the room . . .

David: Really?

Corey: . . . because they were not cleared for the rest of the information.

David: Wow!

Corey: So I’ve seen that kind of thing happen a lot of times.

David: He also said that Admiral Rico Botta was constantly calling BS about the testimony that he was hearing, that it was just so fantastic-sounding, so hard to believe. And he said that the Germans were the only people, the only country at the time, that really knew about extraterrestrials back then.

So did you find that this wow factor was a fairly consistent element, that people just have a really hard time processing this when they first encounter this information?

Corey: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, case in point, when I came out talking about being regressed 20 years, serving in a 20-year space program, I felt the same way. People were just . . . This is just too incredible to entertain.

David: Now, he also discusses in this short clip that we just saw, Nordics. And if you read his book, he’s describing intensive encounters that he has later with Nordics, and we’re going to have some interview footage on that later on.

But was it interesting to you, as well, to hear him mention that aspect of things?

Corey: Yes, because the Germans were in contact and working hard alongside the reptilians, as he stated. But there were Nordic groups involved as well, that different elements of the German Space Program were in contact with.

David: Right. Now, he mentioned that the Germans with the help of . . . He just calls them the reptilians. He didn’t say ‘Draco’, So we’ll just use that term. The Germans with the reptilians were creating a space Navy, and that their goal was to not just worry about conquering the Earth, but to use the material and the personnel of Nazi Germany to create an interplanetary, interstellar conquering army.

What was your feeling when you heard that?

Corey: I was a little bit shocked, knowing that he doesn’t know anything about my testimony And I’ve reported the genesis of what we are calling the Dark Fleet for a while, and this is exactly the genesis.

They are working mainly outside of the solar system, working alongside the reptilians for defending territory and conquering new territory. That was their mandate.

David: It seems hard for me, just personally, to understand why people on Earth would give a darn about conquering other worlds if they only found out those other worlds existed a few years ago.

Do you think this is more of just something the Draco talked them into, as part of the deal?

Corey: That was a part of the deal.

David: . . . to get to the technology?

Corey: That was a part of the deal.

[The deal also involved the enslavement of mankind on the surface. The reptilians have a very old feud with many human races. They’ve been subjugating and conquering human worlds for many years. The oldest reptilian group, the Draconians have been doing it for upwards of billions of years. There’s a story about a homeword in the Lyra consellation called Avyon that had the first human colony in our galaxy, the Draconians came and wanted to conquer it. Some kind of miscommunication occurred between the Lyrans and Draconians and the Draconians decided to destroy Avyon and other planets with human colonies. The destruction of planets occurred 6-8 million years ago. As you can see, this feud has been going on for a very long time.] 

David: Because why would the Germans care about other planets? They don’t know anything about this. They’d have no background in it.

Corey: Well, I mean, if you were 1930, ’40 era, had that consciousness and perception of the world and you were told that all of this stuff was out there, that might change. You might become VERY eager to get out there and see it.

[We have to understand that during the 30s and 40s it was a very different world. There wasn’t the level of interconnectedness that we see today. It was a very simple time and the prospect of being told there is a whole new world out there just awaiting for you, would be a powerful motivator. Thus the Germans developed a sense of pride and started to consider themselves elite.]

And if you are from a conquering kind of mentality force, hey, all the more better for the reptilians and their goals.

David: So he also said that the Nordics would live between 1,400 years to 2,200 years long. Now, that’s over 10 times, maybe even 20 times, a normal human lifespan. Some people are going to have some trouble with that.

Have you seen any information that corroborates that detail?

Corey: Yeah, we’re talking like, two or three times the age of Methuselah. Ha.

David: Right.

Corey: So, yeah, that . . . I mean that is actually pretty common out there in the cosmos. Once they’ve gotten to a certain technological place of development, they . . . the human body is extremely easy to manipulate, heal and all kinds of stuff medically.

So the bodies of these non-terrestrials, I would assume is similar. And if they can travel across space, they’ve definitely looked inward and figured out their own genome and how to manipulate it.

David: Now, another thing that might be contentious for some people that they’re going to have trouble believing is his testimony that the Germans were actually cloning soldiers, and that clones were being used in combat during World War II.

What’s your response to that aspect of this?

Corey: Well, I hadn’t . . . That’s new to me – that part.

David: Okay.

Corey: But I do know that there was cloning going on later on, that I read about, that the Germans were doing and that the Americans started doing as well in underground bases in these so-called NBC or biological weapons facilities. They were working on and doing a lot of cloning.

David: And speaking of these underground facilities, he said that the Germans were building these discs in several of them, and he also said there were several different prototypes that would go up to 500 feet wide.

Corey: Yeah.

David: Is that consistent with what you’ve heard?

Corey: Our shipping yards, or whatever, for when we were building our earlier craft? It was done in the same manner – in underground . . . that I was briefed about. They were in huge underground caves, and they were building them in sections, and putting them together and then flying them out into space.

David: Is the craft being as wide as 500 feet consistent with what you have heard?

Corey: Much wider.

David: Okay. And what about the chromoly steel that he mentioned?

Corey: That, I had heard. The ships were incredibly dense and heavy because they were using that era of material science. But they started developing material science, and within 20 years or so they were having craft very similar to non-terrestrial craft that we would run across, to where you could pick it up with one hand and rock it.

David: Wow!

Corey: But I don’t think it was quite there, but they developed quite a bit in their material science to make them lighter. But the weight really doesn’t matter when you have the torsion or gravity-canceling technology.

It could weigh 1,000 tons and once they turn it on, it doesn’t matter.

[Since the superposition of a torsion field and a gravitational field in a local area of space may result in the reduction of gravity in this area (the so called “torsion compensation of gravity”), then the influence of torsion radiation upon any physical object may result in a reduction in weight of that object. This significant property of torsion fields was discovered in the 1950s by N.A.Kozyrev [4], and later, it was confirmed in the investigations conducted by A.I.Veinik [2], M.M.Lavrentiev [6], and others. – Source]

David: Sure. Now, he also said something that again, people may have trouble with, especially the more skeptically-inclined, and that would be . . . He said that within two years, we could have a life extension system released to certain individuals, in which you take four pills or four shots over the course of six months.

And he’s saying some pretty outrageous stuff. He’s saying that you’re going to get a 400% IQ boost, that your age reverts to about 29, and that you then stay that way for like 2,000 years, and everything becomes better, and you feel better. Your life just is enhanced.

Does a technology like that exist that you’re aware of?

Corey: Yes, and as I have stated in the past, some of the technology in some form was used on me at the end of the 20 years, when they age regressed me all the way back to the 16, 17-year-old range.

David: But you’re not staying at 15, 17 years old?

Corey: No.

David: And you’re not living for 2,000 years, obviously.

Corey: Right. But this is more of a maintenance kind of . . . If I was getting these chemicals on a semi-regular basis, most likely that would occur.

And that’s one of the things about these programs. They want to make people reliant on who’s running the program, to come back for more shots, pills, whatever.

David: Well, and I’ll tell you, Corey, one of the things about this that concerns me, and I want to put this on camera, because I think it’s very important, is that the space program insider, Jacob, he described to me that they – the Cabal – are going to try to get humanity to accept shots that will extend lifespan.

But he told me that there were going to be nanites in it, and that we would actually become merged with AI. So do you think that could be how this works?

READ: The Threat From Artificial Intelligence

Corey: That’s most likely a type of scenario . . . You know, these are not real good-hearted people that are going to . . . If they’ve kept this technology hidden for 80 years or whatever, why are they all of a sudden going to become all benevolent and give out life extension?

There’s always a catch with these people, so there’s probably some sort of Trojan horse in the shots, just like most of the shots that people get now.

David: Do you know of a way that this could work that doesn’t involve AI and nanites?

Corey: Well, I mean yeah, it obviously worked for me without nanites.

David: Okay.

Corey: I think to get me so quickly down to the age that they needed, they did a little bit different method. I wasn’t taking pills. They did it intravenously.

David: Right.

Corey: But I only witnessed a pharmaceutical application to what happened at the end of my service. I passed out and all that afterwards.

The fact that he’s talking about telomere manipulation and that type of a pharmaceutical innovation to help people extend their life, that’s pretty good details that I hadn’t had before.

David: Let me ask you this. Is there a way that if this technology does come out, that we could test it for nanites? Or could we shock it somehow with electricity or something so that if there were nanites in it that they wouldn’t be able to work?

Corey: Yeah. Both of those are true. They could test them for nanites or just to not have to worry about it. They could take all of the samples through and hit it with an electrical charge.

That’s unless introducing electricity is going to change something in the chemical.

David: Right. So we don’t necessarily have to have a xenophobic attitude about this. If there is a technology that’s benevolent, that comes out from the good guys, we can potentially use it, but we just have to have certain safeguards and caveats in place.

Corey: Right, and unless mortality was staring me in the face, I would probably sit back and let a few other people try it first.

David: All right, so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to show you another clip that gets into some of the more interesting aspects of Maria Orsic and the whole Nordic aspect of what Tompkins’ testimony has to offer us. So check that out.


82 Maria Orsic

William Tompkins: So we had a young girl, Nordic, just outside of Germany.

Some people talked to her, and they said, you are now involved in a new program. And you’re going to have great support in this program.

She had developed with . . . I think she had eight girls.

84 Orsic S Five Girls

They were continually talked to telepathically to go and design spaceships.

86 Telepathic Message

The little blonde actually built them. And eventually, two of those got over here in Area 51.

But Germany found out about the blonde, took her over, stopped everything, and then got to this point where there was some sort of pressurized program by the SS to control that original group.

92 Vril Document

Now, several times they did work together, but Hitler allowed them to operate independently of the whole SS program – the whole development.

So we had two developments going on in Germany. The girls didn’t want their vehicles to be used for anything else but travel.

They were afraid that somebody would get a hold of it and they’d use it for military, which is, of course, what they got.

95 Hitler With UFOs

But the girls finally ended up in Antarctica, in the large facilities.

In fact, the reptilians had three massive caverns.

They let Germany use two small ones, but when you’re talking about small, it’s like as big as California.

98 Cave 1

So there’s cities in both the extraterrestrial caverns, and manufacturing everything that you would need on a planet.

So then Hitler’s group did the same thing.

Four years before the war was over, it was decided that the war could possibly be lost, but if we win it, we still need to get out of the area because the Allies are going to bomb us off of the Earth, and there won’t be anything here left for us.

So they decided to move everything to Antarctica.

READ: The Nazi Antarctica Base 21 and Operation High Jump

Admiral Byrd . . . They were going down there and they were going to take out the whole thing in one week. The top people in every area of the Navy – best aircraft, best ships, best weapons, everything.

108 Admiral Byrd And Officers

And five weeks later, things didn’t look very good.

When we got down there, they had decided they were going to have one thrust from the west side of Antarctica, and then the opposite side coming into both of them towards the center of the continent.

And so before we even got all the guys around and I’m talking about big four-engine flying boats, okay, and ships, battleships and destroyers and submarines and you name it.

Before they got there, these fairly large – they were 100-foot diameter saucers – came up out of the ocean and took down everything.

Now, there’s a misnomer on some documentations about the photographs of some of the German UFOs. Many of the close-ups give you a real clear picture of the cross on them.

119 ARV Pulled By Truck

What was partially incorrect in that information that’s been released was that not all of the vehicles came up out from the German side to take out ours.

But from the large caverns adjacent to them, unmarked UFOs and unmarked cigars came up, which then it was a joint venture by the extraterrestrials that lived there, operated from there, and built the vehicles that went to the Moon and Mars and all these other places.

125 Cigar Craft

But we lost that war.

* * * * * *

David: Now, when he talks about Maria Orsic, we’re dealing with what he said to be Nordics. Is your understanding that Maria Orsic was in fact a Nordic here on Earth and not a human born on Earth?

Corey: No. My understanding was that she made contact with several groups, one of them being Nordics.

David: Okay.

Corey: And she was the conduit for the Nordic people, that they were in contact with.

David: So she may have looked like them, but she was born here.

Corey: Yeah, every one of the people in her group, they were very beautiful. People would turn their heads if they walked by, you know, real long hair.

David: Now, we’ve heard from other sources that Maria Orsic was actually starting out this work doing automatic writing, and that she was, in fact, writing Sumerian language. And there were only three people on Earth who could correctly read it, and the Germans brought them in and validated that, in fact, that was accurate Sumerian writing.

Corey: And the same sources that she got the automatic writing communication from guided her in doing sketches and to look for certain ancient documents that would help them . . . give them a boost in their development.

David: Now, I thought there was something interesting in there as well, which was that Maria’s team only wanted these vehicles to be used for transportation. They were not wanting it to become a military application.

That would suggest that whoever was helping her probably was not the Draco, but might have been some kind of benevolent group like these so-called Nordics.

Corey: Right.

David: So what are your feelings on that?

Corey: Well, that’s usually what happens. If a negative non-terrestrial or entity makes contact with leaders of a certain group, then very often, either through like they did with Maria Orsic, or directly face-to-face, the benevolent groups come in and warn them and try to give them pretty much a hippie love and peace message. You know, get rid of all your nukes, and we’ll give you all this technology – extended life, travel throughout the cosmos, everything.

[The negative groups tend contact individuals who have more egoistical type of personalities. They like to make contact with people they know who can be tempted with power, influence and control. Thus they’re more inclined to offer them technology than the positive group. They do this because they know these highly egoic individuals will abuse the technology in ways that would benefit the negative groups. The positive group though, being more inclined to take care of humanity and make sure they develop as a species will not offer technology without certain agreements. The entry requirements are much stricter than the negative group because they want to make sure they’re ready for such technology. They gauge the level of conscious develop with technological advancement in determining what would be appropriate for our well-being. They do so for our benefit, so that we don’t destroy ourselves and others.] 

And the military minds just couldn’t accept that.

David: And I know that in William’s book, he describes that there were a series of people beginning in the late 1800s that were all getting telepathically contacted independently and were all getting this initiative for a space program.

So do you think that these benevolent beings knew that the Space Program would be co-opted by the negative, but also, were they wise enough to see that we needed to have this for the time that we’re in now, so that we could also ultimately use those tools to defeat the Draco and help kick-start us into this Ascension/Golden Age?

Corey: From what I’ve read, it seemed like they were bringing balance to a situation. We were getting all of these advanced weapons of war, and we were interacting with a negative force that wanted to go out and take over other planetary systems.

So them coming in, providing technology and more of a benevolent message on how to use the technology, was their way of trying to counteract it, because the technology was not that incredibly different than what the Germans were getting from the reptilians.

David: How does it feel for you as a whistleblower who’s been out there risking your life . . . You’ve had all kinds of problems, all kinds of hardship and setbacks, and people have said that you’re a charlatan, a liar, a fake, etc.

How does it feel to see William Tompkins validate Operation Highjump?

Corey: It’s gratifying, but a little shocking, too, because, I mean, I’m really beginning to believe that a lot of his briefings during the time period – ’42 – were what made it into the database that I was reading on the smart glass pad, you know, like 30 years ago.

David: Right, because as he said, there was a stenographer that was there typing up everything that these 29 different embedded spies said over the course of 1,200 briefings. And that was just the ones that Tompkins personally supervised.

Corey: Yes, and we were viewing old typeset documents.

David: Oh, really?

Corey: Yeah.

David: I didn’t know that. Okay.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So you would actually see the original typewritten paper documents?

Corey: Yeah. Yeah. Well, there were redactions, but very little redacted.

David: Wow! So when he said that there were unmarked craft as well as German craft, and this included cigar-shaped craft . . .

Corey: That was new to me. I had not heard that.

David: Okay.

Corey: But I wouldn’t doubt it, because if they’re allied with the reptilians, and we come down to an area that’s mostly reptilian-controlled, of course, they’re going to come out and back up their new ally.

David: Now, another thing that I find absolutely shocking – and I would hope that you watching this at home will dig this as well – is how he said that two main areas were like leftovers and were given to the Americans [Transcriber’s note: I think David means ‘given to Germans’ not ‘Americans’] underneath the ice in Antarctica, in addition to these much larger Draco areas – that there were three, very large Draco areas.

Now, you’ve independently – before this ever happened, before you knew about Tompkins or I knew about Tompkins – had said that there were two major areas underneath Antarctic ice, and then some smaller ones as well.

Corey: Uh-hmm.

David: So what does it feel like, again, to be seeing so much precision in the line-up of these testimonies?

Corey: It makes me hungry for more.

David: Yeah.

Corey: You know, I’m ready for more from Tompkins and more from some of the whistleblowers that we hear are starting to come forward. So it was exciting, but we need to hear more. This is great.

David: So we’re seeing independent, verified testimony of Operation Highjump. All the things that you said, showing up very paralleled, in which Byrd goes down there with this huge army.

We have these – it appears to be – Draco and Germans that are striking against them, and they are very, very heavily-damaged, and they have to limp back.

Corey: Yeah, they were crippled.

David: So this is really very tightly-aligned with what you saw in your own briefings.

Corey: Yes, and I guess I was reading what Tompkins and his group had reported.

David: I just think it’s important for people to understand watching this at home that I can’t bring out some people that I know, but I have other folks who are saying exactly the same stuff that you’ve said, that Tompkins has said, that others have said.

And it’s when you get this many different sources that are all telling us the same thing, that you now have veracity. You have proof.

So the proof is not all the way as far as people want it to be, but we’re getting closer and closer all the time.

Corey: Well, a lot of these skeptics, if one of these craft were to land in front of them, would still be in denial.

David: All right. Well, this has been really fascinating. I want to thank you for watching our show. This is certainly mindblowing.

After all this time, people say, “Oh, Corey has no validation.” Well, what you’ve just seen here is a gamechanger, and I encourage you to tell everybody you know about this, because now that we’re bringing this all together, maybe a lot of people who wouldn’t have taken this seriously before are going to take a second look.

And we do need your help. We need as many people as possible to educate themselves about this.

As Corey just said, it’s vital to humanity’s future that we no longer act as ostriches, that we have the awareness of what’s really going on.

This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m here with Corey Goode and William Tompkins. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching.

NASA Researchers Disclose the Truth About Time Travel & Dimensional Portals

Source: Waking Times

Physics needs some new running shoes, or at least an updated framework in which to understand itself so that it won’t be running in circles trying to get to Saturn or a distant star in a galaxy far, far away. That’s the sentiment among those in elevated levels of government as well as individuals who understand higher consciousness. Why? There are places all over the Universe we can travel to in an instant, using energetic portals in space, and the use of our consciousness.

The proof is indeed mounting that there are portals to other worlds. Though the documentation is still ‘sketchy’ to describe how this is done in black and white, there is a trail there for those who want to follow it.

There are literary hints as well as soft evidence and testimony of numerous whistleblowers. Consider Alice’s rabbit hole. The tornado in the Wizard of Oz. Platform 9 ¾ in Harry Potter. The ‘Gate of Hell’ in Dante’s Inferno. These are just a few.

Ancients knew of portals not just to other Star Systems, but also to the inner earth, using stones, crystals, pyramids, and other structures aligned with the ley lines of this planet.

Within this framework we can look at the work of a NASA researcher who has revealed that there are portalsto other dimensions that open and close every day. They are found within the earth’s magnetic field, and they are in a direct line to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.

Though NASA hasn’t labeled them as portals, and instead calls them Boom Tubes, electron diffusion regions or ‘X’ points, the process of magnetic resonance allows them to exist. This means that an extraordinary’ opening in space or time’ does exist, and NASA has known about them for an undefined duration. These ‘short-cuts’ are talked about in science fiction, and often dismissed by ‘real’ scientists.


Jack Scudder, a NASA plasma physicist from the University of Iowa, refers to X-points as:

Places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun”These portals can be elusive, however, so if one were to imagine utilizing them for space travel, they would have to be an expert in space geography and mathematics to time them correctly.

Or, one could simply speak to the whistleblowers in the US government. Some claim that the military industrial complex has had the ability time travel through stargate portals for over 40 years. Andrew D. Basiago is a former participant in DARPA Project Pegasus (1968-72) who claims that the military developed Tesla-based quantum teleportation and time travel in the time space hologram, initiating the U.S. program of time-space Chrononauts. Basiago claims the military has been using portals since the 1970s. For more than 10 years, Basiago has been trying to tell the general public that portal-based time travel is not something from a sci-fi movie, but a present reality.

Basiago not only talks about time travel to more distant places, but claims the CIA has a Mars-jump-room program which allowed our military to build bases on Mars. He says that though he has worked with some of the leading quantum physicists, the information that he discloses is considered heretical by mainstream physicists, and the military as well.

Basiago states he participated in two ‘secret’ military programs. He says he was one of the many American children chosen to participate in time travel experiments. His accounts of what he experienced are measured with logic and it is difficult to discount what he says as pure fantasy. It is also, of course, in the best interest of the US military to keep these technologies secret, since they can be weaponized. This is no secret, since Rumsfeld has admitted that one of the boons of research done within Project Pegasus is the ability to use teleportation to deliver troops to the appropriate place on the battlefield.

So how does this happen?

This is a similar question that was attempted in the movie Contact staring Jodie Foster. The real life astronomer and ET chaser that inspired her character is Dr. Jill Tarter. She has stated, when asked what got her interested in the search for life beyond this planet:

The Cyclops Report from 1971 — written by Barney Oliver and John Billingham — was the result of a series of summer studies at NASA Ames and Stanford. In reading that workshop report, I was impressed by the notion that after millennia of asking priests and philosophers what to believe about life beyond Earth, the middle of the 20th century presented us with some tools that permitted scientists and engineers to do experiments to try to find the answer. Telescopes, rather than belief systems, could potentially show us what is, rather than what others said we should believe. I realized that I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills (undergrad degree in engineering physics and Ph.D in astronomy) to join this exploration. I got hooked, and have stayed hooked all these years.”

We’re all hooked. That’s because if alien life exists, then surely there are forms of life that are way more advanced (both consciously and technologically) than we are, and these forms of life most assuredly can travel ‘in the blink of an eye’ without necessarily having to overcome gravity, the limitations of rocket fuel, or even the scarcity of physical materials which could not easily withstand the heat of the sun or the extreme cold of deep space.

If our minds could simply create the energy we need to travel more than 9 billion light years before we’re 9 billion years old, then space travel would become commonplace. Perhaps even our highly developed intuition would understand that strange math that allows thought to travel as a wave and to form more cogently in material form on the other side of Pluto.

Nikola Tesla alluded to something of this nature. He developed a ‘teleportation machine’ which formed a ‘shimmering curtain.’

“Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago

Passing through this curtain of energy, Basiago would enter a “vortal tunnel” that would send him to his destination. The other teleportation devices included a “plasma confinement chamber” in New Jersey and a “jump room” in El Segundo, California. There was also some kind of “holographic technology,” which allowed them to travel “both physically and virtually.”

They weren’t always safe, though. One of Basiago’s cohorts, Alfred Webre, recalls one instance in which a child returned from his temporal voyage before his legs. As he puts it, “He was writhing in pain with just stumps where his legs had been.” These bugs, according toWebre, have been ironed out in the 40 or so years since the experiments began.

If our consciousness just needs to catch up to the materialization of matter, anything is possible, but we’ve got plenty of work to do before packing a bag for MACS0647-JD a mere 13.3 billion light years away. I’d hate to forget my wallet in Sacramento while my energy was being catapulted to this distant galaxy, let alone my legs. New shoes indeed.

Transformation, X-Ray Eyes and the Lifting of the Veil

by Zen Gardner

These are very exciting times as well as extremely challenging ones. Changes continue to accelerate on personal as well as external fronts, and will continue to do so.  This veil lifting meme has come on strong. It’s in our collective consciousness. It’s the awakening morphing as we said it would and will continue to do.

On the external front, the BREXIT issue is very indicative of the growing effects of recent events, even if it’s engineered to try and bring on a new globalist plan. The point is people are getting a sense of empowerment and involvement. When these openings arise they lead to more awakenings of the spirit as related issues come to light.

I see and feel it here in Spain, as there are a lot of Brits here and they’re talking about it quite a bit and recalculating many things as a result, as are all other nationalities here in Europe. It affects trade, freedom of movement and places of residence the most immediately.

People are already on the defensive with the monetary manipulations and the underlying issue of disappearlng national cultures with the migration agenda in full swing, so the cumulative effect of these issues is precipitating new viewpoints and understandings about what’s going on.

Populations are also being battered about by these escalating false flags and ginned up fear with the resulting militarization of their otherwise peaceful nations. They’re seeing through all this more and more. That’s pretty powerful. It’s all backfiring as they get more and more desperate to gain control, and people aren’t buying into it nearly as much.

The Break Through Is Under Way – And It’s Very Personal

The truth is bubbling through this lifting veil and changing the playing field in more ways than we can even clearly identify. It’s a shift – ultimately in consciousness that is affecting the entire planet and everything and everyone in and on it.

The most profound manifestations are what’s happening in people’s personal lives. I’ve been going through a major shift the past 10 months with very personal ramifications coming at me full speed and from all sides. The thing is, I’m hearing this from every quarter. My own children, close friends, readers and commenters on the site, people I’m meeting, and just perusing the consciousness oriented web sites.

The shift is hitting the fan. And it’s all for good.

It’s really remarkable how lives are being impacted. And it’s clearly what’s most important – that we make the personal changes that are being required of us to prepare us for what’s ahead, as well as in fulfilling our essential roles as sovereign awakened souls and awake and responsible inhabitants of this glorious planet.

X-Ray Eyes – Just Wait To See What You’re Gonna See!

What’s thrilling about these changes is what is being revealed to us. Not only in our general outlook as that will continually keep morphing, but our self perception and how we view those about us that closely influence our lives.

You’ll see yourself, first of all, warts and all as the layers peel off. But it’s revealing your real shining self. It’s all good. I get into this in other articles but you know what I’m talking about. Transformation is a painful but necessary process.

Don’t fight it. In fact, pursue it.

The wild stuff I’ve been experiencing the past several months and which continues to step up is seeing not only myself, but other people differently. Especially the ones I thought I “knew”. Things get revealed to you. Brace yourself, a lot of it comes as a shocker or sideways revelation, but trust what your heart is telling you. And respond accordingly as you’re led.

It’s an ongoing adjustment process but quite a thrilling experience. It’ll make you draw close to some and distance yourself from others as your newly revealed self comes to the surface.

The Bombastic Bullshit Factor

There’s a lot of complete bullshit getting thrown around, and pointless, distracting and time and energy wasting drama. It’ll be cloaked in anything from morphed new age type spiritual rigamarole, a very toxic infection going around, to shallow amusements with no lasting value that also drain the spirit and distract from deeper relationships grounded in reality.

You’ll also see other people you don’t know differently. It’s sort of like having x-ray eyes that are waking up and activating. It gives you a lot more compassion to realize what people are trapped in, as well as an increasing disdain for destructive behavior and deliberate ignorance.

Events and news morph too. You’ll be able to more easily resist areas of information that you once tolerated and even sought after. Go with it. As we detoxify it gets easier and easier and we naturally spend more time on connecting with nature and relaxing as well as working on spiritual grounding, essential to our health and survival, especially now in these increasingly turbulent times, both socially and spiritually.

Hyperdimensional Stuff

This can’t be emphasized enough. Without awareness of this aspect we’re sitting ducks. Almost if not all of our problems are influenced by hyperdimensional energies and entities. We’re under attack now more than ever and as the veil lifts, but we’re going to be able to identify these pestering spirit influences at work.

That’s why grounding work in order to stay firmly planted in reality is so very important.

But it’s all for our good and growth, so react consciously. Again, the Wetiko information is very empowering in this regard. We need to understand what is going on in this important hyperdimensional aspect and there’s a lot of great information regarding this available.

But nothing takes the place of vigilance. If we’re “on call” we’re much more likely to nip things in the bud before we get entangled and things really become complicated and confusing. That’s why I wrote about social contracts and co-dependence recently, because these can be activated before we know it. It’s bad enough the ones we’re aware of and already disengaging from, but why bring on more problems for ourselves if we can avoid them?

Can I Help?

Co-dependency often manifests in trying to help others in the wrong way and with the wrong motives driving us. Maybe we’re drawing others to ourselves, or working out old issues with wanting to feel needed. It could be a lot of things.

This phrase “can I help?” has become a joke with my closest friends. We talk about all these things I’m writing about here a lot which really helps heighten awareness of it. But if you can laugh when you catch yourself doing it it’s a real good sign! Issues like this are a manifestation of previous trauma and tragedy in our lives and may not seem so funny at times, but we can get past it.

We just need to see it for what it is.

That takes some “homework” but it’s an essential part of our growth. Wrong, binding social contracts are another extension of co-dependency. It’s that thing that reaches out and attaches in completely unhealthy ways. It reminds me of the quote:


Watch Your Thoughts – And Everything Else

That quote above is like anything in us that seeks attachment. And let me tell you, hyperdimensionals LOVE attachment! Besides what basic attachments to to bind up personally, attachment is how these entities and influences work and even travel from person to person. So watch out where you hang out, who you’re with and what you think. Do regular energetic cleansing.  All this may seem a tall order but it’s the nature of the beast right now.

Actually it always has been.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” is a lot deeper than we thought. But it’s not that complicated. It will take some tough decisions to let go of compromised situations. The answer is usually clear and easy but the execution can be tough. Some things take more time to unravel and disconnect from than others. But we all can do it.

Unveil Yourself

I’m dwelling on these personal aspects because self-healing is the most profound manifestation of this lifting of the veil. And once we’re whole we’re way more effective in helping to change the vibrational level of our environment. That’s the most effective thing any of us can do.

It’s also where these other forces and issues can’t touch us, and that awakening process continues to self replicate and raise in not just frequency, but power and speed. Besides, it’s the unknown territory we all crave to find and explore and dwell in.

And it’s at all of our fingertips.

Now that’s empowering. We’re in the midst of a planetary shift that’s being energetically charged, and as we respond and resonate it works synergistically to compound this wonderful change exponentially.

Keep on. It’s an individual fight, but we each help each other massively by overcoming.

Meet you in the unknown! It’s the place to be! 😉

Love always and all ways,



Benjamin Fulford Special Update for July 30th – Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds

Source: Benjamin Fulford

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds
By Benjamin Fulford

July 30, 2016

CIA sources in East Asia alerted us to the fact the US Justice Department has indicted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for embezzling over $1 billion from a fund meant to be used for Malaysian economic development.
The indictment is calling for the seizure of all the profits from the Hollywood hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, because it was financed with embezzled funds. The indictment also mentions Saudi Arabian royals, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank Privee Edmond de Rothschild.

Read Benjamin Fulford July 25th Update

The CIA sources source say Najib has asked for immunity and placement for him and his family in the witness protection program in exchange for testifying about the links between the embezzlement scandal, the Rothschild family and missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. If so, this could be the case that finally brings down the Rothschild dynasty. The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton branch of the Khazarian mafia is already being brought down in the US so if the Rothschilds are also brought down, this will mean liberation for humanity for the horrors of Babylonian debt slavery. The indictment can be read here:
More details will be made available in the Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis report due out on Monday, August 1st, 2016.

Here’s What The Rockefeller Family Knew About UFO’s

Source: True Disclosure

By: Joe

What evidence is available suggesting that the Rockefeller family had information regarding UFOs and possible extraterrestrials?

What evidence is available suggesting that the Rockefeller family had information regarding UFOs and possible extraterrestrials?

We can start with the fact that we now know that Laurence Rockefeller, the prominent third-generation member of the Rockefeller family and the fourth child of John D. Rockefeller, encouraged UFO research.

How do we know this?

He heavily supported the work of Harvard University professor, psychologist, and Pultizer prize winner Dr. John Mack, who had a great interest in UFOs and those who have had supposed contact with extraterrestrials. You can learn more about Mack in an article we published earlier this year where he dealt with 60 school children who all witnessed non-human beings and a large craft landing. According to the US National Library of Medicine, Mack’s “disparate personas—from esteemed professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School to social activist and believer in alien abductions—were as incongruent as the extraordinary assemblage of his supporters, who included venture capitalist Laurence Rockefeller. . . .” (source) The John E. Mack Institute website also states that Rockefeller funded Mack.

Peter Sturrock, an Emeritus Professor of Physics, gathered a group of other world renowned scientists in 1997 to stress the fact that the UFO topic deserves serious attention and is accompanied by physical evidence. The scientists met at the Pocantico Conference Center near Trrytown, New York, and the conference was financially supported by Laurance Rockefeller. (source)(source)

Laurence Rockefeller initiated an effort alongside Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton encouraging the U.S. government to officially disclose the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs. It’s what’s known today as the “Rockefeller Initiative,” and you can view all of the documents to and from Laurence Rockefeller to various people regarding this initiative here. They were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by various researchers, including the Paradigm Research group, who was responsible for the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, an event that brought together researchers and high ranking military and political personnel to testify about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials in front of several former United States congresspeople. (source)

Laurence has also supported the work of Dr. Steve Greer, head of the disclosure project.
Here is a picture with Hiliary Clinton meeting with Laurence Rockefeller, holding a book believed to be written by Paul Davies titled, “Are We Alone?” You can see from the information above why it’s not unreasonable to assume this, and we published an article earlier this year explaining how we determined the identity of the book. You can read that here. What’s interesting about this point is the fact that John Podesta, Former White House Chief of Staff under the Clinton Administration, councillor to Barack Obama, and current head of Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, has gone on the record stating that:

“I’m skeptical about many things, including the notion that government always knows best, and that the people can’t be trusted with the truth. The time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. We have statements from the most credible sources – those in a position to know – about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to be determined.” (taken from Leslie Kean’s 2010 New York Times bestseller, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, And Government Officials Go On The Record, for which Podesta wrote the forward)

Podesta also made a live appearance at the National Press Club years before this, stating that “it’s time to open the books on questions that’ve remained in the dark” regarding “government investigations of UFOs.”(source)

So What Exactly Does The Rockefeller Family Know About UFOs?

As stated earlier, based on my research, I believe that the secrecy surrounding this subject has been dictated by a small group of elite who sit atop the global financial system. I believe this same international group has heavy influence inside the military industrial complex/black budget, and I believe they are responsible for what President Eisenhower warned us about many years ago — “the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”

I also believe that information regarding this subject could lie in the hands of people above those who control our global economy/financial systems — with a group that’s completely, one hundred percent clandestine, even possibly beyond the big banks… but who really knows?

That being said, it’s only possible to find information linking Laurence Rockefeller to UFOs; we don’t have much evidence to suggest his other family members have been involved, but it’s not illogical to assume that given the fact that Anne Bartley, the stepdaughter of Winthorp Rockefeller, was also involved We know he has shown a clear interest in the subject, and, as illustrated above, financed a few prominent people who were studying the subject.

It’s clear that Laurence had a heavy interest in this subject and certainly encouraged the disclosure of classified information, as the above information demonstrates. Whether he was doing this out of pure interest or because he and his family were already involved in the cover-up is unclear. Who knows what information he was privy to? Or what the other members of his family knew about the subject? Laurence was the only one to openly take interest in it, but other members of his family could have been working behind the scenes.

What are your thoughts?