The Galactic Federation


The “Galactic Federation of Light” was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from creating galactic wars and conquering different star systems that were dominating and exploiting our Milky Way Galaxy. The members of the Galactic Federation of Light act as Physical Angels and radiate Light and Love into areas of darkness, and oversee the evolution of all its star planetary systems in order to carry out the eventual ‘Divine Fate’ prophesied for our Milky Way Galaxy.

The Galactic Federation of Light, for our galaxy, is located on the star planetary system Sirius. And many on Earth are liaison officers or honorary members to the Galactic Federation of Light.

Millions of years ago, we became part of a vast rebellion between the Light and the dark forces in this galaxy. The uprisings began in the constellations of Lyra, Cancer, Gemini and Orion, as well as in many other lesser-known star groupings. And at the very core of this battle were the Star Leagues of the Pleiades, the Andromedan Confederation, the Lyra Light League and the Sirian star-nations. It was this rebellion that eventually led to the formation of the “Galactic Federation of Light”, some 4.5 million years ago.

However, of all the star nations in our galaxy Sirius is most sacred, the place where the sacred ‘Great Blue Lodge of the Blue-Light of Divine Creation’ has been anchored. Lord Siraya, the Carrier of God’s Blue Light to all His Mansion Worlds, chose Sirius (B) as the place to enter this galaxy and establish the ‘Great Oracle Temple’ of Blue Light of Divine Creation to illuminate the Creator’s Light to all other star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy. This sacred Blue Lodge of Sirius is defended by the race of the ‘Lion people’ who are the settlers on Sirius (A) star system. This is the race of people who descended upon Earth to create and activate the Great Pyramid of Egypt and oversaw the design and architecture of all pyramids on Earth. They were headed by the Atlantean and Egyptian High Priest from Venus – ‘Thoth’, and by the High Priestess ‘Seshat’ who is a descendent of the ‘Feline Beings’, a race also from Sirius (A). The Lion Beings live in the ‘non-physical’ reality that transcends time and space; whereas the Feline Beings are of the physical dimension and live even amongst the human race on Earth. Whilst the Lion Beings were the architect or the blueprint designers of the pyramids, the actual builders were the Feline Beings who physically constructed the Great Pyramid. This is the multi-dimensional perspective of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Moreover, the Lion and Feline Beings are members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

At present, there are just over 200,000 members of the Galactic Federation that stem from many star nations and systems within our galaxy, as well as from other various galaxies and vast orders, confederations and unions from the Creator’s many Mansion Worlds and Universes. Of the total member species approximately 40% are humanoids and the rest are varied forms of sentient beings. However, the members of the Galactic Federation are fully awakened Beings of Light.


“You are not of this world. You are all extraterrestrial in nature, and have travelled some 26 Light Years to reach Earth, your present home, to bravely partake in a complicated and challenging experiment of ‘total spiritual amnesia’. Lady Gaia Earth volunteered to become a laboratory to harbour a daring ‘experiment’ and become the playground for a dangerous game from which there was no expectation of success, or even sheer survival. This experiment was labelled ’Deathwish’. And to say the least, you courageously volunteered to participate in this risky business of ‘no-returns’. We were assisting, so far, only to prevent any irreversible damage to your soul. However, you managed to astound us where we least expected! Despite the total spiritual loss of memory, which is the ‘Blueprint of Non-Remembrance’ adopted by Earth, you found the ‘doorway’ to exit from this complex, full-proof, inextricable labyrinth of sheer darkness. Consequently, we have had to change the pre-determined result of this experiment! A change we embrace and welcome with much pleasure and celebration. We indeed salute you!

“And so we have now come to give you “THE ASCENSION KEY” to open the doorwayand end this long evolutionary experiment of spiritual amnesia. Please note there are 2 Ascension Keys: one is for individual human evolution and the other is for the ascension of the planet and all its inhabitants together. This Key shall not yet be revealed. Only when the collective consciousness has reached the level of critical mass required for a shift, will the 2nd Ascension Key manifest in the hands of the most deserving soul on Earth, who then shall open the Stargate to Freedom for all.

The Golden Ascension Key


With the 1st Ascension Key you shall remove the ‘Adamic Curse’; a curse that has imprisoned you within the illusionary walls of division/separation/dualism/discrimination; and transmute your lower light template of Adam Man into the Higher Intelligence Template of the ‘Adam Kadmon Man’ (the original mould from which the pure man was conceived).

“We have come to “SHIFT YOUR ENERGY AND RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY”. You must insert the Ascension Key into your soul consciousness to enter the Golden Age. This Key shall open the doorway that lies within you. In order to get the outside door to open, you must first open the inner door. The Ascension Key when inserted within shall magically or alchemically change your internal landscape of individual workings and cause huge personal implosions that shall set-off a rippling effect on the physical/ psychological/ economical/and emotional richter scale. But know that you are not alone when this huge evolutionary transmutation takes place. We are here to tell you –  lean on us; you are being looked after; you are not by yourself; this is not about death but a re-birth of body and mind; do not fear nor hesitate to allow the change to take place; call out to us and know that we are here!

“We have come to re-establish the “ONE MIND”, which shall replace all divisions and separations created by religion and politics across the many cultures of Earth. We have come to end all religion that used ‘divisive deviation’ to serve The Lie! This created the patriarchal system, the racial discrimination, the gender bias, the yin-yang imbalance, which in turn served the self-ish purpose of the ‘service-to-self types’, who are the evil masterminded beings amongst you.  

“We have now come “TO REVEAL THE HIDDEN MYSTERIES OF ALL THINGS”. To start with you must know the sum of 1+1 does not equal to 2, but totals to a 0 (zero).  This is the unifying of the ‘Yin-Yang’ energy through an inner synthesis. Here we reveal to you the ‘ancient hidden mystery’ that became ‘The Secret’ when buried by Thoth at the end times of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. This Secret was taught by Thoth and Seshat in the ‘Ancient Mystery School’ of Khem.  It is the alchemical breaking of the ‘Cosmic Egg’.

The Ancient Mystery School of Egypt

“Based upon the theory that ‘yang’ or electro-energy is the positive polarity, or the (+) Plus Time, and the ‘yin’ or magnetic-energy is the negative charge, the (-) Minus Time. You are at present living in the Patriarchal Era of yang domination, in other words, moving forward with the yang flow of + Time, that moves in the direction of East to West. Now for the yin-yang unity to take place, you must start by moving backwards, in the reverse direction, into the – Time flow of yin energy that flows from North to South. As the yin energy of the –Time clashes against the forward flux of the yang energy of + Time a collision of energy particles take place. This is the ‘Shiva Dance of Destruction’, wherein, the positive battles with the negative destroying in its path the existence of all polarity or duality, forever. This colossal explosion will finally come to a rest at a point of perfect balance when the (+) positive and the (-) negative conjoin to make a whole = 0. Therefore, a +1-1=0. In other words, when the yin energy intersects the yang energy at a ‘cross’ (+), it then folds into the ‘cube’ (0) crossing out all duality forever.

“This is the hidden meaning behind the Da Vinci Code. This is the Zero-Point of all creation. This is the breaking of the Cosmic Egg, the alchemical transmutation that takes place within one self, transporting one into the cosmic core of the “I AM”, the “ONE”. This mutative Shiva Dance of Destruction is what opens the ‘Third-Eye’, the ‘Singular Eye’, or the ‘Cosmic Eye of God’.

“Holding steady at the Zero-Point of perfect equilibrium awakens the Kundalini which then begins to rise from the first chakra up through the chakric column pushing then outward at the Third-Eye center, which in turn impels the Spiritual Eye to burst open, effecting rapidly thereafter the total awakening to complete ‘Enlightenment’.

“This is how, by inserting the Ascension Key within your soul space, you can open the inner door and enter the New Golden Age. The Ascension Key is symbolically represented as the ‘Egyptian Ankh’ that breaks the cosmic egg, and ushers in the “New Age”. This is the right understanding of the ‘SECOND COMING OF CHRIST’. Please understand Christ is ‘Christ Consciousness’, which is the 33rd degree frequency of Light energy. The ‘Second Coming Of Christ’ is your returning to the Light once again, by ending all duality/polarity/separation/and divisions, through the unifying of the Yin-Yang/ God-Goddess Energy of the Light within.

The fusion of the Yin & Yang Energies

“We are here to “RE-ESTABLISH TRUE-LOVE”. It is at this moment of fusion of the yin-yang energies when the union of Twin-Rays, on Earth, shall take place. This coming together of Cosmic Lovers shall edit the old version of love (the doubting Thomas) and re-boot the human pattern of love, establishing the eternal concept of True-Love. The sacred love and sacred sex shared between Twin-Rays shall not only booster their evolution but create a chain-effect that shall amplify and farther spread the Light of Love.

“We have now thereby come into your midst to create the “NEW HEAVEN ON NEW EARTH”As it was in the beginning, is now, and shall ever be! Thy Kingdom come, Thy shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! As Above so Below! This ‘New Earth’, or ‘New Age’, is not a religion but a ‘New Politics’ based upon the concept of ‘Governmental Excellence of United Nations’.

“We are here to promote your status from a ” ‘ HUMAN BEING ’ (Homo Sapien) TO A‘GALACTIC BEING’ (Homo Galacticus).

“We are here to now prepare for the birth, or the coming of “THE NEW LOGOS” for the New Earth. The ‘New Buddha’ shall take birth through a galactic being, already on Earth, when she shall unite with her Cosmic Lover. The three galactic beings shall then fulfil the already prophesied destiny of Earth – “Three people shall travel to Egypt, in the near future, the newly born Son of Light shall behold the Golden Key (the 2nd Ascension Key) that unlocks the hidden door to a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and end forever this experiment of darkness on Earth! And then there shall be Light!” Scribed within this chamber are already the names of these three beings.
The opening of the Great Pyramid of Egypt
“Once the Stargate has been opened (by 2012 approx.), the Earth shall be freed from the Law of Gravity and begin to shift out of its axis. The Earth and the human race shall shift together. Mankind will be beamed up into spacecrafts and motherships immediately.

“The human race shall then enter the “COSMIC CLOCK” where all exists in the ‘Now’. At the same time, Earth shall be taken away to a safe place, a separate hangar, for its re-structuring and transmutation into the New Earth.

“You shall move closer to “SIRIUS”, and take your place in its multi-star planetary system. By 2013, you shall join the “LION BEINGS” and “FELINE BEINGS” of Sirius (A)and other humanoid Galactic Beings on Sirius ‘B’ & ‘C’.

“By then life on Mars and Venus shall re-emerge. Maldek too shall re-invent itself. And the Moon shall be the ‘space-station’ for the New Earth.

“You shall then become “FULL MEMBERS OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT” and meet your galactic family and enter your inter-dimensional reality.

“The Master in-charge of overseeing the successful completion of this experiment and its transformation into the New Energy is the “ASCENDED MASTER SAINT GERMAIN”, the Hierarch of the New Earth.
Ascended Master Saint Germain
“And finally, we are here to help Mother Earth keep her “APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY”. It has been prophesied; ”when Earth successfully completes her blueprint she shall inherit the greatest Galactic Civilization!” This Civilization is YOU – the Galactic Society, that shall bring about the end of all galactic wars in the Milky Way and establish peace and unity. You are the Souls of great Beings of Light from far in the galaxy. You have now reached the end of the most challenging and grand ‘genetic experiment’ on Earth, and have survived! We stand in proud appreciation, awaiting your splendid arrival, with badges and trophies to salute you on your unparalled and unwavering courage, bravery, and determination. All of that which has influenced your astounding victory into eternal freedom. We are all so very proud of YOU! You are already walking the Red Carpet; this is your “LAST WALK HOME, ALONE”. Alone it may seem; long it may feel; but nay, we are waiting across the Rainbow Bridge, enthusiastically applauding you. Walk, and do not look back!
The Cosmic Walk back Home

“Keep that speech ready, however long you wish it to be, no bell shall resound to edit your voice, as your Voice is needed to be heard as the “GALACTIC TEACHERS”. You are the finest example to have survived the experiment so doomed to self-destruct right from its conception. You shall impart your experiences and offer your teachings to the star-planetary systems of the lower light. The New Earth shall become the most popular meeting place for the entire Milky Way Galaxy, and YOU, shall behold the Highest Intelligence of Wisdom ever acquired through the toughest tests of time and space. YOU shall be the deserving creators of New Heaven on many Earths, because you have lived the Dream. Lived and worked, and survived, the Dream!

“We await You! We Salute You! We Honour you! We Welcome You back Home!

“We now take our leave and bless you. Blessings, dear Ones: go inside and bring forth your great energies and intentions. Use them with our divine assistance to bring forth a full consciousness and a new golden reality.

”AMEN! SELAMAT JA! (Be in Joy)”
The New Earth in the Fifth Dimension of Light

Much of what has been outlined is explained more thoroughly in my Book 111 – “The Voice Of Silence”, still being scribed.