Tom Delonge Fights Back After Article Claims “To The Stars Academy” Had $37 Million Debt

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Former Blink-182 singer, Tom DeLonge once received a “Researcher Of The Year” award from the International UFO Congress after Wikileaks revealed hacked emails that suggested he was in contact with top people in the US government, including Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. While receiving his award in 2017, he indicated he was about to make a leap forward in the search for extraterrestrials.

Today, it appears that DeLonge is the center of something much more mundane, a financial deficit, after an article from Ars Technica suggested the DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science Inc. was in debt for $37 million. The article cited a recent filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission:

“The Company has incurred losses from operations and has an accumulated deficit at June 30, 2018 of $37,432,000. These factors raise doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

DeLonge shot back that the UFO research organization is not in debt, and that Ars Technicahad posted a “blatant lie.” In a now-removed Instagram post, the singer stated:

“APPARENTLY, THIS WRITER CAN’T READ,” he wrote. “BTW- TTSA never even raised $37m!!? So how in the hell did we spend it?! Lord. I ask all of you that believe in the @tothestarsacademy mission to go write a complaint on their website RIGHT NOW for trying to hurt an admirable effort to help humanity by using negative attacks and—-> lies.”

He claimed that the author of the Ars Technica article, Eric Berger, had not reached out to him or his company prior to publishing the piece.

“Mr. Berger apparently did not EVEN READ the filing in its entirety, and clearly did not understand the excerpt of the SEC filing he quotes,” he wrote in part. “The approximate $37 million stockholders’ deficit is NOT DEBT as he characterized it but is attributable to stock-based compensation expense. IT IS NOT RELATED TO THE OPERATIONAL RESULTS OF THE COMPANY.”

Meanwhile, the Ars Technica article was updated with an important correction:

“The original story mischaracterized To the Stars’ deficit as debt. This story has been changed to reflect a more accurate picture of the company’s finances.”

Tom DeLonge took to Twitter, where he thanked journalists who corrected the mistake.

Tom DeLonge


Thank you to the professional journalists who are clarifying their mistake in mischaracterizing what Stockholders equity is. It is not debt, money owed or results from operations. We have simply offered our employees stock-based compensation like most start-ups do.

To The Stars Academy@TTSAcademy

We appreciate the professionalism of most media channels who have taken the steps to update their articles and inform their readers of their mistake.

To The Stars Academy noted that:

“It looks like people are misunderstanding the difference between debt and stockholders’ equity” after the company compensated employees with stocks instead of dollars.”

To The Stars Academy@TTSAcademy

1/4 We’ve noticed some reports that we are “in debt” in some astronomical amount. The reports are highly misleading and grossly mischaracterize statements in an SEC filing.  It looks like people are misunderstanding the difference between debt and stockholders’ equity.

Whew! Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Tom DeLonge and his Academy are free to get back to their ambitious mission: 

“The team members all share a common thread of frustration and determination to disrupt the status quo, wanting to use their expertise and credibility to bring transformative science and engineering out of the shadows and collaborate with global citizens to apply that knowledge in a way that benefits humanity.”

n the meantime, DeLonge still has it going on with a guitar:

See more below:

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Tom DeLonge Group Stunningly Debunked: Curtains for Partial Disclosure?

Source: Divine Cosmos


Tom DeLonge’s CIA and other intel advisors used a picture of a mylar party balloon from 2005 as if it was a genuine UFO, and raised over 2.2 million dollars in funding from the event featuring it.

There was widespread suspicion of this “mainstream-media-sanctioned disclosure” in the UFO community, and it was just proven correct.

Someone within the group obviously knew this was a fake image. We do not feel Tom DeLonge was in on it, and his silence suggests he must be very upset at this point.

With the formerly-invincible Cabal on the ropes like never before, perhaps this ‘disclosure’ was just too easy. No one was fighting and dying to make this happen, and the media toed the line.

The members of this group completely “ghosted” the UFO community at large, hardly granting any access whatsoever to the people on the front lines of the disclosure movement.

Weirdest of all was how little anyone in the public was affected by it.

UFOs? Been there, done that.

What will real disclosure look like now that the credibility of this operation has been shattered? It’s going to be grassroots all the way.



We covered the Tom DeLonge disclosure, including the events of October 11th and December 16th, 2017, in six different articles:

ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal (December 6, 2016)

Vegas Terror and Disclosure: Is Something Very Big About to Happen? (October 10, 2017)

Stunning New Briefings: Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure (December 25, 2017)

ET Autopsy Insider Emery Smith Hit With Massive Attack After Coming Forward (December 28, 2017)

Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy (January 11, 2018)



This was enticing, if not irresistible ‘bait’ for the UFO community at large.

You have a cadre of new insiders coming forward, saying they have the goods: anti-gravity technology from Lockheed SkunkWorks, films of UFOs in flight, and a photo of that same UFO.



Now we know that indeed it is “clearly not an experimental US aircraft.”

Instead, their alleged UFO was a photo of a phallic mylar balloon taken by Steve Mera and posted online in 2005.



You can buy a silver balloon just like it here on Amazon for as little as seven dollars and 98 cents.

But wait, there’s more: here you can get the same one for just one easy payment of $5.99… but only while supplies last.



What kind of Return on Investment or ROI would you get if you could use a six-dollar balloon to raise 2.2 million dollars?

Certainly a lot more than the stock market at this point, which went into free-fall immediately after the release of the damning FISA memo:



This epic “debunking” allowed the online skeptic community to sing with joy once again, parading their fundamentalist beliefs that “There Is No Evidence.”



Jimmy Church alerted me to this in a phone call we had yesterday. He insisted that I sit down before he tell me, and it was definitely a good idea.

He has outed the whole scandal on his Facebook page on February 7th after having been a direct Tom DeLonge supporter:



OK… so, in the interest of transparency… Tom DeLonge’s ‘Tic Tac’ UFO was NOT photographed by the US Navy off the coast of San Diego in 2004… but was shot in Manchester UK in 2005…

Here are the two images side by side… and the ORIGINAL article that was posted in 2005… with four additional images.

Something doesn’t smell right to me… I’ve sent everything to DeLonge and his team and I’m waiting for a response… but one thing is for sure… the UFO community will police itself.

Read the original article… look at the images… and post your comments below… things are about to get interesting… somebody has been played… not sure who… but I want answers.

Steve Mera, who posted the original article in 2005 now says that it was a metallic party balloon…. hmmmmm… here we go!!!

Original 2005 article:



Our December 25th article went into far more detail about the DeLonge event than the others, and gave this event favorable coverage.

I recommend reading it if you are not familiar with this case… including the awesome scope of coverage it earned in the mainstream media.

As I said at the time, any disclosure is better than nothing.

Now we have to put a caveat on that statement: “Any disclosure is better than nothing… as long as it isn’t blatantly fraudulent.”



Our Alliance insiders had consistently been warning us that this enormous media event was all part of an attempt to create a “Partial Disclosure” that the Cabal hoped would save them from defeat.

The Cabal folks were only intending to use disclosure as a “Weapon of Mass Distraction” when their backs were really up against the wall.

Deception would be at the very root of such a plan, if the real goal was to obfuscate the existence of the Secret Space Program and other hyper-classified projects.

The credibility of the entire initiative was heavily damaged by the Wikileaks email dump of October 2016, when it was revealed that DeLonge had worked directly with John Podesta on this plan.





I wanted to give DeLonge the benefit of the doubt, and still do. I have felt he might be “in over his head” on this all along, and I was willing to help.

The only way to truly assess the value of your insiders is to consult with others who have been in contact with even more insiders, for an even longer period of time.

The truth emerges when you do the broadest-level analysis of who is out there and what they are saying, all independently of one another.

Linda Moulton Howe has been doing this for well over 35 years, and I have been doing it for 22 years. Neither of us were ever invited to be involved.

DeLonge was made very well aware through direct insiders that I would speak with him, and nonetheless completely refused all contact.



On December 13th, 2017, DeLonge revealed in a tweet that an unidentified “they” was in complete control of the timing of the release of the event:



I do feel it is important, now more than ever, for him to really think about what is happening here, how this alleged ‘mistake’ was made, and why.

No one wants to be a Lee Harvey Oswald figure in a Deep State attempt to kill Full Disclosure, but this entire event is starting to appear that way for DeLonge.

The biggest problem is that if you knowingly raise a great deal of money under false pretenses, you are dealing with high-level fraud and criminality.



On December 20th, it was announced that this initiative had raised a staggering 2.2 million dollars from only two thousandindividual investors:

12/20: Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy Crosses $2M Mark

In case you are ready to dismiss these efforts, stop and ponder this: The academy has already attracted more than $2.2 million in funding from 2,000 individual investors.


Who are these two thousand individuals, exactly? This adds up to a shocking average of $1,100 dollars per person.

By contrast, our grassroots Pete Peterson fundraiser, beginning on August 18, 2017, ended by our own choosing in one month, at $53,560 from 1,128 of you.

This was only 872 fewer people than the DeLonge group’s fundraiser attracted in more than twice the amount of time.

However, if you do the math, our “real world” fundraiser generated an average of $47 dollars and 48 cents per person — for which we are extremely grateful:



Real people can and will step up for a heroic cause, and the shattered economy has made this a truly noble sacrifice.

Our “Real World Index” of what people can give is $1,050 less than what each person was sending to the DeLonge group.

Nonetheless, it is pretty amazing that we got this close to DeLonge’s number of fundraisers in half the time… with no help from the mainstream media (MSM) whatsoever.

Furthermore, everyone on our core team of insiders has suffered severely, including death threats, as we have taken on the Cabal that still controls the MSM.

This has painfully continued right through to the present.



Please don’t let this stunning collapse of the DeLonge group upset you.

If we were dealing with a Deep State “Partial Disclosure” initiative all along, then it is inevitable that they would have built a “failsafe” into it from the beginning.

They may have hoped that no one would identify the alleged UFO photo as a mylar balloon until they “needed” to destroy the entire mission.

Just envision a case where this planned “Partial Disclosure” had done its work in distracting the public.

Let’s say the Deep State had then been able to re-assert power, such as through false flag events and the public defeat of key opponents.

Then, by revealing the true provenance of the original photo in a carefully-staged media event, they could then destroy the entire disclosure movement.

Therefore, I feel this was not an “accident” at all. It was a deliberately-planted demolition charge. And it has obviously detonated prematurely.

Now the whole “House of Cards” behind it can come tumbling down.




A tweet on January 28th, 2018 from Dan Martin 32 revealed some stunning new hints of the scope of mass arrests that are now heading our way.

Just between December 26, 2017 and January 26, 2018, fully four thousand, three hundred and eleven more sealed indictments were added to the list.

That adds up to a shocking total of thirteen thousand, six hundred and five (13,605) sealed indictments on the books right now.

Anyone can check this for themselves on, where all such indictments must be cataloged, whether sealed or unsealed:



The implications of this are absolutely staggering, since the average per year is usually not more than one or two thousand. It was specifically 1,077 in 2009, as Martin indicated.



As we covered in Stunning New Briefings on Christmas Day, the December 21st executive order was crafted by the Alliance, and paved the way for mass arrests of Deep State agents:


12/21: Declaration of National Emergency For Serious Human Rights Abuses Worldwide


Pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, as amended (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), I hereby report that I have issued the enclosed Executive Order (the “order”) declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world….

The order blocks the property and interests in property of persons listed in the Annex to the order. It also blocks the property and interests in property of any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(1) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse;

(2) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:

(a) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or

(b) the transfer or the facilitation of the transfer of the proceeds of corruption….



This was further bolstered by the following words that were included in the recent State of the Union address:

“I call on the Congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and toremove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”

The significance of this statement was underlined by Q Anon on 4Chan, in post number 647:




The FISA memo was released on February 2nd, 2018, just two days after the above Q Anon post.

In short, the memo revealed that the entire “Russiagate” and resulting “Fake News” campaign was, in and of itself, fake news — and other more damning memos have been promised.

Though you may be saying “so what, everyone knows they are corrupt,” the point is that this memo directly paves the way for arrests to follow — legally.

Simultaneously, on the very same day the memo emerged, the Dow Jones stock market index was collapsed by precisely 666 points.





As we have said before, the top Deep State people actually do practice a strange and disturbing religion most of us would think of as Satanism.

This includes rape, torture and sacrifice of adults and children at the highest levels — a full embrace of the idea of “devil worship” if ever there was one.

The October 2016 Wikileaks emails made this very clear.

We summarized all the gruesome details in ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal, on December 6, 2016.

[Thankfully, Alliance efforts have led to the arrest of over 40,000 child traffickers in 2017, according to our insiders. This has nearly destroyed the Deep State rings.]

It would be entirely within the capability of the Deep State to orchestrate a precise sell-off, tweaking it minute by minute, to achieve this desired result.

They seem to be overplaying their hand on this, as they recently “cooked the books” to give the US a 666 billion-dollar deficit on October 20th, 2017.




The markets have continued going through a dizzying bloodbath in the following week since the FISA memo and the markets both droppped:


February 5, 2018


February 8, 2018


February 8, 2018


Simultaneously, we have Alliance assets in the UK targeting the formerly-untouchable arch-conspirator George Soros with front-page attacks:

2/8: George Soros Backing Secret Plot to Thwart Brexit


Remember that “Brexit” means the UK pulls its money and support out of the EU and its currency, the Euro.

If the UK does pull out, it is expected to trigger a “domino effect” that will collapse the EU and its “New World Order” plans of mass poverty and starvation.



The current market collapse appears to be the beginning of exactly what we had expected would happen when the Deep State was very close to being defeated.

If the Partial Disclosure effort couldn’t save them, their final move is to attempt to throw the world into chaos through an orchestrated financial collapse.

Since their religion requires them to “hide it out in the open,” they revealed that this was an orchestrated collapse by starting it off at negative 666.

This extreme turbulence is the main headline story right as we are about to publish this article on Friday, February 9th:


2/9: Dow Bounces More Than 300 Points Friday, Worst Week in Two Years



Remember that any market downturn typically has voltatile “whipsawing” movements as it gets started.

This is due to investors thinking that recently-devalued stocks are a great profit opportunity, and throwing large investments into them.



Another intriguing angle worth considering was recently made public by ex-NSA whistleblower Jim Stone.

He pointed his audience to the following link:

Now, when you click on it, this is what you get:

The DeLonge DeLusion: Part One

Some very good points are made in this article and I think this is a good example of why we the people should use discernment to the utmost of our ability. In these times we find ourselves in there is a large amount of disinformation being fed to the ufology community. We the people need to learn how to discern fact from fiction; so that we cannot be misled so easily.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we need facts about UFOs, aliens and the secret space program; it means we need to formulate a method to disseminating information. Information dissemination involves not only facts and data points, but feelings, intuition and beliefs. Those gut feelings we get from time to time could be a sign that something needs to be investigated more thoroughly.

Many people ignore this aspect though; we’re raised in a society that places emotions and intuition into the “bad” or “unfounded” category and these we are told should be avoided. Yet our emotions and intuition are what get us closer to the Truth, not facts. In our moments of profound insight we are thrusted into a realm where Truth exists as all that is. Thus facts become irrelevant because they exist within the confines of our sensory inputs and thoughts. The Truth transcends sense and thought; it is what it is and will always be what it is. Your feelings and intuitions are the Truth in one form or another; embrace them and learn from them. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean everything that you come across via feelings and intuitions will be “true” per say; but instead that there is something that the universe is trying to share with you. All that is needed is for you to fine tune your awareness so that you can become aware of what the universe is trying to communicate with you.

As for Delonge, my intuition says that he honestly is trying to do what is right; albeit though from a point of naivety. This shouldn’t be interpreted as a fault on Delonge, but instead should stand as a testament to the importance of mastering one’s inner state of being. How we think, act and respond to things plays a very important role in our life. The more we focus on our inner-world; the closer we can get to the Truth.

As for Delonge’s endorsement of the strategies, tactics and manipulations that the military intelligence community uses; I would advise everyone to understand the nature of what USAP(Unacknowledged Special Access Programs) really entail. It is the strategy of lying, keeping secrets and hiding things from not only the public, but from our elected leaders as well. There is no oversight, we don’t have access to know what they’re doing; they operate independent from us.

This by itself isn’t such a bad thing and certain circumstances dictate that USAP serve an important role for society, but what we have nowadays is runaway USAPs. There are too many of them, too many secrets and it’s quite obvious that this is the case. Many things are placed under the seal of National Security that shouldn’t be; technology is suppressed under National Security; life giving discoveries are placed under National Security and corporations use National Security to help maintain their monopoly.  Enough is a enough; the motives being used to keep these programs a secret are mostly from a selfish and greedy mentality.

Most Americans, better yet; most the people of the world feel this within them without even any proof or facts backing this belief. This is why we see the lack of trust and discontent with governments. It’s because we know deep down that there is something seriously wrong with the way things. So of course people rebel against the system; it’s perfectly natural. Unfortunately for us; most the time this rebellion is directed towards the governments of the world; which by the way really have a small part in what is going on. It’s the Military and Corporations that we should focus on.

These USAPs need to be disclosed, no partial disclosure will work either. If you in the MIC think you can get away with this; well all I can say is “Good luck” because even if you move forward with your partial disclosure; it will act as an catalyst to bring the remaining secrets to the surface.


You cannot stop an movement that is based upon an idea. This idea is called Freedom, Equality, Justice and Prosperity. Step aside now or face the consequences. I don’t care if your in the NSA, DIA, FBI, CIA, SSP or any other organization. You will not be permitted to deceive the people much longer and I look forward to you all eating crow in the MIC!

Victory of The Light!

Timothy Frappier


Source: Mysterious Universe

Finally, after seventy years of official denial, deception, and obfuscation, UFO Truth is fast approaching. It’s coming to us not by way of some intrepid investigative journalist, nor through the efforts of leakers and whistleblowers like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, but, rather, through the former lead-singer of a pop-punk band. This, at least, is what a great many in the UFO community are intent on believing.

We’re talking, of course, about Tom DeLonge. Over the past several months, the formerBlink 182 frontman has received significant media attention for his claims of secret meetings with government insiders who have been briefing him on what some believe to be the most politically sensitive topic of our time—UFOs. Unlikely as this sounds, we know for a fact that DeLonge has met at least once this year with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and former White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta. This is interesting, but perhaps not surprising considering Podesta’s longstanding and very public interest in flying saucers. DeLonge is not the only UFO buff Podesta has given his time to over the years. More intriguing are recent WikiLeaks revelations apparently confirming a dialogue between DeLonge and Major General William McCasland. Commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, McCasland is responsible for managing the Air Force’s $2.2 billion science and technology program and is, one would assume, in a position of direct access to highly classified technologies.


DeLonge claims to be in close contact with at least ten government and military insiders in positions of deep knowledge and influence on the UFO issue. It is through these contacts that he has been able to piece together the scattered puzzle of the modern UFO enigma, and the picture, he says, is shocking. The fine details will be revealed subtly over several years through what DeLonge tells us is an ambitious project that will change the world. It will also feed DeLonge’s bank account through the sale of books, music, apparel, stationary, and more. It’s all part of the entrepreneur’s production company, To The Stars, Inc., designed to “develop, manufacture and directly distribute transmedia franchises.” DeLonge says his UFO project will “last for years and continue to grow its own fan base [and] put out storytelling across different mediums. Books, novels whatever, in a way that’s akin to Batman.”

For now, let’s put to one side DeLonge’s commercial exploitation of an issue he insists is of unparalleled socio-political significance. Forget about the tie-in merchandise. For now, let us ask, simply, is DeLonge telling the truth? So far, he’s given little reason to suspect wilful deception on his part. I, for one, have no doubt that certain people in positions of influence are feeding him information. If he gained access to Podesta and McCasland, it stands to reason he may have held meetings with other figures in the corridors of power, as he claims. Quite how much these individuals can state with any authority on UFOs is another question entirely, as is their collective motivation for sharing their claimed knowledge of the phenomenon with, of all people, an MTV star. Surely this would represent a flagrant violation of the US National Security Act? Not according to DeLonge, who implies he has been chosen as the unofficial voice of an official Disclosure effort—he’s a frontman once again, it seems, but his new ‘band’ suffers from stage fright, preferring to perform from behind a black veil.


The spearhead of DeLonge’s UFO disclosure project is an epic ‘fact-disguised-as fiction’ book series. Book One, Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows, co-authored with professorA.J. Hartley of the University of North Carolina, has sold well since its publication earlier this year and has received positive reviews from critics. At more than 700 pages, Sekret Machines is too long to fully unpack here right now, but its takeaway themes and messages, combined with those expressed by DeLonge in interviews for print, radio, and TV, are as follows:

  • The UFO phenomenon is real.
  • Exotic technologies are involved.
  • While non-human intelligences play a part in the long history of UFOs, the modern phenomenon is more the result of top secret human research and development programs.
  • These technologies have been concealed from the public for legitimate National Security reasons—multiple nations have long been engaged in a secret Cold War struggle for access to and control of UFO technologies. Naturally, this all has far-reaching implications for global security.

DeLonge describes his Sekret Machines series as:

A vehicle that’s going to allow some very important men and women at the highest levels of office and rank within the Department of Defense to put in information so people can understand all the things they want people to understand about this topic.

“This is not just a book,” says DeLonge, “[these insiders] are asking me to communicate something that they see as the utmost national security issue that has ever existed.”

It is notable that the dominant theme of DeLonge’s transmedia narrative thus far is the unsung heroism of the US National Security State. DeLonge repeatedly stresses in his book, and in interviews, that historical UFO secrecy has always been for the greater good. The ‘bad guys’ were the good guys all along, with our best interests at heart. The revolutionary technologies have been kept secret for our own protection. This is the story they’ve sold to DeLonge, and, like others before him, he’s bought it. He told LA Weekly:

I wanted to reverse people’s cynical view of government… there are people in government doing really heroic work. When people hear this they’re going to be so relieved that [it’s] not some big, bad secret government. It will change the way people feel about our military and intelligence leadership.

Whatever its ultimate purpose, it would appear the Sekret Machines project is not designed to serve you, but to serve officialdom and, of course, Tom DeLonge: “I just announced my project, and the pre-orders of the Novels went up,” he enthuses to John Podesta in a leaked email from February 2016.

The nature and very existence of deep-black, unacknowledged special access programsoperating without official oversight is generally considered a nefarious thing—a fundamentally undemocratic system that allows in theory for all manner of covert illegalities and morally dubious practices. The story Tom DeLonge is (literally) selling us, however, is designed to soften our attitudes to institutionalized secrecy and to burnish the image of the US military-intelligence community.


It calls to mind the lyrics of Will Smith’s famous pro-secrecy rap for Men in Black, in which we’re encouraged to “show love to the black suit”:

We’re your first, last, and only line of defense

Against the worst scum of the universe

So don’t fear us, cheer us

If you ever get near us, don’t jeer us, we’re fearless

In my book, Silver Screen Saucers, I extensively detail the history of UFO disinformation efforts, establishing a clear pattern of deception, with officialdom using enthusiastic, unwitting, or just plain gullible UFO researchers and media personalities to perpetuate a self-serving national security narrative sown through the UFO subculture and projected through entertainment media. It’s a narrative that serves to justify and sanitise historical secrecy on the part of American government and military institutions, and to absolve those institutions of what may, in the future, be regarded as historical acts of criminality or wrongdoing. Everything DeLonge has said and done thus far on the UFO issue ties him in seamlessly with these historical efforts. DeLonge acknowledges a tradition of government deception on the UFO issue, but stresses, “when you find out why [they kept it secret] you’ll be glad they did everything they did.”

So, DeLonge’s story potentially serves to justify and absolve. But it is largely the by-product of a more obvious agenda: simply to monitor how belief can be seeded and manipulated within a close-knit and controllable New Age religion (UFOlogy). It’s an experiment that has deep psychological warfare potential, both domestically and abroad. It’s about monitoring the spread of ideas to see how belief can potentially be weaponized. The DeLonge DeLusion has all the hallmarks of a new phase of an ongoing strategic experiment. The UFO community is not the target, merely a useful testing ground. DeLonge’s own statements go some way towards supporting this theory, albeit probably not consciously on his part. He says of Sekret Machines:

I need them [the readers] to absorb the story and follow along… it starts knocking on the door of your current belief system and [and it] may or may not change those belief systems…

The emerging Tom DeLonge story is nothing new. It’s merely a consolidation of existing ideas planted some four decades ago by military intelligence operatives. The information that DeLonge is presenting—and will present—is not the truth, it’s theirtruth (whoever ‘they’ are). At best, it’s a waste of our time—a distraction. At worst, it serves as soft propaganda in support of the US National Security State.

Asked by LA Weekly what makes Sekret Machines different from other works of UFOlogy, DeLonge replied, presumably in all seriousness, “There won’t be any disinformation in my project.” He’s certain of this because he’s “talking to very high-level people.” His answer is so naïve and illogical as to make one wonder if DeLonge even understands the meaning of ‘disinformation.’

It is worth noting here how DeLonge became immersed in the secret world of UFOs. In his book, he describes his journey into the inner circle as a series of opportunistic handshakes and questions directed at the right people at the right time. However, to the discerning reader, it’s obvious even from DeLonge’s own accounting of events that he was manipulated from the outset and encouraged to believe he was making his high-level connections through his own autonomous investigations. It’s more likely that DeLonge had been pegged as an ideal disinformation conduit long before he shook that first hand (he’d publicly declared his UFO obsession as early as 2014 in various media interviews). One person introduces him to the next, and so on, all feeding him a new piece of the same ‘puzzle.’ I should emphasise that I’m not accusing DeLonge of wilful deception. Rather, I’m suggesting he is being used as an unwitting tool in the furtherance of varying hidden agendas, only some of which may relate to UFOs.

In parts Two and Three of this article, I will contextualise the DeLonge story within the framework of historical UFO perception-management efforts dating back to the 1970s. I will trace the emergence and development of a clear and consistent National Security narrative sown by, and in the long-term interests of, the US military-intelligence apparatus. It’s an elaborate tale of exotic technology, high-stakes, tough decisions, military prowess, and unsung heroes. It’s exactly what you were meant to believe, and it’s worryingly close to what many in the UFO community have come to accept as the ‘core story’ (i.e. true story) of the modern UFO phenomenon. It’s a narrative that distracts you away from the UFO enigma itself and pulls you into an impenetrable web of shadows, half-truths, allegations, and assumptions. It offers us nothing but belief and the unwavering certainty that ‘Truth’ must surely be around the next blind bend. It’s a smoke-and-mirrors illusion that has us all looking one way, while the phenomenon itself—whatever it represents—is off somewhere else entirely, doing its own thing, as it has always done, in spite of all official efforts to monitor and control it.

It seems likely that elements within official power structures have more pieces of the UFO puzzle at their fingertips than do the rest of us, but it is extremely improbable that they have succeeded in solving the puzzle. Despite appearances and the power of their egos, in a universe that is some thirteen billion years old, the secret-keepers are monkeys like the rest of us, flailing around for answers in the early years of the 21st century on a planet whose dominant trend is war. It is doubtful the powers that be can even comprehend the underlying nature of UFO phenomena, much less explain it.

Should officialdom ever ‘come clean’ on the UFO issue, we should all be immediately and extremely suspicious. UFO truth by way of official power structures will not be truth at all. It will, by necessity, be whatever truth least vilifies and incriminates the architects of secrecy. With this in mind, if he is, as he claims, the mouthpiece of the real Men in Black, we should all be extremely suspicious of Tom DeLonge.

To be continued…

Robbie Graham is the author Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood’s UFO Movies.


Sekret Machines and SSP Onion Pt 2

[Click for Part 1] In Sekret Machines, Tom DeLonge spends much time describing the corporate involvement in developing a secret U.S. space program. According to him, a global consortium of corporations secretly funded the development of flying triangles using antigravity and torsion field principles adopted from the Nazi Bell experiments.

These resulted in the development of a squadron of TR-3B’s based out of Area 51’s highly secretive S-4 facility at Papoose Lake. The U.S. Air Force Space Command and Defense Intelligence Agency is in charge of the TR-3B or ‘Locust’, operating out of S-4, according to Delonge, as relayed by his advisory team.

Delonge went on to explain in Sekret Machines that the TR-3B is a combined U.S. military and corporate made aerospace vehicle capable of operating both near the Earth’s surface as a conventional aircraft, and in near Earth orbit as a spacecraft. He described different sized Locust vehicles, with the largest being several hundred feet across.

DeLonge’s information about the Locust closely matches the earlier revelations of Edgar Fouche, an aerospace engineer, who worked at Area 51. While there, he learned about the Locust’s existence as the most highly classified aerospace vehicle built by the U.S. military industrial complex in the late 1980’s.

In 1998, Fouche first came forward to reveal the Locust’s existence, and that it was stationed at the S-4 facility, and was as much as 600 feet wide, similar to what Delonge later claims he was told by his advisory team.


Fouche’s documentation provides much credibility to his testimony, which is also supported by the many flying triangle sightings reported in Belgium, and elsewhere. Indeed, a chapter inSekret Machines explains the 1989 Belgium sightings as directly related to flights of the Locust.

Once again, the testimony of William Tompkins and Corey Goode differs dramatically to DeLonge’s information as provided to him by his advisory team. Tompkins has revealed that he was directly involved in the design of space battle groups that would be under the control of the U.S. Navy.

In the 1950’s he conceptualized different designs for the space vehicles as revealed in two documents he released in his book, Selected by Extraterrestrials. Both the space carriers and cruisers were approximately two kilometers in length, and space transport ships event longer.

Tompkins-Spacecraft Carrier

Tompkins has said that the space battle groups were constructed in massive underground facilities in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah beginning in the 1950’s. These Navy controlled space battle groups were first deployed in 1984 as the Solar Warden program. Eight battle groups were eventually constructed, and these rotate with four in service at any time, while the other four undergo maintenance – similar to the scheduling of aircraft carriers.

Goode has said that he directly served in Solar Warden from 1987 to 2007. Significantly, he saysthat the TR-3B Locust became outdated with the deployment of Solar Warden space fleets, and became a hand-me down from the U.S. Navy, to less classified programs run by the U.S. Air Force and other groups:

There were more than 8 of the “Cigar” shaped carrier class and other class of vessels of various sizes and classifications. They were designed to carry various type of “craft” that many think of as the TR-3B… The TR-3B is considered extremely outdated technology and in many cases has been gifted as “hand me down” craft to “Elites” within the Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates as something akin to “Company Jets”. There are so many newer technologies that are of the same general shape as the TR-3B (& models that came after) that it would blow people’s minds

Consequently, what Goode and Tompkins testimonies reveal is that the Locust is part of a second tier secret space program run out of Area 51.

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