Acceptance Is The Gateway To Non-Duality

All of creation is the embodiment of what is; when we accept the reality that is presented to us we walk in alignment with divine source. Acceptance allows the divinity to flow through us; when we lack acceptance we resist what is and embody the false self.

First off before I start discussing the false self I want to clarify with you that it isn’t bad. Cast no judgment upon the false self; it just is what it is. Allow yourself to continue reading this article without the distortion that the false self is wrong or bad. I am only pointing out what is and we’re going to explore this false self in order to grow in understanding.

The false self is a personality formed by the experiences we had during our time upon this planet. Our environment, beliefs, teachings, culture and parental variables create this personality through indoctrination. This personality is formed because it was the only means in which we could adapt to life upon this planet.

Judgments, envies, jealousies and greed become a common practice because we’ve identified with beliefs that don’t serve us. This fear of accepting yourself and reality as is forms the very subsistence that our false self needs in order to reign supreme in our life. This is due to the fact that growing up in this society we’re exposed to certain beliefs that indicate certain things as being the source of meaning and fulfillment. This form of indoctrination is quite subtle and difficult to recognize.

Many of the reactions we have to everyday life events was molded by the indoctrination we experienced growing up. For example; let’s say you were raised in a family that deemed swearing a  ‘bad’ thing and those who did so were ‘bad’. Thus when you hear someone swear; you automatically respond to this experience by forming a judgment that the individual swearing is ‘bad’. This is the type of mentality that many operate from and do so without consciously knowing it.


Acceptance transcends judgments and the good/bad paradigm; it allows everything to simply be what it presently is. This non-dualistic way of perceiving reality allows the Divine Source’s light to flow through you. It edifies your being by giving permission to your true self to work within your 3D reality by ways of energy affinity.

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Here are some ways in which I’ve found to help me in accepting reality as is:

1. Don’t judge your experiences and emotions; just accept and experience them as is

This is by far my biggest obstacle when it came to accepting reality. Many times our mind will churn out a great many excuses as to why we shouldn’t accept reality as is. A lot of these excuses seem valid and grounded without sound reasoning; yet at the expense of us ignoring how we feel or worse off deeming the feeling as bad.

Our false self utilizes the mind in an attempt to distract us from being present in our body. That’s because we have the tendency to avoid that which we deem bad because we’ve been taught to seek out pleasure and avoid discomfort. So in essence our false self’s personality is trying to protect us from things we’ve labeled as bad. It’s not that our false self wants to create hardship and discomfort; it’s actually operating from the intention to assist us; just from a very convoluted and distorted state of mind.

Thus it becomes paramount to allow ourselves to be ourselves without any sort of invalidation to our thoughts or feelings. When we give ourselves the space to express our feelings and thoughts we allow them to flow through us instead of them becoming trapped in our physical body. When many of you start practicing this you will notice certain thoughts and emotions evoke certain physical sensations within you.

When it came to myself the emotion anger I could feel around my heart area. It felt like a ball of energy within the heart chakra. I came to learn that this my stuck emotions within my physical body. When I started to allow myself to be angry without any form of judgment I was able to let it go and allow it to run it’s natural course; otherwise it would remain in my body and build up more and more, which would create more experiences of anger because of my resistance to let it go. There is nothing wrong with anger or any other type of emotions or feelings you experience. It is our judgments that make them wrong; not the emotions. When we release our judgments about emotions; we allow our emotions to run their natural and beneficial course.

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2. Take responsibility of your life, actions and outcomes

Taking responsibility of your life is a very liberating and powerful act of acceptance. When you take responsibility of your life you tell the universe that you are the creator of your experiences. Outside circumstances will start to lose their hold over you; that which used to trigger you will decrease because you’ll be able to accept the responsibility of deciding how you react to certain circumstances, variables and stimuli you experience in life.

This is by far one of the most important steps in cultivating a healthy form of acceptance in your life. When you blame others you give up your power to grow. Growth is formed with choices and actions; blaming others prevents you from growing because the act of blaming others means that you don’t have the power to make your own choices; others do.

Taking responsibility of your actions allows you to learn from your mistakes. When this is achieved it reveals that they were never mistakes, but instead blessings in disguise. They become assets to you because now you have the ability to choose; you could say that response-ability grants you the ability to respond to life as you see fit.


3. Let go of the desire to control

The desire to control shouldn’t be confused with liberty; liberty is the acceptance of what is and the willingness to take responsibility over your life so that you can make choices and actions that will be fruitful. Control is the exact opposite of liberty; it is the denial of what is and the fearful desire to avoid that which you’ve judged bad, uncomfortable or negative.

The careful application of discernment should be utilized when self-reflecting on behaviors that may be derivatives of control. Self-honesty is required in order to discover behaviors that are rooted within the archetype of control. Many times we mask our fear of losing control with the notion of liberty. We can sometimes deceive ourselves by believing that if we were free we would be able to make the choices we desire. Yet when you carefully look at that excuse; you see that it’s a result of resisting what is; it’s born from the lack of acceptance and within the space of fearful desire to control our life.

For example; I’ve been known to use the idea of liberty in justifying my projections of anger towards the Light Resistance Movement and the Galactic Confederation. I came to believe in the idea that if they were to give us our freedom from the dark forces everything would be alright and we as a species would be allowed to make our own choices. I was attempting to control the Light Forces with this excuse; I blamed them for my misfortune and resisted taking responsibility over my own life.

It was my attempt to control things that I felt powerless over instead of working within the framework of what is and taking the necessary steps in manifesting my own positive reality. Trust yourself, trust your actions and trust the universe for it will provide all that you need.


These are the things I’ve learned as being the gateway to the Divine. When you walk with the Divine all of life becomes one endless experience of love, bliss and joy. Life becomes a beautiful dance of non-duality that places you in the main role. Therefore my friends, be this joy, be this love and be this bliss; because in the end acceptance of this responsibility will bridge yourself to your own divine presence from within.

Timothy Frappier