Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation Preliminary Report

Congratulations everybody!

We did it; not only did we reach a critical mass of 144,000 participates for this meditation, but we surpassed the previous record for most meditators with our strong showing of 1+ million participates! Which is the most ever to date.

With this strong showing we’ve secured the most optimal timeline and things are going to start to change for the better in regards to disclosure, coronavirus and mass arrests.

Lately my dreams have indicating that great things are in store. I’ve been having a feeling that my dream about mass arrests which I had 4 years ago is about to come to fruition in the near future.

I remember in my dream there were soldiers(I presume special forces) that arrested someone in the public. There was a whole group of them; I’d say atleast 10 soldiers to arrest this one person.

I remember watching this take place on TV. I knew in my dream that this was it; that the arrests have finally started. I started to cry in my dreams because of what we’ve all endured to finally make this a reality. My fight against the forces of evil began 10 years; that’s when I discovered the evil on this planet.

For so very long it was a lonely and solitary task to defeat the forces of evil. I’ve been ridiculed, rejected, criticized and demeaned by the people who I was trying to protect and save. It seemed hopeless at first; but none the less I kept fighting the fight and hoping for the best.

Now though things have changed so much; much more people are aware of the Cabal and Deep State. We have a positive alliance that has retaken control of our government. They’re working tirelessly to free us from the forces of evil. They have been preparing for this moment for a very long time.

There will be arrests of very powerful politicians, actors, singers and businessmen. The majority of people will be shocked to hear the type of evil that has infected our world. Most people will not be able to comprehend their mindset because quite frankly it is gruesome, horrific and despicable.

Child/Sex Trafficking, Human Sacrifices, harvesting of adrenchrome from tortured children, mass genocide and so much more. These people are sick and thank god we’ve all united to defeat them. They had a very dark plan for us all, luckily though there were good people who opposed them and made sure their plans would fail.

This is a great victory for the light and we all should feel good about what we’ve achieved.

Victory Of The Light!

Timothy Frappier

Source: Cobra

This meditation was our most successful meditation ever! The critical mass has been reached many times over, with over 1 million people meditating. To properly evaluate such a huge achievement some time is needed, and a full report will be posted within two weeks.

We can keep surfing on the huge energy wave of Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and you can join the following activation later today and light a candle if you feel so guided:

This activation will be taking place today at 9 pm India Standard Time.

To find the correct time for your time zone, please click on the link below:

Victory of the Light!

Q-Anon Just Made The Truth About Time Travel Technology Mainstream

Q’s mention of Project Looking Glass on his November 11th 2019 is a huge victory for humanity. Q has made the existence of this technology mainstream and this will help hasten Full Disclosure. Especially since Q has a huge number of followers and many of them may not be aware of this technology or may be skeptical of it; yet with this revelation many will start to question what is True and False and begin to see beyond the control system thus helping free humanity.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9b601a No.7352963
Project Looking Glass?
Going Forward in Order to Look Back.

Now what I particularly love about this was Q revealed this technology on 11/11; which is a powerful energetic portal. In fact he reinforced that energy and made it more potent when he posted that twitter link about the revealing a IP address that had 11.11 in it. So basically Q managed to use the energies of the 11/11 portal to reveal the existence of exotic technology that many people believe doesn’t exist.

Not only that but when I looked up the number 1111 on the I discovered 57 instances of that number. When you look up all other numbers in sequences of 4 such as 2222 and so on you find much less matches. When I looked up 11:11 on the page I found exactly 11 instances of it being used… These are very particular results when searching for 1111 in many forms. Which only reaffirms my belief that the military has access to this technology.

Then on top of that Q posted this at 19:49:10 when you take the numbers 194910 and fully reduce them you’re left with the value of 24. Which we all know is how many hours is in a day; which is ironic since Q is posting about Time Travel technology.

According to numerology the number 24 is symbolic for the return. It represents a turning point in which a semblance of balance and harmony is to be returned and established. Thus I believe we’re witnessing a transformation of our military forces, one where open transparency and goodwill towards others will reign supreme. Which is much overdue especially in regards to the militaries of this world. It’s time for us to look at what we’re doing to one another and ask ourselves if this is how we would want to be treated.

Jesus otherwise known as Sananda Kumara tried to emphasize the wisdom of the Golden Rule with Matthew 7:12: “Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them; for this is the law and the prophets.” It’s time to transition from a military force to a peace force.

Now I’m going to make a case that this technology really does exist and the Deep State have been throwing it in our faces for many years. Because of certain agreements within the galactic community the Cabal is required to reveal what they are doing to us; they just never do it by means in which we can easily recognize; thus the use of symbolism and many other methods are implemented.

Now many of us have seen the movie Contact; that is one example of Project Looking Glass being revealed. Here’s a good video with David Wilcock talking about Project Looking Glass in 2012.


Now many may dismiss this movie as hogwash and that it wasn’t anything, but yet there is a music video called “Breaking The Habit” and it was sung by Linkin Park. I found this video fascinating because not only are they showing something very similar to the device on the movie contact; but in the music video they explain it’s purpose; which is time travel.

When you watch the video in the very last milliseconds of the 11th second you see Project Looking Glass first appearance. Then if you fast forward to 1:11 you start to see everything go in reverse. As if your traveling BACK in time. Then at 2:11 you see the band playing on top of a building with Project Looking Glass once again in the background. Now only that the lyrics that accompany the second revelation of Project Looking Glass goes as follow; “I’ll paint it on the walls, because I’m the one at fault.” As if the Cabal is implying they’ll reveal it to us and admit they’re the ones doing it. Which is ironic because they’re required to tell us; yet they make it very cryptic.

If this isn’t some type of concealed attempt to convey to the public of what is really going on I don’t know what is. Skeptics will doubt, but yet those with eyes will see the Truth.

Let’s not forget Andrew Basiago; between 1962 – 1972 Andrew claims that DARPA was running a secret Time Travel program by the name of Project Pegasus. In an article I found on it’s explained to work like this:

Documents, allegedly retrieved from Tesla’s New York City apartment after his death in January 1943, revealed the schematic for a teleportation machine. Using something Basiago calls “radiant energy,” the machine would form a “shimmering curtain” between two elliptical booms.

“Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago

Passing through this curtain of energy, Basiago would enter a “vortal tunnel” that would send him to his destination. The other teleportation devices included a “plasma confinement chamber” in New Jersey and a “jump room” in El Segundo, California. There was also some kind of “holographic technology,” which allowed them to travel “both physically and virtually.”


One piece of evidence that Andrew offers is a photo. Here it is:

Andrew Basiago Gettysburg Address

Basiago claims to be the boy in the photo. He claims to have taken the disguise of a Union bugle boy; but that his shoes were so over-sized that he left the crowd to avoid attention. He said in 1972 he stepped into a plasma confinement chamber and traveled back to 1863 Gettysburg. There he witness the dedication of the soldiers’ National Cemetery.

The above photo is authentic and can be found on the Library Of Congress website.

If you want more information on Andrew’s story watch this video below:


Now I can assure you with 100% a certainty that Time Travel technology does exist and it’s been used by many black projects and military organizations for many years. It’s time that we shed the shackles that have been imposed upon us with social programming and mind control. We need more people who are willing to confront the Truth regardless of how gruesome it may appear.

Think outside the box; so many times do I see people dismiss things that are true because of some programmed emotional or mental response. Yet from time to time you encounter an individual who becomes curios about this stuff and remains open-minded.

Those are the people who are going to save the world, because just as Jesus has shared “The Truth will set you Free!”

God Bless you All!

Timothy Frappier

Q-Anon Drop: Pelosi Stammers through News Conference. The End is Near. Enjoy the Show. – SerialBrain2

The Q-Anon movement has been growing by leaps and bounds. I’ve been following Q-Anon for quite some time and I can assure you this insider is the real deal. There are so much circumstantial evidence that shows that this insider is genuine. I’m not going to list the proof; because of the simple fact there are many whom have dedicated hours of time in studying this and it’s quite clear that Q is at least authentic when it comes to it’s claim of being an high level military insider in the Trump Administraion. Look up Q-Proofs.

The Cabal is in a high state of panic and for good reasons. Things are changing on this planet and it’s starting to reach mainstream awareness. This shift in perception cannot be avoided; Q Anon is part of the Awakening which was made possible by you and I. We whom have awoken to the greater reality have paved the way for the Q-Anon movement. It was our awareness and dedication to the Truth that has brought this forward. Q-Anon is a collection of individuals whom value the rule of law and liberty. 

Many years we’ve dedicated to the dismantling of the old guard. I myself began this journey in 2009; but yet there are many whom have been at this for decades. In the beginning the stranglehold the Cabal had over us was enormous because of the fact they controlled the flow of information with their TV’s, Radios and Newspapers. Yet since the dawning of the internet though it has allowed much of the hidden information and knowledge to reach more people. The internet has been a crucial tool in dismantling this old guard. 

Now granted I don’t quite agree with Q’s mentality in regards to Democrats; yes they’re being used as a platform to prevent the Positive Military group from reclaiming our country; but the way he portrays them creates a us vs them mentality. Which may be the case; but it’s a very slippery slope when one deals in the tenets of duality. Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil, Republican vs Democrats and Q-Anon vs Democrats is a dualistic template and thus highly susceptible to collective thought engineering through emotional manipulation. Thus many Q-Anons will become energized and emboldened to fight Democrats without really knowing that they are us. We’re all Americans at the end of the day; because We are all one; Most democrats; I say 99% of them honestly believe their doing the right thing. So when Q promotes this Democrat vs Republican paradigm I cringe because I don’t want others to get the impression that all democrats are bad.

I myself identify with the Libertarian philosophy; which is on the republican side. I went to the Minnesota Republican State Convention in 2011 to vote for Ron Paul for president. Yet I did not support the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in 2016. I supported Andrew Basiago who ran for president in 2016. I choose him because of his stance on revealing what exactly these Special Access Programs have been doing. He was involved in a time travel program that was ran by DARPA.

The point being I follow my own compass on whom I should support. I didn’t initially support Trump at the beginning; because I wasn’t sure of him. I heard the rumors that he was asked to run by the positive military faction, but this was before Q-Anon started posting on October 28th, 2017. Thus I followed my own thoughts and feelings on this matter. 

Right now I support Trump and what he is doing, but I’m still cautious because of the behavior of both Q-Anon and Trump in painting democrats as bad. Which is far from the case; the top echelons of the democratic may be the source of this evil, not the common American whom identifies himself/herself with the democratic philosophy. 

Cobra has stated that both positive and negative factions are fighting over influencing president Trump and that 70% of what Q-Anon states is true; but Cobra also states that Q-Anon originated from a positive faction within the NSA. Which aligns nicely with my thoughts and feelings on Q-Anon which is that they’re a positive faction doing their best to help humanity, but like all of us possess their own quirks and behaviors.  Yet I know something is going on behind the scenes thus I’m all in with Q-Anon and Trump. For God sakes I have a WWG1WGA shirt and a Q car decal; lol!

So just remember everyone we’re in this together. Where We Go One We Go All!

Timothy Frappier


Source: And We Know

Navy pilots reveal more details about UFOs as Pentagon admits it studies Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

This is good news that the Pentagon admitted they were tracking and researching UFOs, but I would be weary of this revelation. It references the To The Stars Academy which some have speculated is being used as a proxy for the partial disclosure narrative. There are many competing groups within these secret space programs and it’s been a very hot debate on how to roll out disclosure.

There are many who believe Humanity as a collective cannot handle Full Disclosure; they believe it could be too traumatizing for the public to handle. Which I always felt was kind of odd that they believe they’re capable of knowing the Truth but others are not. The lack of faith in our fellow countrymen and citizens of this world is the cause of this dilemma. You cannot wrap yourself in the American Flag and then claim that the American people cannot handle the Truth.

This is the problem that has been prevalent for many years and these people in positions of authority promoting partial disclosure don’t understand that they are being used by influences that can program humanity without direct interference. The Archons are able to manipulate our subconscious minds without any awareness this is happening on our end. They use our beliefs, thoughts and emotions against us and unfortunately they’ve managed to manipulate the military and government officials into actually believing that the continued policy of lying to the American people is best for all. 

Many of the times these military officials don’t understand that they were groomed into their position by powers that operate in the Etheric and Astral realms; they forge them into a link so that these people fit nicely into the chains of oppression, secrecy, domination, control and enslavement. Certain personality types are identified by the mainframe computer that’s connected to the veil that would most likely result in their cooperation with the NAA or at least remain easily controlled and ignorant to such things. They groom them from their early adolescent years without their awareness at all. They can do that from the safety of the Astral plane. Thus is the reason they discourage any type of esoteric or occult knowledge from being taken seriously.

This is the one thing that society will have to come to understand; that being these Archons had incredible influence and sway over our thoughts, emotions and actions. It’s been like this for at least 26,000 years and the methods in which they’ve maintained control on this planet has been used for millions of years. So these officials have to first grasp the nature of the control system; because without a firm understanding of what is occurring upon this planet they’ll never discover the Truth that they were manipulated. If these military and government officials were truly on our side they would acknowledge the basic tenet of Jesus’s statement of The Truth Will Set You Free” and allow Full Disclosure to happen.

This all ties in with the Air Force Secret Space Program; which according to Michael Salla experienced a profound shift in 2016 when they discovered they were being duped and manipulated by the Deep State. I believe it’s the military and government officials who have access to the Air Force Secret Space Program whom are strongly supporting the partial disclosure narrative. In fact, Cobra has stated that the Chimera Group; which is a Archon group is embedded within the Air Force, thus it makes sense why they don’t support Full Disclosure because of the fact the Archons are manipulating them.

The Air Force Secret Space Program was created as a shield to avoid full disclosure; thus they already had the perquisite that the Deep State was looking for in order to use them as cannon fodder. The Solar Warden on the other hand wants full disclosure and they’re going to make sure it happens; it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen; it’s a matter of when. It cannot be stopped now; full disclosure will happen, I guarantee it.

There are many people awakening these days by the thousands and we now number in the millions. No longer are there small sects and groups that only possess this knowledge. It’s much more widespread and it’s continuing to spread at an alarming rate. So much so that the Central Race has agreed that humanity as a collective has decided to purge this archontic influence from our planet and are assisting in such endeavors. 

So remember all we’re in this together so lets fight for Full Disclosure!

Timothy Frappier


Source: Ancient Code

Long-time Veteran Navy pilots have come forward to the New York Times to reveal their experiences with UFOs of the East coast of America between 2014 and 2015. They say they encountered aircraft that defied all explanation, flying faster and making sudden stops and starts beyond the capability of known human-piloted aircraft. The UFOs could pass by unseen but could be picked up by advanced radar systems.

The pilots, Lieutenant Graves, and Lieutenant Accoin were amazed by what they saw but had no explanation, thinking they could be part of an extremely advanced drone program. Then one of the UFOs almost hit pilots flying in formation. After that, they realized that they might not be dealing with drones, after all.

A squadron mate returned from a mission and told Graves about a shocking and dangerous encounter. The pilots were angry that they had experienced a near miss with the aircraft.

“I almost hit one of those things,” the pilot told Lieutenant Graves.



According to the Times:

“The pilot and his wingman were flying in tandem about 100 feet apart over the Atlantic east of Virginia Beach when something flew between them, right past the cockpit. It looked to the pilot, Lieutenant Graves said, like a sphere encasing a cube.”

“The incident so spooked the squadron that an aviation flight safety report was filed, Lieutenant Graves said.”

Graves was concerned about the safety of the squadron as the UFOs flew beyond the limits of what a human crew was capable of.

Lt. Graves noted that the UFO combined capabilities for high speed, sudden altitude and direction change, and hovering ability, all without any signs of exhaust fumes or propulsion. Further, the aircraft could remain flying for long lengths of time, sometimes remaining in the air “all day.”

“We have helicopters that can hover,” Lieutenant Graves said. “We have aircraft that can fly at 30,000 feet and right at the surface.” But “combine all that in one vehicle of some type with no jet engine, no exhaust plume.”

The sightings were called the “Roosevelt incidents” after the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt along the East Coast. Super Hornet “Red Rippers” pilots Graves and Accoin came forward to tell the story.

Another incident recorded a huge “Tic Tac” shaped aircraft the “size of a commercial plane” off the coast of San Diego in 2004. Two Navy fighter jet pilots reported the sighting.

The videos of the UFOs named the “GoFast, Gimble,” and “FLIR,” which was the “Tic Tac” craft, were recorded in an official Pentagon report that was later released in redacted form. Following the reports, the Navy issued instructions to the fleet on how to officially report such encounters in 2015.

The pilots and the three videos were part of several closed-door briefings of Congress given over the past year according to CBS Las Vegas. High-ranking Naval officials joined some of the briefings arranged by Christopher Mellon, who formerly worked for the Senate Intelligence Committee and Department and Defense and now works for To The Stars Academy.

“After senior Navy officials joined the briefings, they realized it was indefensible to not have a system that allows more reporting of these incidents,” Mellon told CBS Las Vegas.

See the video from CBS Las Vegas below:





Today, a Navy spokesman named Joseph Gradisher says the Navy’s new classified guidance released this year is an update of the 2015 instructions.

You can see Lieutenants Graves and Accoin in the new History Channel series, “Unidentified: Inside America’s U.F.O. Investigation.”

See a preview below:





Although the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was officially shut down in 2012, the man who ran the program, Luis Elizondo says the parts of the program remain ongoing and classified in other forms.

Following statements from the Pentagon that AATIP was not really about UFOs and that the three UFO videos released last year were not officially from the DOD, we are seeing a totally new and accurate statement from the Navy today.

A Department of Defense spokesman, Christopher Sherwood told the Post last week that the Department of Defense still investigates claimed sightings of alien spacecraft although the AATIP was officially shut down in 2012.

The big news was that the Pentagon uttered the words “unidentified aerial phenomena,” referring to UFOs in the same manner as the British Ministry of Defence. One UFO investigator for the UK, Nick Pope, called the use of the words a “bombshell revelation.”

“The Department of Defense is always concerned about maintaining positive identification of all aircraft in our operating environment, as well as identifying any foreign capability that may be a threat to the homeland,” Sherwood said.

“The department will continue to investigate, through normal procedures, reports of unidentified aircraft encountered by US military aviators in order to ensure defense of the homeland and protection against strategic surprise by our nation’s adversaries.”

See more from the New York Post below:


Elizondo resigned in 2017 in protest over what he called “excessive secrecy surrounding the program and internal opposition to it after funding for the effort ended in 2012.” Afterward, he went to work for To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, a company co-founded by former Blink-182 musician Tom DeLonge.


Elizondo recently spoke at the Scientific Conference on Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena, where he asserted that “UFOs ARE Real.” See the video below:








Featured image: The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt via Wikimedia Commons

How Free Energy Will End The Scarcity Paradigm

It’s really quite simple to understand why the scarcity mindset has been dominant in this ‘modern’ society. It’s because we the people believed that there isn’t enough to go around. It’s the idea that there is only a certain amount of resources available and thus we have to manage it.

This is true from a mainstream point of view; there is a set amount of resources on this planet.

Yet this is false too, because there exists technologies where we can become independent from many of the resources that are limited on this planet.

Energy is a prime example. For decades we’ve had the ability to produce clean unlimited supply of energy. Nikola Tesla discovered this, but unfortunately his inventions and knowledge on this topic has been kept highly secret.

This is unfortunate but also proof that there is a negative force operating here on Earth. It’s human nature to want to better the lives of your fellow brothers and sisters. The fact that it’s extremely difficult to get these free-energy devices available to the public is proof that we’re occupied by a negative force.

Yet why would they want to do that? Well because of the fact Free-Energy is the key to abundance. When Free-Energy and Replicators are released to the public these two inventions that we’ve had for decades are capable of smashing the scarcity paradigm! They will end poverty and hunger in a matter of months.

Want a car? Just replicate it, want a rolex watch? Just replicate it, want food? just replicate it. It’s really that simple at the end of the day. Yet this old societal model is based on scarcity and lack. Thus you see why corporations, military groups and secret societies want to keep this away from humanity. It would empower the individual to a level where they could become much more independent from government, corporations and other various entities.

The scarcity paradigm is designed to keep us in a survival of the fittest type of mentality. The anxiety that is generated from this mindset supplies the Archons with emotional energy that they need in order to survive. These Archons feed off our fear, it sustains them. They don’t have emotions which connect us to the greater reality, thus they have to deceive humanity in order to get our power. They cannot survive without us, while we on the other hand can survive without them.

We’re able to create emotional energy ourselves, we don’t have to parasite it off of others. We have imagination, they don’t. We’ve always been the ones with the power, but unfortunately these Archons are very clever and they’ve used and abused the universal laws for their own selfish desires.

I know many people are on the sidelines in regards to the existence of these Archons, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that these beings do exist. They are here and we have to do everything we can to stop them.

I ask you this, do you really think it’s human nature to murder, steal and rape our fellow brothers and sisters? No, it is not, this is a learned behavior. Take our children for example, do you see infants wanting to harm others? Do you see them wanting to kill? Of course not, it’s not until much later that we learn these things. In the beginning we are pure and slowly as life goes on we’re programmed to believe in these things.

A very effective tool is attaining our independence from these Archons is free energy. Free energy opens up the gateways to abundance. This is why it is so heavily suppressed and hidden. They know that if humanity where to discover all the hidden technologies that have been utilized in breakaway civilizations and secret space programs we would free ourselves from their influence.

We have teleportation devices, anti gravity vehicles, replicators, virtual realities, medical pods and many other exotic technologies; yet the public on the surface is unaware of them.

Imagine waking up in a house that was fabricated from a replicator, there is no need to hire a house contractors to build your home. Imagine getting your food from a replicator; there is no need to go to Wal-Mart for food. Imagine having a medical pod that could heal and cure many of your ailments; you no longer would have to go to a doctor. Imagine having a small free-energy device the size of a microwave that could supply all the power you needed for your home, you wouldn’t have to get your electricity from power companies.

What about transportation you may ask? Teleportation can get you from one side of the world to another in a mere seconds. Any place that doesn’t have teleportation devices you can use an anti-gravity vehicle that can move at incredible speeds, infact you can use it to phase in and out of locations without traveling like traditional vehicles. They’re capable of traversing hyperspace, thus you’re able to bend time/space to reach your destination without physically moving.

This is something that’s been on my mind for a very long time. I’ve also found it hard to understand how these breakaway civilizations and military groups justify keeping these things a secret. We have the Air Force, Navy and many other groups that keep this from the people. I’m not sure if they actually think the surface cannot handle these technologies responsibly or if they actually believe these things will destroy our society and crash our economy.

Now these technologies would destroy aspects of our economy that no longer serve us. This old excuse has been used for decades and it’s still being used, but luckily nowadays there are individuals in these groups that see that the current model of society is doing more damage then good. Releasing these technologies would have some short term negative consequences, yet the long term negative consequences of this current societal model BY FAR OUTWEIGHS the short-term negative consequences of releasing this technology.

If you don’t believe me just look up the amount of deaths per year from starvation.

I don’t care about the eggheads, military officers, inventors and so called geniuses that paint a different picture. These groups have been operating from a negative mindset for a very long time and it’s time their power is put into check. They live a life of ego gratification thinking themselves as superior to us and enjoying the exclusive access to such technologies.

Take the Labyrinth Group for example in the NSA. The individual called ‘Fifteen’ whom some have speculated is actually A.R. Bordon. He justified exploring blank slate technology in secret and didn’t want the public to know about it. Fifteen and the many of the other labyrinth group members enjoyed their exclusivity. Yet there were some who told us about this group and wanted the public to know about what they were doing. In fact it’s speculated that they even had access to IQ enhancing technologies that they used on their members.

I am very critical on the military because they deal in war; but I also support our patriots whom are truly fighting for freedom. The common soldier in the military is serving our country for altruistic purposes.

The true negative consequences come from the military industrial complex which is treated as a ‘business’. Many of these people are not in the military to protect and serve our country. War shouldn’t be a business and it’s an abomination for us to believe that it’s alright to gain profit from the exploitation of war. Most of the top brass in the Military Industrial Complex are in it for greed and power. We put so much money into the military, yet in reality much of this money is siphoned to black projects that are extremely detrimental to our county.

There is a way to form a military that is non-violent and more focused on disarming and subduing the enemy. Yet without death the archons would lose a large amount of negative emotions that they need to survive, thus this why we have a military that is focused more on offensive measures and profit. We need to focus on defense, not offense. A strong defense is a strong offence.

I ask for you all to support the Full Disclosure Movement because it is filled with like minded individuals who want the same things I’ve described in this article. If possible attend Dimensions Of Disclosure as well; you’ll be able to meet me and many other like minded individuals.

Timothy Frappier

I’m Back Online

Greetings Everyone,

I’ve recently moved to Montana and these last few weeks have been hectic.

We’ve been doing a lot of renovation to the house and we’re finally starting to get to a point where we’ll be comfortable. It was a dump when we first came here, but we knew things were pretty bad with the house. So it wasn’t anything unexpected. Yet it’s taken a lot of time to get it up and running.

I quite literally was living in my RV for the first week here. I knew it was going to need a lot of work and I was grateful that I took my RV here to Montana with me. Even my step-father had to use my RV a few times for the bathroom and shower.

We had no water, electricity, sewage, internet or garbage service when we arrived. We managed to get the power running a day after our arrival. Water worked, but the sinks and toilets had leaks from freezing.

The owners of the property took very poor care of it. In fact it had fire damage that was quite extensive, but it didn’t burn inside the house. It’s all isolated outside the house, but even with that it was quite extensive and I just finished going underneath the house and removing all the fiber glass.

Which wasn’t fun at all! I had to put on a respirator, full body suit, gloves and glasses. The whole nine yards.

That’s me on the right; showing off my muscles! lol

Yet I was able to get almost all of the fiber glass out. All that is left is miscellaneous pieces here and there, nothing significant though.

I also fixed the sewage line; we didn’t know for 3 days that the drain line was disconnected under the house. The first day that I was pulling fiberglass out from under the house I smelled something and discovered there was a disconnect on the drain line. We ran to Ace’s Hardware, bought some piping and fittings and managed to fix the leak. Now it’s working like a charm 😀

It’s good to be back online though; but it appears not much as happened in the 3 weeks I’ve been offline.

I’ll be working on another article soon, until then I’ll post some interesting articles as well.

I still intend to go to Dimensions of Disclosure and Portal To Ascension this year. If that changes though I’ll let you know. I hope to see many of you there.

Blessings, peace and love to you all.

Timothy Frappier