How Intentions Influence Our Reality and Ways to Establish Right Intentions

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” – Steve Maraboli

For many years we’ve held onto beliefs, ideas and understandings that have kept us in a state of perpetual pain and suffering. We keep repeating the same patterns of old for times innumerable. Many of us cannot understand why we keep experiencing turmoil in our life. We sincerely desire to have this pain lifted from us and many times we’re perplexed to the reasons why it keeps repeating.

The problem lies in our misunderstanding of Laws of Manifestation. What we focus our attention on is what we’ll manifest. We’re so focused on avoiding pain and suffering; that we miss that the mere act of avoiding something is the reason there is so much pain and suffering in our lives.

Avoidance is a attribute of fear; we’re using fear to avoid fear. What we don’t understand is that we cannot avoid what we fear with fear. Fearful thinking and acting will breed more fearful thinking and acting. We’ve been operating under this paradigm of fear for a great many years and look at the results. We’ve created weapons of mass destruction out of fear, we’ve become very militaristic because of fear and we’ve deceived our fellow brothers and sisters because of fear.

“You cannot solve a problem in the same frequency in which it was created.” – Lynn Grabhorn

The Law of Attraction works on the premise that like attracts like. So a fearful consciousness has a unique frequency that will attract more fearful things and experiences into our field of awareness. This is the problem we’ve had for a great many years; society has been programmed to regard consciousness as some kind of wishy washy idea that isn’t based in reliable science. Modern science wants to downplay the role that consciousness has in our everyday lives.

Yet there are many scientific experiments that have proven that consciousness does affect our environment to a great extent. For example the Double Split Experiment showed us that when a electron was shot through a slit it created a interference pattern, but when scientists decided to observe how this happened; it didn’t create a interference pattern. The observer collapsed the wave function of the electron simply by observing it.

The simple act of observation affected the behavior of the electron; which the electron by scientific understanding is considered matter. Thus this proves that our consciousness does affect the world around us. Our thoughts; feelings and beliefs mold the reality around us.

There has also been remote viewing experiments conducted by the CIA. If your not familiar with Remote Viewing; it is basically a mental function of observer things outside our usual human sense. Remote Viewers can look at targets that are worlds of distances away; they can even look at targets from the past. It is the utilization of your consciousness to view objects, people or events that normally would be inaccessible.

Let’s not forget about telekinesis or psychokinesis which by according to Wikipedia is “is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction.” Now many people believe that this stuff is hogwash, impossible and unproven; but yet there is plenty of proof out there. It’s just hasn’t been broadcasted through conventional media channels; thus it’s not known by many.

For example; Ninel Kulagina is a perfectly good example of what many would consider to be proof. Dr. Genady Sergeyev tested Ninel Kulagina’s abilities and discovered that she did indeed have these abilities. She was able to move matches on a table with her mind; she even was able to speed up the heart rate of a frog with her mind.

These examples above give precedence to the notion that our consciousness does have a significant influence with the world around us. What science has yet to discover; but yet many mystics of the past already knew; is that consciousness is that which attracts things into our life.


The above diagram explains the role of frequency when it comes to our perception of reality. A fearful state of consciousness limits our ability to acquire, comprehend and integrate the Truth. While love on the other hand increases our interactions with the Truth. Thus increasing our awareness and understanding of the reality we live in.

So when we’re operating from a fearful state of consciousness; our ability to perceive the Truth in life is limited. Thus it takes longer for the Truth to grace our awareness. This is why it is paramount that we pay close attention to our intentions. Intentions are what determine the frequency of an idea, thought or action. When operating from a fearful intention; the result will be more fear. When operating from a loving intention; the result will be love.

Intentions play such a powerful role in our experiences. You could basically have two individuals with the same idea. One could use it for malevolent purposes and so it would end in suffering and the other could use it for benevolent reasons and it would end in Peace. The ideas are identical, but since their intentions were different the results will be different as well

We need to let go of all fearful intentions and operate from a holistic and loving intentional state of being. That means we shouldn’t avoid things out of fear; we should do thing that empower ourselves and others. We need to increase our awareness of intentions because they are the very thing that assigns the frequency of a idea or action. Intentions are charged with a emotional signature of either Truth/Positive or Fear/Negative. Now granted the intensity of the emotional signature is dependent upon many things; for example intentional evil is potent with negativity; while ignorance is only slightly negative.

For example; let’s say my intention to share this understanding to everyone is to help others better understand themselves and empower them. This intention I just shared has a loving emotional energy behind it; thus the results will be of the increase of love.

Then let’s say my intention is to build myself up as a savior so that I may direct the energy from the collective consciousness to myself; thus resulting in greater qualities of energy that can be utilized to fulfill my selfish desires or inflict intentional harm upon others.

This is a prime example of intentional evil and it’s results would be a tremendous amount of negativity. Look at history; the Nazi party was the embodiment of intentional evil; but most of the people in the party weren’t willing agents of evil. Most were deceived into believing they were doing the right thing; but the leadership; those who controlled the direction of the party were intentionally harming others and causing pain to millions; thus it resulted in the Holocaust and the death of millions.

Let’s say my intention was to save others; this would be slightly fearful. It wouldn’t result in a overwhelming amount of negativity; but it would provide negativity an opportunity to find more fertile soil for it’s roots to spread. Our lack of understanding blinds us from the fundamental truths that accompany intentions.

We actually do them a disservice because subconsciously we are reinforcing their ignorance by preventing a life transforming catalyst from interacting with them. We cannot save others from their own thinking. We can only empower them with the Truth and provide information that helps them better understand themselves. They have to make the decision to save themselves otherwise they’ll never learn how to operate from a empowered state of being. Sometimes “bad” things happen to others in order for them to explore an aspect of their consciousness they would never have ventured into.

Unfortunately it is our rigid way of perceiving reality that has created this dilemma; learning how to become an empowered being doesn’t have to be difficult; but for many of us we’ve been indoctrinated to the point where only adversity and difficulty will help us learn these liberating lessons.

That’s what I’ve discovered with my life; it took the complete dissolution of my ideas, beliefs and desires to get to the place of understanding I am at in this moment. The dissolution in the form of perceived negative experiences were the necessarily catalyst to encourage me to look within myself and find the power that has always resided within my inner temple. No one could save me from myself; I had to save myself by discovering the Truth that I am my own savior and that I have everything that I need to live the life I desire.

Now I’m speaking in regards to how intentions interact with our mental and emotional facilities; so by no means do not think saving others is always fearful; fire fighters who run into a burning building to save people are not agents of fear. Intentions that are a derivative of the physical reality have different attributes and considerations then the ones formed in the mental plane.

How To Establish Right Intentions

When establishing right intentions it’s important to remember that there will be many different opinions on the idea of what is right. The key is to determine what you believe is right; because in the end you are molder of your understanding. You’re the one who will determine what is right and wrong; nobody else will determine it for you. Thus it’s imperative to remember that the opinions of others shouldn’t weigh heavily upon you when determining what is right and wrong.

The problem many of us have when it comes to intentions is our ignorance about them. Our intentions and motivations operate from a very narrow bandwidth; most people operate from a intentional state of being that is fundamentally selfish. Our lack of refining our understanding of intentions creates much of the turmoil and pain we see in the world today.

Immanuel Kant explored and experimented with intentions extensively; he discovered what became known as the Categorical Imperative; which is best known by his first formulation as:


This was the instrument he used to determine what is right. If your unfamiliar with the word maxim; it’s basically another word for principle. In a nutshell this quote basically says “Perform deeds and actions that you believe would be good for all to practice”

This would resolve much of the suffering and pain on this life; it would create a more service to others oriented mindset. Our actions would be in alignment with what is good for everyone. Our driving motivation would be to promote ideas and actions that would benefit humanity as a whole.

The reason we have poverty on this world is because we don’t evaluate our understanding of intentions. We haven’t decided as a people whether or not certain lifestyles can be universally practiced by all. Thus when determining what is right for you; you must be able to come to the conclusion that all can practice it. Thus will help improve the lives of everyone on this world; not just ourselves or a select few.

There is an imbalance when it comes to the distribution of wealth because of our selfish intentions. We justify why we deserve so much and others don’t. We see ourselves as different from everybody else and that we were meant to be showered with abundance while others were meant to be cannon fodder. Look at society; notice the separation everywhere; billionaires build skyscrapers to stand out; everyone is competing to be the first for something; to distinguish themselves from everyone. They all want to stand out and be recognized by their differences rather then similarities.

“If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” – 1 Corinthians 12:26

Thus in order to live according to right intentions we must reevaluate our beliefs, ideas and opinions we hold within. We must take the bold step to determine what is right for all of humanity; we need to understand that we the individual benefit when the whole of humanity benefits. When others profit; we profit as well. This will end the cycle of madness, pain, suffering and misery we’ve experienced for many thousands of years.

We are all one; there is no denying this fundamental truth; thus we as a society should base the premise of every intention upon the principle of oneness. Oneness of purpose; oneness of unity and oneness of sound intentions. For in the end I am my brothers keeper and my brother is my keeper.

Timothy Frappier


Why I Dislike Government and Authority

Now this is going to be a very reflection of my internal beliefs and ideas in regards to government. I am a staunch advocate of small government, how small you may ask; as small as it can get.

Since the dawning of known civilization there has always been some form of government regulating the lives of people. Many of the governments in the past have been very tyrannical and malevolent by nurture. That’s because the idea of government is founded upon the premise that the individual is unable to regulate their own life; thus their dependent upon some form of “higher authority” to help them live their life.

Many people believe that a government is merely a reflection of the common ideas and beliefs that a particular group of people all share; but in reality that is not the case. Governments are instruments to control people through fear. Laws are enacted to force people into conformity so that they may be productive members according to the accepted norms of society.

These norms are established by social engineers using the power of radio, TV, media and the internet to mold a consensus amongst the population. Thus controlling the process of democracy through very sinister and deceptive methods. Governments in the past have done the same thing; but the current government has taken this to a whole new level.

There have been government projects such as MK Ultra, Project Mockingbird and the Monarch Program that really shows what these people who control our government are willing to do in order to maintain the status quo. Who does the government work for? We’re told that it works for the people; but in reality it works for corporations and special interests who have deep pockets.

This current government is not an embodiment of benevolent authority; but instead is a embodiment of greed & Elitism. The primary mechanism of our current government is to protect the interests of those whom have the most money. It’s a mechanism used to keep the wealthy rich and the poor poorer. The poor cannot afford the luxuries that the government can provide for the elite; because the common person cannot pay anyone to represent them. This government is very parasitic and to proclaim otherwise is to deny the blatant and obvious truth.

Lobbyists are employed by corporations to protect their interests. Which is such a affront to the ideals of our founding fathers. If they were alive they would be insulted by the government we have created. They would be the first to grab gather the people together and raid congress.

I have always disliked government because it based upon the premise of authority. We given our power to decide what is right and wrong away to government. Many people have the naive belief that government law is the supreme moral arbiter of “Right” and “Wrong”. We don’t even think for ourselves anymore; if someone breaks the law we automatically believe their in the wrong; regardless of the fact if the broken law is effective or not.

Now I’m not talking about laws involving murder, robbery, theft or rape; these are quite self evident as being “Wrong” in the context that we the people have decided we don’t want these things to happen. I’m talking stupid laws that corporations make in order to make a profit.

My sister has to pay $900 just because they didn’t get health care in 2016. We can thank Obamacare for this. Now her taxes will be confiscated just because she decided not to get insurance. This is the Law of the Land; let’s also think about Car insurance; Everyone is required to get Car Insurance; it’s the law. Why was this law enacted? Well how is the hospital suppose to make money if someone gets into an car accident and has no liability? Another justification companies and government use is that this prevents those who have insurance from having their rates increased because of getting into a accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance.Well the last time I checked; insurance meant you insure yourself; no one else. Why would your insurance company raise rates of the accident wasn’t your fault? Even if the person doesn’t have insurance; why would they raise the rates on someone who is not to blame? It’s all about Money; they would raise your rates because you cost them money; regardless of the fact if the accident was your fault or not, they don’t care. All they care about is Money.

Then we have this ridiculous drug war that is probably the biggest monstrosity I’ve ever encountered. The reason we’re told that drugs are outlawed is because there “Bad” for you; thus if it’s bad for you it must be banned. What about caffeine? Caffeine isn’t good for you either; what about meat? Meat isn’t good for you or processed foods. We going to ban that stuff too? More people die from Alcohol then illegal drugs; but yet liquor is legal.

The role of government shouldn’t be to protect the people; but instead to let them learn for themselves what is right or wrong. Anyways; drugs being outlawed is not due to protecting the people; the main reason is to control the market. The CIA and many other black project groups use funding from illicit drug sales to fund their projects. By no means is the government doing this to protect the people; those who control the policies of this nation do it for profit; but proclaim to the people that it’s for their well-being. Which is a bunch of hogwash; because there not fighting the source of the problem; instead there promoting it. Don’t believe me? Look up how American soldiers protected opium fields in Afghanistan and how CIA agents were caught going across the US-Mexico Border with 1363 pounds of cocaine. Let’s not forget how the CIA used drug smuggling to finance rebel groups in countries they were attempting to topple.

Then we have the Prison Industrial Complex which makes money from placing people in prisons. From 1980s to present time our prison population has exploded and most of the people sent the prison are not for violent crimes such as theft, drug charges and property damage. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the nearly 2.2 million people behind bars last year, 50.5% were serving time for violent crime. That means that more than 1.1 million people were imprisoned for nonviolent offenses, mainly property and drug crimes. That means 49.5% of prisoners are in prison for non-violent crimes.

This system of government needs to be dismantled. I believe in heavy reduction of government and more personal freedom for the individuals. These people in positions of authority are in my opinion incompetent to do what is right. That doesn’t just cover the Cabal; that’s too obvious; but I also include this Earth Alliance that many insiders have spoken about. Their willingness to promote partial disclosure is naive and irresponsible. Whether it’s done under the intention to honestly protect the people or themselves is irrelevant; because any reasonable person would know that the TRUTH is what is best for humanity.

I don’t know if you feel the way I do; but I sick and tired of these idiots in positions of authority. They failed us when it mattered the most in the past. They allowed Nazis to take control of our government; they’ve allowed the suppressing of life changing technologies that could end poverty, famine and disease for all of humanity. They’ve allowed the Federal Reserve to basically bankrupt the people of this great nation. They’ve allowed the enemy to operate domestically on our soil. The Government and Military have FAILED US! Now there is supposedly groups within the government and military fighting the cabal; I bet they believe we should be appreciative; which I am to a certain extent; but I’m not going to forget that they were the reason things got out of hand in the first place.

They failed us when they met with Benevolent races who wanted to help humanity by insisting we reduce our obsession for weapons. What did they do instead? Make a deal with Grays for technology that they could use against other countries and label the good guys as “Space Hippies”. What does that mean to the common person? Well in simple terms they basically took fancy gadgets that have capacity to kill more people from aliens in order to gain a edge in their own little war game and create a stereotype for those who truly wanted to uplift humanity. We’re the ones who pay the cost; the common individual goes on the battlefield; while these generals, admirals, politicians and many others sit in their cozy chairs barking out orders to the grunts.

Well that is going to end very soon and the people responsible for this whole mess will be brought to justice. We the people are not going to allow them to do this anymore; we will find them and remove their influence. You cannot stop us now; we have you within our sights and you will be dealt with. You will be brought before the people and EVERYONE ON THIS WORLD WILL KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO HUMANITY! You will not escape the wrath of the people; your cannot leave in your spacecraft; your pride will be forcefully broken when chains and handcuffs are placed upon you. Don’t think this will not happen; the time is coming soon and I will rejoice with the news of your arrests and so will countless millions as well.

I love the constitution and for what it stands for; but I don’t not love our government. Government is totally unnecessary for a truly free and independent people. The fact we have government means we’re not as free as many believe ourselves to be. Now I’ll end this article with a quote I use often when thinking of government. Warning your about to see what many consider to be vulgar language.

Fuck The Government

Timothy Frappier

The Mass Silence on Washington – Happening March 25 – The People’s Call for Open Disclosure of Pedogate Investigations

It’s time that we the people take a stand against these sick politicians and world leaders. Let us unite together and proclaim as one voice that we shall not allow our children to be molested or abused by these sick psychopaths. It’s time for these people to be brought to justice.

I’ve heard rumors that partial disclosure would hide these atrocities from the public; but in reality these need to come to the surface. There can be no healing or settlement of this matter if it is kept secret.

Many times I’ve said this and I’ll say it again; it’s time for the Truth to take center-stage. No more will we tolerate these would be leaders making decisions that effect you and I. If your able to join this protest in Washington, DC; then I insist you join. If your unable to join please consider donating to the Go Fund Me link at the bottom of this article.

If you cannot participate in the march or donate money; then I ask for you to do whatever you can to bring awareness to this sick practice that many of our would be leaders are practicing. I’m not able to join in the march; so instead I’ve decided to donate and post on my blog. You can pray for the children, post this on your website/blog or share it on Facebook/Twitter. It all makes a difference and together we will bring this topic into public awareness.

Divided we will fall; but united we shall prevail. There is no force that can stop We The People; because together we can achieve anything; it is the focusing of our intentions and awareness that will bring down this pedophile ring. We are the driving force of change; so let us unite and bring forth a new world; a world where our children are respected; loved and cherished for the precious beings they’ve always been. A world were our children are not abused, neglected or molested.

This is the world I strive to create for our children; if this is a world you want your children to live in; then by all means help in this cause; because no matter how small the contribution you make it will make a difference.

Timothy Frappier 

Source: Discerning The Mystery

For over half a century, the authorities of the world have sat back and allowed the most heinous of crimes to continue in series. During this time, these authorities have reluctantly arrested small portions of an enormous international pedophilia ring designed to provide “entertainment” to wealthy elitist during business trips.

CONFIRMATION – Visible Progress toward Massive Pedophilia Ring Take-downs – Videos, Links, and Commentary

These child trafficking rings are well-known in Europe and the United Kingdom. They are well known in Canada, the Philippines, and numerous other countries as well. We have seen these trafficking rings steal children from their homes by the thousand from their respective countries for all of this time, yet the authorities still do little to prevents these atrocities from taking place. Still, the various law enforcement agencies of the world refuse to attack these criminal organizations at their elitist roots.

In America today, we see the exact same problem of massive interconnected child trafficking and pedophilia rings. Here, we have also seen the exact same apathy from law enforcement, the same denial and enabling patterns (and many times, participation) from government offices, and the exact same lack of public acknowledgment by media that has been common in all the other nations which allow pedophilia to continue. The officials of these various nations appear to care more about catering to the sickest of criminals than they do about taking care of the innocent. No more will this stand.

For the first time in history the people of the United States are collectively saying “ENOUGH” to the sick parasitic games of these elitists. Over the past weeks and months, those who are awake and aware of these heinous crimes are defying the enablers of corporate media and the government officials. We are taking it upon ourselves to be the first to stand up for children nationwide and worldwide.

Pedogate: Professors and Staff of Multiple Universities Arrested for Trading in Child Rape – Links and Commentary

We are defying the complicity and double standard of government and the corporate media who have for years covered for the sick appetites of the elite while exposing and prosecuting the lower-class pedophiles to the fullest extent of the law. We are taking a stand for actual justice in contrast to the past mockery thereof in the United States. On March 25th, 2017 at Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C., we will make our point to this nation’s representatives. These crimes against children stop now.

Mass Silence on Washington 2


Many of us realize the extensive opportunity there has been for a true and responsible investigation into the allegations against John Podesta, Tony Podesta, and numerous other government officials and their involvement in alleged pedophilia cults. For months now, the authorities have had every opportunity to complete an honest, thorough and public investigation into these issues. Yet we the public have seen nothing accept cover-ups, mockery, and blind dismissal of the issue by various establishments.

Who Controls the World? – The True Story behind Money and Media Manipulation with TED X – Video, Links and Extended Commentary

What we have seen is the corporate media—along with certain factions of government—attempting to silence and smear Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and everyone else who is intent upon outing those behind these criminal epidemics. (I used the term “smear” because none of the past allegations stick to solid facts, but only focus upon fictitious drama.) We have witnessed the globalist-controlled corporate media attack Trump at every turn and do nearly everything they can to place negative attention on Trump’s mistakes while completely ignoring and dismissing his efforts to stop child trafficking. If the corporate media were honest, they would accurately report the news on Trump and the investigation on Pedogate, but they consistently refuse to do either.

There are many problems which we face today, and many of these stem from poor decisions from the White House. However, for anyone with any basic ethical integrity, these problems do not negate the need of our children for safety and freedom from certain rape, torture and murder. This is not a complex concept to understand.

Hiding In Plain Sight – The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed

To stand up for children did not used to be so out-of-style as it is presently. The United States government at one point used to pride itself for being a humanitarian establishment. In years past this governance held children at the highest level of priority, or at least it pretended to. Yet now that the Pizzagate scandal has broken, our governance is completely silent, and in place of the value for the health and safety of children, they enabling pedophiles to prey on the innocent unhindered. This cannot and will not stand.

We as humanity owe it to the children of this world to actually show up and show that they mean something to us. The youth need to know that we value them more than we do our own comfort or our next opportunity for Trump-bashing. We can supposedly stand up for women’s rights, for immigrants and refugees. We can stand up for Native Americans. So why is it, all of a sudden, so difficult to stand up for the youth?

Like lab rats, we have been trained to hate on command. We have chosen to believe without hesitation, everything we see on television without one thought to question how television programming is created or who is behind it. These are not the practices of mature, responsible adults.

Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble – VT and Keshe Take the Lead in Breaking the Most Insidious Human Trafficking Gang on the Planet

Those of us who are truly motivated by love and not hate remember what it is to value the lives of children. We remember our priorities and we intend to be heard by all of those who have not forgotten their own humanity. In Washington, D.C. on March 25, we will peacefully, but firmly remind the officials of this country of their own priorities.

We the people deserve to see a full and public investigation on every last suspect in the Pizzagate/Pedogate scandal. We deserve to know that justice is being done for the future of this country and our world. If this country is truly free and is actually one we can be proud of, surely protecting humanity in its most innocent form is not too much to ask for. If this country is truly free, the judicial process which affects the public in such a major way will be publicly disclosed without restriction.

If anyone values the lives of our children and cares enough to prevent their victimization by elitist pedophiles, and if anyone believes that justice should be fair and equal among all people, take your stand alongside thousands of others who share your these beliefs.

The Pitfalls of Partial Disclosure – Examining the Process of Disclosure and the Reasons why a String of Half-Truths Just Won’t Cut It

Come join us. It’s time to disobey the trademark edict of ignorance from corporate media and actually show up when people need us. In my view, there is no bigger need than that of our own future and survival.

Pizzagate/Pedogate Protest – Washington, D.C. – March 25 @ 11 a.m.

The Essence Of Gratitude And How It Can Help You Cultivate Happiness


Gratitude is more then an idea; it’s a state of being. Gratitude is the embodiment of unconditional love because with it comes a means to be positive regardless of outside circumstances.

You can be in a very bleak situation and it may seem like things are not going your way, but with gratitude you can change that perspective. By focusing on what your grateful for; you’ll invite more people, things and events into your life that bring feelings of gratitude. We are what we focus on; by focusing on gratefulness you will become more grateful.

Now many of us find it difficulty to be grateful at times but that’s only because we’re blinded by our desires. Many of us have narrowly conceptualized our sense of worth according to our desires. If we’re unable to fulfill our desires we have the tendency to fall into a negative stupor. This state of mind hinders our ability to feel positive emotions; such as gratitude, happiness, joy and love.

Which is why it’s important to carefully evaluate our thoughts, beliefs and desires to better understand ourselves. Many of our beliefs and thoughts are the result of unbridled desires. We live in a world governed by materialism; thus desires rein supreme. Many of these desires though are unfounded and irrelevant. That is something we must all become aware of.

For example, many people in today’s society equate happiness with possessions. People strive to have a house, car, family and wealth thinking these things will increase the amount of happiness in their life. Unfortunately though that’s not how it works, it is not the thing that makes you happy; it is your choice(consent) in believing that things will make you happy that makes you happy. Happiness is a choice; when you choose to believe things will make you happy; they will; but only temporally because this world is temporal; by focusing on that which is temporal; you equate your sense of happiness as being temporal. Thus happiness becomes a fleeting idea to you.

Now by all means don’t believe that I’m bashing the idea of raising a family, accumulating wealth or buying a car or house. These things are neutral upon themselves; what I’m merely attempting to convey is the need to focus on one’s own sense of happiness from within. When we externalize our sense of happiness we give our power away to a external source. All that we need can be found from within; that includes happiness.

Gratitude helps in cultivating happiness, joy and love. By being grateful for what you already have you receive more positivity. Don’t spend so much time focusing on what you don’t have; instead focus on what you do have. You are what you focus on; so if you focus on negativity; you will reap negativity. If you focus on positivity; you will reap positivity. It really is that simple.

So if you find yourself getting into negative thoughts and behaviors; first thing you should do is to accept how you feel. Don’t condemn your thoughts or feelings; that will not help you in anyway. Practice acceptance and let them go; start to think about the things that you’re grateful for.

What I tend to do when I find myself in a negative state of being is start thinking to myself what I have in my life that I am grateful for. At first; this may seem difficult; especially when your feeling very negative. Yet; when you start thinking about it; you’ll have many things come to your awareness that bring feelings of gratitude. Such as “I’m grateful for my health.” or “I’m grateful for my family” and even “I’m grateful my Creator.” By doing this; you’re sending out positive vibes to the universe; which the universe will gladly respond to with more positivity. When you send out positive thoughts and deeds; you shall receive positive thoughts and deeds.

Many times though; we may fall into the pattern of comparing ourselves to others. Which will diminish our sense of gratitude and happiness. This is only because we’ve allowed ourselves to believe in some kind of idea. This idea is based in the realm of desire; we have an idea of what we think we should be like; if we’re not like that we get hard on ourselves. This leads to poor self esteem and negative state of mind.

I’ve come to discover this for myself. I had this idea of how I should be and if I fail to meet those expectations; I become very negative. If I come across anyone who I feel is exhibiting what I desire to be; I become envious and embroiled with jealousy. Most of the time this effects my relationship with this person and I become very combative with them.

This is why it’s of paramount concern for myself and many of you to be careful with desires. You don’t need to desire to be anyone else; except for yourself. Don’t fall into the pattern of comparing yourself to others. It doesn’t matter if someone appears to be more “Intelligent” or “Better Looking” then you. As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Everyone has their own opinion on what beauty and intelligence is. You are perfect as you are right now. Intelligence is determined by your own belief; not by comparison. Be grateful for who you are; be grateful for what you know. Gratitude will help you be your perfect self. Because at the end of the day; you are perfect all the time; even the times when you feel or think you’re not.

So my friends; be grateful all the time. When you feel ungrateful; be grateful that you can feel ungrateful. That is the beauty of life; you yourself can be whatever you want to be. When you explore your own inner landscape; you see that it isn’t one or the other. You can be grateful when your ungrateful. You can be ungrateful when your grateful. You don’t have to pick one of the other; they both can coexist in the same space.

That is perfectly illustrated with the Yin and Yang symbol below. When you look at this ancient Taoist symbol you see the unity of light and darkness, good and bad, positivity and negativity. They coexist as one; because they are a whole. Therefore; in one form of another; ungratefulness is gratefulness; it’s just the opposite side of the coin; yet it’s the same coin at the end of the day.


Remember; gratitude can assist in becoming the happiness you already are. Focus on gratitude and you shall be more grateful and happy. Until next time my friends; take care and many blessings to you all.

Timothy Frappier

The Chinese Just Did a Soft Disclosure on Free Energy

I’m so glad to see free energy breakthroughs come to the public domain. This is by far the most transformational type of research and inventing anyone can do. Once free energy is available for all of humanity; it will change everything. No longer will the inadequacy of modern society bear such a heavy burden upon mankind.

Free energy is the key to a peaceful, sustainable and abundant society. With free energy devices we can end hunger, war, poverty and illness. This is why the elites suppress this type of inventions with great zeal and determination. Once the dam breaks on this whole free energy reality they’ll lose their control over the masses.

The name of the game for them is control; that’s why most of the energy supplied to everyone around the world comes from a large centralized provider. This includes, power plants, oil, propane, coal and many other resources we’re dependent upon. The wealthy have the means to create these vast infrastructures and reap a large profit from them. While the common citizen doesn’t have that type of resources; the closest thing we can get is solar panels and wind turbines that are expensive and don’t provide enough electricity to make the household self-sufficient.

Free energy devices on the other hand though would give the power back to the people. There are many designs for these free energy reactors. Some can be small as a microwave and fit easily in your home and provide to all your electricity needs. This would be the fastest route to energy independence and the powers that were don’t want this. They know if everyone had their own free energy devices; they would not only lose their profit; but their control.

This is the type system we’re up against. When one examines the mechanics of modern society you can see the heavy relevance on big corporations and companies. Food, energy, clothing, transportation and medicine are all heavily centralized in a way that makes it only profitable for those whom are wealthy. As the saying goes “You need money in order to make money.”

This is why Free Energy is a important component in claiming our own independence and sovereignty. We must strive to become more self-sufficient else we’ll be subject to the wiles of those who do not have our best interests in mind. Free Energy can help make it easier to become self sufficient.

This is a good sign that China has made this breakthrough public; now finally we can disregard the unfounded skepticism based in arrogant behaviors operating from a wounded ego. It is time for the Truth to run free; better yet it is time for Free Energy. We the People choose Free Energy!

Timothy Frappier  

Source: The Mind Unleashed

By Christina Sarich

Chinese scientists just announced that they have successfully recreated NASA’s ‘impossible’ EmDrive, an engine that works entirely on electromagnetic radiation. The prototype is not in a garage-filmed Youtube video, but published in full detail in the peer-reviewed journal Propulsion and Power.

Scientists from the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) claim NASA’s results “re-confirm” what they’d already achieved.

The free-energy “reactionless” Electromagnetic Drive uses only electricity, and defies widely accepted laws of physics. The Emdrive has already been launched into space, and at a press conference in Beijing, researchers said that the Chinese plan to use it to power satellites, “as quickly as possible.”

In another paper the propulsion theory behind the EmDrive is explained more thoroughly,

“At first sight the idea of propulsion without propellant seems impossible. However the technology is firmly anchored in the basic laws of physics and following an extensive review process, no transgressions of these laws have been identified.

The principle of operation is based on the well-known phenomenon of radiation pressure. This relies on Newton’s Second Law where force is defined as the rate of change of momentum. Thus an electromagnetic (EM) wave, travelling at the speed of light has a certain momentum which it will transfer to a reflector, resulting in a tiny force.

If the same EM wave is travelling at a fraction of the speed of light, the rate of change of momentum, and hence force, is reduced by that fraction. The propagation velocity of an EM wave, and the resulting force it exerts, can be varied depending on the geometry of a waveguide within which it travels. This was demonstrated by work carried out in the 1950’s. (CULLEN, A.L. ‘Absolute Power Measurements at Microwave Frequencies’ IEE Proceedings Vol 99 Part 1V 1952 P.100)

Thus if the EM wave travelling in a tapered waveguide is bounced between two reflectors, with a large velocity difference at the reflector surfaces, the force difference will give a resultant thrust to the waveguide linking the two reflectors. If the reflectors are separated by a multiple of half the effective wavelength of the EM wave, this thrust will be multiplied by the Q of the resulting resonant cavity, as illustrated in fig 1.”

The engine could also send people to Mars in as few as 70 days, according to the scientists’ findings.

In a leaked paper, NASA puzzled over the ‘physics-defying’ thruster which continuously provided positive results when tested. The findings were disclosed by a research group led by Dr. Harold “Sonny” White at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in June of 2014, which made waves throughout the scientific and technical communities.

However, Prof. Juan Yang in China was publishing her research into EM Drive technology as early as 2010. With the latest ‘soft’ disclosure that the EmDrive prototype made by Chinese scientists, is indeed working, we may have just observed China beat the U.S. to the proverbial free-energy finish line.

The EmDrive was first proposed as an alternative to rocket-fueled engine technology by British engineer Roger Shawyer. He generated electricity to generate movement simply by bouncing microwaves around a cone-shaped chamber that would then create radiation pressure. The device used no propellant, and so there was no exhaust.

The EmDrive is already being tested on thrusters on the Tiangong 2 and X37B space planes.

What other fascinating free energy technologies are about to be disclosed?

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and *See the Big Picture*. Her blog is Yoga for the New World . Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing The Body And Mind Through The Art Of Yoga.


Love is What We All Need Right Now

It is more important than ever to maintain a loving state of being as much as possible. We find ourselves in some very trialing times; but also some very transformational times as well. We have the opportunity to shift the collective consciousness to a more peaceful and loving state. All that is required is to work on that loving state ourselves.

Change begins from within; when we accept this we discover that we have all that we need within us. Happiness is a state of being; which is found from within. We’ve all heard people talk about how you can be happy regardless of outside circumstances; but many of us find this difficulty to achieve. We’ve been raised in a society where we place our sense of happiness in desires and wants.

People wants things because they believe it will make them happy. This is intentionally conveyed to us in advertisements, commercials and many other ads. Advertisers found that creating the idea that this product or thing will make you happy or feel good improved sale’s numbers. Thus many of the products and advertisements we’re bombarded with on a daily basis has an subliminal underlying message that speaks “This product/thing will make you happy.”

In reality though; it is we ourselves whom make us happy. It is our belief that this product or thing will bring us happiness. It’s not that the thing actually does the work; the desire of attaining this product acts as a permission for us to feel happy. We’ve either consciously or unconsciously allowed ourselves to believe it will make us happy; yet at the end of the day the happiness derives from within.

You don’t need anything to be happy; you can be that happiness regardless of your possessions, social status or accomplishments. Money doesn’t make you happy; it is your belief that money will make you feel better that brings this happiness. In the end though; that happiness is fleeting and temporal. Eventually things don’t bring any type of happiness whatsoever; you have to keep getting more and more in order to feel that same feeling you had when you first started to believe things could bring you happiness.

That is the root of greed; greed is only evil in the sense that our ignorance perpetuates this imbalanced way of interfacing with reality. Greed is the result of the forgotten fact that we ourselves can be happy regardless of outside circumstances. People whom are consumed with greed are not evil nor bad; they’re merely attempting to search for this happiness through things. They’re forgotten that happiness is found within.

Thus we should be compassionate and understanding towards those whom are afflicted with this sickness. Greed is a sickness just as much as a Flu; the only difference is that it’s symptoms and affects are not realized in bodily sensory inputs; but instead through our consciousness.

The best way to help these people is for ourselves to be happy. Now this can be quite a demanding task in of itself; we’ve been bombarded with so much negativity that many of us find it difficult to embody a loving state of being. The negativity, misery and suffering is all we’ve known in our lives. We don’t want to let go out it because contrary to what many of us tell ourselves; we’ve become acclimated and accustomed to this negativity. We’ve allowed it to define who we are and many of us will not relinquish it out of fear of losing our identity or sense of being.

These behaviors have been programmed into us from childhood; we fear change because change from our experience has never been good. Thus even though our life may be negative; the fear of change keeps us in this negativity. These were preemptively programmed into our consciousness in order to maintain the status quo. Those who currently benefit from the system; want to keep it as is; thus they’ve programmed society to believe change is bad. Which helps keep them in power.

This is one of the single most oppressive fear we have. The fear of change is what keeps us in misery; thus in order to overcome our negativity; we must embrace change. Else we’ll continue to be subject to pain, misery and suffering.

The important thing to remember is to reevaluate our definition and understanding of change. All things are in a constant state of change; that includes our bodies, earth and the universe. Everything is moving from one form to another. Days change from mornings to evenings. Prices change for gas; the cells that make up our bodies change as well. Literally your cells in your body presently are not the same ones that were there 7 years ago. Yet you still perceive yourself as being yourself.

The point is to remember that change is a good thing. Without change we wouldn’t be alive. Without change we wouldn’t have the opportunity to discover all the beauty in this world. Change is an act of creation; when we embrace change; we embrace creativity. Change is the key in getting us out of our negative programming and fully embodying our true selves. Love is change and change is Love; two are intertwined for all of eternity. Change is the greatest gift of all; because it’s origin is found within Love. And where there is Love; there is beauty beyond words.

When we start to see change as a positive thing; our life will change. Change is inevitable and cannot be stopped. It can only be temporally perceived as being delayed; but in reality it never was delayed nor stopped. All things happens as they should; allow change to help you be Love.

Overcome the fear of change brothers and sisters. This is how you can embody a loving state of being more effectively. Be the change; love the change and watch yourself become love itself.

Timothy Frappier