How The Mentality Of Battle Interfaces With The System Of Control

Battle partakes in the premise of polarity. Thus when one engages in such acts it’s either going to result in this or that. This dualistic way of interfacing with reality is the very foundation of control.


The fundamental cornerstone in maintaining this system of control is being able to convince humanity of the lack of interconnectedness. It’s entire existence is based upon the premise of forming a consensus within each individual consciousness that we are separate beings and their is no inherent higher-power that connects all of life. It molds the minds of humanity in order to form uniformity within the collective consciousness.


If a consensus amongst humanity was to be formed about the interconnectedness of life the system of control would collapse. Thus the system automatically picks and choices it’s battles based upon the spiritual development of the individuals. It locates and triangulates all beings upon this planet whom are thinking outside the box. It identifies problematic individuals early in their development and uses insidious methods in suppressing them and making sure their impact is kept to most minimum level.

Never has such a sophisticated system of control been present upon this planet as it has been since 1996. When the Archons arrived from the Orion system they made major overhauls to the veil surrounding humanity in order to delay their eventual defeat. The Archons use scalar weapons, time travel, mind control, implants, frequency adjusters and many other tools in order to keep humanity within their desired frequency. Yet the most insidious and effective method is through entrainment. They’ve programmed our mental and emotional bodies to emulate their own. They’ve made us like them by steering our choices in a certain pattern in order to create a energetic affinity. They need us to emulate them in order to derive sustenance from us. They feed off our fear, negative emotions and trauma.


The Archons have been doing this for a very long time and have perfected their methods to the point where very little physical interaction in maintaining control is needed. Thus their able to control the whole planet with as few as a thousand beings; perhaps even less. They’re the ones who control the Dark Alliances from behind the curtain. Yet even above these Arachnid Archons  is a being called Yaldabaoth that is a plasma entity controlling the energetic layout upon this planet. Yaldabaoth is fallen archangel.

The game that is being played on this planet is one where one side is using the ideals of free-will to steer and direct humanity into a certain choice that will allow them to maintain their position of power and the other side is steering to awaken and free humanity from this illusion of control.

The most dangerous aspect of this situation upon this planet is the potential for humanity to engage in the battle mentality. Where we identify so intensely with our desired outcome that we blindly attract it’s opposite because we’re operating from a state of fear. This is a daulistic approach to life and will only perpetuate the problems we are experiencing.  A short clip that embodies this archetype is Yoda’s advice to Anakin.



This system of control is based upon the notion of preferable experiences and is deeply rooted within the archetype of illusion. The friction that is generated from this modality of perceiving reality “feeds the dragon” and leaves humanity blinded to it’s effects.

One’s intentions must be birthed within the sacred space of unconditional love. We must let go of all that we fear to lose. Because we cannot prevent any type of loss with fear; fear only hastens the loss from happening. When we become attached to certain desires it can potentially blind us from seeing the damage it will or is causing. That is what happened in the Orion system and it took quite some time for us to learn from our behaviors.


These are some things that I have learned about the system of control; but the one thing that really can assist in liberating us from it is to be love, act on love and spread love. It can start with just a extra smile to a total stranger; to paying for someone’s meal at Mcdonalds or by assisting someone in need. Each act of kindness and love births our eventual liberation.

Timothy Frappier







Everything Is Going To Be Alright

First off I want you to be assured that everything is going to be alright. Humanity is in the midst of a wonderful and powerful transformation not only on this planet; but across the whole galaxy, perhaps even the universe.

The darkness that we witness everyday is only the passing of the old and the beginning of the new. Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. The old paradigm must collapse upon itself. Only then will we be able to rise up and create the new world we all deserve.

Now this is a controlled collapse; it will not result in widespread anarchy, chaos and destruction. It will be a soft collapse, because anything too severe could throw humanity back into a pattern of self destruction.

There is much negativity upon the surface of this planet; if one where to only watch the news on TV they would have a grim outlook of life. Yet behind the scenes great things are coming together. Plans are being made and systems that will replace the old one have been readied, tested and proven to be effective in this transition.

What we need to do is to focus upon ourselves. There is much darkness within each and every single one of us. This darkness is not one born of intentional harm; it is one birth within ignorance. It hides behind our judgments, it takes the role of the victim and it criticizes everything we do.

That internal critic, that aspect of us that we identify with so often is the darkness I speak of. It stops us from following our true heart’s desire, it places fear in our path and it makes us judgmental and suspicious of everyone. We often become angry at others and justify this anger with various beliefs, opinions and ideas.

We’re quick to judge and slow to accept. We’re quick to desire yet resistant to change. We repeat patterns of old over and over again. We’re trapped in the mind and we feel too little. So my friends I tell you to feel; to express yourself and be peace. Cast no judgment upon your experiences. For the judgments are what hold you back, not the experiences.

There is no good or bad, only what is. If your life is neurotic and chaotic, don’t judge it. It will only make it worse. Allow yourself to be chaotic without judgment. Allow yourself to be “wrong” without judgment. Don’t allow that internal critic to steer you upon the pathway of judgments. Let go of judgments and you’ll see your life become less and less chaotic.

Throughout my life I’ve come to understand that judgments are the darkness’s greatest weapon. When we judge we form a desire, if our desire is not met, we tend to think of it as a mistake or something bad. When we judge something as being bad; we spread darkness. We fail to realize that one cannot exist without the other. What is ‘bad’ is a good thing in disguise. When we take the time to learn from the bad, we transform it into something good.

Yet many of us are so focused on what we deem good that we fail to learn from the bad. We refuse to search within ourselves, instead we blame others for our misfortune and seek only what is good. We avoid the bad at all costs; but yet we cannot escape it. That is why many of us struggle, because we refuse to accept the bad and instead resist it by running away. That which you resist shall persist.

Granted many things that happen are a result randomness; thus some situations should be examined with compassion and grace, yet that doesn’t deny the fact that we need to empower ourselves by looking at reality through the lenses of unity and take responsibility over our lives.

Trust me I know this can be difficult, I’ve struggled with these things for a very long time. Change is hard, it’s going to be difficult, but it will work out for your greatest good. Everything is going to be alright. I promise you that, because in the end, Love will always win.

I Love Each And Every Single One Of You

Timothy Frappier


I Have Returned And I Will Be More Active On This Blog

I’ve been experiencing a purging this year and it has intensified in these last few months. Many things have been coming to the surface that I’ve been having to deal with and address as soon as possible. It’s been a rollercoaster, but I’m getting through it.

I wanted to apologize to you all for not being active on this blog. It was necessary though, I had a lot of shadow work that needed my attention. I’m still in the process of shedding the darkness, but I’ve reached a point where I will be more active once again.

All those who prayed, supported, and helped me on my journey I want to give a special thanks to. This process of awakening has been extremely difficult for me and I intend to one day share my story as to how it went for me.

As many of you know, life upon this planet can be very difficult. There are times in which all the despair, pain and suffering really get’s to us. Where we feel all is hopeless and pointless. Yet in reality there is cause for hope. What we are going through is a birthing process.

When we shed our own darkness we can then walk in the light. The darkness I have been dealing with is an internal one; I discovered that I had a lot of nasty, dark and very negative emotions within me. A lot of it is imprinted upon us through media, society and other influences, but then some of it is uniquely your own based upon your past and future lives.

My major problem was acceptance, I had a hard time accepting this reality as is. I felt and believed that the way this existence is setup is phony, fraudulent and deplorable. I even brought my objections to the Infinite Creator. I would argue with Source about everything. My mind would go into a frantic and start bringing things to the surface that justified my stance.

As I look back at it though, I see this was necessary in order for me to see aspects of myself that need to be dealt with. One can only become aware of the darkness when we allow it to come to the surface. Otherwise it lays dormant inside us and cannot be remedied.

Thus all the hardship, turmoil and struggles I’ve been experiencing are actually blessings in disguise. It’s a good sign that this is happening, because it allows me to resolve these issues. Each time we deal with a shadow aspect of ourselves not only do we release something that doesn’t serve us, but we make room for more love and light to enter into our being.

We hold many negative experiences, emotions and energies within our physical body. When we actively do shadow work we release these stored up negative energies and make room for the light to flow within us. Many have spoken about this before and this isn’t something new. This is the main reason for our negativity. We refuse to let go of things we supposedly don’t want, but yet when we are given the opportunity to let it go, many of us keep holding on to it. That’s what happened with me, but now I’ve realized that I have to let it go. Otherwise it will continue to spiral out of control. So I’m working on my internal  critic and actively taking steps to be more positive, open-minded and acceptable.

I will be writing more once again, I’ll also be posting more articles from other sources as well. Again thank you all for your help and support. I love each and every single one of you and wish you many blessings.

With much Love,

Timothy Frappier

The Power of Truth

The Light of Truth has the capacity to extinguish all obstacles and barriers holding one down. When we firmly plant our feet upon the soil of Truth; life streams forth with everlasting grace into every fiber of our being.

The Truth is the greatest tool for healing humanity. If the Truth were to be fully embraced; life would change overnight. For example; if the Truth of Free-Energy were to be revealed; it would make life easier for everyone on Earth. If the Truth of Replicators was to be revealed; it would end world hunger.

When humanity discovers the Truth of our ancient history and role in this universe; it will create a Renaissance of which has never been seen before. True progress will be made both technologically and spiritually.

The Truth is a fundamental cornerstone in maintaining the sanctity and integrity of life. When one condemns the Truth; one destroys themselves. We cannot live without the Truth; a lie will always lead to our destruction.

This modern age we currently inhabit is the collective embodiment of lies. To the point where the Truth is considered anti-thesis to life. It is easier to lie then it is to tell the Truth. Yet it is this very thinking that is the cause of much pain and suffering.

Throughout history we’ve gone to war for reasons that were not as they seemed. Many wars were started with lies. Accusations were thrown; false flags were setup and the media was utilized to broadcast the lie. All for the sake of power and greed.

War will only end when we admit to the Truth. Lies will continue to perpetuate the violence on this world. In fact it will increase the violence and suffering as well. Only when we come grips with the world and the amazing power of the Truth can we truly end violence in all it’s forms.

We must be bold enough to acknowledge the fact we’ve lived a life full of lies. When we’re brave enough to admit this; then we open the door to the Truth. The Truth will flood in and reveal all that was hidden.

Be the Truth and you shall transform the world.

Much Love,

Timothy Frappier

The Secret To Peace

The secret to peace is everything isn’t what it seems. The mind likes to categorize everything that it can interact with. The senses become extensions of assimilation under the single guiding pretense of finding significance and meaning. The mind attempts to alter this reality; hoping in doing so it can find some kind of peace.

Yet in reality this is nothing but a vain journey that only leaves one feeling more unfulfilled and insignificant. The more an individual attempts to find meaning the more the individual will suffer.

This is because peace is found from within the heart of silence. The stillness holds the key to everlasting peace. Stillness of the mind; the absence of thought is everlasting peace. Stillness doesn’t seek anything outside itself; because it knows that peace is found in no-thing. Which is why those who embrace stillness realize peace.

Yet this can be very infuriating to some. We’ve been hypnotically programmed through society to measure everything. We even measure peace; we think to ourselves if I do this, this and this I will have this. We’re constantly trying to find something outside of us that will make us feel happy, peaceful and fulfilled.

That is the malady that many are afflicted with; we’ve come to completely identify ourselves with this earthly vessel; we take everything so seriously. Life becomes a constant grind, and we attempt to find peace in a chaotic universe. We’ve become so entrenched within the mental plane that life is constantly measured, analyzed and then judged. The presence of such acts in itself isn’t something to be discouraged or downplayed; but when we naively arbitrate our value based the findings of mind alone we reap more separation which thus creates more illusions.

Humanity has lacked spiritual understanding for many millenniums because of our tendency to seek shelter within the carnal mind. We cling to the carnal mind because it’s all we know and it’s what gives us momentary lapses of peace, happiness and joy. Yet all that derives from the carnal mind is fleeting and unsustainable. That is why humanity becomes complacent with themselves, the world and other humans. One will buy a car and feel good for a week or two, maybe if they’re lucky they’ll feel good for a month; but eventually that feeling will fade and they’ll be off on another adventure to find satisfaction, happiness or peace externally of them.

Hence the presence of this Extra Dimensional Artificial Intelligence that has infected much of this galaxy. The Central Race material refers to this AI as the Animus. It is the embodiment of the carnal mind and a prime example of what happens when the carnal mind rules supreme.

We must keep this Animus dilemma into consideration when speaking on peace because one must be aware of the inevitable outcome of operating from the carnal mind. It is a path that leads only so far; in order to truly be at peace; one must find peace from within.

Right now the vast majority of humanity is governed by the carnal mind; they mainly seek pleasure and comfort. We pay little attention whatsoever to our spiritual progress; hence the reason for the chaos on this world. We are so heavily invested into the carnal mind that we’ve naively and ignorantly agreed to view spirituality as some kind of impediment instead of asset. We put our faith in science; rather then in the absolute. We dive so deeply into some-thing and pay almost no consideration to concept of no-thing.

Nothing is absolute; it is a state of existence beyond something, beyond words, beyond ideas, beyond beliefs. It is the uniting force of creation; out of no-thing is where some-thing is birthed. When we focus on no-thing; when we still our minds and embrace the emptiness we embrace peace.

Something is the force of our problems; for example, lets say someone says ‘something’ that upsets you. You’re not upset because of what someone said; your upset because you’ve identified with something. You see; thoughts and beliefs are things; therefore it can be seen that your upset because your embodying something(which is a belief or an idea); rather then being nothing. If you believe in the wisdom of emptiness you see that there is no-thing that can make you some-thing; unless you choose to be something. When you embody some-thing; you invite it’s contrasting opposite.

Nothingness doesn’t mean you cease to experiment/play in the realm of something. The philosophy simply means to allow things to be simply what they are without assigning any kind of form in which our limited senses can identify. You can play around with something while at the same time viewing it from a perspective of nothing. The nature of duality is meant to show us that all things are nothing because there exists no-things; only the united illusion of many-ness.

Such is the origin of the ancient saying e pluribus unum.  Out of many, one. There is no-thing that is some-thing; you cannot have something because things don’t exist; there is simply just one-thing, one Ultimate Thought. The illusion of many-ness is a testament of no-thing. Because there is only the One Infinite Source.

That which is infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept. To have infinity you must identify or define that infinity as unity; otherwise, the term does not have any referent or meaning. In an Infinite Creator there is only unity. You have seen simple examples of unity. You have seen the prism which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. This is a simplistic example of unity. “Ra

So be what is eternal; be peace; be no-thing. When your something; allow nothing to relinquish what isn’t real. For you are worthy of peace; because peace is all there is. Be the peace you seek and seek the peace that is you.

Timothy Frappier


The Power of the I Am That I Am

The wisdom and beauty encapsulated in the statement “I Am That I Am” can be interpreted in many fashions. It postulates a myriad of concepts within the grammatical syntax of five words.

This statement embodies the individual as being the definer of it’s experiences. When we take a honest look within ourselves we can see that everything that bothers, offends and emotionally provokes us is our creation.


This is the Truth that we as a people must come to understand. We’ve lost our sense of empowerment; we constantly blame others for our own shortcomings. We’ve lost sight of the fact that we are the one’s who define our own experiences and without the awareness of this Truth we’ve become victims to a system that we ourselves have created. We’ve created our own prison and therefore we must be the ones whom liberate ourselves from it.

This is something that I’ve been seeing in my life much more frequently. Many times I notice myself enter into certain behavior patterns based upon various circumstances and variables. When this occur I consciously attempt to triangulate the origin of this behavioral pattern. What I find is that it is the result of fear reinforced by other artificial influences as well. There are beliefs that I hold within that are the cause of my struggles.

For example; one of my beliefs that I discovered within myself was that  “I am unworthy”. This was the main seed of conflict within my consciousness and I’ve been steadily progressing on deprogramming this artificial belief with the I Am that I Am archetype. Whenever I catch myself operating from the “I am unworthy” state of mind I make a active effort to dispel this un-truth with the I Am That I Am. I consciously choose to replace this belief of unworthiness with a simple spoken or thought mantra of “I am Worthy”. Then I call upon the violet flame, empty my mind and embrace the stillness for 1-5 minutes so that this belief may seep into the deepest parts of my consciousness and replace the lie.

This help bring harmony back into my emotional and mental worlds. When I don’t use my mantra the unbalanced state of being wears heavily upon me. Thus I’ve found it to be crucial to be aware of my emotional and mental state of being as much as possible.

Anything that proceeds I am… is what eventually you will become. So if you keep telling yourself you are unworthy; then you shall be unworthy. If you keep telling yourself I am sad; then you shall be sad. Yet the same can be used to make you happy, joyful and loving as well. It’s just as easy to believe “I am Worthy“, “I am Loved“, “I am Intelligent” and “I am Happy“.

“Awaken to the fact that your thought and feeling in the past have built—created—the inharmony of your world today. Arise! I say, Arise! and walk with the Father—the “I AM”—that you may be free from these limitations. There is only one thing in this Universe, that can surround you with limitation, and that is accepting the outer appearance, instead of the Mighty, Active Presence of God in you.”Saint Germain

Yet in reality many people still struggle when attempting to reclaim their sense of empowerment. That’s because we’ve all created circumstances and obstacles that prevent such realizations from gracing our awareness. We’ve created Etheric Implants, Scalar Mind control, The Veil and many other technologies and techniques.

We’ve done this because on a soul level we’ve agreed to experiment with separation. When we entered this sphere we experienced spiritual amnesia; the knowledge of our origin and connection with source is veiled from our awareness so that we can experience life that is ‘seemingly’ separate from our creator.


Yet in reality this is part of the Creator’s plan for this universe. The experimentation with separation isn’t some type of accident but instead was developed and initiated by our creator. The interaction between the Creator and the Primary Anomaly is reason this universe exists.

“Basically, there is no first cause. Absolute(Creator) was not created, it always was, is and will be. Contingency(Primary Anomaly) was not created with a purpose. It was an outburst of a random function, an anomaly and those two things are logically opposite. They are two very strong but opposite forces, and the tensions between those two created the Universe.” – Cobra

By understanding the reality we’ve created it becomes much more plausible for us as individuals to liberate ourselves from the matrix we’re currently enmeshed in. Awareness of the facts and circumstances surrounding our present state of being is essential in the process of liberation. With awareness comes choices, with choices comes the ability to exercise our God given Free Will to free us from our self-imposed bondage.

Now the thing to remember is that there is a conscious field of energy that surrounds us and this world that constantly is attempting to prevent our liberation. This includes more then just the veil I’ve mentioned; but also entities called the Archons that reside mainly in the lower etheric and astral sub octaves. They feed on our misery, pain and suffering.

If  you want to learn more about how they feed on our energy; read this article on David Wilcock’s website Divine Cosmos.

These beings are source of all the conflict around us and within us; yet in reality they are us in a sense. We’ve allowed them here, we believed in their lies, we are karmically tied to them because they are a part of our being. They represent an aspect of us that we even to this present day continue to suppress. It is because of this denial that we struggle from within. That lying voice that tells you your unworthy,  you’ll never be happy and you’re powerless is the Archons; which by proxy is us.

Yet it is not our totality it only represents a single thought-stream that is our true self. Think of the Archons in terms of the reincarnation cycle. We’ve been, are being and will be many individuals throughout the course of our exploration of this reality. There are many coordinates(thought-streams) within the time-space continuum where we’ve embodied forms; many would refer to these as past, present or future lives.

The Archons could be equated as being one set of coordinates(thought-stream) where we chose to embody a certain form for purposes of exploration and creativity. Yet they only represent one coordinate; they don’t represent the totality of all embodiments we’ve assumed.

We must use the power of the I am that I am to incorporate all aspects of our being back into unity with the Source. The archons are illusionary mirrors of ourselves; when we recognize ourselves through them we see our own reflection; this shatters the illusion of separation and allows us to relinquish that which never was. They never were separate from us; we never stopped being them; because we were them and by choosing accept this fact and initiate the power of the I am Presence we can choose to reintegrate this aspect of our being with the Source.

I am that I am is crucial in this endeavor. By proclaiming “I am Acceptance”, “I am the Source” and “I am Love” we disempower this archonic influence. Every positive proclamation with the I am presence brings harmony into our lives; which results in the disintegration of the illusionary archonic matrix.


The I am that I am can help us to better understand this reality and our place in it. The above statement made by Nisargadatta Maharaj helps us to realize we are everything and that there is only unity. I am everything; yet I am nothing as well.

This can be understood with the statement e pluribus unum which means “out of many; one”. There are no things; there is only the One. If we think ourselves as individuals then we fail to see that we’re billions of cells making up this individual; but then the cells are merely energy vibrating at a certain frequency which creates form. In the end though; I am no-thing(I am not seperate); I am Energy(I am Everything). I am energy manifested from the No-thing.

“By returning to zero expectations, by accepting that I am nothing, it is easier to see the truth. Fear, jealousy, insecurity, unfairness, embarrassment — these feelings cloud our ability to see what is. The truth is often threatening, and once our defenses are up, it’s difficult to be completely honest with anyone, even ourselves. But when I am nothing, when I have no image or identity or ego to protect, I can begin to see and accept things as they really are. That is the beginning of positive change, because we cannot change what we do not accept and do not understand. But with understanding, we can finally see the difference between fixing problems, and hiding them, the difference between genuine improvement, and faking it. We discover that many of our weaknesses are actually strengths once we learn how to use them, and that our greatest gifts are often buried beneath our greatest insecurities.” – Paul Buchneit

When we let go of all the attachments we’ve come to claim as our identity a new sense of freedom is realized. All the various false beliefs we’ve incorporated into our consciousness lose all sense of power and influence in our lives. We no longer attempt to hide that which is within. The perception of our own limitations and weaknesses melt away in the sea of grand nothingness. For once we are nothing; there no-thing that can make us feel like any-thing; because some-thing cannot exist in a space of nothing.

There are many qualities that modern society has labeled as weaknesses. Yet in reality these very same qualities are assets in disguise. The only reason we perceive them as weaknesses because we’ve come to believe something. Yet since we are definers of our experiences and beliefs; we can consciously choose to perceive these limitations as strengths. That’s the power we have; no matter what happens to us; no matter what we believe; we have the capacity to choose how we react to something or change our beliefs.

So in the End; The I am that I am is the defining attribute that we as a people can utilize to better our lives and by doing so we enrich all of humanity as well. So I ask you this; What I am is governing your life?