The Harmonic Convergence

The Harmonic Convergence

“Everything moves in cycles; this most of you already understand. The Harmonic Convergence was simply representative of a nodal point, if you will, an overlapping of many different cycles coming into reinforcement play, one unto another — reinforcing each other and opening up a gateway, a doorway.” – Bashar

Bashar explains that the harmonic convergence is an basic template in evaluating the cycles of progress that a civilization is going though. Bashar used the lotus petal as an example and explained many of the cycles we’ve gone through and are going through. Here’s a diagram of what he shared.

The Essassani use this chart to illustrate how they analyze the overall progress in societies. From point A to D is the 80 year cycle. They break these down into 40 years as well, meaning our society will view things from a different philosophical understanding, thus a 180 degree shift in consciousness occurs. Bashar explained that the first cycle began in 1947 when our government first learned of ETs and UFOs. He explained we should be full members of the Association of Worlds by 2027. IT should also be mentioned that the 40 year cycle isn’t universal for all civilizations, they vary from world to world, society to society.

“Thus you can perhaps readily understand that point c, your year 2017, initiates and represents the time when there will be within your society the capability of joining us with your own space craft, although it may be earlier — perhaps five years earlier. That is when your technology will allow you to develop the idea similar to our spacecraft technology. You will have this by 2017 if you maintain your adherence to the template, which it seems in all likelihood you will. By 2027 you will be absolutely inter-woven into the Galactic Association of Worlds” – Bashar

This was very interesting to read, because now that I’m reading Bashar: Blueprint for Change : A Message From Our Future from the year 2016, I can see how accurate this is. This was originally published in 1990 and we are close to official disclosure. Corey Goode, William Tompkins, CobraRandy Cramer and many other insiders have been informing the public of the existence of an advanced space program and that Full Disclosure is in progress. There is an international Alliance that is working to free us from these oligarchs and bring about this Golden Age for all humanity.

It’s so close and near, that it’s become unavoidable at this point. There is no stopping it and I’ve been feeling like it’s going to pop any moment. I’ve had dreams about it, even David Wilcock has talked about dreams of disclosure as well. The time is soon, plus it will take us ten years to be fully inter-woven with the Galactic Association of Words, thus we’ll need to clean up the planet within that ten year period. I also believe that peace on earth is a requirement as well, thus we’ll have to work dramatically in reducing violence around the world. Ten years to make this transition, Wow!!! That’s quicker than I thought it would take. To think we’ll all be intermingling with other civilizations by 2027 is Awesome! I look forward to it!

“This Harmonic Convergence is your ability to understand that in coming together and focusing your consciousness for any such endeavor of harmony, love and light, you will create an impact on your planet, and you will allow change to occur very rapidly.” – Bashar

When we unite together under common goals there is nothing we cannot accomplish. The focusing of our consciousness is the means to accelerate change. The more we focus on love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and joy; the faster this transformation will occur. Bashar emphasizes that each and every single one of us has a powerful affect on humanities’ overall energy level. Thus we are all important aspects in bringing this change into manifestation. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions have a powerful energetic affect on our energy level. So by focusing on this change, by taking the steps to change from within; we bring the reality of full disclosure closer into realization. When one changes from within, the world changes with us.

The process of change can involve shadow work, therapy, learning our true history and becoming involved in social movement. Whatever you can contribute to disclosure and the bettering of this beautiful planet will make a difference. This is why I started this blog, to help others and myself. I learned that it was important for me to express my viewpoint and share my insight on a great many things. The blog helps others by informing them of what is happening around the world and provide them with spiritual tools to help improve their lives. By doing this, I help myself in the process. It’s the best choice I made in awhile, the blog has helped me tremendously.

“Wake up now, and you will allow the transformation upon your planet to be ones of blending and smooth harmony, so that it will be the gate of the dawn, the rising sun, the gate of the moon, and all things that have formerly represented your unconscious being. These things will all blend together into one smoothly flowing energy, that will allow you to recognize that your physical reality is, in fact, simply a waking dream.” – Bashar

The work we do to ourselves, the knowledge we learn and the wisdom we discover within us helps in this planetary transformation. The more effort and work put into bettering ourselves, the more the planet will transition smoothly and efficiently. By focusing on our own sphere of influence, we assist the liberation of the planet. When we do our best to flow with change, we will glide through life easier. Don’t move against the current, let the current take you where you need to be. We resist by walking towards the current because we think we know where we need to be, but in reality that’s not what is needed, we need to let go and allow the current to take us where we need to be. When we surrender ourselves to the process, everything will align with much greater efficiency and speed.

So remember that we’re the ones who will save ourselves. No other civilization is going to save us, we have to save ourselves. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Let us unite and bring change to this world. Let us unite and bring peace and harmony upon this magnificent planet. When we work as one, there is no obstacle that can stand in our way, no problem we cannot solve and no mountain we cannot climb! We are a force to be a reckoned with. These Global Elites are not all powerful, WE THE PEOPLE are the power. We have always been the power and always shall be! I love you all and I look forward to this wonderful future!

Timothy Frappier