True Exaltation

True Exaltation

“When a person tries to understand subtle things by mathematical calculations alone, he has come into the dense sphere.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

The need to develop fine perception is very important if we wish to live a spiritual life. Everything that exists on this earthly plane is intelligible, but the spirit that resides within us is fine. No worldly understanding can ever explain the spirit in it’s totality. To do so is to make that which is fine into something that is gross. The spirit transcends this plane of existence and can never be boxed up in any kind of understanding that derives from this impermeable reality.

When we attempt to understand the spiritual aspect of our being through the lenses of this reality, we become rigid. Our beliefs and thoughts surround us in a structure that is placid and solid. Very little change and results can occur from such beliefs/thoughts. We need to be like water, malleable to whatever comes into our field of experience. The ability to change our beliefs and thoughts with the directing of our will is invaluable. This allows us to understand the finer things of nature, which cannot be conceptualized by any mathematical equation or scientific understanding.

“When I become Thou and Thou becomest me, neither canst Thou say that I am different, nor canst Thou say that Thou are different” – Indian Poet Khusrau

True exaltation isn’t some kind of level of recognition or accomplishment. Nowadays most people think that rising through the ranks, making more money or becoming famous is the way of true exaltation. Everyone competes with one another to get to the top, a survival of the fittest type of mentality. In the end though, pursuing life with this mentality is simply vain and shortsighted.

True exaltation is a state of being one with the Creator. When you’re reconnected with the source of unconditional love, joy and happiness your experience is never-ending sense of bliss. Your life becomes the embodiment of happiness because of the reunification with the Prime Creator. The Creator becomes one with you and you become one with the Creator. This is what it really means to become God-like, this is the realization of the divinity within oneself.

“Looking at the rising sun, watching the setting sun, looking at the horizon from the sea, being in the midst of nature, looking at the world from the top of a mountain, all these experiences– even such an experience as watching the little smiles of an innocent infant– these experiences lift one up and give one a feeling which one cannot call sensation: it is exaltation. – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Exaltation is the way of perceiving the world through the eyes of our Creator. When we truly operate from this state of being, everything around us becomes exalted. The setting of the sun or the smile of an infant become realizations of the Creator all around us. We see everything through the eyes of our God, because we are all one. This exalted feeling helps to purify ourselves and reveals the beauty that’s been around us all the time.

Since our experimentation with separation, we’ve truly forgotten what it is like to perceive reality like our Creator does. We’re constantly trying to find God; mainstream Christianity indoctrinates us to follow rules setup by man. This is a false paradigm meant to impose fear upon humanity and keep them in servitude. Jesus had no intention of starting a religion, he simply wished to show man the way to godliness through his example.

Being in communion with God is a state of being and cannot be attained, it can only be realized. When you realize yourself as being one with God, you see God everywhere. You see God in the trees, the birds, in the wind and the earth. Everything becomes a reflection of our Creator. We’ve numbed ourselves from the presence of our Creator to the point where God is always with us, but yet we don’t recognize it.

Look at the miracle of life, of how a tiny little seed can turn into a magnificent tree; or how a little baby child can become a genius who can change the world such as Nikola Tesla. That is God in motion, God is everywhere, God is perceivable, but yet not tangible at the same time. God can be understood, but not fully. God is in the words we speak, the food we eat and the people we interact with. See the world and yourself as the embodiment of the Creator and you will know thyself as God.

“Exaltation comes by forgetting the self and destroying selfishness” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

To achieve a sense of exaltation we must practice selflessness and not selfishness. Serving others is the ultimate key to coming into realization of the Creator within us. When we start doing things that will benefit the whole of humanity, we get closer to experiencing that moment of exaltation that will forever change us. Be mindful of others and assist in any way you can. Of course, this doesn’t mean to ignore your own needs, but instead focus on your own bare necessities and then serve others to the best of your ability. There is an balance that is needed and only you can find what works for you. The key is not to overextend yourself or take the joy away from what you are doing. Serve others with a joyful heart, not a bitter one.

The key to remember is that exaltation is a form of purification. When we start to exalt ourselves, we start to relinquish that which isn’t us. It is the dismantling of the old and the construction of the new. The old paradigm is one based on fear and separation, which is solidified by the sensations we experience. Exaltation though is beyond sensation, it is a state of being one with the Divine. It isn’t pleasure or comfort, it is the nectar of God, pure ecstasy in divine form.

The third aspect of exaltation comes by touching the reason of reasons and by realizing the essence of wisdom. – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Setting out to understand the nature of existence inevitably leads us upon the path of discovering the wisdom that surrounds us. When we use the mind to understand God, we become exalted. Divine wisdom doesn’t reside within knowledge, wisdom is derived from experience and knowledge put together to form a understanding that transcends this earthly realm. The ways of our creator cannot be put into words, but it can be conceptualized to a certain extent.

Wisdom is understanding existence through the finer ways of perceiving reality. When we combine our worldly knowledge with divine understanding, it forms everlasting wisdom. The world becomes a mirror of the divine and every time we look around we see the divine within us, because all that we perceive is the divine perceiving itself. We are one with the Creator, so what we see, the Creator sees, what we experience, the Creator experiences. We are fragments of Divine Light helping our Creator better understand itself and creation. My question to you is, do you want to be one with the Creator?