The Secrets to Authentic Being and Manifesting Abundance

“First of all, please remember: every single thing is a choice – everything! Yes, you chose to be where you are; you chose to be born. So first and foremost, allow yourselves to recognize that you made a decision to be physical. You knew what you were doing when you made that decision. And whether you have conscious recognition of it or not, you still do know what you are doing. At least begin by relying upon the assurance and the trust that you are doing whatever it is you are doing for a reason. It is not pointless; it is not aimless; it is not so scattered as it may appear to be, in the illusion of the physical reality you have bought into.” – Bashar

Everything that is happening in our life is of our doing. The circumstances that we find ourselves surrounded by are a result of us. We decided to be here on this world so that we could assist others in this transition. If your reading these words, it’s safe to assume you’re here for similar reasons. When we let go of the victimhood mentality and start taking responsibility for our lives, than the empowering of the individual can take place.

You cannot empower oneself until you take responsibility of your own life. You have to come to terms that life as it is right now is a result of your doing on one level or another. Whether you consciously aware of the reason or not, is irrelevant, the fact that you find yourself in this life surrounded by the circumstances your currently experiencing, indicates that you decided to bring this into manifestation. Trust in yourself enough to believe that this is your doing and than accept life on life’s terms.

The taking of responsibility of everything that has, is and will happen in one’s life is crucial in empowering oneself. When we continue to blame life or circumstances we feel are out of our control, we buy into the belief that things external of us have influence over our lives. Yes things may appear to happen in our life that may seem like we’re not manifesting it, but that is the nature of the illusion. We decided to create this type of reality so we could play around with the idea of separation. Separation is an illusion we’ve all created, in reality everything that happens is a result of us.

Develop a sense of trust with yourself by taking the initiative of reclaiming your power. Take back your power by accepting that you are creating everything that you experience in life, When your able to understand this than you can learn whatever important lessons you need. Many of us are thrust into these hard circumstances so that we can overcome them and help humanity as a collective. If you were like me, there was a time when I became very frustrated with others because they seemed to live life effortlessly and freely. This envy turned into bitterness and created much turmoil in my life.

When I started to accept my life and take responsibility over everything that happened I started to notice a shift. At first it would come and go, I would feel the shift, relish the moments in it and then it would become nothing but a fleeting memory. Eventually though as I started to follow my passion and do what excited me the most in my life I started to notice this shift more often. Then one day it dawned upon me that it wasn’t necessary a shift I was experiencing, but instead a different state of being. It only felt like a shift because I went from a negative modality of perceiving reality to a positive one. So I learned the best way to live this shift was to be the state of being that brought excitement and love into my life.

“The only time you have struggle and pain is when you are trying to be someone you are not.” – Bashar

Don’t be afraid to be your real authentic self. Many of us get caught into the societal paradigm of having to work to make a living, buy a house, fancy car and save money for retirement. We’ve been conditioned by society since the beginning to follow this preformed mold that was designed to keep us immersed in the system. This is the reason many people are unhappy, because society as it is doesn’t promote the idea that you should follow what you love and be yourself.

Right now we live in a society that is based upon the tenants of survival of the fittest. He who makes the most money is the happiest and has more options to enjoy life. That’s the idea many of us are fed, we’ve come to believe that money makes you happy. We set aside our excitement, our passion and calling so that we can accumulate money in hopes that we will be happy. This form of materialism never really satisfies and in the end only ends up making things worse and worse.

My experiences have shown me that money doesn’t make you happy. I know many individuals who make a very good living, but they are miserable. They’re not even aware that they are, but from a trained eye you can see the unhappiness in the way they act, talk and present themselves to others. These various personas that people choose to embody in their daily life is a coping strategy used to suppress their own unhappiness. They put on a masks(personas) in order to find their place in this world.

We must find the courage to let go of these personas and be ourselves. Regardless of what others believe and think, be yourself no matter what. It doesn’t matter what they think and say about you. What matters is what you think and feel about yourself. Many people would argue that this is a selfish idea and that it justifies doing whatever you want because you don’t care about the feelings of others.

This couldn’t be furthest from the Truth, because what they fail to realize is that all of creation is a manifestation of our inner-world. What is in is out and what is out is in. If we don’t hold feelings, thoughts and beliefs that are positive; then we will continue manifesting negativity into our lives. We cannot help or serve others appropriately if we ourselves are unbalanced, negative and bitter.

One must work on themselves before they can truly spread positivity on this world. We must be brave enough to do the Shadow Work. To work out our various issues, traumas and misunderstandings that we’ve accumulated over many years due to living in such a negative environment. We must first heal from within and as we do that we will see that we’re able to project more love around us. The outer world is a reflection of your inner-world, not the other way around.

“Abundance: The ability to do what you need and want to do when you want to do it. Period!” – Bashar

The reason many of us don’t experience abundance isn’t because we’re doing something wrong or not putting enough effort into manifesting it. What is preventing some from being abundant is their definition of abundance hasn’t really been reviewed or thought about.

Many of us carry this unconscious belief that money is the means to abundance. If you were to ask many people what they think abundance is, most likely you would hear many of them mentioning money in their definition. People have come to believe that money is the only way to be abundant. They believe that if they don’t have money, they’re not abundant in life.

As you can see with Bashar’s definition of abundance, it doesn’t mention anything about money. Money is merely one of the forms in which abundance can manifest in our lives. There are an infinite variety of ways in which abundance can manifest and money is just one of them. Don’t believe so heavily in the idea that money is the only form of abundance available to you. Open yourself up to other avenues of attaining abundance. Trust yourself and the universe, be the abundance in the moment.

See abundance in your life and you’ll see that abundance has always been there awaiting your realization. The simplest way in being abundant is to be abundant right now. Focus on what your currently have in abundance. Take the focus away from what you don’t have or desire and instead focus on what you have. There is always a way to see abundance in your life, regardless of the circumstances.

Let’s say that you were homeless and poor, but you had a shelter you stayed at night and they also fed you. Now many of us would think this individual isn’t abundant, that he lacks much. The truth is though that even he could see abundance. He could recognize that he’s abundant in regards to having access to shelter to protect himself from the elements of our environment. He also realize that he is abundant because he has food in his belly or a warm bed to sleep on at night.

This is how you become abundant. You view everything as a testament of abundance. Every day I am grateful for the abundance I have in my life. I have shelter, food, loving family and access to life changing knowledge & wisdom. This is how I know I am abundant and by knowing I am abundant, I attract abundance.

I could focus on the fact I have very little money, no car, job or my own place, but that’s not what I need. I have everything that I need right now, I don’t need those other things to be abundant. I am abundant right now in this moment. Of course as time goes on I may need money, a car or a job, but I trust myself and the universe enough to not worry about it because I know when the time comes for those things; the universe will provide. The universe has never let me down and never will. Love the universe, trust the universe, see abundance all around you and everything will transform into abundance.

“You are the energy of a dancer; you are the frequency of a dancer. And if you continue to act like a dancer from this moment forward, you will have the life style of a dancer and automatically attract – automatically; synchronisitically – synchronistically and effortlessly, effortlessly – all the circumstances and all the relationships germane to the life of a dancer, to allow you to take advantage of them so you can continue to be the dancer you right now you are.” – Bashar

Act and believe you are something and you’ll attract circumstances in your life that support this belief. Everything is determined by the frequency of our consciousness, if you vibrate at the belief that you are a banker than you will attract circumstances into your life that show your belief in your outer world.

You must believe yourself to be it, before you’ll see any manifestation in the external world. You have to act like a banker to be a banker. Believe from the very moment you decide to be a banker that you ALREADY are a banker. This belief will attract circumstances in your life that will give you 100% proof that this is the case.

This is the hard part for many people, believing without seeing is difficult for us. We’ve been indoctrinated by society to believe in this. The truth is though we must believe before we’ll see. When we believe it with 100% conviction than the universe will manifest circumstances in our life that conform to this belief. It’s really that simple, do what you feel is the best way to believe.

The way that I’ve found to work for me is to believe from the moment I decide to be something, I already am something. All thoughts are real, what you think is alive. Thus from the moment you believe you are a banker, you’re a banker. This reality comes into being, because thoughts are realities in themselves. When you understand your thoughts are real, than it’s easy to conclude your already it, because it’s already real. You cannot think a thought that doesn’t already exist, therefore by virtue that it exists your already are it.

“You have all always trusted 100% in something. What your society calls doubt is not a lack of trust. It is an absolute unshakeable, unswerving 100% total conviction in a negative reality.” – Bashar

The most effective way to abolish doubt in your life is to realize that it is a form of trust in a negative reality. There is never a time that we don’t believe in something fully, it’s just a matter of what we believe. As for doubt, it’s a trust that you can be deceived. Thus since you view your reality as having the capacity to deceive you, it will manifest in your outlook on life. You’ll doubt things because you believe that life is trying to deceive you.

We use doubt to protect us from the hurt of being lied to or deceived, but in reality this belief we use to protect ourselves from deception is the reason we’re being deceived. We’re attracting deception into our life, because since the universe adores us and it sees that we believe life is trying to deceive us; it will manifest experiences and circumstances that support this belief.

Trust in your ability to discern between truth and untruth, but don’t think life is trying to deceive you. Believe that life is being honest with you. Of course we may still experience times of being deceived even with this belief, but these occurrences will slowly diminish over time. What we need to realize is that if it seems like we’re seemingly being deceived, it’s not because we don’t trust our discernment its most likely that there is something we need to learn from this experience. It may be as simple as accepting the fact you will not know everything. The point being is that the more you trust yourself and believe life is being honest with you, the less you will be deceived.

“No one loses because you are winning! You all win because there is enough for everyone!” – Bashar

There is no need to view life as a competition because there is enough for everyone. Creation is infinite and there is enough for everyone. Fighting or getting into conflicts with others in order to get what you want is unnecessary. You can have everything you ever dreamed of and more, because life is abundant. The universe is abundance in manifestation. Look at the stars, how many there are in this galaxy alone proclaims that existence is infinite. You could try to count all the stars in the universe, but you never would reach a end. Life is infinite, when you believe you deserve abundance, that you are abundance, than you shall be abundant. My question to you is this, do you believe yourself to be abundant?

Timothy Frappier

Why Keeping Secrets Can Be Bad for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Written by: The Hearty Soul

As of late, neuroscientists have warned people of the biological hazards of keeping a secret. While they may seem innocent and harmless, withholding things from others, especially your close loved ones, has the power to compromise your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Of course, secrets to a minor degree are normal, and even natural. However, when secrets become an obstacle to your daily life and relationships, it is of the utmost importance that you confront the root emotional cause of this stressor.

Why Secrets Compromise Your Health


According to psychiatrist and author of the “Anatomy of a Secret Life,” keeping secrets or living a secret life, sparks and fosters deeply problematic inner dialogues and conflict.

Dangerously, when left professionally undiagnosed or unattended to, secrets can provoke anxiety and chronic worrying.

The reason? The cingulate cortex, essential to our emotional responses, are deeply entrenched and wired to tell the truth. Known as the “logical lobe,” when we betray our natural instincts to be transparent and truthful, other regions of the brain cannot properly transmit information and importance data.

Evidently, secrets put neurological strain on your brain to perform its biological and instinctual tasks, stressing out your cortex. “The prefrontal cortex is involved in decision-making, complex thought, and deception,” says neurosurgeon Gopal Chopra, and consequently, when these two regions cannot operate unfettered, the end result is dangerous emotional burdens.

Commonly known as your “fight or flight” response, when your prefrontal cortex wins the battle within your brain to continuously keep a secret, the pressure causes your cingulate cortex to rev up your body’s production of stress hormones. The bigger the secret, or the higher you consider the risk of the secret being leaked, the higher the anxiety and negative symptoms.

Evidently, if secrets persist over long periods of time, this can lead to sustained mental stress, with the power to manifest and flare up through digestive problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, back pain, thyroid issues and a weakened immune system.

 Secrets: The Do’s and Don’ts

In spite of the danger, secrets are a natural facet of human nature. To boot, many secrets by their very nature will reduce stress or unnecessary strife, like not telling your child about their surprise birthday present or a surprise vacation you have planned for your significant other.shutterstock_96492581

The point of diminishing returns, for secrets, is when keeping the secret or the stressful emotions that accompany the thought of it being leaked negatively impact your inner emotional dialogue.

When the perception that a secret is so costly to your everyday life, that the thought of it being leaked results in physical illness or ailments, it’s imperative that you seek out professional attention – or at the very least, confide in someone close and trustworthy.

Finally, it’s important to remember that we often inflate the severity of a “secret” to such a degree that we become more wound up in the social dynamic than the actual content of the secret.

While it might sound trivial or obvious, the simple act of writing out a pros and cons list can be instrumental to subsiding unnecessary stressors. This simple task has been scientifically proven to dramatically reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure, and ease mental illness flare-ups.