In 2018, the Mainstream News Went Down Hard

By RACHEL ALEXANDER Published on December 31, 2018 • 5 Comments

The mainstream news media has been deteriorating for years. Declining numbers of readers and viewers, reduced trust, increasingly obvious bias (on both sides), more and more sensationalism in a desperate try to get more readers and viewers — we’ve seen this for years.

In 2018, it just kept going down. But faster than it had before. The reason? Donald Trump.

The 2016 Meltdown

The meltdown began in late 2016, after Trump won the election. The liberal media thought they’d be done with him and here he was, president of the United States for at least four years, and with a Republican Congress behind him. Their worst nightmare. Instead of the great and glorious Hillary, the huge and horrible Donald.

The mainstream media went into full assault mode, bashing Trump and churning out fake news at a breathtaking speed. They could not handle this new type of Republican president, who aggressively pursued a conservative agenda as if he didn’t care what the press thought. Worse, he frequently attacked the press, and not only when they attacked him first.

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And even worse than that, when the media went into assault mode, Trump fought back. He took to Twitter to speak directly to the American people. He got his message out first, before the media could report on it. The media was forced to report afterwards on his tweets, which were difficult to spin when embedded in an article word for word. The press couldn’t filter and “explain” what he said, the way they’d been able to do for decades.

Journalists in media were so blinded by their hatred of Trump they could not see the constant negativity was backfiring. People dropped their subscriptions to biased newspapers and cable TV. People turned to news from bloggers, Facebook friends and conservative outlets to avoid the bias of traditional news sources.

Instead of reading The New York Times, people visited the Drudge Report online. Instead of paying for CNN and MSNBC, people watched streaming news services like Newsmax and TheBlaze. Conservative Trump-supporting Fox News was the most-watched channel on basic cable for 29 straight months. Usually, when one party is in power, the opposition’s strength grows in the media and in tech. It’s unusual that Fox News is doing as well as it is.

Fake News

The phrase “fake news” became wildly popular in 2017 and 2018 as Trump repeatedly caught the media reporting dishonestly. Some of the worst offenders have suffered for it.

In November’s ratings, CNN failed to place even one show in the top 20 for cable news shows. The New York Timessuffered a 23 percent decrease in net income during the third quarter this year as compared to last year. The paper began offering voluntary buyouts in early October, in order to downsize employees.

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Trust in the mainstream media continues to erode. A Gallup poll from September found that 69 percent of U.S. adults say their trust in the news media has decreased in the past decade. Only 17 percent overall “trust most news organizations,” while 67 percent overall say they “trust only some news organizations.” A substantial 45 percent referred to things like inaccuracy, bias, “fake news,” and “alternative facts” as the reason why they don’t trust the media.

Yet with all this dismal news, the mainstream media isn’t letting up on its attacks on Trump. Biased journalists would rather see their jobs disappear than stop the Trump bashing. Stories about journalists becoming delivery drivers for Amazon and turning to other odd careers are popping up.

The Tech Giants Slow Things Down

However, the big tech giants have been slowing the demise of the mainstream media. Google and Facebook are censoring news sources on the right. Google recently banned Western Journal and The Gateway Pundit from Google News. This will sharply curtail much of their traffic.

At the same time, Google prioritizes left-leaning news sites in its search results. Facebook changed an algorithm in January of this year which resulted in greatly reducing the traffic to conservative pages. Facebook next banned some of the most popular conservative pages this year, including Right Wing News.

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Twitter Now Purging Regular Conservatives

For example, in Arizona, the local newspapers are declining and slowly going out of business. They are being replaced by the Arizona Daily Independent, a conservative online paper with a business model that includes unpaid, part-time contributors. ADI now covers a lot of stories that the mainstream local newspapers don’t.

Media has become a very competitive area, due to the rise of the internet allowing anyone to become a blogger with their own platform. It’s hard to compete against a self-funded conservative journalist who isn’t affected by layoffs. The mainstream media still hates Trump. At this rate, look to see even more of a decline in 2019 — along with the increasing rise of conservative news.

Viral Image Shows Why The Global Elite Are Panicking

Source: All News Pipeline

Former U.S. VP To Media ‘We Don’t Need You Guys Anymore’

By Susan Duclos

There is a direct correlation  between populism growing across the globe, replacing the global “elite” one by one, and the fall of the mainstream media. The media has not become irrelevant because the globalists are falling, but rather the global elite are falling because the media has become irrelevant.

That is a very important distinction and a lesson learned in 2016 that must not ever be forgotten.

Populism is described as “a political doctrine that stems from a viewpoint of struggle between the populace and a ruling faction.” Nationalism on the other hand is defined as “patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.”

Globalism is the exact opposite of both. Globalists believe what is best for the “international community,” should override what is best for individual countries, basically sacrificing the welfare of a nation’s populace to benefit the “international community” as a whole.


With the passing of the Brexit referendum in the UK which caused David Cameron, the Prime Minister, to resign, the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. as a repudiation of globalist leader Barack Obama, the Italian referendum which caused  the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to resign,  and the recent announcement by French President Francois Hollande that he will not be seeking re-election,  there is one “global elite” leader left standing… Angela Merkel, who has suffered some major losses herself in Germany.

(Camerion, Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Renzi at G5 Summit)

The image above, minus the X marks on their heads, has been going viral on social media, with messages like “Three pro-EU globalists down, one more pro-EU globalist to go,” and “four down, Merkel to go”, according to the Independent UK, in an articleheadlined “Last world leader standing: The photo that shows just how much the world has changed in 2016.”

Each of these leaders have been seen as betrayers by the populists in their respective countries, putting the good of others above the good of those they were elected to represent, and each have been repudiated in elections and referendums in 2016 by the very people they have betrayed with their globalist policies.

Jobs, manufacturing, the economy, all sacrificed by the five globalists above in pursuit of their “New World Order,” and all but one will be gone in 2017, with Angela Merkel seeking a fourth term, despite a “historic loss” in the Berlin state election in September, which many believe was a backlash against her open immigration policies.



The globalist supporting media in each of the “unexpected” losses had campaigned hard to prevent populism from overcoming globalism or to rephrase, to prevent the people from overcoming the elite and their agenda.

Before the Brexit vote, the media hyperventilated and claimed the whole world and markets would be “thrown in turmoil,” in an attempt to influence the referendum results. Headlines from before the referendum included “Brexit ‘would have huge economic impact and spark turmoil in global markets’ from the Daily Mail and “Brexit would create turmoil and damage Irish trade,” from the Irish Times. One of the most amusing headlines came from the UK Mirror at the time, who declared “Brexit could end Britain’s hopes of hosting another World Cup or Olympics.”

The same hyperbolic headlines proceeded Italy’s recent referendum, with promising chaos if the “No” vote one and Renzi resigns.

The same type of howling preceded the U.S. elections with dire warnings of what would happen if Donald Trump beat globalist Hillary Clinton, where CNN headlined on November 6 with “US election 2016: this is the global market turmoil that would be triggered by a Donald Trump victory,” to which not only didn’t happen, but just the opposite occurred, as one day after the election, markets rallied and stocks soared, with increases still being seen as CNBC reports  today that “Stocks have been on a rip-roaring rally since the U.S. election.”

One pattern here is that in every case, the mainstream media had attempted to influence the outcome, always in favor of the globalists, but the more important pattern is that the populace in each instance in their respective countries….. ignored them. Ignored the consistent flow of skewed polls claiming the “populist” candidate or position had no chance, ignored the constant negative stories being slammed out daily, in many case multiple times a day, against the candidate or position the media didn’t favor.

While polling over the decades has shown an increase of distrust toward the mainstream media, until 2016, they were still able to influence primaries, elections, referendums and votes……. those days are gone, and that is why the global elite are panicking.



Former U.S. VP Dick Cheney recently sat down with Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and CNN’s Barbara Starr at the Reagan Library, and said something horrifying to the mainstream media and the globalists.

Love him or hate him…… the truth is the truth.

Starr asked Cheney about the language of President-elect Trump’s tweets and after answering her Cheney stated “I think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is it is sort of a way around the press. He doesn’t have to rely upon, uh, rely upon — this is the modern era, modern technology. He’s at the point where we don’t need you guys anymore.”

The laughter from the audience is clearly heard… but nothing from CNN’s Starr, because those are the words the global elite and the MSM are all terrified of… because they are the truth.

That comment comes at the 3:20 minute mark in the clip below:


The mainstream media and their “fake news,” along with their “fake polls,” using skewed demographics intended to create an illusion meant to influence the public, has failed, and with it they took the last thing propping up globalism and touting it as the “way forward,” in an attempt to create a New World Order.

The term “leader of the free world” has often been used to describe the United States and more commonly the U.S. President of the United States, and having a populist U.S. President is a tremendous blow to globalists across the world, so it is no coincidence that after an election to where the ‘populist’ candidate won, Clinton has teamed up with Green Party candidate Jill Stein to petition for recounts in the three states that Trump flipped, which if successful would hand the election to the globalist candidate Hillary Clinton.

It is also no coincidence that organized protestsfunded by globalist George Soros, have been seen across America after the election or that we are seeing dire warnings of “bloody Friday,” with reports warning that ISIS could attack on inauguration day.

The panicked globalists will not give up.


The Fifth Estate Casts Its Shadow Like a Massive Mothership

Source: Cosmic Convergence

Before Long the Mainstream Media Will be History

“BIG MOTHER is watching Big Brother!”

The biggest story on planet Earth has gone virtually unnoticed.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

It is now common knowledge that whoever controls the media effectively controls the world.

Whoever Controls The Media Controls The World

Those who do control the entire planetary realm are only able to do so because they have controlled the mainstream media for as long as it has been in existence.

This ironclad control has enabled the World Shadow Government to exert power over the flow of information throughout every sphere of life for centuries.

In fact, it is the Fourth Estate that holds the true power over the other three.  Only by the power of the press is the WSG able to keep the governments and corporations of the world in check.

Who REALLY Controls The Mainstream Media?

A New Era Dawns

Since the advent of the Internet in 1995, the Fifth Estate has been growing by the day. It has taken over 20 years for it to finally come into its own.  2016 will be long remembered as the year when the Fifth Estate became a force unto itself, so much so that it is profoundly affecting the outcome of this year’s U.S. presidential election.

The campaign season of this election cycle has been the most dynamic and electrifying, surprising and captivating in American history.  No one has ever seen anything like it. Because the nation still finds itself steeped in the depths of the Great Recession, there are millions of young adults out of work.  Many of them live at home with mom and dad and with very few possessions except a smartphone or a tablet, a laptop or a desktop.

It is in this environment that the citizen journalist has been born.  They are by and large unemployed, bored and angry that the American Dream has eluded them. Some of them believe that the dream has become an “American nightmare” and want to know why. As they seek answers to this inquiry, they are stumbling upon long-hidden truths that have made them deeply distrust the mainstream media (MSM)…with a vengeance.

The MSM is comprised not only of all print, video and audio forms of media
but also book publishing, movie production, music production, TV programming, social networks among others.

So here’s the current context: While the banksters bankrupted the USA in order to swell the ranks of the jobless and unemployed, especially among the youth who they intended to fight their unlawful and unprovoked wars of aggression around the world, something unexpected happened.  The banksters unwittingly created an army of writers and bloggers, e-book authors and essayists, Facebook posters and Twitter tweeters, YouTube video producers and Instagram photojournalists.

What else was there to post about this year but the exceedingly dramatic 2016 presidential election, as well as the coming Second American Revolution.  No matter what side of the fence these folks are on, they are busier than if they had a 9 to 5 with the local corporation. And they’re loving every minute of it because they are learning how the world really works. And, why they really have no job … or even a prospect of a job.


The rise of the citizen journalist

The Internet is the place where many will find their future job.  Not the one working for a Fortune 500 corporation; rather, a real job that will assist with the transformation of post-modern society.  As these young Internet practitioners expand their skill sets, deepen their knowledge base, and broaden their experience, they have quickly acquired the right stuff to function as a one-person, multi-media platform.  This single development has contributed significantly to the rapid establishment of the Fifth Estate.

As a matter of fact, the now defunct specialty of investigative journalism has seen a massive rebound.  These young journalists have no advertisers to appease and can therefore go after whatever they choose to investigate.  Bloggers and videographers are tearing up the terrain with their incisive blogs and documentaries, respectively.  Upstart authors are now writing Pulitzer Prize level reports and series on topics ranging from the Holocaust Industry to the rigged 2016 U.S. presidential election, from the US Government-coordinated terrorist attacks on 9/11 to the CIA-conducted assassination of John F. Kennedy.

These citizen journalists all share one thing, and that is a passion for the truth.  They see a world in total disarray and are desperately trying to make some sense of it.  In their ardent search for the truth they unwittingly find themselves becoming world-class journalists. And it is only their pursuit of the truth that has set them free from the ranks of the unemployed.

Not only do many these folks now have control of their destiny, they are not bound to a corporate agenda like their parents and grandparents were.  Nor are they bound to the conventions of traditional, university taught journalism that keeps their MSM peers in a tighly controlled box.  They are free to think for themselves and to follow the truth wherever it leads them.

Such a liberation of genuinely creative energy has created a supernova in the firmament of worldwide media.  So many young journalists have been born into their Internet-based profession that there is now a crowded field of competition to be dealt with.  This has forced many into various specialty niches which has posed a real threat to the MSM journalists who are now primarily generalists because of the severe budget cuts over several years throughout that industry.

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

The MSM is soon to be overwhelmed by the Alt-Media.  Little did the controllers of this planetary realm know that one day — in the not-too-distant future — they will see a world transformed by the vast number of truth-speakers and fact-writers who they helped create. The readership and viewership of the Alt-Media will be filled with billions of souls who are likewise truth-seekers who know that the MSM is positively not the place to find it.

Truly, this rapidly evolving saga is “The Greatest Show on Earth” at this very moment in time. It is a global drama of such epic proportions that soon the entire planetary civilization will have gone through an unparalleled metamorphosis.  For as We the People of the American Republic find our voices and put our pens to paper and take to our keypads to speak truth to power, so, too, will the peoples of the world.

When the Alt-Media becomes an echo chamber of truth that replaces the MSM echo chamber of falsehood, the world will have taken a great leap forward toward the restoration of both personal and national sovereignty.  It is only in this global context that the world community of nations will experience a durable peace and genuine brotherhood. Then, many things like political integrity and social equality, economic stability and financial security, religious tolerance and racial respect, civil justice and environmental protection, will all occur naturally and spontaneously.

These are only some of the ways that “The Truth Shall Set You Free”.



There is a very powerful and fast-growing movement afoot that identifies with the meme of the MOTHERSHIP.  One of the various tag lines of this extraordinary phenomenon, that is quietly manifesting under the radar, is this:

BIG MOTHER is watching Big Brother!”

For the uninitiated, the emerging Fifth Estate is BIG MOTHER.  The slowly dying Fourth Estate is Big Brother.  There is no question that the tide is gradually changing.  And, that the traditional control of information is being altered in profound and fundamental ways. Hence, it is only a matter of time — a relatively short period of time — that a veritable sea change will occur on planet Earth.  That moment of highly anticipated change will transpire when the MOTHERSHIP appears to everyone in all its glory.

Think of it this way:  Were a massive MOTHERSHIP to slowly glide across the sky over New York City … and then Washington, DC … and then Miami, Florida, on the very same day, would not the whole order change in a day and a night?!  The Alt-Media is like a MOTHERSHIP that is slowly approaching Earth as it disseminates forbidden truth and lost information, deep wisdom and esoteric knowledge across the entire planetary realm.

Then, one day, when nary a soul expects it, looming over the horizon, is this inconceivably enormous MOTHERSHIP casting a shadow the size of a solar eclipse.  Imagine that out of that MOTHERSHIP comes darting a multitude of smaller starships, each one carrying a payload of truth and banner of justice.  More than likely every reader of this post has already contributed to this Project Multi-Media Mothership.   If you have a simple blog or a Facebook page, a website or a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel or an Instagram account, you have already set loose your starship into the skies of planet Earth via theWorld Wide Web.


It’s time for every truth-seeker to get on board the MOTHERSHIP.

Welcome Alt-Media warrior!  You have just been baptized into the Fifth Estate. Please do not take your responsibilities lightly, you just may be the one who everyone is waiting for to post that vital piece that finally takes the whole God-forsaken System down, once and for all!

Remember, from this point forward, it is BIG MOTHER who will be watching Big Brother.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
October 24, 2016

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