COBRA Interview — August 25th 2016

Source: Prepare For Change

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 754 entries to this date.  See:

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Transcript of the August 25, interview posted on August 31, 2016

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COBRA INTERVIEW 08/25/16 and Cobra Interview Transcript

Lynn – Welcome to all. Before we start today’s interview with Cobra I must take a moment to acknowledge all the people who have responded to my plea last month to help feed the people of Malawi. You were very generous. Please know that the people of Malawi thank you and pray for you! In my most recent email today from Enock, he told me to tell everyone that, We love all of you!”

I fully realize that there are people all over the world that are starving to death. I am only one person and I have a connection with Malawi. So, this is my part now to help these people. As we wait, and wait, and wait for the world to make a dramatic change for the positive; we have very real problems that can’t wait. It is up to us to help where we can. It is up to us to be proactive, to help where we see help is needed. It is us that will change the world!

Feeding the people of Malawi is truly a humanitarian project that can’t wait for the financial reset or The Event. People are dying every day and in every country of our world from a lack of needed food, water and shelter. It is up to us, the ones that have these basic needs, to help the ones that are in need. It is just common sense. We must stop the inequality in our world. There really is enough for all. This concept is just an adjustment in thinking. What we believe we create.

The ultimate goal for Malawi is that they, as a people, become self-sufficient. That they are able to attain the needed instruments that will allow them to feed themselves and flourish in the future. Malawi will be my first humanitarian project, in memory of my friend Buzz. I will carry on his legacy to help bring the people of Malawi into the 21st century where they have all the advantages of the coming technology and blessings that their land will offer them.

I am giving an open call to anyone that would like to join me in this mission. I need specialists in water, permaculture, land and animal farming, technology, communication, transportation, construction and healthcare. As you can see this is going to be a big project.

As you already know, has a foundation by the name of Nova Gaia. You can learn more about our Nova Gaia Foundation by going to our where you will find descriptions of already started projects to help benefit our world. We are expecting funding that can occur anytime in the future that will help fund all who have a plan to help improve, repair and benefit our world. Think about this; have you ever had an idea that would benefit many but you didn’t know how to financially bring it about? Would you like to be paid to help others with your good ideas? This is what will be possible in the near future. Please submit your ideas to:

Of course, the projects that will fund first will be the projects that cover the basic needs: clean water, healthy food, shelter and care for Mother Earth. Until this funding manifests I ask you to continue to support the ‘Feed Malawi Project’. Can you imagine not having even one meal per day? How much energy would you have to function without fuel?

I ask that future donations for Prepare for Change and/or for the Feed Malawi Fund, be sent to the address here: 4530 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022. Please make checks payable to ‘Prepare for Change’ with a notation for Malawi or for Prepare for Change (PFC).

Lynn – Now I’d like to welcome our warrior of light and liaison with the (RM) Resistance Movement, Cobra. Hi Cobra.

Lynn – Welcome back Cobra to our August update with you.

COBRA – Thank you for your invitation.

Lynn – OK. We’ll go ahead and get started.

Richard – Cobra, do you have any suggestion for people who are having trouble listening or connecting to their inner guidance, their higher self?

COBRA – OK. People who have trouble connecting with their inner guidance have been not using that inner guidance quite much, in their past and they need to start practicing. And then that inner guidance will get stronger and stronger.

Richard – How would you tell the difference between your inner guidance and your regular thoughts.

COBRA – Your regular thoughts are just that, regular thoughts. Inner guidance is an intuition which transcends the mind. When you have that connection with your inner guidance, you know that you have a connection with our inner guidance because it gives you sincere trust in the truth that is reflected in that inner guidance. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, can you tell us what your interpretation of a Mantra is.

COBRA – A Mantra is a certain word of power which can with interpretation create certain energetic and psychological effects.

Lynn – Can you tell us what a Yantra is?

COBRA – A Yantra is a sacred geometry symbol which has the same effect. Through a certain geometric resonance it influences higher dimensional vibrational frequencies and can create lasting effects there. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, why is Telugu and Sanskrit feel as if energy is coming or going as the words are being said.

COBRA – Oh, yes there are some languages which have their roots in ancient Atlantean languages and those languages were actually not just words they were the vibration of many words in those languages was actually a Mantra which created a certain effect. Especially with sanskrit you have certain words which are made up of short mantra’s made up of old Atlantean languages. (thank you very much).

Lynn – Cobra, what’s the purpose of sacred geometry.

COBRA – The purpose of sacred geometry is to manifest harmony in the universe.

Richard – Cobra, can you give an estimate of how many of our planets in the solar system are inhabited by life forms.

COBRA – All planets are inhabited on a certain level, not on the physical, but plasma and etheric and astral level. All major bodies in the solar system are inhabited. (thank you).

Lynn – What is the galactic heart beat and how does it relate to The Event.

COBRA – The galactic heart beat or the galactic pulse is quite regular galactic cycle which activates the galactic sun every 25,000 years and we are now entering a period when such a galactic pulse will happen and this will coincide with a larger cosmic cycle and that will tigger The Event.

Lynn – Will the galactic heart beat heal humans physically and mentally.

COBRA – Consequences of that galactic pulse will heal humanity.

Lynn – Is the wave of energy from the galactic heartbeat going to be comparable to the wave of every that came to earth in the late ’60’s and throughout the ’70’s which raised consciousness of a small amount of humans?

COBRA – It will be much, much, much stronger and on a much greater scale. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, would my kundalini awakening happened, I was meditating thinking on positive scenarios and watching the scenarios play out in my head. At that moment and the following 15 minutes I healed my knees and asthma, and lost most of my physical pain. Over the next 6 months I lost all physical pain and I connected with my higher self and massive amounts of knowledge started to surface from within me. I felt like I was going crazy but my higher self helped me to get through it by helping me to understand the knowledge I was remembering. Other’s who have had this Kundalini awakening were not so lucky and felt horrible and felt as if they were going crazy. What causes the kundalini awakening and can you suggest anything to help this process go a little easier.

COBRA – OK. Kundalini awakening happens when there is a certain amount of openings in the central channel through which the kundalini can arise. When this happens in the right way you can have all those positive effects that you just described. When that kundalini encounters a blockage and the blockage stops the flow of Kundalini energy it can lead to quite intense psychological problems and sometimes also physical problems.   So it has to be done correctly. There are exercises and technique that can assist in proper activation of kundalini.

Richard – What do you mean by blockages, can you explain that.

COBRA –– Blockages are just that. Blockages in the flow of energy.

Richard – So would the blockage be inside internally, or would it mentally or in your chakra system.

COBRA – It will be in one or more of your bodies, It could be etheric, it could be plasma, emotional, mental. It could be all of that. It could even be a physical implant. (great. thank you very much).

Lynn – Cobra, do you have any suggestions or technique to help people control their thoughts.

COBRA – People do not need to control their thoughts. It is not the purpose. . . I don’t see any purpose in controlling the thoughts.

Richard – Cobra, do Archons send us negative thoughts.

COBRA – I would say they use technology to send negative mental images and negative thoughts but not, mostly not on the mental plane. Most of this is happening on the etheric and plasma plane.

Richard – Are there any suggestions or anything we can do to stop this.

COBRA – Yes, you can of course stop identifying yourself with that as much as possible and and be independent in your thinking process as much as possible. Do not spend too much time in the mass media and think independently your own head.

Richard – Is there any way to stop these beings from even being able to see you. Can we call on the Galactic Confederation to stop this.

COBRA – They can assist and you can become invisible simply by raising your vibrational frequency to the point where they can not even reach you.

Richard – Beautiful. Thank you. Cobra, how can you get rid of negative souls or demons who talk to people and give them negative guidance.

COBRA – You do not need to attach to them, you do not need to interact with them. It’s that simple. If they come just tell them to go away. (thank you very much.) It’s the same as with the physical people. You decide, you choose your own company. (I like that, thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, is it true that the Soul enters and exists through the eyes.

COBRA – The Soul can enter and exit through many openings in the body, though many chakra’s.   Eyes are the windows to the soul and it is one of the many openings for the Soul.

Lynn – Does the soul reside in the body or does the body reside in the soul.

COBRA – The soul incarnates in the body or shall I say it projects one part of it’s essence into the body.

Lynn – Is there such a thing as a Soul catching machine.

COBRA – Yes, there is. There are certain technologies that the dark forces have used with strong magnetic fields and plasma scalar waves which have trapped the souls and pushed them into the physical body. This was happening a lot since 1996 in the underground bases.

Richard – Cobra, you mentioned in 1999 most of the Souls on earth had been evacuated form the Astral plane to one of the planets in the Pleiades. Where do Souls go now. For example, many people have died since 1999 and continue to die every day. Are these Souls, are these souls going to the Pleiades or to another location.

COBRA – These souls are not going to the Pleiades they just enter they enter through the plasma tunnel and exit to the etheric and astral planes, and they spend their time there around planet earth. They are not going to the Pleiades now. (OK. Thank you)

Richard – Are they safe where they are at.

COBRA – Some of them yes, some of them no. (thank you)

Lynn – How is it decided whether they are in a safe place or not. Do they have control over that.

COBRA –– It depends on their state of consciousness and their circumstances. Some of them have more control of this, some of them less. You need to understand that the plasma and etheric planes and one part of the astral plane are not safe areas yet. (got you, thank you)

Lynn – What do the more advanced E.T.’s say about the proof that the Souls exists or about the essence that animates the human body.

COBRA – You don’t need to prove that the Soul exists because every sentient being is a Soul and you need to prove that you exist. There is no need to prove to yourself or to anybody else that you exists because you know that you exist. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, what happens to the Souls of bad guys who might die between now and The Event.

COBRA – It depends on the extent of their disconnection with the Source. If there is still connection between incarnated soul or should I say, with the incarnated being and the soul. Those souls will go through a certain purification process and will also join the light forces at a certain point. If they don’t have that connection they will be taken to the galactic central sun when that region where they are, most of them are on the plasma plane, some on the etheric plane and some on the lower astral plane, will be removed from there and taken to the central sun. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Are the Jesuits and Black Nobility part of the black magicians of old Atlantis.

COBRA – Yes.

Richard – Cobra, for each of us at the time of The Event, does compression breakthrough include a situation when the kundalini arises in each of us. Is it met with light coming from above as well.

COBRA – I would say that the moment of The Event does not mean that the Kundalini will completely rise in everybody, it just means that there will be a certain amount of spiritual awakening and Kundalini activation going through a certain part of the population. This process will be gradual and will start at the moment of The Event. (Great, thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, can you tell us a little more about what happens when 144,000 people meditate.

COBRA – If that number of people meditates, we reach the critical mass and if any one type of meditation they use, this creates a resonance field around the planet that helps to manifest that for those people for what those people are meditating about. So it’s then you have a very strong resonance field which can influence the planetary situation.

Lynn – Would this be considered a phase transition?

COBRA – It can assist in the phase transition. It can be considered one aspect of the phase transition.

Lynn – If we activated the 144,000 at the weekly event meditations, would The Event occur regardless of what else is going on in the world?

COBRA – It doesn’t meant that it would occur immediately but it would be greatly and drastically accelerated and it would happen in a much, much easier way.

Lynn – Are the light forces monitoring how many are meditating each week during the Sunday Event Meditation.

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Richard – Cobra, can you tell us what percentage of the desired 144,000 are meditating on Sunday at the time you indicated. . .

COBRA – Very small percentage. Very, very small percentage. (thank you)

Lynn – Do you have some suggestions on how we can increase this.

COBRA – It is up to people’s free will. I will not continue encouraging people to do that because it needs to come from inside and when the situation is ready, it will come from inside.

Lynn – What is the significance of the number 144,000. When we meditate together, why are we trying to reach 144,000 people.

COBRA – It is a certain number which is the right number of people for the amount of population on this planet right now. For example, if you have about 7-8 billion people, the critical mass is a little bit, I would say around 120,000 and if not everybody is meditating 100%, then 144,000 is a good symbolic number which represents the current situation and the desire of critical mass.

Lynn – You’ve also talked about 144,000 people associated with the Order of the Star. Can you talk a little more about the Order of the Star.

COBRA – OK. I have actually posted many messages and many articles about this on my blog in the past and you would need to be a little bit more specific with this question.

Lynn – Is it possible for people to be part of the Order of the Star and not know it.

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Richard – Cobra, is there anything else we can do other than The Event Meditation and inner work to speed up The Event.

COBRA – Yes, of course you can do whatever you can do within your power to spread information and awaken people, especially through electronic media. This is one of the most influential factors right now to accelerate the process. (thank you)

Lynn – You have said that “the compression breakthrough will come when the energy from the center of the earth breaks through to the energy on the outside of the earth” if I am quoting you correctly. We are continually hearing about the big Galactic Super-wave that is coming from space but what energy is going on in the center of the earth.

COBRA – OK. The center of the earth is a Stargate and this Stargate will be triggered by the Galactic Pulse and the energy of that Stargate in the center of the earth will reach the surface. But Compression Breakthrough is not only speaking about that. It means that the light forces from below the surface will reach to the surface and our star brothers and sisters in the sky will descend to a certain degree and reach the surface as well.

Lynn – Is the energy from the center of the earth then different from the Galactic super-wave.

COBRA – In a way it is an energy of the Galactic Super-wave filtered through a certain, I would say, energy filter and then distributed throughout the planet. (thank you)

Richard – Another question on the same subject was from a listener who asked: Is the body’s Kundalini associated with this? With this Super wave that is coming and the Stargate that is coming from the center.

COBRA – Yes, of course.   At the arrival of the Super wave will accelerate the Kundalini activation.

Richard – Cobra, what would a Stargate look like. Is it energy? Is it a form or is it physical?

COBRA – It is, I would say it’s a hyper dimensional doorway which connects physical planes with non-physical planes and higher dimensions. (thank you).

Richard – You say this is at the core of the earth, at the center of the earth.

COBRA – Yes, one Stargate is located there. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, when you recently referred to the “sneeze” of the Galactic Central Sun, were you talking about the Galactic Super-wave that will arrive on earth to start The Event.

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn – What can we expect to experience when the sun “sneezes”.

COBRA – The Event.

Lynn – But will we feel this physically or some other way. Will we be able to sense it.

COBRA – You will be able to feel the energies of this in many different ways. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, after The Event, will we have ways of protecting ourselves physically and mentally from negative forces or will the negative forces be minimized so we don’t have to worry about protection.

COBRA – The negative forces will be absolutely removed after The Event. (thank you)

Lynn – After The Event, will the relationships between men and women improve. Will there be less competition between certain men for a certain woman and will people be able to find more fulfillment in their personal relationships.

COBRA – After The Event, the Archons will be removed and they will not be able to interfere with relationships any more so many of the old conflicts and old drama which is now existing between men and women will simply disappear and true love will be discovered again. Because the way will be removed and the relationships will drastically improve at that point.

Lynn – Is there anything that you can suggest currently that we can do until that happens.

COBRA – It is the highest purpose for people to stop fighting with each other and for them to begin to realize that the conflicts are engineered and enlarged by technology and by the Archons and starting to support each other. It is very simple to say that, it is not so easy to do that but this is the way to go. It’s a very simple advice but very effective if somebody will try to practice it in real life.

Lynn – Very good advice. Thank you.

Richard – Cobra, after The Event, if people wanted to move to beautiful and remote locations, will they be able to.

COBRA –– Yes.

Lynn – Will we be united with our loved ones and be able to contact them. Will they be able to appear to us in physical form?

COBRA – After The Event, after some time there will be certain technologies which will allow communication between physical and non-physical planes. (thank you)

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Richard – Cobra, when twin flames find each other, do they need to be physically near one another to anchor divine feminine energy or can they work far apart from one another.

COBRA – The meetings between twin souls are not happening yet, but when they will begin to happen, the strongest connection is when they are connected physically but that connection can also happen without that physical connection.

Richard – Is it true that many Ascended Masters are incarnating in these times through a process that does not involve birth.

COBRA – There are no Ascended Beings on the surface of this planet at this very moment. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, there is something called the Mandela effect, named for Nielsen Mandela. The Mandela effect is the theory that time or reality is being manipulated or there are parallel Universes. What do you think about this.

COBRA – I can not confirm the, this theory and I do not completely agree with this. (OK)

Richard – Cobra, are density levels determined by frequencies or something else.

COBRA – They are actually determined by the relation between spirit and matter and vibrational frequency of that relationship between spirit and matter determines which frequency or density or dimension we are speaking about. (got you)

Richard – Are vibrational frequencies measured in happiness, or how do you measure someones vibrational frequencies.

COBRA – Current science is not yet ready to measure those but vibrational frequencies are defined by the amount of the interaction between spirit and matter in any particular area or whatever we are measuring. (thank you)

Lynn – Are there the different dimensions the same as different densities. Could the dimensions be described like this: 3D – physical, 4D – etheric, 5D – Astral or is there a better way of describing dimensions.

COBRA – OK. I can simplify this; 3D – physical, 4D – plasma/etheric and astral. 5D – Higher mental and 6D – is the soul plane and there are of course higher dimensional planes. I try to simplify this as much as possible. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, are Reptilians and Pleiadians in different densities than we are.

COBRA – The Pleiadians can manifest on the physical or they can inhabit higher planes the same as the Reptilians but their vibrational frequencies are different. Of course the pleiadians are much more highly evolved. (thank you)

Richard – Are there still E.T.’s in the 3rd dimension or the same level as us.

COBRA – I would say that each of us in an E.T., so I would say yes. (thank you)

Lynn – Do dark entities and dark beings still live in the 4th dimension.

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn – Can you update us on the progress of removing the dark entities and dark beings.

COBRA – I would say the situation on the plasma/etheric and astral planes is getting much better especially since July there was a certain breakthrough which allowed certain amount of light to come directly through those planes and the number of negative begins on those planes is reducing drastically since July. It is really . . . we are really making progress now. (awesome, thank you, good to hear).

Richard – Cobra, can you give a progress report on the removal of toplet bombs, plasma strange-let bombs and plasma bombs.

COBRA – The vast majority of plasma strange-let bombs have been completely removed. The main problem now are the plasma toplet bombs and there is, I would say there is progress being made but I can not be more specific. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Energetic attacks seem to be the primary cause of two main external forces, negative entities and plasma based scalar weapons. Would you agree with this.

COBRA – I would completely agree with this. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, it feels like a majority of recent interference is from scalar weapons and attacks from etheric astral planes seem to be decreasing. Can you tell us what you think about this.

COBRA – As I’ve said before, a lot of this has been removed lately since July (2016). (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, I have understood that the Soul weighs 21 grams. What material is the Soul made of.

COBRA – This is not the Soul, this is the weight of the plasma and etheric body. And actually the actual weight is a little bit less, but this is approximate. There is some experiments being made of the weight of the physical body just before that and after that when the plasma/etheric and higher bodies have left the physical bodies, so this differs. It’s a few grams in most cases.

Richard – Does the Soul stay around the body once you leave, once the body is dead.

COBRA – It can linger around the body for some time but when it looses it’s attachment to the physical body it can go and be free and go to higher planes. (thank you)

Lynn – What density does the Soul exist in.

COBRA – As I’ve said before the 6th dimension or 6th density is the area where or vibrational frequency where the Soul exists.

Lynn – And you would say that the Soul is eternal?

COBRA – Yes. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, is the Central Race civilization helping directly to clear the Chimera group or what are they doing in relative to the earth’s liberation.

COBRA – Yes, they are assisting quite intensely and quite directly in that process. (thank you)

Lynn – Are they the same group as the wing-makers that Corey Goode talks about called the Blue Avians with the huge blue sphere’s?

COBRA – All those wing-makers and Corey’s blue Avians are, I would say, interpretations of the Central Race from one particular individual perspective. I would say the interpretation of one aspect of that race from an individual perspective.

Lynn – Can you tell us how we might begin to communicate with the Agarthan’s’ or other beings within the inner earth.

COBRA – I will release certain protocols about this in the near future. I will not say this now, but I will release certain things about this in the near future. (thank you)

Richard – Has the inner earth Agarthan’s network always maintained it’s contact with the Galactic Confederation.

COBRA – Certain factions, yes, Certain factions, no. (thank you)

Lynn – Yogi’s and Saints say they have seen many enlightened beings and deities enter an object or person. Can you tell us the significance of this. Why does this occur.

COBRA – It is simply because those higher evolved beings who are connecting and assisting in the evolution of those beings.

Richard – Cobra, can you tell us what you think about Archangel Metatron. This reader has read that he has risen above the 144th dimension. Can you tell us anything about this.

COBRA – I would not agree with that. I would say that he is the guardian of this specter of the galaxy and he is overseeing the process of the transformation of the primary anomaly in this sector of the galaxy. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Many times the artists interpretations of E.T.’s are that they are light skinned caucasians especially the Pleiadians and Arcturians. Corey Goode says there are many races of E.T.’s. Are the(re) E.T. races that look like our own Africans and Asians.

COBRA – Yes there are many races that have different color of the skin. Some of them look like human and other races and some of them look completely different, so we have a whole spectrum out there.

Lynn – And this would be the same with the Native Americans.

COBRA – Yes of course. (OK)

Richard – Cobra, on May 10th, 2012 you wrote that “the leader of the Archons on the physical plane has been arrested on May 5th by the Resistance Forces and taken off planet. He has crossed over to the light and is now free willingly assisting the planetary liberation process. Later on July 15, 2012 you wrote something similar that the Archon leader went to the galactic central sun so now the Cabal are worshipping something that no longer exists. The question is; is this former leader of the Archon now assisting with the planetary liberation process or does he not exist any more.

COBRA – He was assisting the light forces for a short period of time but when he had realized what he had done in the past he volunteered to be disintegrated in the galactic central sun and his wish was granted. So he does not exist any more. And there are certain factions of the Cabal that are worshipping that entity without realizing that that entity does not exist any more as individual being. No where in this Universe and no where anywhere else. He does not exist any more. It’s a thing of the past. (well, thank you)

Richard – Also on July 12, 2014 you wrote “on the physical plane the current Archon leader lives near Rome”. Is this person alive or has he surrendered or been taken away.

COBRA – That person does not live near Rome any more. This is as much as I can say. That person has been relocated and lost most of it’s power, one way or the other. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, this question is about Yaldabaoth, the Octopus. You have said he is a living entity. Does he have DNA that is related to an Octopus?

COBRA – It is not a physical living entity and doesn’t need DNA. (I see) It’s a plasma energy being.

Lynn – Did he come from another planetary system?

COBRA – That entity came from a certain section of sector of the Andromeda galaxy went through the Orion and finally ended up in this solar system.

Lynn – Is Yaldabaoth some kind of leader?

COBRA – Yes, he is one of the fallen Angels for the Archons.

Lynn – For whom is he a leader. Is it the Archons.

COBRA – For the Archons. Yes.

Lynn – Do the Archons control him or he’s just their leader.

COBRA – In a way he is controlling them because he manipulates a large percentage of plasma in this solar system. (I see)

Lynn – The veil which extends roughly 8.6 miles above the earth’s surface and the plasma Octopus called Yaldabaoth, how is the Yaldabaoth situation. Is it vanishing?

COBRA – It is, this plasma entity, I would say, the plasma body of that entity is slowly being disintegrating or transformed into pure light as the light forces are progressing. (awesome. Yea, thank you)

Richard – Cobra, how can we light workers and light warrior protect ourselves from infra-sound weapons that you said in the past are TV broadcast and movies. Does meditation help?

COBRA –– OK. Infra-sound is quite a challenging situation. Sometimes the only thing that helps release to relocate to some other location. If you can not relocate to some other location everything that raises your vibrational frequency can help. Also swimming in the water can help a lot because water is a natural shield against the harmful scalar aspect of the Infra-sound. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, do you have any advice for light workers who find themselves in desperate situations without resources and even sometimes homeless. Is there any place in the world that these people can go to live and be more. . . that would be more beneficial and help them to do their light work.

COBRA – OK. Those people would need to understand the law of manifestation. First your decisions then visualize where you would like to go, what you would like to manifest to assist in that. Many people who are in desperate finical situations are located in the western world in U.S. and Europe and if they would relocate to much cheaper place to live, somewhere in Asia for example, they would need much less money for basic alive necessities and they would be able to focus more of their energy into spiritual work. This is one option. Of course there are other options. This is just one of the options that is possible. (thank you Cobra).

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Richard – Cobra, researchers and doctors have recently stated a low cost sodium chlorite, not chloride is a mixture of non harmful chemicals that when combined kills many diseases. Can you tell us what you know about sodium chlorite and it’s effectiveness in healing the human body.

COBRA – OK. I would say there are many natural chemical substances and this is one of them which can assist. And the key here is always balance. Not using too much, not using too little and using your own inner guidance when doing that because there are many people out there with many claims what can help and what can not and various effects of various substances. And again I would say use your inner guidance about all this. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, we are being damaged by vaccines. Is there any energy healing treatments that you can recommend that would help us to heal the damage from vaccines.

COBRA – I have answered this question once and I will answer it shortly again. There are certain detoxification protocols that can effetely clear the body from the harmful side effects of the vaccines.   And you can, if you search for them, you will find them. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, you wrote in August 2015 that “the mineral version of the elixir of life was more powerful than the herbal one”. Can you tell us more about his Pleiadian elixir in reference to the Pleiadian elixir. Are these ingredient substances available here on earth.

COBRA – Actually the Pleiadian elixir is not the elixir of life. As I was referring to the chemical elixir of life the Pleiadian elixir is just a certain, daily food for the Pleiadians which rejuvenates their physical body and gives them as much energy they need for their rejuvenation’s and maintenance of the body. It is not the same thing

Richard – Is there any way . .

COBRA – And of course it is charged with very high vibrational energy. (OK. thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, is Reiki healing a real working technique.

COBRA – Yes, it is but there are much more advanced and much more effective healing techniques available on the planet right now.

Lynn – Is Reiki a tool of the light forces.

COBRA – Yes, basically yes. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, can you name some other healing techniques that do work better.

COBRA – I can not. I know them. I was instructed not to release their names to the public. People need to search for them themselves. (thank you very much)

Richard – Cobra, after The Event, how quickly will medical technologies or healing chambers be available to the general public.

COBRA – As fast as people can integrate those changes and as fast as they can distribute them among each other. And I’m expecting for the healing chambers to be ready, I would say, maybe half a year one year or next ones a few years after The Event. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Can we expect some spontaneous healing during or after The Event.

COBRA – Yes, there will be cases of that during and also after The Event.

Lynn – Does DNA also have encoded instructions for the functions of energy bodies like the etheric, astral and mental bodies?

COBRA – Yes, especially that part of the DNA that some people erroneously call the “junk” DNA. It has those functions inside. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, was Terrence McKenna who died in 1980 a psi-op agent who steered people away from exo-politics and E.T.’s.

COBRA –– NO. (thank you)

Lynn – Can you tell us what the role of these 4 people have to play in the liberation of the planet; Neil Keenan, Drake, General Dunsford and Thomas Williams.

COBRA – OK. I can not comment on the work of other people. I would say that certain of those individuals are or have in the past brought certain important elements of information for the planetary liberation. But I can not comment individually. I would just say that certain people from that group have contributed quite effetely to the planetary liberation. (thank you for that)

Richard – Cobra you said in an interview months ago that Paul McCartney was not replaced with a clone. How about Bob Dylan who is said to have been portrayed by several different people over the decades.

COBRA – OK, that rumor of celebrity cloning is most cases not found on reality. (copy that, thank you)

Lynn – OK this question is about the Pythagorean Illuminati. Can you tell us what you know about the Pythagorean Illuminati, the secret society that has worked for the light against the old world order.

COBRA –– OK. This is a touchy subject. There are actually 2 groups that claim to have that name, one of them is quite positive and the other one is not so positive. There was an ancient split between those groups dating, I would say about 2000 years ago and the more positive faction actually works for the light. And members of that faction have inspired certain people who were in certain positions in the western society in the last few hundred years and have triggered certain positive changes. That group is still quite much underground. They are not exposing them selves to the limelight and are quietly working together with some, I would say positive Templar groups and other positive groups that claim to have knowledge from all Gnostic traditions. (hmmm)

Lynn – Was this society founded by Pythagorus?

COBRA – Initially yes. As I said after his death there was a split.

Lynn – Did they truly coordinate the three positive revolutions, the American, French and Russian revolutions?

COBRA – OK, this is a delicate situation again because there were many factors which contributed to those revolutions. They were behind the American revolution. They were to a certain degree behind the French revolution and they were certainly not behind the Russian revolution.

Lynn – All 3 of these failed in the end because of infiltration by the Cabal, is this correct.

COBRA – This is not absolutely correct. I would say the American revolution or shall I say the American Independence was a big success initially. The French revolution was partially successful in expelling the Jesuits but then again the Archons have infiltrated that situation there and misused it while the Russian revolution, I would say the October Revolution in 1917 was engineered by the Jesuits to engineer the fall of the Romanov dynasty and to introduce the mass programming cult of communism in Russia. (hmmm)

Lynn – This goes on to say they call themselves Hyperboreans which means that nobody can find any of them on this planet. What does Hyperborean mean?

COBRA – This is a symbolic memory of ancient, I would say the Hyperborean race which was a mythical race that existed on the etheric plane before Lumeria and Atlantis on this planet.

Lynn – OK. This writer goes on to state. This group I understand calls Alexander Romanov a charlatan at their official web-site and this web-site is listed in our notes.            __________??____________       Do you have any other comments on this group.

COBRA – I would say that there are many people who claim to be someone or they might be or might be not. I will not go deeper in this. (OK thank you Cobra)

Richard – Cobra, in ancient Sumerian Text the God Anu had 2 sons and one was Enki. Can you tell us more about him and his relationship to earth now and what he’s doing.

COBRA – OK, I would put it this way. Much of that mythology has been distorted to such a degree that it is not having any relation to what actually occurred at that time. There has been so much distortion and programming regarding this. (thank you)

Richard – Would you say the Sumarians at that time were visited by these Archons and given false information or given ways to create this civilization.

COBRA – I would say that a civilization was a mixture of. . . there was a lot of E.T. interference both by positive and negative races. It was a melting pot like the USA is right now. It was quite a similar situation and there were so many interest groups involved in that situation that people, I would say that nobody had the clear whole picture of what was actually going on at that time. (thank you)

Lynn – Who are the 7 families of the Tribes of Light and can you explain their story.

COBRA – OK. I can not refer to this. This is basically an idea of somebody who. . . people have different ideas and different concepts and I’m not familiar with that particular concept and what that person is referring to. (OK. thank you cobra).

Richard – Cobra, can you tell us about Michael of Nebadon. Is he incarnated here on earth. What is his purpose.

COBRA – This is most likely coming from the Urantia book and I will not comment on this more. (thank you)

Lynn – What can you tell us about the prophecies of the Hopi, especially those that talked about the 4 people’s of earth, red, yellow, black and white.

COBRA – OK, basically some of the Hopi prophecies were speaking about The Event and I would say one faction of the Hopi race went underground and joined the Agarthan network a long time ago. Anther faction actually emerged from underground and this was how the Hopi nation was actually formed. If you go long back enough in the history of the Hopi nation, they actually came from Sirius and the Pleiades. Their prophecies are speaking especially strongly about this time. They are speaking about 4 main races on the surface of the planet and their role in the coming changes and The Event.

Lynn – Are the Hopi’s receiving this information from Source when they give these prophecies.

COBRA – OK. I would say those prophecies were given, most of them were given quite much time ago and much of this was coming from their collective memory, from the lineages because as I’ve said before, they came from the Pleiadian and Sirian star system and they have a strong spiritual connection with those two star systems and they understand what’s going on.

Lynn – So these are the E.T. groups that they are connected to in particular.

COBRA – Yes, among others. (OK, thank you)

Richard – Cobra, can you talk about zero point energy deices created by Thomas E. Bearden and John Bedini, about anything else you know about zero-point energy. How close are we to seeing it.

COBRA – OK, they have created certain devices. I have yet to see a working device that can be put into mass production There are many people with many claims, many promises but I still do not, haven’t encountered a working prototype that could be put into mass production at this moment. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, I have a question about the Perendev, all magnetic motor? I think we touched on this last month about cars and converting them over. Do you know about this Perendev, all magnetic motor?

COBRA – I have heard about it.

Lynn – OK. Any other information about this or is this in development, do you know.

COBRA – It is as I’ve informed this is still in development. (OK)

Lynn – Prepare For Change has been called to help fund humanitarian projects around the world, therefore we are calling all inclined light workers who have humanitarian projects to begin the process by submitting summaries via our website:

You will find the “Project Description Form” under Programs tab


For completed project presentation, please Email:

Richard – Cobra, the Swiss recently voted to reject a guaranteed basic income. You stated previously that there would be a guaranteed basic income for all after The Event. Are you aware of the Swiss or any other country trying to put into place a guaranteed income and was the Swiss vote rigged?

COBRA – It was not rigged directly but there was a lot of manipulation directed towards the Swiss manipulation through the Swiss mass media to convince them to vote for no. (I see) And I would say a great percentage of Swiss people are quite obedient and they follow what their puppet masters’ tell them through the mass media and they voted for No. (thank you)

Lynn – What is the quickest way for us to transition to a Resource Based Economy?

COBRA – The Event. (good answer)

Lynn – What are the key elements needed to facilitate this immediately.

COBRA – OK. I have answered this question many times and it is strongly related to The Event. There can be no resource Based Economy before The Event inside of the old system. They are not compatible.

Lynn – Isn’t that what BRICS is trying to do, to use the resources of the countries as their backing for their currencies.

COBRA – I would not say they are trying to do this. I would say they are doing this and they are actively preparing for The Event. (that’s a good thing)

Richard – Cobra, do you think signing petitions are effective in convincing our leaders to make positive changes or are petitions mostly useful because they change the energy around, they change the energy around the subject and bring issues into the public consciousness.

COBRA – They bring issues into the public consciousness and when there is enough understanding within the public then the change happens. (thank you)

Lynn – Is there a higher purpose to the Chinese tektite?

COBRA – The Chinese tektites are part of the big group of tektites that fell on this planet a little bit less than one million years ago and connects with the Orion Stargate’s and it transforms relatively into oneness.

Lynn – Does it have a vibration that would assist us?

COBRA – It can assist you if you are ready to face your own inner fears and shadows and transform them.

Richard – Cobra, are there any energy vortexes in China. Can you tell us about them.

COBRA – There are many energy vortexes in China but I will not give location at this point yet. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, can you tell us a little about the origin of the Japanese people. Did they carry anything with them from their planet of origin.

COBRA – I would say certain percentage of Japanese population has strong Alien DNA, I would put it this way and actually Japanese emperors believe they came from other stars. Leaders of many countries and many people from many countries are having that Alien DNA, I would say a little bit less than 1% of human population is actually not human. They were coming from other star systems. (nice, thank you)

Richard – Cobra, this person tells us he or she is Egyptian. Who controls Egypt now.

COBRA – It is like in every country. There is a good faction and negative faction and the good faction in Egypt gained a lot of power in the last few years after the Egyptian revolution. And the most negative elements have been removed from Egypt a few years ago. (nice)

Richard – I hear rumors about the current president was killed and the government is hiding this. Is this true.

COBRA – I can not confirm those rumors. (thank you)

Lynn – I have a question from someone who states; I have noticed some new kinds of clouds, puffy white single clouds just on the horizon in an otherwise clear blue sky. Are these angelic beings or are these clouds?

COBRA – These are clouds but this reflects current purification of the higher planes and when the plasma plane gets clear also the clouds which actually reflect the changes in the plasma field can have more subtle and more beautiful shapes. Yes, there is a change in that direction.

Richard – Cobra, at the time of The Event, what will happen to occupied countries.

COBRA – The whole planet is an occupied country and all this will be changed. (great, thank you)

Lynn – So in each country where they’re trying to throw out a faction that has come from a different part, that will resolve and people will just start to get along?

COBRA –– That will resolve, yes. (yea)

Lynn – Can you tell us what P-L-U-M means in the Taiwan Ascension conference report.

COBRA – I would say there is a certain positive group which has a certain role in the planetary liberation process. There are many positive groups which have not been mentioned anywhere and nobody outside of people behind the scenes are aware of their presence and this is one of those groups. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, we are aware of the surrender negotiations of the Rothchilds. However is there any group doing the same with the Jesuits and the Black Nobility families.

COBRA – At this moment they are not actually negotiating. They are manipulating and I would not call this negotiations at this point. (thank you). They are not as far in their surrender process yet. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, does something special happen to a person after death if he or she dies by committing suicide?

COBRA – The general promises is the same but the psychological mechanic is different and it depends much on how this person sees or views his or her own action. If there is a lot of self judgment of course the process is not so easy and if a person understands and have made this decision by their free will, they can actually have quite an easy journey to higher planes except if they have certain attachments with the other forces or if there is a lot of Archon interference. It is still not safe out there. (I see)

Richard – Cobra, how will languages be used in the future. Is there a language that is more important now or will be more important in the near future on earth.

COBRA – There will be some changes in languages after The Event, which will be slow at first but then after the first contact especially, people will begin to understand the Galactic perspective more and telepathy will begin to be used also, so there will be a lot of changes in that area. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Just a couple more questions Cobra. I have one on one of Benjamin Fulford’s articles that publicly announce the existence of a freemasonry organization called “Hung” or Chinese Freemasonry or Asian Freemasonry. He said the secret organization is revealing itself and it is currently recruiting members in Japan or elsewhere too. Do you know if this is true.

COBRA – Yes, of course it is true and people who would like to join them or a particular organization can find their websites on line. They have representatives everywhere on the planet, also in the Asian communities in the West, in China town for example, in NY, in San Francisco, other places have their buildings, they have their websites and if somebody would like to join them of course can join them. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, what is the relationship if any between the veil which extends roughly 8.6 miles above the earth and the plasma Octopus?

COBRA – The plasma Octopus expands throughout the whole solar system and the veil, the innermost part of the veil does not extend beyond 8.6 miles and this is the section which has the most concentration of plasma technologies, scalar technologies and many of the technologies can not extend beyond that point. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, who are the Baalal, Baal and Moloch. This person say at times I have read that Baal is equivalent to one of the others of those names. Are they Archons or minions there-of?

COBRA – They are Archons and some of them were quite influential in certain periods of human history and they were viewed as God’s by human population who worshipped them and sacrificed animals and humans to calm their anger. (hmmm)

Lynn – OK. Cobra. Well we can end it right here. And just carry on with these questions next time and the new questions from our listeners and readers that crop up during the month.

COBRA – OK. very good.

Lynn – I very much appreciate you coming and being with us for this hour and thank you so much for all the good information that you’ve imported.

COBRA – OK. You’re very welcome.

Richard – Thank you very much Cobra.

COBRA – Thank you.


Lynn – In closing I would like to thank the whole team that has made this interview possible:

Cobra for being a gracious guest. His website is:

Richard—my interview partner

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DaNell for her transcription expertise

Megan & Deborah for organizational help

Aaron on sound

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Eduardo & Dane behind the scenes

and all of our wonderful listeners!

And remember always that…. We are all Voices of the World.

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Ancient Hopi claim their ancestors came from the Inner World

There’s been a lot of attention directed towards inner-earth lately. Since Corey Goode has come forward and revealed the fact that there are civilizations that live in inner earth I’ve seen a lot more interest about them.

Corey Goode has been in contact with a inner-earth group that calls themselves the Anshar. Evidently they’ve been on this planet for approximately 20 million years. There are various other groups as well that live beneath us, but the Anshar group is the oldest of them all.

From what Corey Goode has revealed the Anshar group consists of the civilizations that wear the Saturn medallion around their neck and apparently there are three of them. Below are recreated images of the 3 civilizations that make up the Anshar Group.

Pink Saturn Group No Hoods

Black Saturn Group Hoods

Jade Saturn Group Hoods

These civilizations have been interacting with surface humanity from time to time. They helped kick start civilizations whenever possible. They’ve provided us with understandings that could help us advance as a race. They’ve been trying to help us whenever we needed assistance. 

Unfortunately though because of our warlike tendencies they had some very strict policies in regards to dealing with the surface population. They deliberately deceived surface humanity for purposes of operation security. When they started to notice that we’re advancing to a level that we could potentially be a threat to them, they started to undertake programs and deceptions that would help deter surface humanity from realizing they live below our feet.

What they did was tell us they were from outer space so that we would focus on space rather than beneath the earth. This is very understandable when you think about it, would you want a warlike species knowing where you live? I most certainly would not! They didn’t deceive deliberately to harm us or cause pain. They deceived for reasons of self preservation. Faced in the same circumstances as them I would make the same decision.

Corey Goode also revealed that he experienced a mind meld with a High Priestess by the name of Kaaree. Evidently she was able to hone in on a experience that Corey had a while back. Even though they blank-slated Corey(removed the memory of this event) evidently the souls still retains the experience thus they were able retrieve the lost memory. This experience was very emotional to Corey and Kaaree. Since then Corey has been in active contact with the Anshar Group and continues to share about his experiences. 

Image result for kaaree inner earth

Corey Goode has also revealed that the inner-earth civilizations are changing their policies in regards to their interactions with the surface population. Thus they’ve taken the first steps in establishing contact with the surface people. This is good news since we can benefit from them tremendously.

Read: Inner-Earth Embarks on Negotiations to End Isolation From Humanity

There are also many stories about other inner earth civilizations as well. Another contactee goes by the name of Asara(real name Annette Sassou) who is in contact with a ascended master named Adama. He’s from the City of Telos which is part of the inner-earth network. Evidently his civilization is 5th dimensional.

Image result for adama telos

Adama of Telos

Granted its not the first time I’ve heard things about Telos and Adama, but I’ve stayed clear of them because of the fact there isn’t much information you can find about this civilization, besides channelings. Which you have to be careful with because of the fact channelings are not always the most reliable sources of information. Granted I have no proof they don’t exist, but I also don’t have proof they do exist. I tend to lean towards it being authenticate, but I’m not going to put all my eggs in that basket. Exercise discernment.

As you can see there is a lot of interest with these inner earth groups. I’m just glad to see the amount of interest in this topic. At one time the mention of inner earth civilizations would have others questioning the insanity of those who would consider such a notion. Now though, it’s a openly discussed topic. Disclosure is now, disclosure is happening and official disclosure is near. There is no stopping it now. Things are moving forward towards it. 

Stay positive, stay joyful and viva la disclosure!

Timothy Frappier 


Source: Ancient Code

The Hopi specify that the Grand Canyon is the place where the Hopi emerged from their underground shelter after the flood had destroyed the Third World. The Ancient Hopi also mention mysterious ant-like Gods and Flying shields that existed in the distant past.

Ancient Hopi Inner Earth Hollow Earth

Whenever we write about the Inner Earth, aka Hollow Earth, and the numerous ancient cultures that mention a place within our planet where there is life, we encounter hostility.

But why? Is it because the existence of such a place contradicts everything we have been told in the past? Or is it because we are blindly following mainstream dogmas that have been put into place in the past telling us it’s impossible’?

The idea that our planet is Hollow can be traced back thousands of years. And like other popular accounts, nearly all ancient cultures speak of certain places on Earth where we can access the inner world.

One such culture are the Ancient Hopi.

Not only did the ancient Hopi believe their Gods inhabited the inner parts of the Earth, they depicted mysterious Ant-like beings and flying shields thousands of years ago. Interestingly, their legends also speak of a great flood which is a clear parallel to ancient Sumerian legends of the Great Flood.

If we take a look at the ancient Hopi and their beliefs we will find that this ancient culture claims that their ancestors did not arrive from the north, not by ship, but from below the surface of the Earth.

In fact, the ancient Hopi indicate that the specific location of the Hopi legend is inside the Grand Canyon, where there are mysterious entrances to the inner earth.

The stories of native Indians claim that the Grand Canyon was formed by the result of a great flood, which drowned the former third world, sent upon those who had forgotten the way of divinity.

The Hopi cosmology specifies that this is the place where the Hopi emerged from their underground shelter after the flood had destroyed the Third World.

In fact, there are numerous theories that suggest there are numerous entry points located in the Canyon, and one of the is honored in ceremony as the dwelling of an ancient parent race.

This magical site is sacred and off limits to anyone but the Hopi people. Further stories indicate that in the distant past, the ancient Hopi were assisted by mysterious beings, commonly referred as insects, ants, that inhabited regions of the inner world.

The ancient Hopi speak of their deities as ‘ant men.’ In fact, some of the petroglyphs found near Mishongnovi, Arizona, created by the ancient Hopi depict the enigmatic beings with antennas’ offering an idea of how these strange ant-men looked like.

Interestingly, not everything is based on legends and stories.

It is said that in the past, the Smithsonian institute –which has been called out for hiding ‘controversial discoveries’— discovered a number of artifacts inside a huge cave with intricate passages and rooms, with tablets bearing strange hieroglyphs.

An article published by the Arizona Gazette on April 5, 1909, says that the Grand Canyon was once home to a lost civilization, which consisted of beings of gigantic proportions.

The article published over 100 years ago indicates that a massive underground citadel was also discovered by an explorer called G.E. Kinkaid who stumbled across it while rafting on the Colorado River.

It is said that the entrance to the massive citadel is located ‘at the end of a tunnel that stretches for almost a mile below the surface’.

However, just as the Ancient Hopi, the Macuxi Indians –indigenous people who live in the Amazon, in countries such as Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela— also speak about the Hollow Earth and how it is real.

According to Macuxi legends, they are the descendants of the Sun’s children, the creator of Fire and disease and the protectors of the “inner Earth.”

Until the year 1907, the Macuxies would enter some sort of cavern, and travel from 13 to 15 days until they reached the interior. It is there, “at the other side of the world, in the inner Earth” is where the Giants live, creatures that have around 3-4 meters in height.

As you can see, there seem to be conclusive indicators that a place called the inner earth may actually exist.

Has this been covered up as some people suggest? And could this be part of our amnesic species as Robert Sepehr suggest?

Cosmic Disclosure: On the Other Side of the Veil of Secrecy

Source: Sphere Being Alliance

David Wilcock: All right, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. And in this episode, I am here with Corey Goode, and I’m also here with Dr. Bob Wood.

And Dr. Bob Wood is going to be our focus. Part of the reason why is that he has been acquainted with William Tompkins since 2009 and knows a great deal about Tompkins’ testimony. In fact, he’s practically a walking encyclopedia of what Tompkins knows.

But, Bob, you also are coming into this with a lifetime of very bizarre, interesting experiences related to this whole topic ofcosmic disclosure. So I just want to hand it over to you now.

And I know you said that you have some very critical autobiographical information you want to give us about yourself that will become very relevant as we go forward in your story in the timelines of what’s happened to you.

Dr. Bob Wood: Yes. It started, actually, in 1949 at the University of Colorado when I graduated.

0 Dr Bob Wood

And after then, I got a job at Douglas Aircraft Company for the summer because my father was a professor, and he was always talking with the guys who were hiring engineers.

1 Douglas Logo

So he just . . .

David: Douglas is the same company that William Tompkins worked for.

Wood: Exactly. It was . . .

David: Right.

Wood: Douglas, at that time, had merged to McDonnell-Douglas in 1968.

David: Right.

Wood: So my first summer job was working on missiles that day. I worked for some of the same people that later turned out Bill Tompkins was working for.

David: That’s wild.

Wood: It is wild. But actually . . .

David: Could you give us a couple of names?

Wood: Yeah. Dr. Klemperer was one of them. Wolfgang Klemperer.


David: Klemperer, right. He calls him ‘Klemp’ in the book sometimes.

Wood: That’s right. Yeah. And the other one was Elmer Wheaton.

3 Elmer Wheaton

Elmer Wheaton later became a vice president of Douglas until he got hired by Lockheed.

So after one summer job, I went to start to get my PhD, and I got my . . . I had a break, and I took another summer job and worked for some of the same guys.

But it was interesting that at that time, I looked around to see if there were any vaults [secret think tanks] or secret things going on, and I was told there weren’t any, and I didn’t ever notice any.

But it turned out that towards the end of that summer, at that same time, if I had been paying attention, I could have seen Bill Tompkins walking down the aisle.

David: No kidding.

Wood: Yeah.

David: Ha, ha, ha. Very interesting.

Wood: So from there I went on and got my PhD, and then I went to work for Douglas until they drafted me. I went to work for the Aberdeen Proving Ground for a couple of years and worked on ballistic . . . well, shell dynamics. It was a good experience.

 Army Aberdeen Proving Ground

With that behind me then, I was asked to select an area, and so I selected thermodynamics, because they were really starting to build – actually, it was the Air Force, the M-18 that Bill Tompkins worked on.

5 M 18

It was a Thor missile at the time, . . .

David: Right.

Wood: . . . and they worried about whether the back of this Thor missile would get hot, and so that was one of the challenges. Actually, I spent most of my time early on working on the Nike-Zeus missile.

6 Nike Zeus

And I actually hired Jerry Buss, of known fame now, who was a chemist, to decide how much Teflon we should put on the leading edges of the fins on this missile to keep it cool.

7 Jerry Buss

Well, anyway, my career went on, and I got involved in aerospace management. We managed the independent research and development program. And I got involved in the Space Station design later on.

8 Space Station

And by 1993, I retired.

But in 1968, there was an unusual event that happened that caused me to become involved in UFOs.

David: Okay.

Wood: It was pretty simple. My boss said, “Hey, I’ve got to give a briefing to the Air Force next week. And they want to know, 10 years from now, how we would go to orbit and back.”

And I said, “Well . . . “ – just for a joke – I said, “Well, Ray, why don’t we tell them how many alleged UFOs would do it.” And he said, “That’s a great idea. Why don’t you work on that?”

9 The World Of Flying Saucers

So I read my first UFO book, and it was by Don Menzel. And he wrote the . . .

Corey Goode: In 1968?

Wood: 1968.

Corey: Wow!

Wood: I read my first UFO book. And I kind of concluded, “I don’t care if this guy is a famous astronomer, he’s obviously ignoring the data.” So I read more books, and the briefing went off okay.

But a year later, my boss was out of town, and his bosses had me give the usual report on how we were doing on contracts and that sort of thing. And at the end of this meeting, he said, “By the way, Dr. Wood, we don’t often see you. Tell us what you’re doing that’s interesting.”

And I said, “Well, you’re not going to believe this, but I’ve read 50 UFO books in the last year, and I have concluded that everything is certain. That is, we know that there’s aliens coming here in spacecraft. The only thing that’s not sure is whether we figure out how they work before or after our Lockheed competitor.”

And there was a moment of silence, and my boss said, “What do you think it would take to look into that?”

So for the next year and a half, actually, they gave us a half a million dollars. I hired Stan Friedman, who’s now a well-known UFO guy, to read the literature and see whether or not there was something in the literature that would tell us how they work.

10 Stan Friedman

We had a laboratory. We did laboratory tests. We hired a detective to interview abductees and stuff like that, which, in those days, was kind of outside the norm.

David: So what were you thinking, Bob, when you’re seeing, obviously, all this data? You’re obviously a credible, credentialed PhD. You’re looking into this data scientifically. You have a half million dollar budget in 1968 dollars.

And then you’re looking at the public and how the media is presenting this as if it’s a big farce, and it’s a joke. And, “Oh, it’s all swamp gas!” What did you feel about that at that time?

Wood: Well, that’s when the swamp gas report first came out, is actually that era.

David: Right.

Wood: It turns out that I was focused on learning something, and so I joined organizations I thought were relevant – MUFON and CUFOS. And I would up meeting James McDonald.

11 James McDonald

And so whenever he came to town, I would go to his lectures, and I became pretty aware of the work that he did.

He was the one who said, “You ought to go visit the Condon Committee and tell them what you think.”

David: Wow!

Wood: So I did. I went to the Condon Committee.

Corey: Wow!

David: Ha, ha, ha.

12 Edward Condon

Wood: And I said, “Well, . . “, I told Condon and his committee, I said, “Do you know we’re doing a little study? And we did come up with one way that you could build a UFO that would potentially work. You could hover in the Earth’s magnetic field.”

So I went through designs. And it turned out, it doesn’t work, because it’s not practical.

But at the end of this visit, I decided that I would write Professor Condon a memo, a note, which I had properly approved. And I had suggested to him that maybe he could divide his team up into two parts: part of the believers and the nonbelievers, the skeptics.

And he got this letter. I also, in this letter, decided that I would send a copy to everybody on his committee.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Wood: Ha, ha, ha. Well, he was so upset that he called up James S. McDonald on the phone and tried to get me fired.

David: Really?

Wood: Yeah. And I had no knowledge of this until months later, when my vice presidential boss said that he had to deal with that.

And fundamentally, James McDonald didn’t like some university professor telling him how to run his business. And I had performed all the required approval signatures before this letter went out.

David: Could you just . . . For the viewer . . . I’m sure we’re going to get comments if I don’t say this. Explain to people who James McDonald is?

Wood: James McDonald was one of the scientists and atmospheric physicists, actually, who really dug into the individual cases, especially those that involved radar lighting up – all the physical cases. And he put them together so effectively that he testified to Congress that there were clearly . . . that there were objects there.

David: Right.

Wood: So Jim McDonald and I became good friends and colleagues, and I was dismayed to find out that he’d committed suicide a couple years later. I could never imagine that happening.

But, actually, I did . . . it was . . .

David: Do you think it was suicide or not? I mean, a lot of times these guys commit “suicide”.

Wood: I have now concluded, with all the apparently classified work that the CIA has done on influencing people and psychotic drugs and stuff like that, anything’s possible.

David: Yeah.

Wood: But the one thing that told me that McDonald was really interesting is . . . I knew him well enough that once I was going through Tucson on business, and I stopped off, and he was willing to meet me at the airport. So we had been looking at the evidence, and he said, “Bob, I think I figured . . . I finally out how it’s working.”

And in hindsight, I have concluded what he had found . . . he had found one of the top secret documents that said that we had really recovered lots of craft.

David: Hm-mm.

Wood: And in those days, that would have been a huge revelation. But he didn’t tell me that. He just said, “I finally found out what’s really going on.” And that was the last I knew. And the next thing I knew, he was dead.

Corey: Yeah, that sounds suspicious.

David: Well, it’s really fascinating just to have you here and to be getting a window into this history of Project Blue Book and the whole very obvious government cover-up that was put in place.

And for you to have been given the same budget money as the Condon Report, but yet your findings obviously were not put on the same level in the media as the whitewash.

13 Condon Report

Wood: Well, actually, the reason for that was McDonald was . . . He was really a pretty pressure guy. He said, “Dr. Wood, because of all the work you’re doing, you ought to testify to Congress.”

David: Right.

Wood: So he set it up so I could be on a congressional committee. I got an invitation from them, actually. So I consulted my management, and I said, “Look,” I said, “You guys are treating me pretty well. I’m a Deputy Director and going on to a pretty good career, it seems like. And I’ve got this opportunity to testify before Congress.”

And one of the VPs, who was kind of my friend, he said, “Well,” he said, “I don’t ever remember knowing anybody who had a lot of good from coming to testify to Congress.” Ha, ha, ha.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Wood: So I thought about it a lot, and I decided, no, I wouldn’t do it. And, furthermore, right about that same time, we lost the MOL program. And we just got an opportunity to bid on a ballistic missile program – defense program. And they didn’t have any radar guys.

And furthermore, on this project, we knew how fast we were spending money on these four or five different aspects, but we didn’t know how close we were getting to any answer.

So we all agreed, “Let’s kill it.” So we stopped it in 1970.

Corey: 1970.

Wood: And I made a deal with Stan Friedman that he would never talk about this. And we were going to write it up to tell the government what we’d done, and it turned out that our management decided, “No, we’ll pay for it right out of profits. We don’t tell the government we’re doing this subject.”

Then I became a radar expert for ballistic missile defense for the next 10 years. And that turned out to be interesting too because it gave me top secret clearance for stuff, and the CIA was a customer to study the Soviet ballistic missile defense program.

And my career went on until I got assigned to the Space Station. So for the next 10 years, I worked on the Space Station, which is a lot of fun, you know. It’s up there now.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So you’re talking about the International Space Station, the ISS?

Wood: Yeah. Yes. Yeah.

David: What was your role in the ISS’s development?

Wood: My role there was to try to make the Space Station cheaper, better, sooner or safer by using advanced technology. It turns out that really, it was a low-tech thing, and we made it out of aluminum, for heaven’s sakes, you know.

Corey: Hm-mm.

Wood: It’s the cheapest. So the question was, could we take any of this high, sophisticated stuff that I’d been managing, and get some benefit out of it by putting it on the Space Station?

However, my career was sort of very conventional . . .

David: Right. Right.

Wood: . . . except for this one little tweak there where I was working on the UFO program.

David: Sure.

Wood: And then when I retired . . . However, in the process of knowing about some classified material, I was working with a guy in a vault who was interested in some psychic stuff. So he introduced me to Russell Targ and Harold “Hal” Puthoff over at Stanford.

David: Oh, yeah.

14 Targ And Puthoff

And so we took a visit up to Stanford, and I got exposed to remote viewing and . . .

Corey: At Stanford Research, when they were actually . . .

Wood: Yeah, right.

Corey: . . . doing that work?

Wood: Yeah, when they were doing that work.

Corey: Wow!

Wood: That was the ’80s. And, in fact, my enthusiastic guy in the vault said, “Well, why don’t we turn in a proposal to James McDonald and try to do a coordinate remote viewing job, experiment?” So we did.

In remote viewing, a target is selected, a person is selected, and at the right time, the person is asked to describe the target, which they’ve never seen.

David: What would the target be, for example?

Wood: It could be a ship sinking in the ocean.

David: Okay.

Corey: Or a new type of radar on a ship that we haven’t got a good look at.

Wood: Yeah.

David: Okay.

Wood: However, in this particular case, one of the things that had never been done in that time was to just use the coordinates. And they would take the coordinates of latitude and longitude, and those are the coordinates that are on a piece of paper. And the remote viewer is asked to describe what those coordinates . . . what’s at those coordinates.

David: So this is an intuitive, psychic thing they’re doing.

Wood: Yeah. Right, right. So we did that. Actually, it turned out that James S. McDonald, without taking the proper advice of his lawyers, he gave us $25,000 to do that.

Then later on, they found out what he does. “Never do that again!”

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Wood: Well, that was just a minor portion of everything I did. What happened, however, was that I met Hal Puthoff, who exposed me to the fact that there were people who were thinking about things psychically. And I became active in the SSE – Society for Scientific Exploration – a group of university professors, typically, who were willing to think outside the box.

In any case, I retired in 1993, having had what I thought was a fun, successful, career, beginning with the missiles and ending with the Space Station, and having lots of fun on classified work in between.

David: Yeah.

Wood: I couldn’t have had a better career. So then, in about 1995, my former long-time friend, Stan Friedman, who had been my first employee, called me up and said, “Hey, I’ve got a fax that looks like it’s a classified document. I got it from a guy by the name of Don Berliner, who works in this area.

He said, “It’s sort of a fax. It’s called ‘Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal’. Would you like to try to authenticate it?”

15 MJ 12 Doc

David: Wow!

Wood: And I said, “Why, sure. I’m not doing anything.” Ha, ha. So I went and I visited and got the high-quality copies of this document, which was a Special Operations Manual, 1-01, and replicated it in great detail and went and talked to a guy at the printing office and showed him the document.

And he read it. It was stamped “Top Secret”, which was a little bit awkward, but . . .

David: Right.

Corey: Yeah. Approach him, “Oh, by the way, I have a top-secret document in my hand.” That doesn’t go over very well. I’m surprised he touched it.

Wood: He read it. And then he put it down, and he said, “You know,” he said, “based on the content, I’d say it’s clearly . . . It’s a hoax.”

Corey: Ah.

Wood: But . . .

David: Based on the “content”.

Wood: Yeah. Based on the . . . However, he said, “If I look at the details of the font that was used in that area, furthermore,” he said, “the tail of the F and the G are specifically relevant to that. In addition,” he said, “I found that there are three raised Zs in this document.”

And I said, “Well, what’s that about?”

And he said, “Well, what happens is when you have a hot lead printing press, it turns out that a rarely used letter, like the z, gets some crud underneath it and doesn’t properly seat. And so you can read a document, once in a while, you find that those Zs are slightly raised off of the base.”

And he said, “I found three Zs in this document that were raised. Therefore, I know that it was printed on a hot lead printing press, and it would have had to have been in that era of 1954.”

So he said, “This was clearly printed on one of our printing presses, either in the basement of the Pentagon or right in this building here.”

Corey: Yeah, because he would be familiar enough to know the typeset, where things were placed on the page, how the dates are arranged, everything.

Wood: Right. So anyway, my son, who had met Stanton Friedman when he was 15 years old, got interested in this stuff, and he and I became partners.

So we gave a speech at one of the UFO meetings in Connecticut. And at that meeting, they responded by saying, “Wow! This is the first time we’ve seen anything that seems to be analytically evaluated and has an authenticity aspect that is pretty good.”

So I declared that I was going to become an . . . authenticating documents, but in the meantime, another person came out of the woodwork that Stan Friedman had heard from, Timothy Cooper, who lived in Big Bear Lake.

David: Oh, yeah.

Wood: And nobody had ever gone to see Timothy Cooper. So Stan asked me if I’d go see him because I lived closer than he did in Canada.

I said, “Sure”.

So I went to see Timothy Cooper, and Timothy . . . he said he was delighted to have somebody actually pay attention to the fact that he had some leaked classified documents. And he went over the background with them and all that.

Well, that’s kind of a long story, but, in effect, it put me in . . . well-known in the business of being a document authenticator. So I’ve been able to establish that kind of as my expertise area.

And along the way, I got asked by Joe Firmage to make a . . . well, actually, to authenticate his documents, and to . . .

David: Really?

Wood: Yeah.

David: So for those who don’t know, Joe Firmage is this guy who had a very large amount of money who popped up for a while in the late 1990s and wanted to finance UFO investigations.

16 Joe Firmage

Wood: That’s correct.

David: Right. So you actually worked for him?

Wood: Well, I don’t want to say anything on this show that would be inappropriate, but I think that what actually happened is perfectly okay. What happened was that Joe Firmage had heard the word that I had some of these documents that I was trying to authenticate.

So he called me up out of the blue, and he said, “Hi. I’m Joe Firmage.” He said, “I’ve got a yacht in Newport Beach. You live in Newport Beach.” He said, “Could I . . . if I could authenticate those documents, would you be interested in lending them to me?”

And I said, “Well, let me think about that.” And I called up . . . And he said, “Well,” he said, “if you want to check me out, you can check Harold Puthoff. He knows me.” So I hung up with Joe and then called up Hal, and said, “Who is this guy?”

And he said, “Well, he’s a good guy.”

David: Yeah.

Wood: And . . .

Corey: He’s not going to steal the documents, right?

Wood: That’s right.

Corey: That’s what happens a lot.

Wood: So in the meantime, in this conversation, Joe had asked me, “Well, what do you think they’re worth?”

And I said, “I don’t know. They might be worth millions.”

So anyway, I went, had the meeting. My wife, in the meantime, had wondered why I’d been wasting all my time since I retired studying UFOs. So I went down to this meeting, and Joe looked the documents over.

He said, “This is exactly what I want, Dr. Wood. What I’d like to do is I’d like to borrow these, have them authenticated, and if they’re authentic, I’ll print 2,000 copies of them for you under your specifications, and you can have them all back.”

And so I said, “Well, Joe, is that . . . that’s your proposition?”

He said, “Oh, no. I forgot something.” He opened up his briefcase and took out a check for $500,000 already made out to me.

David: Oh, my gosh.

Wood: So I got on the phone with my son, and we couldn’t figure out any reason to not accept the offer.

Corey: Yeah, that’s kind of a hard thing to turn down. Yeah, no strings attached.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Wood: I ran home and showed my wife this check. She said, “How’d the meeting go?”

I said, “Well, here is the answer.”

And she said, “How do you know it’s any good?”

So . . .

Corey: She didn’t mind you looking at UFOs after that.

Wood: That’s right. Exactly right, yeah.

David: Ha, ha.

Wood: So we checked it out. Turns out, it was in the same bank I banked with. And then Monday morning, I went. It was good. Called up Joe and said, “Joe, do you want to go ahead with this deal?”

And he said, “Yes.” He said, “I want you to do that. Cash the check.”

David: Wow!

Wood: So that turned out to be very effective. Joe did everything he said he would do. He got it all printed, helped . . . assigned his company to help work with my son and me for that.

And then he liked the whole idea so much – of the secrecy, of the country, and so forth – that he wanted to do a television documentary called “The Secret”, where we took the essential ingredients of our authenticity procedures and tried to share them on this television documentary.

David: Just to be clear, this is not the movie, “The Secret” that says that you can ask the universe for as much money as you want, and the universe gives you the money?

16a David Corey And Bob

Wood: It’s a different movie. It’s called . . .

Corey: And a different secret. Ha, ha.

David: Ha, ha.

Wood: The full title of the movie is “The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone.”

17 The Secret Movie

David: Okay. So how are you familiar with Corey Goode’s work? Let’s just divert a little bit into that. Have you heard about it online, or how did you find out about what he was saying?

Wood: Well, actually, I hadn’t heard of Corey Goode until a year ago.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah.

Wood: And the reason for that was because I . . . and this relates, actually, to Bill Tompkins. I met Bill Tompkins in 2009. He said he’d been trying to write his autobiography for nearly a decade.

He’d tried with several various editors and writers, and they were never able to squeeze anything out that was like a book. And he was wondering whether I’d be willing to try it.

So we began to become acquainted, and I went through the process of actually taking the words that Bill started with and turning them into a book.

David: Hmm.

Wood: And that’s not a trivial process. Ha, ha.

David: Sure!

Wood: But as the book, “Selected by Extraterrestrials”, got published, it turned out that Michael Salla, who is a well-known researcher and author, had just published a book about the Secret Space Program. And he said he wanted to interview Bill Tompkins, would I help him do that?

So I decided that I want to know something about Salla before I did that. Even though I’d known him some years before, I hadn’t read his recent work. So I bought his book, “The Secret Space Program”.

And that’s where your name, I think, first . . . I first saw . . .

Corey: It first popped up for you.

Wood: Yeah. So I read this book. I said, “Wow! There’s more to this than I thought.” I never imagined there might have been a Secret Space Program.

And then as I started to think about what Bill had been showing me, namely images that he had drawn in 1954 of one kilometer long spacecraft that it might have been the beginnings of a Navy program that could have become something like Solar Warden, which is presumably one of potentially several space programs that may indeed be in existence.

So it’s just in the last year that my mind has suddenly been able to grasp the idea that we might really have had these Secret Space Programs.

If fact, if there’s any one thing I’ve learned now that I didn’t know five years ago, it’s the incredible level of secrecy in this government for this and other subjects.

It’s absolutely incredible that people would . . . I mean, if you tried to tell somebody that the Nazis had a space base on the far side of the Moon in ’45, they’ll look at you as if you’re from some other world.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Wood: So I have tried this technique. If I can convince you that the Nazis had a space base on the Moon in 1945, would you believe everything else I’m going to tell you? Ha, ha, ha.

David: Ha, ha, ha. So Corey, Bob walked in today with a piece of paper printed out, high resolution, of a diagram that Tompkins made of one of these craft that he was working on.

Corey: One of the cigar-shaped ones.

18 Drawing Of Heavy Transport

David: Cigar-shaped, modular. Lots of little blocks that all are built to be able to fit together and build one of these. What was your feeling when you saw that?

19 Cigar Shaped Craft Illustration

Corey: Well, actually, I had . . . before I had seen it, I had worked with an artist to depict one of these craft, and they were very similar.

Wood: Really?

Corey: Very similar. And they were, indeed, very modular. Everything was . . . The whole middle of the craft was . . . The walls could come in real close or it could be pushed way back, and they could build modular rooms to do research in them.

So a lot of what he designed came about.

Wood: Well, one of the things that excites me is the fact that the things that he . . . everything he says he did, what I’ve been able to confirm, it was exactly correct. All the people that he said he knew, I knew those same people.

Corey: And his documentation is just unbelievable.

Wood: Right.

Corey: It’s crazy. I wouldn’t say ‘unbelievable’, I mean, it’s completely believable. I mean, it’s . . . and you verified it.

Wood: But the fact that he was, for example, working in this think tank – that’s what he called it, a think tank, instead of a ‘vault’ – and in this think tank with Lemperer and Wheaton, every so often, they would get a phone call from the Navy.

Well, one of the people who he said occasionally called him was Bobby Ray Inman.

20 Bobby Ray Inman

David: Wow!

Wood: And I checked to find out how old he would have been, and he would have been just starting up in his career, maybe as a lieutenant or something like that. And he was the guy who was telling Tompkins’ group what to do next.

So you put that together with the fact that this kilometer-long craft kind of resembles what the Navy might have build later, would seem to be consistent with the Navy having been involved in that process.

The wide variety of things that Tompkins worked on at TRW is pretty exciting to me. And he said that they had a green light to look on anything that was interesting in the whole world.

You know, how were the pyramids really built? How do you keep somebody living forever or as long as the pharaohs used to live? How do you do that?

And there was nothing that was off limits. How do UFOs work?

And, of course, one of the things that most people are surprised at is that Bill’s . . . his direct testimony, the fact that the RAND Corporation was specifically formed by Douglas in order to study the alien problem.

David: Oh, wow!

Corey: Yeah, that’s pretty big.

Wood: Yeah. But . . . well, my comments on RAND would be that I think they have modified a great deal from their original purpose. I think when they started, they hired two groups. They decided to have a group of people who were given the real data that the Navy had presumably recovered from the 19– . . . the Battle of LA crash.

And then they had another group of people who were skeptical scientists, who would be willing to ask the question of what would it take to have intelligent life? Is it . . . How would you do that?

And it turned out that my uncle, that is from my first wife, was an employee of RAND in the second category. And he and I had many firsthand conversations, and he was the classic skeptical physicist. He tried to prove to me that you can’t travel faster than the speed of light. Nothing will happen.

But now, Bill Tompkins is saying that there was another part of RAND that was studying the real data. And he didn’t know anything more about what RAND was doing though. All he knew is what he was doing in the vault. And what he was doing in the vault was based on what he was being told.

I don’t think he ever claims to have seen any recovered parts.

David: I’m curious about the timing of Tompkins coming forward. I mean, yes, you say he was working on his book for 10 years. But we have Corey, who was given briefings, saying that multiple insiders were going to come forward who would be able to corroborate what he said.

And I’m really curious about your thoughts on . . . I mean, you say that there was no direct involvement in the writing of Tompkins’ book with intelligence services or anything like that. But as far as you know, you’re authorized to say whatever you want to say? You’re cleared to come forward like this?

Wood: Me? Yeah. Yeah, I’m cleared to say anything I want to say.

David: Okay.

Wood: And the only risk I worry about is I don’t want to say anything that would cause a libel suit or anything like that.

David: Sure.

Wood: But other than that, we’re perfectly . . .

Corey: And I’m sure there’s other classified things you worked on that are . . . don’t pertain to this that you can’t talk about.

Wood: Well, actually, the only classified thing that I worked on was really not very exciting. You know, since we were experts in ballistic missile defense, this group I managed was experts in the Soviet ballistic missile defense, and that’s what I studied, is how did the Soviets defend against our missiles.

Well, it’s no big deal. You’d expect there to be . . . them to have a program like that. I mean, it would be classified with the details of how they did it and the fact that actually, some of their ideas were better than ours. That would be classified. Ha, ha, ha.

David: Well, we also had a conversation, and I might be throwing you in a little bit by saying this, but . . . where Tompkins told me that he’s still on the inside.

Wood: I’m a little mystified about why Bill won’t tell me 100% of everything. He does show that he is still . . . appears to be invited to the annual West Conference that the Navy has, with the clearances that get him into rooms he shouldn’t be into.

And, in fact, that happened just this year. Someone has determined that even at his age, he’s perfectly willing to be told about things that nobody knows about. He went through . . . into one room where he saw information on Solar Warden.

David: Really?

Wood: Yeah.

David: At one of these classified meetings?

Wood: The last one.

David: Really?

Wood: Yeah.

David: Wow!

Wood: There was nobody there but contractors. So . . .

David: Are you aware that Corey worked in Solar Warden?

Wood: Well, yeah. I assumed that.

Corey: Right.

Wood: Yeah.

Corey: That was the ’80s project.

Wood: But did you, Corey, go to deal with contractors in the program?

Corey: No. There were civilians. There were civilian . . . what they called ‘eggheads’, scientists and engineers and that type of thing.

Wood: Yeah.

Corey: But there was never discussion of who they worked for corporation-wise, if they did work for a corporation, or if they were just recruited.

Wood: I see.

Corey: So I don’t know if any of those people worked at any of these defense . . .

Wood: But the assignment you had would not have given you, normally, much information about the management structure.

Corey: Right. Right. You really didn’t learn a whole lot about anything a tier ahead – above you. And you would learn a little bit about some of the people you were working with, but information didn’t flow real freely when it . . . on command structure.

Wood: Yeah.

David: If Tompkins is still having these meetings, and he still has his clearance, and you seem to believe that’s true . . .

Wood: Yeah, I don’t think he’s being told anything very specific on a regular basis. He claims that he was told by Webster to tell it all. I think that’s on the back cover of the book.

David: Ah. And who’s Webster, now?

Wood: He’s an admiral that he knew personally, I think, when he lived in Oregon, perhaps.

David: Okay.

Wood: A retired admiral.

David: Okay.

Wood: And he said, “Tell it all!” And so that’s why Bill feels comfortable in telling it all.

David: I want to ask you just a really brief opinion question, and that is what was it like for you to encounter Corey’s testimony and see so many astonishing crossovers to what you had been gathering from Tompkins in the preceding seven years? What was that like for you?

Wood: I’ve concluded that your involvement could conceivably have been the ultimate result of what Tompkins might have started. But my feeling is that Tompkins didn’t have any way of following that in detail.

I really don’t think that he . . . and I talked to him today, actually. I didn’t ask him this question. But I don’t think that he had any knowledge of a Navy space program while it was being developed at all.

David: All right. Well, this is all the time we have for in this episode of “Cosmic Disclosure”. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. This is a really valuable window into the history of UFOlogy.

And here we have somebody who was right on the front lines of this fight for Full Disclosure, which I do believe we are going to get, and this show is part of that process.

I’m David Wilcock, here with Dr. Bob Wood and Corey Goode, and I thank you for watching.

The Matrix Program is Crashing

Source: Zen Gardner

by Zen Gardner

It is. It’s outdated programming and the engineers of deceit can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding their capabilities. You know how your phone or computer’s software goes out of date, and new programs can’t operate? It’s the same thing. The imitators of creation can’t maintain a current operating system any longer in the face of this Universal shift.

And it’s driving them nuts.

Just look at the desperation we’re witnessing. Crude military and police state maneuvers are only one aspect. The biggest clue is seeing the previously incremental and now hyperbolic use of monstrous lies that are becoming so transparent and unbelievable to just about anyone. Agreed, there are the entranced apathetics who swallow anything, but we’re witnessing a meltdown before our eyes.

If you can’t see it, look again.

You Want Proof?

First of all you’re in the wrong mindset if you’re looking only for data or left brained evidence, although it’s out there for those who can see. When we come to understand the vibrational workings of our holographic reality everything takes on new dimensions and opens us up to understanding these more esoteric notions.

Those with hearts that can see feel this. I say hearts because much of what we need to grasp or at least track is intuitive. Taking all of the information and dot connecting and personal spiritual experience together paints very clear pictures, we just need to trust what we’re seeing and learning. When we explore these realities we’re sensing we start to notice how they’re manifesting.

Forbidding free speech, shooting civilians with no cause, obvious mega bullshit in the news, wars with no possible end, deliberate poisoning, starvation and dumbing down of populations? I mean, c’mon.

But it’s kind of a conscious or spiritual symbiosis we’re experiencing. They all work together. But ignoring the spiritual and metaphysical as “evidence” in conjunction with such obvious manifestations is why this world has devolved to its current state. Previous enlightened civilizations and earth connected tribes took this to heart. Our current imposed paradigm does nothing of the sort.

The Computer Analogy

It’s just like expired or outdated software. Their programs can’t keep up with the changes the cosmos is bringing to our planet and race. That’s exactly it. While they’ve literally gotten away with murder for millennia and are working furiously to enforce their “programs” at so many levels, the time’s up. Sorry Charlie, but you’ve been superceded, or should I say “super seeded”. The new upgraded paradigm is taking over fellas. It’s just a matter of time before your whole wicked system crashes.

The shift is moving through their lower level grip and on into massive empowerment and transcension beyond the net they’ve laid for humanity.

It’s got to be frustrating the hell out of these creeps. Imagine, the very thing you’re trying to encase in every way possible keeps morphing before your eyes. They can throw up matrix program after program but their perceived petri dish subjects just keep finding ways to survive and grow. What irony the Universe has.

Hence the Transhuman Agenda – Things They Think They Can Control

Humanity is getting out of hand, in their eyes. All the while we’re being empowered – by our own awakening and resultant commitment to truth, but also by a fundamental vibrational shift we’re undergoing. No savior, no galactic battlestars. It’s us, and an organic consciousness evolution at the deepest level with a living, expanding and enveloping Universe.

Awakening with Creation Itself.

Anyone who’s woken up to almost any degree understands everything is interconnected. Even “modern” physics is arriving at this reality, all while mainstream thinking ignores the profound ramifications. That we’re all interconnected not just as a race, but with the earth and the cosmos in such a fundamental way is a game changer. While this has been known for eons, our current control model cannot even begin to acknowledge this fact. To these oligarchs and self-appointed maniacal masterminds, no matter what powers they’re summoning, that truth is something apparently well beyond their debased comprehension.

It’s out of their league.

Sure, they have their satanic rituals and tap into other dimensional entities, but it’s child’s play compared to the True picture of our all Powerful Creative Universe. That they live in rebellion against this Force is a known reality for millennia, and even alluded to by spiritual traditions and native shamanic teachings alike for ages. Bringing this understanding “down to earth” is another story.

This is why the transhumanism agenda is so important to them. This merging of man with machine has been in the works for a long time. Clipping the link with our humanity by short circuiting the human creation is an obvious next step for these would-be controllers. Agreed, they’ve made it a fad and carefully groomed acceptance of such a trend, but it’s going to fritz and die in the junkyard of temporal existence. It can’t stand, never mind last, in such a creative force field.

Time will bear this out, as has happened to previous off-course civilizations.

Is This For Real?

It’s up to us. We have everything going for us. But our will and actions need to be aligned with this transition. We can ignore it or respond. The sanctity of our free will cannot be violated. Either we get paddling and ride the wave or it crashes on us and perhaps dissipates on the shores of time for lack of recognition or response. And the whole cycle may need to be repeated. Not a nice destiny.

I don’t know.

I know I’m not coming back. I’m done with this insanity and am doing my damnedest to change things this time around. If we all did it won’t get repeated, but time will tell. Not many seem to be willing to respond, even though their lives and their children and grandchildren’s lives are at stake. Talk about self imposed defeat and debilitation.

Either way, the matrix will collapse. But the true civilization of love, peace, harmony and abundance awaits manifesting.

Is it time?

I think so. It is for me.

How about you?

Love, Zen


Source: Exopolitics

Vladimir Putin speaks with his hand on the Constitution during his inauguration ceremony as new Russia's president in Moscow Monday, May 7, 2012.  Putin has been sworn in as Russia's president for a third term after four years as prime minister. (AP Photo/RIA Novosti Kremlin, Vladimir Rodionov, Presidential Press Service)

Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has witnessed a remarkable rise back to becoming a first rate military power capable of challenging U.S. hegemony around the world. More importantly, Russia is a key element of a global alliance (BRICS) in challenging plans for a New World Order contrived by banking elites that form an “Invisible Government”.

This Phoenix-like resurgence of Russia has led to competing narratives about it being either a hope for a better planetary future, or conversely an illusory opposition to U.S. hegemony as part of a contrived power dialectic controlled by the Invisible Government. This has led to competing camps who either champion Russia’s policies at a global level, or criticize them as being little more than controlled opposition to the Invisible Government.

Helping chart a reasonable path through the competing narratives about Russia is a very well thought out article by Dr. Moti Nissani titled “The Russian Phoenix: Hope or Illusion?” Published on February 3, 2016, Nissani examines many of Russia’s ambivalent approaches to helping its citizens, global debt bondage, mass media, the environment, etc.

What Nissani doesn’t do, however, is consider the exopolitical element behind the Invisible Government. In short, exopolitics is the study of extraterrestrial life and its political implications. If extraterrestrials secretly influence governments, as many researchers and whistleblowers claim, then a study of Russia’s opposition to the Invisible Government needs to consider this possibility.


Nissani starts his article with an anecdote of widespread perceptions about Russia by many around the world and numerous analysts:

When I visit a barbershop in Beirut or Amman, and am asked ‘where are you from?’ (It used to be a painfully confusing and complex question to answer, just a few years ago), I now simply reply: “Russia,” and people come and hug me and say, ‘Thank you.’

It is not because Russia is perfect. It is not perfect–as no country on Earth could or should be. But it is because it is standing once more against the Empire, and the Empire has brought so many horrors, so much humiliation, to so many people; to billions of people around the world . . . and to them, to so many of them, anyone who is standing against the Empire, is a hero. This I heard recently, first hand, from people in Eritrea, China, Russia, Palestine, Ecuador, Cuba, Venezuela, and South Africa, to name just a few places.

Read the rest of the article here

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Draco Moon Base – Discussing Solar Systemic Changes, Military Abduction, and More

Source: Discerning The Mystery

By: Shem El-Jamal

This episode of the Wisdom Teachings series seems to mark a point of special significance for myself and most likely many others. It seems that in recent times, events have been aligning in unexpected ways beyond those of previous instances of synchronicity. Events now seem to synchronize on a multidimensional level—not simply consisting of two points of correlation, but of multiple points which are situationally independent from one another.

Additionally, thoughts now seem to be manifesting at an ever-quickening rate. These accelerations may be a result of the collective consciousness of humanity unifying in greater ways than ever before. If this is true, it may mean that our collective ability to change our life course and the course of our world may be increasing as well—opening us up to possibilities never experienced before. This concentration and unification of creative potential may allow us to move forward more efficiently on our journey of evolution.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

It has been on my mind to write an article on the numerous testimonies we have heard from Secret Space Program whistleblowers. This article would concentrate on the subject of the abduction phenomenon, combining these testimonies with evaluations of my own experiences and painting a 3-dimensional picture of the situation as it stands. I am currently working on that article which parallels this one quite nicely and am excited to see how it turns out. For right now, I’m eager to discuss the contents of this episode.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock: The Dark Fleet

The subject of the Draco moon base has come up in past episodes of Wisdom Teachings as well as in many episodes of the Cosmic Disclosure series. We have also heard the testimonies of Dr. Michael Salla, William Tompkins, Pete Peterson, and Corey Goode on this same subject and may have been surprised to see how well these numerous, independent testimonies aligned.

We have these four men who had completely independent experiences at different times. Each of their experiences made them aware of the extra-planetary operations of both human and E.T. groups, and from the combination of their various disclosures, we have substantially corroborating evidence which helps prove the phenomenon of abduction to be true to our present situation.

Setting the Stage

David Wilcock starts the discussion off with a reminder on the intelligence we received from retired Colonel William Tompkins. We may recall Tompkins’ experiences at the Douglas Air Company think tank where he worked on back-engineering Nazi technology which was given to the Nazis by Reptilian E.T.s. These Nazis were observed by the American spying operations to be receiving assistance from the Draco Reptilians in developing propulsion technology, weaponry, transportation technology and more. These Draco were also found to have been assisting the Nazis in establishing their own base on the Antarctic continent dating back to as early as 1913 to 1915.

The Nazis would develop their war machine to the point that they no longer needed to conquer the Earth. Instead they set their sights elsewhere throughout the solar system—using Antarctica as a springboard, and then traveling to the moon and other locations. At each step of the way, the Draco were assisting the development of Nazi technology. It was from these bases, and by these Nazi characters that many of the military abduction and human experimentation programs would begin to take shape.

Exopolitics – Obama Report to Congress Supports Whistleblower Claims of Secret Space War

(Wilcock adds that Pete Peterson along with numerous other sources have come forward to confirm the existence of the moon base and the operations that have taken place there.)

An artist’s depiction of the Nazi/Dark Fleet lunar base
Cosmic Disclosure – William Tompkins Bio – Show Transcript, Plus Extended Commentary from Dr. Michael Salla

David Wilcock made mention of a point made last week that the massive data hacks against the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) could blow the whole issue of military abduction wide open. Consider the fact that this hack breached the entire personnel database of the U.S. government, including the files of those with security clearance. This would mean that potentially everyone who has participated in government of Secret Space Program operations no longer have the secrecy needed to hide any crimes they may have committed.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Countdown to Full Disclosure – Examining End-Game Strategies in the Battle for Disclosure

From the OPM data breach, we may see numerous revelations come forward. Additionally, we have a multitude of new whistleblowers coming forward to further substantiate the already significant intelligence we have received thus far.

The first article mentioned in this discussion focuses on the subject of these OPM hacks and is written by one individual who was directly affected by this breach of privacy. The article of interest comes to us from the website,

I am one of the millions of federal employees who just got hacked


This month, the federal government disclosed that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) had been infiltrated by hackers who have been inside their systems for over a year. The hackers got access to the records of millions of federal employees. According to media reports, intelligence officials think the Chinese are responsible and that they are building “a vast database of federal workers.

Art Bowker is one of those millions of employees. He’s a federal employee in Ohio who has written two books, the most recent one dealing with “Investigating Internet Crimes.” This is what he’s worried about. As told to Kashmir Hill.

I heard about the hack last week, and I thought, “That’s not good.”

They sent me an email two days ago telling me that my data appears to be compromised and that I’ll be enrolled in a program for credit monitoring that covers me up to a million dollars. I called the contractor from OPM that was listed in the email, a 1-800 number, and wanted to know how big the breach was. Did they just get names? They couldn’t tell me. It’s like someone broke into my house and they won’t tell me what they took.

They didn’t tell me exactly what information was exposed, but this is the agency that does background checks and security clearances. They’re the agency that asks people who know you, “What do you know about this person that could be used to blackmail them?”

If [the hackers] also got people’s security clearances, they will have a boatload of information.

They don’t just have everything they need to steal my identity — my Social Security number, date of birth, and everywhere I’ve lived— but all of that information for my wife, and my children, and even my grandchildren. If people were married multiple times, former spouses are in there. When I said, “What about my family?” Their response was, “Are they federal employees?” I said no, and they said “The credit monitoring is only for federal employees.” My identity is covered but my wife’s isn’t. If something happens to her credit, it’s going to affect my credit.

When I requested a copy of it, it disclosed what a supervisor who I didn’t get along with said about me. She said I had a drinking problem, but it wasn’t substantiated at all. They asked how she knew and she said, “Someone told me that.” There was no other evidence. But that’s in my background investigation and I can’t get it removed.

This article spelled out just how massive of a security failure the OPM hack represented. We may compare this failure to that of the NSA, where security personnel placed all of their information in one central location. This later allowed for easy infiltration and collection of this information by Edward Snowden and his team. Though we cannot say for certain why such carelessness went unchecked for such a long time, we can be grateful that it did go unchecked, as these security failures have allowed for large disclosures of government crimes to be released.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Cabal’s Super Hack – Revealing the Gross Vulnerability of a Once-Power Crime Syndicate

Wilcock makes mention of the fact that this hack included the sensitive and personal information of roughly 14 million government employees.  Consequently, a large number of people were left extremely unhappy about their privacy being so poorly managed by government security.

We may also remember that all information used to obtain security clearances was stored at the Office of Personnel Management.  This means that because of these breaches, national security is no longer valid.  To add, all oaths of secrecy taken by these individuals are invalidated, as there is no longer any secrecy to keep. In other words, there is no reason for anyone to remain silent about their activities within classified programs, as secrecy has already been compromised. With this in mind, it may be a wise idea for these government and SSP operatives to come forward with the truth now in order to avoid prosecution and consequent charges when the mass arrests take place, according to Wilcock.

This is an example of the documents included in an official background check.  Some of these documents can be as long as 100 pages in length.
American Mind Control: The Cost of Secrecy Part 1 – Examining the Effects of Secrecy, Propaganda, and Organized, White-Collar Crime

This subject reminds me of the testimony of one whistleblower who came forward in 2004 and revealed the truth behind the fascist foreign policies of the West. The individual to whom I’m referring is John Perkins, who is best known for his books Confessions of an Economic Hitman.Within this book, Perkins details his life working for the NSA as a….

Read the Rest of the Article Here