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This share is to help people realize that death is not the end. Life continues after we leave this plane of existence. The fear of death is an illusion; one that keeps humanity entrenched in negativity. Negativity festers within the fear of death; there are so many practices, beliefs and ideas that are founded upon the fear of death. Remove the illusion of death and it turns out to not be such a big deal. 

My viewpoint of death differs from many; where many see tragedies I see blessings. Where many focus on how one departed I focus on what they’ve contributed. Mourning is a natural part of the process; but we must not make it the end itself. How one dies is irrelevant, what one leaves is important. Funerals should be times of celebration, not a negative pity party. When loved ones depart this realm they don’t cease to exist; they live on. Just because you cannot physically interact with them doesn’t mean they’re gone.

Life comes and goes; as with all things time changes all. Embrace the change and let go of your fear of death. When you successfully do so there is nothing that can hold you down. You can stand up for what is right because you know death isn’t the end. The most influential people in our history stood up for good regardless of the consequences to their earthly vessel because they knew death wasn’t the end. It allows you to truly plant your feet upon a foundation that stands the test of time. 

The fact of the matter is after the event occurs many of your loved ones will be granted the opportunity to return to Earth. The veil between the living and the dead will be thin enough to allow many souls to come back to earth in full remembrance. I’ve heard that the Light Forces can clone bodies for lightworkers as well. That is of course if you wish to come back; some may choose to go to other places. The opportunities that await us all will amaze us all. We will be living in a paradise very soon. Until then, be rest assured that even if you were to die in this moment, you would live on. This is a 100% FACT!

Every single one of you is an eternal spirit of light. You cannot cease to exist; non-existence exists in a separate realm and thus since you do in fact exist you cannot cease to exist because life cannot deny itself. Life can only acknowledge itself. Become aware of your infinite nature and see the beauty that you are.

Timothy Frappier