Free Energy Technology: Zero Point Energy Generator

Updated 9-8-2017

Just saw that this guy actually faked this free energy device. He wanted to make a point that these things can be faked very easily. Which is certainly the case for many people; including myself. I wasn’t disappointed that it was fake; more surprised. I forgot all about this video; I’m always skeptical from the get go; but I KNOW 100% that there are free energy devices being used on Earth. Until the time that’s it all revealed; we’ll just have to tolerate these individuals a little bit longer.

Timothy Frappier 

Source: Energy Fanatics

In the following short video, an electrical and electronics engineer explains and shows how his “free” energy generator works.

He refers to his invention as the zero point generator and claims that it can harness the unlimited energy within space. His free energy generator is conveniently small in size and has a simple but interesting design. However, does it actually work? Based on the content of the video, there is not enough information to determine if it is a working free energy generator. However, the video is very interesting to watch.

Free Energy From “Zero Point Energy”


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