Never Before Revealed In Full: 1st Ever Written Evidence on RAF Bentwaters UFO Sighting

Source: Earth Mystery News

Larry Letter envelopIn this exclusive Earth Mystery News video interview, Larry Warren both reads and comments on his original letter written to his mother January 6, 1981 reporting a UFO sighting at the R.A.F. Bentwaters base, otherwise known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident, predating the now famous Halt Memorandum by a week and is the FIRST written piece of original evidence existing on the topic.

In December 1980, Larry Warren was a member of the Air Force security police stationed at RAF Bentwaters, a NATO base in Great Britain. On the night of the 28th he was on guard duty when he was taken by truck to join other Air Force personnel to investigate a disturbance in a Rendlesham Forest about five miles away, which turned out to be a landed UFO with 3 Beings who appeared from the unidentified craft. This was the third night of UFO activity in the area and by far the most profound. When the men were debriefed the next day, they were warned to tell no one about what they had seen-as “bullets are cheap.”

What is of profound significance here is that this happened in the forest between the two NATO Bases where nuclear missiles were being stored illegally in violation of the Geneva Convention. The significance of secrecy for this event is that this was a nuclear tampering UFO case. The (ONI) Office of Naval Intelligence and the (AFSS) Air Force Security Service came to the base to brief the military witnesses and impose a veil of secrecy that continues until this day.

And so began what would turn out to be the best documented and most significant military-UFO incident in history.

Known as the man who blew open this case publicly, Larry Warren reads the letter he wrote to his mother when he was 19 years old and reflects about what he said for this EMN exclusive interview.