The Universe Is A Single Photon

Source: Discerning The Mystery

It has been discussed in previous articles how the universe is provably composed of one geometric form. This form has been shown to be an extremely interesting anomaly—consisting of both the nature of the infinitesimal and the infinite.

As we have learned, this anomaly is full of potential, and even though it is essentially one form, this form can yield a virtual infinity of possible substructures and superstructures. This concept of the Mandelbrot set was groundbreaking the moment it was discovered. Ever since then, it has been making bigger and bigger waves in the various disciplines of alternative science.

The Photon – Seed of the Universe – A Digest of the Significance of this Foundational Particle – Commentary by David Wilcock

The relationship between the Mandelbrot set, the sphere, the spherical torus, the golden ration, and the nested Platonic solids all combine to form the universal geometry we have come so used to seeing. As it turns out, there is a fundamental form which is said to have started this dynamic combination of universal structures and lifeforms. This is the form of the photon itself.

This article is a breakdown of the topics discussed in the Wisdom Teachings series on the subject of the photon. More specifically, it may help to prove the point that the structure of the photon has manifested numerous times in the area of physics. As we will see, scientists have made monumental discoveries on this fundamental wave/particle. This material can be rhetorically dense and complex. However, once we see the applicability of sacred geometry in the form of the photon, the explanation will seem incredibly simple.

The Macro and the Micro

The attempt to conceptualize the macrocosmic and the microcosmic as being one and the same can be a challenge for some. The unity between these worlds can seem multidimensional and significant on numerous different levels, and they are. However, if we consider the numerous manifestations of the sacred geometric forms discussed in past articles, these concepts may be more easily understood.

Geometric Light and Fractal Consciousness – Exploring the Universal Pronunciations of the Infinite and the Infinitesimal – Commentary by David Wilcock

When we consider the universe at its farthest known reaches, we have what is commonly considered dust, or the fine particulation of the original generation of the universe. This dust is the product of the great expansion that created the universe. From the farthest reaches inward, it is very likely that we will see the exact same geometry at every level of scale down to the central, microcosmic photon which the Law of One says began the entirety.

According to the Law of One, the photon is a living being—an essential consciousness from which the entire universe fractalized. The form of this photon expanded outward into the virtual infinity of existence. This single photon has been discussed in the Wisdom Teachings series as having the shape of the Mandelbulb. That discussion was descriptive. However, the fractalization of this form has another essential structure along with the Mandelbulb.

The Mandelbulb shows strong similarity to the close-packed spheres which form the nested Platonic solids.


Sonic Geometry – A Study on the Amazing Secret Hidden within Sound Frequency – Video, Links and Commentary

We have discussed the significance of the merkaba in past articles and how it is this form that can be seen in countless ancient, sacred artworks from around the world. We see the Buddhist and Sri Yantra mandalas, the Star of David, and ancient artworks from numerous Judeo-Christian churches. These depictions of the star tetrahedron may be the key to understanding the form of the photon. In fact, in the episode of interest, we are given significant proof that it very much is.

There are numerous ways to prove that the photon has the form of the star tetrahedron. The first is mathematics. The thought of any amount of math may seem intimidating and maybe a little boring to some, but we will keep the subject simple. (For those who like more complexity, links are provided.)

Wikipedia – Planck constant

We have likely heard of the concept known as Planck’s constant. This was the discovery of Max Planck who proposed the universe could be tiled out into cubes of a certain size. However, this is the newer understanding of this constant according to the new model of physics. The more traditional side of Planck’s constant involves a unit of energy. This unit is simply understood as the following equation.

Planck’s constant

To put it simply this is an extremely small number. The way we might resolve this energetic constant to three-dimensional space is with the fact that in the quantum world, energy travels in packets. These packets travel in segmented lines, and each of the segments has a size and distance at which the packets travel. This is how we might resolve the traditional definition and the newer definition of this constant. We could liken this to planning a trip.

If we were to go on a road trip, it would not only be important to know how much gas to put into the tank, we would also need to know how big the car is so that we could fit all of our baggage. Simply put, there are numerous factors to energy and motion, and each of these must be considered, not just one or another.

Sacred Architecture – Discussing the Significance of Sacred Geometry in Art and Architecture – Commentary by David Wilcock

So Planck’s constant involved tiling spacetime out into quantum cubes with equal height, width, and depth, giving us a standard of measurement. Another interesting aspect of this constant is that the greater the energetic input into one of these packets of energy, the bigger the packet becomes. That would be like our car actually growing in size as we filled it with gas for the road trip.

So when enough energy is put into a certain quantum wave/particle, that wave/particle we grow proportionally to the energy applied to it. With this in mind, we may consider a little experiment. What happens when we apply the photon to Planck’s constant?

One interesting constant we find is that whenever energy is pumped into a quantum particle, its size increases by 2/3s. This fraction should be familiar as this point. What object has been said to take up exactly 2/3s the volume of a cube? The merkaba. Let’s look back to our equation. The value of his understood as… h = 6.626 x 10-34 J/s where J/s is joules per second—the standard for measuring energy. We may know that 6.6666… is exactly 2/3s of ten.


The trend of planking

Global Quantum Communications – No Longer the Stuff of Fiction?

David Wilcock explains that the reason we get 6.626 in Planck’s constant is that there is a slight contraction of the merkaba as it squeezed into the area of cube. The technical term for this contraction is known as Coulomb’s Law (Coulomb’s equation), and this is a calculation which is commonly applied in the science of quantum physics. So there is this slight discrepancy, but being off by a factor of only 0.04 still paints a very….

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Wisdom Teachings and the Karmic Influences of Pyramid Energy – Discussing the Aetheric Effects of Pyramid Energy with David Wilcock

Source: Discerning The Mystery

Wisdom Teachings and the Karmic Influences of Pyramid Energy – Discussing the Aetheric Effects of Pyramid Energy with David Wilcock


What is Ascension? We have heard of this term used in numerous places, in numerous contexts, and with multiple ideas attached to it. But what does it truly mean? What are its origins and how do we ensure that we are doing our due diligence to attain it?
This article is somewhat of a continuation of the topics discussed in the Wisdom Teachings episode entitled, “Build your own Pyramid,” and features some of the most interesting and astounding effects of pyramid technology. These topics get to the bottom of at least one aspect of the ascension process and gives clues as to how we can accelerate our own journey of evolution.

Click here for Part 1…

Wisdom Teachings and the Practicals of Pyramid Science – A Breakdown of the Studies of David Wilcock – Learning the Specifics of How to Jump-start the Light-Body

The topic of pyramid science is one of extreme depth—so much so that this time around, it required more than one article for an episode. That, and I did not want to keep my readers waiting any longer. On a personal note, I have been experiencing some extreme writer’s block as well as some issues with low energy. This was in combination with a two-week period of non-stop, fast-paced world events all taking place in rapid succession. So being as mentally stuck as I was, combined with still possessing a strong desire to assist in the disclosure process, I found no other alternative than to give the story in whatever form that I could.

It is my hope that after some good meditation and some hard-core nature walks, I will be ready for more heart-pumping, mind-blasting articles for many to benefit from. This method seems to be working so far. So, let’s see what comes of it—on with the karmic influences of pyramid energy.

The Idea of Ascension

The concept of ascension is a very hot topic in present day societies. This is due to the numerous prophecies which all point to our present time period as being crucial for human development and evolution into higher states of consciousness. From the Hopi prophecies to the Law of One test, this present time period is to be the final deciding factor of how our evolutionary course is to progress.
The Law of One text refers to this time as “graduate” or the “harvest,” meaning that this is a time during which all souls must experience according to their own choice. When we are ready, we will experience an expansion of consciousness, of awareness, and of overall being. Our definition of existence may completely change as we develop and move along our path of discovery as beings of light.
This concept of graduation is spoken on in numerous passages within the Law of One. Below is one such passage which gives a rather clear understanding of what it is to progress to higher states.
47.5Questioner: Then at fourth-density graduation into fifth is there anything like the percentages you gave for third-density graduation into fourth for polarization?
Ra: I am Ra. There are, in your modes of thinking, responses we can make, which we shall make. However, the important point is that the graduations from density to density do occur. The positive/negative polarity is a thing which will, at the sixth level, simply become history. Therefore, we speak in an illusory time continuum when we discuss statistics of positive versus negative harvest into fifth. A large percentage of fourth-density negative entities continue the negative path from fourth- to fifth-density experience, for without wisdom the compassion and desire to aid other-self is not extremely well-informed. Thus though one loses approximately two percent moving from negative to positive during the fourth-density experience we find approximately eight percent of graduations into fifth density those of the negative.
47.6Questioner: Well, what I was actually asking was if 50% is required for graduation from third to fourth in the positive sense, 95% is required for graduation in the negative sense, does this have to more closely approach 100% in both cases for graduation from fourth to fifth? Does an entity have to be 99% polarized for negative and maybe 80% polarized for positive graduation from fourth to fifth?

Ra: I am Ra. We perceive the query now.

To give this in your terms is misleading for there are, shall we say, visual aids or training aids available in fourth density which automatically aid the entity in polarization while cutting down extremely upon the quick effect of catalyst. Thus the density above yours must take up more space/time.

The percentage of service to others of positively oriented entities will harmoniously approach 98% in intention. The qualifications for fifth density, however, involve understanding. This then, becomes the primary qualification for graduation from fourth to fifth density. To achieve this graduation the entity must be able to understand the actions, the movements, and the dance. There is no percentage describable which measures this understanding. It is a measure of efficiency of perception. It may be measured by light. The ability to love, accept, and use a certain intensity of light thus creates the requirement for both positive and negative fourth to fifth harvesting.

This passage primarily refers to the graduation from third to fourth density as well as from fourth to fifth. According to the text, for the third to fourth density graduation, there is the task of choosing polarity between service to others and service to self. As many of us know, these are the choices of positive and negative orientation. A soul can either choose to love and live to be compassionate, or they can live to love only themselves and to view themselves as the center of the universe. According to the text, these are both acceptable paths. However, since the service-to-self path requires a 95% polarity, this is not a very achievable path for many.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Prepare for Ascension

Only those who completely abandon all of humanity and become the equivalent of a mass murderer can even begin to be successful on this path. However, no matter how successful an individual becomes on the negative path, they will always be consumed by their distinctive lifestyle. In other words, their destruction is always returned to them in full.

The positive path is one of care and concern for the whole of society. To put it simply, it is a path of learning love through how an individual takes care of others. Through this path, the individual constantly develops a greater understanding by means of renewable creation and expansion. As the soul progresses to fourth density, the curriculum becomes a bit more in depth, according to the text.

There is much more to learn in the fourth density as compared…

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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Foundations of Pyramid Science – The Most In-Depth Pyramid Study in the Series Thus Far

Source: Discerning The Mystery

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Foundations of Pyramid Science – The Most In-Depth Pyramid Study in the Series Thus Far

This episode of Wisdom Teachings reminded me of why I have appreciated the series overall. In this discussion, David Wilcock takes a divergence off of the topic of disclosure and delves back into the area of the sacred sciences. Both of these focuses of study can be equally important in our education of the world and the universe around us. However, it is also important to have a well-rounded variety of interests.

Both the choices of conspiracy analysis and of the sacred sciences can play an important role in our process of learning and growth. Personally, I find conspiracies to be very informative and interesting to learn about. However, in order to exercise the mind, the challenge of understanding multidisciplinary scientific concepts can have its own benefit. Among these multifaceted subjects, we may find few that are more complex and yet fulfilling than that of pyramid science.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Pyramids and Ascension – Summary, Commentary, and Links

The past studies on pyramids covered by the Wisdom Teachings series were some of the most informative data sets I have personally seen in a good while. These covered Russian pyramid research and the international history of the construction of pyramids in both ancient and in recent times. Within this discussion, David Wilcock took a new step in explaining the intricate concepts behind pyramid technology.

As he explained, Wilcock actually saved some of his best research from past talks on pyramids until now, saying that there is just enough time to complete the subject before continuing on the disclosure timeline. Within the discussion, Wilcock sets out to prove that light in the form of photons, gravity, spacetime, and electrical charge are all interrelated and that all of these relate to pyramid technology in amazing ways. He also revealed the long-hidden secret that time is an illusion, that the universe is holographic in nature and is comprised of a series of fractal geometric structures which define form at every level of scale.

Untold Secrets

For over half a century, the corporate media has controlled our common perception of reality. Throughout this time, there have been numerous subjects which have been deliberately and meticulously pruned from the typical narrative of the mainstream media. We may realize the reality of the UFO coverup, of the financial scams of central banking, and of various untold discoveries within alternative sciences. However, there are few subjects that hold more potential for paradigm shift than that of pyramid science.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Russian Pyramid Research Parts 1 and 2

This hidden science is that of torsion physics and as it turns out, this science may hold the ability to change everything we know about our present world. However, the data needed to prove the fact of pyramid science is spread throughout numerous scientific disciplines. They are fragmented and interwoven between these numerous scientific focuses making them virtually undetectable to those who depend upon conventional science alone.

We have the disciplines of chemistry, quantum physics, biology, astrophysics, climatology, and geology. All of these disciplines hold within them the keys to understanding pyramid sciences. Yet none of these alone are enough to explain the all-encompassing foundational nature of torsion physics.

Defining the Concepts

As we may remember, the word pyramid originates from the root words pyre and amid, or fire in the middle, and is also derived from the words, house of energy. We may also remember that these pyramids were found to collect gravity and sustain gravitic torsion fields.

According to Dr. Nassim Haramein’s model in theoretical physics, gravity is the creative force which forms matter at a fundamental level. This means that in order for any matter to exist, this constant flow of spacetime into the nucleic center of everything from the atom must be constant. In other words, the atom has its foundational components of the proton/nucleus and the electron cloud, but requiring the continuous flow of spacetime/gravity in order to exist, and all matter at every scale functions in this same way.

Youtube – Can we manipulate gravity? Nassim Haramein explains LIVE on radio

Wilcock adds a few concepts to this idea. These came from a groundbreaking paper written by Dr. Oliver Crane titled, “Central Oscillator and Space-Quanta-Medium.” In this paper, Dr. Crane states that the manifestation of photons is the direct result of the flow of gravity into an object’s center of mass. If this is true, it means that the pyramid is not only a gravity/spacetime collector, but a photon collector and emitter as well. It may even be that these photons are the origin of the ideas of the fire in the middle and the house of energy.

Inside Zero Point Energy

An example of the relationship between photons and gravity as black holes absorb everything including light
Nassim Haramein – Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields

We may also remember the concept of gravity as three-dimensional in that it flows into all spherical objects equally from all sides. This renders Einstein’s model of relativity with a problem. The Einsteinian model of gravity has been shown to be somewhat incomplete since its introduction. This inaccurate representation of gravity was a subject I wrote about from the previous episode of Wisdom Teachings titled, “Pyramid Power – Fire in the Middle.” There was one subject from this episode that I elaborated upon which was relative to Einstein’s theories on gravity. Below is an excerpt from that article.

The Fluid Universe – A New Model of Relativity

Dr. Nassim Haramein is a well-accomplished physicist who has rewritten many of the fundamental ideas which most scientists formerly took for granted. Nassim had a difficult time in early school, as the lessons within science didn’t quite make sense to him. There were areas of consideration which the classes did not cover.

A depiction of the 2D model of gravity

As he progressed in his education and career, he found that many of these questions were still left unanswered by the scientific mainstream. So he set out to answer them himself. This is the situation in which his most profound discoveries in quantum physics were made.

The action of 2D gravity upon planetary bodies

Nassim Haramein theorized that space-time was a fluid, though these findings seemed to be contrary to Einsteinian relativity in a number of ways. Einsteinenvisioned that space-time was something similar to a sheet or a flexible plane, and that gravity was a result of the existence of the planetary and astral bodies which sit on top of this sheet.

As David Wilcock pointed out, there is a problem with this model because it would only work on a single plane. Unless gravity only worked on this single plane within space, this model is inaccurate. Gravity is omnidirectional. It doesn’t happen on just one plane like a deformed sheet. It works no matter the arrangement, or the angle of interaction between two bodies.

So what’s the solution? The solution is that relativity needs a bit of tweaking, and this is exactly what Nassim Haramein did. He theorized that space-time is fluid-like. This is the only way the fact of omnidirectional gravity could be explained. This idea was rejected at first, but eventually, the scientific establishment began to allow their mindset to be somewhat flexible.

Along with this, Haramein found that the mathematics surrounding the functionality of the black hole is directly proportional to that of the nucleus of the atom. The explanation behind this is rather complex, but in short, he found enough evidence to conclude that the physics of a black hole is the exact same physics of that which governs the atomic nucleus. This finding held numerous implications.

This is a relatively simple concept to understand. As with any planetary body, the same general gravitic pull will be experienced by a nearby object irrespective to that object’s angle of approach. As every planetary body is generally spherical, it will absorb gravity/spacetime equally from all sides. Relativistically speaking, we could say that the presence of the planet, the atom, or an object of any size is curving the spacetime around it and absorbing it at the same time. This cannot be done with a planar model of spacetime. This is why Einstein’s model does not work in 3-dimensional space.

Where Physics Went Wrong: Bernard H Lavenda

The proton is much mile the low pressure side of the straw.
Wilcock gave a fairly descriptive explanation of the flow of spacetime into the any center of mass. This flow could be likened to a situation of a thin hollow straw where either end of the straw has extremely different areas of pressure. In this situation, the low pressure side of the straw would act like a vacuum, and the high pressure at one side would rush into the tip of the straw from all sides of that tip. This general idea is thought to be the actual dynamic of gravity on the macrocosmic and the microcosmic level.

Dr. Nassim Haramein and the Theory of Everything

The latest scientific discoveries have revealed that the universe is an infinite series of fractal geometric structures. Everything from galaxies to subatomic particles and sub-subatomic particles has been found to have the same foundational geometry. According to the latest physical model of the fluid universe, the universe is very similar to a holographic plate. As with any hologram, no matter how many times we may divide the holographic plate, we will always find the entire image within any fragment of the original plate.

Conscious Life Expo – David Wilcock- Page 1 – New Intel, The Human Evolutionary Leap, Sacred Geometry,Illuminati Secrets, and More

Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations Harnessed in a Propellant-less Engine Tested by NASA

This divisibility of the universe seems to represent a fundamental energy; an all-connecting field which defines everything within the universe. This field has been termed “quantum fluctuation,” “planck density,” and “zero point energy.” Yet this energetic field was found to be so puzzling by those who discovered it nearly a century ago, that they were unsure of what to do with it. Consequently, they set these findings aside and forgot about them, or as Dr. Haramein puts it, “It was relegated to the closet of skeletons of the mainstream scientific theories.”

Unified field theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mainstream science has given little if any….

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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – The Ceres Pyramid – A Brazen Statement from an Anxious Cabal

Source: Discerning The Mystery

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – The Ceres Pyramid – A Brazen Statement from an Anxious Cabal

In the recent past, there have been a number of headlines that have revealed much more than the typical song and dance of the mainstream. In contrast, these headlines have shown the most blatantly descriptive evidence that the common media monotony is no longer the order of the day.

There have been a number of these blatant signs in recent media publications which show that something has most definitely changed behind the scenes. One of these changes comes in the form of buzz-words which seem to hint at the reality of E.T. life. When these news publications refer to off-world locations they may use words such as “structure,” “lights,” or “second Earth” in describing features of planetary bodies.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – NASA’s Quiet Disclosure Part 2

Within this collection of words, it seems that very few hold more significance than the word “pyramid.” I would imagine that not many of us would have ever thought that a mainstream media source would even think to claim such a structure existed off planet. Yet they did, and there was much more to the story. This subject was one of many which this episode of Wisdom Teachings showcased.

A Planned Visit

The discussion started out with a review of the subject of Niara Terela Isley, who is a former airman in the United States Air Force and whistleblower on the reality of military abductions. Ms. Isley was the unfortunate test subject of one of the SSP faction known as the Dark Fleet—a group said to have originally been initiated by the Nazi breakaway group that colonized the moon after the Second World War.

One particular detail within this discussion was helpful in defining both the past and the current situations we see progressing out in space and here on the Earth’s surface. We have heard throughout the Cosmic Disclosure series of the various E.T. groups currently residing in our solar system. We have learned that the Draco Reptilian group covertly manipulates much of the Dark Fleet as well as the as various cabal-controlled governments here on the surface. However, these Draco are not actually in control.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Draco Moon Base – Discussing Solar Systemic Changes, Military Abduction, and More

In past episodes of both Wisdom Teachings and the Cosmic Disclosure series, it has been discussed how long ago, the Draco Reptilians actually gave up their free will to an A.I. control structure in exchange for a number of benefits. From that point on, the Draco were subject to the will of this A.I. which sought to conquer the galaxy and take over as many star systems as possible.

These Draco Reptilians initially seduced the Nazis into a partnership and have been manipulating operations in our solar system to their own advantage. This also includes the A.I. controlled Greys. These Greys are actually a form of android, or PLF (programmable life form) which serve as the medical staff of the Dark Fleet at the Reptilian lunar base. This is said to be the reason why these Greys are reported by abductees to be present during the painful medical procedures they describe.

Niara Terela Isley

“Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening” by Niara Terela Isley

Along with this recap, Wilcock made the announcement that those at Gaia were working toward bringing Niara Isley in as a guest on the Cosmic Disclosure set and to give her testimony first hand. In my view, this would prove to be an extremely interesting conversation. Though this is still in the works, we may be able to see this interview in the near future.

Old “Ghosts” Return

The first topic of discussion revealed some telling details on the current financial situation here in the United States. The article of focus gave a fairly descriptive explanation of this financial climate. However, the most telling message within it is not necessarily overt in nature. This message is more subtle. The article mentions the concept of the “ghost of 1937”, but what does this actually mean?

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Business not as Usual – Examining Clear Signs of Progress toward Planetary Liberation

In the previous episode, it was discussed how at one point the Federal Reserve had resorted to freezing the debt ceiling while continuing to print worthless money behind the scenes. This appeared to be a wanton act of fraud and would have been grounds for arrest if anyone else attempted it. However for the Fed, this crime simply represented business as usual. In light of this fraud, it becomes clear that the financial system is bankrupt. Moreover, this fraudulent financial system is proving to large a degree to be a significant liability as opposed to an asset, and not just in the figurative sense. Here is CNBC with the article of interest.

In trying to steer the economy of 2015, the Federal Reserve is fighting the foreboding spirit of 1937. Wall Street strategists, in fact, are worried that the U.S. central bank is so cautious over not making the mistakes of a long-ago ancestor that it may miss a solid opportunity to normalize monetary policy after seven years of decidedly abnormal times.
“Many policymakers and market observers assert that the risk of the Fed raising rates too early exceeds that of moving too late. This is the specter of 1937, when the Fed raised rates prematurely and exacerbated the Great Depression,” Michael Arone, managing director and chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors, said in an analysis for clients titled “Why the Federal Reserve Needs to Bury the Ghost of 1937.”
Most investors assume the prevailing lower-for-longer consensus is bullish for both equities and bonds,” he added. However, Arone said his “view is that a tardy Fed has a good chance of proving bearish for bonds and, longer term, for equities as well.”
The Fed’s Open Market Committee gathers this week at a meeting that only a few months ago was expected to include the first rate increase in nine years. However, slower-than-expected economic growth has taken some of the urgency off the expected tightening.
Now, traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange aren’t pricing in a hike until December. While Arone said he doesn’t think the Fed should move now, he believes the risks of waiting too long outweigh those of tightening too soon.
“Risks in this environment are growing, not shrinking,” he said. “The longer the Fed stays on this path, the more aggressively it may have to tighten and the crueler the asset price adjustment will be when it finally comes.”
What’s causing much of the consternation is fear that, like 1937, a desire to avoid bubbles and normalize rates will come too soon and plunge the economy back into a slump. The Fed took its short-term rates target down to zero amid the financial crisis and the Great Recession, and has been there since late 2008.

As Wilcock explains, this article is a subtle way of both stating that the financial game is over, but that officials are busy looking for a solution. More specifically, these officials are looking for a self-serving solution that will continue the global game of monopoly that we loosely term “economics.” Wilcock gives special attention to one particular statement in this discussion. That is the statement which referred to the Fed’s efforts stating, “…it may miss a solid opportunity to normalize monetary policy after seven years of decidedly abnormal times.” For some, this statement may pass as an acceptable string of euphemisms. However, in essence, it seems to communicate the same message we have been hearing.

Read: Financial Reset on the Immediate Horizon

It has been discussed in previous episodes how the economic crash of 2008 left a significant hole in the world economy, specifically in that of America. Ever since that time the corporate media has done everything possible in attempt to communicate the concept of an “economic recovery.” However, as David Wilcock states, there is no recovery. What has been termed a “recovery” is actually nothing more than the continuation of the printing of worthless paper for the purpose of maintaining the illusion of recovery and success, and as it turns out, the use of the idea of a “ghost” in the above article is meant to scare the public into continuing the financial game that ended in 2008.

The shocking number of Americans who can’t cover a $400 expense

The fact is mentioned that presently, most American cannot handle an unexpected bill of only $400. In other words, within the majority of the population, if a household is hit with an unexpected expense of only $400, they have no way to pay for it. This is not a large bill. As mentioned in the discussion, this situation does not depict an economic recovery. This could hardly even be considered a successful economic state. These conditions along with those mentioned above spell recession and bankruptcy. This is the true story behind the corporate media charade, according to Wilcock.

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