Q-Anon Just Made The Truth About Time Travel Technology Mainstream

Q’s mention of Project Looking Glass on his November 11th 2019 is a huge victory for humanity. Q has made the existence of this technology mainstream and this will help hasten Full Disclosure. Especially since Q has a huge number of followers and many of them may not be aware of this technology or may be skeptical of it; yet with this revelation many will start to question what is True and False and begin to see beyond the control system thus helping free humanity.

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Project Looking Glass?
Going Forward in Order to Look Back.

Now what I particularly love about this was Q revealed this technology on 11/11; which is a powerful energetic portal. In fact he reinforced that energy and made it more potent when he posted that twitter link about the revealing a IP address that had 11.11 in it. So basically Q managed to use the energies of the 11/11 portal to reveal the existence of exotic technology that many people believe doesn’t exist.

Not only that but when I looked up the number 1111 on the Qanon.pub I discovered 57 instances of that number. When you look up all other numbers in sequences of 4 such as 2222 and so on you find much less matches. When I looked up 11:11 on the Qanon.pub page I found exactly 11 instances of it being used… These are very particular results when searching for 1111 in many forms. Which only reaffirms my belief that the military has access to this technology.

Then on top of that Q posted this at 19:49:10 when you take the numbers 194910 and fully reduce them you’re left with the value of 24. Which we all know is how many hours is in a day; which is ironic since Q is posting about Time Travel technology.

According to numerology the number 24 is symbolic for the return. It represents a turning point in which a semblance of balance and harmony is to be returned and established. Thus I believe we’re witnessing a transformation of our military forces, one where open transparency and goodwill towards others will reign supreme. Which is much overdue especially in regards to the militaries of this world. It’s time for us to look at what we’re doing to one another and ask ourselves if this is how we would want to be treated.

Jesus otherwise known as Sananda Kumara tried to emphasize the wisdom of the Golden Rule with Matthew 7:12: “Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them; for this is the law and the prophets.” It’s time to transition from a military force to a peace force.

Now I’m going to make a case that this technology really does exist and the Deep State have been throwing it in our faces for many years. Because of certain agreements within the galactic community the Cabal is required to reveal what they are doing to us; they just never do it by means in which we can easily recognize; thus the use of symbolism and many other methods are implemented.

Now many of us have seen the movie Contact; that is one example of Project Looking Glass being revealed. Here’s a good video with David Wilcock talking about Project Looking Glass in 2012.


Now many may dismiss this movie as hogwash and that it wasn’t anything, but yet there is a music video called “Breaking The Habit” and it was sung by Linkin Park. I found this video fascinating because not only are they showing something very similar to the device on the movie contact; but in the music video they explain it’s purpose; which is time travel.

When you watch the video in the very last milliseconds of the 11th second you see Project Looking Glass first appearance. Then if you fast forward to 1:11 you start to see everything go in reverse. As if your traveling BACK in time. Then at 2:11 you see the band playing on top of a building with Project Looking Glass once again in the background. Now only that the lyrics that accompany the second revelation of Project Looking Glass goes as follow; “I’ll paint it on the walls, because I’m the one at fault.” As if the Cabal is implying they’ll reveal it to us and admit they’re the ones doing it. Which is ironic because they’re required to tell us; yet they make it very cryptic.

If this isn’t some type of concealed attempt to convey to the public of what is really going on I don’t know what is. Skeptics will doubt, but yet those with eyes will see the Truth.

Let’s not forget Andrew Basiago; between 1962 – 1972 Andrew claims that DARPA was running a secret Time Travel program by the name of Project Pegasus. In an article I found on StrangerDimensions.com it’s explained to work like this:

Documents, allegedly retrieved from Tesla’s New York City apartment after his death in January 1943, revealed the schematic for a teleportation machine. Using something Basiago calls “radiant energy,” the machine would form a “shimmering curtain” between two elliptical booms.

“Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago

Passing through this curtain of energy, Basiago would enter a “vortal tunnel” that would send him to his destination. The other teleportation devices included a “plasma confinement chamber” in New Jersey and a “jump room” in El Segundo, California. There was also some kind of “holographic technology,” which allowed them to travel “both physically and virtually.”


One piece of evidence that Andrew offers is a photo. Here it is:

Andrew Basiago Gettysburg Address

Basiago claims to be the boy in the photo. He claims to have taken the disguise of a Union bugle boy; but that his shoes were so over-sized that he left the crowd to avoid attention. He said in 1972 he stepped into a plasma confinement chamber and traveled back to 1863 Gettysburg. There he witness the dedication of the soldiers’ National Cemetery.

The above photo is authentic and can be found on the Library Of Congress website.

If you want more information on Andrew’s story watch this video below:


Now I can assure you with 100% a certainty that Time Travel technology does exist and it’s been used by many black projects and military organizations for many years. It’s time that we shed the shackles that have been imposed upon us with social programming and mind control. We need more people who are willing to confront the Truth regardless of how gruesome it may appear.

Think outside the box; so many times do I see people dismiss things that are true because of some programmed emotional or mental response. Yet from time to time you encounter an individual who becomes curios about this stuff and remains open-minded.

Those are the people who are going to save the world, because just as Jesus has shared “The Truth will set you Free!”

God Bless you All!

Timothy Frappier

My Thoughts and Comments on the State of the World

Well; I’m being led to write a post that deals more with how I feel about the world as is right now. A lot of the time I do these type of writings in my journal; which has been a tremendous help, but I feel compelled to share some of my thoughts in this post.

Many times when I think about what’s happening on this world I’m brought to tears. Many nights I become so angry, sad and frustrated with the current state of affairs. I see the 25,000 people dying of starvation when we have the means to end it. I see people die of cancer, aids and many other afflictions that we have the means to cure. I see people being used as cannon fodder in these wars oversea so that elites and businesses can steal and pillage another nation’s resources.

I see politicians everyday catering to special interests and not serving the needs of the common person. I see the incompetence of these leaders; how blatantly obvious it is to me. I don’t understand how the majority of humanity cannot see beyond their narrowly formed conception and outlook upon life.

I think about these children being abused in these pedophile rings; I imagine the pain, suffering and horror they’ve been through. It brings me to tears and I cannot help but get angry at this world.

I think about all the people in this country who wrap themselves in the American Flag; but pay little heed to that which is occurring around the world. So many people want to consider themselves patriots; why? Because they served their country…. doing what exactly? Killing, Spying and Deceiving? Especially in regards to the military; I for one am very critical and leery of the military based upon one reason; their main function is to kill or destroy the enemy.

At least; that’s what the military of today is all about; they’re offensive based; not defensive. We’re not focusing on defensive measures; we’re focusing on offensive. On top of that these offensives we pursue and engage in are not even based in the idea that we have to eliminate the threat before it becomes a problem; but instead its based in greed. Greed drives the engine of war and of the military. Then on top of that we the people fail to see that war breeds war. Peace cannot be achieved through war; only death follows war. The more we war; the more we die; it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy based on simple understand of “Like attracts like”. That which we promote we attract; thus if we promote war; we’ll attract more reasons to go to war.

Many people worship and idolize our veterans, but yet most individuals don’t see that war is a racket. I’m the one who’s considered unpatriotic based upon the fact I don’t approve these wars nor support our troops. I don’t condone these wars because they’re unethical and being motivated from a mentality of greed; I don’t support our troops because I feel they shouldn’t throw away their lives so needlessly. I don’t want to see them die; I don’t want them to feel or believe they have to engage in this war to fight some kind of “enemy” that was fabricated by the military and intelligence communities in order to justify it. Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and the Gulf of Tonkin incident are all the proof we need

I think about this a lot and lately it’s been taking a lot of my focus. I get so frustrated, sad and angry about this world. I’m extremely impatient and I just want the TRUTH to come to the surface. I don’t want to see another person starve to death, die of cancer and become a causality of war when we have the means to remedy these problems. I direct so much of my anger at people, governments and organizations I feel aren’t fulfilling their obligation to the people that it really affects my state of being.

I try to accept the world as is and at times I’m successful at doing so; but at what cost? To accept the world as is is to justify the existence of these problems we have on this world. I feel that to accept this world as is is to perpetuate the status quo. I feel I would be doing the people a great disservice if I was to accept the world as is. I for one don’t want to become complacent in the suffering on this world. I want more people to believe that it’s not necessary and to refuse to accept it; Then I want to see them search deep within themselves and think about how they would like to be treated.

I want people to empathize with the children who are starving, being abused and denied opportunities to live a life worthy of them. I want more people to put themselves in their shoes. How would you feel if you were starving? How would you feel if you or someone you loved was dying of cancer? How would you feel if people in your family died in a war? How would you feel if you were in one of these countries who we were bombing under the guise of “War On Terror”? How would you feel if your house was destroyed in this war? How would you feel if you had to be relocated because of war?

I grow tired of all the bullshit going on in this world; we need men and women of action. People who will stop the endless chattering and bickering of politicians, military officials and businessmen and finally do what is right. People who will draw the line and say “This far and NO FARTHER!”. We need to work together and do what needs to be done. First things first; let’s remove these idiots from positions of authority; take them down by any means necessary. Screw their threats; to hell with their egos, their time is at end and they’re in denial.

They’re afraid and rightly so; they should be afraid because they will be brought to justice. We the people will know what they have done and they will answer for their transgressions against humanity. They should be grateful though; because we won’t treat them like they did to us; yes they’ll be restricted and controlled for the remainder of their life. They’ll be forced into rehabilitation programs and others things; but they wont be harmed or killed. If the tables were turned though, they wouldn’t hesitate to harm us, that in itself is a reason why these delusional people should be grateful.

We need a radical change; something that will breath new life into humanity. We need full disclosure; we need the suppressed technology released and we need our leaders to be held accountable. It’s time that we unite together and accomplish this goal. No more talk, no more excuses and no more delays. No more lies, no more fighting; it’s time for peace to reign supreme upon this precious world. We the people DEMAND CHANGE NOW!

Timothy Frappier

How Intentions Influence Our Reality and Ways to Establish Right Intentions

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” – Steve Maraboli

For many years we’ve held onto beliefs, ideas and understandings that have kept us in a state of perpetual pain and suffering. We keep repeating the same patterns of old for times innumerable. Many of us cannot understand why we keep experiencing turmoil in our life. We sincerely desire to have this pain lifted from us and many times we’re perplexed to the reasons why it keeps repeating.

The problem lies in our misunderstanding of Laws of Manifestation. What we focus our attention on is what we’ll manifest. We’re so focused on avoiding pain and suffering; that we miss that the mere act of avoiding something is the reason there is so much pain and suffering in our lives.

Avoidance is a attribute of fear; we’re using fear to avoid fear. What we don’t understand is that we cannot avoid what we fear with fear. Fearful thinking and acting will breed more fearful thinking and acting. We’ve been operating under this paradigm of fear for a great many years and look at the results. We’ve created weapons of mass destruction out of fear, we’ve become very militaristic because of fear and we’ve deceived our fellow brothers and sisters because of fear.

“You cannot solve a problem in the same frequency in which it was created.” – Lynn Grabhorn

The Law of Attraction works on the premise that like attracts like. So a fearful consciousness has a unique frequency that will attract more fearful things and experiences into our field of awareness. This is the problem we’ve had for a great many years; society has been programmed to regard consciousness as some kind of wishy washy idea that isn’t based in reliable science. Modern science wants to downplay the role that consciousness has in our everyday lives.

Yet there are many scientific experiments that have proven that consciousness does affect our environment to a great extent. For example the Double Split Experiment showed us that when a electron was shot through a slit it created a interference pattern, but when scientists decided to observe how this happened; it didn’t create a interference pattern. The observer collapsed the wave function of the electron simply by observing it.

The simple act of observation affected the behavior of the electron; which the electron by scientific understanding is considered matter. Thus this proves that our consciousness does affect the world around us. Our thoughts; feelings and beliefs mold the reality around us.

There has also been remote viewing experiments conducted by the CIA. If your not familiar with Remote Viewing; it is basically a mental function of observer things outside our usual human sense. Remote Viewers can look at targets that are worlds of distances away; they can even look at targets from the past. It is the utilization of your consciousness to view objects, people or events that normally would be inaccessible.

Let’s not forget about telekinesis or psychokinesis which by according to Wikipedia is “is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction.” Now many people believe that this stuff is hogwash, impossible and unproven; but yet there is plenty of proof out there. It’s just hasn’t been broadcasted through conventional media channels; thus it’s not known by many.

For example; Ninel Kulagina is a perfectly good example of what many would consider to be proof. Dr. Genady Sergeyev tested Ninel Kulagina’s abilities and discovered that she did indeed have these abilities. She was able to move matches on a table with her mind; she even was able to speed up the heart rate of a frog with her mind.

These examples above give precedence to the notion that our consciousness does have a significant influence with the world around us. What science has yet to discover; but yet many mystics of the past already knew; is that consciousness is that which attracts things into our life.


The above diagram explains the role of frequency when it comes to our perception of reality. A fearful state of consciousness limits our ability to acquire, comprehend and integrate the Truth. While love on the other hand increases our interactions with the Truth. Thus increasing our awareness and understanding of the reality we live in.

So when we’re operating from a fearful state of consciousness; our ability to perceive the Truth in life is limited. Thus it takes longer for the Truth to grace our awareness. This is why it is paramount that we pay close attention to our intentions. Intentions are what determine the frequency of an idea, thought or action. When operating from a fearful intention; the result will be more fear. When operating from a loving intention; the result will be love.

Intentions play such a powerful role in our experiences. You could basically have two individuals with the same idea. One could use it for malevolent purposes and so it would end in suffering and the other could use it for benevolent reasons and it would end in Peace. The ideas are identical, but since their intentions were different the results will be different as well

We need to let go of all fearful intentions and operate from a holistic and loving intentional state of being. That means we shouldn’t avoid things out of fear; we should do thing that empower ourselves and others. We need to increase our awareness of intentions because they are the very thing that assigns the frequency of a idea or action. Intentions are charged with a emotional signature of either Truth/Positive or Fear/Negative. Now granted the intensity of the emotional signature is dependent upon many things; for example intentional evil is potent with negativity; while ignorance is only slightly negative.

For example; let’s say my intention to share this understanding to everyone is to help others better understand themselves and empower them. This intention I just shared has a loving emotional energy behind it; thus the results will be of the increase of love.

Then let’s say my intention is to build myself up as a savior so that I may direct the energy from the collective consciousness to myself; thus resulting in greater qualities of energy that can be utilized to fulfill my selfish desires or inflict intentional harm upon others.

This is a prime example of intentional evil and it’s results would be a tremendous amount of negativity. Look at history; the Nazi party was the embodiment of intentional evil; but most of the people in the party weren’t willing agents of evil. Most were deceived into believing they were doing the right thing; but the leadership; those who controlled the direction of the party were intentionally harming others and causing pain to millions; thus it resulted in the Holocaust and the death of millions.

Let’s say my intention was to save others; this would be slightly fearful. It wouldn’t result in a overwhelming amount of negativity; but it would provide negativity an opportunity to find more fertile soil for it’s roots to spread. Our lack of understanding blinds us from the fundamental truths that accompany intentions.

When we feel the need to save or fix others we’re actually doing them a disservice because subconsciously we are reinforcing their ignorance by preventing a life transforming catalyst from interacting with them. We cannot save others from their own thinking. We can only empower them with the Truth and provide information that helps them better understand themselves. They have to make the decision to save themselves otherwise they’ll never learn how to operate from a empowered state of being. Sometimes “bad” things happen to others in order for them to explore an aspect of their consciousness they would never have ventured into.

Unfortunately it is our rigid way of perceiving reality that has created this dilemma; learning how to become an empowered being doesn’t have to be difficult; but for many of us we’ve been indoctrinated to the point where only adversity and difficulty will help us learn these liberating lessons.

That’s what I’ve discovered with my life; it took the complete dissolution of my ideas, beliefs and desires to get to the place of understanding I am at in this moment. The dissolution in the form of perceived negative experiences were the necessarily catalyst to encourage me to look within myself and find the power that has always resided within my inner temple. No one could save me from myself; I had to save myself by discovering the Truth that I am my own savior and that I have everything that I need to live the life I desire.

Now I’m speaking in regards to how intentions interact with our mental and emotional facilities; so by no means do not think saving others is always fearful; fire fighters who run into a burning building to save people are not agents of fear. Intentions that are a derivative of the physical reality have different attributes and considerations then the ones formed in the mental plane.

How To Establish Right Intentions

When establishing right intentions it’s important to remember that there will be many different opinions on the idea of what is right. The key is to determine what you believe is right; because in the end you are molder of your understanding. You’re the one who will determine what is right and wrong; nobody else will determine it for you. Thus it’s imperative to remember that the opinions of others shouldn’t weigh heavily upon you when determining what is right and wrong.

The problem many of us have when it comes to intentions is our ignorance about them. Our intentions and motivations operate from a very narrow bandwidth; most people operate from a intentional state of being that is fundamentally selfish. Our lack of refining our understanding of intentions creates much of the turmoil and pain we see in the world today.

Immanuel Kant explored and experimented with intentions extensively; he discovered what became known as the Categorical Imperative; which is best known by his first formulation as:


This was the instrument he used to determine what is right. If your unfamiliar with the word maxim; it’s basically another word for principle. In a nutshell this quote basically says “Perform deeds and actions that you believe would be good for all to practice”

This would resolve much of the suffering and pain in our lives; it would create a more service to others oriented mindset. Our actions would be in alignment with what is good for everyone. Our driving motivation would be to promote ideas and actions that would benefit humanity as a whole.

The reason we have poverty on this world is because we don’t evaluate our understanding of intentions. We haven’t decided as a people whether or not certain lifestyles can be universally practiced by all. Thus when determining what is right for you; you must be able to come to the conclusion that all can practice it. This will help improve the lives of everyone on this world; not just ourselves or a select few.

There is an imbalance when it comes to the distribution of wealth because of our selfish intentions. We justify why we deserve so much and others don’t. We see ourselves as different from everybody else and that we were meant to be showered with abundance while others were meant to be cannon fodder. Look at society; notice the separation everywhere; billionaires build skyscrapers to stand out; everyone is competing to be the first for something; to distinguish themselves from everyone else. They all want to stand out and be recognized by their differences rather then similarities.

“If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” – 1 Corinthians 12:26

Thus in order to live according to right intentions we must reevaluate our beliefs, ideas and opinions we hold within. We must take the bold step to determine what is right for all of humanity; we need to understand that we the individual benefit when the whole of humanity benefits. When others profit; we profit as well. This will end the cycle of madness, pain, suffering and misery we’ve experienced for many thousands of years.

We are all one; there is no denying this fundamental truth; thus we as a society should base the premise of every intention upon the principle of oneness. Oneness of purpose; oneness of unity and oneness of sound intentions. For in the end I am my brothers keeper and my brother is my keeper.

Timothy Frappier


The Essence Of Gratitude And How It Can Help You Cultivate Happiness


Gratitude is more then an idea; it’s a state of being. Gratitude is the embodiment of unconditional love because with it comes a means to be positive regardless of outside circumstances.

You can be in a very bleak situation and it may seem like things are not going your way, but with gratitude you can change that perspective. By focusing on what your grateful for; you’ll invite more people, things and events into your life that bring feelings of gratitude. We are what we focus on; by focusing on gratefulness you will become more grateful.

Now many of us find it difficulty to be grateful at times but that’s only because we’re blinded by our desires. Many of us have narrowly conceptualized our sense of worth according to our desires. If we’re unable to fulfill our desires we have the tendency to fall into a negative stupor. This state of mind hinders our ability to feel positive emotions; such as gratitude, happiness, joy and love.

Which is why it’s important to carefully evaluate our thoughts, beliefs and desires to better understand ourselves. Many of our beliefs and thoughts are the result of unbridled desires. We live in a world governed by materialism; thus desires rein supreme. Many of these desires though are unfounded and irrelevant. That is something we must all become aware of.

For example, many people in today’s society equate happiness with possessions. People strive to have a house, car, family and wealth thinking these things will increase the amount of happiness in their life. Unfortunately though that’s not how it works, it is not the thing that makes you happy; it is your choice(consent) in believing that things will make you happy that makes you happy. Happiness is a choice; when you choose to believe things will make you happy; they will; but only temporally because this world is temporal; by focusing on that which is temporal; you equate your sense of happiness as being temporal. Thus happiness becomes a fleeting idea to you.

Now by all means don’t believe that I’m bashing the idea of raising a family, accumulating wealth or buying a car or house. These things are neutral upon themselves; what I’m merely attempting to convey is the need to focus on one’s own sense of happiness from within. When we externalize our sense of happiness we give our power away to a external source. All that we need can be found from within; that includes happiness.

Gratitude helps in cultivating happiness, joy and love. By being grateful for what you already have you receive more positivity. Don’t spend so much time focusing on what you don’t have; instead focus on what you do have. You are what you focus on; so if you focus on negativity; you will reap negativity. If you focus on positivity; you will reap positivity. It really is that simple.

So if you find yourself getting into negative thoughts and behaviors; first thing you should do is to accept how you feel. Don’t condemn your thoughts or feelings; that will not help you in anyway. Practice acceptance and let them go; start to think about the things that you’re grateful for.

What I tend to do when I find myself in a negative state of being is start thinking to myself what I have in my life that I am grateful for. At first; this may seem difficult; especially when your feeling very negative. Yet; when you start thinking about it; you’ll have many things come to your awareness that bring feelings of gratitude. Such as “I’m grateful for my health.” or “I’m grateful for my family” and even “I’m grateful my Creator.” By doing this; you’re sending out positive vibes to the universe; which the universe will gladly respond to with more positivity. When you send out positive thoughts and deeds; you shall receive positive thoughts and deeds.

Many times though; we may fall into the pattern of comparing ourselves to others. Which will diminish our sense of gratitude and happiness. This is only because we’ve allowed ourselves to believe in some kind of idea. This idea is based in the realm of desire; we have an idea of what we think we should be like; if we’re not like that we get hard on ourselves. This leads to poor self esteem and negative state of mind.

I’ve come to discover this for myself. I had this idea of how I should be and if I fail to meet those expectations; I become very negative. If I come across anyone who I feel is exhibiting what I desire to be; I become envious and embroiled with jealousy. Most of the time this effects my relationship with this person and I become very combative with them.

This is why it’s of paramount concern for myself and many of you to be careful with desires. You don’t need to desire to be anyone else; except for yourself. Don’t fall into the pattern of comparing yourself to others. It doesn’t matter if someone appears to be more “Intelligent” or “Better Looking” then you. As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Everyone has their own opinion on what beauty and intelligence is. You are perfect as you are right now. Intelligence is determined by your own belief; not by comparison. Be grateful for who you are; be grateful for what you know. Gratitude will help you be your perfect self. Because at the end of the day; you are perfect all the time; even the times when you feel or think you’re not.

So my friends; be grateful all the time. When you feel ungrateful; be grateful that you can feel ungrateful. That is the beauty of life; you yourself can be whatever you want to be. When you explore your own inner landscape; you see that it isn’t one or the other. You can be grateful when your ungrateful. You can be ungrateful when your grateful. You don’t have to pick one of the other; they both can coexist in the same space.

That is perfectly illustrated with the Yin and Yang symbol below. When you look at this ancient Taoist symbol you see the unity of light and darkness, good and bad, positivity and negativity. They coexist as one; because they are a whole. Therefore; in one form of another; ungratefulness is gratefulness; it’s just the opposite side of the coin; yet it’s the same coin at the end of the day.


Remember; gratitude can assist in becoming the happiness you already are. Focus on gratitude and you shall be more grateful and happy. Until next time my friends; take care and many blessings to you all.

Timothy Frappier

Love is What We All Need Right Now

It is more important than ever to maintain a loving state of being as much as possible. We find ourselves in some very trialing times; but also some very transformational times as well. We have the opportunity to shift the collective consciousness to a more peaceful and loving state. All that is required is to work on that loving state ourselves.

Change begins from within; when we accept this we discover that we have all that we need within us. Happiness is a state of being; which is found from within. We’ve all heard people talk about how you can be happy regardless of outside circumstances; but many of us find this difficulty to achieve. We’ve been raised in a society where we place our sense of happiness in desires and wants.

People wants things because they believe it will make them happy. This is intentionally conveyed to us in advertisements, commercials and many other ads. Advertisers found that creating the idea that this product or thing will make you happy or feel good improved sale’s numbers. Thus many of the products and advertisements we’re bombarded with on a daily basis has an subliminal underlying message that speaks “This product/thing will make you happy.”

In reality though; it is we ourselves whom make us happy. It is our belief that this product or thing will bring us happiness. It’s not that the thing actually does the work; the desire of attaining this product acts as a permission for us to feel happy. We’ve either consciously or unconsciously allowed ourselves to believe it will make us happy; yet at the end of the day the happiness derives from within.

You don’t need anything to be happy; you can be that happiness regardless of your possessions, social status or accomplishments. Money doesn’t make you happy; it is your belief that money will make you feel better that brings this happiness. In the end though; that happiness is fleeting and temporal. Eventually things don’t bring any type of happiness whatsoever; you have to keep getting more and more in order to feel that same feeling you had when you first started to believe things could bring you happiness.

That is the root of greed; greed is only evil in the sense that our ignorance perpetuates this imbalanced way of interfacing with reality. Greed is the result of the forgotten fact that we ourselves can be happy regardless of outside circumstances. People whom are consumed with greed are not evil nor bad; they’re merely attempting to search for this happiness through things. They’re forgotten that happiness is found within.

Thus we should be compassionate and understanding towards those whom are afflicted with this sickness. Greed is a sickness just as much as a Flu; the only difference is that it’s symptoms and affects are not realized in bodily sensory inputs; but instead through our consciousness.

The best way to help these people is for ourselves to be happy. Now this can be quite a demanding task in of itself; we’ve been bombarded with so much negativity that many of us find it difficult to embody a loving state of being. The negativity, misery and suffering is all we’ve known in our lives. We don’t want to let go out it because contrary to what many of us tell ourselves; we’ve become acclimated and accustomed to this negativity. We’ve allowed it to define who we are and many of us will not relinquish it out of fear of losing our identity or sense of being.

These behaviors have been programmed into us from childhood; we fear change because change from our experience has never been good. Thus even though our life may be negative; the fear of change keeps us in this negativity. These were preemptively programmed into our consciousness in order to maintain the status quo. Those who currently benefit from the system; want to keep it as is; thus they’ve programmed society to believe change is bad. Which helps keep them in power.

This is one of the single most oppressive fear we have. The fear of change is what keeps us in misery; thus in order to overcome our negativity; we must embrace change. Else we’ll continue to be subject to pain, misery and suffering.

The important thing to remember is to reevaluate our definition and understanding of change. All things are in a constant state of change; that includes our bodies, earth and the universe. Everything is moving from one form to another. Days change from mornings to evenings. Prices change for gas; the cells that make up our bodies change as well. Literally your cells in your body presently are not the same ones that were there 7 years ago. Yet you still perceive yourself as being yourself.

The point is to remember that change is a good thing. Without change we wouldn’t be alive. Without change we wouldn’t have the opportunity to discover all the beauty in this world. Change is an act of creation; when we embrace change; we embrace creativity. Change is the key in getting us out of our negative programming and fully embodying our true selves. Love is change and change is Love; two are intertwined for all of eternity. Change is the greatest gift of all; because it’s origin is found within Love. And where there is Love; there is beauty beyond words.

When we start to see change as a positive thing; our life will change. Change is inevitable and cannot be stopped. It can only be temporally perceived as being delayed; but in reality it never was delayed nor stopped. All things happens as they should; allow change to help you be Love.

Overcome the fear of change brothers and sisters. This is how you can embody a loving state of being more effectively. Be the change; love the change and watch yourself become love itself.

Timothy Frappier

When Depression Comes Knocking On Your Door; Take Solace In the Truth

Many of us fall into these patterns of depression out of habit. We’ve become accustomed to things going bad for us; thus we unconsciously keep creating circumstances in our life to mirror this internal belief. Depression is a result of a idea or an belief; it’s self created by us.

Many times depression is the result of desires, judgments and control. We desire certain things in our life, whether it be wealth, good career or fame. The point being is that we’ve invested our sense of worth into some kind of idea. This is a judgment and a contributing factor to why we’re constantly finding ourselves depressed.

We’ve been conditioned for so long to seek our happiness outside of us that it’s been imprinted into our unconscious mind. Many of us are unaware that we’re attempting to find happiness externally. Only when we gather the courage to look within ourselves will we find the answers we need.

The answer begins within the Eternal Now. By focusing on the present moment you start to see that life is a matter of choice. We can choose to be happy or depressed. Even if life appears to not be going in our favor we can still be happiness; because in the end happiness is a state of mind.

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What I’ve learned on my journey of life is the importance of maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of so many circumstances that would justify why I should be depressed. Depression is a state of lack; lack is separation and separation only exists within duality. When we really start to see this Truth and live by it, not just say it, things begin to slowly change from within.

It is our depression that will help us relate to others. don’t view depression as a negative thing; appreciate it; love it and learn what needs to be learned in order for you to move on. Depression is result of our Higher Self; they’re trying to guide us to some kind of understanding. Don’t think that means your unhappiness derives from a external source; because in the end we are our Higher Selves. Yet since we’re still living in the land of duality; free-will is still considered and respected. Thus our higher-self cannot force us into this understanding, we have to genuinely desire it.

The outside world is an reflection of our internal world. When we are depressed it is so that we can refine ourselves through careful, compassionate and brave introspection. It is our moments of extreme depression and pain that we find our true strength as a people and individuals.

Seeing depression as a necessary catalyst for higher understanding and growth disempowers the negativity associated with it. Modern society is quick to judge individuals with depression as weak, unproductive or damaged goods. Yet in reality; those who have hit rock bottom and manage to overcome it find a boon that is the envy of many. This boon is a outlook of life discovered within oneself; it is the discovery of the holy grail within one’s temple. With this grail we discover the only thing required for us to drink from the eternal streams of happiness is choice. Happiness no longer is external; happiness becomes internal. Finding happiness transforms into being happiness.

What I’ve been working on is trying to be happy regardless of external stimuli. My mind can create a plethora of reasons and examples that justify why I should keep believing I’m unworthy, a failure and no good. These ideas reinforce my depression and keep me in a state of perpetual misery. Thus the need to counteract depression with sound reasoning has become a necessity if I am to live a happy life.

Something that I’ve learned that can really help in overcoming depression is view it in a different light. Where I see misery; I look for the happiness. Where I see pain, I look for compassion and where I see fear I look for love. I take the time to analyze my circumstances in order to maintain a balanced consciousness. Keeping these seemingly opposing forces in balance has helped me tremendously. By practicing this I’ve been able to maintain a loving state of being more frequently.

Rudolf Steiner encourages us to find a sense of balance as well. He viewed Ahriman and Lucifer as opposing forces that need to be held in balance. The Ahriman force is one that is solely planted in the concrete things of life. It’s sense of interfacing with reality is intimately intertwined with the human sensory inputs. It values what it can see, touch, smell, hear and taste. The Lucifer aspect though is more of a dreamer. It tends to separate us from our earthly embodiment by making us desire hallucinatory realities versus our present earthly incarnation.

“Lucifer is too warm, too flighty, too unstable; he inspires human fanaticism, false mysticism, hot-bloodedness, and the tendency to flee earthly reality for hallucinatory pleasures. Ahriman is too cold, too hard, too rigid; he tries to make people dry, prosaic, philistine, materialistic in thought and in deed — and hardens what would be healthily mobile, supple thoughts, feelings, and even bodies.” – Source


Rudolph Steiner teaches that the Christ Consciousness is the balancing of these two forces. It holds the two forces as one; constantly keeping them in balance in order to unite these forces as one. The Christ Consciousness is the unifier; while the Ahriman and Lucifer forces seek to separate us in one form or another. The Christ Consciousness seeks to create a coherent understanding that allows opposites to be one. By doing this; we essentially transcend the duality by refining our awareness to recognize the unity in all things.

When we keep these opposites in balance and maintain our own Christ Consciousness; we help created this unified understanding. This is the origin of the saying of ORDO AB CHAO; which is latin for “Order of out Chaos”. That is the work many of us have decided to undertake; this is why many of us are here upon this planet. To bring Order to Chaos; so that they may coexist as One. For in the end; all is One.


It’s also important to remember that things come in cycles; that includes depression. So if your depressed; the quicker you’re able to accept it, the sooner you’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When we boldly take the step to accept and embrace our depression we open up channels to infinite wisdom. It was during my darkest moments in life that I discovered who I am. Embrace your darkness; learn and look for the divine wisdom embedded within it.

This will take time; your not going to be able to find the wisdom in every experience immediately. Some things will take awhile in order for you to gain the proper understanding. The key to accelerate this process is patience. Patience is a virtue; one that keeps us in balance. Impatience creates restlessness, it makes us feel that we need something in order to be something. Yet all is perfect right now, there is no need for impatience because all is well in all of creation. Let go of expectations, judgments and desires; in the end they are poisonous unless balanced through the Christ Consciousness.

Many of us are afraid to let go of our desires. We’ve been raised in a materialistic society, where desire is the idol we constantly pay homage to. We’ve been living in this consumerist society for so long that it has become the staple of our life. We don’t know what to do without them; when we attempt to purge desires from our consciousness we’re left with the fear of losing our identity. This fear is why we’re really depressed; it’s not that life is bad; it’s just that our way perceiving reality is through the template of desires(wants & likes).

We’ve come to view desires as being a means to feel happy and fulfilled. When someone gets a new car, they feel good, when someone gets that job they’ve been trying to get for years, they feel good and when someone becomes famous, they feel good. The thing we overlook though is that this sense of happiness is fleeting. As time goes on, that feeling dissipates and we’re even more depressed then we were before. It also makes it harder for us to feel good again; we have to keep getting more, buying more and becoming more. Thus in the end; desire can only exist within the lack paradigm.

When we let go of the image we’ve created for our life and the judgments we have about it; then we can truly be happy. Depression cannot coexist within a consciousness that is free of temporal desires and judgments. This will be hard at first; but eventually though it will become easier. The turning point is when you can truly be happy regardless of outside circumstances.


So in a way; your depression could be a blessing in disguise. You could literally be one step away from total and utter liberation from the forces of separation. All that is required is for you to be the happiness right now. Because you are all that you need in order to be happy. So stop with the desires and start being that which you wish to be.

Timothy Frappier