Space Wars and Our Planetary Migration Across the Milky Way—How Can They Hide That? [videos]

Queensland meteor

In the past few days, a number of synchronistic events clicked into place and may encourage us to connect some more dots.

These are suggestions or documentation by various aware people that may bear attention, but that depends on you.

A reader (thanks P) left a couple of hints for searches and when I followed up the results got my attention.

A video from Carl Sagan is very clear in stating that Earth/Terra was on the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, on the furthermost outer fringes of the galaxy.

Now, however, we are shown located roughly half way between the Galactic Central Sun and the outermost fringes where we once resided. Are we talking Mandela Effect and it depends which timeline we’re on? That’s a helluva difference in location when looking at an entire galaxy—at least the way it’s been presented to us.

Read: The Rise of the Mandela Effect

Or, if we have indeed moved inward in the spiral, might this account for the increased number of meteorites, asteroids, etc. we’re seeing, because we are in a different location?

Here’s the Carl Sagan clip so you can see for yourself where we were situated at one point.

Now here’s an image from the Keppler telescope, NASA tells us, indicating we are no longer on the fringes, but deeper in toward the sun. Is the “spring” of our galaxy winding up, pulling us tighter into the centre?

earth in milky way

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Today I hear there was a briefcase-sized meteorite, asteroid or fireball that exploded over Australia. Thanks, A. Some say it was a fragment of the whole—the one we’ve been warned about for so long, while others wonder if it was a downed space craft from the ongoing wars above us.

When we looked at Steve Olson’s mention of that event in the following video, however, interestingly enough he mentioned our position in the Milky Way as well. Thanks, L.

He also had a long discussion about our old friend Yellow Rose for Texas on YouTube and her many images of space wars going on for several years in our solar system. If you’re not familiar with that material, once you pull up her channel, begin with The Lie NASA Told. I’m not saying she’s correct about everything, but it contains groundbreaking, exciting images and explanations as she provides them. Since she’s pretty much gone dark, one has to wonder.

As well, Dante Santori showed us an image this week of a peculiar craft near the sun that had earlier been featured in a video from SecureTeam.

Dante presented some interesting background on that Star Wars-looking technology. He said it resembled a Vlash ship (the reptilians) but a very similar one may be found in the Allgruulk (Builder race) fleet because they sold the design/technology to the Vlash.

Here’s the video from Dante, which is a little longer than usual. His videos have been excellent lately, in my opinion with a lot of great info and history as well as the usual humour. The battleship section begins at the 10 minute mark.

A couple of folks (thanks, J and A) sent this image and it’s pretty mind-blowing. An entire fleet of space craft captured by SOHO near our sun on September 17th.

armada passing sun sept 17-16

You can see it at about 10:00 on the NASA website image here, but it’s small:

Dante has told us that some of the cavalry are already in place, but that more are on the way. Perhaps this be them. He also said, “Something extraordinary is about to happen.”

That would be a great October Surprise, wouldn’t it? We could certainly use some really good news.  ~ BP