Becoming One With Creation

To be One with creation we must understand that all is One. There is no mental realization that will bring forth this truth, because it is beyond awareness, understandings and ideas. Realizations are isolated within the confines of the mind, we must let go of the need to understand everything and just allow ourselves to simply be. When we allow our earthly personality to take the back seat, we enter into a state of becoming that allows us access to our True Self.

Our True Self shows us the way of true authentic being. It reveals to us that our personality, no matter how much we identify with it, is nothing but an illusionary concept created by the ego to facilitate interactions within this 3d reality. The ego in itself isn’t something to scorn nor condemn, but instead understand that it was our way of protecting ourselves after the fall in consciousness. We should love and appreciate our ego for what it did for us.

The ego protected the very fragile aspects of ourselves, our True Self couldn’t handle what was going on in this world, thus we formed and developed an ego to protect ourselves from the traumatic experience of falling in consciousness. After the fall we had to develop certain personalities, personas and states of being to assist our endeavor in exploring this very dense dimension.

Our True Selves couldn’t immediately operate within this state of being, thus we were cut off from this aspect of our being, our True Selves took the identity of our Higher Self. The Higher Self is essentially the same as the True Self, the only difference being our Higher Self is the aspect that guides us while we live our lives in this 3D reality and our True Self is when we become One with our Higher Self.

Its taken many years for our Higher Self to develop a means of bridging connections between our Ego, outer personality and the True Self. The unification of these aspects of ourselves was needed so that healing, integration and wholeness could come back into the forefront. We struggle with our ego because we’ve been operating from this state of being for so long that it’s become ingrained within our consciousness. Just like the saying goes: “old habits die hard”.

old habits

We are living in times that will allow us to transform much of our ego and outer personality into our True Divine Selves. This is how we become one with creation. By realizing that all aspects of ourselves must come into alignment, must be re-membered with the other aspects of ourselves that we chose to live as separate experiences. Everything is coming together, so it’s imperative that we seek to unite all aspects of ourselves. This encompasses taken responsibility for our lives, to unite all understandings as One, practice acceptance of others and to forgive all those who have harmed us.

In order to be harmed we must have agreed on a soul level to experience such a thing. Nothing happens in our lives that is not of our doing, we attract everything within our field of experience. We are the ones who create our own reality, thus anything that brings harm to ourselves is our own doing, not others. This makes the act of forgiveness much easier.

Now is the time in which humanity has agreed on a collective level to re-experience the oneness of creation. To be brought back into unison with the Prime Creator, the source of existence. This is a time of great expansion within the wholeness of Creation. When we reunite with our Higher Self, thus becoming our True Self once again, as we have always been, we’ll be One with Creation. We will come to know ourselves as God, because we have always been One with our Prime Creator and always shall be.



Timothy Frappier