My Thoughts and Analysis On Luciferianism

By: Timothy Frappier

Today we’re going to dive deep into the ruling family’s Luciferian mindset described on So let’s Begin!

In the Beginning


Their opening remark is very similar to the Law of One series. They explain the beginning of creation as this:

In the beginning, there is the Infinite One. This is the source of All That Is. Infinite consciousness. Intelligent infinity.

Luciferanism describes infinity intelligence and infinite energy. Infinite Intelligence is likened to “being”, it is the undifferentiated absolute. Infinite Intelligence doesn’t recognize its potential. The Infinite Energy recognizes its own potential of “becoming”, the energy stream that emanates from our Creator. When you combine both of these beliefs you basically get their viewpoint of creation. You may notice the similarities this belief holds with the Taiji philosophy. Both the Luciferians and the Taiji believe in the concept of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential. The Ying-Yang is the symbolic representation of this idea.


Yin Yang

Luciferianism describes the creator as a infinite consciousness expressing itself as an infinite intelligent energy. Thus they combine their concepts above to form their concept of the creator. In describing creation they basically express the same outline found in the Law of One, their understanding of distortions is identical to RA’s interpretation. The below statement from the Law Of One resembles much of what is shared in their belief systems.

I am Ra. Only up to a very short point. After this point, the many-ness of distortions are equal one to another. The first distortion, free will, finds focus. This is the second distortion known to you as Logos, the Creative Principle or Love. This intelligent energy thus creates a distortion known as Light. From these three distortions come many, many hierarchies of distortions, each having its own paradoxes to be synthesized, no one being more important than another.

As you can see, the Luciferianism belief system incorporates many different ideas from various faiths and spiritual understandings. This is common with many other religions as well. They find what agrees with them, take it and incorporate it into their own belief system. This type of process is highly beneficial because it gives you sovereignty over your belief system. Allowing you to be your own master in determining what your beliefs will be. We should all decide for ourselves what we believe, rather then having a person or religion tell us what to believe. That my friend is called sovereignty and is vital for any soul journeying on the road of evolution.

Yahweh and the Ruling Bloodlines

Your creator, the one who has been called Yahweh, is not “God” inasmuch as your Bible refers to him as being the one true God. He is “a” creator (or sub-sub-Logos) rather than the One Infinite Creator”

The first thing you can notice just from the first two words is separation. You don’t need to really read anymore to understand the state of being these individuals operate upon. They honestly believe themselves to be separate, even though at the same time they promote the ideals of unity. You cannot have two masters in this 3D existence, eventually you have to choose, but even that is an illusion.

The Illusion Of Choice


Choice derives from the illusion, it promotes the idea that there are a infinite amount of choices for one to chose. Some see this as an comforting idea, but in reality this viewpoint is the embodiment of chaos. The idea of choice is a never-ending pattern of contingency, thus no one really can understand or predict this illusion. This absence of certainty within our concept of choice creates the perquisite required in order for Chaos to reign supreme. In a world where everything goes the promoters whom possess a intimate understanding of the nature of the infinite are in a position to reap the benefits.

My understanding of choice is that there isn’t really any choice, except the choice you make. What appears as being multiple possibilities of choices is nothing but an illusion. In the end, the choice you make is the only choice that ever existed, because choices are grounded within the archetype of what is. When you make a choice, it is what it is, therefore it is the only choice that could have been made. To think there exists a infinite plethora of choices is to dabble in the chaotic nature of separation.

Granted, you could argue “What if I decide to change my choice to another, then there really did exist different choices.” The thing to remember though is that no there isn’t, the you that made that choice before is not the same you that decided to make another choice. Each and every single moment is a re-birthing of your being. You’re constantly in a state of change, thus no two instances of your being within the Eternal Now are ever identical. Every choice we act upon is a choice unique to that present state of being. We are infinite creators within the guise of human form.

What The Ruling Families Believe about Yahweh and Themselves

The Luciferians(ruling Bloodlines) belief system states that they are beings from the sixth dimension sent here to act as a catalyst for change. Luciferians believe that Yahweh is not their creator, but instead ours. They claim to originate from a different logos or sub-logos, one they call by the name of Lucifer. Yahweh is described as being a planetary logos of this one world. They explain that they were invited into this universe to help encourage some changes with Yahweh. Yahweh’s creation was stagnating and change wasn’t manifesting to its fullest potential, essentially there wasn’t any motivation for Yahweh’s creations to evolve. With the council of Elders permission they proceeded to descend into form in order to assist.

What I found particularly interesting was the fact they said that Yahweh the planetary Logos became angry when it’s creations on this planet chose to listen to the Lucifer Soul group. Whether or not a planetary logos can become angry is something I ponder upon. Granted, we ourselves are a logos, but I would think that once you reach the level of being a planetary Logos the concept of negativity wouldn’t apply to your being.

Yahweh, the planetary Logos wouldn’t be able to express anger because it has evolved to a point where it understand anger is an illusion. To identify with anger is to partake in the illusion. Anger is born out of desire, you can only become angry when you desire something. According to them, Yahweh desired his creations to listen to him, when they didn’t, Yahweh became angry.

The problem is though that the Logos are beyond the concepts of the illusion, anger is a archetype residing in this realm of existence, it stems from desires. Thus a Logos whom is one with the Creator wouldn’t experience anger, because the Logo’s modality of perceiving reality isn’t like ours. In order to be a planetary Logos you must understand the nature of the Illusion, when you understand the nature of Maya(illusion) its reveals that anger is nonexistent and there only exists acceptance. The Logo’s ultimate desire would be to serve the Infinite Creator, if it’s creation wanted to listen to the Lucifer soul group, it would accept and respect their decision. The logos are in a constant state of acceptance, they wouldn’t get angry over the fact that they are not being listened to. A Creator doesn’t hold its creations subject to the rules of it’s singular perception and interpretation. It allows others to explore consciousness for themselves, to make decisions as they see fit.


The Logos Hierarchical System


Luciferians project the concept of the logos having some kind of hierarchy. Granted, there are different levels of the logos, but they’re all the same when it comes to abilities. The only difference being the tasks they’re assigned to. We here on the surface are immersed in the concept of shape & size. The concept of shapeliness is present in our physical and mental projections. Everything is determined by shape/size, especially in regards to wealth. This mental projection of wealth is based upon the idea that the more you have the more powerful you are. They also view knowledge and abilities as a form of wealth, thus the more you have the more power you will possess. As the old saying goes “Knowledge is power” Thus, in my opinion, these Luciferians are fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of reality by assigning a structure that derives from our 3D existence.

The Planetary Logos is the Galactic Logos, the Galactic Logos is the same as the Universal Logos…. This goes on ad infinitum and there is no limit to the perceptional assignment of shape/size to these mental images we’re so obsessed with. The only difference between these Logos is the duties they’ve been assigned to. From our perspective which deals in the archetype of shape/size, we view the Galactic Logos as being higher/bigger then the planetary Logos, the Universal Logos as being higher/bigger then the galactic, but shape/size is an illusion.

These Logos understand that shape/size is an illusion, therefore when you take the shapeliness/sizeness out of our understanding of the Logos, its revealed that they are One and the same, just with different assignments and tasks. Our need to understand and control the nature of reality has become the very thing that traps us. We equate control with size/shape within the archetype of purpose/meaning. To our current state of being, everything seems to assume some kind of form. This is required in this reality in order for us to manifest the infinite in finite. The game of shapeliness/sizeliness(derivative of separation) will allude to our senses and understandings forever if we choose to continue to play the game of duality. Luciferianism is deeply rooted within the archetype of shape/size which is an illusion. Thus this belief system gives homage to the ideals of this 3D reality. Shape/size only exists within the lower realms.

Luciferians And The Ego


The Luciferians have failed to let go of certain aspects of their ego. The most important aspect they cling to being desire. Because of the amount of separation we as a species have undergone, they’ve come to believe themselves as separate. Thus the only thing they can cling to is desire, because that’s how we’ve been raised. We live in a materialistic society, desires are what reign supreme in today’s culture. Desire is clearly demonstrated in their mythology. Though it appears they clearly have refined their intellectual understanding of existence, but yet still cling to ideals that gives precedence to a methodology formed within the matrix of Maya. Desire is an illusion, you can only desire something if you believe it to be separate from you. All things exist within our being.


95% Negative Harvest for Negative 4D Timeline


Another statement I found interesting was this:

Regarding this current harvest, what we require is for us personally to attain at least 95% negative polarity for ourselves, not for you. We need this in order to graduate to fourth density negative and clear our karmic record of all the negativity we have created on this planet before returning to our rightful place as sixth density guardians of our galaxy.

The above statement can be summed up in one world, imbalance. Their belief promotes the idea that this 3D reality is inherently geared towards imbalances. Yet when we look at nature we see universal harmony and balance. This universe is more of synchronized balancing beam act. Balance is the key element in many systems, especially in ecology. Mother nature has numerous organisms working together forming a symbiotic relationship. They work in concert in order to maintain the ecological balance needed for life to flourish.  The Ruling Family seems to have been indoctrinated with this belief for purposes of maintaining the status quo.

The Looshing Paradigm


First off, for those of you who don’t know what looshing is, I’ll explain it briefly. Is is the process of harvesting negative emotions from beings. It’s basically a form of vampirism. Negative entities leech off your negative energy to sustain them. It’s a very parasitic relationship. Let’s explain how this looshing paradigms fits in with what we’ve been discussing.

If I was a Draconian who was deeply involved in the looshing paradigm, I would want the Elite humans on the surface to believe they need 95% negative polarity in order to ascend. So on top of this seemingly imbalanced entry requirement we have all these people stuck in survival mode since they don’t want to be stuck with the “Lukewarms” whom are individuals between the 51%-94% negative polarity. It would be the perfect motivator for maintaining the looshing paradigm. In this article, they express emphatically that they have to reach this threshold in order transition to negative 4D. These individuals are stuck in survival mode. They literally will do all kinds of negative acts to meet this requirement, which would result in more negative energy for the Draconians to Loosh upon.

Is it Possible the 95% Threshold is a Lie?

what if

This whole 95% paradigm could represent a sinister lie on their part. What if the ones whom are higher up know you only need 51% negativity for negative harvest? Those who know this Truth would want to promote this lie for two reason, one, would be to keep the lower caste stuck in survival mode therefore creating more negative energy and two, your accumulating more negative karma by lying to others below you. The need to lie is paramount for a negative entity, thus lies exists all throughout the negative hierarchy. Lies are a key foundation in the negative journey.

Your level in the negative 4D hierarchy could be based upon the amount of negativity you were able to accumulate during your time on this 3D plane. Perhaps, those whom are higher in negative polarity really do have more power and influence than others, thus you could justify this goal as being necessary for the well-being of those on the negative path.

What I think though is that this idea is perpetuated for purposes of maintaining the looshing paradigm. If a negative being makes it to 51% and knows it doesn’t have to work anymore towards its goal, then it kind of takes away the survival motivation. You won’t be so motivated to become highly polarized, since you’ve managed to reach the 51% mark. This could be a grand lie in order to weed out those who will be able to perform tasks more effectively immediately upon harvest. Perhaps, those whom are in the lower polarity spectrum will need some more refinement in order to better suite them for a negative reality. Thus the negative empire could view these individuals as a burden since they would have to work on them in order to raise the amount of negative karma they possess.

Of course, everything in which I have speculated upon is my own opinion and I cannot prove any of it, but RA from the Law of One has said

To serve yourself and to serve other is a dual method of saying the same thing, if you can understand the essence of the Law of One.

With this statement I believe RA is touching upon the equality of both paths. RA doesn’t seem to imply any type of imbalance with the words it has expressed. The elites may have been brought into a delusional fantasy. When we look at the Ying and Yang symbol, we see light and dark in balance. Everything is of balance, existence is a balancing act, yet even that may perhaps be an illusion. Balance implies either or, perhaps the balance is a testament of what is. There is no balance, just what is. Which would encourage us to seek balance, since everything else would be an illusion.

I know the affects of delusional thinking. Being a psychonautic myself I’ve come to believe in some very imbalanced ideas. At the time though, it seemed to make so much sense. I really did believe them. This could be what the Elites are experiencing, they could have subscribed to imbalanced belief or they could be right too, I cannot deny this possibility.

The positive path is being promoted as being easier, because it is. The positive and negative paths are one and the same, but that cannot conceal the fact that existence is based upon very simple concepts. It’s easier to work with others then to work against them. Thus we see why there is so much more positively polarized entities, because it’s easier. Granted there will always be the illusion of choice, but the universe is geared towards unity, because all is One.

You never know, this existence could be geared towards the positive because of its original intent from the creator. In other realities and existences it could be opposite. It could be possibly geared more towards negativity, because that’s what the Creator decided to experiment with. When you’re a creator you don’t perceive reality the same as we do. RA from the Law of One said this about the negative and positive path.

RAControl is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst. Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst.

The ways of acceptance are the key to life and control is a illusion. I see the negative aspect being beneficial for some, but for most I feel it wouldn’t be good for them. This is all dependent upon the circumstances surrounding each individual. Therefore my opinion of Luciferianism is that it isn’t ideal for the vast majority who live on this world. Therefore I leave you all in the embrace of Love!!!!


Timothy Frappier