Do You Belong To The New 1% Of The Population That Will SHATTER The Global Elite?

Many of you whom are reading these words most likely have decided to assist humanity in this transition from a fear based 3D/4D reality into a loving 5D reality. We are the way showers and it’s more important then ever that we all remember why we are here.

Cobra has stated that if we all achieved our mission here on Earth; it would be liberated. The problem that many of us experience and encounter is that we get lost in Maya; the illusion of solidity. We’ve wrapped ourselves in matter to the point where we’ve forgotten who we truly are. We’ve disconnected ourselves from the spiritual realms and came to believe that only the things that you can touch, taste, smell, hear and see are real.

Yet our physical embodiment is a small part of the massive multidimensional beings that we all are. This focus on the physical aspect of existence keeps us blinded to these realities and until we gather the courage to dispel the old myth that solidity is the only thing that is real; we shall continue to be blinded to these other dimensions.

Many of you have intimate understanding of these spiritual realities deep within you. All that is needed is to focus upon one’s own inner world to unlock these understandings. It is our connection to the divine that can assist us in restoring this world. We are the ones whom anchor the light to the surface of the earth so that it may bring change.

Many of you know this to be the Truth; you can feel it deep within you. Don’t deny this feeling or rationalize it as some kind of flight of fantasy or delusion. There is a reason you’ve awoken; there is a reason why you have a powerful drive to help and there is a reason why you choose love over fear.

This is something we must do for all of humanity. Future generations depend upon our bravery to face our fears both within and without. We must be bold enough to confront the shadows from within; to do our own inner healing work. We must be willing to take action that will bring change to this wounded world. Else we’ll continue to destroy this precious planet and ourselves.

There is no darkness that cannot be driven away by the light, no obstacle that can stand in our way and no mountain we cannot climb. When we stand together united as one; there isn’t anything we cannot achieve. We have the power to bring this change; we have the capacity to turn this world into a paradise. So let us unite to bring this new world into manifestation; so that our children may enjoy the fruits of love, joy and compassion.

Let love shine ever so bright and let us today right here in this eternal now moment declare as one voice that we choose LOVE.

Timothy Frappier 


When we say “The Global Elite” we think of the wealthiest 1% who thrive through global consumerism. They don’t care about the result of their products as long as it brings massive profit. Their agenda is New World Order with hypnotized consumers living in One Government World. This way they can stay in power (meaning they’ll keep their businesses going) and their consumers will be “satisfied” (addicted) to their products without realizing the damage they create with consuming.

However, in that MASSIVE 99% of the world there is a tiny 1% that may be the key to restoring balance to the world.

It’s not a secret society with some sinister agenda to take over the world. No. These individuals are all around us. Most of them have never even met each other. A lot of them don’t even know what’s happening. But they can all feel it. They can all feel that there is something wrong with society and the way it functions.

Suddenly, these individuals stop caring about what brand they wear. They see through the BS of media. They tend to unite the good from the indigenous and the modern, in a new sustainable lifestyle. They prefer walks in nature and nights around a campfire over getting drunk in clubs. They desire healthy organic food over processed food no matter the taste. They see the world as their home and the people as its global citizens. They love animals, nature and every human being as they realize we are all ONE! They SEE the world’s greatest lie “you are not enough” and THIS is their freedom.

That’s why they cannot be controlled into consuming products that harm the world. The products will either have to change to be more eco-friendly and respectful to humanity or no one will consume them.

These individuals, completely unintentionally, show an alternative to the global consumerism. They show that in Nature there is everything that you need and in there, everything is free. They open a doorway to a new lifestyle where you are free from filling the endless void of your ego and you can focus on what truly matters, ascending into a higher frequency. That’s why they will shatter “The Global Elite’s Plan”

Are you one of these people? Do you feel there is something wrong with society? Do you feel lost, as you are walking amongst people who are asleep? Do some (if not all) of the traits we mentioned above apply to you? Don’t worry, it simply means that you are awakening. Why? Nobody knows for sure. Maybe it’s a higher plan of The Universe or maybe there is something else in play. However, keep in mind that you are not alone.

Love Yourself Enough to Express Yourself

Freedom is the precursor to full and authentic expression. It allows you to shine your light into this world. Many times we find ourselves conflicted over expressing ourselves because we’re afraid of how others will perceive you.

The thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter what people think about you. Their judgments, thoughts and beliefs can only affect you by consent. We ourselves are the ones who buy into this belief that others can influence us or that their thoughts and opinions matter more than our own.

This is why many of us fail to express ourselves; because we value the thoughts of others and not our own. We must be brave enough to express ourselves no matter what; don’t allow fear to hold you down. If people don’t like what you say; that’s their problem.

That doesn’t mean you should be insensitive or cruel to others. You should abide by the Golden Rule and treat others the way you would want to be treated. What I’m trying to convey is to be yourself. You don’t have to be afraid of what others will say or think.

This is the trap that I’ve found myself in many times. I was the type of person who just wanted to get along with everyone. I would never rock the boat; I would do what everyone else was doing to fit in. This though led to much suppression of my true self. Many things I wouldn’t do or say because I wanted to fit in.

This behavior will only leave one feeling empty and hollow. That’s what I’ve come to learn along my journey of life. Every time I failed to express myself I was paying tribute to fear. Fear began to run my life and slowly lead me down a path of misery and pain. Fear is a poor manager of one’s life and it will only destroy your sense of self-worth and joy. When we fail to express ourselves; we’ll develop depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses.

Whatever it is that you love to do; do it. Don’t be afraid if it doesn’t conform to what society deems acceptable. Express yourself whenever you get the calling to. If you see someone who needs help with something and you’re first reaction is to assist them; don’t hesitate and make up excuses why you shouldn’t; follow that impulse of wanting to help another human being. That’s your True Self wanting to be expressed.

That’s something I would do all the time; I would get these impulses to assist or do something good for someone else; but then my logical and rational self would step in and make up all kinds of excuses on why I shouldn’t or cannot help. This is fear trying to repress your true self. Every act of kindness makes a difference in freeing humanity from the chains of fear.

Don’t allow your synthetic self to govern your life. This false persona will only lead you down the path of misery, pain and suffering. It seeks everything that is tied to this world; this world is impermanent. That is why identification with this worldly existence will corrode ones self-worth, happiness, joy and abundance. When we sell ourselves short by identifying with our finite self we lose sight to who we truly are. Each and every single one of us are eternal beings of light. Don’t trade your eternal self for a finite self. Respect this worldly existence for what it is; but don’t attribute your entire sense of meaning and purpose to it.

Be yourself, be love and watch the world flourish. Say whatever is on your mind; if your intent is not to harm another; then don’t hesitate to say it. Don’t dwell on their interpretation; what’s important is to express yourself. As long as your intention is to not harm another and simply share your thoughts or opinions; that’s all that matters.

That’s why I’ve started this website because it’s been instrumental in allowing me to express myself. Each article that I share and write assists in overcoming my own fears. This is crucial for me on my journey; to not suppress my true self. If you can relate to what I’ve shared then by all means find an avenue to express yourself. It could be a website like myself or it could be something entirely different.

People use a wide variety of means to express themselves. Some use art, writing, cooking, working and teaching to express themselves. These are just few examples from the infinite well of ways in expressing oneself. For each and every single person on this world there is a unique expression that only they can fulfill. Find that gem within yourself and show it to the world. Your example will help others break the chains of fear and help uplift this world to state of being that is worthy for humanity. Be love, be brave and be your true self.

Timothy Frappier

This Cat Still Loves People, Even Though Humans Poured Acid On His Face

Source: TrueActivist

For an unknown reason, humans poured acid on this friendly feline’s face. Fortunately, he still adores people – especially those who show him love.


One of the characteristics of domesticated animals that makes them so incredible is their willingness to love and forgive those who, at one point or another, wronged them. An incredible example of this was recently shared by Love Meow, and it might just cause you to reach for tissues.

For some unknown reason, humans deliberately poured acid on a friendly feline’s head in June of this year. Pain and lonely, the stray cat was eventually found wandering the streets in California. Thanks to one kind woman, the cream-colored cat was taken to a vet. Unfortunately, the animal doctor didn’t know what he or she was doing. They gave the cat antibiotics, tested him for FIV+, and then suggested that the cat be put down. Fortunately, the woman didn’t follow the vet’s advice and contacted Milo’s Sanctuary.

The non-profit specializes in giving cats with disabilities, who are seniors, have a terminal illness, or have been abused by humans a second chance at life. These animals have often suffered trauma, so the staff are exceptionally compassionate toward all who are rescued.

Reportedly, workers at Milo’s Sanctuary named the feline Sir Thomas Trueheart and rushed the cat to a more reputable veterinarian. There, Sir Thomas spent over a month on antibiotics and pain medications. Sugar bandages were also used to help the wound over his eye heal and granulate. Skin surgery helped repair parts of his face that were damaged.

The cat was brave throughout the entire ordeal and didn’t think twice about offering kisses and purrs to those who were caring for him. The unconditional love he continues to present people – despite being mutilated by a human in the past – is heartwarming. At present, Sir Thomas is at Lifetime Care Foster. If you were touched by his story, consider sponsoring the grateful cat to help him continue on his healing journey.

Sir Thomas Trueheart was found wandering the streets in California after he was attacked by acid…

Credit: Milo's Sanctuary

A kind woman took him to the vet upon rescuing him.

Credit: Milo's Sanctuary

Sadly, the vet recommended Sir Thomas be put down.

Credit: Milo's Sanctuary

Fortunately, the cat was taken to Milo’s Sanctuary, where abused and elderly cats are given second chances at life.

Credit: Milo's Sanctuary

Credit: Milo's Sanctuary

After a month of antibiotics, pain treatment, and a skin surgery, Sir Thomas is now feeling and looking much better.

Credit: Milo's Sanctuary

Credit: Milo's Sanctuary

And, he has more love than ever for humans – despite being injured by people in the past.

Credit: Milo's Sanctuary

This amazing kitty is proof that forgiveness is the ultimate tool of healing. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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When a Child’s Life is Turbulent Parents Need To Take Solace in Compassion and Understanding

Life can be very hectic in our modern society. There seems to exists a vast plethora of ideas, things and situations in which we should worry about. We use worrying as a means of protecting ourselves from what we’ve come to believe is negative. In reality though; worrying doesn’t help us whatsoever. What little comfort or benefit we gain from it is short lived.

Many times we worry about things that don’t even come into being. For instance; let’s say a parent worries about their children. They think worrying is acceptable and that it’s perfectly natural. In reality though worrying is a fear based behavior and it doesn’t help whatsoever. In fact it is counterproductive to helping others.


Worrying will only create more of what we don’t want in our lives. When we worry about things; we’re projecting fear based energy; when this fact is coupled with the tenants of the law of attraction we see that our worrying is the reason why we experience more of the things we don’t want. Fear attracts fear; so if we keep being fearful; we’ll keep manifesting and attracting more fears into our life. Like attracts like and remember the saying:


When parents worry about their children it’s because they don’t want to destroy their sense of duty to their children’s wellbeing. The desire to protect our children is perfectly natural, but what many parents do is that they suppress their children with their attempts to protect them and fail to see they’re doing more damage than good by doing so. Many times parents project their ideas and beliefs onto their children in a attempt to make them the same as them in order to secure their safety and wellbeing.

Many parents don’t know the gifts and talents their children possess because their so focus on protecting their children that they don’t see the magnificent person their child is. They address things from the surface level and never really get the pleasure to understand their child. For instance let’s use an example. Let’s say Billy’s interests, hobbies and work is vastly different from his parents. Billy chooses to start a blog which helps thousands feel better about themselves everyday; but yet no one in his family has ever read a single article. They don’t know all the good that Billy does on this website. His ideas appear to be radical to their way of perceiving reality.

Let’s say that this blog that Billy started doesn’t make him money whatsoever. The parents try encourage Billy to get a full time job, but Billy doesn’t want to do that because he wouldn’t have time to write on his blog. Billy’s parents express disappointment and lack of support because they believe Billy needs a full time job. This creates a schism between Billy and his parents. Billy feels he cannot truly express himself to his parents because whenever he does his parents outright reject his ideas by virtue that it creates a sense of discomfort within them.

This sense of discomfort derives from Cognitive Dissonance which is when you’re confronted with an idea or belief that contrasts your own. They enter into a mild form of fight or flight mode and resist it vehemently. Most people don’t even possess the awareness of this process taking place. They believe it’s a perfectly natural response to what is. They view this belief, situation or idea as being a threat. Thus they conclude that if it is a threat to them; it is a threat to their child as well.

That doesn’t mean Billy’s parents are in the wrong or doing something bad. They just misunderstand Billy’s perspective and beliefs. Billy loves them regardless of them knowing what he does; because love doesn’t place expectations upon others. Love is free and flows with ease. We as guardians should strive to allow children to make their own choices and live life according to their own internal compass without pressure from parents.

What we see nowadays though is parents exerting their beliefs and opinions of life onto their children and if the child resists very little support comes from the parents. They justify this lack of cooperation through many ways; many times using guilt and fear to rationalize it. The Truth is though parents should encourage freedom of choice without pressuring them or making them feel “bad” for choosing to live a life that goes against their own beliefs.


Many parents nowadays believe they have it all figured out and that children need to solely learn from them. In reality though; there is no limit to how much we can learn from our children. We see this happen in schools as well; where teachers believe they know it all and if a student shares an idea that goes against what they were taught is the Truth; they will reject it. They don’t even consider it a possibility because they believe their degree makes them right. To be an true leader, a true authority one needs to remember that you never stop learning. There is never a time when we have it all figured out; when you believe you do; that’s when you know you don’t. The Truth is indifferent because it simply is what it is; when teachers reject ideas it’s because their ego is threatened.

Parents do this from a honest intent to help their children; but their misconstrued understanding of freedom has warped their sense of right and wrong. Parents believe their sense of right is the only one valid. They suppress new ideas and anything that they feel conflicts with their sense of continuity. If something comes into their awareness that threatens their sense of what is “right” they resist it.


We need to allow children to make their own choices; but that doesn’t mean we allow them to come into harms way. If a child is walking on the road and about to get ran over; we run over to the child to get them out of the way. If a child is starting to make decisions and incorporate beliefs that raise concerns we can then talk it through with them. We must do this from a standpoint of not fixing or changing their minds; but instead from the mentality of compassion and understanding. Most of the problems we encounter in life derive from fear. If our child is having difficulties it’s because they are afraid.

Fear can be disarmed with understanding and compassion. Understanding your child is the key in helping heal their fears. When your understand them you’re essentially shedding light upon the darkness. You drive away fear with your willingly to understand and help them feel more connected. Compassion allows them to know that others really do care about them and that helps them open up even more. When you strive to understand your child you can learn so much from them.


Cultivate an atmosphere of understanding and compassion. Practice listening and remaining indifferent to what is brought into your awareness. Don’t judge what is said and try not to influence them to think otherwise. Guide them with your own understanding of life and what you’ve discovered works for them. Don’t tell them to do anything; let them decide what is right. With a little guidance you can help them discover the answers within themselves. We’re meant to guide our children to their own understanding, not ours.

We can only share our own perspective and opinions on things. We cannot force them to change or control them. Controlling children will not work; it will cause them to rebel even more and slide deeper into darkness and despair. Don’t place any expectations upon them; let them be themselves, even it it goes against what you believe is right. Because the Truth is what is right for you may not be right for them. You never know they may be very successful with what they choose to do.

If something truly is bad for them; you must trust that even if they don’t listen to you at first that eventually they will come to see it as being bad through experience. If you try to control them and attempt to stop it from happening you only delay the inevitable because they will do it regardless of what you do because it’s something that can only be learned through experience. Some things we can guide our children to understand; but other things they will have to learn from experience. This is a fact of life and when we accept this truth we allow our children to empower themselves.

So my beloveds, be loving, open-minded, kind and compassionate to your children. Allow them to simply be who they are. Remain open to who they are and see the magic that has always been within them.

Timothy Frappier


The Orchestration of Life, How to Discern Future Predictions and Overcome the Stand-Still


The Orchestration Of Life

“Synchronicity, coincidence, is your conscious perception in a physiological time track – spatial reality – of the simultaneous manifestation of the multi-dimensional existence of all.” – Bashar

Synchronicity is the conscious representation of the idea that everything is united as one. When coincidences and synchronicity occur it’s really us coming to the realization that everything is one. Things don’t happen on accident, all that transpires in our lives is orchestrated by us. When these type of events happen pay close attention to them because the universe is trying to tell you something.

Whenever I experience synchronicity I take the time to be grateful and look into the event to see if there is anything my Creator is trying to convey to me. Our Creator can speak to us in a variety of different ways, so be sure to keep a keen sense of awareness when synchronicity occurs. Be present in the now, feel your body, emotions and thoughts. Let them guide you to where your focus should be placed upon.

“Therefore, begin to be fascinated by how well orchestrated everything is that you are participating in – on an unconscious level. You are drawing into your lives every single particle of dust, every single atom that is there, everything! No exceptions. None. The way somebody may look at you, the way you look at that person, what he is wearing . . . no accidents. It all plays a part in the idea that everything is one single event, experienced from different points of view, simultaneously.” -Bashar

Understand everything that happens in our life is decided upon by us. Either on a conscious or unconscious level. There are no ifs, ands or buts about this. We literally are the ones manifesting our reality. Everything that we experience, the people we meet, the ideas we struggle with, the problems we have and the moments of love we experience is of our doing.

Take responsibility of your life by realizing this Truth. When you recognize that everything is of your doing, than you come to the understanding that you can change your life. That ONLY YOU can change your life. Nobody is going to do it for you, you have to gather the courage and determination to change yourself.

Many people in the awakening community are waiting for some kind of event to occur. Whether it be the arrival of ETs, Official Disclosure or second coming of Jesus is irrelevant. What these people fail to understand is that nobody is going to come until we realize we’re the ones who shall save ourselves. This is required for us as a species in order to progress along the journey of evolution. If we keep allowing others to bail us out, we will not learn sovereignty. We must cultivate habits, behaviors and understandings that empower the individual. By focusing on something outside of you as being the means to save you, you dis-empower yourself. You consciously or subconsciously give your power away to something separate from you.

Humanity has been wrestling with this for many thousands of years. We’re easily led because of our tendency to take face value of what others say. We’ve lost the sense of independent inquiry or objective questioning. Many of us are programmed with ideas that promote conformity into all aspects of our lives. This has been systemically implemented for purposes of keeping humanity subjugated. Our thoughts, habits, ideas and desires are specially crafted from a very sophisticated and cunning mold. This is mind control, a prison without bars so that people don’t even realize there are a component to a system.

To break the pattern of slavery you must begin to reprogram your beliefs about life. The most fundamental idea you hold for life should be evaluated to determine its polarity. If your primary belief is one that is negative, than that’s what life will be, if it is positive, than that’s what life will be. So if you would prefer a positive life, then adopt a positive belief about it. All other beliefs will fall in line when you change this belief. The only requirement on your part is to BE that idea right NOW.

“The Recognition that if you are aware that everything is one thing, and you are a part of it, then you recognize that you have everything you need to be anything you want, without having to force yourselves upon anyone else to do it. Integrity: Integrated. Integral: Integrated. Blended. One. Wholeness.” – Bashar

Everything that you need is within you. You are the manifestation of the Creator within human form. So whatever you desire or want in this life is achievable. No matter what you or anyone else says, you can do ANYTHING! It’s just a matter of utilizing the tools within you to assist in the manifestation of it. Learn everything you can with life, become a inner scientist.

Focusing on your reactions, thoughts and emotions gives you a glimpse into your inner-world. The better you understand yourself; the easier it will be to get what you want. Creation is based upon Love, everything springs forth from it. So the name of the game to get what you want is to do it out of Love. Thus the more you embody a loving state, the easier it will be to get your desire.

What many of us encounter when attempting to manifest our desires is negative synchronicity. We become discouraged because from our perspective it’s not working. Then we say things like “You see, this never works, I do what I need to do, but I never get what I want.” This type of negative synchronicity reinforces this negative idea. We must stop thinking in those terms, don’t expect anything, expectations will only end bad. You cannot dictate to the universe exactly how and when your desire will come into fruition. Trust the universe and yourself enough to let go. Believe you have your desire already, don’t expect anything, because to expect is to believe you don’t have it, thus you’ll keep manifesting that belief into your life. You have to 100% sincerely believe you already have it. However you make yourself a believer is up to you, so find out what works best for you!

“Trust your instincts. Examine what they bring up within you: “Why do I have this hesitation? What do I really believe about my situation, about my part in this co-creation? What are the beliefs I have? What is this hesitation allowing me to look at within myself, within these other individuals?” – Bashar

Hesitation is by-product of doubt which is a red flag indicating you need to search within yourself to find the belief that is causing this dis-ease. Allow yourself to dive deep into those moments of hesitation so that you can discover the belief behind it. Practicing this actively will assist in releasing toxic beliefs and replacing them with ones you prefer.

Hesitation is a positive thing if you recognize it as an opportunity to change an old negative belief into a new positive one. Each belief removed and replaced will attract more positivity into your life. You cannot just cover everything up with positivity, you need to find the darkness and replace it. It is hard to fill up cup which is already full.

“You are the actual interaction, the actual process. You are the experience you are having! You are the experience you are having. It’s not that you are not interacting with other consciousnesses, but anyone you imagine yourselves to be interacting with, in a symbolic experience, is generally the only thing you perceive in physical reality. It is your own self-created version of that individual with whom you are interacting, and you are creating that interaction in a particular manner – in a necessary manner.” – Bashar

When we see ourselves as being the Creator of the experiences in our life, than everything becomes a reflection of our journey to self realization. Everyone that we interact with has a purpose, there is meaning behind all events in our life. When speaking with other people be mindful that you created this interaction to learn from it. Be present when interacting with others and remember they are a reflection of you. Everyone you perceive in your life is created through your own individual perspective. They are you and you are they.

Thus the golden rule really gains credibility with this understanding. When you treat others the way you want to be treated, you actually are treating yourself in that manner, since they are you. The only difference is the point of view that particular part of consciousness chose to embody. Remember though, there is no separation and this will help make interactions with others easier.

How to Discern Future Predictions

“The idea, as we have said, is not so much that you are predicting a future; it is more that you are sensing the energy at the present that is most likely to occur because it has the greatest degree of energy behind it.” – Bashar

Whenever reading any article, channeling or future prediction; remember that they are only a representation of a energy that the predictor is sensing at that present moment. What is being shared and expressed isn’t necessarily what is going to occur. Each individual has the right to decide what kind of reality they wish to inhabit. When you come across certain predictions that don’t agree with you, remember that it is their own sensing of the future that could happen according to the energy in the moment. It may not necessarily be your reality, because your consciousness may be vibrating at a different rate than his/hers.

You could be embodying a positive vibration, thus your future is one that is positive, but his/her consciousness may be more negative than yours, thus he/she senses a negative future. These predictions vary from person to person and shouldn’t be regarded as absolute. If they do offend you or cause you to worry, look within yourself and find the belief causing that negative feeling. Most of the time the belief has to do with victimhood, we’re afraid of this prediction because we feel we don’t have the power to change it. Realize that is a lie and replace it with the truth which is YOU DO HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT! You yourself can change your reality by being that reality you wish to live in.

How To Overcome The Stand-Still

“When you allow yourselves to match the rate at which you are creating that reality, you will feel like you are standing still. You are traveling at infinite speeds, and when you do that, you are everywhere at once.” – Bashar

Many of us reach a point where it seems like our progress has reached a stand-still. Everything seems to be held in limbo, that we’re not able to move any further towards our goals. The Truth is though you couldn’t be closer to getting what you want. All you need to do is make that extra step in order to get what you want. That extra step is this last realization:

“Nothing is moving faster; nothing is moving slower. You can move the pieces around effortlessly, because they are all gliding. You are all together as one event, one idea, and you begin to see all the events in your lives truly as extensions of yourselves.” – Bashar

There isn’t any effort needed to be or get your desire. At this point it’s a matter of moving the pieces into place so that you can be what you want to be. You move these pieces by Being what you want to be, right now. If you want to be an actor, believe yourself as being one already and act in accordance to what an actor would do. It’s really that simple at the end of the day. Like the famous Gandhi quote says “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

This is why many of us experience the stand-still. We haven’t realized that we have to be the desire or idea beforehand. You may have been programmed with the old belief that you need to “Fake it until you make it.” which essentially is saying “You believe your not it, so keep not believing it and eventually you’ll be it…” Can you see the madness to that statement? It’s not a matter of faking it until you make it. It’s a matter of believing your it and then you are it. There are countless ways to help you make yourself believe it, but the most simple one is this. What you think and desire already is real. Thus it’s perfectly valid to believe you already are it or have it. That’s it, period.

“One individual can have an impact over the entire planet. You’ve seen it done many times.” – Bashar

There is no limit to your potential. You have the capacity to do whatever you want with your life. The process of creation makes every idea and desire not only attainable, but already a reality. You simply need to believe that the attainable is already attained and only awaits your realization. That’s how I’ve come to understand life and it’s simplicity is what makes it shine. You don’t need to memorize anything, you don’t need to repeat mantras, you just need to be what you want to be. Whatever makes your heart sing, pursue it and love every moment of the pursuit. So I ask you this, are you being what you want to be?

Timothy Frappier

True Exaltation

True Exaltation

“When a person tries to understand subtle things by mathematical calculations alone, he has come into the dense sphere.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

The need to develop fine perception is very important if we wish to live a spiritual life. Everything that exists on this earthly plane is intelligible, but the spirit that resides within us is fine. No worldly understanding can ever explain the spirit in it’s totality. To do so is to make that which is fine into something that is gross. The spirit transcends this plane of existence and can never be boxed up in any kind of understanding that derives from this impermeable reality.

When we attempt to understand the spiritual aspect of our being through the lenses of this reality, we become rigid. Our beliefs and thoughts surround us in a structure that is placid and solid. Very little change and results can occur from such beliefs/thoughts. We need to be like water, malleable to whatever comes into our field of experience. The ability to change our beliefs and thoughts with the directing of our will is invaluable. This allows us to understand the finer things of nature, which cannot be conceptualized by any mathematical equation or scientific understanding.

“When I become Thou and Thou becomest me, neither canst Thou say that I am different, nor canst Thou say that Thou are different” – Indian Poet Khusrau

True exaltation isn’t some kind of level of recognition or accomplishment. Nowadays most people think that rising through the ranks, making more money or becoming famous is the way of true exaltation. Everyone competes with one another to get to the top, a survival of the fittest type of mentality. In the end though, pursuing life with this mentality is simply vain and shortsighted.

True exaltation is a state of being one with the Creator. When you’re reconnected with the source of unconditional love, joy and happiness your experience is never-ending sense of bliss. Your life becomes the embodiment of happiness because of the reunification with the Prime Creator. The Creator becomes one with you and you become one with the Creator. This is what it really means to become God-like, this is the realization of the divinity within oneself.

“Looking at the rising sun, watching the setting sun, looking at the horizon from the sea, being in the midst of nature, looking at the world from the top of a mountain, all these experiences– even such an experience as watching the little smiles of an innocent infant– these experiences lift one up and give one a feeling which one cannot call sensation: it is exaltation. – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Exaltation is the way of perceiving the world through the eyes of our Creator. When we truly operate from this state of being, everything around us becomes exalted. The setting of the sun or the smile of an infant become realizations of the Creator all around us. We see everything through the eyes of our God, because we are all one. This exalted feeling helps to purify ourselves and reveals the beauty that’s been around us all the time.

Since our experimentation with separation, we’ve truly forgotten what it is like to perceive reality like our Creator does. We’re constantly trying to find God; mainstream Christianity indoctrinates us to follow rules setup by man. This is a false paradigm meant to impose fear upon humanity and keep them in servitude. Jesus had no intention of starting a religion, he simply wished to show man the way to godliness through his example.

Being in communion with God is a state of being and cannot be attained, it can only be realized. When you realize yourself as being one with God, you see God everywhere. You see God in the trees, the birds, in the wind and the earth. Everything becomes a reflection of our Creator. We’ve numbed ourselves from the presence of our Creator to the point where God is always with us, but yet we don’t recognize it.

Look at the miracle of life, of how a tiny little seed can turn into a magnificent tree; or how a little baby child can become a genius who can change the world such as Nikola Tesla. That is God in motion, God is everywhere, God is perceivable, but yet not tangible at the same time. God can be understood, but not fully. God is in the words we speak, the food we eat and the people we interact with. See the world and yourself as the embodiment of the Creator and you will know thyself as God.

“Exaltation comes by forgetting the self and destroying selfishness” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

To achieve a sense of exaltation we must practice selflessness and not selfishness. Serving others is the ultimate key to coming into realization of the Creator within us. When we start doing things that will benefit the whole of humanity, we get closer to experiencing that moment of exaltation that will forever change us. Be mindful of others and assist in any way you can. Of course, this doesn’t mean to ignore your own needs, but instead focus on your own bare necessities and then serve others to the best of your ability. There is an balance that is needed and only you can find what works for you. The key is not to overextend yourself or take the joy away from what you are doing. Serve others with a joyful heart, not a bitter one.

The key to remember is that exaltation is a form of purification. When we start to exalt ourselves, we start to relinquish that which isn’t us. It is the dismantling of the old and the construction of the new. The old paradigm is one based on fear and separation, which is solidified by the sensations we experience. Exaltation though is beyond sensation, it is a state of being one with the Divine. It isn’t pleasure or comfort, it is the nectar of God, pure ecstasy in divine form.

The third aspect of exaltation comes by touching the reason of reasons and by realizing the essence of wisdom. – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Setting out to understand the nature of existence inevitably leads us upon the path of discovering the wisdom that surrounds us. When we use the mind to understand God, we become exalted. Divine wisdom doesn’t reside within knowledge, wisdom is derived from experience and knowledge put together to form a understanding that transcends this earthly realm. The ways of our creator cannot be put into words, but it can be conceptualized to a certain extent.

Wisdom is understanding existence through the finer ways of perceiving reality. When we combine our worldly knowledge with divine understanding, it forms everlasting wisdom. The world becomes a mirror of the divine and every time we look around we see the divine within us, because all that we perceive is the divine perceiving itself. We are one with the Creator, so what we see, the Creator sees, what we experience, the Creator experiences. We are fragments of Divine Light helping our Creator better understand itself and creation. My question to you is, do you want to be one with the Creator?