When Tolerance Becomes Hate — Image Blindness and Cognitive Dissonance | Women’s March, Sharia Law vs Feminism, Soros and Linda Sarsour

Tolerance is the path to peace; intolerance is the path of violence. There is no need to attack the beliefs of others nor use intimidation and violence to spread your message. The Truth is self evident and doesn’t require any type of forceful action for others to accept.

All our various beliefs can coexist with one another. Instead though many of us are stuck in duality; where we believe our belief is opposed to this belief. This creates tension, anger, hatred and violence.

Tolerance shows that everyone can believe what they want to believe and it has no bearing whatsoever on your beliefs. What we see though nowadays is that people believe that another person’s beliefs are a threat to their beliefs. So because of this perceived duality we fall into cycles of violence, hate and intolerance under the delusion that we’re fighting for a “worthy” cause.

Careful contemplation of one’s inner world can resolve this sense of intolerance if we’re brave enough to venture within. There is thought behind every belief; find the thought and you can change the belief. Many of the times people are intolerant because that’s what they’ve learned from the media, parents and peers. This happens though in a unconscious manner; we’re imprinted with impressions, thoughts and beliefs without much thought given to them.

This is designed by the social engineers whom wish to keep humanity in a perpetual state of ignorance and obedience. They’ve created a culture that imprints beliefs and thoughts into our unconscious mind in order to indoctrinate us. This is done without our conscious awareness and most people never discover this reality for themselves.

For example, let’s look at today’s society and what we consider to be “entertainment”. We see many movies and games that exhibit violence, murder and theft. We’ve associated entertainment and fun with acts of violence, hate and murder. Movies nowadays are riddled with so much violence, death and destruction. We call this entertainment, but how many of us have actually asked ourselves why do we consider this to be entertainment? Why is watching others get killed or hurt entertaining?

We consider the Romans in ancient times as barbaric and uncivilized for watching gladiatorial fighting in the Colosseum, but yet we do the same thing with our movies. Many justify movies with the fact that they’re not real and nobody actually gets hurt, but in reality that is far from the Truth.


As you can see with the clip above; the brain is affected when watching movies. These reactions are very similar to the real life counterpart. Our brain doesn’t differentiate stimuli when first perceived, but instead reacts to it as if it is real. Movie makers, directors and producer have known this for quite some time.

“None of this would come as a surprise to Jeff Zacks. He is an experimental neuroscientist, and his book Flicker: Your Brain on Movies dives straight in with an explanation of the two fundamental principles at work here. The mirror rule states that when we observe a behaviour, we tend to mimic it. The pre-frontal cortex stops this process before it turns into a full-blown action, but we get some of the way there. As we watch Bond’s colleagues stiffen with concern we evoke the same concerned expressions. We gear up for flight or fight, becoming more alert, sweating slightly, our heart rate increasing. Then there’s the success rule, which dictates that we perform, in response to stimuli, actions that are likely to work. (Some brain injuries result in an inability to suppress this reflex, which causes so‑called utilization behavior. In one case, a patient couldn’t see a candle without trying to find some matches and lighting it.) Sandy knows what Bond needs to do with the syringe and she can’t help acting it out, jabbing away. Similarly, when an actor throws a punch at an opponent we’ll probably flinch or duck – both strategies for success in the real world.” – Source

It is paramount that we don’t overlook the reality that movies influence us. When we partake in watching movies as a form of entertainment we’re unconsciously supporting the perpetuation of violence on this world. Most of this is unconscious and many aren’t aware that they’re participating. Thus it’s important that we start to understand the nature of consciousness and how it molds our reality. We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat” but most don’t understand that “We are what we watch” as well. Your personality and behaviors are heavily influenced by what you watch. The type of media you consume will influence you one way or another.

If we keep consuming media that depicts violence then we’ll create a world of violence. Look what we have nowadays; there is so much death, destruction and chaos in this world. Many people have come to believe that it’s human nature and something normal. Yet this belief has been imprinted upon us. It is our movies, media, video games and many other sources that have created this prevalent belief. We’ve unconsciously consented to this being our reality; thus we create this reality as a result.

The only reason We Americans haven’t discovered this to be the Truth is because for the most part this violence hasn’t happened in America. Instead it’s been outsourced to other nations and countries and they are the ones suffering from our delusional belief that harming and killing others is a form of entertainment. Yet this is starting to check up to us now and we’re starting to see more violence here in America.

The good news is that we the people are the source of this violence and we can change this reality into one that we prefer. By monitoring what you watch, ear and consume; we can bring change to this world. Be inquisitive and question everything; dive deep into your beliefs and why do do certain things.

If enough people stopped watching these violent movies; then violence would dramatically be reduced. It is our unconscious consent to violence through the ritual of viewing cinemas that breeds the violence in this world. Remove the ritual of watching these movies and you will see violence plummet. It really is that simple. If you don’t want to live in a world that is full of violence, murder and death, then focus on the opposite. By focusing our awareness on what we would prefer we create avenues for it to manifest. 

We must find the courage to confront these unconscious beliefs so that we can heal this world. Exercise your discernment and free thinking; don’t give in to group thinking. Decide for yourself what it is you choose to believe. We the molder of your beliefs; not the receiver of other people’s beliefs.

Timothy Frappier 


Source: Stillness In The Storm

by Justin Deschamps

In a short video, Paul Joseph Watson exposes the illogical and outright wrong fallacies of the emerging radical left. The left has historically been associated with liberalism, social equality, and egalitarianism (the ideal of fairness in society). Leftists should ostensibly be rallying to support the downtrodden and disenfranchised (across all walks of life), those who were the victims of hatred, violence, and oppression. But a new brand of leftism is sweeping the world. Within this movement, respect for others, tolerance and non-violence rhetoric is uttered, but what actually happens during events contradicts these ideals. Thisneo-leftist radical movement has been gathering support and is diametrically opposed to traditional leftism, seemingly unbeknownst to its members. In effect, the left is being deceived into accepting increasingly radical and violent methods for promoting their often irrational and unrealistic views on the world—largely founded on globalist propaganda. Younger generations being swept up into mobs that act with intolerance and violence while in the same breath crying for an end to intolerance and violence.

When Tolerance Becomes Hate

In other words—and I mean this with all due respect to my fellow human beings and spiritual brothers and sisters—the radical left, on the one hand, promote tolerance, fairness, an end to prejudice, racism, and bigotry. But in executing their agenda, they use hate, prejudice, bigotry, and racism—although this isn’t apparent to the vast majority of proponents or the sleeping masses. The hypocrisy pouring out of this emerging movement is palpable for anyone who has the capacity to think critically and discern reality first hand.

The fact of the matter is, only a person incapable of seeing the incongruity of their actions would continue to participate in such a hypocritical venture. Of course, unless the precept of “do as I say, not as I do” is a founding tenet of this movement—which would make a lot of sense.

But seriously, what is more likely the case is that there are swaths of well-intentioned people who, due to their unmastered and immature consciousness, are being used as pawns in a game of global domination and control.

Here’s the video by Watson.

Now to be clear, I am not saying all Democrats, feminists or liberals are contradictory, irrational, and hypocritical—only a portion of self-identified liberals seem to be radicalized into acting with intolerance and hatred.

Anti-Trump Violence, Intolerance, and Hatred

Most of the radicalized liberals assume Trump supporters are racists, bigots, and anti-women. And a rash of anti-Trump violence has spread within this group of perception-distorted anti-Trumpers.

Shortly after the election, a ten-year-old boy was violently beaten by his peers for voting for Trump in a mock election at school.

A California girl named Jade Armenio was attacked by her peers for posting her support for Trump on Instagram.

And in early January of this year, four anti-Trumpers kidnapped a mentally disabled man, torturing him live on Facebook for over a half hour.

Of course, these cases cannot be used to characterize everyone in the growing radical left. But they do provide a source of raw data for deductions about the psychology of such individuals to be made.

And finally, in what could be the most blatant example of hypocrisy on the part of U.S. law enforcement, Madonna spoke at the March saying that she thought “long and hard about blowing up the Whitehouse.”

Madonna, in an indirect way, is effectively rallying the crowd to commit an act of terrorism, although she doesn’t say this explicitly. Through her status of celebrity, she influenced those there, cementing their anti-Trump views.

In this way, Trump has become a poster child for a radicalized leftist who attributes to the newly elected president the status of arch villain, who is somehow responsible for all manner of evils. And yet, the group also supports Sharia law and Islamic traditions that are arguably the most oppressive policies towards women on the planet.

Clearly, there is a serious amount of cognitive dissonance at play, something the social engineers are quick to make use of.

Image Blindness

The common theme of seemingly all radical groups, across all walks of life, is what can be thought of as Image Blindness.

Image blindness is an unofficial term I am coining to refer to a person who cannot see that what they believe is different from reality itself. It can also be described as the condition of self-imposed ignorance that creates a state of severe cognitive dissonance, to the point that a person is incapable of auto-correcting ideological discrepancies—self-correcting erroneous views as a result of perceiving reality directly.

For example, someone who can’t recognize that the war on terror is terrorism itself, has image blindness. Someone who prejudges a person’s ideas based on their physical appearance has image blindness. Someone who says they want to be healthy, yet can’t recognize that their food is poison, has image blindness. Someone who fights for freedom by using oppression and violence is suffering from image blindness.

When a person’s perceptions of reality—their beliefs, worldviews, and biases (images)—prevent them from seeing the truth. I would consider this person person image blind—their image of reality blinds them from the real truth.

Simply put, mentally immature people are generally laboring under some form of image blindness. But this isn’t a statement of elitism or superiority. I am not judging people harshly for their mental status. But I am able to recognize when someone lacks skill in using their innate mental abilities. Just like I can recognize when a child hasn’t learned how to walk yet—doing so doesn’t mean I think they are inferior or that they won’t ever walk.

Symptoms of image blindness are:

  • an inability to directly perceive reality;
  • an inability to differentiate between beliefs and reality;
  • a tendency to obsess over, or fixate on, a belief or perspective that is untrue, even when evidence exists within experience to disprove it;
  • an inability to think logically and use reason to discover the truth;
  • an over-reliance on emotion and “the gut” to determine right and wrong, truth from fiction;
  • a tendency to succumb to groupthink or mob mentality—going along with the crowd;
  • the dogmatic adherence to inaccurate beliefs or ideas in favor of maintaining a belief system that provides emotional support;
  • an inability to gain intrinsic knowledge and understanding—reliance on experts, authorities, and leaders;
  • lastly, and most importantly, the tendency to ignore reality in favor of one’s beliefs.

A person with Image Blindness, literally, at a cognitive level, cannot see reality—they can only see images or their representations of reality.

Arguably most of the population is operating at this level of cognition—a symptom of overstimulation during the formative years and social programming in the human heard of society towards dogmatic adherence to social norms.

In effect, culture completely suppresses the evolving mind, by way of behavioral augmentation techniques—social programming from parents, family, school, the media, and society at large. The innate inquisitiveness, curiosity, and love of learning that all children come into this world with are slowly and surely quashed under the foot of culture’s all encompassing hypnotic din. Between the ages of zero to ten, when the right brain and the subtle aspects of consciousness and identity are forming, the volume of cultural noise is at its peak. These environmental factors ensure that the vast majority of people never discover their inner voice or develop their intrinsic capacities to discern, think logically, and assess reality at a personal level.

Codependency on the State and Destruction of Critical Thought

Image blindness is a symptom of co-dependency on society and others, for one’s understanding of reality—overreliance on the State.

In effect, whole portions of the human population never developed their logic and reason skills—those mental attributes needed to discern and make right choices. They never had to develop these skills because the environment in which they were raised suppressed personal inquisitiveness in favor of authoritative compliance. Modern day educational standards, Common Core, favor mindless memorization over critical thinking and inquisitiveness—ensuring that when one graduates from school, they will probably be incapable of doing anything but blindly believe what others tell them. The use of behavioral modification techniques (punishments and rewards) further compel one to downplay their innate capacities for social acceptance.

The societies we inhabit encourage mental infancy and dependency on the state and authorities of all kinds. Americans pledge allegiance to a flag, supposedly in reference of the ideals of freedom, prosperity, and fairness for all, while the same flag is synonymous with oppression almost everywhere else on Earth. Yet almost no one can see this, and when someone takes a stand, like the NFL player Colin Kaepernick, the image-blind masses spew vitriol against them, failing to see the hypocrisy.

Information is obfuscated, compartmentalized, made overly complex, and hard to understand in almost all fields of study and academia. Experts and scholars use complex language and systems of representation that make it hard for the layman to grasp.

Add an endless array of distractions (bread and circuses), such as social media, television, video games, and so on, and most people see no value in developing their mental faculties.

Who wants to read books, learn critical thinking and discernment, when there are Pokemon to catch, celebrities to ogle over, games to play, and sitcoms to watch.

© Idiocracy

The makers of the film Idiocracy—a comedy depicting a future wherein the vast majority of the population has been dumbed-down to the level of preschoolers—is disturbed by how accurate it is some ten years after its initial release.

The man behind the 2006 cult sci-fi film “Idiocracy” is lamenting that his fictional movie appears to have become reality.

“I never expected #idiocracy to become a documentary,”tweeted screenwriter Etan Cohen in an apparent jab at the 2016 presidential race.

Together with “Beavis & Butt-head” creator Mike Judge, Cohen co-wrote the time-travel comedy. The plot revolves around the misadventures of a man who wakes up in a futuristic America only to discover that everyone around him, including lawmakers and government officials, is an idiot.

“I thought the worst thing that would come true was everyone wearing Crocs,” Cohen told his Twitter followers.

“Idiocracy” star Terry Crews, famous for his role as President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, also used the satirical film to take a shot at the surreal election cycle.

“All y’all need to stop tripping,” Crews tweeted in character. “Chill the F out, ‘Merica.” (Source)

All of this suggests that society as we know it is intentionally being dumbed-down. The globalist controllers, the would-be masters of this world want a world full of people with image blindness because they are easy to manipulate and are incapable of questioning the memes, dogma, and doctrines of culture.

Radicalizing the Image Blind Masses

Of course, the topic of social programming and cultural conditioning is an all-encompassing aspect of human life today—too vast to fully cover in this article. But in regard to the recent Women’s March that took place the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, there are several clear examples of what I would calls mass mind control manipulation of feminists and the radical left.

Simply put, if someone is incapable of discerning the truth, and is prone to groupthink due to image blindness, all that need be done is to tell them something they want to believe and provide an outlet to express it. Promote the idea in the media, use slogans, captivating advertising, and human interest stories to pull in the image blind masses.

Arguably all of the social movements that were state sanctioned over the past one hundred years were made possible by image blindness in the masses. These were made possible via social engineering or mass-mind control operations that exploit a lack of discernment.

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In the case of the Women’s March, there were millions upon millions of people angry and upset over Trump winning the presidency. They were already sold on the idea that Trump is a racist, women-hating, gay-bashing whtle-male who should be hated and reviled.

But the vast majority of such self-identifying Trump-haters are probably suffering from image blindness—they lack a personal comprehension of why Trump allegedly hates all these people. Matter of fact, to question the rhetoric, in most cases, earns one a round of heckling. These image blinded people, who unquestionably believed the leftist propaganda media, are easy pickings for globalist controllers operating from behind the scenes, like George Soros.

An article featured in the New York Times, revealed that Soros was connected to over 50 of the groups that helped organize the Women’s March. And there was a serious ideological contradiction between the pro-Islam rhetoric during the event and the ostensibly feminist overtones of those in attendance.

By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan MoveOn.org (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.

On the issues I care about as a Muslim, the “Women’s March,” unfortunately, has taken a stand on the side of partisan politics that has obfuscated the issues of Islamic extremism over the eight years of the Obama administration. “Women’s March” partners include the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has not only deflected on issues of Islamic extremism post-9/11, but opposes Muslim reforms that would allow women to be prayer leaders and pray in the front of mosques, without wearing headscarves as symbols of chastity. Partners also include the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which wrongly designated Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim reformer, an “anti-Muslim extremist” in a biased report released before the election. The SPLC confirmed to me that Soros funded its “anti-Muslim extremists” report targeting Nawaz. (Ironically, CAIR also opposes abortions, but its leader still has a key speaking role.)

Another Soros grantee and march “partner” is the Arab-American Association of New York, whose executive director, Linda Sarsour, is a march co-chair. When I co-wrote a piece, arguing that Muslim women don’t have to wear headscarves as a symbol of “modesty,” she attacked the coauthor and me as “fringe.” (Source)

The fact that Soros has ties to the march—given his past propensity for inciting political change using so-called color revolutions—is prima facie evidence that this radical leftist movement is part of the globalist agenda. And like the Germans that were used in World War II to breathe life into the Nazi’s, the undiscerning masses are being used to foment division of the people.


Now let me be clear in saying I am not a Trump supporter, nor am I anti-liberal, anti-Democrat, or anti-feminist. I support life, liberty, and the honorable pursuit of happiness for all. All people, everywhere, deserve justice, truth, and freedom from oppression.

Genuine altruistic movements are, of course, worthy of support. Striving to realize equal treatment under the law and in society is a worthwhile goal. Seeking to end harm, oppression, prejudice, bigotry, and intolerance is something that will ultimately be of benefit to the human family.

But we can’t fight fire with fire.

What’s troubling about some of those in the radical left is their intolerance, hatefulness, and bigoted behavior towards non-adherents. This, in and of itself, is hypocritical in relation to the stated goals of ending intolerance and oppression.

In an article published last week, we covered the story of a black Trump supporter who was heckled during an interview at the event last week.

The man was simply sharing his opinion, exercising his right to free speech in a non-aggressive way.

Instead of onlookers using this as an opportunity to invoke tolerance, acceptance, and fairness towards their fellow human being—instead of honestly listening to what he had to say and giving his perspectives a fair appraisal, he was cursed, shamed, and scorned by the very people who claim to be protesting against bigotry, intolerance, and hate.

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The hecklers likely felt they were fighting for the cause but were too blinded by their egocentric vitriol to see that they were actually the most intolerant and hateful people during the encounter.

To add another layer of cognitive dissonance to the situation, consider that the ideals of feminism are almost diametrically opposed to Sharia law.

Feminism and Sharia Law — Oil and Water

The radical left seem to think that Trump is anti-Muslim, and as such, appear to have taken on a pro-Islam stance.

The Women’s March had several events that featured pro-Muslim demonstrations. There are glaring ideological differences between Feminism and Sharia law, which make the idea of feminists dawning Hijabs as a gesture of solitary arguably the acme of hypocrisy.

Linda Sarsour is the Palestinian-American activist and pro-Sharia law spokesperson who was one of the key organizers for the Women’s March. She was revered at the March for her remarks, yet actively promotes Sharia law that is oppressive against women.

There are several controversial issues surrounding her involvement. Firstly, the March was ostensibly for all women, yet only pro-choice anti-Trump women were encouraged to attend.

There are dozens of women speaking out against the Women’s March for its myopic stance. Here is one perspective:

Secondly, Sharia law is arguably one of the most anti-feminine patriarchal systems on the planet, actively suppressing women in brutal ways to this day.

Here are some points from Sharia law that underscore it’s anti-feminist nature:

  • Women are worth less than men-their lives; valued as property, and girl babies are often discarded
  • Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses. Women who allege rape, without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men who subsequently develop a conscience, are actually confessing to having sex. If they or the accused happens to be married, then it is considered to be adultery.
  • Women are required to be completely covered, except their eyes. The reason is that it is supposed to curb the sexual appetites of passing men when women travel outside the home. Women are also not allowed to travel by themselves, or be alone with a man who is not a relative. It is not optional as a form of reverence, but rather the law, punishable by beheading.
  • Sharia law permits a husband beating his wife. However, the beating must cease if the woman complies with her husband’s demands. Beating is also intended to be the last resort of coercing submission, behind verbal abuse and abandonment. According to testimony in the Hadith, Muhammad physically struck his favorite wife for leaving the house without his permission. It is not known how he treated his less-favored wives.
  • A Muslim man can divorce his wife by repeating “I divorce you” three times. It’s a controversial practice called the talaq or “triple-talaq.” A husband may say to his wife at anytime she is not menstruating, “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you,” and this effectively throws her out on the street.
  • Adultery, (also rape, see above) is punishable by death
  • A Muslim man can marry as many as four women, and have sexual relations with an unspecified number of slaves as well. Muhammad had eleven wives at one time.
  • Men have a loophole to allow “sex on demand” outside of marriage. This allows men to have sex when he chooses. It is called Nikah Mut’ah, a fixed-time arrangement between a man and a woman that dissolves once the duration expires.
  • Islamic law teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death. Beneath the surface, however, there are implied references to homosexual behavior in paradise, and it has been a part of historical Arab and Muslim culture. In the news recently, a new Fatwa (new decree) has called for sodomy in an effort to widen the anus to allow for the carrying of more explosives for Jihad. (source)

Given these alleged tenets of Sharia law, one would think that any self-respective feminist would never condone the religion, let alone protest for it. And yet this is precisely what has happened.

But the good news is real altruists, who sometimes support feminist agendas, are speaking the truth about the inherent hypocrisy of Linda Sarsour.


While I would like to say that the trappings of image blindness are fading away, it actually seems to be getting worse.

The past one hundred years has been a renaissance of social engineering, mass-mind control, and groupthink-based social movements. The powers that should not be have seemingly perfected their tools of control and enslavement by slowly destroying critical thought and free thinking at an individual level in society. Today, thinking for oneself is a crime punishable by being labeled as a conspiracy theorist.

Amid this climate of social conditioning, the masses are easily swept up into any imaginable social cause—often failing to see any duplicity present.

The fact that so-called feminists and liberals can be led, en masse, to support a movement that is antithetical to feminism is sobering evidence that the human race is almost completely on its knees.

But the more ignorantly and mindlessly our fellows act the more it seems to help others wake up.

In truth, the problem of image blindness is much older than we might think. The people are susceptible to propaganda and mind control because we’ve forgotten how to judge well. It seems easier to rely on the priesthoods of truth than to learn the skills of discernment. But this mental laziness comes at a terrible price.

While I can’t predict the future, I do suspect that as the unthinking masses fall deeper and deeper into mental infancy, those who value personal discernment and truth will become more active.

Perhaps we are witnessing the death throes of the memes of unconsciousness, and a wave of awakening is to follow.

But unless we, as individuals, do that inner work of seeking truth and asking questions, lies will always be accepted as truth.

You, with your consciousness, mind, and ability to think is the biggest weapon we have against intolerance and oppression, whether from despotic elite controllers or misguided sycophants.

– Justin

Poverty Consciousness by Lisa Rene — Extraterrestrial Origins of Social Control via the Monetary System (by the Orion Group)

Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is an excellent essay on poverty consciousness and the effect of monetary systems on spiritually immature beings, by Lisa Rene. In my own studies of the consciousness-distorting effects of our ways of life, the use of money in an ignorant way has been socially destructive. When people rely on representations of value (money) in an unconscious way, they begin to subconsciously identify money as the thing of value (externalization), instead of their values being represented by money (internalization). The difference seems minor but over long enough spans of time, the values of a people tend become increasingly egocentric instead of altruistic, making the population, in general, ripe for manipulation by the elite.

Using a few premises as a guideline, we can paint a picture of what life would be like on a world with and without money. 

On a world without money, garnering cooperation from one’s fellows is done by presenting an idea as the selling point. In order to get people to work together, they have value the merits of the activity to some degree—an intrinsic motivation. For example, a group of musicians might decide to play together—not because they need money—but because they each, at an individual level, want to play the music. On this world, deception won’t work to motivate cooperation long term because people quickly recognize deceit in others. Thus, in a world without money, intrinsic value systems are reinforced and expanded within the evolving society, increasing social trust, requiring a self-aware and critical-thinking population. People do things because they see the value in them, not because they are coerced using a carrot on the stick. As a result, the longer a society operates without money, the more likely the harmony within it increases, becoming less materialistic. People cooperate with each other more easily because their values are more altruistic and ethical. The individual experiences increased opportunity to become self-mastered, leading to a population of autonomous, free-thinking, honest people. 

But in a world with money, people can be motivated to participate in co-creative undertakings in ways that ignore adverse effects—deception and harmfulness can become the order of the day. Conversely, in a world without money, the activity itself has to be valued by the participants to garner their cooperation. But in a world with money, a person can be paid to do a job—participate in a co-creative activity—even if they don’t value the work itself. In short, money allows separation consciousness to flourish because people can motivate themselves to make money and ignore the negative consequences of their actions. Combine this obscuring effect of money with a people who have lost unity consciousness, then enslavement and suffering are sure to follow. We need only look at our world to see that this is precisely what has happened.

The average person tends to agree that harming others and the planet is not a good idea, and they probably wouldn’t conceive of polluting the environment merely for the sake of doing so. But, because everyone on Earth needs to earn-a-living, a person can be motivated to do unspeakable crimes for money. Ask ten random people if they would let someone commit a murder in front of them and almost everyone will say no. Ask those same people if they would ignore a murder for ten million dollars and odds are at least some of those people will say yes. In essence, money has the tendency to place one’s personal needs at a higher value than the needs of all people, which is a product of unity blindness. 

Thus, money, when used unconsciously, has the tendency to place a veil between people and their actions, and resulting effects on others. This leads to destructive behavior as morally relativistic desires are justified into action, resulting in a pollution of the cultural value system as people start to value destructive things. It adds a layer of artificial separation, scarcity, and lack of the human condition. From this place of seeming separation—where the human family isn’t recognized because we’re all competing for resources—all manner of insidious anti-social behavior can be justified—of course at the behest of shadowy controllers.

Although money in and of itself is not evil, when people use it unwisely and unconsciously, the destruction of social trust, recognition of divine law, and the spiritual values of the cosmos will almost surely be eradicated.

The Orion Group, according to the Law of One, “invaded” Earth several thousand years ago, introducing elitist philosophy as a “weapon of war.” This seemingly innocuous idea slowly corrupted the already separation consciousness plagued people. With the connection to the divine severed much earlier, and society falling into social chaos as a result, it was easy to convince people that an elite was needed to maintain order. As a matter of fact, the loss of interconnected or unity consciousness—the awareness that all things and beings are ultimately one and part of a grand cosmic family—made it possible for enslavement systems to take root. 

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The universe is founded on coherence, order, and strength of will—amoral in that anyone who masters their consciousness enough to exercise their will with wisdom can make progress. As such, the positive forces of Earth, losing their inner-coherence (self-mastery and sovereignty), fell from grace and lost their way eons ago. This enabled negative forces, using the power of their more coherent group consciousness, to slowly manipulate the now less conscious and coherent positive forces. Eventually, the brothers and sisters of light became pawns for the dark due to accepting the programs of separation and greed that spring forth from elitism. We lost that inner guiding light and became mindless consumers—sweeping the Earth in a Zombie Apocalypse. 

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It appears that almost everyone on Earth labors under some form of separation or poverty consciousness. 

But thankfully, the truth is on our side. 

The power and potentials of cooperation and unity are exponentially greater than separation and enslavement. 

The people need only set aside their fears and restore faith in each other so that the need for money disappears. 

This need is born out of a loss of social coherence within the human family. Money serves as a form ofcooperation lubricant because we’ve forgotten how to work with each other to service our mutual needs and desires. 

Abundance is implicit in universal manifestation. Separation is artificial and requires huge amounts of energy to maintain. The only thing that is required to move forward is to begin the process of restoring unity consciousness, recognizing the wisdom of cooperation. 

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Look out into the world and see an interconnected dance whirling all around you. Listen to the same heart beating within the center of all things. Feel the same breath of consciousness flowing through all beings, everywhere. 

If poverty and separation consciousness are illusions, then the only thing that keeps them alive is the fact we don’t look through them. In the seeking of the whole truth, all illusions are dispelled, and freedom from separation is restored. 

– Justin

(Lisa Renee) Dear Ascending Family,

As many of us may be sensing, over this next year we will likely see the cracks in the old paradigms and systems grow wider. We are in a unique position, during the bifurcation, to begin to lay the seeds for the new cycle in ourselves. This is a time to ask ourselves what we truly value and examine anything the keeps us from living in alignment to those values. In the coming years there will be opportunities for trustworthy people to rise to leadership to help lay the groundwork to co-create global humanitarian based systems. This newsletter will take a deeper look at the origins and manipulation of currency, how resources are stolen and re-directed toward anti-life and enslavement agendas, and why the poverty consciousness is one of the NAA’s preferred consciousness traps.

It is vital to have a basic understanding of how the monetary system has been designed on the earth to work as an enslavement tool that traps people in materialism, consumerism and Poverty Consciousness. The system of debt based currency used as the current global monetary system was originally brought to the earth by the Alpha Draconis Orion Group. These entities have organized themselves on the earth in what is called the Black Sun Agenda. The Draco Reptilians of the Orion Group view themselves as the most intelligent species in the Universe and believe that earth humans have descended from their biological seeding processes, from multiple planets they have conquered. Therefore they believe humans, as well as the earth, are their personal property and have instituted the global slavery system via the indoctrination of debt-based currency. One should be aware that on many other planets, monetary systems do not exist, and all inhabitants born onto the planet are considered free citizens with equal rights to flourish in the global society that is organized by that planet’s system of government. A planetary system ruled by debt currency in which one has to pay for their basic shelter, food and healthcare from birth is considered a prison planet.

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SourceEnergy Synthesis

by Lisa Renee, January 2017

Therefore, when a person does not have an accurate context for how money, currency and economies really work and why they were set up, they are not able to discern the many consciousness traps that are set for the common people. For the Orion Group to institute an effective human slavery system, in which they would remain hidden at the top of the pyramid scheme and have total control over the assets of earth, it required the majority of the masses be consumed by intense fears of survival, threats and poverty. They engineered Poverty Consciousness in such a way to victimize humans into class or cast systems, in order to make them more pliable and easy to manipulate in the consciousness pen they erected around the earth.

Poverty Consciousness is directly connected to the social engineering of a slave race. It is important to understand that poverty consciousness is unnatural to the human race and was specifically designed to conquer the minds of humanity, to accept world slavery and world war. People that accept poverty consciousness as a natural way of life become the puppets that carry out the enslavement program for the puppet masters. Poverty Consciousness is formed from the set of belief systems, feelings, attitudes and values that people have associated with their personal fears of safety, which they relate to a lack of money, or the lack of acquiring material objects that necessitate their sense of security and protection. When a person feels that they are defenseless, endangered or threatened by imaginary or physical forces, they can be led to do nearly anything. Many times willing to commit harm to others or engage in immoral actions to ensure that they regain the perception of personal safety or security. A person with a fragile sense of self that is totally dependent on validation from the material world, can feel mentally threatened at the slightest disruption of their reality bubble, thus they are easily mind controlled. Poverty Consciousness is the prime pressure point of vulnerability ingrained in all humans entrenched in the 3D mind control of materialism and thus, it is exploited in every way possible by the Controllers. It is easy to observe the depths of degeneracy some people are willing to submit to, for acquiring any amount of money or perceived security. This is why it is the primary consciousness trap being set for mass human exploitation.

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Triggering Fears of Insecurity, Threat and Helplessness

It is essential to know that by exploiting poverty consciousness mind control in order to manipulate materialism in people, this triggers deep fear based belief systems around personal security, safety and self-esteem. Many people on the earth feel terrorized by obsessive thoughts of poverty and homelessness, even when it has not happened to them in their lifetime. This memory may connect to other lifetimes however, it directly connects to the collective unconscious memory of feeling defenseless to the full scale alien invasion that occurred in Sumeria and Egypt. As a result, many humans today have a pathological need to find some version of security and safety within materialism, so they can manage the feelings of unconscious personal terror that are a result of feeling completely helpless when in danger. As a result of the materialistic pathology towards feeling safe, when people become obsessed with materialistic validation for security, they also become increasingly narcissistic, spiritually disconnected and lose feelings of empathy. In the more materialistic societies such as the United States, people obsessively shop, buying excessive amount of goods in order to increase their feelings of self-worth, or to distract themselves from facing unpleasant or challenging issues. Materialists tend to ignore the fact that the global consumerist economy is structured to exploit humanity and drain planetary resources for massive profit for a select few, while directly increasing the slavery, poverty and suffering in the human race.

Debt System of Enslavement

The primary motivation of the Controller’s is to use threats and fears of personal safety in order to trigger insecurity in the people, which is used as a major mind control and manipulation mechanism to incite rampant materialism. In order to continually spread poverty consciousness on the earth, the Orion Group introduced a debt system of currency that would equate monetary enslavement with consciousness enslavement. This ensured that the promotion of wars and human suffering would be converted into massive profits for those in the ruling classes. They needed the ruling classes to carry out their enslavement agenda and by rewarding them with massive financial and corporate monopolies, as well as access to unlimited cash reserves, the sellout of the human race was easily accomplished through human greed.

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Thus, the social engineering behind the death culture (Dec 2016 newsletter) specifically targets poverty consciousness in the unconscious minds of the masses in order to exploit them in ways that make them complicit with committing crimes against humanity. Through the mind control used to trigger poverty consciousness and addiction to materialism everywhere in the media, people are constantly sensing some level of fear, insecurity or threat, which motivates them to excessively consume and buy. These same poverty consciousness based belief systems continue to produce separative beliefs, perpetrating the cycles of violence, ignorance, hatred, victimization and enemy patterning between the people of the earth. Poverty consciousness is an effective form of promoting the divide and conquer strategies of the NAA groups to maintain their control over the earth’s resources by routing people into different slave class systems. As an example people that shop uncontrollably to buy excessive amounts of consumer goods or the latest trends, are the materialist slave classes they are slaves to material objects which keep them locked down in consciousness traps. During this time it is very important to discern the low quality of forces that are behind the push for materialistic consumerism. Being able to see the unethical and harmful motivations of the rampant Service to Self mind control broadcast, and being able to clear and neutralize poverty consciousness fears from taking control over your life, are especially important at this time.

Poverty fears are ingrained deeply in the subconscious mind and they surface into the conscious mind as fear based thoughts and feelings about personal safety, that in turn manifest and multiply into even more poverty consciousness fears. Material poverty fears have been mentally programmed repeatedly into the unconscious mind of people since the alien invasion, and are consistently reinforced from childhood to adulthood throughout the working slave classes entangled in the Controller Pillars of Society. It becomes the manifested reality for those people no matter what kind of material resources they actually have access to. Many people in western society are taught to think that without an excessive amount of material things, they are worthless people. It does not matter how much wealth or money a person has, these factors are not actually related to the state of poverty consciousness. Many people have an abundance of material things and yet they feel deep anxiety pushing them to accumulate even more material things. Poverty consciousness is a fear based state, it is a trauma based disease that exists inside the minds of the spiritually bankrupt, not the financially bankrupt. Many of the people with tremendous material wealth exist in states of poverty consciousness and chronic unhappiness, unable to cope with the pressure of maintaining their class position.

Forcing People to pay for their Genocide

A system of black magic money or controlled currency was established to monetize the death culture and is organized by the NAA in order to manipulate, exert control over and enslave the citizens of the earth. Systems of currency used as the medium of exchange are generated through an assortment of anti-human consciousness traps that are designed to manifest more poverty consciousness in those unable to discern what is really behind the total control of global currency. Once again, at the top levels, it is not human and much of the earthly resources still left are funneled off planet. For thousands of years planet earth has been quarried and leached for every kind of resource, mineral substance and chemical element known and yet to be discovered, by both human and alien mining sources and their machinery. Some of the massive desert wastelands and canyons thought to be natural and declared as national monuments and protected reserves, are actually the result of ancient mining quarries digging up the earth, now deserted. Even today there are dark money groups lobbying to overturn the Antiquities Act to get back into the Grand Canyon to mine for uranium, just as the aliens did in the past.

Today the ability to multiply money and profits to steadily increase wealth is highest for those people in the financial sectors that run and rule the economy through the corporatocracy and who use whatever means necessary to maintain total control over liquidity and unlimited access to the global money supply. These small groups of people have access to unbelievably large amounts of cash, or liquid assets, and they are purposely programmed by the Orion Group control structure to monetize human suffering and pain, by forcing the majority of the world citizens to live in poverty and pay for their own genocidal holocaust. Deceptive propaganda, intimidation and terrorism are the important tools used to push the global debt slavery program, which requires the participation of broad sectors of the corporatocracy, banking and the world population in order to be successful. Perpetrators must hide their murderous intentions from the victims they intend to decimate. They generally become involved with creating inhumane laws veiled from public scrutiny, that allow for their criminal behaviors without obvious detection.

In order to evolve beyond a fraudulent system of manipulated currency, while the Power Elite backed by the NAA groups profit from destroying the earth resources, we must understand how the current economic system was created for world domination and slavery that purposely monetizes and rewards that which produces global genocide. The current anti-human global economic structure has turned the earth into a toxic wasteland, which it is rapidly killing off many species. Citizens of earth must awaken and stop allowing these corporations and those behind them, to massively profit from perpetrating intentional genocide on the earth.

Poverty Consciousness produces Worthlessness

The perpetrators use poverty consciousness fears to trigger feelings of worthlessness in the human race in order to get people to acquiesce and be complicit in committing genocide against their own species and planet. If humans only find worth in money and materialism, they have no value placed on the human soul or life, thus genocide of certain groups is made acceptable. Poverty consciousness is a state of fear that is produced by belief systems and attitudes that form into value systems that promote materialism. It is the twisted association of value woven into thoughts and feelings one has toward money or material possessions. Poverty consciousness has nothing to do with the amount of money, physical comfort or material possessions a person has. Poverty consciousness is deeply rooted in fears of victimization, survival, insecurity, and limitation, as well as fears of death that include fears about our relationship to God and the Universe.

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When a person lacks spiritual foundation or inner core strength the most common energetic imbalances of the personality, or lower three chakras, triggered by NAA mind control are survival fears and poverty consciousness. Poverty consciousness is a mind control program shaped by the social engineering that is designed to get humanity to believe we are worthless and that we exist in a world where there is not enough for everybody. When the masses focus on the worthlessness of human life and the lack of resources needed to help all people thrive, it means someone else is stealing the resources and hoarding them for themselves. It is completely obvious for everyone to see the exorbitant excesses of wealth and resources that those in the Power Elite receive, by continuing to enforce the NAA infrastructure to monetize human suffering, maintain the slave classes and make the earth a toxic dump.

The mind control has been so effective throughout many generations that many of us were born into families who believed they had to accept poverty and abuse, or that wealth is not spiritual, or had taken poverty vows. Additionally poverty consciousness has a long history on the earth since the NAA invasion, and as such it also holds miasmatic imprints that have been passed down ancestrally. Poverty consciousness is a system of fear based belief that is seeded in low self-worth that has been inherited, conditioned, and reinforced by mind control into a learned brain pattern to accept anti-human agendas. The pattern of recurring thought forms and unconscious beliefs around fear of survival form into energy patterns that project poverty consciousness, which is used as a tool to trigger deep insecurity fears around survival and death. Thus, humans are easily led into the pen of controlled spiritual oppression. When one can see how poverty consciousness is used as a mass tool for spiritual oppression, slavery and generating irrational fears, it is easier to identify when it’s happening and consciously choose to reprogram fears into unconditionally loving behaviors towards the self and others. A person cannot effectively shift poverty consciousness and survival fears until they can see its mechanism clearly and understand how it is operating inside themselves.

Materialism and Consumerism

When we become more aware of how poverty consciousness is being engineered into the materialistic minds that power up and feed into the machine of the global consumerism economy, we can see one of the main goals is to keep individuals feeling a constant pressure and concern over gaining material possessions and assessing their access to resources that equate into personal status, security or power. By specifically targeting and spreading poverty consciousness fears designed to generate insecurity, doubt and desperation in the masses, they fuel the deification of materialistic values throughout the world. As a result of the social engineering used to deify excessive materialism as the antidote to poverty, consumerism becomes the main world religion, which capitalizes on the insecurity and survival fears in people in order to continually sell and market assembly lines of products.

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Materialistic values powering up consumer cultures glorify and breed narcissistic personalities that have little to no empathy for other people. People that are materialistic tend to equate their value, worth and esteem on their accumulated wealth, status and possessions. Hence, they will also constantly measure others on a similar class scale in order to equate other people as lesser than or greater than themselves, dependent on how much external wealth or power that person has. Materialism is used to maintain class systems of control and the hierarchical structure of power that is based on who has all the money, power or perceived value. People that are materialistic tend to have highly ambitious, competitive, arrogant, and aggressive behaviors and are deeply concerned with issues of personal adequacy. Thus, they will compromise ethical and humane behavior in order to accumulate the wealth and possessions they want, in order to feel more powerful. That is the big set up on the earth, a person that highly desires wealth and external validation of self-worth, will have to play with the power brokers in the NAA game in order to get it. This means they must make the deal or Faustian pact to give up personal sovereignty and many times prostitute themselves, because of who is really controlling the financial structure. The first thing these dark forces do is find that ambitious person’s pressure point and work to compromise personal integrity and derail spiritual actualization, in order to exploit addictions and weaknesses through psychological and emotional blackmail. An addicted person is a weak minded person that is easily possessed, therefore is easily manipulated by their uncontrollable impulses until they become so fully corrupt, their physical body is used to satisfy the whims of dark forces that are controlling their addictions. This is the main reason why so many materialistic people become incredibly insecure and desperate to maintain their wealth and power, they fall prey to their personal addictions and indulgences which lead to their rapid spiritual decline, which exacerbates even more unethical and criminal behaviors.

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The entire current economic system is based on mass marketing the psychology of consumption and buying excess amounts of products by triggering poverty consciousness and materialism in people. It doesn’t matter what you buy or how you buy it, the corporations just want everyone to buy, even if you don’t have the money and have to beg, borrow or steal to keep buying their products.

Materialistic indoctrination comes in many shades of intensity that are revealed within a person’s belief system and unconscious behaviors. When a person has made materialistic goals their primary objective, it is easy to observe how that materialism evolves into thought obsessions that wholly dominate their perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in the external world. Materialism is to place one’s primary values upon material possessions and physical comfort, making them much more important than anything else, therefore discounting the importance of focusing upon spiritual, ethical or humanitarian values. The Controllers continually shape the global society into the general worldview of purely materialistic assumptions, that what we can see in matter is all that exists, thus, there is nothing else beyond matter. If we believe materialism is the only true nature of reality, we are easily led to think that the pursuit of material things is more important than anything else. If a person believes that getting material things equates to their personal survival, they will do anything, say anything, and potentially hurt anything, in order to get what they believe they need to survive or to feel happy.

If the meaning of life is about materialism, why should I even try to live a moral or ethical life? It is very easy to corrupt and fragment the mind and soul of a materialistic individual that is obsessed with selfish greed and the pursuit of monetary wealth in an extremely corrupt system. Therefore this selfish thought form is targeted into the minds of humanity to spread corruption, greed and poverty consciousness in the human mind and heart, which is ultimately harmful to all people.

The Illusion of the Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is the legal principle that the law should govern a nation of people equally, rather than be governed by arbitrary decisions made by those with selfish interests to gain, such as individuals that influence society, are in public office or are government officials. Rule of law implies that every citizen no matter what their position, rank or wealth is subject to the law including the lawmakers, bankers, intelligence agencies, and politicians themselves. If we consider an intelligent debate about how materialism and consumerism have become the primary world religion at a terrible cost to those less privileged, it is easy to see the conflict of interest that occurs when the pursuit of profit and materialistic consumerism is pitted against the Rule of Law. When a society is based upon promoting the materialistic consumer culture at any cost, without regard for the value of human life or life on earth, massive corruption, bribery and criminality is the immediate result. All one has to do is follow the trail of massive amounts of money, payoffs, criminal actions and excess toxic dumping to note the lack of accountability to the law. It is a common sense equation that is clearly evident by anyone who cares to actually look at what is happening in the world stage. There is no Rule of Law, yet the illusion is created by mass media deceptive propaganda, promoting the belief system that we are all subjected to the laws that are supposed to be designed to protect us and protect the earth resources.

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As a race of people that are purposely hypnotized by survival and poverty consciousness, we look to those assigned with authority and with the supposed expertise to protect us, when in the larger scheme they are actually a part of the structure that want to kill us off. The medical system does not want us healthy and well, they profit when we’re sick. The educational system does not want us to know our real history, or how to think independently, as their grants come from maintaining the NAA rolled out version of the past. The banking system does not want us to be out of debt or interest obligation, as we can be easily controlled when we are drowning in debt. The media and press do not want to actually pursue journalistic truth, but instead report news as sponsored consumer advertisement spots. Religion doesn’t want us talking to God without an intermediary and provides a long list of dos and don’ts because we could shame ourselves and go to hell. The point is the masses are not told the truth in any way, shape or form. We endure complex webs of gaslighting to invalidate our inner guidance and interfere with what our heart based intuition tells us. The laws are designed for those at the highest echelons of power who run the black magic money system and rule the economy, by pushing through and manipulating the most cash flow, in both legal and illegal ways. The reality is that too many people are making money by destroying what we have by monetizing human suffering and supporting rampant criminal actions. The world economy has become based on processing the massive proceeds that are the result of criminal actions that increase human poverty, violence and slavery, rather than doing the ethical work necessary to provide a humanitarian based economy, that shares the return of equity by investing in the people.

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Legalized Theft

Most people can feel that something is not right with the world economy and monetary system. It is clear that very few people receive massive profits and unimaginable wealth, while the majority of people endure increasing financial struggles and poverty. Every society on earth has created some form of currency for value exchange, but it is the everyday working people that make that currency actually have value. Through our time, energy, ideas and talent the expenditure of our energy is what converts into some form of value exchange that is represented by currency. However, what we work for is valued to pay off mounting ceilings of massive debt that were placed there by the Power Elite bankers to keep the average working person and their children, indentured servants. The American base currency system is established on increasing deficit spending or growing massive debt, which at some point will reach its tipping point and collapse the current economic system. The strain of the economic collapse that is based on the fraudulent money system is not something to fear, as we realize it will be necessary for the shift in consciousness to occur. This time in 2017, can be an opportunity for trustworthy people to rise to leadership to help lay the groundwork to co-create a global humanitarian based economic system that truly supports and invests in its citizens. We need more leaders that are not motivated by large amounts of cabal money or materialism, but sincerely understand that the creation of personal wealth starts with development of the inner sustaining self. We must invest in people first. From this important foundation a new global currency or monetary fund will need to be circulated, that is not in the hands of those that have been responsible for the legalized theft over the last hundred years.

The Power Elite own the world’s largest banks and are also the shareholders that own the Federal Reserve, which funnels wealth from the working population to the government and then back to the banking sector at a large profit. The Federal Reserve is not a federal agency or related to the central government as it has corporate stockholders that receive dividends. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation with owners. This is a fraudulent system that causes great disparity between the rich and the working class, it is a form of currency enslavement used to steal the prosperity away from the people. The debt based currency system empowers and benefits those who created legalized theft in the guise of an economic system. A system designed to transfer all of the purchasing power to the banks and the government, while leaving the working people with the burdens of debt. The purpose is to confiscate the accumulative wealth of the people and communities, and funnel it back to those in centralizing power, during cycles of controlled economic depression. This is when the bankers take their cut of the cash supply and take ownership control over many different companies and assets that are forced into short sale. It is the local communities that suffer when resources are sucked out of neighborhoods and back into the centralized power system of a few massive corporate conglomerates.

We are the greatest threat to the survival of this corrupt monetary system and an informed and aware public is what can dismantle this fraudulent system, when we know how it works. This system relies on the fact that most people do not understand how our monetary system works. However, we also must understand the people behind this fraudulent system are using black magic principles to keep the currency circulating in power. The black magic system driving the currency is backed up by the NAA who want to keep the human race bound as indentured servants and slaves by any means necessary.

Black Magic Money

Most people are not aware that the US dollar and the paper it’s printed on, is printed with hidden esoteric symbols that energetically connect into the 4D and 11D Stargate, and the ancient Egyptian timelines from the point of the alien invasion 5,500 years ago. This is to pay homage to the Luciferian Belial Suns, claiming them in the monetary system as the progenitors or owners of the human race. It signifies the prophecy or promise that at the end of the time cycle, they will return to earth to reclaim their subjects to take them to another planet. The 11D Stargate is in the United Kingdom and is where the centralized global financial control exists, hence its relevance connecting to the meaning coded into paper money.

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Many of the symbols that are printed on several versions of currency are credited to be masonic symbols, and that is also correct. However, the Masonic Lodges combined many of these symbols and the magical formulas from the later Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) teachings of Aleister Crowley. The paper money printed for one dollar currency is a unit of magical energy that in effect is animated into a magical talisman. Among the world currencies the American dollar was set up to dominate the world market financially, by activating the units of magical energy that were set up and organized by those intending to dominate the global wealth via magical connections made with the Thothian grids, or Black Magic Grids. That information was collated into an organized black magic system at the turn of the century by Aleister Crowley. According to remote session intelligence collected and Guardian mentorship, Aleister Crowley is a key figure in cooperating with the NAA, starting from Grey Alien contact with an entity called Aiwass made in Cairo, Egypt in April 1904.

Thothian-Annunaki language that is based on Enochian language of the Original Creational God Code was given to Crowley at the turn of the century in order for him to be the human embodiment that was necessary to bring this black magic language into the physical earth realms, which continued the Atlantian brotherhood war and it’s Atlantian Conspiracy into this reality system. Crowley was manipulated through his own massive ego, patriarchal superiority, greed, egomaniacal selfishness and sexual deviance to install a vast circulatory system of Ley Lines of control for NAA interests. This is synonymous with the base structure used by satanic forces, which run the reversal energies into black magic grids. He was groomed in the United Kingdom (the location of the last of the lost Atlantian colonies from 11,500 years ago) with the government heads mentoring him to be in special operation for the Black Sun Program and the Sons of Belial forces, which were trained by the British Secret Service. He was a primary operative used for directing psychological-spiritual warfare for the purpose of mind controlling Hitler for the Black Sun Programs and received much earthly power for his cooperation, on multiple dimensions. He was one of the first intelligence operatives that set a precedence for black operations to develop psionic abilities mixed with black magic in order to kill targets remotely.

Thus, Crowley was used to install and help run a series of portals and grid networks that allowed the Draco to get access into the planetary field and this system of collective consciousness black magic grids, is what has been controlling the United States money supply since 1912. The members of the Federal Reserve Board and those running the black magic money system are essentially sorcerers. They have set up legal ways to conjure wealth out of nothing and decide how to distribute it at will, to control the global economy according to their desires. Over time the reversals in the money supply accumulated into increasing chaotic and negative patterns that activated Egyptian Money Curses. Many of us have seen what intense greed and love of money can do to a person, as they turn into a shadow creature. The manipulation of black magic in the money supply and conjuring the world of forces for Service to Self purposes without regard for the consent or consequence on others, was designed to increase world slavery and bring in the anti-Christ forces. Thus at the higher games of power and control required to accumulate massive wealth, it’s easy to get possessed by these dark forces and then perform a necessary role that helps the NAA serve their genocidal agendas.

Money Curses

Every time we touch money or exchange money we have been dealing with Egyptian Curses and anti-human Black Magic, that is designed as a consciousness trap in materialism. We have been born into a debt based structure that has been enslaved by something ancient that has been hidden from everybody, yet is everywhere, and we can’t get away from it, because it interwoven into all the pillars of society. Currently humans do not have many alternatives in fully detaching ourselves from the necessity of paying for our basic human needs, so the first step in empowering ourselves is to understand exactly what this debt based currency is designed for and refuse to be in consent with its origins.

The Egyptian overlays that represent the full scale alien invasion that began humanities false written history is encoded into the value of the debt currency. It is embedded in the stock market, running the banking system, and entangled in everything that we have to pay for, rent, bills, all of the obligation of debt that directs us energetically into the exact point of our enslavement that began with an Egyptian Curse. The primary energy force that is harvested from human beings to maintain power in these small groups of Power Elite behind the main governing financial structures, are drawing upon a regular source of magical power from the NAA invasion and Egyptian timelines. By doing that they circulate more karmic exhaust and more black magic curse, the more people feed into the monetary enslavement structure.

Thus, the global currency is designed to gather massive wealth toward those who use the Service to Self and Anti-Christ pattern, while repelling it away from those who are truly in Service to Others and Krystic. However, it is important to note that this control system is not nearly as powerful since 2012, and much of the black magic currency is not as strong in repelling, as they lose control over earth territory. Once we understand the money system and how it works, we can become freed from its black magic and negative effects, without being infiltrated by its design. First we have to give up all fear based motivations that serve materialism and money as our god, and put our full trust in our spiritual service and relationship with the natural laws of God. When we lead from our heart, we know that as a byproduct of our dedicated service in natural law, we are provided for and can build prosperity. We were not naturally born into poverty consciousness, we were programmed to be a slave and accept poverty consciousness. Our spiritual self comes first, and we must live true to ourselves in order to free ourselves from the fear of death and the slavery program in poverty consciousness.

The Importance of Fair Value Exchange

As we evolve into the new paradigm and begin to update the meaning behind currency exchange and payment systems, we are in a transition towards evolving a new economic model. We are going to need to begin to practice that model in our day to day lives in order to apply it effectively. It is unlikely that the concept of currency will cease to exist in our lifetime on the earth, so we need to think about a type of currency that honors and cares for humanity, adds incentives for personal merit, virtues, expertise and ethical qualities, while supporting the earth and placing the highest value upon life. Behind the scenes there are alternative currencies in play for ensuring global stabilization of the nations’ economies, yet the infighting within the cabals is raging over the perceived loss of territory and power.

Money or currency represents something of value, both at energetic levels and tangible levels. The paper or coin has no value outside of what it represents to that society. Money or currency translates into some tangible creation, service or achievement that the recipient of the money has generated in a value exchange through directing their own personal time and energy. Money represents the accumulated value of services and contributions that help to ensure the entire wellbeing of the community. We must spread that value and service to others, in order to keep circulating the money-energy to exchange with others that also contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community in their own ways. When we value human beings and what they contribute, the value is embedded in the work, service or product that is exchanged. The money received should represent the fair value exchange of that work. Money received represents the value of your work, time, energy, talents and contribution, when you spend that money you are letting go of the value created and honoring the value another person has created. We exchange our value for another person’s value and that circulates exchanges of energy between people and systems of energy. In order to function fairness, ethical conduct and trustworthiness is critical in that there is a fair distribution of resources between all parties involved that is based upon the time and effort made. Equity in a system means that there is a direct link between the value associated with one person’s actions and the value associated with another person’s actions. All people are component parts of the entire system of energy that is equally valued for their contribution, and this is needed to function well. Communities or systems of energy in organizations rely on collaboration, cooperation, and fair value exchange, in order to thrive as a community resource and remain available to those who value and participate with it.

In the current debt based monetary system, most people do not have value for themselves. They have no value or appreciation for others or their hard work, or the time and effort it takes in directing energy and effort towards something being created. When people do not hold value for energy or for others time and efforts, through self-entitlement or lack of value in themselves they become energy vampires that siphon energy and stop the flow of circulation. Any system of energy, such as an organization that has too many people that are energy vampires or refuse to contribute, and that group does not hold value for the services or does not want to engage in a fair value exchange, the overall energy drain can kill the organization. The organization or service becomes unsupportable with too many people that refuse to circulate a fair value exchange. This is why it’s critical to weed out energy vampires, and re-educate them beyond poverty consciousness to learn how to be competent enough to become a productive member of the community.

As humans learn to develop emotional competency, they develop self-worth and can then value other people’s time, energy and efforts in order to contribute. This energetic concept is crucial to understand in any organization. In the current 3D mind set, giving people free things that they have no value for is disastrous, it drains precious resources and is extremely wasteful and unproductive. The key component for humanity to learn in this economic shift is to appreciate human life and natural resources, while learning how to offer fair value exchanges that contribute to the whole community. To shift the economic model, we have to listen to what people need and not give them things they have no value or use for. Many of the politicians in power are totally out of touch with what people really need in order to have an increased quality of life. When we orientate ourselves to be of service to the whole and we cultivate our talents and act authentically, caring for others and applying effort to improve ourselves, it is a natural byproduct to manifest more prosperity and happiness.

Flourishing in the New Energy

As we may be dismantled from the old anti-life structures that have pervaded the economic system, to be successful going forward we have to transform our personal values in the ways we have exchanged our energy and our currency. We have the opportunity to realign currency with what we truly value, and to direct it in ways that support life force, peace and prosperity. Even if we have pennies to our name, we have to value our selves and others without resentment or bitterness. We have to learn the strength and discipline in maintaining fearlessness in the now moment, and not hoard things from fears of poverty consciousness. This experience of feeling financially insecure, although it can feel terrifying, teaches us to learn how to be inner directed and cultivate our spiritual connection to lead us forward, first and foremost. If we master this uncertain state by maintaining peace and calm, we can listen to guidance and be led in the right direction. Patience is required as delayed gratification teaches the ego that it is not in control anymore.

The creation of new currency formats will be explored and developed much more progressively during this phase of transition. The recent changes in the new energy architecture since the end of 2012, will finally support balanced energy exchange for those human beings that sincerely support goods and services with intentional humanitarian values. We have to better understand the corruption and satanic ritual used to control the world money supply and consciously override its control over us. Learning to bless our selves and bless money, while changing our values about money, is a potent way to begin to positively change the distribution of money supply that we have right now.

There are some common ground rules to understand going forward, in learning that you will be provided for when you commit to serve your spiritual values through a Service to Others orientation. Even when it may look dismal and impossible on the external. Sometimes you may feel that you are in a dead end job so you can spend your free time developing your inner knowledge and clarity of self. Getting past poverty consciousness fears and clearing feelings of dependency on materialism may take some time. Becoming aware of where there are weak spots, where there is poverty consciousness, is the first step in learning to strengthen your self to face these fears and go beyond them. If you are in a forced hiatus in earning revenue, reflect on how you can create value exchange with humans that value life force. Refocus and revalue all poverty thought forms as not your own, but as reptilian mind control in order to engineer a slave race. Override those thoughts with feelings and inspirations of freedom, creativity and untapped human potentials as inner sustaining life force expressing through your mind, body and spirit.

Here are some guidelines to remember in creating value exchange currency in the new energy architecture:

  • Intend to establish a clear value exchange and purpose in all professional and personal relationships.
  • Honor all transactions you make as win-win scenarios, rather than winner-loser.
  • Be fearless with parting with currency or money in every transaction, even if it’s bills.
  • Develop better communication skill and open the dialogue for absolute clarity with exchanges and expectations that may be discussed beforehand, between parties involved.
  • Payment given is intentionally exchanged at full 100% value of currency transacted. Do not devalue who you are paying or the service and goods you are paying for.
  • Set the intention to receive currency from only those who truly value you and your service.
  • Bless and sanctify all resources that you have with an appreciation for Life. Be grateful.
  • If a payment is received with negative energy or devaluation, bless the transaction at 100% value and release the negativity cords between the parties exchanged.

The way exchanges based on poverty consciousness were commonly made in the past, such as vampirism deals, selling your soul for money, deceit or manipulation to suck something out of another is not tolerated. Dressing up a product you do not believe in or doing work that is not aligned to your personal or spiritual development will be felt as dead energy. If we do not address the dead energy, we may have energetic consequences to that decision. Achieving a healthy self-esteem and personal worth by aligning ourselves to soul worthy goals and inspirations is our daily practice of revaluing our personal priorities. The good news is that we do have every support in the Universe to help us make these profound shifts into a supportive and loving outcome. We must understand that we are being asked to raise the bar. This year is going to increase the intensity to transform the old order and this will target the economic structure and money supply. Do not let this scare you, stay awake as we walk through the Dark Night on the planet, knowing this is a necessary part of the transformation. Revalue your priorities and revalue yourself.

When it gets Tough, Focus on the Four Pillars

2017 is going to be an intense year and it may get rougher in the worldscape. As a result, we may need to grow a thicker skin but retain our heart softness with practicing compassion and empathy. Given all the various challenges we face today as a part of the human race, it is clear we have no real control over the external, the larger environment or the outcome. This means we must change all of our priorities to value the internal and intrinsic parts of ourselves, as the most critical parts to preserve and to feel happiness. This means a lot of what we can control is how we think and what we move towards. Most of our happiness relies on our personal attitudes. No matter who we are and what level of spiritual development we have, all humans can relate to these pillars in order to remember how we each can find happiness, while seeing or experiencing personal or global turmoil.

The Four Pillars for being Happy:

EXPANSION: Focus on personal growth towards spiritual authenticity and having a variation of life experiences to create that expansion.

CONNECTION: Having meaningful human relationships and cultivating deep connections in our life.

GRATITUDE: Practice appreciation and gratitude for what you have every day.

SERVICE: Being of Service and making contributions to the larger whole, making a difference.

Happiness and gratitude is an attitude that we all can create more of every day. There are many things that we are facing in the world today and in our own lives that are challenging and painful. This fact does not have to change one’s ability to feel happy every day of our life, even while seeing the larger picture. As we become more expanded in our personal growth we begin to experience the feelings of connection with all of life, and we then can choose to be grateful that we can make a difference through our intentional service to the whole.

Slow and Steady and Easy

It will be up to each of us to use our wisdom and discernment and really feel where new levels of change can be made in our lives. It feels like there will be more opportunities in this next year to make value exchanges that increase the quality and value of our life, even while it may feel like a tumultuous time in our life. We have support and we have the ability to increase value in ways that we did not before. Even though it may not look that way on the outside, we do have more life force available to use now. Having gratitude for what we have helps to multiply the value that we bring to out lives, and is a part of exchanging and bringing more value to it.

We will have to discipline ourselves not to fall prey to the pundits that the world is crumbling. There will be a lot of noise and distraction. Do not fall prey to the service to self-hypnosis. Service to Others is becoming more anchored as the Law of Structure at the end of 2017. Realize there is enough for everyone and integrate this understanding into how you look at things. What ever we are doing to create income, knowing where the tentacles and consciousness traps are will help us avoid the pitfalls of drama and fear. Following the Law of One and Service to Others allows the Universe to return those resources to us, where it cannot if we are caught in consciousness traps. As we uphold personal value and spiritual integrity, and collaborate with spiritual forces in the coming year, try not to place any conditions on how any of it plays out. It never looks like what we expect, and the most aligned options often come at the 11th hour.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. May we pray together for Peace on Earth in 2017. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

An Example of Holistic Discernment and the Fruit of Critical Thought | Commentary on Kent Dunn Updates by David Nova

by Justin Deschamps

Kent Dunn is an alleged intelligence insider who issues regular updates and reports through Gary Larrabee. These updates have been posted on this site over the past few weeks and have received a wide range of reactions. In one of the updates, comments regarding holistic discernment were made (which can be found below). David Nova, of Deus Nexus, sent me an email offering his analysis and research of some of Dunn’s claims, which I thought were worthy of analysis and discussion.

I asked him if I could post his comments as they exemplified holistic discernment in my view, to which he agreed.

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Before we review his commentary, let me say again that holistic discernment is the process of making sense of all data in a comprehensive or integrated way. Conversely, dualistic discernment seeks to arrive at black and white answers only, usually as a justification to dismiss one point of view or narrative over another. Those who practice dualistic discernment—who never go beyond their initial shallow appraisal—are often heard to say “this person/piece of information is fake, B.S. or completely false,” rarely offering a basis to understand why. It is in the “why” that holistic integration takes place, wherein all the data points are appropriately reconciled into a holistic picture where everything makes sense. Logic is a term referring to how coherent or comprehensive one’s understanding is. Thus, discernment is a method of assessing the logic of an argument and how well it relates to the truth, which simultaneously imparts the individual with a logical (coherent) understanding of what is being assessed. The more discernment or critical thought is applied to understand how information corresponds, the clearer one’s perception and resulting knowledge will be.

Holistic discernment similarly seeks to provide a binary response of true or false but goes steps beyond, attempting to find the truth within a seemingly untrue thing. All data can be discerned and understood as an aspect of the truth. If something is concluded to be false, then this means the data presented has either been distorted or is incomplete; and is, therefore, not in harmony with the objective reality. One who seeks the whole truth wants to understand the truth about all things and investigates deeper and deeper into their suppositions and conclusions—not just resting on the initial true or false assessment.

In my view, Nova’s interpretation of Dunn’s information is an example of this more integrated and open approach. It involves the deductive methods of making assumptions and then asking questions about what these might mean, also known as speculation. This process of holistic discernment is open-ended and can continue to yield insights and understanding as one seeks to integrate more and more data into a singular picture or narrative.

Now, let’s review Nova’s email and commentary.

(David Nova) I have some thoughts about a recent article you posted about Kent Dunn’s claims, where you call for discernment. I don’t know Kent Dunn, I don’t have any information about him or his remarkable claims; however, I see his Youtube headlines often on Ascension With Mother Earth. I usually don’t bother to listen. However, one headline caught my attention and raised several questions.

100,000 Child Sex Slaves Freed By The White Dragon Society – December 19, 2016

Dunn’s contact claims that the Getty Museum in LA was raided by the White Dragons and 100,000 child sex slaves were freed. I don’t dispute that the Getty hides an underground base, that’s common knowledge, but 100,000 children? If he said 100 or 500 children, it might be believable. But how do you hide an operation to rescue 100,000 children from the public without a cover story? How do you manage to smuggle out 100,000 children from a very public place in downtown LA? Let’s say a bus holds 100 children, you’d need 1000 busses just to take them out of there. And yet I could find no reports of any unusual activity around the Getty Museum for the date in question.

OK, let’s suppose they moved these children through underground passageways. Where do you take 100,000 sexually abused, mind-controlled children? Who will take care of all these children? Who will care for them and attempt to heal them? Does the White Dragon Society have medical facilities designed to shelter, feed, and heal all these children? What happens to them? Do they get shipped to China? They can’t be let loose into the general population. None of these questions are answered. No one bothers to ask what becomes of these children, the readers and listeners are just happy to hear that they are now safe from harm, and that’s where the story ends. But if these children really exist, their story is just beginning, and they will need a lot of care and spiritual treatment. Are they perhaps shipped off the world? No idea.

In another article, Kent’s contact claims that the White Hat military has raided the Denver Airport underground facility.

White Hat Military Forces Raiding Dark Cabal’s Last Remaining Holdout At Denver Airport – December 19, 2016 

Again, I searched online, and I could not find one article that mentioned any strange military exercise or weird activity taking place in Denver. There was, however, a massive snowstorm that canceled many flights in and out of DIA.

I did, however, find this strange story that was dated from April 2012, from the EU Times about a military exercise that would be an appropriate cover story for such an event. However, this drill supposedly took place in May of 2012.

US Calls For Russian Airborne Troops To Take And Hold Denver Airport

Here’s an excerpt:

To the most puzzling question in the minds of Russian military analysts, this report concludes, is why the Americans are using Russian airborne troops to be the “protectors” of these vital US intelligence resources instead of the “aggressors” as has always been the case historically. One speculation in this report, however, does note that the scenario to be played out in late May, in Colorado, as planned by the Americans, does, indeed, mirror similar plans of the Russian General Staff of actions to be taken in the case of sudden civil war where “outside forces” would be called upon to protect the government from overthrow by internal forces or armed rebellion by the military.

So in fact, this drill was conducted as an exercise or countermeasure to prevent just the kind of event Kent Dunn claims occurred around and under the Denver Airport. Of course, this was way back in 2012.

I’m just trying to exercise some discernment in these matters. For the most part, it seems that people either blindly accept these stories as true, or write them off as fiction without asking any questions or using any critical thinking.

David Nova

Nova asked the question, “If 100,000 children were freed, where did they go? Why didn’t we see anything about it?” In other words, if this claim by Dunn is true, why is it that there are no reports on the local news, sightings of buses moving children, or anything else that could substantiate the claim?

This lack of evidence is peculiar but, in and of itself, it does not invalidate Dunn’s claim. Lack of evidence is not a valid basis to refute a claim, theory, or supposition—it merely raises more focused questions—which is exactly what Nova does. Later, he assumes that the claim might be true, which allows his consciousness to imagine what that possibility might look like, providing a venue to focus more keenly on certain aspects of the claim. For example, if a massive pedophile ring was really broken up under the LA museum, where did the children go?

Speculation is the act of forming conjecture or imagining possibilities based on a set of assumed premises. Although speculation is contemporaneously thought of as unproductive, it is a valid form of conceptual exploration—so long as one doesn’t make the mistake of believing in the scenarios envisioned without substantiation. When we hear a claim or story, our minds begin to imagine it with as much detail as possible from our personal database of knowledge—a form of speculation that is actively integrating new data with pre-existing knowledge. This practice comes easily to most people, provided they have not closed their minds by dismissing the claim out of hand.

If these children were really rescued, where did they go, who is taking care of them, and why hasn’t any trace of them surfaced? These questions—generated from speculative analysis—can also be investigated individually to yield more data or draw more questions for research in the future.

For example, perhaps the reason why none of these children have been seen is that they are in an underground facility that is in possession by one of the Alliances discussed by several alleged whistleblowers. Or perhaps they are on an off-world facility—these two conclusions assume that Dunn’s data is accurate. Conversely, the lack of evidence also suggests that Dunn’s claims might be contrived (made up). But in order to confirm that supposition, evidence is required. Thus, speculation is a valuable tool on our belt for holistic discernment, so long as we adhere to objectivity and substantiation of any conclusions drawn.

Finally, Nova’s search for substantiation led him to an article about Russian troops taking over Denver Airport. This data point likely wouldn’t have been found unless he started the process of holistic discernment. If Nova just rested his conclusions on his gut feeling that the claims of Dunn were “B.S.” he never would have happened upon the Russian article, nor would he have gained experience and skill in discernment.

Therefore, the fruit of practicing holistic discernment is not just to arrive at a yes or no binary answer. The act of using one’s mind and critical thinking facilities is its own reward. It allows us to navigate the unknown and unearth new data in the process while also receiving insights and enhancing holistic brain function.

And the interesting thing is, even if the claim we are discerning ends up being false, the act of using these skills unquestionably yields consciousness evolution. This point cannot be overstated, and it is of primary importance with respect to the overarching goals of Stillness in the Storm.

The goal of this site is to offer a wide range of data for one to practice their holistic discernment skills. The goal is not to find one truth outlet or source and only believe them with blind faith. The point is to exercise our mind, both logically and intuitively, so that we become adept at forming holistic tapestries of knowledge. Ultimately if the truth is one, a singularity wherein all data points have a valid place in the whole of existence, then our personal knowledge of the truth should similarly be holistic. Thus, if your goal is to be told what the truth is, you’ll likely be frustrated with this site. But if you want to be offered information to help focus and improve your holistic discernment, then there is much to contemplate for you here.

The questions are, is this data true? And whether the answer is yes or no the next question is, how does the data fit into my understanding? It is that latter inquiry which challenges us to do the inner-work and contemplate what we absorb on a daily basis. Memorizing facts does little to impart understanding, but sitting quietly and actively thinking about what a fact means and how it relates to all other information is where the consciousness expanding effects of holistic discernment are born. The more one practices these essential life skills, the more of reality they can perceive with precision, forming the basis of self-mastery.

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The remaining portion of this article is the disclaimer about Kent Dunn updates that I wrote, which caused Nova to send his thoughts.

REGARDING KENT DUNN — BE ADVISED: I have received a swath of feedback about Kent Dunn’s claims and information. Some people say he is a total fraud or shill but offer no evidence to support their claim. Others believe what he says without question, citing how well it resonates with their own beliefs.

In my personal view, in some cases, Dunn speaks about real issues that can be verified with some research. In other cases—especially regarding certain events—Dunn’s claims cannot be verified. For example, he recently alleged that mass arrests were taking place in various locations around the globe, which cannot be verified using normal means—as the mainstream media will not report on these things even if they were happening. Some seem to think that because an assertion is either unbelievable or unverifiable it is untrue, but this is not a valid basis to refute a claim’s validity.

As a result of the difficulty in validating Dunn’s information, it provides an excellent venue to test and improve our holistic discernment skills. This is one of the reasons why I am sharing his information—not because I believe it blindly.

As a result of the sensational aspect of some of Dunn’s claims, some people dismissed them entirely. I suspect that such dismissal is based on, what I call, incredulity bias—the idea that something can’t be true because it is too unbelievable. But incredulity is not a valid reason to dispute a claim.

As an example, for centuries, in Europe, it was believed unquestionably that the Earth was flat. Anyone claiming otherwise was regarded as insane. In other words, it was incredulous to most people that the Earth was anything else but flat. Of course, the shape of the planet did not change to match people’s beliefs. More to the point, incredulity alone is not enough to refute a claim’s validity. Whether you are capable of acknowledging reality or not, reality itself remains unchanged—the Truth is not democratic. An incredulity fallacy is an incorrect belief that something is not true (or is true) based on how well it resonates with our belief system.

Why am I sharing this information?

I am sharing this material for several reasons. One, because Dunn’s data is offered without supportive evidence, but is often reflective of accurate information points—but not always. Therefore, the information can be used as a way to exercise holistic discernment skills, by:

1. listening to the claims thoroughly;

2. fact-checking each point against as many data sets as possible;

3. objectively assessing each resulting comparison to determine if it is true or not. In this way, one can move beyond the intuitive, gut, or credibility level of discernment and gain skill in assessing a claims plausibility based on what is said instead of who is saying it—facts and evidence available.

While intuition and emotion are often the first steps in discernment, in order to gain laser-like precision and empowerment, one must assess a claim with evidence and logic. Thus, holistic discernment is a blend of intuition and reason, resulting in the acquisition of intrinsically derived knowledge that empowers the individual to know firsthand if something is true or not—and most importantly—why. Intrinsic knowledge sourced from holistic discernment empowers us with greater powers of perception and manifestation—we can literally see more and understand more clearly what we are seeing.

All too often, people reject information because “it doesn’t resonate” or they blindly accept it because it does. But in order to know precisely whether or not a claim is true, we must look past the messenger and focus on the message. Thus, whether you think Dunn is credible or not, what he says can be analyzed and discerned. Dismissing his claims without investigation is not discernment, it is prejudice and close-mindedness.

Dunn’s claims are sometimes unverifiable. In other cases, they can be vetted. These posts service as a gateway to expose others to the information being discussed. In the future, if Dunn is revealed to be a fraud or the quality of his material proves inaccurate, I will issue an update.

For now, some of the data remains unverified and unproven, and the catalyzing effects of awakening consciousness via holistic discernment is still possible. The opportunity to polish up your discernment skills is there.

– Justin

The preceding text is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely.

About The Author

Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshow, Facebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.

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The ‘Lost City’ of Antarctica Shock Claims Massive Ancient Civilisation Lies Frozen Beneath Mile of Antarctic Ice – and Could Even Be Atlantis

SourceThe Sun

via: Stillness In the Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) It is quite interesting that the day after Corey Goode and David Wilcock release their update saying that the media will begin to feature stories regarding the discovery of ancient ruins found beneath the ice of Antarctica, the following article is published. It talks about many of the same elements as was discussed by Wilcock and Goode, but does not explicitly state that their update was the source for The Sun article.

The Sun is a UK daily tabloid newspaper, which means that wild and fringe stories regularly appear there, and as a result, information is often disregarded by the masses merely by being showcased in the magazine. Therefore, this coverage could be part of a “damage control” effort to smear those treating the story of ancient ruins in the southernmost continent seriously.

Goode said in his update that an active campaign to discredit secret space program whistleblowers has already begun. 

I was able to confirm through other sources that these three individuals were not attempting to discredit me. I then contacted them for a full download. (source)

Goode and Wilcock also discussed a partial disclosure agenda that is actively being pushed at the moment. It involves the release of only some of the whole truth that has been intentionally withheld from the public for centuries, such as crimes against humanity, child trafficking, and pedophilia, the existence of extraterrestrial presences and history, free energy and antigravity technology, and much more.

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Under the partial disclosure plan, certain aspects of what has been hidden will be revealed to satisfy the growing demand for the truth within the awakening masses. But the full data set will remain hidden for at least 100 years, ensuring that the most damning information that implicates criminal elements within society escape the people’s justice. These same criminal elements are the ones behind the secret space program, the banking system, destruction of the environment, and the exploitation of the Earth and beyond.


The Partial Disclosure plan includes some admission of wrong-doing, an outing and punishing of mid-level people, and a beneficial global financial reset.

The cosmic aspect of the plan appears to involve three key revelations, perhaps in different stages:

  1. A formal, public disclosure of the MIC SSP. They have two large, cloaked orbital platforms, flying black triangle craft, and the ability to travel throughout our solar system.
  1. The unveiling of ancient, high-tech ruins in Antarctica that have been newly excavated. This will prove that “Atlantis” was very real, and far more advanced than we thought.
  1. The revealing of extremely ancient ruins – over 1.8 billion years old – within the Earth and throughout our solar system, often made of a crystalline transparent aluminum alloy.

Although this sounds pretty and would be a great leap forward, this is still only a “Partial Disclosure” that leaves gaping holes in our understanding. (source)

Assuming that the above claims by Goode are true, the following article by The Sun would service two goals. For now, it will act as a way to discredit people talking about ancient ruins and secret bases in Antarctica (Goode and other whistleblowers), even though former astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Secretary of State John Kerry both went there recently. 
Later, after Goode and other SSP whistleblowers, like William Tompkins, have been thoroughly discredited, an official disclosure of the Antarctic ruins can begin, likely involving exposé’s of documented evidence, like videos, photographs, and artifacts. 

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This more official disclosure will come from hand-picked operatives within another secret space program run by the military industrial complex (MIC) that is far less aware of all the activities occurring on Earth and beyond. Goode contends that this MIC SSP is completely unaware of the greater SSP, which has colonies all throughout the solar system, trade agreements with over 900 extraterrestrial groups, and has technology that is similar to what is depicted in the science fiction series Star Trek. Humanity has the ability to travel the stars with great speed and precision.

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What ultimately plays out remains unclear, but there are too many correlations between the full disclosure narrative and the below article to dismiss them as coincidence. 

– Justin
by Jennifer Hale, December 12th 2016

Conspiracy theorists believe that there is a secret city which has frozen over – and it could even be the Lost City of Atlantis

THERE could be a hidden city frozen underneath Antarctica, according to shock claims.

The huge continent is an icy mass, and is currently only inhabited by scientific researchers and penguinsthanks to its freezing temperatures.

An artist’s view of what an ancient civilisation could look like on the continent of Antarctica
Rumours of a hidden city have been floating about for years, as conspiracy theorists and even some scientists claim the freezing continent is actually the home of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis.

One scientific theory claims that once upon a time Antarctica was ice-free and home to an ancient civilisation.

The theory, called crustal displacement, alleges that movements in the Earth’s crust meant that large parts of Antarctica were ice-free 12,000 years ago and people could have lived there.

Allegedly, a society could have existed ‘prehistory’, coming to an end with the last Ice Age which froze over the continent.

And this could have been Atlantis, a mythical city founded by people who were half god and half human which was first mentioned by Greek philosopher Plato in 360BC.

Speculation over the location of the legendary long-lost city is rife, with others believing it to have been near the Greek island of Santorini.

Antarctica’s secret city was apparently ‘”confirmed” by an ancient map called the Piri Reis map, compiled in 1513 from military intelligence.

It appears to show the Antarctic coast hundreds of years before it was discovered, but was denounced by many scholars at the time.

However, earlier this year photos from NASA appeared to reveal traces of a human settlement underneath the ice.

Conspiracy theorists believe that there could be an ancient city hidden underneath the ice of Antarctica
The pictures, taken using remote sensing photography for NASA’s Operation IceBridge mission to Antarctica, show what online sleuths believe could be a city.

Google Earth images also appeared to show a pyramid poking out of the tundra, with enthusiasts claiming that it is proof humanity once lived in the area and built a man-made structure.

The fascinating discovery comes just weeks after scientists revealed the Earth could be heading for another mini ice age caused by the Sun “going blank”.

Conspiracy theorists went wild earlier this year when a video claiming to be from the lost city emerged.

It appeared to show extensive ancient ruins hidden in the ice, and was a video supposedly ‘left behind’ by a California TV crew who have been missing since 2002.

Archaeologist Jonathan Gray claimed that the US government is trying to block the video from being seen because it reveals there is a “massive archaeological dig under way two miles beneath the ice”.

But that’s not the wildest claim – with several online websites claiming that there is a city in Antarctica and HITLER knew about it, making it a secret Nazi base.

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The wild claims state that the Nazis claimed an area of Antarctica as German territory and sent an expedition there.

Artists impression of a doorway to Atlantis, which is claimed to be the lost city underneath Antarctica
They then allegedly mapped the area and discovered a network of rivers and caves, one of which led to a large geothermal lake.
A city-sized base was built there, called “Base 22 or New Berlin”, and supposedly was home to not only Nazis but also the Illuminati.
However, things get even weirder, with suggestions that the Germans discovered abandoned alien technology OR contacted aliens, and used it to make super weapons.
And some people think the rumoured base still exists, with the Germans, aliens, and the Illuminati planning to launch a New World Order from it.
Whatever beings may be inhabiting the base, they’ll need to make sure to wrap up warm – with one unlucky Antarctic explorer revealing this week he is suffering from the painful-sounding condition Polar Penis.

Uniting The People For Full Disclosure | Steven Greer’s Cosmic False Flag Presentation: Review, Commentary, Analysis and Assessment of Claims Against Goode and Tompkins

by Justin Deschamps

In a controversial presentation produced by the well-respected ufologist and researcher Dr. Steven Greer, allegations were levied against two persons, Corey Goode and William Tompkins, claiming they could be disinformation agents or fraudsters. Dr. Greer also mentioned the former front man of the popular musical band Blink 182, Tom Delong, and the news media sites Gaia and Collective Evolution. He said each could be sharing inaccurate or intentionally fabricated information about the nature of secret government projects, extraterrestrials, and hidden technology that could be used by certain nefarious forces to foment an interstellar war.

The following article will detail the core aspects of Dr. Greer’s presentation and philosophy, to include video excerpts of the presentation, and assess and analyze the plausibility of such accusations against the collective store of data available in the public record. It will also evaluate whether such a cosmic false flag is possible if secret space programs exist, and if a shadow government uses hidden technology for nefarious ends, drawing from resources for support whenever possible. Whether one is a newcomer or well versed in these topics, the data contained herein is replete and can be used to educate oneself further.


Dr. Greer is a retired medical doctor turned ufologist who claims to have briefed sitting Presidents of the United States, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, congressmen, and other figures in government. He is known for the Disclosure Project hearings that took place in 2001 and 2013, as well as the widely successful film Sirius, which has played a major role in revealing the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon to the public. In November 2016, he gave two lectures in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the topics of ET contact and what he termed the Cosmic False Flag.

First, an overview of what he discussed will be presented with supportive data added. Second, an analysis of his overarching premise of a cosmic false flag will be made. And finally, his statements in reference to Corey Goode and William Tompkins will be assessed, along with a summary of the methods used to discern a claims truthfulness.

Before diving into the content, let it be said that the goal of this work is not to take sides or discredit Dr. Greer in favor of other figures in the field of ufology, such as those mentioned above. It is meant to be an objective, neutral assessment of the data and perspectives he offers as compared to other sources, and the total store of information available, as much as it is possible to do so.

What should become apparent through the course of this writing is that Dr. Greer, Goode, and Tompkins, all provide information that is largely in agreement. They each discuss the Secret Space Program or Military Industrial Complex, secret government projects, UFOs, extraterrestrials, and they agree that full disclosure is the best course of action. The knowledge that has been hidden from humanity to maintain oppression, enslavement, and energy dominance of corporate interests (along with the Earth’s complete history) is something they each are passionate about releasing to the public for the good of all. Dr. Greer’s intentions appear to be good and non-duplicitous, although he may not have a complete comprehension of the full body of knowledge available, as will be revealed.

In general, Dr. Greer’s concern is related to the details about this full body of information—offering some conflicting opinions about certain specific data points that will be itemized in detail during the course of this writing. And that these data points, in his view, could be used by nefarious forces to cause a global war by capitalizing on the ignorance of the masses to stage a false alien invasion. He worries the public, who has been conditioned to fear extraterrestrials via the media and works of fiction, could be swept up into hatred and radicalism if they are led to believe negative extraterrestrials exist.

On this score, Dr. Greer’s concerns are supported by historical evidence, as the masses are heavily programmed through years of propaganda and social engineering to be used in such a way. But Dr. Greer’s assertion that Goode and Tompkins (and anyone else that isn’t in agreement with his belief that nefarious space-fairing ETs don’t exist) are sharing untrue information is an unproven theory.

As will be discussed later, such a contention is largely ideological on Dr. Greer’s part, and he provided no direct evidence to substantiate the notion they are disinformation agents. That being said, his warnings about exercising discernment are quite poignant, something that Goode and others have emphatically said as well. Blind belief or adherence to dogma, in any capacity, is a serious problem that leads to radicalism and is arguably what allows tyranny and oppression to flourish. Thus, if humanity is to rise above the darkness of the past, each individual is beholden to find within themselves the courage to face reality and learn the skills of discernment, so the people won’t be fooled again. 

Shadow Government, Secret Space Programs, and False Flags

Here is a synopis of information within the existing body of researcher to support Dr. Greer, Goode, and Tompkins narratives.

Government projects since the early part of the 20th century, and likely before, can be categorized as either overt and open to public scrutiny, or covert and hidden in nature. It is this latter category that has been a field of intense interest for many years, as whistleblowers, documents obtained from Freedom of Information Requests (FIOA), and anecdotal testimony from the public suggests that a shadow government or clandestine organization has advanced an agenda of great interest to all of humanity. The scope of these activities is vast beyond the limits of what can be enumerated in this writing, but it involves UFOs, advanced technology that is hidden from the public, and an insidious agenda that would probably shock the average person.

The Shadow Government

The FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton scandal in 2016 revealed a document that referred to “The Shadow Government” or “The Seventh Floor Group.” It could be a reference to the same shadow government that some claim managed secret projects related to UFOs and extraterrestrials.


The nature and scope of this shadow government is not revealed above but other sources the public would find credible suggest that it has existed for a very long time and has developed technological assets that would seem like science fiction to most people.

Here are excerpts from an article entitled Asgardia — an Open Recruitment for a Breakaway Civilization Begins | A “Second Brain Drain” and the Disclosure of Secret Space Programs?,lending credence to the notion a shadowy group does exist.

“There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and [has] the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” (Source)

And President Theodore Roosevelt’s comments on a shadowy group within the government also suggest that a breakaway society had gained control over the United States government as far back as the turn of the 20th century.

“Behind the ostensible Government sits enthroned an invisible Government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of the statesmanship of the day….” — Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919). An Autobiography. 1913. (source)

The organization appears to be connected to high finance and banking, which many researchers agree helps fund their activities. But it is also heavily compartmentalized and is more so a losse association of criminal syndicates as opposed to a singular body or entity.

Here is another excerpt discussing President Eisenhower and his warning against the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).

Consider that President Eisenhower warned of the power and might of a military industrial complex that answers to no nation or public authority whatsoever and is capable of advancing an agenda hidden from the public eye—much like what President Roosevelt and Senator Daniel K. Inouye referred to.

This warning went out in 1961 after Eisenhower learned of what had been developed behind closed doors under the direction of what are called Special Access Programs and Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, also known as deep-black government projects. These are highly secretive projects with no government oversight, possessing the capacity to advanced technology that is completely hidden from the public eye.

According to released FBI documents as well as recovered pages from former assets within some of these programs, a group known as Majestic 12 or MJ12 was in charge of some of these programs—a multinational group of high-ranking business figures with ties to what has been called the secret government. When Eisenhower learned of these projects—realizing that he was not only unaware of their activities but completely incapable of overseeing them for the safety of the American people—he was furious and made efforts to regain control of the situation.

Dr. Michael Salla is one researcher who presented the following account as provided by Richard Dolan in relation to a former CIA operative turned whistleblower who was ordered to deliver a message to one of the secret facilities known as S4 or Area 51. The whistleblower testified before a panel of six former US members of congress during the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure in 2013.

Dr. Salla introduces the account by the former CIA operative in the following excerpt from an article on his website Exopolitics:

In response to questions from UFO historian Richard Dolan, the former CIA agent went on to explain how in 1958, he and his boss – the CIA operative – were summoned by President Eisenhower to the Oval Office. The President, who was accompanied by Vice-President Nixon, told the agent and his boss that he was trying to get information about efforts to learn about extraterrestrial life and technology. The agent said that according to President Eisenhower: “MJ-12 was supposed to find out, but they never sent reports to him.” The CIA agent said he and his boss were called into the Oval Office”. President Eisenhower said:

We called the people in from MJ-12, from Area 51 and S-4, but they told us that the government had no jurisdiction over what they were doing…. I want you and your boss to fly out there. I want you to give them a personal message…. I want you to tell them, whoever is in charge, I want you to tell them that they have this coming week to get into Washington and to report to me. And if they don’t, I’m going to get the First Army from Colorado. we are going to go over and take the base over. I don’t care what kind of classified material you got. We are going to rip this thing apart.” 

If these accounts are to be believed, it would provide some backstory for Eisenhower’s infamous warning regarding the out-of-control status of the military industrial complex. And given that these programs were well established during the mid-20th century, it also suggests that incredible advances have taken place, which is—to this day—completely hidden from the public.

Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) is a term referring to government and independently financed activities that are allegedly for the purpose of national security but are completely devoid of public oversight. These programs are authorized to lie to the public and government officials using cover stories that are often very elaborate in nature, as an excerpt from a supplement to the DoD manual related to special access programs states.

Program Cover stories. (UNACKNOWLEDGED Program). Cover stories may be established for unacknowledged programs in order to protect the integrity of the program from individuals who do not have a need to know. Cover stories must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the contract. (Source)

Secret Space Programs

Evidence in the form of whistleblower testimony, as well as declassified documents, suggests that secret space programs have been in operation alongside the public space program for decades—if not far longer. Its activities include the control and exploitation of all life on Earth and beyond—so it is claimed by many researchers.

The Secret Space Program (SSP) is an unofficial term referring to a conglomerate of government and corporate interest projects with overarching activities in space exploration, often dealing with extraterrestrials and/or spacecraft of some kind—whether in joint operations or reverse engineering projects. While there has been no “official” disclosure in this regard, an enormous body of evidence by way of whistleblower testimony, declassified documents, and eyewitness testimony suggests such programs exist.

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Richard Dolan is a ufology researcher who uses the term Breakaway Civilization when discussing these activities, as described in the below excerpt from the above mentioned Asgardia article.

Richard Dolan is a researcher who spoke at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club event organized by Dr. Steven Greer in 2001. He said that evidence assembled via declassified documents and whistleblower testimony suggests that indeed a breakaway civilization has existed alongside common place societies for decades, if not far longer. It is this same covert group that was responsible for promoting and maintaining the UFO cover-up and silencing anyone who dared speak about advanced technology that could threaten the status quo of the energy industry, according to Dolan.

But what is a breakaway civilization?

According to researchers, a breakaway civilization is a term referring to a secretive group within a nation or society that furthers a hidden agenda often involving technological advancements that eventually lead to resource independence from the parent community. These resources would include but are not limited to, financial, social, or material demands that are one day transcended as a result of an agenda’s success. (Source)

Before the program of official secrecy and cover-up began in the 1950s, research of UFOs and extraterrestrials was a valid field of research. After the Trinity nuclear bomb tests in the 1940s, the number of flying saucers seen by the public exploded and an official military investigation took place called Project Blue Book between 1952 and 1970, preceded by projects Sign (1947) and Grudge (1949).

As Dr. Greer mentions in his presentation, also echoed by countless other researchers, the infamous 1947 Roswell UFO crash apparently provided the MIC with an extraterrestrial spacecraft that was so advanced it took decades to understand fully. From this and other recovered ET vessels, the information age was born.

But prior to this development and World War II, the Germans and other nations were advancing antigravity technology and what are called scalar weapon systems based on Nikola Tesla’s advances—that were not fully understood during the peak of the Serbian-American inventor’s career at the turn of the 20th century. It would take teams of engineers decades to comprehend what Tesla seemed to divine intuitively, and from these hidden projects, a host of incredibly deadly and disturbing technologies was produced. These systems include scalar-based electromagnetic induction apparatus that can affect weather systems and trigger earthquakes (known popularly as HAARP technology), and also has the ability to interface with consciousness via electromagnetic entrainment. It is the latter application for altering human perception that was a central point in Dr. Greer’s presentation.

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MKULTRA is a mind-control program developed by the CIA beginning in the 1950s and officially ended in 1964. However, many contend that it was classified and went deep black (an unofficial term referring to USAPs). In 1977 FOIA requests revealed to the public certain aspects of the program, specifically related to trauma-based and chemical mind-control techniques, but the electromagnetic methods were never fully disclosed. Dr. Greer and others contend that these scalar mind augmentation systems were used, and still are, by the shadow government against people all over the world. The alleged Russian Woodpecker experiments are another example of mass mind-control using similar technology.

False Flags

What is of interest in relation to Dr. Greer’s presentation is what is popularly known as a false flag, or as it is apparently known in the military, Deceptive Indication and Warning operations, or Deceptive I & Ws. As the name implies, these are missions intentionally designed to cause confusion and deceive the public (or those within the government or military) for the purpose of compartmentalization, inciting war, drawing attention away from classified projects, or garnering support for a political venture of some kind. When partnered with disinformation or distract, decoy, and trash (discredit) campaigns, it is very easy to manipulate the masses, especially since critical thinking and discernment skills have been almost completely purged from the public arena.

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All that need be done in distract, decoy, and trash campaigns is to implant a false whistleblower or insider into a community doing valid research, like alien abduction. Then the insider is revealed to be a fraud and the undiscerning masses assume anything that person said—whether true or not—is also untrue. They paint anyone mentioning alien abduction with the same brush, which is a tactic that is actively used by debunkers and the propaganda media to this day. This is why personal discernment and analysis is an essential to avoid deceiving oneself.

Here is the definition of an I & W from The United States Department of Defense:

Indications and Warnings

Those intelligence activities intended to detect and report time-sensitive intelligence information on foreign developments that could involve a threat to the United States or allied and/or coalition military, political, or economic interests or to US citizens abroad. It includes forewarning of enemy actions or intentions; the imminence of hostilities; insurgency; nuclear/nonnuclear attack on the United States, its overseas forces, or allied and/or coalition nations; hostile reactions to US reconnaissance activities; terrorists� attacks; and other similar events. Also called I&W. See also information; intelligence. (JP 2-01)

When the term deceptive is added to the term indications and warnings, it becomes clear that any operation with the purpose of promulgating false intelligence or information, sponsored by the government, military, or clandestine entities, falls into this category. This is a term Dr. Greer referred to several times in his presentation as something high-level operatives within the MIC are aware of.

A notable example that Dr. Greer mentioned during his presentation was the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

The NSA admits that it lied about what really happened in the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 … manipulating data to make it look like North Vietnamese boats fired on a U.S. ship so as to create a false justification for the Vietnam war. (Source)

What is a Cosmic False Flag?

Dr. Greer proposes that a Cosmic False Flag is an elaborate deception of global import and scope. The military industrial complex (MIC) and shadow government would employ the use of three different categories of technology to deceive the public to accept an alien threat has invaded the Earth: Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs), EM mind control technology, and manipulated/fabricated witnesses and whistleblowers. The false flag would unite humanity in ways that have heretofore only been revealed in science fiction films like Independence Day.

Here is an introduction to the Cosmic False Flag presentation.

Instead of bringing humanity together in an age of freedom and recognition of individual rights and sovereignty, it would be a despotic fascist coup that would give the hidden powers that bean excuse to claim total control over humanity. Most of the population of Earth would be exterminated in a “war against the aliens,” which would, in reality, be the shadow government and the psychotic elite behind it.

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Ronald Reagan spoke of an extraterrestrial threat uniting humanity in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the 42nd General Assembly, on September 21st, 1987:

“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world” (Source)

What the former president just suggested is the essence of the cosmic false flag scenario described by Dr. Greer—that people would be completely overwhelmed and galvanized by an alien threat, setting aside their differences to fight the invaders.

According to Dr. Greer and several others, this is exactly what the darkest parts of the shadow government have been advancing. Realizing that the plot would arguably be the grandest and far-reaching deception in human history, the proponents of such a scheme began using anything and everything at their disposal for the endeavor. This includes the use of false extraterrestrial contacts beginning as early as the 1950s, spacecraft designed to appear non-terrestrial but are in fact human in design, and finally media of all kinds that would begin to prepare humanity for accepting an alien threat.

Dr. Greer’s presentation discussed each the above-mentioned facets in detail, which will now be outlined.

Negative Extraterrestrials

A central facet of the cosmic false flag is what Dr. Greer says is alien propaganda, specifically the belief that scores of extraterrestrials are negatively oriented and have the intention of enslaving or taking over the human race. The use of all three categories of assets discussed above is employed to promote the idea that aliens are here to conquer humanity against humanity, something he thinks is untrue.

Dr. Greer had this to say in regard to the notion that negative ETs exist, calling it a form of alienism. 

Alienism, as I’m going to define it tonight, is the proclivity to view anything that is non-human, but an intelligent life-form, as a potential threat, and the threat is directly proportional to how different they either appear or behave from us.

With many of these people you’ll hear that the ones that the look Nordic, shall we say. I’ve spent three or four hours with Bill Tompkins, the ones that kind of look like us but are pretty, those are GROOD [great/good] the ones that look some other way those are bad ones. Isn’t that interstellar racism? … Take a step back. Aren’t the good ones always the pretty blond ones with the big breasts… I find it appalling … are we really going to stay on that cycle of taking racism and turning it into alienism? (Source)

The notion that only positive ETs exist is a hotly debated point within ufology and other circles. Dr. Greer seems to believe that any claim of nefariousness on the part of contactees and experiencers is part of a false agenda or hoax to deceive the public. He seems to think that if such negative groups existed, they would have taken over long ago, as he shares in the below excerpt in reference to a conversation he had with Monsignor Corrado Balducci.

Others state that the alien invasion already happened long ago, and that the human race was taken over by negative entities before modern history began and that the monetary system itself is part of a subtle program of mass control that was perfected by extraterrestrials on other worlds eons ago. Within this perspective, the negative beings, whether extraterrestrial or human, want society to believe it has not been taken over, a kind of free-range slavery, which is easier to maintain and produces more fruit than one of overt oppression. If you can get people to believe they are free, even though they are not, they won’t try to identify or gain freedom from oppressors. 

While the average person might think the idea of money being used as a tool for self-policing enslavement is a wild conspiracy, the logic behind it is not unfounded, and scores of researchers have put forth information detailing how this works.

The theory of financial enslavement seems to be so widely accepted by a growing body of researchers it is openly revealed in pop-culture like the TV series Rick and Morty, as depicted in the below segment.

And, of course, there is the infamous film They Live, which is one of the most revealing presentations of hidden control forces in popular works of fiction.

THEY LIVE (1988) + Ἑλλ.ὑπότ.ἐνσωματ. from ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ ΤΕΝΕΕΥΣ on Vimeo.

Although Dr. Greer’s assertions about a cosmic false flag and the promulgation of hoaxed negative alien experiences might be valid, there is an equally compelling data set suggesting that this “take over” happened long ago.

Specifically, Corey Goode and countless other researchers contend that nefarious races of extraterrestrials have maintained underground facilities on the Earth, particularly in Antarctica, for thousands of years, well before modern human history. And that some of these races use artificial life extension technology that requires the consumption of life force energy produced by fear and trauma, called looshe. While some dismiss this as yet another wild conspiracy theory, when one considers biophotons and how fear states alter brain and heart coherence, there is empirical data to support this assertion.

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Emotion has been shown to alter the shape of DNA, which according to Fritz Albert Popp stores biophotonic light, and thus if one is in a state of fear, excess life force energy is released that parasitic entities can feed on.

To continue the discussion of the cosmic false flag, an examination of advanced secret spacecraft is in order.

Alien Reproduction Vehicles

Dr. Greer claims that secret programs were involved in developing antigravity technology and spacecraft that— by the mid-1950s—was apparently so advanced that many civilians could and did confuse them for extraterrestrial vessels.

Here is an excerpt from his presentation discussion manmade UFOs and what he calls stagecraft or the methods used to deceive the public.

And here is an extensive presentation about ARVs by Mark McCandlish.

Dr. Greer says the shadow government wanted the public to believe extraterrestrials were frequently appearing in the skies over the world, all while maintaining an official policy that they don’t exist. And while Dr. Greer contends there were genuine ET sightings and contacts, he says there were also staged encounters that are intentionally designed to confuse those researching the topic—a point that Goode and Tompkins assert as well.

Alien Reproduction Vehicles is a term specifically referring to the creation of craft that mimics non-terrestrial vehicles. Many research groups to this day contend that all such sightings are ET in origin only, saying that “humans aren’t allowed to make them, so all UFOs are ETs.” But proponents of such viewpoints often ignore and even suppress any evidence that implies the contrary, acting more like religious zealots than earnest researchers seeking the whole truth.

Here is an excerpt wherein Dr. Greer discusses the difference between genuine ET spacecraft vs. ARVs spacecraft.

In addition, behind closed doors, through the use of scalar-based technology, the MIC developed weaponry capable of targeting and downing genuine extraterrestrial spacecraft for reverse-engineering projects. The fruit of such a program was a state-of-the-art grade of technology that—according to Dr. Greer and others—was well established by the beginning of the cold war.

Here is an excerpt from the presentation discussing this technology.

Dr. Greer mentions in his presentation Dr. Art Bell who allegedly was the victim of EM mind control that was used to convince him the military needed to target and take down any ET craft in the skies. Allegedly, Dr. Bell helped produce, test, and perfect these weapons as early as the late 1950s.

Sergeant Clifford Stone is a whistleblower who claims to have worked in UFO crash retrieval programs during the mid-20th century, further supporting the notion that the MIC was advancing technology by reverse engineering genuine ET craft—while at the same time—using their own advanced vehicles to confuse ufologists and contactees.

Holographic Projection Devices

Project Blue Beam is a popular term referring to technology that would be used in a fake alien invasion, which Dr. Greer did not mention by name but did discuss aspects of. It has all the same components as his cosmic false flag scenario, such as holographic projectors and the use of EM mind control devices—generally known a Voice of God or psychotronic weapons—to lead people into thinking they are having a religious experience with whichever deity they personally believe in.

Dr. Greer discusses this technology along with false or scripted memories in the next excerpt from his presentation.

Benenson Strategy Group allegedly produced a document entitled “Salvage Plan” that mentioned Project FIRESIGN—a false alien invasion scenario that almost perfectly matches the infamous Blue Beam plan. However, the documents authenticity is hotly contested, and it was dismissed by some as a hoax, citing discrepancies with the logo.

Many elements in the Salvage Program document appear to be based on an accurate analysis of prospects of the Clinton campaign succeeding as distrust in mainstream media and polling reaches unprecedented heights. The FIRESIGN technology has been well known to many UFO/exopolitics researchers who over several decades have described it as Project Blue Beam.

Nevertheless, there are a number of issues from the document that raise doubt about its authenticity according to the popular blog author, Kauilapele. These include the document using an old 2012 logo for the Berenson Strategic Group, and an incorrect street address being used for its Washington Office. These discrepancies may be indicative of a hoax, or included in order to introduce plausible deniability in case of any unintended leak. (Source)

Whether an authentic document or not, the plan calls for the use of holographic projection technology that would be used in addition to ARVs to make people believe an alien invasion is taking place.

In the presentation by Dr. Greer, he refers to holographic projectors that were revealed during a Snoop Dogg concert in 2012.

Dr. Greer states that the above demonstration is only a partial disclosure of what is far superior technology and could easily convince people that the projections are real.

Thus, there are several corroborating points to draw on to support Dr. Greer’s claims, whether anecdotally or technologically regarding “stagecraft” and ARVs used for psychological warfare purposes.

EM Mind Control and Voice of God Technology 

Dr. Michael Persinger is a cognitive neuroscientist who studied the effects of electromagnetic signals on the brain, supporting the idea it is possible to produce incredibly vivid hallucinations that mimic real experiences. He developed a device popularly known as the “God Helmet” for this purpose, which some researchers assert is proof of concept that psychotronic technology exists and can be used as a mind-control weapon against the public.

Dr. Persinger’s research was featured in a TV documentary on The Learning Channel.
And here is a detailed presentation of his findings that discuss how much consciousness seems to be affected by magnetic fields, and is capable of fantastic extrasensory perception.

Briefly, the human brain and biology produce an electromagnetic field that is capable of coupling with the Earth and other human beings via sympathetic resonance or entrainment. The EM fields produced by the earth, known as the Schumann resonances, seem to act as a baseline frequency for upper-level harmonics used by the body and measured by scientists as brain waves.

Using various forms of electromagnetic field generators, such as radar and scalar wave antenna (HAARP), but also localized devices that can target single individuals, one can induce all types of experiences and phenomenon on the body and mind. Disease or healing can be affected, as well as false encounters—that to the person experiencing them are almostindistinguishable from the reality they perceive. They can even produce disembodied voices that mimic discarnate entities (spirits, angels or ETs) that mediums or channelers claim to have made contact with for most of human history.

In summary, according to Dr. Greer and others, over the past 70 years, the MIC has perfected technology that can hijack what is commonly referred to as extrasensory perception mechanisms within the human body and mind. This suggests that any experience, whether mundane or extraordinary, could be artificially induced via advanced mind-control technology. But Dr. Greer doesn’t claim everyone experiencing such things are all false experiences. Instead, he says that many are genuine but that the MIC has the ability to track these bonafide encounters and quite often targets these individuals for a false experience to confuse the situation.

Enter the Military Abduction Program or MILABs.


Dr. Greer states that the Military Abduction Program (MILAB) is another facet of this cosmic false flag agenda. But he is hardly the only one who discusses this topic. It is a complex and vast subject that often involves the following scenario.

An individual having genuine extraterrestrial contact experience, sometimes involving abduction is identified by the military. The MIC through the use of advanced surveillance technology can track and target anyone who has such an encounter and often performs a secondary abduction that uses EM mind-control technology, ARVs, and what Dr. Greer calls Programmed Lifeforms—entities that look like real ETs but are either humans in makeup or robotically controlled fakes. The purpose of such a program, Dr. Greer says, is to confuse the experiencer, often involving horrific testing or probing procedures that lead the individual to conclude the beings encountered are negative and insidious. But this is just one perspective on the situation.

Here is an excerpt from the presentation wherein Dr. Greer discusses false abduction and MILABs.

Volumes have been written on the topic of extraterrestrial abduction. But focusing on Dr. Greer’s perspective, one goal of the MILAB program is to implant a false experience that leads many to believe all extraterrestrials are negative. Arguably there are many other aims for this program, such as reconnaissance and research of real extraterrestrial encounters. The individuals abducted by the military and given false memories will form a growing body of witnesses that can further cloud the field of ufology so that they—according to Dr. Greer—bear false witness and state that negative extraterrestrials are trying to harvest human DNA or learn about humanity for an eventual invasion.

It should be noted that Goode has discussed the MILAB program in precisely the same fashion as Dr. Greer, saying these projects have the purpose of gathering information and confusing ET abductees, but does not go as far to also say that all negative ET encounters are false, as Dr. Greer claims.

He also says that cattle mutilations are fabricated, citing a Dr. John H Altshuler’s research as a reference.

Whistleblowers and MILABs

Dr. Greer states that another aspect of the cosmic false flag agenda is that the field of ufology—via the growing body of abductees with false experiences, must be seeded into the consciousness of humanity to support the plausibility of an extraterrestrial invasion scenario. Again, whether or not Dr. Greer’s claim that all negative experiences are false is unproven as there are scores of people that say they had horrific abduction experiences. Whether all of these experiences are false is unclear, but if Dr. Greer and others are to be believed some of them could be psychological warfare operations to confuse abductees and by extension ufologists.

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Until recently, the topic of alien abduction was considered too taboo to discuss seriously, but since the 1950s, science fiction has exploded onto the scene, often providing a venue to reveal hidden activities and realities to the public. Subject matter that seems to be of keen interest to the MIC involving USAPs often appears on TV shows, movies, and other forms of media that are disclosed through such mediums. In other words, science fiction in almost every respect has become focused on promulgating a prejudice that all extraterrestrial life is evil or nefarious. This is in agreement with Dr. Greer’s assertions about creating a public bias that will one day lead to the population of Earth being galvanized against an alien threat.

On the issue of whether or not whistleblowers are providing false testimony, it is not only theoretically possible, but arguably essential to consider. As was mentioned above, USAPs have the authority via codified policy to distribute disinformation. And if one performs a comparative analysis on the complete totality of whistleblower testimony available, there are glaring inconsistencies. This suggests that the MIC can and does use false whistleblowers to confuse researchers and the public at large. Historically speaking it seems any field of research that advances towards the truth is subject to coordinated disinformation attacks.

As an example, consider the topic of super soldiers, which is a hotbed of activity at present. Certain individuals claim to have been recruited into assorted secret projects, and enhanced using various means, such as DNA augmentation, electromagnetic fields, age-regression, and sometimes are the product of alien-human hybrid programs. But often there is no evidence provided other than anecdotal testimony. The lack of evidence does not necessarily mean anything related to the topic is untrue, but it does make it very easy for false whistleblowers to come on the scene and befuddle genuine research. Initially, there are a handful of alleged super soldiers emerging to discuss their experiences, but as of the time of this writing, there are hundreds of people coming forward and in many cases, the testimony provided is divergent on the whole.

Still, other insiders claim that some of these people professing to be super soldiers are either outright frauds, or were given false experiences that made them perfect disinformation agents. For the growing body of researchers attempting to make sense of the situation, it is increasingly confusing, and many have abandoned the whole topic due to a handful of obvious fraudsters.

For the MIC, the more confusion that is created, the greater the likelihood the actual truth will not be revealed or make it into the hands of researchers. And in effect, this is what Dr. Greer has also asserted. But he goes a step further to state that anyone who has testimony that suggests negative extraterrestrials exist—or that nefarious activity is taking place outside the Earth, such as Mars bases populated by slaves taken from Earth—is a disinformation agent, either by conscious intent or scripted memory manipulation.

MILABs are another aspect of manipulation, which is less contested. Through hypnotic regression therapy techniques, the scripted or screen memories given to abductees can be identified and carefully dismantled to reveal what is hidden beneath. In some cases, secondary abductions have revealed that human beings are nearby while so-called aliens are performing the abduction, which Dr. Greer cites in his presentation. Other whistleblowers have also stated that the military does abduct individuals who have genuine ET encounters in order to debrief them and cause confusion, as was mentioned earlier. So while Dr. Greer’s contention that all negative ET experiences are a product of disinformation is not confirmed, there does exist other testimony and evidence to suggest fabricated experiences are occurring.

Screen or Scripted Memories

The work of Dr. Persinger provides an empirical basis for understanding that it is possible to manipulate consciousness via electromagnetic means. And other researchers in the mainstream dealing with criminal investigations and eyewitness testimony have demonstrated that memory is much more fluid than one might think, as the below-linked article reveals.

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Corey Goode is a whistleblower and SSP insider who claims to have participated in the MILAB program and worked to undo the effects of screen memory implantation. His testimony is too vast to detail here completely, but it essentially describes what is a fairly typical experience within MILAB cases. As a young child, he was targeted by the MIC for having special intuitive or psychic abilities and would often go to “special classes” at school. In 1986, he claims to have participated in the Solar Warden SSP for 20 years. He was then age-regressed and deposited back in time to moments after he left. To many, these claims are so wildly fantastic that they are dismissed without research but for avid researchers of ufology and secret government projects, there is much to lend credence to them.

Goode says that upon his return after a 20-year tour of duty, his memory was wiped and he had a screen memory implanted that for many years prevented him from recalling what happened. But one day he began to remember aspects of his SSP service, and through a trusted regression therapist, finally experienced total recall. Since then, he has been abducted on two more occasions, taken by the MIC SSP, had his memory wiped, and was given more screen memories. And while he says he was confused for a time, he is now able to determine when these technologies are used against him. If his accounts are true, then it suggests that while the unaware public might not be able to tell the difference between genuine and real memories, it is possible to differentiate scripted from genuine experiences.

Dr. Greer also stated that he was subjected to this technology years ago, and that he too is able to discern the difference between screened and real memories. Although he did not indicate how this was done, it presumably requires discernment skills and the use of one’s mental faculties, like critical thinking, keen observation, and inquisitiveness.

Science Fiction and Media

Drawing from popular works of fiction, there are countless examples like The Bourne Trilogy, Dollhouse, and others—all of which have memory wiping and screen or scripted memories as a key facet of the storyline. There is a clear pattern of portraying seemingly real aspects of hidden programs in popular works of fiction, arguably to cause the uninitiated public to dismiss them as fiction if they are ever encountered in life.

Here is another excerpt from the Asgardia article of citing how the media seems to be used as a way to hide or disclose information to the public.

As one possible example of disclosure through fictionJack Kirby is a comic book artist who produced many widely successful works during the mid to late 20th century. Kirby wrote The Face on Mars depicting a giant human visage on the surface of the red planet in 1958.

Image Source.

But it wasn’t until 1976 when NASA’s Viking Missions sent back photos of the Cydonia site that the public learned of a landform that some believe is a clear-cut case of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Image Source. Viking image of the Cydonia site on Mars
Image Source. The “face on Mars.”

Although NASA and the media were quick to refute claims that this image was proof of the existence of non-terrestrials, it fueled a storm of interest in the notion that humanity is not alone in the universe. Ufologists would spend years trying to solve this mystery, all while most of the public remained completely unaware of this staggering correlation.

Did Kirby know that the face on Mars existed? If so, how did he come to gain this knowledge?

Some researchers contend that Kirby was provided the data by certain figures within a secretive space program that had already made the voyage to Mars decades before NASA would set its sights there.

If true, then this suggests what breakaway civilization and secret space program researchers have asserted for years—that there is indeed a hidden agenda to explore space that was successful beyond the wildest dreams of many who subscribe to NASA’s contemporary plans for Mars exploration.

One whistleblower claims that the Germans developed a hidden program to produce antigravity flying saucers as early as 1930, some 30 years before Kirby would pen his infamous comic book work. But again, for the average person, these claims are so controversial that many dismiss them out-of-hand, without a second thought that they might actually be true.

Dr. Salla also raised this point of a coordinated program of manipulation of the masses using fiction and other forms of media in a review of Dr. Greer’s presentation.

The 1953 CIA sponsored Robertson Panel release the Durant Report recommending debunking the flying saucer phenomenon by using the mass media in what was the beginning of a psychological warfare program against the general public. (Source)

What this small data point out of a large body to choose from suggests is that the media in general seems to be playing a major role in manipulating the extraterrestrial and USAP narrative, whether it is to “debunk” genuine UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters or it is to promote propaganda that serves the agenda of the MIC.

Comparative Analysis of Dr. Greer’s Presentation

Dr. Greer originally publicized his talk by specifically referring to Corey Goode and William Tompkins. And during the presentation, he alluded to the fact they could be disinformation agents but did not explicitly state that they were. He did respond to a question asked from the audience wherein Greer stated that people should be highly skeptical of their accounts.

Here is a compilation of Dr. Greer’s remarks on Corey Goode, William Tompkins, Tom Delong,Gaia TV, and Collective Evolution.

When comparing Dr. Greer’s data to both Goode and Tompkins accounts, there is almost total agreement insofar as histoical narrative, with some differences that will now be listed.

Early German SSP 

Dr. Greer contends that the Nazis developed antigravity commonly known as the Nazi bell but they was not successful in perfecting the technology. It wasn’t until the end of World War II, after German scientists came to the U.S. through Project PAPERCLIP that they were able to finish their designs, with the help of the American shadow government and the MIC.

Goode and Tompkins, working independently, contend that Dr. Greer’s version of events is only partially true and that it is itself a cover story and an aspect of a partiald disclosure agenda—a kind of deceptive I & W in its own right.

They say that the Germans had several different antigravity research projects, one involving theNazi Bell and another that was greatly advanced through extraterrestrial contacts made with a race of reptilians called the Draco. Still another civilian project that the Germans only learned of later was headed by the Vril Society and Maria Orsic. According to Goode, Orsic made contact with several different non-terrestrial races that helped her team develop a fully functional spacecraft capable of traveling to the stars. And both Tompkins and Goode claim that another program assisted by the reptilians went to the Moon setting up a base there, as well as visiting Mars and other planets in the solar system. They also say that this more advanced faction of the German government was advised by their ET contacts to go to Antarctica, where they builtunder-ice facilities. All of these advances occurred before the Second World War came to a close.

Another point provided by Goode and Tompkins is that the MIC learned of the German Antarctic bases after the war and sent a large naval contingent there to deal with them, under the code name Operation HIGHJUMP. Instead of destroying the base, they were attacked by highly advanced saucer craft as well as large cigar-shaped vessels, that Tompkins claims were reptilian allies of the Germans.

According to Goode and Tompkins, the Americans were developing their own SSP and learned of the German advancements during the war. Germans were brought over to the U.S. MIC during Operation PAPERCLIP and provided their less advanced antigravity craft as a decoy to satisfy American curiosity. Eventually, the Germans in the U.S.—assisted by their Antarctica compatriots, strong-armed the MIC into signing treaties that effectively merged the German and American MICs. This latter aspect Dr. Greer did allude to when he said that the U.S. is effectively the Fourth Reich.

Goode and Tompkins state that the level of compartmentalization used by the MIC and these USAPs is such that it would be very easy for personnel working within them to believe they were being told the whole truth, when in fact, it was only part of the story. And it appears that the lower-level aspects of the SSP are what Dr. Greer draws forms as the basis of his knowledge, especially regarding German advancements. It is highly likely that as part of the compartmentalization protocol, personnel would be led to believe they were the most aware and had access to the whole truth, and in doing so, they would be compelled to reject anything that doesn’t fit within their worldview.

Reach of the MIC and SSP

While Dr. Greer did not spend much time focusing on the scope of the programs developed by the MIC, he has stated in the past that positive extraterrestrials maintain a kind of quarantine that prevents aggressive human projects from leaving the Earth. He also asserted that the slave colonies operating on Mars or elsewhere were probably not true, presumably because of the belief they would not be allowed by positive ETs. But he did not offer any evidence to support this conjecture.

On the other hand, Goode and Tompkins state that the SSP did travel to the Moon and beyond. Goode in particular claims there are five different factions or compartments of the SSP, Solar Warden, the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN), the Military or MIC faction, and the Dark Fleet. Each is heavily compartmentalized and only higher-level operatives within the ICC have some working knowledge of the other programs. The MIC faction operates mostly in low-earth orbit and has access to technology that is only about 30 or 40 years ahead of today. But the other factions have traveled all around the solar system and beyond. The ICC seems to be the commercial branch of the SSP, trading with over 900 different extraterrestrial groups and maintains production facilities on Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and elsewhere using human slaves taken from earth as a labor force. The GGLN and the Dark Fleet operate largely outside of the solar system.

If these claims by Goode are true, it means that Dr. Greer’s insiders are mostly from the lower-level MIC space program, and as such, would not be read-in or have a need to know about the outer space programs, and were provided cover stories that supported this narrative. It also means that most people working in these programs operating largely in outer space would not have contact with the Earth and thus cross contamination is greatly limited. In essence, the secrecy mechanism of the whole SSP and MIC is an extremely well oiled machine of deception that only a few small cracks have allowed drips of the truth to come through.

But it should be noted that there is no direct evidence supplied by Goode to confirm his claims, only anecdotes and personal experienes. Tompkins on the other hand, has provided a vast body of documented evidence suggesting he did participate in the designing of spacecraft that eventually became the vessels used by Solar Warden. Yet Tompkins also has no direct evidence (other than his personal experiences) to support the notion that there are in fact programs operating outside of Earth orbit, or that reptilians and other races of a nefarious nature are interacting with humanity.

Conclusions Regarding the Cosmic False Flag

While the focus of this writing is partially to assess and analyze whether Goode and Tompkins are in fact disinformation agents, as Dr. Greer claims, the overall premise of a cosmic false flag should also be considered. There is substantial indirect evidence to support this idea. And there may well be direct evidence if the FIRESIGN documents from the Benenson Strategy Group are authentic.

Furthermore, the human population’s ability to think critically and assess reality from a moral and ethical standpoint, as Dr. Greer states, is shockingly low. One need only look at the past one hundred years of history to see false flag agendas—that could have easily been seen for what they are if they had not be blindly accepted as true—deceived millions if not billions of people and were used as a pretext to start wars and issue draconian policies in the U.S. and all over the globe.

Therefore, the spiritual awakening discussed by Dr. Greer is a valid point, which is also echoed by Goode. Humanity needs to set aside groupthink and dogma in favor of personal discernment and learning the skills of assessing reality first hand. In addition, the social programs of division based on racial, ideological, and religious beliefs have been used as a pretext for war for the past 6,000 years. Only by gaining the skills to think for oneself and not allow the deceptions and machinations of the shadow government to work can humanity finally set aside the plague of madness that has enabled untold harm and suffering to flourish. If humanity can do this, even if a cosmic false flag did occur, the call to unite in a campaign of interstellar war would fall on deaf ears.

Finally, Goode said that the cosmic false flag plan is real but that it was abandoned in favor of a partial disclosure agenda that has been actively moving forward for years.

The Cabal’s grand deception plan is no longer to bring about a mass fake alien invasion. That was exposed heavily decades ago and is no longer a viable program to execute. This holographic technology is however still viable to use in smaller “theaters of war”.

The plan now is to introduce humanity to an “Angelic and Human-Like” ET group and have people worship these so-called “angelic ET’s” who bring us a “New Cosmic Esoteric World Religion.” (Source)

Goode’s acknowledgment of the fake alien invasion plan seems to actually substantiate Dr. Greer’s claims to a certain extent, which he may not be aware of. Further, Goode puts a twist on the notion by saying the plan was abandoned in favor of an agenda to use the same holographic technology in another way.

Partial Disclosure

If one looks over the past two years in regard to the release of disclosure-related material, there is much to substantiate this claim by Goode.

Here is an excerpt from the article Boeing’s “You Just Wait” Ad Reveals 100 Year Partial Disclosure Timeline — Analysis | Disproving Partial Disclosure, Insider Testimony, and Steering Collective Consciousness Toward the Full Disclosure Timeline, which details some examples of partial disclosure.

>>>Begin Excerpt<<<

Under this limited disclosure agenda, only some of the truth will be revealed to the public and even that will take 100 years. According to Goode and his contacts in the SSP Alliance, the Cabal-run groups, and their allies, have brokered an agreement with certain Earth-based alliances to begin this partial disclosure effort. Apparently, this agreement was made in late 2015 and bolstered in 2016, but this plan was most likely developed much earlier.

In a report issued in June of 2015, Goode stated that he attended a Super-Federation Council meeting wherein the first public allusion of a limited disclosure plan was mentioned:

The person at the podium then asked that there be no more Alliance Disclosures through myself or the people I am talking to including David Wilcock until after an agreed-upon date in late November of 2015. They said that a well-known public servant would be sacrificed in the operation to implement their plan for an incremental disclosure. (Source)

Whether or not the “well-known public servant” was sacrificed remains unclear. On the other hand, partial disclosure efforts have continued to pour out into the public domain. These take on the form of entertainment media, such as films, television shows, and video games, as well as innuendo from science-related propaganda outlets like NASA.


For example, the initial discovery of exoplanets several years ago was a complete paradigm shift in the way science deals with the search for extraterrestrial life. Prior to this development, it was widely accepted in academia that humanity would most likely never find extraterrestrials—at least not anytime soon. Anyone searching for ETs with seriousness was quietly ridiculed and maligned—but not anymore. This is in part due to the discoveries of the Kepler Mission focusing on the search for habitable exoplanets.

Revised Drake Equation

To exemplify this shift, consider that the Drake Equation was “updated” recently.

This mathematical model from the mid-20th century was a boon for those unwilling to acknowledge the possibility of life evolving elsewhere in the cosmos. In its original form, the equation asserted that it was a statistical certainty that life doesn’t exist in the cosmos. But for those in the know, clearly, this isn’t true. Earlier this year, a team of scientists proposed changes that completely shifted how we look at the universe.

Adam Frank is a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester who helped co-author a paper proposing changes to the Drake Equation, which incorporate Kepler’s exoplanet observations. The team revised the framework of several factors so that instead of asking how likely is it that ET civilizations exist, it instead asks how likely is it that our civilization is the only one to have existed. (Source)

The new form of the Drake Equation suggests that it is now a mathematical certainty that ancient ET cultures evolved and then went extinct many times over. Isn’t it interesting what changing some of the factors can do to shift the results? This new conclusion is almost a 180º shift from the previous view. Take a moment to appreciate that within 10 years time, humanity went from “we are totally alone in the universe” to “extinct ancient ET cultures probably existed everywhere.”

And it just so happens that in the partial disclosure plan put forth by the Cabal, a central part is the admission of ancient ruins from ET cultures being found throughout the solar system and beyond. This item of information was supplied by Goode and Wilcock during their weekly online series Cosmic Disclosure

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To be clear, Goode and other insiders have confirmed that true ancient ruins have been found all throughout the solar system and local star cluster. However, there are also countless extraterrestrial civilizations that have made contact with humanity in the relatively short time the SSP has been active, within the past 100 years. Goode states that there are 40 to 60 extraterrestrial groups with longstanding outposts within the solar system that have maintained a Super Federation alliance to ensure their agendas come to fruition. This federation has been actively conducting 22 genetic, social, and spiritual experiments on Earth for thousands of years.

The point being is that the partial disclosure narrative only reveals extinct ancient ET cultures and makes no mention of contemporaneous non-terrestrial activities—a half-truth with the power to espouse many false impressions in the minds of the unaware masses.

Ceres Bright Spot

The Ceres bright spot is another point of soft disclosure laying the foundations for a limited disclosure event, as presented by David Wilcock. The planetoid captivated extraterrestrial enthusiasts when, in 2015, the Dawn spacecraft captured images of incredibly bright objects in one of the craters on the desolate surface.

Image Source. Ceres Bright Spot.
Image Source. Ceres Bright Spot seen as it moves from the sun-facing side. Here the luminosity doesn’t appear to be reduced as one would expect if it was reflecting sunlight off a surface, leading some to conclude these lights are artificial in nature.

Although mainstream science tells us these bright spots are nothing but reflective ice fields, certain analysts have suggested that the luminosity is too great to be a natural reflection.

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The discovery of thousands of exoplanets, the revising of the Drake Equation, and the Ceres bright spot are each playing a part in preparing humanity for disclosure.

And while these items will certainly be a part of a disclosure event, without the whole truth, it may not be the full disclosure experience many have been waiting for. These points alone provide a basis for the Cabal-run media to push the limited disclosure plan, and as was mentioned earlier, it involves the divulgence of ancient ruins left by ET races. Another element involves a narrative in which human beings were created from an ancient race of ET giants known in the SSP as the progenitors or the Ancient Builder race.

To be clear, these elements are a part of the story, but not the whole truth. As such, gaining an understanding of what the whole picture looks like is essential to discerning the limited disclosure effort from the complete or full one.

>>>End of Excerpt<<<

Analysis of Evidence Provided to Substantiate Claims about Goode and Tompkins

Both Goode and Tompkins are whistleblowers and given that Dr. Greer’s assertions are largely based on whistleblower testimony, the magnitude of veracity provided by Dr. Greer as compared to Goode and Tompkins is functionally equivalent. In other words, it is one man’s word against another, and thus, no objective dismissal of claims can be effected.

Here is an excerpt of Dr. Michael Salla’s article discussing Dr. Greer’s presentation, citing a response he gave to a question about Goode and Tompkins’ testimony.

What am I skeptical of about things that have come our recently from Bill Tompkins and others [Goode]? A lot! Here’s the issue for me. You’ve got to have multiple points of corroboration, and the bigger the tale the more the proof you got to have. Now what I would say is it that I believe that these men are sharing what they believe to be true. I also know how easy it would be to provide information that is scripted about that, and that is seductive and interesting. (Source)

Dr. Greer’s assertion and subsequent dismissal is nebulous at best. He seems to conclude that because his perspective is coherently logical within the data set he draws upon that this—in and of itself—is enough to dismiss the testimony of Goode and Tompkins. But a logical argument, in order to have substantial bearing, must be supported by objective evidence or observation.

One who rests their conclusions on logical arguments alone succumbs to what could be called rationalization bias, a form of confirmation bias, wherein one assumes because they have devised a rationale to explain away a theory, premise or idea that this is all that is required to disprove something or a phenomenon. This explanation bias is a fallacious set of logic that many armchair intellectuals and skeptics suffer from, supposing that because an explanation can be devised that it must be the truth. But such modes of thought—if not substantiated by investigation—is a form of ignorance rationalization, and overzealous intellectualism.

Dr. Greer has no tangible reason to dismiss Goode’s claims and believe the claims of another, based on substantiated proof of what is presented during his talk. For example, Dr. Greer has—to this writer’s knowledge—never been provided with hard proof or evidence that says the MICdoesn’t have spacecraft operating in space, such as scans of space. He even admits that he cannot prove a negative at the 15:20 mark of the video excerpt discussing Corey Goode.

Thus, his choice to believe one person over another is largely subjective. He said during his presentation that it is largely his fear that such testimony could be used to advance the cosmic false flag agenda, and that on this basis he is very leery to entertain their testimony—which is an ideological rationale, not one based on objective analysis or proof.

But, as was presented above, there is a great deal of evidence already in the public record to suggest that ARVs and antigravity technology exists, that EM mind-control weapons have been developed, and that false whistleblowers can and have been used to befuddle the public. Further, the shadow government or MIC has a long history of using Deceptive I & Ws or false flags to further their hidden agenda. But none of these points of evidence provides a basis to substantiate that Goode and Tompkins are pushing disinformation.

Yet, Dr. Greer’s concerns that the MIC and shadow government can take advantage of the public’s lack of discernment is a valid. And all the other work he has done to reveal the truth to the people should be commended.

Credibility, Discernment, and Corroboration

Possibly Dr. Greer might believe his whistleblowers are more credible than some others in the field.


Credibility is a term referring to a person’s likelihood of speaking the truth, based on various indirect sources of appraisal. For example, if a whistleblower comes forward who claims to have worked for a secret government project and offers a document that substantiates their testimony, this person would have more credibility than one who does not have such evidence.

Corey Goode has no such documentation, whereas William Tompkins does, and thus from a credibility standpoint, Tompkins is said to be more credible than Goode—using the strictest definition of the word. But with respect to the general usage of the term credibility—a reference to if someone can be trusted to tell the truth—there is no appreciable difference between Goode and Tompkins. This sense of credibility is an indirect, hazy, and nebulous way of assessing veracity—how true something is. In other words, credibility is like wondering around in the dark, whereas an assessment of objective evidence specifically addressing claims is like a spotlight cast into that same darkness. The quality of discernment gained by analsys of direct evidence is far superior to a credibility measure alone.

As an example, false whistleblowers can come forward with documentation saying they worked for this or that government project and then proceed to offer false testimony. In this case, the credibility assessment provided by documentation is nullified by the fact they didn’t actually speak the truth—even though they provided a valid document that they worked for a secret program. Direct evidence is always superior to credibility from an empirical standpoint, which is essential to keep in mind.

In other words, while credibility can be used as an imprecise or hazy measure of if someone is telling the truth—a kind of first step—it cannot definitively measure or determine if a person’s testimony is true or not. Consider that a known liar can tell the truth sometimes, and in these cases, the truth they do tell is not in the least reduced by their past fallaciousness. Conversely, one who has always told the truth could tell a lie, and their past authenticity would not have any bearing on their false statement.

When there is only verbal testimony available, often credibility is what outsiders (researchers) rely on to help draw conclusions or vett testimony. And this raises a point that is beyond the scope of what Dr. Greer presented in his talk, something all those seeking the truth would do well to contemplate.


From an empirical point of view, no concrete conclusions can be drawn to deny or acceptwithout a reasonable doubt any claim, unless objective evidence exists to do so. In the absence of objective or direct evidence, all one can do is make conclusions on assumptions that something might be true, given a set of parameters. And while this is less reassuring in that one doesn’t have a definitive answer, it is a more honest and open minded approach.

In practice, researchers can assess everyone’s claims and in doing so gain a perspective and consciousness expansion that comes from that process. As long as rigid conclusions are not formed, the researcher can explore all possibilities equally and thus gain tremendous personal insight into each perspective.

Using an example, if a weather forecaster says that there is a 50% chance of heavy rain, it would be more prudent to consider that it could rain or not, and develop a plan of action that accommodates both possibilities, preparing for rain, even though one might prefer none. Thus, to close one’s mind to a possibility, based purely on a personal or subjective preference, greatly limits that individual in facing reality when it actually emerges or collapses from the field of probabilities. The person who hates the rain, and chooses to ignore the weather forecast, may find themselves in the rain anyway, except they will be ill prepared for the experience. Discernment for all people is operationally the same and the fallacy to avoid is to let one’s personal preferences blind them from seeing reality as a whole.

Discernment is defined as the practice of judging well and can be further refined as an honest appraisal of objective reality (observations) that could support a subjective conclusion (theory). But just because there is a probability that one theory may be more true than another, doesn’t mean one can completely ignore other possibilities.

The end result of discernment is often not a definitive yes or no answer it is a possible answerthat has a probability of being true measured by objective data to support it. In this sense, discernment is the science of exploring uncertainty—entertaining each possibility by assessing how likely it is of being true. And discerning well is the ability to properly assess all possibilities that arise out of uncertainty. And given that no one is omniscient, everyone, including Dr. Greer, would do well not to discount any potential truth, purely based on ideological biases, gut feelings, or personal desires.


Finally, corroberation of whistleblower testimony is often the most heavily relied upon method of vetting or validating claims, a kind of “democratic approach” where majority rules. And while this can provide a guess as to if testimony is valid, it’s not fool proof. It is vulnerable to contamination from false whistleblowers and it relies on the assumption that what has already been determined to be authentic can be used as a baseline to judge new insider information. This means whistleblowers with testimony that diverges greatly from the established narrative could, and often are, labeled as false.

The MIC operatives, who according to Goode, know nothing about outer space operations in Solar Warden, the ICC, and GGLN, will assume any testimony coming from those areas is false because it is so different from what they are familiar with. Similarly, society in general succumbs to a similar type of corroberation bias in that people only generally believe something to be true if it fits within “accepted” forms of truth (e.g. the hallmark of most armchair skeptics is that if it isn’t peer-reviewed it isn’t real). This ensures emergent information will be dismissed out of hand and labeled as false, usually never earning an honest investigation.

As an example consider a group of people watching an illusion of a magic trick, like a woman being cut in half on stage. Most of the audience will believe they are seeing a real example of dismemberment, and thus a majority of people agree that what they observed is true. However, the magician has information the audience does not, but due to his minority position, he will be dismissed as it doesn’t agree with the majority viewpoint.

But the truth is not democractic, it simply is. It doesn’t matter how many people believe something, it doesn’t change the truth in the slightest. Only coherence with truth determines veracity, which requires objective means of assessment.

Similarly, if researchers only use corrobration and credibility as a means of vetting whistleblowers, and do not keep an open mind and assess claims objectively, they will dismiss genuine testimony as false. In doing so, researchers might paint anything genuine whistleblowers have brought forward with a brush of falseness, preventing them from gaining access to the greater truth.

Quite possibly Dr. Greer has made the error of what can be called corrobration bias, and thus the data that Goode, Tompkins, and others provide is assumed to be false because it doesn’t fit the established narrative.

Conclusions about Goode and Tompkins

With respect to Dr. Greer’s assertion that Tompkins and Goode are not telling the truth, it ispossible (based on the EM mind-control data) that they could be victims of electromagnetic mind control, or they could be outright fraudsters. Yet there is just as much indirect evidence available to say they are genuine. But more to the point, there is no evidence to definitively suggest their testimony is false. Goode admits he has had EM mind-control technology used on him but that does not unequivocally support the claim that his testimony is fabricated. Especially since, like Dr. Greer, he claims to be able to know the difference between scripted and real experiences.

Given that Dr. Greer has no personal accounts to offer, other than a lucid dream that even he implies might be fabricated, Goode and Tompkins’ claims—insofar as being first hand accounts—are superior to Dr. Greer’s claims, as Dr. Greer is only an analyst in this respect.

In the following excerpt, beginning at the 7:00 mark, Dr. Greer says people should question everything, including his lucid dream experience.

Further, the objective data to prove Dr. Greer’s claims about Goode and Tompkins has not been provided, if it exists at all. These are unproven claims on Dr. Greer’s part—but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily untrue. They are one possibility to explore, but not the only one.

Finally, Dr. Greer’s assertions are, as he admits, based more on the fear that Goode and Tompkins’ testimony could be used to further the cosmic false flag agenda. Therefore his assertions are more so operating out of an ideological belief than one founded on objective analysis. He states as much in the following excerpt at the 26:50 mark when he says, he would rather stop the work of disclosure than let it become used to push an agenda he does not agree with—specifically the cosmic false flag agenda.

Dr. Greer’s intention is a noble one, but there are two things implied by his statement. First, he assumes that data pertaining to the reality of negative extraterrestrials as only one possible application, which is that it will be used as a pretext for interstellar war—this is an assumption on his part, not an empirically proven fact. Knowledged of negative ETs could just as easily be used to help unite the people in an age of global peace once humanity realizes it has been living in a free-range slavery society for all of modern history.
Secondly (and this is more of a reflection of his bias and lack of objectivity), he is saying he would rather stop sharing the truth—as he knows it—then let information be used in a way he doesn’t agree with. There appears to be more ethical questions raised from that position than one in which the whole truth is revealed and as a collective, the people are empowered to navigate such truths in full disclosure. In short, Dr. Greer’s statement implies that he would rather go against full disclosure out of fear, which is a contradiction to the full disclosure imparative and ideal.

Final Statements

The substance of Dr. Greer’s presentation is largely in agreement with Goode and Tompkin’s testimony when looking at the historical overview of factual data related to SSP history. And what Goode said about the new plan to use the holographic technology and partial disclosure is actually completely substantiated by Dr. Greer’s presentation.

Furthermore, it appears that most of the data and perspectives offered by Dr. Greer paint a picture that could actually be part of the partial disclosure agenda. His insiders may in fact be using Dr. Greer to promulgate the partial disclosure agenda—and there’s more indirect evidence to support this theory than there is to substantiate Dr. Greer’s claims that there are no negative ETs or nefarious SSPs.

But as outsiders seeking to make sense of the morass of insiders, whistleblowers, and theories, it would be far more productive to work together than to become zealots of one public figure or another.

At the end of the day, no one seems to have access to the whole truth. And the overarching message Dr. Greer provides is in almost total agreement with Goode—to set aside violence, bigotry, and fanaticism once and for all to unite as a people. In this regard, whether or not it is apparent to Dr. Greer, they are working together towards the same goal of freedom for humanity and releasing the full truth.

It’s time to set aside our differences, stop fighting each other over beliefs that ultimately we are all uncertain of, and step arm in arm towards a brighter future for all. Arguably, Dr. Greer’s work has greatly advanced the progress of full disclosure and the age of prosperity that it has the potential to bring. We as a people have the power to continue this work even and there seems to be no valid reason to suppose we can’t do so.

Here is the complete excerpt compilation of the cosmic false flag presentation.

– Justin

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About The Author

Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshowFacebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.

Let us Gather to be the Change and Stand up to the Bullies of Freedom | No Matter Who Wins the Election, The People Who Are Not Elected Will Stay in Control

Source: Stillness In The Storm

Let us Gather to be the Change and Stand up to the Bullies of Freedom | No Matter Who Wins the Election, The People Who Are Not Elected Will Stay in Control

 (Stillness in the Storm Editor) Reading through the points raised in the below article, which asserts that no matter who wins the election the status quo and the state will stay in power, a feeling of disillusionment and powerlessness can take hold. But I think this is a healthy reaction because that part of us that has fallen for the illusion of limited liability is dying. By this I mean, we’ve been lulled into thinking we have no power, that we are victims of the state, corporations, our jobs, the economy, the wealthy, ad infinitum.

This is true when we don’t understand our real power. But the greater truth is that without our participation, none of the state’s machinations are possible. Each of us is so potent that enormous amounts of time and energy are expended to ensure we never reclaim our inner strength and mastery, for if we did, we would be immune to the control system and would work tirelessly to show others they are just as strong.


In The Matrix films, the character Morpheus described humanity as being reduced to power cells or batteries for the AI mainframe that took over long ago. 

The obvious meaning to glean from this scene is that humanity is a literal power source, but a more subtle suggestion is that we fuel the matrix and the system of control itself. Without our participation, without our energy and consent, the system collapses. This point cannot be overstated. 

Transcending Victim Consciousness 

We live in a world where the mind/soul sickness of victim consciousness has created a near total feeling of disempowerment. Most of us feel completely helpless against the oppressive nature of society and a civilization that stamps out freedom under many guises. But imagine if we simply stopped participating in this system. What if we—the powerhouse of the matrix of control—stopped paying our taxes, stopped going to work, stopped buying goods from nefarious corporations? What if we just stopped feeding energy into anything that serves tyranny and enslavement, and only supply our energy into truth, freedom, and justice, for all?

I know it sounds like a wildly idealistic vision. Some of us will respond by saying: “But how will I live? How will we get the things we need? Won’t this reduce our quality of life?” 

And in short, the answer is yes this will cause major disruptions to the way we live at the moment. But also consider that this quality of life is essentially a bribe, a form of reward for selling our souls into the systems of corruption that cause pandemic environmental destruction, feeds the engines of war, and brings about untold suffering for ourselves and our loved ones. Are we really so numb and blind that we are happy to fatten ourselves off the hardship of others?

The hard-to-face question upon realizing these truths becomes, is our complacency and comfort in a hellish state worth it? Are we so satisfied with the way life is that we aren’t willing to let go of it all to reach for something better? Are we going to let our fear of the unknown prevent us from making sacrifices for the future and our children?

The Bullies of the World are Cowards and Need to be Faced

The issue of humanity’s disempowerment that leads to the enslavement of all goes far beyond the borders of the United States. The powers that should not be can be likened to a rabble of bullies who use fear and intimidation to coerce others into submission—becoming agents of the matrix in the process. And the only way to make a bully realize they no longer have power is not to submit—fighting for our freedom even if it means getting a bloody nose in the process. 

We can’t let our fear or our desire for comforts in life hold us back from reaching for real freedom to live in a world where we don’t have to settle for evil. We need to be willing to stand tall in our sense of righteousness and un-consent from slavery as much as possible—even if it means loss of comfort and retaliation from the world-bullies that are the powers that be. 

If we can do this, it will show us, firstly, that we are much stronger than we’ve been led to believe, and secondly, that the criminals acting in the shadows no longer have control over us. They might take away our internet, our food, our water, everything we hold dear, but we will be free, and most importantly, we will no longer feed the engines of tyranny. 

Yes, there might be hardship as we detoxify ourselves from the state’s addictive peddlings, but once we pass through this healing phase, we will be so much stronger for it. And future generations will thank us for making this hard choice for the betterment of all. 

It is this ultimate choice each of us faces in a world where oppression, slavery, and victimization are commonplace. It is a realization even the most awakened person tends to shy away from, for it places a huge responsibility on their shoulders. But we need not face this challenge alone, and it arguably won’t work unless more than a handful is willing to step across the line of disempowerment. 

Let’s Band Together

The powers that be know that even if a few of us make this choice, the vast majority will watch from the sidelines as those brave few are burned at the proverbial stake for heresy against the culture of complacency. The house slaves who have sold their souls to the illusory masters of humanity, the cowards of indifference who have made themselves fat off the suffering of their fellows will spit and curse those who try to burn the house of enslavement down. But someone has to make that first step, someone has to be willing to let it all go to be the change they wish to see in the world—that’s what being a freedom fighter is all about.

Even though this time in history is arguably the prophesied apocalypse, perhaps humanity isn’t ready for real freedom. Perhaps those who are alive today just don’t have the courage to face the simple truth that we must stop feeding the system our energy if we say we really want change. But those of us who are ready to make this step, should seek each other out and start forming an organized, honorable, and dedicated group of like-minded people who are willing to make these steps forward. And hope that in doing so, we lend courage to those who are on the fence, those who need to know if they cross the line of indifference, they won’t be the only ones on the other side. 

Imagine a Better World

Imagine a day when people wake up, stop feeding the system with their energy, and the parasitic elite is starved out. The first week or so might be hard. The media will fan the flames of fear, but those who have gained freedom within will stand tall in their resolve. Eventually, the whole system of enslavement will collapse. From its ashes, a new system will be born, and a generation of truly free people, who are capable of critical thinking and altruism, will take hold. A world where all are vigilant against the temptations of tyranny, where love, prosperity, and unimaginable cooperation make the past 10,000 years of so-called progress seem like the dark ages in comparison. This is the vision of a better world we can use to motivate us towards collective action. 

For myself, I can’t honestly say I am ready to give it all up, becoming an island of freedom in a sea of tyranny, but I have thought long and hard about why the status quo persists and what needs to happen to change it. If you too have had enough and are ready to gather for change, then know you aren’t the only one. 

While we need not make this step tomorrow, we can at least start the conversation and begin to draw support from our fellow freedom fighters. Each person who raises their hand when the call is put out will make it that much easier for those around them to do the same. As the saying goes, “united we stand, divided we fall.” 

So let us gather to make a difference. Let us stand up and look around for our brothers and sisters who realize that enough is enough because we are the ones who understand the simple truth that we are capable of effecting great change. If only we dare to look in the mirror and say the words, “I am stronger than the bullies of this world, and I am ready to be the change!” In doing so, the illusory power players, our would-be masters, will be revealed as the cowards they really are, as the sickness of disempowerment is finally cured through sacrificing our identity of victimization. 

Let’s unplug from the matrix, stand together, and face the bullies of our world. 

by Jack Burns, November 8th 2016

It’s Election Day and the sky isn’t falling. Your money still has some value for the moment, and the zombie apocalypse has not yet begun. But looking back over the last 18 months or so, you might be tempted to think that insanity had taken over the minds of the American people. Rest assured, no matter who wins the presidency, not much is going to change. That’s because those with real power and influence in the United States are still pulling the strings and calling the shots, not only in government, but in the free market, in banking, in natural resources, and in the war machine.

After today, the once two-party system (only for the election of course) will go back to being the establishment. As former congressman Ron Paul once said, “The Nancy Pelosis of the world and the John Boehners of the world were much more buddies than anybody realized. The parties mean very little.” If you don’t believe that, try finding as much of a whimper coming from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as he bent over backwards, burning the midnight oil to pass the omnibus spending package championed by Barack H. Obama. Yes. Deficit spending will continue, the Congress will continue to spend more than it takes in, borrowing money from foreign governments to do so, and applying the burden of repayment to the American taxpayer; you!

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Those of us, who’ve been in journalism for any length of time, will continue to believe Donald Trump was a Clinton plant to ensure she would win. And he played the part well. Speaking without preparing, making fun of women, disparaging minorities, mocking the handicapped, and playing up to fundamental issues (patriotism, xenophobia, capitalism), all won over the Republican base.

Good luck finding evangelical Christians who truly believed he was the “strong Christian” he told Chris Cuomo he was! He fumbled that one when he mispronounced one of the books of the Bible, calling it “2 Corinthians” instead of of “2nd Corinthians”, while speaking at Liberty University. After the election is over, he’ll simply go back to being a Clinton friend, and will probably invite the Clinton clan to come to his next wedding.

If he somehow wins, in what he himself has called a “rigged” election, he’s already said he was going to appoint a Goldman Sachs and George Soros ally as Secretary of the Treasury. As we reported, “Steve Mnuchin came on board Trump’s campaign as finance chair in May, raising eyebrows of many who felt his 17-year history with Sachs — and affiliation with liberal globalist George Soros as an Investment Professional of Soros Fund Management — conflicted directly with the then-presumptive nominee’s conservative stance and criticisms of establishment politicians.” Even Ron Paul knows what a Trump presidency will look like. Paul said he’d be the “champion of the executive order.”

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For her part, Clinton’s attempt to take the high road and not stoop to Trump’s level of vicious attacks, was interrupted by Project Veritas’ and Wikileaks’ expose’ of the DNC’s goings on behind the scenes, as well as the pseudo-investigation of the FBI into her private and illegal email server. We finally learned her party was responsible for the paid protesters who assaulted Trump’s true believers at campaign rallies.

Thanks to Julian Assange, we know Bernie Sanders, who was really not supposed to be a serious option for Democrats, never had a chance against Clinton in the primaries, even though he was much more popular than Clinton with younger Dems. That’s because the DNC, his adopted political party (remember he was a self-proclaimed Independent), was working against him, slandering him with the help of the mainstream media, and some have said, rigging the results of the primaries in Clinton’s favor.

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No, the farce of an election, possibly the ugliest in United States history, has done very little to comfort the American people with the notion they’re in good hands. But rest assured. After today, nothing is really going to happen, except the real power brokers in the nation, the oligarchy, will continue to wrestle away the freedoms Americans hold so dear. The first amendment, the second amendment, they’re gone if Clinton wins.

Some of us are old enough to remember she was the one who brought political correctness to our American society. Do you remember the “F__k you!” t-shirts of the 80’s? Those disappeared as they’re supposedly too offensive to wear in public. Hell, wearing the American flag t-shirts can get your ass stomped in some California cities. Clinton has also promised to take a close look at Australia’s gun ban. Translation: we’re coming for your guns. But that’s really nothing new.

In order to prop up the oligarchy, the guns have to go. And we won’t even touch on who she’ll appoint to the Supreme Court. No, the only hope conservative Americans have, if Clinton wins, is that gridlock continues. Let’s face it. Obama has had a tough time getting Antonin Scalia’s seat filled hasn’t he? That’s what you’ll see more of if the former secretary of state wins. Conservatives everywhere will be thanking God for gridlock.

For liberals, the prospect of a Trump presidency is shuddering. They’ll probably stay up at night in fear that he’ll press the button and start a nuclear war. But it’s more likely he’ll be doing what Clinton did as secretary of state, get richer by implementing policies which will benefit his crony brotherhood of casino and hotel owners. The Trump family will amass an even more incredible amount of wealth as they take advantage of insider deals having access to government affords. And if Democrats win one of the two branches of Congress, by winning a majority of the seats, gridlock in a Trump presidency will be another impediment to “making America great again.” Again, for liberals facing a Trump presidency, gridlock will be heaven sent.

As The Free Thought Project has emphasized, both parties will continue to spy on you. The Patriot Act (we know thanks to Edward Snowden) was put in place under the Bush administration and was found to be spying on ALL Americans. Both parties start illegal wars. A bipartisan Congress voted to attack the sovereign nation of Iraq, although the 9/11 hijackers were all Saudi Arabian.

Both parties are owned by banks. Remember the speaking fees Clinton received when she spoke at Goldman Sachs? Clinton was paid 21 million over the course of two years just to give a speech. How many of you would have paid her one dollar to speak on any subject? Yet big banks gave her millions to hear her supposed wise words.

Both parties will continue the drug war. That’s because pharmaceutical companies’ profit margins are threatened by plants like marijuana and kratom, and their lobby will see to it that the government will go after the now burgeoning marijuana industry.

Both parties are slaves to corporations and special interest groups. Remember Halliburton? The gulf wars were all about the oil right?

Both parties will continue to support the police state. You can expect to see the federalization of police departments all across the U.S. They’ll continue to use homicides like Freddy Gray’s to take over and “retrain” the police. Translation: the police will be federalized.

The rich will get richer. The poor will get poorer. Taxes will continue to rise. Home ownership will be further out of reach. Forget tiny houses, the only houses some will be able to afford, just like cars, will be leased homes, probably owned by the federal government. Wages will continue to trend lower, even if the minimum wage is raised to $15 per hour.

Remember when a family of five making 30,000 a year was considered middle class? That’s now the official poverty level. The educational system will remain a bastion which produces non-free-thinkers, who never question why they’re never taught to balance a checkbook, live off-the-grid, and oppose taxes. No. Nothing is going to change after today.

Until Americans wake up to the fact that their beloved republic is nothing more than a distraction that provides an ostensible sense of democracy — nothing is going to change. Until Americans stop believing that clicking buttons in a voting booth is more powerful than billionaires showering Congress with cash — nothing is going to change. Until Americans realize they are the host to one of the most dangerous and deadly parasites in the history of humankind — we can expect more of the same — no matter which shiny puppet pretends to have your interests in mind as they shout from their pulpits surrounded by teleprompters.

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