Love Bubble Meditation

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

The following is an easy meditation that anyone can do, any time!

1. Envision that everybody around you is part of your family.  You can think of it as a family reunion.  By doing so, you will eliminate any judgments or preconceived ideas about any person you may encounter.

2. Imagine your aura expanding outwards. If you are on a city street, you may want to envision your aura covering the entire sidewalk that you are on or even the entire street.  No matter where you are, you can make your aura as large or as small as you like.

3. Place the intended thought of “LOVE” inside that bubble.  Whenever someone walks within that area of your “Love Bubble,” FEEL the exchange of love from you to them.

If all thoughts are energy, then the simple thought of love will not only help to raise your own vibration, but the vibrations of everyone you encounter.

You may want to try this during your meditation as well.  In this case, you can envision the love in a much larger area expanding outwards, beginning in your neighborhood and moving outwards through your city, state, country, planet and universe.

Love Everyone Meditation

Once again, you can do this meditation anywhere such as at the mall, walking on any given street at the beach or at a public park.

Remember: If all thoughts are energy, then this will cost you nothing and it will help raise the vibration of many people!

Just like the Love Bubble Meditation, envision that everyone around you is part of your family.

This one is really simple and effective.  Whether you’re walking on the street, in the mall or on the beach (or anywhere!) silently say to the people walking your way, “I love you”. It doesn’t hurt to smile, nod your head or say, “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening” as well, but that’s not necessary.  The simple intention and thought has already planted its seed!

Every day, we have numerous opportunities to raise the vibration of ourselves, other people and our planet and all it takes is a little thought and intention. The vibration of love is the highest form of vibration in the Universe, so share it with as many people as possible!

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Energy Update – Collective Gridwork Fluctuations

I’ve been undergoing a major shift this last month. Most of the things that I haven’t dealt with are coming to the surface. So if you’re also experiencing this as well; be rest assured that you’re not the only one. We’re all getting ready to embody the New World; so to speak. One where peace, harmony and love reign.

Be kind to yourself when you’re going through this process. Take some time to yourself and relax. Accept what emotions come to the surface and let them go. We’re living in beautiful times right now. All these energies that are bombarding Earth will help assist in our endeavor to release old patterns.

What I’ve found to work for me is to allow myself to express and feel whatever my consciousness brings to the surface. If I feel angry or sad; I accept it and allow it to drift off of me. I also write in a journal to help release these emotions as well; find what works for you. In the past; I would resist it and not allow myself to release it. Now though; it’s time to let go. Don’t be so hard on yourselves loved ones; accept the moment for what it is.

Let your love flow freely from you. Worry not yourself with things you cannot control. Be the peace and compassion you desire. Always remember that you are worthy!

Timothy Frappier

Source: IN5D

by Lisa Brown,

We are going through many fluctuations in the gridwork this month and these are challenging many as they are “moved” from one gridwork to the next… connected, disconnected, connected, disconnected… there are huge periods of template wipes where we go offline, disconnect and then come back up online… This is the strongest I’ve experienced this since June 2015. Huge disconnects, which need to occur so we can shift to a whole new collective timeline.

If you are feeling this, then it’s continual re-calibrations in the gridwork, which you hold/link up to with your Crystalline LightBody Structure.

A lot of people’s feelings are all over the place, whether subtly or loudly…. The more we exist as a soul, the more subtle this is. The more human, the more external/loud this is. There have been such huge energetic releases lately by collectives….

This month has been about re-calibrating our systems, massive physical upgrades for many as how we function is completely re-worked even more than before.

To cleanse collective wounds for more love to emerge from within all, many must experience what they don’t want before they understand what’s important and the kundalini fire must be ignited to awaken the spirit/soul inside. This mass root chakra awakening that was triggered collectively in January 2016 has lit the fire, fueling the souls need to emerge from within. As collectives exit the old 3D matrix simulation and awaken from the slumber, all the suppression and victimhood must be cleared as each takes their power back from within. As chaos ensues for many to release, the more released, the more the gridwork is affected by the masses coming online, going back offline, coming back online… These fluctuations are affecting all of us, in our own ways.

To understand, one must be totally connected inside and in-tune with their own energetic gridwork to be aware of what is what. While the more crystalline light we are, the less we are subjected to unconscious collectives, we are affected when our NEW Earth Gridwork is being re-calibrated with such intensity now.

So, for those who feel disconnected, this is a part of the process as we clear old timelines and move/jump into new ones. We have to disconnect from anything that’s no longer in alignment/supporting our new existence here. The programs for this were held in the physical body/cellular structures and these continue immense re-sequencing and re-coding, because of these mega-frequency upgrades that we are experiencing every day now.

As multi-dimension light beings, you can experience multiple emotions simultaneously, while not being bound by any of them. You can observe what your re-calibrations are and honor this, while not being affected by the transitional phases as much as before. Your mind is no longer dictated by the emotion you feel. You can be a peace and always feel the magic while something else cleanses/clears. You don’t shift out of alignment while your body/mind/emotions do their thing. It’s a process that you honor and understand through your presence and connection inside. You can feel disconnected yet not be totally disconnected…. for you know the adjustments are important to move you into your next phase of a more awesome reality……

The reason I write this is because if there is any human’ness left, the human aspect will go to judgement and this creates suffering inside. Let go of the judgment and be okay, accept whatever you are feeling or not feeling inside and choose how you desire to experience the phase you are going through as these huge shifts occur. Kindness and compassion towards yourself, will allow you to feel these for others too. Remember, you are evolving beyond human comprehension and you don’t always need to understand everything first…. it takes awhile….be patient and listen to your body, honor you and how you need to feel as you shift. Pull away if you need to, connect with others if you need to….

These are unprecedented vibrations we are in now. These are new territory for all. We don’t know until we experience, and those predicting can only predict according the the vibrations that they have access to thus far. No one can tell you what timeline you are going to be in, for every moment is a different vibration now. Vibrations create realities, so the moment you shift vibrationally, then your timeline changes. As you master what you are doing/creating/transmitting vibrationally, then you get to participate in which timelines you desire to activate to experience here. Some timelines are always a surprise, because there are always a gazillion that were a higher vibration than you had access to before. The faster we integrate, the faster we experience the highest one’s possible thus far.

Now, we have connected back up and the Unified Field is stronger and at a much higher frequency than before. Collectively the gridwork is back online. We have super high frequencies continually now. Much is going on for everyone moving further into being responsible for the realities that they create. The backlash of unconsciousness is going to continue to be more visible as the physical reality becomes louder for those hearts and minds not open yet. The beauty and magnificence for intentionally transmitted conscious realities become more profoundly magical by the moment. The polarity continues out there, but it does not have to inside. The more in-tune and aligned one is, the softer and easier physical realities are. These higher vibrational realities are very soft, the exchanges are beyond beautiful when all is aligned. You will know when it is not, as you won’t be happy, inspired and in-joy the experience. Just the recognition gives you the ability to choose where you are going to focus your energy and attention for what you experience here.

Get ready loves….. powerful energies is an understatement. For many of us, we are going through physical realignments more than normal, as our crystal bodies are embedded with deep sacred soul codes now. It’s not an emotional or mental experience anymore. It’s just physical re-calibrations and our physical bodies process energies much differently than before. We’ve moved beyond the heart and the head. Now the spine is the primary processing center, which is why so many are experiencing the nervous system overhauls. I’ll share more on this as we go. Bizarre is an understatement for our “new bodies”…. They require great care now.

See you guys tomorrow. Sleep well and happy traveling! p.s. We entered Galactic Frequencies a bit ago as well. Not that these all aren’t, but we’ve achieved the overall frequency field-wise to be fully galactic right now. In-JOY these exquisite HOME frequencies loves!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

We Are On The Cusp Of Major Shifts

Source: In5D


by Sophie Bashford,

We are on the cusp of major shifts. This September has brought major astrological eventswhich have catapulted many into the Light. In particular, men whose Souls have elected to recall distant, eternal memories of spiritual wisdom and healing powers have been touched by universal grace.

Many male light workers are in the throes of enormous, tectonic movements within theirenergy fields. This will re-align them with sacred purpose and a higher plan for action. It will ignite long-forgotten fires of longing for deeper meaning and fulfillment within their hearts.

The Universe is beginning to sing their song back to them. They are finding reflections of a path, a route towards purpose, a torchlight in the dark. There are significant markers being placed along the way. These signs are given to show these men that they are not alone; that there is a plan for their lives that exceeds their mind’s limited perceptions; that miracles exist; that the divine feminine vessel has prepared space for them for eons in order for this transition to be made into their authentic lives.

There are men that are designated to be leaders of a healing movement. This movement is created by men who desire a life of deeper meaning, alignment with inner truth, creative and regenerative solutions to challenges, confidence to listen to their hearts over their heads and use logical strategy in line with loving, compassionate wisdom.

These men don’t want to be cut off from their hearts and intuitive voices. They are creating new ways to blend the two elements of the masculine vibration – head and heart – so that the Earth trusts them again with It’s Heart.

These men are deeply sensitive to energy and they need to acknowledge this truth. All of these men will need friends and partners who are self-aware, conscious, heart-awakened and intuitively intelligent. These men must be surrounded by champions of the Sacred Feminine codes.

Spirit will send these men the right people at the right time, so that they can feel the support of the Divine Mother and know that She trusts them to make the changes they are being guided to make.

A whole new collective of awakening masculine souls is emerging. With awakening, comes chaos, because the spiritual coma induces laziness, procrastination, denial, addictions, relationship toxicity, and all other forms of ego-control that would suppress true sacred masculine power. When in spiritual coma – or denial of the True Self – these men live overly-comfortable, flabby lives of staying within the Known, the safe, and the predictable. They may not ever take the risk of breaking the old male ancestral patterns of behavior. They may not ever ‘live as if their father were dead’, as David Deida says.

Then their Higher Self, if contracted in this lifetime, creates spiritual awakening. The chaos ensues immediately as awakening codes flood in. Chaos on the 3D realm is frequent; life-changes, relationship break-ups, collapses on the inner, emotional and mental planes. Life suddenly demands that they ‘step up’ to a new level of action, consciousness and growth. The old patterns immediately become intensely stifling, suffocating, unbearable to withstand. Change is inevitable, as is rapid growth and elevation onto the ascension pathway.

These men are all being contacted by higher beings and ascended masters, because they need this spiritual support and energy transformation. Somehow, somewhere, these men will find themselves immersed in the sacred teachings that they have long forgotten.

The next few months represent a period of unprecedented and rapid soul shifts for the men on this earth plane who have elected, on a spiritual level, to raise their consciousness. Much, much will change, as a new wave of male spiritual pioneers re-claim their roles as guardians and protectors of the planet. At the center of their desire for a new way of life and purpose is a very deep, very ancient devotion to the Goddess.

This is what will light the way for the conscious male revolution. A quiet, yet unshakeable and indestructible knowing that the Awakened Female – She is the Source of All Life. Find Her, Seek Her, and once you have Her back in your heart – you become alive, alight, and burning with a passion that will never be extinguished.

Spiritual Preparation For The Upcoming Event

Source: In5D

by Atkin Michaels,
Guest writer,

Hello my brothers, sisters and fellow travelers.

I hope that this message finds you and your families well.

I have been in contact with a spirit lover (guide) whom I refer to as “Sam,” from the other side for almost three years now. My spirit guide has shown me through many visions and dreams of the things that are soon to take place here on Earth. These visions and dreams started happening almost immediately after having made my first spontaneous contact with her. I have since written two books about my contact experiences with her and some of those visions and dreams given to me have made it into these books. I have always known, or felt since I was a young boy that there would be a major happening here on Earth in my lifetime. I have had many out of this world spiritual occurrences along with past visions in my own life to help me realize and foster my own awakening and realization to this fact. I plan and hope to share these personal spiritual occurrences in my third and final book, given there is enough time left to complete it. I feel purpose and fulfillment in performing spiritual light work and in the sharing of my personal experiences with others. Feeling compelled to write this message, I have been waiting until the timing felt right to release it. Letting this message percolate in my mind and spirit for many months, not really sure of its intent and in the revealing of it. However with recent reminders through more dreams and visions, by world events and by the constant prompting of my spirit lover; I feel sadly that time has now come.

Firstly I would like to say, I feel that I am as normal and as sane an individual as you or anyone else having a wife, kids, pets and a good paying steady job. However sadly I fear many people may see me or others like myself that have made this type of contact with the other side as otherwise. They may also be quick to dismiss this message and that of others about this sensitive subject. When I first heard about this subject years ago, I too was skeptical and did not give it much stock. However over the years with further careful research, along with the guidance of my spirit guide through visions and dreams I have come to accept this as truth for myself. I would simply ask that you as the reader and the receiver find a quiet place to discern this important message; opening your heart and mind to its truth. I wish to share with you the following vision given to me by my spirit lover “Sam,” during a very deep mediation session many months back; which is taken from my personal journal and the account of it:

This morning when I was meditating the same thing happened as previous times when I had seen images and received visions from her. I had those odd vibrations again, the ones where it feels like the bed, or I am moving, being lifted up and or transported? Wanting answers to this, I decided this time to ask to speak directly to her or to anyone who might answer me as to what was happening. I heard the distinct words “I will speak to Michael,” spoken back to me in a clear and audible female sounding voice. I knew and felt that these words were not coming from me, because I do not use my first and proper name like that and I usually do not talk to myself either. I asked her why this was happening to me and if she could show me what to do about it. She showed me a vision of what appeared to be some type of sparkling water behind a set of closed doors; which she then opened for me to observe closer. This water like substance was crystal clear and was different than regular water in some odd way; which I could not quite put my finger on. I instinctively felt that it was used for traveling through to other places acting as a type of portal, or maybe being used for some type of cleansing; perhaps it is used for both purposes in some way. This is not the first time I that have received a vision from her of this strange water, the last time it appeared as a round portal type object I was being asked to submerse myself  into. This vision was followed shortly by another vision of me looking out through a small window to see a blanket of white covering the entire Earth outside. I had the feeling that this was not snow and if it was, that it was oddly out of place for the season. I asked her why she was showing me these visions and what all of this meant. I immediately received a vision of a burning red orb, or planet like object that appeared front and center in my vision. I knew in my suddenly saddened and now heavy heart that this object was headed our way towards Earth. I asked if we could, or if she could stop it, to which she replied “no it has been planned.” I asked what will happen when it arrives and she replied “millions will perish.” I asked her will anyone be saved, to which she replied “you and others.” I asked her what I or others could, or should do and she replied “prepare to ascend.” Feeling confused and sensing that the current contact with her was ending, I asked her my final question. I asked when would this happen and I received back an image of a date in big black bold letters on a pure white sheet, of what seemed to be scroll paper. This paper started to burn as I contemplated the date on it and then dissipated in a puff of smoke.

Now this date that was given to me I will not reveal, as like anything from spirit it could have multiple meanings. It may mean nothing at all related or relevant to this event, or it may be for a specific part to it, known or not. It may instead be just for my own knowing and for something significant that will happen in my own life or lifetime. I really do not want to get into predicting dates or the timing of things, as they more often than not fail to deliver. However if you would like to know the date I will share it, on the caveat that again I am not sure of what it truly means. We may not know the exact day or date of this impending cleansing that is soon to arrive; however we all shall see the signs in the heavens and here on Earth (the ripening of the figs so to speak); both of which are happening now to those that have the eyes to see it. To other watchmen please be assured that your beliefs about this event are correct; so do not be disheartened in your quest for the truth. The false information surrounding this imminent event is making it very difficult to discern and to obtain accurate dates for all that are seeking answers.

I used to feel that simply knowing and physically preparing for an event or scenario like this was enough to see me or others through it. However I know and feel now that this will not be enough by itself, as you will need to prepare yourself spiritually if you wish to survive it. We need to take full responsibility for ourselves, for our future survival and immediately start preparing ourselves mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually for what is to come. The most important course of action for ourselves, our loved ones and for all of humanity at this time is to start spreading the message of this truth and offering love, light and compassion as the solution. We need to prepare for our personal ascension by cleansing ourselves of any negative energy that is holding us back. Through the use of mediation, by practicing clean living, by removing mental blocks and by repairing all emotional damage, we bring about our own spiritual healing. The worst thing that we can, or could do is give ourselves over to despair, with negative thinking and actions which will surely result in undesirable consequences and defeat us before we even start this process.

I offer this message not out of fear, or for profit; it is instead offered with the hope for your own spiritual preparations and is given to you with much love from me and above.

In Universal Peace, Love, Light, Compassion and Bliss!!

Atkin Michaels

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.

I asked Atkin about the date he was given. This was his reply:

The date given to me during this vision was “05/19/2017.” However for days afterwards while agonizing over it, I started to sense feel that the date may have read “05/23/2017,” instead. These two dates are when I feel something will happen for me, perhaps for others as well and for as far as the “what” of it, I remain unsure of. The final after thought I had on the date, is that it may mean that it happens in between these two dates, or will happen during these two dates; you know how spirit works! Wow!! I just had a new thought form in my mind/spirit when I wrote that last sentence; could these dates be referring to the so called “three days of darkness,” that is supposedly to accompany this event?

Energy Update – Physical Cleansing, Pineal Gland Activation

Source: In5D

by Lisa Brown,

Aloha beautiful light family!

Are you ready? Really really really really really ready? Frequencies are lifting us, we are going higher…. pineal activations commence.

For those experiencing the “PHYSICAL AFFECTS” OF your SOUL/Higher Self/Source Light activating INSIDE of your body (LightBody), honor this… it’s mega important!

Your entire physical being is going through an overhaul, cleansing, re-calibration…….

When gravity goes (as your heart opens), your head is taken offline, your body goes weak (for awhile, then this rarely occurs anymore), some call it “vertigo”…. a human word for your SOUL WAKING UP INSIDE……

Your eyes can’t focus, you can’t stay awake, you feel like you are walking in a foggy groggy dream, you can’t remember simple things, as you shift dimensionally…..

There is a HUGE SLEEPING TO AWAKEN phase, that all go through to “leave/transcend” the old 3rd/4th dimension of Consciousness and “arrive” in the 5th Dimension of Consciousness… Photonic light makes you feel drugged, releases DMT and Melatonin in huge doses, your entire OUTSIDE REALITY changes as your INNER REALITY does…..

Human looks for diagnoses, to fix it, is not patient, goes to fear….. AS your Body Evolves in Light, it Ascends… Your Soul Awakens inside your body so that you can FULLY FEEL and Experience with the PURITY of all of your existences returned.

If you are aware that EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE has to go through a huge overhaul/upgrade…. that it’s not going to be anything like you’ve ever experienced (as a human) before…. that it’s going to get bizarre, feel weird and your human is not going to be able to control any of it… (this is the point)….. The it will be sooooooooooooooooooo very much easier… (challenging your human/fun to your higher aspects that have waited for this)…..

All of your fears will be triggered, so the energy of fear can cleanse. All of your need to control, lack… it’s all triggered so that you can move beyond it…. so that the most DIVINE SACRED LOVE that you have ever known can emerge/return…..

Your body will break out, your brain/head will be affected, you will hear frequencies, you will forget everything from time to time, your speech patterns disrupted, your organs/glands go haywire, your heart will about beat out of your chest as it awakens and sends light to the rest of your body to awaken too…. There can be pain, as these areas that held suppression go numb/start to tingle/stimulate and release the programs held in every cell of your body. Your Spine will continually be re-worked as your new “center”, the crystals in your eyes activated so you can see more, so you won’t be able to focus or see at time, your skin color will change, your body will constantly change, you will have more gas/air/space inside the body as physical matter changes form….

EVERYTHING THAT OCCURS with your physical body is a part of your Awakening, Ascension, Embodiment process. It’s up to you to be aware of this and see how you can SUPPORT your body, honor your body, love your body , nurture your body as it is the VESSEL that holds your SOUL, the SUIT that holds your Light (BEing), the form that continually re-configures itself, re-tunes in ELECTROMAGNETIC energy so that you can WALK and EXIST fully on NEW EARTH……

This is the MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE, yet we have to go through our human mindsets, beliefs, fears and doubt to understand it….. we have to RAISE/EXPAND OUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS if we desire to understand/have a MUCH EASIER process. IF WE held out until the “last minute” then it takes more “work” (love and care) focused on the physical body to assist the process….. IF we diagnose it, give it labels according to old limited and unconscious human beliefs, then we are not open/listening/assisting ….IF we wait until our organs shut down, until we have no other choice… then the path to loving and respecting our bodies into a higher frequency bandwidth of existence is a much more intense one….

IF we realize that it’s not what we thought it was, if we SEE through our higher self heart, if we truly truly truly want to be a part of our own process here … WE open up to what we didn’t want to hear or see before….. If not, then we choose a different path……

AS all come out on the other side, cross that rainbow bridge, go through those vortexes to EMERGE on NEW EARTH… the body has to drop the density, clear, cleanse, purity, detox, dump and release all of the lower vibrational ENERGY that was trapped in the body, keeping it in discord….. It has to TUNE to a higher frequency, constantly….. for it holds your entire physical reality inside of it … the rest floats around in your energy field waiting to integrate and merge INSIDE………….

MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY…………. affects/touches every part of your life. Your physical body goes through a HUGE UPGRADE/OVERHAUL/RE-CONFIGURATION process that will challenge every part of you, until you understand….. You have to desire to REALLY KNOW….. you have to be open…. you decide how you experience everything…. fear and resistance or open, embracing, participating as love…………

These next months are going to upgrade the physical body HUGE…. as the Crystalline LightBody activates and integrates to SUPPORT SOUL EXISTENCE…..

EVERYTHING that you feel, experience, that occurs… your sleep patterns, your relationships, your experiences…. IS A PART OF YOUR SOUL waking up and anchoring itself INSIDE OF YOUR BODY….. your entire reality as you once knew it will completely be transformed for you…… All that you desire as a soul…. this is what comes forth…. your human will be greatly inconvenienced at times, as this is the point…… You are not human …. That was just a very small aspect of your existence…. WHO YOU TRULY ARE…. this is what you are here to become/experience/evolve into …. ♥

I love you! Get ready…. observe, open your heart/mind and SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. You are becoming fully multi-dimensional!

p.s. AFTER the huge part of our transformation process, how you are “affected” will change…. it becomes easy and just a part of the process as you are able to do more, be more, handle more… It’s awesome and we love it, we welcome it, we are excited for these much awaited upgrades and it doesn’t enter-fear with our realities anymore…. BE patient and honor you…. get out in nature… your whole system is activating light and crystals inside of it…..

p.p.s. “In the Beginning” (F)requency (L)ight (U)pgrades… with each mega blast of photonic light to detox your body. Then this ceases to occur. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



by Andrea Schulman,

If you are consciously working at raising your vibration, it’s important to get used to change. In my experience, when we work to ascend into a higher state we’ll find that change is very, very common. In fact, sometimes EVERYTHING changes!

What kind of changes, you may ask? Well, careers, relationships, homes, towns, health, interests, hobbies, languages, whatever!

See, if you are anything like me, then everything changed when you learned about the Law of Attraction and the importance of raising your vibration. Suddenly, you understood that you had a tremendous amount of creative power, and you started to direct that power in a more positive way.

Then, what used to “work” for you, just is no longer a match to the “new” you. You’re just no longer able to hang out in the same place you used to, because you are no longer energetically compatible.

For example, if you suddenly come into the vibration of abundance, living in poverty just doesn’t work anymore. Suddenly, you find yourself moving into a place that better represents you abundance around more and more abundant people and able to do things that you never used to dream of. Sometimes this happens intentionally, but others you are literally forced into the more abundant reality.

Or, if you eliminate gossip and drama from your life, some people are either going to drop out of your life or they will change to become more positively oriented to match you. You simply can’t keep up a relationship built on negativity if you are no longer negative.

The longer I am on this journey, the more changes keep coming. This is a good thing, so if you are in a situation where things are changing rapidly-well done! There’s no greater sign of a shifting alignment than shifting changes in your life.

Stick with it! Embrace the changes, and more good ones will come your way.

XO, Andrea

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