A Crucial Understanding for Fourth Dimensional Being

Welcome to Fourth Density

“Your present is NOT the result of your past.” – Bashar

Our lives have been governed by our understanding of time for a great many years. Throughout the countless years we’ve been living upon this planet we’ve adopted a certain way to perceive time. We’ve formed a rigid structure that dictates what something is and isn’t. Our attempt was to understand this material realm of existence, but in the process we’ve accumulated many habits that are now being understood as counter-productive to our well-being.

Take for example the concept of past. We all retain memories of events that we’ve categorized as something that occurred in a different setting of time. Time as we understand it is used to form continuity of experience so that we can experience events in a linear fashion. So whenever we do something it’s happening right now and when we’re finished doing it, it’s considered something we experienced in the past. Thus we form a modality of perceiving reality in a linear fashion. We also project our desires and wants in the present moment into the future. For example, lets say your presently planning a vacation to Las Vegas you decide to pick a date in the future and also start creating a list of what to do when there. This is projecting your wants and desires into the future.

This concept of time within the 3D reality is a very pivotal mechanism in experiencing a uniquely arranged and diversified set of experiences. There is nothing wrong with our current understanding of time, in fact it helps assist many in their exploration of life. They use time to experience things that could not be experienced in different realms and dimensions. Life and Time coexist well together for those who desire to experience this type of existence.

The thing that we’re seeing nowadays though is a increasing amount of souls who are attempting to transition into the next phase of evolution. They find their current understandings of life and time can be very problematic. The concepts that need to be embraced in order to enter the next octave of experience are different from what we’ve learned during our time in the 3D reality. Right now you are creating yourselves to be the idea of persons who have habitual patterns from the past.

Thus many of us who struggle with this transition find ourselves in a difficult spot because of our definition of who we are. We use the past as a measuring gauge to determine why we do what we do and who we are. We use the backdrop of our past as a basis to determine why we are the way we are in the present and also use it to predict our future as well. As Mark Twain said “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.“, but this is the problem.

We’re taught to believe that we are our past and if our past is one that is negative or full of pain it can cause many of us to feel guilty, inadequate, depressed or ashamed. The habit of overcoming our tendencies is stacked against us because of the fact we believe we are what we did in the past, not who we are presently. We use the past to determine our present circumstances in all aspects of our being.

This is the definition that causes much friction in our life, because in order to embrace the fourth dimension we must come to understand that our present is not the result of our past. Our past has nothing to do with our present, unless we created that definition ourselves. If we believe in the idea that our past determines who we are in the present, then since the universe adores us it will manifest this reality for you. It will give you ample of evidence to assist you in this belief you’ve chosen to embody.

A fourth dimensional state of being embraces everything in the present moment. Everything that you experience right now is a unique in of itself. Even if you experience what may seemingly hold similarities to a ‘past’ experience is not true because who you are right now is a totally different person than who you were. In fact, you shift through billions upon billions of parallel realities each and every moment. So even if you want to consider your experience as being the same as one from your ‘past’ please realize that your point of view(perspective) within the Eternal Now is different. Your sense of locale within existence is literally in a different set of coordinates than the one you where in when you experienced this “same” experience. That in itself tells you that you’re not experiencing something you already experienced because your presently experiencing something that is unique right now.

There’s a quote I would like to share that I really love and resonate with:

“Every moment contains a experience that can teach us, even the experiences we believe we’ve learned all we can from it; because consciousness is never the same from one moment to another, it constantly changes according to the ebb and flow of life. When we change with it, every moment is a revelation, but this requires a level of concentration unknown to most.”

Everything that happens in the Now moment is unique upon itself. No two moments are ever identical. They constantly change with the ebbs and flows of life. Your present moment is the only thing that matters, that which is present is the only experience to focus upon. Don’t bring memories of the past into your present.

If you’re having difficulties in understanding what I’m touching up upon I like to share an example that as helped me. When you experienced the past it was the present moment, when you experience the present it is the present, when you experience the future it is the present moment.  As you can see with that statement the word ‘present’ is located in the past, present and future tenses. There is no past or future, just the present presence.

You cannot experience the past, because the past is brought into manifestation through our present. You cannot experience the future because the future is experienced from the present moment. Once your able to wrap your head around this, you suddenly are dawned with the understanding that everything is in the present moment, the Now is what matters. That’s what happened in my life and when it clicked for me, I was catapulted into a state of recognition that was undeniably interconnected with the Eternal Presence of Now.

“Never is it possible for you to hear something you are not ready to hear.” – Bashar

This is a quote I would like to elaborate on with the coming conclusion of this article. We’ve just dived into some topics and understandings that many would consider to be heavy and quite confusing. I want to reiterate what Bashar said “Never is it possible for you to hear something you are not ready to hear.” Don’t become discouraged with the information we’ve gone over. I used to do that all the time, I would get frustrated because I didn’t understand, but know that you don’t need to understand it in order for entrainment to take effect in your life. If you intellectually find yourself unable to understand it, accept that fact and don’t resist it, allow yourself to be OK with not understanding it. There is nothing wrong with not understanding something, because you could be drawing a blank mind for purposes of accepting that which you don’t understand.

There is much I don’t understand and it used to irritate me tremendously. I still at times find myself getting frustrated over things I cannot comprehend, but I’ve come to embrace them as being necessary for my journey to self realization. The sooner we allow it to be OK to not understand, the sooner we can come to the understanding that we need in that moment. Everything has a time and place, that includes intellectual understanding of various concepts. The sooner you come to believe in the definition that all understanding happens in the now and what we don’t understand now is actually an exciting opportunity to see our creativity come into life through conscious effort of raising our awareness in order to gleam a understanding that will allow that understanding that we don’t presently understand to come to the surface. My question for you is, are you OK with not understanding?

Timothy Frappier