How Inflation Is Manipulated By The Federal Reserve (Video)

Those who own the Federal Reserve are the banking families. The most well know families on the list are Warburgs, Rockefellers and Rothschilds. These individuals have been manipulating the markets for quite some time. They’ve consolidated their power in order to being forth their New World Order.

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These various families in this Banking cartel all had their own ideas on what to do with the population. The Rockefeller and Bush faction wanted to kill off 90% of the people. I do believe the Rothschilds wanted to keep us alive, but place a carbon tax on every individual so that they could profit from it.

Things have changed recently though and there is a changing of the guard in progress. Those who used to have all the power and wealth are losing much of it. The Federal Reserve system, along with the international banking system consisting of the IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements(BIS) is going belly up. They’re broke and have no money anymore. Eventually there will be a financial reset and a new system that has been in the works will assume control. This new financial system will be fair to all people. no more crony capitalism.

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With this new financial system we will do away with poverty and the stigma of lack. There are plenty of resources to go around, we’ve only been manipulated to believe there isn’t enough. The Cabal spends a lot of effort and money to just keep the illusion of scarcity maintained. Abundance is natural state of the universe. Creation isn’t birthed through the ideals of scarcity or lack, but instead abundance. We wouldn’t be alive if there wasn’t enough to go around. It is our free will that allows us to have the choice to believe there isn’t enough resources. That’s why we experience lack, it’s a result of our own beliefs and thoughts about our reality, not because there isn’t enough.

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Timothy Frappier

Source: EconMatters
Via: Zero Hedge

We show the underlying costs of QE by the Federal Reserve in terms of much higher inflation that counters the benefits of lower interest rates on the Home Ownership Rate by lowering disposable income for consumers. The Fed giveth on one hand and taketh away with the other hand.

When the all in costs of QE and ZIRP are fully analyzed these policies are detrimental to long term growth fulfillment, healthy functioning financial markets, and capitalism in general. They should only be used as short term emergency measures by Central Banks. The evidence is quite clear at this point staying at the Zero Bound is detrimental to healthy functioning societies.


The British People Start the Assault on the Bankrupt European Union

When British Prime Minister, Edward Heath proposed the Common Market referendum in 1975(which became the EU) Brits didn’t really know what would become of it. The people were under the impression that this would help improve trading with other countries, but instead over forty years later we’ve seen this monstrosity sink it’s tentacles into 28 countries. The most recent member being Croatia with its accession in 2013.

Since the EU’s inception in 1958 it has slowly forced many other countries into joining. Slowly the Common Market morphed into a greedy machine called the EU that used policies to amass more and more power over member nations. EU leadership consisted of individuals who had close ties to the Central Banks and special interests. Eventually the EU forced the introduction of the Euro for its member states. Of the 28 members of the EU, 19 of them used the Euro as their official currency and these nations form what is called the Eurozone. Other nations are obliged(forced) when they reach certain ‘criteria’ to adopt the Euro as well.

With the recent vote by the British people to leave the EU, it appears that the Brits are the first ones to lay siege on the EU. According to Benjamin Fulford the EU is broke and this could be the first domino to fall that could lead to the dissolution of the European Union. Benjamin Fulford compared this latest development in Britain with Poland’s departure from the Soviet Union which led to the collapse of the Warsaw Pact.

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Former congressman Ron Paul on the Liberty Report shared that this vote is a strong censuses for the British people to leave EU and stated emphatically: “Other countries are watching….This is the beginning of the end of the European Union…and nobody is going to suffer from that. Only the wealthy, banking, special interests will suffer

Ron Paul believes that the British people have taken a step in regaining their sovereignty. The British people will have more of a say in the direction they wish to see their country go, instead of having some foreign council decide for them. They’ve become masters of their own destiny once again.

With the advent of the Brexit we are seeing many nations considering the same move. Here’s a recent poll that was conducted in many of the EU member nations on whether they favored or disfavored the European Union.


The graph above shows that many nations are split in regards to their opinion of the EU. If we go by the numbers presented in this poll we could see the nations of Greece, France, Spain and possibly Germany consider leaving the EU. Nigel Farage stated that the Netherlands might be the next country to jump ship. He stated, “We may well be close, perhaps, to a Nexit.” According to the above poll, that could be a possibility. Which country will be next, only time will tell.

One thing is clear though, the oligarchs are in panic mode. Everywhere we see them being assaulted and what little power they still have is starting to slip from their grips faster and faster. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan called the U.K. Brexit a ‘Terrible Mistake’. Which is true, but not for the 99%, only the 1% who have special interests. This supports the possibility that the Financial Reset is imminent.

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This is a great victory for not only the British people, but the people of the world. No longer will we allow Central Banks to run our lives. This sends a message to the world that we are sick and tired of business as usual. The time of empty promises has passed and beginning of real authentic change has begun. These Elites have no right to use us as cannon fodder or slaves. We are divine sovereign beings of light whom shall be free from their evil clutches. We the People will be victorious and given the tools to create a society that truly is worthy for us and future generations.

Timothy Frappier