UPDATE – The Final Defeat of the Cabal, Tangible Evidence, Energetic Changes toward Planetary Breakthrough, Plus a Word on Discernment and Plausible Deniability

Source: Discerning The Mystery

This update on world events is a bit different than those of the past. Many of us may know that Gary Larrabee has had a number of issues with his health and living situation, and that these have kept him from reporting with his typical consistency. Consequently, there has been a break in the frequency of his reports.

Despite the postponement of the usual reports from Gary Larrabee, we find that there are numerous sources which have reported some amazing developments in recent weeks on the acceleration of progress toward world liberation. Along with the discussion on these reports, we will cover a number of issues from past reports of Larrabee and Kent Dunn.

UPDATE – Giants, Final Battles for Planetary Freedom, and the Deaths of David Rockefeller and Nathaniel Rothschild

There are many opinions out there about Kent Dunn with regard to his legitimacy and the reliability of his reports. We may note the level of strangeness of many of Kent’s reports as well as a number of predictions that he made which did not come true. There is a reason for this, I believe, but before getting to that, let’s get to the verifiable developments of recent days.

News from Cobra
Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of reports coming forward about massive progress toward global liberation. These reports come to us from sources that are highly respected, consistently followed, and constantly trolled by paid online trouble-makers.

COBRA – Full Etheric Liberation Report – March 1, 2017

These are sources that seem to have such a high level of credibility that the waning Cabal establishment perceives them as clear threats, and attempts to smear and defame them in every possible way. One of these sources is Cobra which is a pseudonym that refers to the Compression Breakthrough event. Not long ago, Cobra published a report which detailed the energetic developments that have brought our planet very close to this breakthrough. Here is an excerpt from that article.

In the final weeks before the conference and reaching their crescendo on Saturday, there were brutal Archon attacks on certain key Lightworkers on the planet and the Light forces finally had enough of this.

Drastic action was taken by the Light forces on Saturday at around 11:30 pm Taipei time as the operation code-named “Justice of Maat” was initialized. This operation lasted for about 21 hours and as a consequence, no negative non-physical entity is now safe from removal and departure to the Galactic Central Sun. As a result of all this, clearing of the head of Yaldabaoth entity has been significantly accelerated.

This has created extreme changes in Schumann resonances, starting at around 10:50 pm Tomsk time ( 11:50 pm Taipei time) on Saturday and lasting for 21 1/2 hours:


Also, the Resistance has communicated that many key physical members of the Cabal “have finally tasted their own medicine.” Nothing more can be said about this. To summarize, all negative factions except the Chimera group are now greatly weakened.


There are quite few details behind this report. For further information on the Resistance Movement, the Light Forces, the negative Yaldabaoth entity and more, click these links.

These developments may seem a bit perplexing with regard to their significance, but we cannot mistake the clearly positive tone of the update. Many of Cobra’s reports prior to this one discussed the challenges of the Resistance Movement, the obstacles that remained and various aspects of gradual progress toward liberation. However, the subjects in this excerpt seem to reveal that the final straw has been pulled with regard to the battle against the dark forces.

UPDATE – Intel from Retired Sergeant Clifford Stone, CIA-Based Fake News on YouTube, Siberian Cooperation with ET Disclosure Efforts, and More

In the past, it has been stated that the positive and negative forces were at somewhat of a stalemate. Due to the agreement that both groups would refrain from attacking one another to some extent as long as no offensive moves were made against certain parties. According to the report, the dark made such an enormous move against certain key Lightworkers that the stalemate ended entirely. It appears that it is now open season on all dark forces.

These occurrences seem to directly correlate with our own collective choice to focus upon positive global change, energetic revolution, and planetary rebirth (the collective effects of the Ascension Event). We know from the Maharishi effect that a core group of people in a state of unified, peaceful meditation can actually change weather, matter, and consciousness on a global scale. According to reports, a recent global mediation initiated by Cobra and the 2012 Portal website was able to achieve the critical number of participants necessary to manifest massive positive effects on the planet.

COBRA – Critical Mass Achieved Exactly Three Years After it was Explained – February 26, 2017

This mediation seemed to be followed by numerous monumental reports from a number of independent sources detailing the tangibly positive developments which took place almost immediately after the mediation occurred (February 26, 2017). Let’s look at a few.

The James Gilliland Report

A number of weeks after the mass mediation took place, the well-known author and counselor, James Gilliland, published an article on his website, Eceti.org, about tangible developments in world events. These pertain particularly to American politics and the advancement of numerous plans to liberate American society from the remaining Cabal control. Below is a short excerpt from this article.

The white hats and generals who are honoring their oaths and maintaining their integrity are no longer playing games. Guns are being drawn. There is a grand house cleaning occurring between those loyal to the cabal: the Satanic, blood sacrificing pedophiles, and those who are loyal to God and Country. Be very clear and do not be misled as to which side of the fence you are on. Many have been part of a global psyops program and are unwittingly doing the bidding of the cabal. Do not forget they own the mainstream media. Many within that media will soon find themselves in very serious trouble.

Be very clear and do not be misled as to which side of the fence you are on.

The law, including Universal Law, is on the side of the White Hats regardless of those misusing their position and power to the contrary. The days of those loyal to the cabal are shortly numbered. There are 5th, 6th, 7th and now 8th dimensional Pleiadians here now – along with other beings up to the 13th dimension – all here to see the birthing process, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth through to the end.

Portals are opening around the world and others being closed to lower dimensions. The underground bases and Malevolent ET strongholds are being removed. No more interference will be allowed in the awakening and healing process.


Gilliland’s article has been extremely encouraging to many people even within the first few days of its publishing. Though we must keep our eyes open to the tangible signs of these developments, the independent corroboration to other reports is noteworthy.

Secret Presidential Memorandum Issued to Declassify Anti-Aging and Free Energy Technologies – Exopolitics

Along with this report, there have been a number of disclosures regarding the recent briefing between Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, and author and head of the Exopoliticsorganization, Dr. Michael Salla. During this briefing, Goode revealed a number of positive developments within American society.

These developments included plans to release technology to the public—technology which will likely resemble that of science fiction movies. The technologies of free energy and advantaged anti-aging methods have reportedly been declassified for possible distribution. Though it is important to seek verification for these developments, it appears that it is only a matter of time before this world changes in some fairly amazing ways.

Rain for Weary

Another positive change we may note is that the state of California has seen record high levels of precipitation since 2011. This extended wet season follows one of the worst droughts which California has seen in history. This was a drought that defied nature and was theorized by many to have been artificially created.

Sphere-Being Alliance – ENDGAME PART II – The Atlantis and Ancient Alien Ruins

As meteorologists commented, there was no known reason why precipitation would not fall in the state of California for such a long duration. It was as though a wall of deadlocked air prevented any oceanic moisture from the Pacific from falling on California at all. This drought lasted for roughly six years and showed every sign of being more than natural misfortune.

Watch How Fast a Five Year Drought Can Disappear

We have been aware that the Cabal has desired to destroy America in any way they could. We have also heard of the theory that the Californian drought was created and maintained in an attempt to destroy the American food supply, as the  majority of U.S. food production comes from Californian farms. Fortunately this plan seems to have been thwarted entirely (though some areas are still experiencing their own dry-spell). It may have even been the Cabal that caused the malfunctioning of the Oroville spillway in frustration for their utter defeat on this front.

UPDATE – Successes of the Alliance, Details on Obama, the Russian Plane Crash, and Chimera Bases under Brazil and Africa

According to numerous reports, the Cabal is through. They are out of time, out of money, and their influence is all but dead. They have little resources to cause any more trouble than they have at this point, and the secrecy that has long-since protected them is about to end as well.

Discernment and Unfulfilled Predictions

A number of people have expressed doubt about past reports of Kent Dunn, and in many cases, this is understandable. The reports of Kent have ranged from information which seems grounded in provable fact to that which seems far-fetched even for the open-minded.

Know Your Propaganda – ‘Arguing from Ignorance’ – What is it and where have we seen it?

We may remember various reports from Kent about giants waking up and bringing some type of war ofArmageddon to the planet. Though ancient stasis beings that are excessively tall have been reported by multiple sources to be presently awakening from their sleep cycles, it has not been reported by anyone of which I am aware that they would ever be allowed to cause any amount of trouble. In fact, these beings have reportedly been imprisoned for some time now. These beings seem to have come to Earth for some unknown purpose and have been the key interest of many secret societies.

There were also the reports from Kent which described several days of darkness caused by the mythical planet Nibiru. Fortunately, these events never took place. I have a few thoughts on this subject which I would like to cover briefly.

There are a number of reasons why I have never subscribed to the idea of Nibiru as believed by some of those within the alternative community. One of these reasons is because we have never seen any evidence that any such planet exists. Though I realize that some have chosen to believe that Planet X is somehow Nibiru, none of these people have bothered to explain how Planet X could jump out of its orbit and swing through a solar system as though it were a foreign body or comet. In other words, a rogue planet and an orbiting planet are two different things.

And Someone’s BONES Blog – Main Site Promoting the Idea of Nibiru

The only attributes which tend to make the story of Nibiru attractive to some people is the fact that this story is popular and is proposed to be ancient. There is also one obscure website which exclusively promotes stories focused on Nibiru and nothing else (though no personal disrespect to those who keep that particular site). This one site seems to be the main sources for this type of information, yet there are no references or corroborating sources presented on the website at all.

In place of substantial scientific explanation and evidence, there only seems to be the assertion not only of the existence of Nibiru, but that this supposed planet is the next boogieman we should all fear. Though the subject can be entertaining to read for some, virtually none of the material seems to be grounded in provable reality. (This does not discount the strong possibility of cyclic cataclysmic events on Earth. However, these cataclysms still do not require a mythical planet in order to occur. Instead, the evidence seems to point toward the sun itself as the cause of these destructive occurrences on Earth, and not a rogue planet, though no fear of such an occurrence is necessary, in my view.)

The fact is that neither popularity nor age alone legitimizes a story at all. If I were to start one rumor in high school that was based upon nothing but gossip and nonsense, no amount of time would make that particular rumor true. No matter how hard I worked to spread the rumor, that rumor would never be anything more. It does not matter what the topic of a story is. Neither time nor popularity alone has the ability to make a false story factual.

Space.com – Entire Solar System Is Heating Up! Scientists Blame Solar Warming

The fact that we have heard Kent Dunn reporting on Nibiru “coming through” the solar system and causing three days of darkness (which never occurred) may leave many people skeptical about the legitimacy of the rest of his reports, and again, this is understandable. However, along with this doubt, we might consider the concept of plausible deniability.

Plausible Deniability

When intelligence is disclosed by official and knowledgeable sources, it can be hazardous to attempt to distribute that intel to the public. Those who deliver this type of information tend to become compromised, silenced, or could even be killed by those who are still loyal to the Cabal establishment. This is typically why certain sources are chosen to distribute this sensitive data to the public.

These sources are not the people you might expect to hear such information from. They typically do not come from affluent or professional backgrounds. Quite often, these individuals are the last people you might expect to distribute sensitive intelligence, but believe it or not, that is often the point. If a source is largely inaccurate, but is still able to introduce true concepts to the people, this is the ideal source for distributing sensitive information.

UPDATE – Intel from Retired Sergeant Clifford Stone, CIA-Based Fake News on YouTube, Siberian Cooperation with ET Disclosure Efforts, and More

This is not at all to say that every inaccurate and unprofessional source is reliable. For instance, we are aware of the notion that disclosure is often accomplished through fiction and that sensitive information can be found in the world of entertainment. However, this does not mean that everything we see within entertainment or from questionable sources is factual.

There seem to be a number of less-than-accurate sources that are chosen to distribute sensitive information, if only for short periods of time. This may be a reason as to why Kent Dunn was given the initial intelligence on the take-down of the underground bases, the large-scale busts on California pedophilia rings, and other stories which were proven to be significantly accurate.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock – The Law of One and the Secret Space Program – Exploring the Striking Correlations between the Law of One and Past Testimonies of the SSP

Now we see yet another of Kent’s predictions was more than just sensationalist filler. It appears that the report about many of the negative beings leaving the planet may be taking place as we speak.

From Darkness to Light

Upon hearing the recent developments from Cobra on March 13, we may be interested to hear the developments which followed. According to other sources independent from those of Cobra, there has been a massive amount of negative groups surrendering and actually requesting to be either rehabilitated to serve the light or to be recycled in the Galactic Central Sun, as Cobra terms the center of the Milky Way. These negative forces have consisted of Draco Reptilians, Archons, and possibly other groups with numbers totaling in the hundreds of thousands.

COBRA – Taiwan Ascension Conference Report – Update for March 13, 2017

To add, we hear from James Gilliand that certain healing ships which Kent Dunn referred to in past articles do actually exist. Though Dunn stated that these ships were in Antarctica, it does appear that other credible sources believe that some variety of ships will be arriving to assist humanity after the negative ET groups are cleared. These sources believe that from these ships, Earth humanity will actually receive the much-needed healing technology to heal and revitalize our bodies as well as our planet.

I do not expect anyone to take such reports for face value, and advise everyone to discern for themselves as to what may occur. Also, it is always a good idea to wait to see what other proven sources might report on these developments. Either way, I would advise the audience to be prepared for many pleasant surprises.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode – The Great Solar Flash – With Special Guest, Jay Weidner

Aside from the off-world events said to be taking place at present, there is plenty of tangible progress for us to take note of, as noted in past updates. We have a number of demonstrations presently taking place and planned for the near future which are focused upon demanding the open disclosure of thePedogate/Pizzagate investigations. Up until this point, we have been expected to believe that freedom can be responsibly maintained under ridiculously excessive secrecy. Yet history has shown us that this has never been the case.

No free society can remain free unless the people are aware of the issues around them which may jeopardize that freedom. These potential issues are and have always been corporate in nature. Those obsessed with money and corporate greed have, for centuries, attempted to deny humanity our unalienable right to life and freedom, and the secrecy of the Pedogate investigations is a prime example of this.

The existence of elitist, satanic pedophilia rings is said to be the Achilles heel of the entire Cabal power structure. When this news breaks into the mainstream arena, the Cabal and their entire Illuminati cult will be finished. This is the reason why these protests and demonstration are a key step toward freedom.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

Much is changing for the positive, and it is up to us to ensure that all of these efforts don’t simply drop to the floor. If we simply sit back and wait for great things to happen, and then wonder why they don’t, we’ve missed the entire (overstated, yet seldom acknowledged) point. Naturally, it is only those who actively create positive progress who will tangibly see it take place. In other words, if we choose to sit in anger and depressed hopelessness, change will never happen. If we get off of the couch and make change happen, we will be the first to see it.

It is time for each of us to take a long look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we are doing to make the world a better place. That’s where the change starts, and if we are active and diligent, and if we do our personal best to make this positive change happen, there will be no end to the tremendous renewal this planet will see.

UPDATE – Reports of New Healing Energies, the Mass Exodus, the Judgement of the Cabal, and the End of Evil on Planet Earth

In recent times the process of disclosure seems to have accelerated tremendously. We may have noticed that many of the testimonies of well-known public figures have begun to congeal and become increasingly more congruent in their direction of progress and development.

Many of us have kept current with personalities such as  Kent Dunn, Cobra, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Dr. Michael Salla. Each of these sources has been progressively revealing the unfolding situation within the solar system. This situation has evolved toward the elimination of the dark forces that have controlled us, and a gradual liberation of the planet and the solar system as a whole.

UPDATE – Mass Arrests Continue – Alliance Forces Targeting Pedophilia Rings, According to Reports – Video, Commentary and Links

To add, we have now seen each and every one of these sources endure ruthless character attacks, defamation campaigns, endless trolling and censorship by various establishments—all for nothing more than giving their testimonies to the people. Yet each of these people has persevered as best they know how to share their knowledge and experiences with the whole of humanity.

Kent Dunn: “Healing Energy Coming in February” Pray to either “Destroy Evil Corporations and Nations” or Turn Them to the Light

There are so many key points in this interview that seem to corroborate with others. It may seem difficult to address all of them, but let’s try.

Purging the Planet

The concept of the purging of Earth from all darkness is one that dates back thousands of years. There are numerous prophecies and predictions which all seem to pertain to this point in history. This time of purging typically includes a parting of ways between those on positive and negative paths. The process may be referred to as a type of judgment, though not the religious judgment we may be thinking about.

Update – Mass Arrests of World Political Leaders Taking Place, Leaders Being Placed Under House Arrest Pending Tribunals – Video Links, and Commentary

According to many of these ancient prophecies, the people of Earth either have a choice of achieving higher states of consciousness on the negative path or the positive. As of a number of months ago, it seems that our planet collectively chose the positive path and this has become more and more apparent as events progress. However, this does not mean that our path has been completely trouble-free from that point until now. As we have observed, the world has still faced a number of difficulties since that time.

The lingering presence of difficultly in this world is caused by the remaining negativity on our planet (both in the physical world and within ourselves). This negativity and destruction has a short time to exist on this planet, according to my observations. The negative trouble-makers in this world (the Cabal) were actually attempting to create enough negativity through music, through entertainment, wars, disease, and famine in order to send the Earth on the negative course to higher consciousness. This was so that they could remain here and rule over a defeated humanity as demigods. Fortunately, they failed.

The Cabal was attempting to create their negative world, but there was (and is) too much positive energy among humanity to allow such things to occur. As long as we each maintain our positive focus, the Cabal is finished.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock: The Earth Alliance

According to my understanding of the ancient predictions, this present moment represents the juncture on the path at which a choice must be made by every individual. If we do not make the choice, we cannot progress. This means that if the Earth ascends on the positive path, only those who are ready to ascend on this path will be remaining on the planet. According to multiple sources, all negative people and those unready to ascend will need an evacuation of some kind.  It may very well be that the deterioration of health of the negative indicates that the energy coming to the planet is healing to the positive, but lethal to the negative beings of Earth.

Also to rectify Gary Larrabee’s theory on a poll shift, it may be that those who require a karmic balancing (namely those who have caused thousands of years of suffering on our planet) will experience some type of cataclysm. Then again, this balancing could be accomplished without any such destruction. There is also another possibility.

The “Final Judgment”

There are a number of reasons as to why I believe that the splitting of the paths will be two-fold (or three-fold if counting those unready to advance). I have discussed this before, but we may think of the concept as similar to the conditions of an electrical circuit. According to both scientific and predictive information, we have a steadily increasing amount of cosmic energy enveloping the entire heliosphere and bathing the entire solar system. As this energy increases, it will naturally pass through all beings and all matter on Earth.

UPDATE – Giants, Final Battles for Planetary Freedom, and the Deaths of David Rockefeller and Nathaniel Rothschild

Electrical conductors
As with any flow of energy, there are some objects that are conductors of this energy and some that are resistors to it. In a circuit, a resistor is designed to prevent a certain amount of electrical current from flowing through certain sections of the circuit while conductors allow current to pass more freely. The trick is that within resistors, there is always a conversion from power to heat. The resistor will heat up the more energy it is exposed to. If its resistance meets a current that is too high, the resistor will either explode or combust, while conductors will allow electricity to pass without issue.

There is also the concept of the semi-conductor which comes in common forms such as computer chips. These circuit components have way of dynamically changing their conductive state according to whatever program the computer is running. We could think of semi-conductors as having microscopic sections of conductors and resistors. This concept of semi-conductivity is the perfect analogy to describe our own bodies as human beings.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Prepare for Ascension

Within our being, we all have different areas which are conducive to health, growth and expansion, and other areas which resist these. The areas which contribute to our growth include those which allow freedom of existence and honor of self and others, while the areas of resistance act to block growth and prevent healthy energy from flowing. We may liken the areas of conductivity as those which exist in love and those which resist love and are left to exist in fear. There are many complexities within these different concepts, but this is a simple way of describing them.

An electrical resistor when too much current is applied
For everyone who has learned to choose love and freedom, the increasing of energetic flow to our planet will bring greater levels of freedom and expansion. On top of these benefits, the resistance within the positive beings will be brought forward to be released. On the path of fear, the resistance will likely build up to such a great extent that the individual cannot absorb the inflow of energy. At that point, those with too much resistance will begin to self-destruct, much like the electronic resistor. This may be an explanation as to why the negative groups on and within the Earth will desire so intensely to leave the planet.

The Road to Ascension – From Ancient Myth to Current Intel – Commentary on Recent Disclosures of our Planetary Situation

(Keep in mind that if we are diligent in doing our inner work, there is nothing to fear. If we are ones who care about this issue, chances are our path is positive, though improvement is always a good thing.)

The Sphere Ships

One of the details which Kent Dunn disclosed was very interesting in that it corroborated a major point made by whistleblowers Corey Goode and William Tompkins. These two former operatives from within the Secret Space Program both revealed information about large, planet-size spherical ships which have made their way into our solar system over the last few decades.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock – Guiding Humanity to Ascension – Choosing Our Path to Ultimate Breakthrough

According to Goode and Tompkins these ships were preceded by the arrival of one spherical ship into our solar system in the late 1980s. This ship was nicknamed The Seeker as it had a way of orbiting each planet of the solar system one by one—starting with Pluto and working its way inward.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins

Within the discussion on the series Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia.com, David Wilcock and Corey Goode discussed the possibility that these spherical ships may act as transport vessels at the time just before a solar flash event takes place. These ships may actually act as ferries to transport to remote solar systems, all of those who are unable to raise their vibration and consciousness with the rest of the planet. Though the specific purpose of these ships had not been disclosed to Goode at the time, their size and number made it seem very possible that they were designed to efficiently transport planetary populations from one system to another.

I find it very interesting that Kent Dunn mentions transport ships during the interview, as (again) this is one major point of corroboration between Kent’s intel, that of Corey Goode and of William Tompkins.

Galactic Superwave

The phenomenon of the galactic superwave has been the topic of interest in many online communities. Both in mainstream and in alternative media, this phenomenon has been one of extreme interest and mystery until this point. However, this mystery has begun to reveal itself in recent days and weeks.

Dutchsinse – Massive Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Currently Impacting Earth – 12/19/2016

The recent report by the YouTube personality Dutchsinse featured data from microwave satellite imaging that was far different than any previous data. These satellites displayed a level of energetic influx to the Earth with magnitudes that dwarfed any CME from our sun recorded from the past. Though the true nature and source of this wave was not known at that time, its arrival bears striking correlation to the information we have been hearing on the galactic superwave.

To add to this influx of microwave energy, we have the intelligence from the whistleblower Corey Goode who has revealed in recent times that the research within the Secret Space Program had predicted a massive solar event within the timeframe of the next couple of years. Though these military personnel may only have logistic data in mind, this data is believed to be accurate by those within these programs.

On top of these corroborations, we have the intelligence from Cobra (a pseudonym which stands forCompression Breakthrough). According to Cobra, this solar event will be a transformative event which will drastically improve life on our planet, causing a positive revolution and renascence of consciousness. This is also in line with the research of David Wilcock.

The White House Just Issued An – Executive Order- officially Preparing For The “Event”

Wilcock has been studying the concept of consciousness for years now, and has broken ground on numerous scientific concepts on the topic of ascension. These have been concepts that, up until this point, have only been touched upon by mainstream science. One of these concepts is that of galactic cycles. These cycles have been shown to reset at intervals of around 26,000 years, and may have had profound effects upon life on Earth. In fact, these cycles fall directly in line with the arrival of the superwave phenomenon we seem to be experiencing at present. It is believed that each time these galactic waves arrive, they have a way of causing life on Earth to drastically accelerate its development.

It is important to keep in mind that all of these sources come from different backgrounds. Yet despite the slight difference in perspective of these sources, they all seem to agree on numerous key concepts. We may also keep in mind that these sources have been the constant targets of online trolls and manipulative people ever since they began speaking about their research and experiences. In my perspective, this shows that the establishment fears their testimony, and may believe it will contribute to the Cabal’s loss of control over the planet.

So what does this mean for humanity?

A Word on Ancient Prophecies

As we may have noticed, the act of prophecy can be extremely beneficial. However, in recognizing the benefit, it should be noted that when prophecies become excessively specific, their degree of error tends to increase.

According to my understanding of timeline progression, every decision we as a collective human race make creates a future projection of our collective experience as a planet (and as individuals). As our individual choices change from moment to moment, this projected future has a way of changing in turn. Consequently, the future is always in flux. There is a trick to this, but I will mention that in a moment.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – “The Cabal’s Downward Spiral” – Assessing the Final Days of a Crumbling Cabal, and a Prelude to Breakthrough

The future is in constant flux, which means that our relative projected future is undetermined until we collectively choose what we want it to be. Therefore, any specific detail within prophecy could be accurate in one moment, but in the next, it could be completely off base. This may apply to the particular prophecy to which Gary Larrabee referred, in that destruction will result from the parting of paths. This destruction is only a possibility, and even if on some level it is fulfilled, all of those who are progressive in trajectory will not even know it happened. According to the collection of predictions, the positive path leads to prosperity on countless levels.

So about our choice… This choice we must make as a collective is one that benefits all of humanity. I myself cannot make the decision for anyone else, but here is an example.

Imagine a world where freedom, prosperity, respect for life and for rights of all sentient beings are the the only rules to remember. This would be a world in which everyone communicated so well, and everyone was so good at solving their issues with one another, that there was no need for government. Imagine having such a respectful standard for one another that trade was free and money was a laughable relic of the past.

UPDATE – Successes of the Alliance, Details on Obama, the Russian Plane Crash, and Chimera Bases under Brazil and Africa

This lack of the need for money would end the existence of poverty, end the motivation for crimes on numerous levels, and would eliminate the ability of economic manipulation of every kind. There would be no war over resources and no reason to curtail the planet-saving technologies reported to currently exist now. There would also be no reason to hold the life-changing technologies that allow humanity to live healthily and illness-free.

Imagine a world where self-honesty and maturity of character were so commonplace that no disclosure of past crimes would faze us. Secrecy would become a thing of the past. Also, positive ETs would feel welcome to visit us freely, and any negative ETs would stay far away, as even they must obey free will (not to mention the fact that the energy of the planet would be lethal to any negative beings).

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

This world (or one very much like it) is within our reach. It is actually just one collective decision away. All we need to do is to choose our desired course and hold our vision in sight. When we do this, the universe will alter itself according to our choice (as always). The world we see now is proof enoughthat this is completely possible. Yet presently, the system is designed to serve a few corrupt elitists. It’s time to create a world that benefits us all.

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UPDATE – Mass Arrests Continue – Alliance Forces Targeting Pedophilia Rings, According to Reports – Video, Commentary and Links

Source: Discerning The Mystery


Reports continue to come in about the ongoing efforts to arrest the Cabal wherever they may be hiding. This recent report comes to us once again from Gary Larrabee and Kent Dunn, and is on the subject of the massive pedophilia ring we have been hearing about from multiple media sources. According to Dunn, these pedophiles are being systematically arrested by Alliance forces.

#PizzaGate – What We Know So Far – Video, Links, and Commentary

Many of us are well aware of the rampant problem of pedophilia in Hollywood.  We have heard from celebrities such as Roseanne Arnold, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Elijah Wood and others about the rampant problems they have seen and experienced of pedophilia and MK Ultra programming.  We will get into the details in a moment. Right now, here is Kent Dunn and Gary Larabee on what Dunn refers to as Operation West Coast Round-up.

Kent Dunn: White Knights are Stepping Up The Pace against The Cabal and Pedophiles

The epidemic of pedophilia among elitist circles in America has been ongoing for decades now. This problem has been particularly significant in places where talented actors and performers are recruited–making Hollywood an ideal location for elite pedophiles to target their victims.

Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

As stated, numerous former child actors and performers have come forward giving testimony of their own experiences and dealings with pedophiles in Hollywood.  Many of the pedophiles are prominent figures in the production industry. This has given them open access to new victims, and has made them difficult to prosecute if ever they were accused. Despite the difficulty of revealing the issue to the public, there are those who choose to speak up in hopes of putting an end to the madness. The following article features the testimony of one of these former child actors. Here is Elijah Wood and The Daily Beast.

Elijah Wood may be most famous for his role as Frodo Baggins, the hobbit protagonist of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but as a child star in Hollywood he appeared in a remake of Flipper and co-starred with Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son.

And, in an extensive interview with the (paywalled) Sunday Times this weekend, he has made the explosive allegation that Hollywood is in the grip of a child sexual abuse epidemic, with rich and powerful industry figures abusing child actors with impunity.

The 35-year-old former child star said in the interview, tabled to promote his latest film, The Trust, about corrupt cops planning to steal drug money, that he had been protected from abuse by his mother, Debra, and “never went to parties where that kind of thing was going on,” but said that other child actors had been regularly “preyed upon” by “vipers” in Hollywood.

“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind,” said Wood. “There is darkness in the underbelly. What bums me about these situations is that the victims can’t speak as loudly as the people in power. That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people: they can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

Oliver Thring, the author of the Sunday Times article, which appeared on the front page of the Sunday Times’ News Review section yesterday, delves into the history of pedophilia in Hollywood, quoting Corey Feldman who, in 2011, gave a frank account of the abuse he had witnessed as a young actor.

“The No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is—and always will be—pedophilia,” Feldman said, adding that by the time he was 14 he was “surrounded” by molesters.

The piece also includes an extensive interview with Anne Henry, co-founder of theBizParentz Foundation, an organization established to protect child actors, who says: “We estimate that about 75 percent of the child actors who ‘went off the rails’ suffered earlier abuse. Drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide attempts, wandering through life without a purpose—they can all be symptoms.”

Henry adds, “We believe Hollywood is currently sheltering about 100 active abusers.”


It is clear that the problem of pedophilia in Hollywood and in numerous elite circles is rampant, and has been going on for a long time. The line for child actors seems to have been long and has yielded quite a bit of talent over the decades.  Yet in all of the productions these kids participate in, I cannot help but wonder what horrendous abuses they may have endured when the camera wasn’t rolling.

I think about stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber who seem to have unnaturally changed over night into people who were barely recognizable from their former years. It is difficult to think of the strong possibility that these kids and young adults made so many people smile, and yet they themselves were enduring torture behind their performances.

We cannot yet say what happened to these kids.  Nor can we definitely determine what is taking place at present.  What we can do is to continually set our intention for the complete defeat and arrest of the Cabal, and for complete liberation of their victims and the world as a whole.



The Universe Is A Single Photon

Source: Discerning The Mystery

It has been discussed in previous articles how the universe is provably composed of one geometric form. This form has been shown to be an extremely interesting anomaly—consisting of both the nature of the infinitesimal and the infinite.

As we have learned, this anomaly is full of potential, and even though it is essentially one form, this form can yield a virtual infinity of possible substructures and superstructures. This concept of the Mandelbrot set was groundbreaking the moment it was discovered. Ever since then, it has been making bigger and bigger waves in the various disciplines of alternative science.

The Photon – Seed of the Universe – A Digest of the Significance of this Foundational Particle – Commentary by David Wilcock

The relationship between the Mandelbrot set, the sphere, the spherical torus, the golden ration, and the nested Platonic solids all combine to form the universal geometry we have come so used to seeing. As it turns out, there is a fundamental form which is said to have started this dynamic combination of universal structures and lifeforms. This is the form of the photon itself.

This article is a breakdown of the topics discussed in the Wisdom Teachings series on the subject of the photon. More specifically, it may help to prove the point that the structure of the photon has manifested numerous times in the area of physics. As we will see, scientists have made monumental discoveries on this fundamental wave/particle. This material can be rhetorically dense and complex. However, once we see the applicability of sacred geometry in the form of the photon, the explanation will seem incredibly simple.

The Macro and the Micro

The attempt to conceptualize the macrocosmic and the microcosmic as being one and the same can be a challenge for some. The unity between these worlds can seem multidimensional and significant on numerous different levels, and they are. However, if we consider the numerous manifestations of the sacred geometric forms discussed in past articles, these concepts may be more easily understood.

Geometric Light and Fractal Consciousness – Exploring the Universal Pronunciations of the Infinite and the Infinitesimal – Commentary by David Wilcock

When we consider the universe at its farthest known reaches, we have what is commonly considered dust, or the fine particulation of the original generation of the universe. This dust is the product of the great expansion that created the universe. From the farthest reaches inward, it is very likely that we will see the exact same geometry at every level of scale down to the central, microcosmic photon which the Law of One says began the entirety.

According to the Law of One, the photon is a living being—an essential consciousness from which the entire universe fractalized. The form of this photon expanded outward into the virtual infinity of existence. This single photon has been discussed in the Wisdom Teachings series as having the shape of the Mandelbulb. That discussion was descriptive. However, the fractalization of this form has another essential structure along with the Mandelbulb.

The Mandelbulb shows strong similarity to the close-packed spheres which form the nested Platonic solids.


Sonic Geometry – A Study on the Amazing Secret Hidden within Sound Frequency – Video, Links and Commentary

We have discussed the significance of the merkaba in past articles and how it is this form that can be seen in countless ancient, sacred artworks from around the world. We see the Buddhist and Sri Yantra mandalas, the Star of David, and ancient artworks from numerous Judeo-Christian churches. These depictions of the star tetrahedron may be the key to understanding the form of the photon. In fact, in the episode of interest, we are given significant proof that it very much is.

There are numerous ways to prove that the photon has the form of the star tetrahedron. The first is mathematics. The thought of any amount of math may seem intimidating and maybe a little boring to some, but we will keep the subject simple. (For those who like more complexity, links are provided.)

Wikipedia – Planck constant

We have likely heard of the concept known as Planck’s constant. This was the discovery of Max Planck who proposed the universe could be tiled out into cubes of a certain size. However, this is the newer understanding of this constant according to the new model of physics. The more traditional side of Planck’s constant involves a unit of energy. This unit is simply understood as the following equation.

Planck’s constant

To put it simply this is an extremely small number. The way we might resolve this energetic constant to three-dimensional space is with the fact that in the quantum world, energy travels in packets. These packets travel in segmented lines, and each of the segments has a size and distance at which the packets travel. This is how we might resolve the traditional definition and the newer definition of this constant. We could liken this to planning a trip.

If we were to go on a road trip, it would not only be important to know how much gas to put into the tank, we would also need to know how big the car is so that we could fit all of our baggage. Simply put, there are numerous factors to energy and motion, and each of these must be considered, not just one or another.

Sacred Architecture – Discussing the Significance of Sacred Geometry in Art and Architecture – Commentary by David Wilcock

So Planck’s constant involved tiling spacetime out into quantum cubes with equal height, width, and depth, giving us a standard of measurement. Another interesting aspect of this constant is that the greater the energetic input into one of these packets of energy, the bigger the packet becomes. That would be like our car actually growing in size as we filled it with gas for the road trip.

So when enough energy is put into a certain quantum wave/particle, that wave/particle we grow proportionally to the energy applied to it. With this in mind, we may consider a little experiment. What happens when we apply the photon to Planck’s constant?

One interesting constant we find is that whenever energy is pumped into a quantum particle, its size increases by 2/3s. This fraction should be familiar as this point. What object has been said to take up exactly 2/3s the volume of a cube? The merkaba. Let’s look back to our equation. The value of his understood as… h = 6.626 x 10-34 J/s where J/s is joules per second—the standard for measuring energy. We may know that 6.6666… is exactly 2/3s of ten.


The trend of planking

Global Quantum Communications – No Longer the Stuff of Fiction?

David Wilcock explains that the reason we get 6.626 in Planck’s constant is that there is a slight contraction of the merkaba as it squeezed into the area of cube. The technical term for this contraction is known as Coulomb’s Law (Coulomb’s equation), and this is a calculation which is commonly applied in the science of quantum physics. So there is this slight discrepancy, but being off by a factor of only 0.04 still paints a very….

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The Pitfalls of Partial Disclosure – Examining the Process of Disclosure and the Reasons why a String of Half-Truths Just Won’t Cut It

Source: Discerning The Mystery

For almost a decade, many of us have heard about the concept and process of Disclosure. This is the complete release of formerly secret, official and governmental information through the public media. We have heard about the numerous possibilities of the truth of past events which exists behind closed doors—locked away in secret files protectively stamped with the word “Classified.” We know that to a very large extent, we as the common public know very little about the truth behind roughly a century of government and corporate secrecy on matters of high technology, ET life, and the heinous crimes committed for the sake of maintaining this secrecy.

The subjects within the topic of disclosure are extremely dense and weighty to consider. One could spend hours digesting just one of these topics, which are commonly considered fringe in today’s society. However, we are here to discuss a different and yet parallel subject. This is the subject of individual choice, or more specifically, the choice to know.

In order to see Disclosure, we must make the choice to be aware and have the courage to face the possibilities behind the truth which the disclosure will bring to light. Many of these truths will be unconventional, considering the fact that secrecy has defined convention for the past century. This does not mean that we should abandon our responsibility of thorough research and verification. It simply means that from vigorous research and diligent scrutiny, we must have the courage to face the information we encounter.

Conscious Life Expo – David Wilcock – Page 1 – New Intel, The Human Evolutionary Leap, Sacred Geometry, Illuminati Secrets, and More

This article is dedicated to examining the concept of the partial disclosure, or the hindrance of the Disclosure process for the sake of a few financial interests. It is my hope that this article will help each and every one of us to discern and to face the truth the moment it is revealed.

The Balance of Power
There is one main reason for the need for a full-disclosure event to revolutionize the various societies of this planet. This Full Disclosure is to end the entirety of the secrecy for the sake of respect for the equality of all people. This disclosure is an acknowledgment to our right to know about all that affects our daily lives and represents the balancing of power among all people around the globe. With this balance in mind, it is important for us to know what power truly is.

When we speak of power, many ideas may come to mind. Some of us may believe this word refers to one’s ability to control others. Others may think of it as a matter of economic influence, and there are those who simply think of power as one’s own ability to make their own choices. The truth is that all of these are valid definitions.

To clarify, let’s check the definition from Merriam-Webster for the word “power.”

  • : the ability or right to control people or things
  • : political control of a country or area
  • : a person or organization that has a lot of control and influence over other people or organizations

If we consider these definitions of this word, we may notice something. Aside from the definitions which refer to mathematical applications, there seems to be no reference to human equality of any kind. It seems that in this official definition, the modern English language has all but completely done away with the fact that true power comes from the individual, and in essence, is equally distributed among all people. Let’s consider a few examples.

American Mind Control: The Cost of Secrecy Part 1 – Examining the Effects of Secrecy, Propaganda, and Organized, White-Collar Crime

Most of us are familiar with the concept of governmental monarchy. This is of course, the form of centralized government in which a single figurehead holds complete control over an area, province, or country. Yet even though this one individual supposedly holds all of this power, they would have no control at all unless everyone else agreed to allow them that control.

Jacques Louis David – The-Coronation of Napoleon
In every ancient monarchical government structure, no single ruling figure could have held any such authority without the entire kingdom agreeing that they should. Generally speaking, if the people do not decide to follow, no authority can lead anyone in any way. A king or queen has dozens of servants, maids, butlers, cooks, groundskeepers and gardeners, craftsmen, and guards. They have advisers and clergymen who direct their political decisions, and armies of thousands who obey their every whim. However, not a single order of this monarchic figure would ever mean anything if the people chose not to follow them.

Full Disclosure and Ascension – Commentary of the Latest Article from David Wilcock

In the common social interaction in which equality of power is acknowledged, there is no hierarchy. When one person starts giving orders to another, they probably won’t get much from the person (except maybe the finger and/or some choice words). Now take these same two people—one giving the order and the other receiving that order—and place beside these two, five other people who are following the orders. Due to this situation, the compulsion to obey is somewhat increased. Now add in 10, 20, 50, or even an entire country of people doing as they are mandated to do by some unseen authority, and the compulsion to obey is compounded. Add in the ability of the authority to order punishment upon those who disobey, and this control is solidified.

We as human beings have the conditioning to conform to whatever social situation we find ourselves in. This is not to say that this tendency cannot be overcome. It is merely to say that we are raised to conform to the collective of society. This social conformity may have a few positive aspects up to a certain point. However for those who appreciate independent thought and the freedom to choose for themselves, this pull to conform can be somewhat of an annoyance. The above example of this social tendency to conform demonstrates the psychological concept ofsocial conditioning, or what many in modern days refer to as the sheep effect.

Psych Central – “Herd” Mentality Explained

The sheep effect could be described as the tendency of a person to automatically do whatever those around them are doing. This could simply be initiated by one person repeating an action, or it could be an entire group practicing . Eventually, you may have a large group of people doing the same thing over and over again without knowing why. The following clip comes from a show which airs on theNational Geographic channel called Brain Games, and demonstrates a prime example of the sheep effect in action.

Brain games – Social conformity
What Lies Beyond the Haze of Social Conditioning?

So as we can see, it seems fairly easy to subtly coerce a suggestible person into following a social norm even though they have no logical reason for doing so. To be fair, this woman most likely reasoned to herself that the bell had something to do with being called for her appointment. What is interesting to see is that she never actually asked about why the group kept standing. There seems to have simply been the rationalization, immediately followed by conformity.

This tendency of social conformity is a pervasive phenomenon which seems to grip the entirety of developed societies around the world. In fact, this conformity may be the one of the main reasons why large civilizations have developed in the way that they have. It is very likely that this coercion to conform has been used to create various facets of society, and to build that which has been built. However, as we may have seen, modern society doesn’t serve all people equally. Instead the supposedly civilized world appears to be designed to use the individual for their entire lifetime. When society has taken the best years of life of the individual, it discards them while at the same time, it grooms their children to be used in the exact same way.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Illuminati Salvage Plan – The Cabal’s Attempt at Damage Control from the World of Entertainment

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – “The Cabal’s Downward Spiral” – Assessing the Final Days of a Crumbling Cabal, and a Prelude to Breakthrough

This grossly exploitative societal structure appears to have been designed by those who benefit from it most. These benefactors don’t work. They don’t contribute, but in many ways they use and enjoy the spoils of everything that we the people work for. Due to their elitist mentality and upbringing, these manipulators have, in a sense, domesticated the rest of humanity to work as their own servants, and have collectively assumed the position of the monarch of ancient times—creating an oligarchy. So what’s the significance of these discoveries, and what do they have to do with to partial disclosure?

The Nature of Unbalanced Power

The bottom line is that a partial disclosure would serve as a prime opportunity for more elitists to assume even more influential positions, and to seize more power than they deserve. Just like we have seen over the last century, any excess of power only compounds, and eventually corrupt those who hold it.

Who’s Investing in the Dakota Access Pipeline? Meet the Banks Financing Attacks on Protesters – Extended Commentary and Links Included

Over time, the common people will typically adapt to their lower societal positions—becoming more and more comfortable and increasingly dependent upon the state to direct their lives. At the same time, the common people will become less and less self responsible. Eventually, the people become so dependent and the state becomes so domineering and power-drunk that the people will submit to any plan—no matter how foolish or ridiculous—simply so that they can avoid self-awareness and self-responsibility.

It is a historical trend that when ethical integrity of a government dips farthest, nationalistic propaganda is most heavily promoted.

Report: At least 50 teams were paid by Department of Defense for patriotic displays

Immature, centralized dependency upon the state can have some fairly horrendous results. As we have seen throughout history, this dependency has lead to the horrors of the Holocaust. This blind submission of the people led to one of the most notorious….

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Sonic Geometry – A Study on the Amazing Secret Hidden within Sound Frequency – Video, Links and Commentary

Source: Discerning The Mystery

For thousands of years, cultures from around the world have been aware of the relationship between the physical universe and sound frequency. However, in modern times this relationship seems to be largely unacknowledged. Today, this relationship seems to span numerous disciplines of science as well as the areas of music and harmonics. Yet the key connection among these is seldom made.

Wisdom Teachings and the Practicals of Pyramid Science – A Breakdown of the Studies of David Wilcock – Learning the Specifics of How to Jump-start the Light-Body

The scientific study of harmonics has yielded numerous discoveries and rediscoveries which point to the strong possibility that the people of ancient cultures were onto something significant. Though mainstream science has made subtle developments toward the same ends, it has only begun to catch on to the fact that sound is much more than a series of pressure waves.

Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

When I think back to math classes in school—Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra—all I am able to remember are the basic principles which I never learned to apply to everyday life. The thing I remember most about these classes was being bored—extremely bored. These were subjects which were exhausted over hours of class time. Yet not one of these areas of study was ever presented as applicable in real life.

The Photon – Seed of the Universe – A Digest of the Significance of this Foundational Particle – Commentary by David Wilcock

It confuses me as to how such a broad-spectrum subject—a subject which is so widely applicable, and so massive in significance—could be presented as something as lifeless and irrelevant as we are taught in school. As alternative science has reveal over time, these subjects in mathematics are much more than we were taught to believe.

It seems that in today’s society, the interconnectedness of the various disciplines of science have been erased from existence. The common thread through these disciplines has been completely done away with so that the sciences have become largely unproductive to their own ends. This omission of the very backbone of universal functionality and form has hindered human growth for a century of time (if not longer). Yet as alternative scientists have proven, this connective backbone of vibration and frequency have proven to be more than just nice sounds designed for entertainment.

Gematria / Gimatria

The mathematical concepts revealed within this video cannot easily be disproved. These are not arguable principles, as the study of cymatics has proven. Vibration, frequency, and the geometry they create are quite possibly the most consistent and provable facts we know today. We can see the inter-connectivity everywhere, and these can easily be measured.

There may be those who will resist a new idea no matter how sensible it is. No matter how much evidence they may see and no matter how many verifiable, consistent results they are given, they will never accept the newness they are presented with. We are not interested in such an audience. The message of these possibilities goes to the intelligent and the courageously open minded. Yet with this openness to new ideas and avenues of thought comes the necessity of responsible foregoing of any conclusion. For the sake of thorough examination, let’s consider the Platonic solids.

There have been numerous articles in which I have covered the details for the Platonic solids. So for now, I will simply post a few of the links to those articles here.

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