Is the Joy of Giving Our Way to a Moneyless Society and Golden Age?

Source: Stillness In The Storm

by Justin Deschamps

The Abundance of Giving

This is an article from 2014 that I think is pertinent to bring forth at this time.

Often without being able to envision a new way forward, we get trapped in old habits and belief systems. As such, taking the time to imagine what a positive future looks like is an excellent way to begin making it a reality. Once this image is clear within our minds, especially if infused with pragmatic insights, we can start to change our behavior to align with it, literally bringing this new world into being.

A golden age is within our grasp, we need only set our minds to the task of manifesting it with everything we do.

Original Text (January 12th, 2014):

A moneyless society is something I think that is totally attainable within a short term period because we already are doing so much for free in our lives already simply for the reward of giving.

Do you charge someone on the street for directions? Do you charge a friend for your time to listen to them? Do you charge your family for all the things you do? Probably not. While it has almost disappeared from modern life, the joy of giving is still alive and well. If only we could nurture and expand this innate human drive to give.

Compersion is the act of being filled with joy simply by observing the joy in another. The official definition “is the positive feelings one gets when a lover is enjoying another relationship.” Sometimes called the opposite or flip side of jealousy. Granted this meaning is focused on our significant other but I think if we expand the concept to include other people in general, and a powerful concept for collective healing is revealed.

I couldn’t help but notice the word Compersion also looks like the word Compassion. And Compassion has the word compass in it. Maybe the people who developed the English language were trying to tell us something? Maybe compassion and empathy are the compass or guide to higher consciousness and global peace, a way to create abundance for all.

When giving to another and seeing their joy in receiving something unselfishly, we empathize with them, feeling compassion and gratitude in a way that is not dependent on anything but the joy of observing the moment. I would argue this is a kind of metaphysical energy that fuels our consciousness, the same energy we feel when inspired about something in life. When inspiration fills the soul, we want for nothing, drawing our life force energy from experience itself.

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I had a thought recently that Compersion could be the thing that helps us to enter a moneyless society, one of abundance, joy, and growth for all. Imagine what a world based on the joy of giving would look like?

Instead of people being forced to earn a living—a kind of mandatory giving—we can discover what our passion is and give that to anyone willing to receive it. If everyone did this, all our needs would probably be met in time. That may sound crazy at first but when you consider the diversity of people on earth and how many different ways each individual creates happiness via their passions in the world, it is easy to imagine society switching over to doing their highest joy as a method for providing abundance. Instead of being forced to work for survival. Challenges will still be present but we’ll meet them with joy in our hearts as our unique passions can finally be expressed. At the very least, we’ll be much happier from moment to moment. And a positive atmosphere—in and of itself—is healing and uplifting for all involved. Simply smiling at another person can transform their day.

As an example of how this philosophy can work, consider Amanda Palmer. She enjoys making music as well as performing, and through her outpouring of giving she has gathered a following of individuals who want to co-create with her—giving their energy back to her forming a complete cycle. This energy return comes in many forms, money being one of them.

The key difference is that both Palmer and her fans feel gratitude on the outset as there is no debt, obligation, or expectation hindering the situation. Conversely, in a debt based system where we pay for things upfront people tend to expect things that may not be realistic, ensuring they feel dissatisfied some of the time. The difference is subtle, but incredibly powerful, something we should try to explore in our own lives to gain personal understanding.

Money is simply a tool, despite its effects in the world being arguably negative. Money in the case of Palmer and her fans is a symbol or token of their appreciation. It represents a way for those who have been positively affected by her work to show their love—a complete and honorable exchange of value. Imagine if everyone on the planet contributed to society in this way? Imagine if we could support our fellows through our creative nature, much like a parent provides for their child for the love of doing so.

The joy of giving freely comes with its own reward.

Imagine if everyone gave of themselves freely? Everyone would be abundant in nearly every respect as the creative powers hidden away within each of us blossomed into life. It is this false idea of scarcity (survival of the fittest) that cripples us with fear, preventing our creative powers from coming to the fore. Fear causes us to hold back from giving, as we try to keep what we have.

In a world of fear, no on gives, everyone lacks, and all suffer. In a world of love, everyone gives, no one lacks, and all can grow in abundance.

If we can make that first step of living in the moment and giving to others in a pay-it-forward capacity, we can help lay the foundation for a new society, one based on love, compassion, and the common bond we all share living on the same blue planet.

But someone has to make the first move. Someone has to pay-it-for-ward first, to show others that love is better than fear. Why wait for tomorrow, what you can do today.

– Justin

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Published on Jul 9, 2012

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