Could The Film ‘Arrival’ Be The Blueprint For Our Collective Spiritual Awakening?

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By Dr. Sam Rader,

‘Arrival’ is the modern Kubrickian science fiction blockbuster directed by Canadian prodigy Denis Villeneuve that has received eight Academy Award nominations for 2017, including Best Picture and Best Director. I hope it wins them all.

In my opinion, ‘Arrival’ is much more than just a great movie. In fact, I believe it could be the most important piece of art made in my lifetime.

If we are willing students, ‘Arrival’ is attempting to teach us a new way of life. The film outlines both the possibility for and the necessity of international andintergalactic cooperation, and introduces human beings to a nonlinear orientation in time. Both are powerful reminders of our universal interconnectivity and serve as signposts toward a collective spiritual awakening…a remembrance of our temporal and existential unity. As the aliens proclaim in the film: “There is no time. Many become one.”

The film begins with flashbacks of protagonist Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) tenderly holding her newborn daughter. We soon learn that in present time, Dr. Banks is being pursued by the U.S. Military for her linguistic expertise, in an attempt to establish communication with a species of aliens who have inexplicably descended on earth. The aliens, dubbed Heptapods as their nearly featureless grey bodies are supported by seven spindly legs, occupy oblong primitive stone spacecrafts which hover a few dozen feet above the ground in twelve seemingly random locations around the globe.

Dr. Banks and theoretical physicist Dr. Gary Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) spend several months attempting to decipher the language and intentions of the Heptapods through a glass window in their stone spaceship, while linguists and physicists around the world do the same. As might be expected, all world governments are urgently suspicious of invasion and/or warmongering. The aliens eventually transmit that they have come to earth to share a gift with humans. It is unclear in translation whether this gift is a ‘weapon’ or a ‘tool’.

The message from the Heptapods is perplexing, but even more so is the language in which it is conveyed. Heptapods write in circular logographs penned via a single squirt of buoyant ink from their tentacled palms. As Dr. Banks works tirelessly to understand the aliens, she is haunted by vivid intrusive memories of her daughter’s rich childhood ending in an untimely death from a rare disease around the age of thirteen.

Tension mounts as most world governments, influenced by a particularly reactive Military General in China, conclude that the aliens are attempting to wipe out human civilization by gifting weapons to be used against one another. Convinced of their malicious intentions, General Shang aims to lead a global war against the aliens. While he is poised to strike, Dr. Banks makes her way behind the ship’s glass barrier into a dense misty atmosphere where the Heptapods explain that the gift of their language is a circular, nonlinear, simultaneous perception of time. They finally share their true intentions: “We help humanity. In three thousand years, we need humanity help. Louise sees future. Weapon opens time.” It is only then Dr. Banks understands that her recent vivid daydreams of a daughter are not some psychotic intrusion, but rather a glance at her future life.

While struggling to integrate this devastating truth, Dr. Banks knows she is the only one who can put to use the real gift the Heptapods are offering humanity: the technology of nonlinear time and nondualism. As she runs to inform the military that they are making a grave mistake and can abandon war and work together for all to prevail, she is hit with a memory of her future, where at a gala of international dignitaries, General Shang thanks her for single-handedly preventing world destruction. He relays his personal cell phone number and the last words of his late wife, reminding Dr. Banks that was how she was able to call and convince him to stop the war. As her future memory floods in, Dr. Banks contacts General Shang in the present, just in the nick of time to close the loop.

In the nonlinear experience of time she has acquired along with the Heptapod language, Dr. Banks has seen a future in which her pubescent daughter dies in her arms; a future in which her husband leaves her when their daughter is 4 years old, because he is so disturbed in learning their fate. At the conclusion of the film Louise Banks realizes it’s Gary Donnelly who is her future husband, who will love her deeply then leave her to a life of loss and loneliness. Knowing all this, she chooses to live every second of the life that’s coming. It is far from a perfect path, and it is her path, so she embraces it with an aching, yet open heart.

‘Arrival’ plays like a palindrome. Louise’s lonely past in her house by the water is indistinguishable from her future after her daughter Hannah (another palindrome) dies. The beginning and end of her story are the same, both arcing toward a meaty middle. The film itself traces a circle, like the Heptapods’ logographs.

There are several time paradoxes in the film, such as when the future General Shang gives Louise the information she needs to impact himself in the past. Time paradoxes reverse causality, and thus call into question the split of cause and effect. Like a palindrome, the causality in a time paradox can be read both forward and backward. The same is true of the Heptapod’s mission: they help us because they need our help.

In order for a time paradox to exist, time itself must be simultaneous as well as sequential. Ted Chiang’s novella ‘Story of Your Life’, the work that ‘Arrival’ was based on, explains this using Fermat’s Principle of Least Time. We all know that water bends light beams so that light’s course is never straight between point A and point B, if point A is in air and point B is in water. Fermat discovered that the bent light path is actually the course that takes the shortest time for light to reach its destination. In Chiang’s words this means “the ray of light has to know where it will ultimately end up before it can choose the direction to begin moving in.” Fermat’s principle reverses causality and hints at the nonlinear nature of time.

The language of the Heptapods is written nonlinearly in a single blast of smoky ink, and when learned, allows for a nonlinear perception of time. In Chiang’s story, Dr. Banks says, “the semagrams seemed to be something more than language; they were almost like mandalas. I found myself in a meditative state, contemplating the way in which premises and conclusions were interchangeable.”

Chiang writes, “When the ancestors of humans and heptapods first acquired the spark of consciousness, they both perceived the same physical world, but they parsed their perceptions differently…Humans had developed a sequential mode of awareness, while heptapods had developed a simultaneous mode. We experienced events in an order, and perceived their relationship as cause and effect. They experienced all events at once, and perceived a purpose underlying them all.”

‘Arrival’ is one of the first blockbuster films to expand beyond linearity, duality and the dominant masculine paradigm of ‘us versus them’. I have been waiting a long time for this, longing for it with all my heart. I thought ‘Avatar’ might be going somewhere until the spiritual natives conclude the only way to stop the greedy military is to wage a war. Go figure.

There’s a popular maxim that the only way opposing forces will unify is to share a common enemy. This idea only exists within the dualistic masculine frame of competition and aggression. In ‘Arrival’, U.S. Colonel Webber (Forrest Whittaker) describes it perfectly: “I need to explain all of this to a room full of men who’s first and last question is, ‘How can this be used against us?’”. Most modern governments and forms of entertainment are oriented around a zero-sum game in which someone wins and someone loses.

‘Arrival’ teaches us the brilliance of a non-zero-sum game, where everyone benefits by working together. It is one of the first major films brave enough to promote the feminine paradigm of inclusion. Everyone gets to matter. There are no good guys or bad guys. No one wins or loses.

Here I’m using the terms feminine and masculine not to convey gender, but instead the raw archetypal energy of yin and yang, respectively. Masculine yang energy is exclusive, linear, rational and individualistic. Feminine yin energy is inclusive, circular, emotional and collective. All of us have both kinds of intelligence inside, and both are extremely valuable. Especially when in balance.

Our planet has been ruled by an unintegrated masculine framework that has all of us feeling separate and frightened. Even the feminist movement is based on an ‘us versus them’ role reversal—up with women, down with men. But I believe the new wave hipster feminists are right when they say: The future is female. My interpretation of this is that sentient beings can come together across species, genders, races, and solar systems to stop exploiting, blaming and fighting one another.

Besides ‘Arrival’ there are two other famous stories with female protagonists, which explore the idea of peaceful collaboration with beings from other planets. The first was Madeleine L’Engle’s young adult novel ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, in which a girl named Meg embarks on a journey of interdimensional space travel to try to unite her family. One of the planets she visits is inhabited by beasts who uncannily resemble the Heptapods from ‘Arrival’—a benevolent race of dull grey animal-like creatures who stand upright “taller than any man” with several limbs, and have tentacled hands through which they communicate. Like the Heptapods, the beasts have no facial features except indentations where eyes might be, and their planet has a misty opaque atmosphere. Just as in ‘Arrival’ these beasts are beacons of interplanetary cooperation and unconditional love.

A similar trope was explored in Jodi Foster’s 1997 film ‘Contact’, based on a Carl Sagan novel, in which her character discovers a communication signal broadcast to earth from a distant star, which contains blueprints for a technology that allows for instant, long-distance space travel. Foster’s character is propelled through ‘worm holes’ across galaxies to a distant civilization where an alien converses with her, saying “You’re such an interesting species. An interesting mix. You’re capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you’re not. See, in all our searching, the only thing that makes the emptiness bearable is each other.”

I think the reason these three stories have female protagonists is because it is raw feminine archetypal energy—the energy of inclusion and circularity—that will allow us to bridge the gap of universality. In ‘Arrival’, Dr. Banks is selected for the mission over a male colleague because his definition of the Sanskrit word for war is “an argument” and hers is “a desire for more cows”. The feminine wisdom of empathy is what will allow our species to expand spiritually and galactically.

The linchpin of ‘Arrival’ is General Shang’s wife’s dying words, which screenwriter Eric Heisserer has said he wished to include as subtitles, but ultimately didn’t make it into the film. From Chiang’s novella they were: “In war there are no winners, only widows.” The Heptapod’s gift of feminine circular wisdom reminds us that we are all one.

I wonder if it’s possible whether these stories—‘Arrival’, ‘Contact’ and ‘A Wrinkle in Time’—actually are the first points of contact with intergalactic species. It seems entirely plausible that intelligent life from other regions of the universe may be able to influence our art telepathically, so as to gradually and gently insert themselves into our awareness. The alien in ‘Contact’ explains, “This was just a first step. In time you’ll take another. This is the way it’s been done for billions of years. Small moves, Ellie. Small moves.”

‘Arrival’ introduces us to the idea that time may be nonlinear: an inclusive circle. This may also be true of space. There is a scientific theory gaining momentum now which explains that the universe may in fact be a hologram.

On earth, a hologram is a three-dimensional photograph achieved via laser-beam encoding. Besides the amazing 3-D images they create, with different perspectives seen from different angles, the most interesting part of a hologram is that every part of the film contains the whole. If you take a holographic image of a peach and cut the film in half, both fragments depict the entire peach. This is true no matter how infinitesimally small you cut the film. The whole is in every little part.

In 1982 at the University of Paris, particle physicist Alain Aspect discovered that electrons can communicate instantaneously across any span of space. If these electrons were beaming their communication spatially, this would violate Einstein’s law that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. London physicist David Bohm believes the reason the particles can talk instantly across vast distances is that they are in fact not separated by space . . . or rather that space is not what it seems. Bohm explains these seemingly separate particles are aspects of the same underlying holographic whole.

Bohm offers a thought experiment in which a person might watch two live video screens of a fish swimming in an aquarium, each broadcast from different angles. At first one would think the two fish on the screens were connected in some meaningful way and could influence each other’s behavior almost simultaneously, when in fact the fish are one.

The gift the Heptapods in ‘Arrival’ have come to give humanity is a potential paradigm shift toward nondualism, away from the ‘us versus them’ mentality with which our world, as majestically mirrored by our current president, is currently infected. With the right kind of thinking, we have the capacity to wake up as individual parts of one interconnected entity.

Individualists might see this as a violation of free will. Why give up our human right to choose and surrender to The Great All That Is? ‘Arrival’ illuminates the paradoxical palindrome of determinism in which Louise Banks’ free will is exercised not by resisting her fate but by choosing to embrace her life exactly the way she knows it will be. She lives toward her daughter’s death to savor every moment in between, much in the same way we adopt pets or buy fresh cut flowers. We can be individual players in the Play of All Plays without forgetting “There is no time. Many become one.”

About the author: Dr. Sam Rader is a holistic and analytically-oriented psychologist with a private practice in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. She specializes in helping her clients become more integrated and spiritually awake individuals, by assisting them in freeing themselves of outdated psychological defenses. Sam is passionate about honesty, self-awareness, positivity, touch, beauty, the psyche, anatomy, the cosmos, and cats. You can connect with her on her website.hjwr6w56jw5ww6jw

Love Bubble Meditation

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

The following is an easy meditation that anyone can do, any time!

1. Envision that everybody around you is part of your family.  You can think of it as a family reunion.  By doing so, you will eliminate any judgments or preconceived ideas about any person you may encounter.

2. Imagine your aura expanding outwards. If you are on a city street, you may want to envision your aura covering the entire sidewalk that you are on or even the entire street.  No matter where you are, you can make your aura as large or as small as you like.

3. Place the intended thought of “LOVE” inside that bubble.  Whenever someone walks within that area of your “Love Bubble,” FEEL the exchange of love from you to them.

If all thoughts are energy, then the simple thought of love will not only help to raise your own vibration, but the vibrations of everyone you encounter.

You may want to try this during your meditation as well.  In this case, you can envision the love in a much larger area expanding outwards, beginning in your neighborhood and moving outwards through your city, state, country, planet and universe.

Love Everyone Meditation

Once again, you can do this meditation anywhere such as at the mall, walking on any given street at the beach or at a public park.

Remember: If all thoughts are energy, then this will cost you nothing and it will help raise the vibration of many people!

Just like the Love Bubble Meditation, envision that everyone around you is part of your family.

This one is really simple and effective.  Whether you’re walking on the street, in the mall or on the beach (or anywhere!) silently say to the people walking your way, “I love you”. It doesn’t hurt to smile, nod your head or say, “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening” as well, but that’s not necessary.  The simple intention and thought has already planted its seed!

Every day, we have numerous opportunities to raise the vibration of ourselves, other people and our planet and all it takes is a little thought and intention. The vibration of love is the highest form of vibration in the Universe, so share it with as many people as possible!

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Importance Of Self Love

Source: In5D

by Adeana M. Slater,
Guest writer,

When we first arrive on Earth, we experience amnesia and lose the truth of our soul divinity. This is for a reason since we are here to learn. If we came in with already existing knowledge, the purpose of our current life in terms of growth and expansion would become a mute point. The goal of each incarnation on Earth is the same. For the soul to discover the truth in our existence that we are indeed sovereign beings, created in the likeliness of Father Mother God. We are Source creation, able to do and be anything of our heart’s deepest desires. There are no true limitations as to what we are capable of doing, except for the societal programs that have plagued our true essence from the ability to discover our pure and authentic self.

Earth is especially difficult when we are faced with duality, the illusion of separation, and the hold that the dark entities have had, for as long as they have. Humanity as a whole incarnated into already adverse circumstances that most souls were unable to overcome or heal from. The majority of ourchildhood memories stem from abuse in some form, from the most dysfunctional and un-nurturing home environments. These experiences serve to imprint our inner child with the feelings of being unloved, rejected, abandoned, or not being good enough. These are the most common themes that pollute our soul energy and belief systems. In a form of deterrence, we are also conditioned that self-love is egotistical, arrogant, or self-centered. In addition, It has not been helpful that our World has revolved around patriarch dominance and conditional love, riddled with attachments and expectations. You can see how all of the blocks are already stacked against us, when it comes to the mastery of self-love and discovery.

It is also a quite common theme in this particular day and age to be codependent on another. We are unable to function without “something or someone.” We are placing restrictions and outer conditions on love already. When we don’t feel it for ourselves, it is becomes natural to place power in the hands of another. Automatically the actions or reactions of another becomes “who or what” we are as individuals. In this way, we leave the definition of who we are, into the hands of those, who most likely do not have our own interest at heart, but rather their own agenda and selfish intentions. Without the true empowerment of self-love we are unable to clearly see the limitations placed on our growth. Rather, we fall victim to those who wish to use manipulation, control, or seduction to contain you within their grasp of attachment.

It is of the most importance that we see and feel the necessity of self- love in order to propel us forward in this Ascension process. The reason why, is that since we are created in the likeliness of God, it is through the love of self that we are able to reconnect to Source energy in order to find our way out of the darkness. It is through the light of our own heart, that connects us to ALL THAT IS. In this way, if we follow love in whatever form, we will always find our way out of the shadows and into the light of our utmost divinity. How can we follow or recognize love if we do not feel it for ourself? This my dear beloveds is what can stop us from truly moving forward. Self-love is always discovered, treasured, and made manifest from within before it is ever made available in the outer realms of existence. The truth of love is that we are only able to give and receive in the same magnitude that we feel for ourselves. The more we are restricting with self love, is the less we are able to give and receive from others. We are automatically not living to our fullest potential in this way.

It is through conscious awareness and acknowledgment which brings us to the divinity that we hold dear within our heart. Only we hold the keys to this empowerment and ability. Only we can truly desire and then manifest the life and love we deserve, of endless possibilities, in order to make a difference. No outer circumstances, situations, relationships, or experiences will bring us love and joy, if we are unable to find this sacred truth within ourself first and foremost.

~Adeana M. Slater

About the author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath and Lightworker who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time. She is a single mother of four children and full time Registered Nurse.

Metatron’s Lesson: Love Versus Fear And Ascension

Source: In5D

by Alexa Person,
Guest writer,

The Unites States has just endured one of most polarizing elections in modern history. The reverberations from this election are likely far from over. And just like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, duality, in all of its fading 3D glory, is raising its young head and begging for attention.

As a practitioner, I have little interaction with the election. But I recently found myself working with some friends in my circle who have been extremely catalyzed by recent events, which led me back to my writings. Metatron immediately pointed me to a specific passage that directly relates to what we are experiencing on a global level.

By early 2011 I’d become Metatron’s attentive student. His lesson on this particular day was firmly rooted in a topic I’d spent a lifetime attempting to understand: fear. In true Metatron style, he didn’t waste any time getting started. I barely had time to find pen and paper when he abruptly began communicating with me.

The following passage is an excerpt taken directly from my journals. I recorded the experience as fully as possible on the pages of a small journal. For the sake of authenticity I have not altered the selection in any way.

Journal Entry

Open your mind.

Open your heart.

You are free and safe.

Be true. Own your existence.

Don’t waste your life in fear.

Time is of the essence. It is short. Don’t spend time in regret. Be who you really are and express your uniqueness. Source loves your true heart. Never fear your fear. Embrace your Light. There is no wrong, nor judgment.

Be free of the escape. In escapism we loose the heart/ourselves and become other than Source. Life is the experience. Do not run from the adventure, no matter where it might take you. Life never ends. There is no judgment. Choose wisely and from your heart-fear not fear. Fear not the unknown for in the shadows of your mind lurks true understanding. Face your fears and do not look back, nor judge-for you walk in the Light of your Creator, in the Light of unconditional Love and Understanding.

As a child is born and walks among men, so too does the soul move through the cosmos-one foot leading/directing the other, falling then rising again, only to learn the method and reasoning. Only, in matters of Truth, it is much different. Earthly Laws do not apply.

Life is in the experience of living-it is not the end. This is the joyride of the soul and whim of the Creator. Do not take seriousness and dread in any aspects for it is about the reflection of living, the reflection to Source, so it may know and experience itself. Fret not in anything for the Creator finds joy in the play. Returning to Source the cycle of life repeats over and over until the essence finds pause and return.

There are no mistakes. Live life to its fullest and fear not. Regret not. Embrace the spark within and find the joy that we see God and become Source and become One.


My Interpretation


Metatron’s lesson was crystal clear. The world you occupy and everything within it is a projection of your own consciousness. This means all of your experiences are actually constructs within a hologram of your design. You created this stage for the sake of expanding your soul into Love, but the frequency you align with is entirely up to you: fear being the lowest frequency and Love being the highest octave.

All roads ultimately lead back home to Source, so it is merely a question of the path you choose. Will your journey be short and straight or winding and long? Will you take the shortest most direct route of Love and Light or will you choose the long and winding road of fear? The choice is completely yours and based upon Free Will.

When you impose your will on events and attempt to steer them into particular outcomes you are in resistance because you are working within ego, which is fear. You can’t be ONE with theUniverse when you are in a state of separation.

On the contrary, resistance-free moments occur when you are in service to others. You experience flow when you allow the Universe to co-create with your consciousness outside of ego.


Metatron’s teaching also specifically focused on being free of the escape. I define escapism as distractions, the handy tools of choice when we are in a state of fear.

But what are distractions?

Distractions are outside influences that repeatedly divert you off your path and lower your frequency. Anything can be used as a distraction. Examples include, but are not limited to: television, cell phones, addictions and behaviors that could potentially become habitual. All of these outside influences block guidance from the Higher Self.

A distraction has the intention to become unavoidable. It hijacks your consciousness with the purpose of implanting new programming, thus dictating how you think and manipulating your decision-making process.

Experiencing stillness within a distraction is highly unlikely and absolutely not rewarded. Although some distractions (i.e.: a cell phone and some television programming) can be beneficial, all distractions offer some form of negative reward ranging from instant gratification to desensitization to various levels of intensity. This is particularly true withaddictive behaviors and/or repeated behaviors that involve avoidance, all of which successfully eliminate the possibility of meditative, self-contemplation.

As an Alchemist, one quote stands out. “Fear not the unknown, for in the shadow of your mind lurks true understanding.” Metatron is telling us when you have the courage to squarely face your shadow self and heal the wounds that lurk deeply within, you effectively bring in powerful Light that move you higher in frequency and closer to unity consciousness.

But when you are seduced by distractions and engage wholeheartedly in their trappings, you effectively delay the gift of healing and unification. Distractions do nothing more than isolate you from your Mind, Body, Soul and the community around you.

A perfect example of a distraction, although extreme, is the “Pokemon Go” phenomenon. Lucia Grosaru, in her article, “The Dark Psychology Behind Pokemon Go”, addresses the implications of the app that took the world by storm. The implications she reveals are applicable to all technology and the distractions we so willingly abdicate our power and consciousness to.

Another Way

Post election, during this time of extreme polarization throughout our country and the world, there is a light of unity at the end of the tunnel.  Michael Tellinger leads the Ubuntu Movement, a liberation movement of unity consciousness. He defines Ubuntu as the following:

“Ubuntu is an ancient African humanist philosophy that refers to communities where people live in harmony with each other and the nature around them-where there is unity in the community. “

Based on the principles of Unity Consciousness, it is a social structure where everyone lives in harmony with nature and each other, contributing their God-given talents. It is a moneyless society

Galactic Soul

Metatron also references reincarnation, but does not confine it to merely an Earthly definition. He refers to souls moving through the cosmos, learning as they weave through various incarnations throughout this universe and others.

Evidently, understanding the reasoning and methodology of this common spiral of incarnation is so vast that unless the veil is successfully pierced, galactic reincarnation and all it entails appears to be outside the scope of comprehension while residing in the 3rd Density. The way to access this information is to raise your frequency.

Source at Play

In the last passage, Metatron tells us that Source resides within ALL life for the purpose of experiencing itself. And since life is about the reflection of living, we are ALL reflections of Source, thus we are all fractals of the ONE.

Regardless of which path we choose, we all ultimately return home to ourselves, which is Source, where we rest until we are ready to venture out once again and act out another magnificent play.

Choosing Timelines

Although we currently live in 3rd Density, which is steeped in duality, intense influxes ofPlasma Light Energy are washing over the planet, assisting us in transcending the weight and amnesia of our current state of polarity and move us collectively toward unity consciousness. This process is called Ascension, but it is not a passive process.

How do you choose a timeline? You don’t, or at least not consciously. Ascension is a frequency-based event that will align with one of three possibilities based upon each individual’s vibration.

The Law of One is a series of channeled communications by Don Elkins, Carla Ruekert and Jim McCarty originating from a social memory complex called, Ra. This entity belonged to a group of 6th Density beings that inhabited Venus 2.6 Billion years ago.

The Law of One tells us we are now being asked to choose a timeline: Earth Negative or Earth Positive, or a third timeline, which is relocation to a completely different planet. In the following passages, Ra tells Don Elkins, the Questioner, through the channel, Carla Ruekert, exactly how this will take place.

16.12 Questioner: Then as we enter the fourth density there will be a split, shall we say, and part of the individuals who go into the fourth density will go to planets or places where there is service to others and the other part will go into places where there is service to self.

Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

63.32 Questioner: When the third density goes out of activation and into potentiation that will leave us with a planet that is first, second, and fourth density. At that time there will be no activated third-density vibrations on this planet. Am I correct in assuming that all third-density vibrations on this planet now are those vibrations that compose the bodily complexes of entities such as us; and that that is the sum total of third-density vibrations on this planet at this time?

Ra: I am Ra. To answer your query, this is incorrect only in that in addition to the mind/body/spirit complexes of third density there are the artifacts, thought-forms, and feelings which these co-Creators have produced. This is third density.

More about Ascension from The Law of One

If you are based in Love, you will suddenly find yourself on the Earth Positive Timeline. And if you are based in fear, you will align with the Earth Negative Timeline. But if your frequency is not prepared for the change or ready to accept the higher frequencies of Light (Love), you will be relocated to a new planet in order to master the lessons 3rd Density offers.

On a recent episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode shares with David Wilcock details about his recent meeting with Tear Eir regarding timelines and Ascension.

Cosmic Disclosure “Guiding Humanity to Ascension”, Season 6, Episode 10, Gaia TV

Ascension Broken Down

We have each exercised Free Will and chosen our individual path: Love or fear. But it’s not too late to change course and choose Love! I strongly support raising your frequency in order to bypass another very long cycle of 3rd Density.

In order to raise your frequency, I suggest the following:

  • Let go of judgment of self and others.
  • Release gossip.
  • Seek the guidance of your Higher Self.
  • Express Love, Kindness and Forgiveness to yourself and others.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Eat consciously.
  • Lean into your fears and feel your pain fully.
  • Discover the gifts your challenges offer.
  • Allow your shadow self to illuminate the Light within you.
  • Be of service to others.

Five years ago Metatron began preparing me for what we are now experiencing-Ascension. His advice was simple, intuitive and intrinsically grounded within the very core of who we ALL are as sentient beings-Love.

There are no mistakes. Live life to its fullest and fear not. Regret not. Embrace the spark within and find the joy that we see God and become Source and become One.


Walk in Love and Faith and Surrender into your Light by facing your fears, healing your pain and serving others. Choose Love.

Love & Light,

Alexa Person


Energy Update – Collective Gridwork Fluctuations

I’ve been undergoing a major shift this last month. Most of the things that I haven’t dealt with are coming to the surface. So if you’re also experiencing this as well; be rest assured that you’re not the only one. We’re all getting ready to embody the New World; so to speak. One where peace, harmony and love reign.

Be kind to yourself when you’re going through this process. Take some time to yourself and relax. Accept what emotions come to the surface and let them go. We’re living in beautiful times right now. All these energies that are bombarding Earth will help assist in our endeavor to release old patterns.

What I’ve found to work for me is to allow myself to express and feel whatever my consciousness brings to the surface. If I feel angry or sad; I accept it and allow it to drift off of me. I also write in a journal to help release these emotions as well; find what works for you. In the past; I would resist it and not allow myself to release it. Now though; it’s time to let go. Don’t be so hard on yourselves loved ones; accept the moment for what it is.

Let your love flow freely from you. Worry not yourself with things you cannot control. Be the peace and compassion you desire. Always remember that you are worthy!

Timothy Frappier

Source: IN5D

by Lisa Brown,

We are going through many fluctuations in the gridwork this month and these are challenging many as they are “moved” from one gridwork to the next… connected, disconnected, connected, disconnected… there are huge periods of template wipes where we go offline, disconnect and then come back up online… This is the strongest I’ve experienced this since June 2015. Huge disconnects, which need to occur so we can shift to a whole new collective timeline.

If you are feeling this, then it’s continual re-calibrations in the gridwork, which you hold/link up to with your Crystalline LightBody Structure.

A lot of people’s feelings are all over the place, whether subtly or loudly…. The more we exist as a soul, the more subtle this is. The more human, the more external/loud this is. There have been such huge energetic releases lately by collectives….

This month has been about re-calibrating our systems, massive physical upgrades for many as how we function is completely re-worked even more than before.

To cleanse collective wounds for more love to emerge from within all, many must experience what they don’t want before they understand what’s important and the kundalini fire must be ignited to awaken the spirit/soul inside. This mass root chakra awakening that was triggered collectively in January 2016 has lit the fire, fueling the souls need to emerge from within. As collectives exit the old 3D matrix simulation and awaken from the slumber, all the suppression and victimhood must be cleared as each takes their power back from within. As chaos ensues for many to release, the more released, the more the gridwork is affected by the masses coming online, going back offline, coming back online… These fluctuations are affecting all of us, in our own ways.

To understand, one must be totally connected inside and in-tune with their own energetic gridwork to be aware of what is what. While the more crystalline light we are, the less we are subjected to unconscious collectives, we are affected when our NEW Earth Gridwork is being re-calibrated with such intensity now.

So, for those who feel disconnected, this is a part of the process as we clear old timelines and move/jump into new ones. We have to disconnect from anything that’s no longer in alignment/supporting our new existence here. The programs for this were held in the physical body/cellular structures and these continue immense re-sequencing and re-coding, because of these mega-frequency upgrades that we are experiencing every day now.

As multi-dimension light beings, you can experience multiple emotions simultaneously, while not being bound by any of them. You can observe what your re-calibrations are and honor this, while not being affected by the transitional phases as much as before. Your mind is no longer dictated by the emotion you feel. You can be a peace and always feel the magic while something else cleanses/clears. You don’t shift out of alignment while your body/mind/emotions do their thing. It’s a process that you honor and understand through your presence and connection inside. You can feel disconnected yet not be totally disconnected…. for you know the adjustments are important to move you into your next phase of a more awesome reality……

The reason I write this is because if there is any human’ness left, the human aspect will go to judgement and this creates suffering inside. Let go of the judgment and be okay, accept whatever you are feeling or not feeling inside and choose how you desire to experience the phase you are going through as these huge shifts occur. Kindness and compassion towards yourself, will allow you to feel these for others too. Remember, you are evolving beyond human comprehension and you don’t always need to understand everything first…. it takes awhile….be patient and listen to your body, honor you and how you need to feel as you shift. Pull away if you need to, connect with others if you need to….

These are unprecedented vibrations we are in now. These are new territory for all. We don’t know until we experience, and those predicting can only predict according the the vibrations that they have access to thus far. No one can tell you what timeline you are going to be in, for every moment is a different vibration now. Vibrations create realities, so the moment you shift vibrationally, then your timeline changes. As you master what you are doing/creating/transmitting vibrationally, then you get to participate in which timelines you desire to activate to experience here. Some timelines are always a surprise, because there are always a gazillion that were a higher vibration than you had access to before. The faster we integrate, the faster we experience the highest one’s possible thus far.

Now, we have connected back up and the Unified Field is stronger and at a much higher frequency than before. Collectively the gridwork is back online. We have super high frequencies continually now. Much is going on for everyone moving further into being responsible for the realities that they create. The backlash of unconsciousness is going to continue to be more visible as the physical reality becomes louder for those hearts and minds not open yet. The beauty and magnificence for intentionally transmitted conscious realities become more profoundly magical by the moment. The polarity continues out there, but it does not have to inside. The more in-tune and aligned one is, the softer and easier physical realities are. These higher vibrational realities are very soft, the exchanges are beyond beautiful when all is aligned. You will know when it is not, as you won’t be happy, inspired and in-joy the experience. Just the recognition gives you the ability to choose where you are going to focus your energy and attention for what you experience here.

Get ready loves….. powerful energies is an understatement. For many of us, we are going through physical realignments more than normal, as our crystal bodies are embedded with deep sacred soul codes now. It’s not an emotional or mental experience anymore. It’s just physical re-calibrations and our physical bodies process energies much differently than before. We’ve moved beyond the heart and the head. Now the spine is the primary processing center, which is why so many are experiencing the nervous system overhauls. I’ll share more on this as we go. Bizarre is an understatement for our “new bodies”…. They require great care now.

See you guys tomorrow. Sleep well and happy traveling! p.s. We entered Galactic Frequencies a bit ago as well. Not that these all aren’t, but we’ve achieved the overall frequency field-wise to be fully galactic right now. In-JOY these exquisite HOME frequencies loves!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

We Are On The Cusp Of Major Shifts

Source: In5D


by Sophie Bashford,

We are on the cusp of major shifts. This September has brought major astrological eventswhich have catapulted many into the Light. In particular, men whose Souls have elected to recall distant, eternal memories of spiritual wisdom and healing powers have been touched by universal grace.

Many male light workers are in the throes of enormous, tectonic movements within theirenergy fields. This will re-align them with sacred purpose and a higher plan for action. It will ignite long-forgotten fires of longing for deeper meaning and fulfillment within their hearts.

The Universe is beginning to sing their song back to them. They are finding reflections of a path, a route towards purpose, a torchlight in the dark. There are significant markers being placed along the way. These signs are given to show these men that they are not alone; that there is a plan for their lives that exceeds their mind’s limited perceptions; that miracles exist; that the divine feminine vessel has prepared space for them for eons in order for this transition to be made into their authentic lives.

There are men that are designated to be leaders of a healing movement. This movement is created by men who desire a life of deeper meaning, alignment with inner truth, creative and regenerative solutions to challenges, confidence to listen to their hearts over their heads and use logical strategy in line with loving, compassionate wisdom.

These men don’t want to be cut off from their hearts and intuitive voices. They are creating new ways to blend the two elements of the masculine vibration – head and heart – so that the Earth trusts them again with It’s Heart.

These men are deeply sensitive to energy and they need to acknowledge this truth. All of these men will need friends and partners who are self-aware, conscious, heart-awakened and intuitively intelligent. These men must be surrounded by champions of the Sacred Feminine codes.

Spirit will send these men the right people at the right time, so that they can feel the support of the Divine Mother and know that She trusts them to make the changes they are being guided to make.

A whole new collective of awakening masculine souls is emerging. With awakening, comes chaos, because the spiritual coma induces laziness, procrastination, denial, addictions, relationship toxicity, and all other forms of ego-control that would suppress true sacred masculine power. When in spiritual coma – or denial of the True Self – these men live overly-comfortable, flabby lives of staying within the Known, the safe, and the predictable. They may not ever take the risk of breaking the old male ancestral patterns of behavior. They may not ever ‘live as if their father were dead’, as David Deida says.

Then their Higher Self, if contracted in this lifetime, creates spiritual awakening. The chaos ensues immediately as awakening codes flood in. Chaos on the 3D realm is frequent; life-changes, relationship break-ups, collapses on the inner, emotional and mental planes. Life suddenly demands that they ‘step up’ to a new level of action, consciousness and growth. The old patterns immediately become intensely stifling, suffocating, unbearable to withstand. Change is inevitable, as is rapid growth and elevation onto the ascension pathway.

These men are all being contacted by higher beings and ascended masters, because they need this spiritual support and energy transformation. Somehow, somewhere, these men will find themselves immersed in the sacred teachings that they have long forgotten.

The next few months represent a period of unprecedented and rapid soul shifts for the men on this earth plane who have elected, on a spiritual level, to raise their consciousness. Much, much will change, as a new wave of male spiritual pioneers re-claim their roles as guardians and protectors of the planet. At the center of their desire for a new way of life and purpose is a very deep, very ancient devotion to the Goddess.

This is what will light the way for the conscious male revolution. A quiet, yet unshakeable and indestructible knowing that the Awakened Female – She is the Source of All Life. Find Her, Seek Her, and once you have Her back in your heart – you become alive, alight, and burning with a passion that will never be extinguished.