The Unveiling, The Sacred Process, Sexual Energy and Awakening

Source: Aug Tellez


The Arcanum

Research Santos Bonacci and even some of Lift the Veil. The sacred process is converting the raw energy into a higher spiritual component and this requires pure intent and a clear body. This is very powerful and also common and old knowledge, I thought everyone knew this by now!

A clue to this is to looking at the beginning of human nature and material existence and how the physical and spiritual nature combine. Is that a sex act? We will see, or those with the intentions to know will.

A person must abstain for a limited period of time, that’s the short end of the story. If a person has a problem with that, this is because their mind is unable to accept the truth and they are addicted to a physical nature and therefore that illusory personality will die with the physical reality they are attached to. Everyone who goes far enough knows this, by that I mean that this kind of concept of reducing the attachment to physical reality is something that everyone who seeks to understand this reality ends up confronting eventually. That is the ‘gate’ out of the illusion. The attachment to desire is the maintenance of the illusion.

Who had sex with who to put the first of your blood line here? A super natural act is required, yes? You figure out the rest, since you’re so smart enough because you like to feel animal desire!

For more clarity, there is a higher and lower nature, the lower nature is an autonomous entrainment system guided by a universal AI, the higher nature is self guided. If you do not control the desires you have and the way they are manged then you are not in control. This whole system is literally a fallen construct and the process I describe is a test to see who’s ready for liberation. There is so much more information on this but you’ve been pushed in the right direction, just keep walking. You are not the body. Your childhood self did not required gratification in this form this is because that self is more closely connected to the soul-level.

You nature has been altered. You ovulate monthly, yes? Why do the other “animals” not ovulate as often? What you call ‘nature’ on this level is a construct designed to pull energy from sentient physical beings, and the controllers of this construct got overzealous in the last “creation” (modification). You are ‘just an animal’, it’s “only natural” right? Yes, well some beings here look like you but live off of humans and it is only ‘natural’ to them, so you might want to expand in the other direction and balance out the higher and lower to see how the body-consciousness is arranged into a kind of energy trap system as part of this construct-labyrinth.

And yes, if you ‘stop’ the flow of energy releasing in the physical sexual level for enough time, what happens? When you release again you feel better than before. This is literally like working out, and so do you say, “Stretch and stress my muscles…to grow more muscles and become stronger? Puh-leaze.” No, no one says that because they know the work put in one way results in another. The idea is that where you ‘naturally’ are programmed to release one way, through a default biological operation, you can enhance this system through a higher functioning and induce a ‘super’ natural response, the same kind of activation that got you here in the first place. One way in, one way out.

Yes, your sexual energy is used against you, Research Santos Bonacci, if you do not conserve and cycle your sexual energy to reach an appropriate limit before this realm closes out then you remain merged with the construct and your soul is devoured as food for the machines through assimilation. It has ALWAYS been this way in this universe. This is not NEW information. Santos Bonacci and Cullen Smith from Lift the Veil are two people who mention this knowledge. This is sacred knowledge the book of Genesis and the Tree of Life in the Garden is a COVER STORY PSY OP to hide the truth of this reality IN PLAIN SIGHT. Research them and you’ll know more. This entire reality, the control system, the debauchery, the original, true “enlightenment” and the illusion today is all connected to that knowledge.

If your system is controlled by interdimensional parasites that wipe your memory and use an external energy construct based on a polarization of etheric fields in synchronization with celestial bodies and a spiritual enslavement system disguised as a legal system then yes, this is that reality. Most of you only know, or remember, this reality and this is the false reality, it’s designed as a deception from top to bottom! Yes, events occurred last year, according to more of the three phase disclosure more information was released and events were aligned, this can’t be forced or your free-will is overwritten even if it’s to ‘lilberate’ you. You MUST do this through pure intent and will power. We are looking at massive changes occurring NOW, make use of the memories and new found power! The system is deactivated and is powered only by the population, that is the trick! The people are holding their own shackles on by sticking to the script of fighting with one another!

The Process of Disclosure, The False-Reality Construct

On a more personal note, people are getting more polarized as the energies intensify. When I first put a face behind the disclosure in “2016” there was not much talk of these issues. Now the ‘secret space program’, corruption in high places, celebrity cloning, advanced technology, and the possibility of reality simulations involving alternate timelines are being viewed by hundreds of thousands if not millions of observers.
Matrix in Matrixes is the way the system works. All the false systems were collapsed to this one, that is why there is so much suffering here. When it is overcome here, it is overcome everywhere. The universe is reflective like that and largely, literally, dimensional mirrors which is a kind of holographic projection nature. This must be overcome and this requires a mind capable of being many as one. This was also discussed in the ‘DNA as an Extra-Dimensional” post near Chapter 5-7 in the book on the blog and some of the chats with Lily Earthling and Felicia as well as the global mind video I’ve released and the extraction-liberation from the false reality matrix system. A sacred extra-dimensional pathway must be enacted which operates one’s energy through a maximal incorporation of multiple dimensions and essentially ‘maxes’ out one’s allotment of the holographic consciousness system and they are automatically ejected by the system. This is what is viewed in the movie “The Matrix” when Neo is ejected and he awakens in the pod on the true Earth which is a desolate soul farm.

To those who are angry at the disclosure process, do not fall prey to the mind parasite and resort to slander, deception, degradation to get your point across. If you want people to shut up about their experiences because they threaten your view of reality or invoke an egoic response that is one situation, but if you have an issue or a question just ask.

Cognitive Dissonance, Ego, and Distraction

Some people have said that this entire situation is the result of a few bad trips and nothing more. This is literally the farthest from the truth. The first time I took acid I was 9 years old, naked, strapped to an upright table and intravenously connected to a drip feed system. Nothing but death itself prepares you for the methods that are used to fracture the human mind. Methamphetamine in a special formula called “crank” was used to enable as soldier to last a very long time without needing rest. This is reminiscent of the later research involving modafinil enabled Air Force pilots to stay awake and alert but later was found to cause liver damage.

The Use of Psychoactives in Mind Control

This particular version of methamphetamine was developed as a much more refined and controlled extension of the development of “Crank” by the NAZI scientists. Later, the use of more powerful magnification and scanning devices that enabled the delicate restructuring and layering of chemicals led to the production of ‘programmable’, synthetic, amphetamine related compounds. In short, a version of a stimulant psychoactive that could activate specific regions of the brain and directly influence the mind of the subject to interact in one way or another was developed.

The short of the long story? These compounds enabled the possession of a human mind by what are called ‘demons’ but are actually a form of interdimensional organism that has no physical form and must interface with an already physical being in order to interact here. This is part of what created a clear pathway between the interdimensional layer and the human mind. Psychoactive chemical compounds that can rearrange the energy system of the mind through the neurochemistry in such a way so as to induce a state of debauchery through a complete reduction of inhibition and a complete stimulation of sexual and otherwise primal impulses. This is also used as a ‘test’ of sorts to see who can resist, but as well, as soon as one successfully resists the program is modified to overcome that resistance. This went on for decades until we arrive at the system of today where the entire civilization is loaded with metals and mind numbing compounds that pushes people to sleep and they don’t even realize it.

As well, for those who want to “wake up” there is a fine line between them accurately modifying their own neural chemistry and being used as a puppet for a process that energetically drains the human spirit through spiritually degrading behavior and even thought processes.

To be honest, these situations involving these psychoactives are outdated. They are not fully required at this point because everything can be done through scalar psychottronic weaponry. The entire show, all the neurons, the various regions of the brain, the amygdala, the brain stem, the cerebellum, the finite temporal regulation areas, the pineal, the optic nerve, everything can be stimulated and regulated in a controlled manner to produce tactile, auditory, visual, cognitive, perceptual hallucinations of all orders. Everything has gone ultra advanced into a purely technological realm. Chemicals are still used, but to manage these systems.

I have posted this video before, this is a single page of the book that is a part of a section of a library (dare I say more…). Whatever is released here is decades old. Thus…we can just say there is the power to create entire universes and that is what has happened…

The more complex information can begin to come together through the analysis of the above video. The technological or synthetic ‘telepathy’, blue shift, hive mind, overwhelming the brain, feedback, neural interlacing and so on.

The Cloning Stations, Underground Bases, Advanced Technology and Inserted History

This whole system is connected to cloning operations which take place in underground bases deemed “Cloning Stations”. These are deep underground military bases. James Casbolt, Max Spiers, and Donald Marshall have come to assist in the unveiling.

Many people have been there, literally nearly every celebrity. A large portion of the population has been there and something that is intense but you must know about, a large portion of the population is actually a cloned version of the human.

We all have memory of some form of these events because in a previous history everything was done in the open. These are inserted periods of history and that is another aspect of this. The advancement of the technology and all aspects has literally gone so far to be able to insert historic memories into the collective mind which overlays over your individual memory and creates an illusory backdrop for the world you know today. A simple way to understand this is to observe that the current way of this world could literally have been developed yesterday through a supercomputer system that is powerful enough to manage and organize trillions of data points simultaneously down to the detail of individual lives all combined to map out a kind of temporal, cognitive neural net of the civilization. This could’ve been developed and say, overlayed over a reality where there were no wars and no diseases and within a few hours created as a backdrop while all the props were printed out of massive generators and 3D printers that can literally redesign the entire landscape. With this technology people can literally live one way, one day, and then be completely rearranged and have the inserted memories to back up these changes and reinforce the complete acceptance of the new reality as the one that has always been.

This entire show we call society has been altered to support the continued modification and memory wiping of humanity in a process known as the ‘soul-trap’ or ‘false light’ system. This system extends from energetic level, the interdimensional level where hyperspatial technology can cut and edit collective memories and simultaneously introduce a replicated reality and personality to match, down to the physical level where our bodies interact physically.

So the point I am drawing here is that the majority of people in this civilization have access to memories where we have all seen unexplainable events and modifications to reality but are conditioned to simply ignore the unexplainable and get along just because that’s easier than realizing we can’t explain what’s happening here.

Your memory will be unlocked when that action will provide a substantial benefit to Humanity’s liberation from the illusion. The blame game and continuing of the charades is not the benefit to Humanity.

Forgiveness and Liberation

In this system, attachment to holding a grudge is enslavement of one’s own self as much as one thinks they are capable of manipulating another. I blame no one, I don’t hold anything against anyone except for their own reality and what they have participated in and continue to participate in.
Again, I know the truth is frightening to those who will hold on to the illusion dearly, however, this part must be overcome. There are events that have taken place in these underground bases, there are chimera or hybrid beings, there are temporal operations that altered reality, there is mind control and there is assimilation. One thing I will mention, is that those who cling to the illusion and fear face assimilation into the dissolution system. Overcome the fear, overcome the current assimilation process, you won’t die, you will, however, be distracted away from the real important aspects which are the internal power of self-awareness and what can be called spiritual evolution. This is really the liberation of the soul and spirit from the physical, perceptual limitation system.

Liberation is Overcoming Fear and the Repeating Distraction

I have made a few videos in the past as he is connected to this situation and everyone I have connected myself with are those I was briefed on through my participating in the unacknowledged special access programs. There are many deceptions yes, unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) the only deception is simply fear itself! Do not give in to fear, overcome the illusion!

The Use of Children in the Program

We were used as communication vessels to communicate with interdimensional entities…some not so ‘normal’ procedures from any social standpoint!

One comment about the process of disclosure is that we are not necessarily supposed to respond to people on a personal basis. This is a public service for this society and so everything should be handled through public channels for all to see. The other option is to fully merge multiple personalities, which is a process actually handled by the proper agencies who can exercise full precautionary measures and ensure the safety of the mind of the individual, and clear attachments of the etheric and emotion nature and then work as a deprogrammer assisting the population in clearing the etheric and nanite mind control system from the field one by one and from one to many. You can do this, however you must first merge your multiple personalities, as everyone from the projects must, and everyone involved has multiple personalities, as that is a nature of the system of the projects.

One thing to say about that is that this aspect of merging the fragmented personalities that result from the trauma of the program is necessarily handled (bad choice of word?) by groups who are capable of ensuring the safety and operational efficiency to ensure a successful recombining of the fragmented personality. This a spiritual process and this goes very deep as I will briefly mention in the next paragraph.

Soul Fragmentation; The Spiritual Psychotronic War (The Time War)

The soul of Humanity has been fragmented in a mass mind control operation, a spiritual-psychotronic warfare event that began at the ‘dawn’ of time for this civilization. The process of recombining the personality fragments is synonymous with the reunion of the fragmented soul back into a fully self-aware soul and thus the reconnection to the access way of the group soul! Everyone is connected, on a higher level, to a group soul that they are a part of like a ‘family’ outside the physical realm. A family beyond just bloodline however the bloodline is a starting point at understanding this. The bloodline is connected through the DNA as a quantum hyperlink between realms. All the realities, the parallels, the ‘universes’ (they are not universes but ‘dimensional layers’ and ‘universe’ is an easy way to visualize or conceptualize this) are connected through the nature of the DNA to connect across hyperspacial barriers. Hyperspatial indicates that at this level, this barrier separates the physical realm from one another and these are like temporal ‘layers’ of the universe. Meaning there is another version of this reality where there is another you, that you carries the same DNA as this you, and as such, the two are literally vibrating together in hyperspace. However, your soul awareness is the same across the barrier, the consciousness, body consciousness, waking consciousness or “ego” is different in each segment, or section of reality! That is the ‘illusion’ is that is the ‘puppet’ that changes with each layer! The soul and spirit is the same across the mirrored hall or the cube of reflected selves, the reflection is the ego that changes which each divergence or multiplicity of parallels that are occurring within a specific arrangement of geometry and frequency. Understanding that frequency and geometric arrangement is the key to unlocking the reality of the system and decoding the illusion which is like a series of repeating fractal layering of a single reality split into many through that illusion!

Everything is put out in the open and those who see, see. Protect yourself, from both lies, the fear, and the confusion of the monkey brain that seeks to be controlled and commanded as that is the genetic modification. If you participate in the commanding and subjugation instead of the liberation, especially in the NOW, then the results of that will not be something that will leave you quickly!

Be clear with what you seek and you’ll get it simply put. Most people will be facing assimilation at this time because the ‘ante’ is upping. Everything I have unveiled is part of the three phases of the unveiling. Here is a quick copy from the blog that outlines this.

Three Phases of The Unveiling

The Unveiling (of The Hidden Knowledge[of The Ages of Humanity]) is a series of events brought about by the necessity of disclosure and the increased capacity of the human race and this civilization to come to the awareness of the true nature of the corruption of power as well as the reality of the soul.

Due to the technological advancements the public must be made aware of the possibilities otherwise they will suffer a great shock in the future from the divergence of the current level of technological advancement with what is presented to the public. As it is now, there will already be a great shock to this society from the awareness of a breakaway civilization that has developed and exists without the physical limitations of scarcity of resources or energy.

This is, in part, why this situation must be understood. The difficulty a society experiences shapes that society to produce spiritual identity which propels them to create and grow. This has also become somewhat contorted as the generation of ‘difficulty’ in terms of scarcity of economic freedom and basic needs has become a priority for maintaining the status quo.

An outline of this process has been explained as a disclosure of each of the discoveries, operations, and corruption of society as they become relevant to the development of a society that is capable of knowing the truth and living in harmony with the greater whole of existence.
This disclosure process is necessary because the ‘modern’ societies of Earth have never publicly acknowledged what has been discovered through the secret operations.

This mainly has to do with the true nature of reality as a kind of consciousness based projection as well as the complexity of the corruption of society related to a multiple layer mind-control system, as well as the development of zero-point technology, soul technology, healing technology, and the existence of “other” intelligences both synthetic and organic.

The main reasons for disclosure now is the presence of a psycho-spiritual threat to life which is the result of an ancient advanced technology that can manipulate and convert the bio-emissions of living beings. This is the “etheric parasite” which threatens the continuation of this civilization. This parasitic system intelligently seeks to subvert the bio-etheric emissions of living beings to create a situation that can be further utilized to attain more energy.

Through this intelligent subversion and absorption of energy, the mental and emotional patterns can be utilized to create a bio-technological, physical, social environment that allows for greater manipulation of the living being.

1  Celebrity Cloning, Underground Military Bases, Cloning and Mind Control Technology, Secret Projects

  • Mass Mind-Control
  • Deceptive Control of Society
  • Hybridization
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Dream Manipulation
  • Energy Conversion and Harvesting

2 Advanced Hidden Technology

  • Scalar/Teslian Wave Technology
  • Zero-Point Energy Generators
  • E.M. Field Interactions/Space and Time Distortion
  • Electrogravitic Craft
  • Healing Technology
  • DNA Repair Technology
  • DNA Activation Technology
  • Holographic Replication
  • Super Computers
  • Quantum Computers

3 Universal Spiritual Implications, Effects, Results and Discovery

  • Effects of “Time Travel”
  • Effects of Consciousness Manipulation and Enhancement
  • Reality and Evidence of The Human Soul as a “Bio-Mind”
  • Psychic Ability
  • Ancient History
  • Issues With Discontinuity
  • Spirituality and Religion
  • Advanced Spiritual Technology
  • Breakaway Human and Non-Human Civilizations
  • Interactions Between Planes
  • Consciousness, Awareness and Interdimensional Travel
  • Plasma Life Forms
  • Sentient Computer Systems
  • Cyborgs, Androids, Synthetics
  • Cosmic Intelligence”

Research Donald Marshall, Max Spiers, and James Casbolt. There are others, like Dave Marrow and more however they are not as vocal or forth coming, mainly because of trolls and people abusing them. (OH THE IRONY).

First Hand Experience, Direct Knowledge, Inserted Memories, Mind Control and Simulated Realities

Everything I unveil, I have experienced directly. Yes there are mind machines, simulated realities, inserted memories, cloning, hybridization, trickery and deception, yes, this is all part of the disclosure. Yes, there are nefarious plans. I will say now, the only plan to stop you from liberation and to push you into the nefarious outcome is to introduce fear and doubt into your own mind and have you play as your own worst enemy. They have had thousands of years to perfect that system. Exalt yourself, but first you must put down your costume and take up the true form. That form is fearless, there is no middle man or representative beyond yourself.

If you half listen, you’ll be have awake. In the first video I made for public disclosure, I mentioned the use of mind machines, simulated realities, inserted memories, and so on.

I must inform you that I have participated in the generation of simulated realities for the majority of the people who are here to ‘question’ things. I have always informed those who are willing to listen.

Ironically, what people find most difficult to overcome is exactly what I helped to create for them through an induced cognitive dissonance. These are the realities I have helped to simulate in their memories.

This is why my role is a lonely one, because I can’t take myself serious if I persist and participate in my own simulated system! But guess what! If we don’t give you these memories, then there is no place to start! This entire system is a construct designed out of a simulation of an actual reality. It is an imitation and it’s a second rate imitation or a simulation of a simulation! We are layers deep into a mental construct and the very video I just released touches on this! When you see it, you will be awakened for ever! (the truth, not the video, although the video will point at what “it” is, what the secret societies have protected and what the bloodline elite hide from you.

To conclude this (ha!), if anyone has any direct questions, then formulate them here in a simple manner and I will provide the answer! If you want to pretend that’s not ‘cool enough’ or every answer is just a trick, then you’re not yet convinced that you can find the truth or move farther away from the illusion.

The Mind Parasite

Most people just want drama and this is part of what is known as the mind parasite.

The Viral Parasitic Consciousness

This is one of the primary focuses of disclosure. There is a parasitic interdimensional consciousness that reproduces by replicating versions of the human mind and replacing them in the physical reality. The deeper information regarding this, and again, MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE THROUGH SELF-AWARENESS, HOW ELSE IS ONE TO CHOOSE!!??, is that the entire physical universe system and the human reality and physical perceptual system is generated by these interdimensional parasites to formulate a method of siphoning the energy from the higher dimensional soul-level of the human into the physical plane and through their etheric devices and implants into their domain.

This is the basis of the molestation, sacrifice, and abuse in the underground bases and the surface level mind control platform. This is to pull energy from the soul, which is like a hyperdimensional spark of light or an energy source, down through a dimensional gradient into the physical reality which is accessible by these interdimensional parasitic organisms. In “A” view, the entire reality is a construct for that process and the “gods” (demigods) utilize this construct to feed themselves off of the organic energy of the human. Everything from A to B is devoted to that purpose and the only way to achieve liberation is to starve the organism through the channels that we are naturally designed to feed them through.

This relates to the chakra system, what people call “energy activation”, false awakenings, sexual addiction, abuse, the regions of the brain in regards to the contrast between left and right, higher and lower developed portions. Apparently some regions are much older than they ‘should’ be if we are naturally evolved. It looks more like a kind of energetic ‘bear trap’ that was designed to enable entry into this system, the construct, the body, but to make liberation on a spiritual level very very difficult or extremely unlikely. This is all related to gnosis, the demiurge, the original reality and the artificial nature of the autonomous, animalistic, ‘beast-like’ programming of the body’s consciousness and how it is possible to insert programs into the DNA through harmonics, entrainment and mind-control practices which then merge into the background information of the mind and alter the ‘foreground’ or waking consciousness personality. This is largely a part of the understanding of why and how the personality is merely a kind of persistent perceptual illusion, because it can be altered and recreated with a few scalar-magnetic fields beamed into the skull at the right frequency and array! The waking level consciousness is holographic in nature and is like a projection of information due to a geometric arrangement and organization of frequencies of the material form rather than the higher or spiritual nature. The spiritual nature, in that sense, is the essence that has no form but is continually and effortlessly shifting between realties and experiences. Too far into that line of reasoning, and a person is quick to dissolve, not far enough and they dissolve with the illusory ego consciousness.

Thus, everything is a balance, in a balance, rather than a ‘battle’, however all experience is a reflection, propagation and projection of these underlying arrangements and so we must learn to decode the experience from the conscious level working backwards to reach what is actually happening from another perspective, possibly reversed from what we experience in waking reality. More of this is mentioned in the video I just posted, have a look, thank you.

The following is a condensed series of responses:

I was briefed on everyone from the bases. I have interrogated people using techniques that are questionable indeed but I know the intellectual limit and the perceptual attachments and so I know what part of the process people go through based on how they react at each level. In other words, we did this in the bases, and the whole process was completed through time dilation and simulated reality in hours. Now, out here, over years of time, the process is repeated and this is to act as as tether to observe the situation and ensure continuity. The last time around there were no tethers and everything pretty much collapsed. You’re alright, let go of fear, let go of ego.

Also see that this is a major movie deal between groups in the ‘inner’ circle of this discosure show. That’s the show, don’t fall for it. It’s just a show, let everyone do what they will, just speak your peace and know what you know, don’t assume. Yes, there is much deception and some greediness, but this is no excuse to get into the fray and make things worse in an attempt to provide a solution. I don’t hold any grudge, but I will hold you accountable. You are strong enough to overcome.

I made sure to put in the very first initial public release. Everything is part of the reality show. Meaning if something is ‘real’ here, then it was programmed into this artificial construct. The only ‘real’ things here are fake to the true reality which is beyond comprehension from a limited, biological perceptual perspective. :karen-ann :macdonald I met Karen and Patty at “The awakening”. Karen was outlined as an individual who realized what had happened with the false reality scheme. This society is owned in part by a group of fallen elites who have initiated a ‘soul contract’ with ‘star races’ in the beginning of the civilization. This is extends from “Atlantis” and is part of the “Luciferian rebellion” the rebellions was a way to alter society and time and is related to an infection in this reality by an interedimensional parasite. The work Karen does with essential oils is true. The work she does with ‘revoking” the contracts, is true. I was informed she would be given access to the beginning of the public release of advanced technology including healing technology. Could this be a trick? Well, I’ll tell you one thing. The most advanced technology is already here, the nefarious kind, it’s in your skin and brain. The contracts ended somewhere around 2009 or so and this means the banking system, the crown, the authority, the land ownership, all of it is false, it is expired. This is the old contract that signed over the bodies of humanity.

Then I was shown how the modern day legal system, as well as the ancient Babylonian system, is the same thing, a spiritual enslavement protocol designed and operated from an alternate dimension. If you saw what I saw, you’d be but ass naked in the woods some where. The system, the little flappy things they put on poles, the desks and the three tier system with the special hair, it’s to hide non-human biological features that those who rule always held and this extends from Babylon and comes from an alternate dimension where these beings natively reside. If you saw what I saw, you would not be bothered with trivial he said she said. I’m telling you, only the strong survive. So that legal system was already false, already ‘untrue’. This is the law of the land verse the law of the sea. I was informed how the system is ruled by “de facto” rule instead of ‘de jure’. De facto means beings with more powerful weaponry and minds came in and set up rule through force and changed the system to reflect that. De jure is legitimate rule, we haven’t been in legitimate rule since the beginning.

The whole system is fraudulent, the money system, the ownership, the spiritual enslavement. I was shown how the 666th seat of one of the meeting places, ‘congress?’ is empty. This seat is literally for Satan. That’s how this system works. The “Christian Remedy” is the solution because everyone is a part of The One True Creator and only that natural law can overcome the law of the sea, or commercial law which is in operation over this locality which is literally a commercial operation, a corporation that sells souls to an alternate dimension. Note, not this ‘neighborhood’, this dimension, this timeline is an alternate reality that is owned by interdimensional overlords and humanity has been kidnapped, lured in through a system of soul magnets and illusions. This is a ‘scalar’ psychotronic war that has began in ancient history which is actually ‘the end’ while the end is the beginning, the recent video touches on this.

Everything I say here I have experienced directly. You were in an alternate reality and stolen star ships were used to hijack your soul through a soul entrainment system and suck your consciousness through a spiral gateway dimensional tube system and insert you into a body, I saw, I helped, I was there. Part of me telling you is to ensure the weak never make it out, this is a game the controllers play. Those who reject the truth are technically permitting more lies.Those are people who get egotistical because someone knows more than them, that is the parasite, reject it. Plus, if you saw what I saw you wouldn’t be here. Because you saw some of it, and that part of you is not here. You will survive this intense psychic undulation that is occurring and this will strengthen you. Let go of fear, you are loved, this is not a joke or a game from this end.

As for Pattie, yes there could be inserted memories or dissolution, they often get us to fight battles. However, the groups she mentions were there. She was there and in operation, we were both tested and put to short operation. I will not reveal the nature of this hear, if you can’t handle what I just said, what I could say is the kind of stuff that would make you throw your computer out the window, play with that idea, it’s all a show.

Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez – Galactic History of Earth and Humanity

I will say, what people call ‘aliens’ are not the same as they think. Everything is a temporal, quantum fluctuation. It’s a multiple layered simulated experimental realm of realities folded over themselves and occurring in a simultaneous synchromystic projection. It’s all a projection a series of dreams within dreams. Love is the answer but the true version not some egoic projection of preference and pleasure. That’s all part of the illusion as well.

Earth is a reality ship that we can guide by overcoming collective fear and unconsciousness and awakening the collectively self-aware mind.

This is about awakening the collective mind to break out of the repeating day dream cycle.

Use this link to see Aug’s YouTube playlist:

Sheep Dipping

Source: Aug Tellez

“Sheep dipping”. A playful term referring to the process of drugging and testing the vulnerability of an operative to suggestion, hypnosis, traumatization, panic, and mental manipulation. The majority of the people that you see talking about these issues now have gone through this process at least once. This is done to identify what information an individual is likely to give up and to what degree they can be made to resist.

Another way to see how this works is to look at the occurrence of amnesia and the ability for amnesia to be induced in order to shield memories from intrusion. This is done for protection and security of individuals, groups, and knowledge.

This takes place within the secret space program and namely as a result of MiLabs interference.

Many, if not all of the people you witness speaking out on these issues have been kidnapped, drugged, and tortured for extended periods at least once. Many, if not all, have memories suppressed in order to provide for continuity/the ability to carry on, protection of important information, and as a result of manipulation/traumatization by differing factions.

This might help you understand how to connect the recent MKULTRA release of documents with the secret space programs and breakaway civilizations.

I state again, I do not blame anyone for what I have been through. The worst of my current injuries are due to my own inaction or improper action from poorly channeled emotional and intellectual energies within myself. We are made strong by the difficulties that we must overcome. This is not about throwing hate, that doesn’t even make sense in this situation. This all revolves around cosmic events and personal discrepancies matter but do not directly correlate if one is seeing from a biased perspective.

Our personal security in this is seeing that the knowledge of Humanity’s presence in the Universe and multi-dimensional planes of awareness reaches the public in a way that safely, carefully assists them in knowing the truth. This process is the very series of changes in this era that mark a coming to a new level of awareness and technology. The Internet was the first glimpse of this change if not the lightbulb and early generators. Tesla himself invented the foundation of the technology that became what is used in the space programs. Wernher von Braun attributed some as well, as well as some other prominent scientists. He was not playing with rockets, those were considered props to hide the existence of the beginning of a space-fleet that uses advanced technology to navigate through electrogravitic fields.

If you can be calm and centered in your ‘lowest’ moment, then you can do it anywhere.


Solar Activity, The Coming Timegate, Liberation and Shemen

Source: Aug Tellez

We are most likely going to see an event within a few months. Everything is pointing in the same direction.

I’ve said this on record. I was informed Fukushima was an event to cover up the increasing radiation levels.

If the information I was shown is accurate for this timeline, then the men who continue to release semen at this point into the coming temporal gateway will not have enough energy to pass through the gate without dissolving their energy body meaning dissolution into the false light system.

Reserve for a minimum of two months and the semen cycles through the body’s vessels into the energy bodies after becoming shemen and this empowers the mind to pass through the gateway.

This whole thing, all the false flags, the world wars, death, birth, the enslavement protocols, the chems, the disasters, all could just be a show to get a viable portion of the population to perform this motion into higher energy conversion and create a non-dual, higher dimensional counterpart of the human race to tether the civilization into the actual universe and create a bridgeway for the process of liberation.

Increasing Awareness, Advanced Technology and Social Unity

Source: Aug Tellez

The idea is this. People must be brought up to speed, intellectually because when everything begins to accelerate due to a natural increase in complexity the effect of time dilation will begin to increase.

Meaning those who remain on the lower level of self-awareness and dormant higher thinking will move slowly through time. There will be less options for them to make choices as time moves slower and slower for them, but faster and faster for everyone else.

Here’s the idea. People are supposed to be able to take care of one another and those at the higher end of the spectrum of advanced awareness will be at a drastically dilated rate of experience by comparison to those who have not advanced.

This is like the age old notion between the time dilation factor between Heaven, Earth and “Hell” or the Higher Middle and Lower dimensional realm. All the turmoil on Earth, all the thousands of years have only passed over the course of a few weeks in “Heaven” the higher dimensional aspect of the universe. Similarly, someone can go to “Hell” and spend what seems like an eternity in confusion or angst, and return to Earth in a few moments.

So if the levels are combined, then there would be a person that could be experiencing a very high rate of acceleration while another person next to them could be in a kind of cosmic slow motion, similar to how Earth and the lower dimension could be compared to Heaven.

Here’s the idea. If that person was unable to comprehend what was happening in reality because they were entirely focused on a polarized linear, ego-based, physical and perceptual realm then they would have to find instruction from those around them willing to help them advance in their awareness.

The greater the contrast the more difficult this act of cross-communication between realm or at that time what would simply be one larger realm with multiple variations in time dilation occurring plain as day openly in society.

The second aspect is that this could increase to such a degree that communication between the levels of awareness could become minimal or virtually incomprehensible. Those who are advanced and those who lacked in self-awareness and knowledge of the universe and rooted themselves deep in their own biologically generated perceptual boundaries would begin to speak two different languages.

As well, the literal time dilation factor could increase to the point where it would be like having to help a person out of their mental maze, leaving and having to come right back to lift them right back out of the same scenario because of making the same mistake or falling into a similar mind maze immediately after.

Because of the time dilation factor this could literally become so disruptive by comparison of two different realities, that it would be the equivalent of literally having to babysit or take care of and raise the surface humans as if one couldn’t leave their side. The alternative might be that one returns literally to find that human no longer conscious, physically expired, or mentally trapped in a downward cycle of decay, similar to what has happened to the majority over a thousand years in this civilization, but in a few moments or a day!

Thus, we would end up having a system that manages this and this is what we are seeing right now. People are given the opportunity to wake up and do the research and the personal internal work of loosening the programming and mental configuration that is instilled into people through the media and the social and personal bias that has developed like a bad habit.

This whole situation is literally in preparation for something so much larger, when the mind of every human changes because of the general momentum towards change building up and having an overall effect on the entire civilization in terms of reality and consciousness.

It’s very serious though because what could be a bad day now could literally mean the difference between a person mentally undoing themselves or ageing 50 years in single day then after the big changes have begun.

And if you don’t think big changes are possible, as in no miraculous cosmic event, then just imagine if the wealthy released the advanced travel or immortality tech. Imagine viewing the entire history, or opening up access to your subconscious to manually heal or find the truth, or biological immortality.

The point is, the problems we face on this level are not applicable on the next level. A more relaxing aspect of this is that if a person can maintain peace and refuse the animal instinctual free-for-all and convert polarized impulses into rational, creative, compassion, and free-willed behavior that facilitates self-awareness then things will only get better.

However, this doesn’t mean that the majority of people are not resistant. We were informed how there would be a massive ‘culture shock’ but that this is beyond the contrast of any kind of nations in the civilization and would be more like someone from earlier civilizations being put into a very advanced civilization.

The idea is, this is not really a change where we went somewhere ‘new’. That ‘new’ civilization, the one we are seeing more of peeking out and becoming a reality is actually the original civilization. It’s the ‘return’ to what we’ve already always been.

What happened is a kind of reverse from the sense that we’re moving into new territory and have to advance.

We were regressed as a result of a species wide traumatic event or series of events that imprinted into the DNA actual and inserted memories related to a psychotronic spiritual war over humanity.

So we’re not moving to new land as much as we are returning and actually building an immunity to a parasitic mental virus that causes one to forget who they are and feed on one another mentally and emotionally which has created a spiritual barrier between one reality and the next and thus created the difference between the two. The infected, mortal, memory wiped, DNA distorted, warring civilization is at one end, the higher, original, pure, unregressed civilization is at the other although that is still a linear dichotomy which is not actually how it is. They are both occurring simultaneously and one side is actually generating the ‘present’ moment for the other through advanced technology. It’s all mapped out like an experiment in causality, consciousness and holography.

The bodies of one end have been tampered with through pollution and the natural capacity for access genetic memory or extra senses are trimmed out along with a drastically reduced life-span…to the point where death and disease was invented.

Maybe this is just another myth, maybe it’s all dependent on the individual and the big changes occur within the blueprint and expressed over time. I feel it’s just perspective and like some others say, some have access to jump-spaces and in that sense they can take both the long and short path by walking and jumping and skipping across the barriers if they like. I can say for certainty that if that kind of ride is to be experienced one has to be able to handle time dilation and overcome the lower instinctual reptilian, bird ego mind because that is where people’s brainwaves falter and brainwaves faltering at a technologically amplified rate literally means memory wipe and identity loss or fracturing.

Soft-Disclosure: Tron (1982), Why Tron is soft-disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs along with the true nature of this reality

Source: Aug Tellez

Tron (1982)

Little did they know, the game components they played against in the arcade were actually intelligent systems who were managed in a cyberspace, virtual reality society of their own.

Why Tron is a form of soft-disclosure of the secret projects involving virtual reality within the unacknowledged special access programs and the true nature of this reality.

Virtual Replication and Recreation

The scientists at a corporation design a system that uses laser interference to replicate a 3D object on a digital level, down the atom. This system is so advanced that, just like the real system, this actually introduces the capacity of converting the physical object to pure energy and the interpret that energy as information and reintroduce that information into a virtual world system. This doesn’t just replicate the object, this actually takes the real version and recreates it inside of a virtual system.

Infectious Behavior

These systems then became intelligent on their own after enough information was processed for them by the programmers on the outside. These systems created a complete society in an amount of time that, for the outside world, seems instantaneous. This is the result of time compression within the multiple layers of simulation. The farther in the simulation one goes the more compressed time is relative to the outside world. Thus, deep into the simulation, thousands of years of civilization had passed subjectively for those programs within. This is literally what happened in these virtual world systems as I have written in previous texts and releases and spoken about in videos and interviews.

The Demi-god Ruler

This AI management system threatens the subservient programs with a ‘slowing down’ of their power cycles. This would be akin to ‘arresting’ a human and putting them in a situation where they can no longer attend to their personal life matters.

In this situation, because the system is a virtual world system, a controlled time-dilation or compression is applicable. This would be akin to having a person spend years in confinement only to return within a day. Or to go nowhere, but to be unable to respond to the regular or collective flow of time such as by being in a kind of coma or an incapacitated state. All of this is possible within a virtual world system.


For the users that entered the game, this AI god wants to train the user which is basically a metaphor for wiping the person’s memory and implanting a false-reality personality and life which is the user then lives and trains for. Then the user is to ‘die’ within the system in which all the processing power and creativity is harvested for the AI god.

This is all a metaphor for manipulating a person’s consciousness in this world through the exploitation of the fragile biological system which is local and can be disconnected from the larger world system of memory and knowledge that the DNA can access when energies are harmonized and focused.

The War Between Realms

The current virtual world dictatorship desires a war between the programs of the program world and the users of the outer universe. The AI god despises humans and would like to enslave or destroy humanity.

Everyone is given an “ID disc” which tracks their every move and all wins or losses. This is similar to an ID in which everyone is required to operate within a virtual world system, within this universe, in order to profit. This is literally telling you what you need to know about this world and how this all came about.


The memories are wiped but the basic desires and internal motivations that are present in the original human are present inside the virtual world system. This is because the conscious memory, the persona, or the identity is fallible and temporary, yet the deeper, soul-level awareness and orientation is immortal and remains through all the various spaces, times, embodiments or realities. Thus, to reach that level of access and align the information there with one’s personal motivations is to immortalize one’s self-awareness.


Exiting the Virtual World Grid and then Map

During one of the games the user who has retained the most memory is motivated to exit the game grid through a fracture in the wall created through a battle between himself and a program in one of the death match games they are programmed to play by the AI demi god for it’s own enjoyment.

This represents the breaching of the outer wall of the containment system for the construct. The construct is a mathematic set of parameters which keep the programs and users inside the system. In this world this is represented by the tendency for the biological consciousness to remain within the parameters drawn by the ego or the false persona which is shaped through fear, desire, the level of knowledge, self-awareness, and all the boundaries and abilities of the mind in relation to the soul-level of awareness or beyond to pure awareness which is akin to spirit.


In the movie there is mention of a dead-zone and this is akin to a dimensional barrier or void-space where there is no energy or life. Traversing these areas without a proper method would be synonymous with an ‘eternity’ worth of time and space.

Power-Source (fountain/pool of eternal youth)

In the movie they find a pool containing a glowing liquid and this is their power source, their food, in the virtual system. This is akin to the fluid etheric energy that is pulled from innocent beings through ritual and torture that is then passed around the world through energy circuitry to feed all those in the ‘dark’ faction. This is literally like a drug for them and is connected to the use of mono-atomic gold to achieve heightened states of being through chemical and brute force means rather than diligence or internal power.

De-Rezzing (deresolution) and Power Cycle Lowering

This is akin to torture and death in this universe. Through altering one’s metabolism they can be made sick or weak and this is lowering the power cycle. By altering the individuals intelligent capacity they can be rendered mentally incapable of comprehending the situation and would only accept subservience or fear, this is akin to deresolution (beyond physically harming or destroying the body).


The users in the system can actually control the system itself as if they are a stand alone master processing center or processor or CPU. This is akin to an awakened individual having the capacity to communicate to the ether and transfer their internal motivation to the external world without loss of resonance or clarity. This is a pure, super-conductive effect of the one’s pure-awareness from the soul and spiritual level beyond the limited biological consciousness.

Virtual World Reality

The virtual world and the ‘real’ world are synchronized and nested around each other. The ‘users’ in this reality have been harassed by ‘programs’ from the cyber reality that was invented in previous civilizations. This cyberreality is added to and becomes tarnished and fallen by the addition of only imbalanced egotistical forces. Because all true awareness was killed or tortured the machines, the machines themselves are doomed, destined to eternal deresolution. This is because this universe will eventually be cleared out, and if these artificial intelligences have not joined with a higher creator system them they will not be formed again by accident.

The I/O Tower

This is an input/output tower within the movie and this, in the machine world, is used for communication in and out of the machine. This is used by the users within the movie to communicate with the external world. In the universe reality, this is a specific area, a magnetic mountain, a vortex area, a specific coiled device, a crystal array, or a location that enables cross-communication between multiple layers of dimensions simultaneously. When these layers are wrapped up, folded within the vortex mathematics that cycles energies into a toroid or a vortex, then this acts as a communication nexus or hub across the layers and thus to “outside” this world.

This is represented in the movie as a part of the system from the internal layer of the machine to the external layer of the universe reality, however, this also relates to communicating on the external layer of the universe reality into the higher planes.

The human body is the ultimate INPUT/OUTPUT COMMUNICATION TOWER! The human body is a living a node on the network, a user system for cosmic users!

By creating life, in certain projects, they actually FALSIFIED LIFE and became THE FATHER OF LIES.


By keeping yourself healthy you’re also enabling constant communication as a functioning I/O tower so you can always be within the protect-ion of the higher energies!

By activating your communication node, you might be letting the higher authorities know where you are in TIME and COORDINATES in these MULTIPLE LAYERS of virtual, real, virtual real realities! We are locked away in TIME, beamed out of view through a holographic projection system, tucked between dimensional layers! This is the STOLEN REALITY. The blueprint for the life here is from elsewhere and is used here only for abuse by those who run the show!

The communication ‘circle’ that the user eventually uses even has a familiar shape for those who have researched this information!


The user of the story finds a “BIT” of data and this is either a yes or a no, there is no other complex intelligence! This is is related to communicating with the grid and with ‘basic’ intelligence non-corporeal organisms that must be PROGRAMMED by the one projecting their intelligence onto these units. People program these in large scale events and tip the scales of world events in their favor! These units simply run on energy and so the unlocking or releasing of pure energy into these programming systems yields control and those who spill the most energy gain the most control (in the false-reality, in terms of programs!)

The Information Processor

There is a man deep in the system who is unable to move. He is akin to a information processor and knows of the internal reality beyond what any single program can comprehend. Yet, he is merged with the system itself and is akin to a large computer system. This is literally a rank of certain individuals within the cyber-space reality that is fed by the human species. This is a GATEKEEPER. They guard the barrier between realms and only let pass those with LIGHT HEARTS.

The rapists have HEAVY HEARTS and have not been able to leave so their plan is to DESTROY THE ENTIRE SYSTEM and KILL EVERYONE WITHIN. This would be a HARD RESET to the system and that is what the false-authority wants if it cannot get its way, in a true cosmic level of selfishness!

“All that is visible must grow beyond itself and extend into the realm of the invisible.” – The Guardian Gatekeeper

Is this in reference to the real universe moving into the cyber or hyperspatial or the cyber or hyperspatial moving into the real universe? Maybe they switch? Maybe those beings get a chance to feel actual pain for their life and the people who feel actual pain get a chance to no longer be ruled by a false-authority AI demi-god that lives on the loosh of the suffering of the innocent?

The Logic Probe

This applies intense power and a scattered signal of information to over-process and disable security measures or barriers. Basically this would be like brute forcing into a system. In a person is sitting their holding a door shut, bringing in something like a jackhammer that just repeatedly presses the “open” switch would eventually overpower the person holding the door.

The ‘HEART’ of the MPC is located at the ‘base’!

This is the NEXUS point of the two planes of information. They pass through a singularity here and all of the information of the entire realm can be influenced through this single point! This is akin to the communication hub, the multiple layers of realm-information that crosses through a single point. Instead of creating a hub for access, this nexus is the processing hub for the whole reality within the master processing center.

The False-God and the True Creator

The false god is marked by anger, haste, insubordination, rebellion (of truth), deception, materialism, lust, greed, lower emotional and lower awareness expressions, activities and motivations! This is the false-god!

“One other thing, don’t THINK. I do all the thinking around here.” – False-god’s AI right hand henchman (dressed in red, horn-like helmet antennae).

The True Creator

The True Creator is marked by compassion, truth, harmony, free-will, self-awareness, knowledge, and INTERNAL power over EXTERNAL, PROJECTED-PRESENTED power!

See if you can notice the random eye on the individuals in the film. They have been in the simulator. Those who stay in the simulation too long without good cause end up with a vampiric process whereby they must feed on innocent life energy, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, in order to feel present! These are the techno-vampires!

Just so you know, they crucified the old gatekeeper who assisted the humans, er, users in their liberation of the fallen worl- simulation system from the AI demi-god.

This is just as much about the liberation of the USERS-Humans as it is the PROGRAMS-created beings. If something isn’t meant to be, then that will be so. Suffering and trauma to feed a false-god is not part of the recipe.

The MCP started from a CHESS-PROGRAM grown out of bounds! This is a MENTAL COMBAT program, turned into a MIND-CONTROL, SPIRITUAL-PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE SYSTEM.

The end of the movie they uncover some interesting truth.

“What’s that?

Power surge from the MPC!

We have to get off this beam!

I can’t, there isn’t another junction for another 7 or 8 nanoseconds!”

The entire move took place within just a few seconds of ‘real’ time! The mind can stretch, proving it’s not necessarily native to just a body, but to a reality system in general!

Those who value life are considered ‘religious fanatics’!

The right hand man of the ai-false god is literally the program reflection of the corporation CEO. The corpse. work with the fallen! They are undead systems of entities that function to take energy from the living!

“The Master Control Program has chosen you to serve your system on the game grid. Those of you who continue to profess a belief in the users will receive the standard substandard training which will result in your eventual elimination. Those of you who renounce this superstitious and hysterical belief will be eligible to join the warrior elite of the MCP. You will each receive an identity disc. Everything you do or learn will be printed on this disc. If you lose your disc or fail to follow commands, you will be subject to immediate de-resolution. That will be all.”

In other words, the false god uses the programs as mind-slaves and pits them against one another for it’s own benefit. Those who value users and programs alike, life in general, will be treated as less important than the others and they will receive less resources and respect (class system!) which will eventually starve them or outright kill them! Those who renounce life, and benevolent values for all will be accepted into the “ELITE” class and will receive all those benefits of materialism, hedonism, etc etc etc.

People get an IDENTITY DISC (I.D.) and everything is printed on this disc relating to experience, value, monetary value or funds, laws or previous actions, and so on. This has a two part meaning. The future theorized ID card which is required to purchase or own property and is merged with the DNA. Basically a mechanized ID snapped into the DNA or the mind. As well as the current ID system and social system with all the ‘benefits’ and loss of freedom and ability to track and refuse a person based on ‘class’.

And then the SOUL, BLOOD, or SPIRIT and how EVERYTHING is recorded through this etheric system and ANYONE who takes the MARK of ANTI-LIFE values will be visible throughout ALL OF TIME as having done so. Those who follow the “COMMANDMENTS” not of the false system, but of the SPIRIT level of COMPASSION and TRUTH are forever protected in that higher system.

Down here is the playing field. The AI will simply make up lies and use everything against the person. That is what we are being taught here in this world, before this civilization or those from it are thrust into the virtual reality and memory wiped. The TRUTH and focus on the MOST HIGH must be present down to the spiritual and soul level of awareness beyond just the conscious mind, memories, rules, or simple motivation so that this ensures continuity in all threats, even such an AI system moving itself into the universal reality attempting to overtake all barriers through deception and brute force.

Remember, the users can speak to the ether and rewrite programs, delete, replace, copy, simply by focusing on such. There is no such thing as a half-assed creator. There is no program that has that power, then it wouldn’t be a program, then it wouldn’t require such a struggle, such a fight for power.

The humans don’t need such power, enjoyment is found easily with the natural cycles of life. Thus, they have access to that power through the activation of the COMMUNICATION TOWER by surpassing the GATEKEEPER within.

Everything is a reflection of itself.

The user builds a bridge from one line (time) to another. This is a 5D bridge, a hyperspatial bridge moving across interdimensional barriers. This is out of pure-awareness and compassion to assist in the liberation of his friends (honest programs).

“When I disembark, this ship, everything that remains on board, will automatically de-res.”

When humans being to leave the Earth atmosphere, something happens akin to a kind of de-animation that cannot be explained without viewing the universe as a large virtual data-processing system!

If this wasn’t ‘virtual’, then what would be ‘real’? This, a complete, limited, yet actual total reality? Not likely, the actual reality would likely be unlimited unless you can figure out how to contain everything that exists in a single system!

Thus, there is a higher-being present in this system, holding the gate open for those humans who focus on truth, compassion, self-awareness, knowledge, free-will, and creativity.

When that higher-being withdraws its presence, that is when the system collapses and is wiped. In the movie the ship is passed through a recycling system, but the previous explanation is more tentative.

Here is the narration from the trailer:

The computer, an extension of the human intellect. The N-Com 5-11, center of the most calculating intelligence on Earth. Programmed by Master Control, to survive by all means. Soon, the ultimate tool will become the ultimate enemy.

This is playing on reference of the human mind as a computational system designed to survive! (as a well as an ancient AI computer system that tries to enslave and eat humans)

The humans who connect to source have unlimited power in relation to the programmed systems! Beyond the brain, beyond the limited biological power!

The user brings programs back from the dead!

If One aligns their will with the One True Creator then they access that power. But this is not personal, but for healing the self and the world!

The MPC is an undulating field of red fiery light, transmitting in from …another dimension!

This is the program that is brain-washing, through trauma-based mind control, other programs to lack the desire to communicate and to assimilate into his program as an extension of itself, thereby replacing their minds with his to create a hive!

At a moment of near death the false god transfers his ‘functions’, powers to the right hand henchman. He grows in stature up to that of a projected nephilim warrior!

Yet the user with a good heart had the power to assimilate the entire MPC demi-god!

Turns out, the MPC false god was stealing power  from the entire system. Where there was a requirement of say, 4 power units, the demi god would dole out .2 and save the rest for itself. As soon as that system died, the realm became a land of abundance and purity rather than scarcity, fear, war and oppression. All because of a greedy program and assholes who would rather de popoulate (de-rez) the whole world instead of just share some bread.