Proof That Youtube is Censoring Videos

This is not surprising at all and it’s quote obvious that mainstream media platforms have no respect whatsoever to the common individual. They cater to corporations and other various entities. Luckily though the alternative media is continuing to grow at a exponential rate.

It’s become so obvious to the average person that the media is a bunch of liars and that corporations continue to censor information that people just don’t trust the news anymore. Which explains why their ratings continue to plummet.

No matter what change is coming to this planet in one way or another. I can guarantee you that. Ten years from now this world will not resemble the world we have today. I hope your all ready for a new reality, because when Full Disclosure occurs it will change everything! So bucket up everyone and enjoy the show; because the Cabal is on life support and their going down!

Timothy Frappier

Source: Coffee Break

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